Daniel [Daniel Cadey.CR], s.Ephraim and Mercy(Ford), Apr.18,1771.

Luse [Lucy.CR], d.Ephraim and Mercy(Ford), Dec.4,1772.


Aaron, s.Ephraim and Sarah(Parker), bp. Jan.6,1779.CR

Salle, d.Ephraim and Salle(Parker), bp. Mar.6,1781.CR


Abijah, s.Ephraim and Sally(Fairbank), Feb.8,1785.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Sally(Fairbank), Dec.19,1786.

Sally, d.Ephraim and Sally(Fairbank), Mar.6,1789.

Sally, d.Ephraim and Lucy, July5,1793.

William, s.Ephraim and Lucy(Garfield), June2,1795.

John, s.Ephraim and Lucy(Garfield), Apr.30,1797.

Lucy, d.Ephraim and Lucy(Garfield), May9,1799.


Edwin Y., s.Jacob and Arathusa(Young), May19,1817.


Lucy Garry, d.Amos and Anna(Raymond), Dec.25,1808.

Jane Kendall, d.Amos and Anna(Raymond), July31,1811.

Anna Nurse, d.Amos and Anna(Raymond), Dec.31,1813.

Amos Ludlow, s.Amos and Anna(Raymond), Aug.28,1815.


Joseph, Sept.24,1821.GR2

Adaline F.(Burrows), w.Joseph, Dec.3,1824.GR2


Catherine, Mar.8,1783.GR2


Charles W., s.Earl W. and Phebe(Mayo), Oct.18,1849.[Earle H. MAVRs vol. 38, p. 409]


Stilman, s.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), July17,1798.

Royal, s.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), May20,1800.

Clarisa, d.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Apr.22,1801.

Clark, s.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), Sept.25,1802.

Parney, d.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Feb.9,1803.

Elijah, s.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Dec.17,1804.

Freeman, s.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), Jan.9,1805.

Clarissa, d.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Nov.28,1806.

Hannah, d.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), Feb.8,1807.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Nov.13,1808.

Freeman, s.Moses and Miriam(Twichel), Apr.18,1809.

Barsilva, d.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Oct.7,1810.

Dulcenia, d.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), May7,1811.

Ephraim Fairbank, s.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), Jan.9,1814.

Ambrose Peck, s.Ebenezer and Barsilva(Peck), Mar.5,1815.

Meriam, d.Moses and Meriam(Twichel), Sept.1,1820.

Mary Jane, d.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), Dec.8,1833.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), Oct.17,1835.

Francis Freeman, s.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), Dec.29,1838.

Ephraim Fairbank, s.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), May8,1840.

Caroline Amelia, d.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), July21,1843.

Benjamin, s.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce),末蔓末, 末末 [1845?].

Ellen M., d.Freeman and Adaline(Pierce), Nov.10,1846.


Patty, d.James and 末末, bp. Sept.10,1780.CR


Susan G.(Horr), w.Matthew,末蔓末,1825.GR2

Royal Whelock, s.Amos and Elvira(Mallard), May16,1827.

Ellen Holbrook, d.Nathan and Rhoda(Holbrook), Dec.20,1829.

Amos, s.Amos and Elvira(Mallard), Apr.22,1830.

George S.,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Francelia Perkins, w.George S.,末蔓末,1842.GR1

Frederic Eugene. s.Leander and Lucy, Dec.10,1844.

Sarah E., d.James M. and Mary E., Aug.3,1847.

Charlotte A., d.Dexter and Laura B., Aug.6,1847.


Harriet Hoar, w.Andrew S.,末蔓末,1814.GR2

Andrew S.,末蔓末,1820.GR2


Sarah, d.Paul and Esther(Hasy), June30,1775.

Esther, d.Paul and Esther(Hasy), Mar.26,1777.

Phebe, d.Paul and Esther(Hasy), Apr.7,1779.

Marcy, d.Paul and Esther(Hasy), Sept.25,1785.

Paul, s.Paul and 末末, bp. Oct.11,1789.CR

James, s.Mahetabel(Marsh), the wife of Deacon Paul, bp. Sept.23,1798.CR

Mehetabel, d.Mahetabel(Marsh), the wife of Deacon Paul, bp. Sept.23,1798.CR

Thadeus, s.Mahetabel(Marsh), the wife of Deacon Paul, bp. Sept.23,1798.CR


Priscilla Elvira, d.Samuel and Nancy B.(Bancroft), Feb.13,1820.

