BABBET (Babbit, Babbitt)

Nathaniel of Athol and Mary Mendle, Mar.3,1778.

BABBIT (Babbet, Babbitt)

Abigail and Abel White, Oct.5,1785. In Hardwick.

Adeline and Cyrus Lovell of Jamestown, NY, June22,1839.

Charles L. and Nancy C. Ayres, int.Sept.10,1845.

Julia Ann and Jason Jenkins, May5,1833.

Lurana and James R. Willard of Rutland, Dec.3,1833.

Mary and Walter Hastings of Hardwick, Oct.6,1822.

Sophia and Rockwell Stone of Hubbardston, int.Dec.23,1827.

Susan C. and John E. Marshall, Feb.23,1841.

William and Abigail P. Stone, Dec.5,1843.

BABBITT (Babbet, Babbit)

Dean and Lurane Babcock of Petersham, Jan.25,1803.

Harriet and Charles Thompson of Westminster, May21,1838.

Pliny H. and Lydia Perry of Temple, NH, int.May23,1839

Sewell and Harriet Jenkins, Apr.6,1836.

Sewell and Mary S. Babcock of Dana, Sept.30,1840

Sewell and Abby R. Gates, int.Sept.9,1847.


Lurane of Petersham and Dean Babbit, Jan.25,1803.

Mary S. of Dana and Sewell Babbitt, Sept.30,1840.

Meribah and Edward Nedson of Woodstock, CT, int.Oct.3,1812. Colored.


Abigail and Benjamin Holden, Nov.1,1770.

Abigail and Samuel Low, July27,1780.CR

Abigail and Samuel Henry, Feb.26,1804.

Avery and Mary Ann Harrington of Petersham, int.Aug.27,1842.

Caroline and William Cunningham, Oct.28,1798.CR

Charles (s.David, a.22) and Lucy Robinson, Oct.31,1844.

Daniel and Abigail Holland, Apr.29,1813.

David and Hannah Mason of Rutland, int.Sept.20,1817.

David A. and Pruda Barnard, Feb.8,1821.

Elisha and Patty W. Dennis, Apr.4,1821.

Elisha and Austin Bixby, Dec.8,1836.

Emeline and Charles Fay of New Braintree, Mar.21,1841.

Ephriam Jr. and Mary White, July17,1794.

Hannah and James Holden, Nov.12,1772.

Harriet H. and Charles Russell of Bellingham, Oct.17,1838.

Harrison and Eliza E. Bemis, Apr.27,1836.

Harry and Julia Whiting, int.Oct.22,1819.

Joel and Abigail Holden of New Salem, int.Feb.9,1812.

John and Abigail Farrar, Dec.21,1786.

John and Elizabeth Addams, Nov.18,1794.CR

Joseph and Lucy Buxton, Dec.30,1790.

Josiah and Polley Tileston of Boston, Jan.2,1777.

Julia Ann (d.Henry and Julia, a.19) and Rev. Simon Putnam of Hardwick, July16,1844.

Louisa L. (d.Henry and Julia, a.19) and Royal P. Warner of New Braintree, May11,1848.

Lydia and Samuel Dike of Hubbardston, Oct.2,1823.

Maria (d.David and Hannah, a.24) and Thomas B. rice, Oct.29,1844.

Mary and John Meriam, July1,1784.CR

Mary and Nathan Sparhawk Hancock, June28,1787.

Polly [ int.], and Francis How, Dec.29,1814.

Mary B. and Almond Whiting, int.May9,1824.

Mary and Marcus E. Spooner of Oakham, Apr.23,1835.

Nancy and Charles Gifford, Sept.末,1816.CR

Nancy (d.Samuel and Nancy, a.22) and Volney Green of Utica, NY, Sept.26,1844.

Nathan H. and Charlotte Cooper of Dover, VT, int.Jan.14,1835.

Priscilla and John Wheeler, May26,1791.

Ruby and Ira B. Jones, Sept.18,1823.

Ruth and Isaac Balcom, July9,1772.

Samuel and Nancy Harwood, Mar.21,1809.

Sarah and David Clark, Oct.29,1761.

Sollomon and Margret Forbes, Nov.13,1777.

Stephen and Hannah Presho, May26,1819.

Susanna and David Richardson, Oct.2,1777.

Timothy and Mrs.Tabatha Williams, Jan.5,1837.

Willard and Fanny Ann Cummings, Aug.21,1842.


Abigail and Solomon Robinson, Dec.31,1767.


Daniel and Mercy McCumber of Orange, int.Aug.9,1825.

Lucy of Northborough and William Slocomb, int.Oct.15,1826.


Artemas and Lucinda F. Woods of Dana, int.Oct.30,1847.

Ester and Benjamin Lee, June27,1750.

Ezra and Melinda Holden, May31,1819.

Francis of Petersham and Fanny Hinkley, Nov.16,1820.

Leonard and Sarah R. Johnson, Apr.8,1826.CR

Lucy and Antrim White, both of Phillipston, June9,1835.*

Sarah R. [ int.] and Chister F. Gorham, Nov.20,1832.