Samuel Austin, s.Samuel and Nancy B.(Bancroft), Oct.30,1821.

Nancy Angelia, d.Samuel and Nancy B.(Bancroft), Feb.5,1826.

Harriot Shipley, d.Samuel and Nancy B.(Bancroft), Mar.27,1831.

Edward Pason, s.Samuel and Nancy B.(Bancroft), Sept.16,1840.

CLARK (Clarke)

David, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, May1,1778.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, Mar.12,1780.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, June3,1783.

Edson, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, May14,1785.

Josiah, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, Mar.28,1787.


Polley, d.Benjamin and Mehitable, Jan.19,1789.

Eber, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, June14,1791.

Samuel, twin s.Benjamin and Mehitable, Sept.18,1793.

Susanna, twin d.Benjamin and Mehitable, Sept.18,1793.

Alice, w.James,末蔓末,1797.GR2

James E.,末蔓末,1822.GR2

Sylvia C., w.James E.,末蔓末,1825.GR2

Servetus W., s.William S. and Pallas E., Apr.26,1844.

末末, ch.William and 末末, Apr.26,1845.

James W., s.James E., July17,1845.

George W., s.Joseph W., Sept.5,1845.

Lucian E. [twin?], s.James E. and Sylvia C.,末蔓末,1846.

Lucius E. [twin?], s.James E. and Sylvia C.,末蔓末,1846.GR2

末末, twin d.James E. and Salva, May17,1846.

末末, twin d.James E. and Salva, May17,1846.

Clarence F., s.James E. and Sylvia C.,末蔓末,1847.GR2

末末, d.Samuel and Polly, Apr.29,1847.

Mary E., d.James E. and Sylvia C.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

Margella, d.James E. and Sylvia C., Oct.6,1849.

CLARKE (Clark)

Mary E. Morse, w.Rev. S.F., June15,1826.GR2


George Henry, s.Jason and Lucy H.(Smith), Oct.29,1847.


Samuel, s.John and Martha(Hascy), bp. Mar.5,1771.GR5

COLLAR (Collier)

Hezekiah B., Rev.,末蔓末,1794.GR5

Rhoda, w.Rev. Hezekiah B.,末蔓末,1798.GR5

COLLIER (Collar)

Leonard S.,末蔓末,1828.GR2

Sarah A.B.(Blake), w.Leonard S.?,末蔓末,1832.GR2


John, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Sept.9,1762.

Otis, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Feb.11,1765.

Sarah, d.John and Martha(Hascy), Sept.24,1767.

Rowland, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Jan.25,1769.

Calvin, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Sept.13,1772.

Samuel, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Apr.5,1775.

Royal, s.John and Martha(Hascy), Mar.5,1778.

Phebe Sprague, d.John and Martha(Hascy), Dec.6,1782.

COMINGS (Comming, Commings, Cummings)

Sarah Elizabeth, d.John and Sarah, Dec.14,1823. At Keene, NH.

John Albert, s.John and Sarah, June12,1825. At Keene, NH.

Thomas Rhoads, s.John and Sarah, Aug.8,1827.

Henry Williams, s.John and Sarah, June18,1829.

Isabella Relief, d.John and Sarah, Aug.19,1831.

Lewis Chandler, s.John and Sarah, July30,1833.

Samuel B., s.John and Sarah, June6,1835.

Stillman, s.John and Sarah, Aug.17,1837.

Daniel W., s.John and Sarah, Dec.27,1839.

Frederick, s.John and Sarah, Jan.26,1842.

COMMING (Comings, Commings, Cummings)

Daniel, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, May20,1768. Dup.

Nathan, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1771.

COMMINGS (Comings, Comming, Cummings)

Samuel, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.2,1773. Dup.

Susanah, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.7,1778. Dup.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Jan.27,1781. Dup.


Zerviah, d.Silas and 末末, bp. Apr.1,1781.CR



Laura A., d.George W. and Laura(Cheney), Sept.20,1849.


Charity, w.Benjamin,末蔓末,1773.GR6

Betsy, w.Benjamin Jr.,末蔓末,1800.GR6

Benjamin Jr.,末蔓末,1802.GR6


末末, inf.d.Benjamin and Betsey(Stratton), Mar.4,1829.

Harriet Stratton, d.Benjamin and Betsey(Stratton), Apr.23,1830.

George Otis, s.Benjamin and Betsey(Stratton), Oct.14,1834.

Charles Elliot, s.Benjamin and Betsey(Stratton), Sept.6,1836.

Eliza Jane, d.Ira and Lucy(Clapp), Sept.13,1838.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Betsey(Stratton), Apr.30,1839.

Varnam Stiles, s.Ira and Lucy(Clapp), Apr.8,1841.

Oscar M., s.Jacob S., May4,1845.

Lucy Ellen, d.Ira and Lucy(Clapp), Dec.30,1845.


Albert Barnes, s.Chester and Hannah(Stratton), Mar.8,1838.

Laura Ellen, d.Daniel and Laura(Adams), Sept.8,1843.


Mary, d.Joseph and Hannah, May7,1770.

Catharght, d.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.13,1775.

Catharine, d.Joseph and Hannah, June23,1776.

Reliance Crocker, d.William and Mercy, Jan.26,1785. At Orang.

Lydia, d.William and Mercy, July6,1786.

Releef, d.Joseph and Rhoda(Fairbank), Jan.12,1789.

Dolly, d.Joseph and Rhoda(Fairbank), Dec.13,1790.

Salvo, s.Jonathan and Anna, Aug.11,1791. In Marlborough.

Freeman Higgins, s.William and Mercy, Oct.16,1791.

Cynthia, d.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.13,1792.

Polly, d.Joseph and Rhoda(Fairbank), Mar.27,1794.

Nancy, d.John and Cendea(Kendall), July12,1798.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rhoda(Fairbank), Aug.4,1798.

Lucy, d.John and Cendea(Kendall), Dec.2,1800.

Albert Galliten, s.Jonathan and Anna(Morse), Sept.27,1801.

Franklin, s.Joseph and Rhoda(Fairbank), Sept.3,1803.

Phebe Stevens, d.Jonathan and Anna, Oct.17,1803.

Emory, s.John and Cendea(Kendall), Jan.25,1805.

Maria, d.Jonathan and 末末, bp. Mar.27,1808.CR

John Morse, s.John and Betsey(Morse), Aug.30,1809.

Maria Frances, d.Jonathan and Anna, Feb.15,1811.

Lucinda Kendall, d.John and Betsy(Morse), Oct.4,1812.

William Morse, s.Charles and Hannah(Young), Dec.16,1820.

Lucy Ann, d.Charles and Hannah(Young), Sept.26,1825.

Joseph Young, s.Charles and Hannah(Young), Jan.16,1827.


Charles, s.Maltiah and Lucinda, Dec.31,1839.

Amy Ann, d.Maltiah and Lucinda, Mar.13,1843.

Fervilla [Ferrilla?] Josephine, d.Malatiah and Lucinda, Apr.10,1847.

Daniel, s.Maltiah and Lucinda, Nov.26,1849.

CUMMINGS (Comings, Comming, Commings)

Lucy A., d.Samuel Jr. and Maria, Dec.29,1825.

Jonathan B., s.Samuel Jr. and Maria, July22,1827.

Charles H.,末蔓末,1828.GR2

Almena J., d.Samuel Jr. and Maria, Dec.1,1829.

Mary A., w.Charles H.,末蔓末,1831.GR2

Nancy M., d.Samuel Jr. and Maria, May7,1841.

Dulcinia Lestima, twin d.John and Sarah, Aug.29,1844.

Phylinda, twin d.John and Sarah, Aug.29,1844.

Louisa, d.Samuel and Maria, June18,1846.

Eliza J., d.Stephen L. and Mary A., Oct.28,1846.


Nathaniel, s.Ebenezer and Martha(Ruggles), bp. May15,1763.CR


John, s.George and Judith, Jan.1,1750.

George, s.George and Judith, June4,1751.

Judith, d.George and Judith, June26,1753.

Hannah, d.George and Judith, July29,1755.

Earl, s.George and Judith, Aug.21,1757.

Mary, d.George and Judith, Apr.11,1758.

Samuel, twin s.George and Judith, Oct.21,1761.

William, twin s.George and Judith, Oct.21,1761.

Oliver, s.George and Judith, Oct.23,1763.

Dolle, d.George and Lois, bp. Feb.11,1778.CR

George Junior, s.George and Lois, bp. Feb.11,1778.CR

Oliver, s.George and Lois, bp. Feb.11,1778.CR

Polle, d.George and Lois, bp. Feb.11,1778.CR

George, s.George and Lois, Sept.22,1794.

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