Sarah E. (d.Leonard and Sarah R., a.22) and Washington W. Geiger of Hamburg, SC, Nov.9,1848.


Isaac and Ruth Bacon, July9,1772.


Aaron and Rachel Chever, Sept.26,1776.

Samuell and Lucy Leonard, July9,1761.


Charles of Montreal and Maryan Jones, Jan.末,1817.CR


Anson and Lydia O. Garfield of Petersham, int.Apr.8,1837.

Edmund Jr. and Patty Partridge, Nov.8,1804.

H., Mrs., and Capt. J. Fletcher, Jan.8,1786.CR

Hannah and Lot Mason, Aug.16,1792.

Hannah and Benjamin Mayo, May18,1794.

Harriet and Elisha Gleason, Sept.16,1823.

Nathaniel of Leverett and Mary Adams of Shutesbury, Jan.23,1783.CR

Nathaniel and Lucinda Parker of Hubbardston, int.Mar.24,1793.

Rebeckah and Amos Herrick, June5,1796.

Roxana and Timothy R. Hinkley, Jan.24,1819.

Ruth and Robert Vokes of Hardwick, July19,1792.

Sarah and Abiel Hathaway, Mar.22,1781.CR

Watson and Sarah Mann, Feb.21,1797.


Mary of Keene, NH, and Sylvan Nye, Mar.2,1779. In Hardwick.


Abigail and Thomas Rice, Sept.11,1800.CR

Sarah and Samuell Bullard, Mar.13,1766.

Silas of Peterborough and Prudence Rice, Oct.19,1780.CR


Pruda and David A. Bacon, Feb.8,1821.


Lucy (a.50, wid) and Thomas Kenworthy, Sept.21,1845.


Joseph of New Braintree and Rebecca Nye, Jan.13,1791. In New Braintree.


Christiana W. of New Braintree and Samuel A. Kinsman, int.Sept.22,1838.

Dwight B. of New Braintree and Mary Ann Gorham, int.May1,1840.

Sarah of New Braintree and John Brooks of Winchendon, Apr.26,1796.CR*


Delilah and George W. Goodnow, Jan.3,1839.

Eliza H. [W. in int.] and David Rice, May11,1832.

John and Lydia Rice, Sept.9,1767.

John and Harriot Mendall, int.May7,1820.

Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth Dean, June30,1816.CR

Joseph, Dea., and Sally Hagar of Cambridgeport, int.Apr.3,1830.

Lucy of Concord and Noah Ripley, Apr.8,1783. At Concord.

Lydia and Moses Marble of Athol, June7,1788. At Athol.

Polly and Silas Harding, Dec.31,1815.

Oliver and Phebe Winslow, Nov.9,1824.


Anna and Samuel Kendall, Mar.8,1797.

John, Dr., and Eliza Walker, May14,1809.

Mary of Dana and Thomas Winslow, int.May3,1828.

BARRY (Bary)

James of New Salem and Harriet B. Robinson, int.June8,1833.


Adolphus and Lydia C. Nye, both of Hardwick, May30,1827.*


Joshua and Betty Felton, Oct.26,1769.


Betsey and Darius Varney, July11,1793.

Betsey S. and Seth Fisher of New Braintree, Dec.28,1828.

BARY (Barry)

Rebecah and Abel Parmenter of Sudbury, Feb.10,1789.


E.L., Mr., of Gerry and P.E. Foster of Needham, Sept.25,1800.CR*


Cyrus of New Salem and Lettice Bassett, int.July30,1831.

Eliza W. (d.Joseph P. and Elizabeth, a.22) and Emery Thayer of Charleston, SC, Sept.18,1845.

Heman and Abigail Stone, both of Oakham, July25,1776.CR*

Joseph P. and Elizabeth Smith, May9,1822.

Lettice and Cyrus Bassett of New Salem, int.July30,1831.

Polly [or Barrett], and Silas Harding, Dec.31,1815.CR

Mary and Emery Hastings, Oct.1,1821.

Mary C. (d.Joseph P. and Elizabeth S., a.20) and Edwin Stone of Athol, May29,1845.

Samuel M. and Sally E. Cobb of Ware, int.Feb.11,1823.


Mary Ann and Thomas Conlin, int.July8,1849.


Anson and Mary C. Ruggles, Feb.2,1809.

Charlotte and Joseph H. Ward of North Brookfield, May12,1836.

Elhanan W. and Susan Eames, Feb.4,1836.

Henry D. and Caroline M. Cobb, int.June3,1831.

Joseph N. and Caroline Houghton, May11,1835.

Mary R. and John Field of Enfield, May4,1835.

Sally A. and Freeman Glazier, Aug.1,1843.

Welcome and Abigail Rice, int.Apr.6,1840.


Esther (d.Sherman, a.24) and Ebenezer Shackley of Cambridge, June11,1844.


Elihu of Wendell and Anna Patrick, Dec.11,1805.

BEEMIS (Bemis)

Patience, Mrs., of Oakham and John Johnson, int.Aug.17,1793.


Daniel of Wethersfield, CT, and Mary A. Smith, Mar.3,1840.


Deborah and Jonathan Winch, Oct.14,1798.CR


Elmira M., Mrs., of Dunstable, NH, and Charles Taylor, int.Jan.1,1826.

Isabel and Jacob Paterson, June15,1757.

William and Hannah Stone, Oct.24,1765.

BEMIS (Beemis)

Charles of Spencer and Laura Bemis, June1,1820.

Eliza E. and Harrison Bacon, Apr.27,1836.

Harriet N. and William Robinson Jr., Nov.7,1839.

John and Lucretia Stebbins, Feb.20,1842.

Laura and Charles Bemis of Spencer, June1,1820.

Roswell of Leicester and Sarah G. Sargent, Mar.25,1835.

Silas Jr. and Seraph A. Reed of Oakham, int.Apr.25,1835.


Maria S. of Hubbarston and James M. Waite, int.Sept.10,1836.

Mary and Josiah Bumstead, both of Springfield, Nov.24,1847.*


Nabby [Abigail in int.] and Morris Lincoln, Dec.25,1814.

Anna and Phineas Osgood of Wendell, Sept.29,1799.CR

Joel and Mary Mason, July13,1768.

Lucy and Abel Lorin, Feb.26,1767.

Samuel and Mary Kilburn of Wendell, int.Feb.8,1805.

Sarah and Rev. Joseph Kilburn of Wendell, Mar.4,1805.

Thaddeus of Hubbardston and Abigail Howard, Aug.16,1792.


Esther and Elias Marsh, Aug.1,1776.

Harriet B., Mrs., and Joshua L. Forbes, Sept.3,1841.

James and Margrett Smith, Dec.1,1768.

BIGELOW (Biglow)

Amasa of New Braintree and Hannah Harding, May17,1826.CR

Charles and Eliza W. Walker, Dec.26,1818.

David Jr. and Susan Gray of Petersham, Aug.23,1818.

Huldah of Oxford and Joseph V. Lawless, int.Dec.5,1835.

Isaac and Elizabeth L. Cheney, June16,1837.

Marshal S. and Olive S. Sparhawk, May1,1811.

Marshal S. and Lucinda Caldwell, Sept.末,1815.CR

Mary and Jonas Holden of Arlington, VT, Jan.末,1825.*

Mary T. and James Holden of Arlington, VT, int.Jan.16,1825.

Mary and Christopher L. Williams of Petersham, int.Aug.16,1840.

Nancy and Joseph Dudley of Petersham, June28,1814.

Persis B. (d.Joseph 2nd and Auril, a.24) and Francis F. King, both of Rutland, May11,1845.*

Thomas and Hannah Rice of Sudbury, int.Dec.25,1805.

William and Clarissa Miller, Mar.18,1821.

Zebiah and Rev. John Nelson of Leicester, May4,1812.

BIGLOW (Bigelow)

William of Petersham and Anna Wilder, May30,1800.CR


L.F., Dr., of Hubbardston and Penelope B. Woods, int.Mar.25,1848.


Thomas and Patience Spencer (negroes), Mar.6,1800.CR

BIXBEE (Bixby)

Sampson and Mary Bullard, Dec.1,1761.

BIXBY (Bixbee)

Asa of Orange and Mary Hasten (Horton?), Feb.24,1787.CR

Austin and Eliza Bacon, Dec.8,1836.

Austin and Sabrina Cooper, Oct.9,1839.

Clark S. and Elizabeth Clark of Hubbardston, Nov.3,1836.

Eliza (d.Emerson and Laura, a.21) and Moses Brown of Hubbardston, Feb.25,1845.

Emerson and Laura Doane, int.May10,1823.

Jonathan of Shrewsbury, VT, and Abigail Nurss, Oct.1,1805.

Patty and Timothy Nurss Jr., Feb.3,1805.

Mary and Abraham Sterns of Worwick, May28,1788.

Ruth and Joseph Osgood, May13,1827.

Samuel and Sarah Smith of Worcester, Oct.5,1786. At Worcester.

Sarah and David Smith, Oct.4,1781.


Archibald and Sophia Caldwell, May15,1806.

Elizabeth of Rutland District and James Black of Rutland, Apr.20,1758.*

Elizabeth and Hull Sparhawk, Aug.3,1786.

Harriet and Spencer Field, Oct.7,1829.

James of Rutland and Elizabeth Black of Rutland District, Apr.20,1758.*

James Jr. and Lucy Ranger, Dec.4,1796.

James Jr. and Hitty Mason, June1,1809.

Jane and James Wilson of Oakham, Nov.17,1787.CR

Jane and William Tufts of New Braintree, May16,1799.CR

John and Elizabet6h Caldwell, July7,1763.

Martha and Samuel Hinds, Feb.26,1799.CR

Mary and James Thompson, May26,1757.

Polly and William Caldwell 2nd, Jan.13,1794.

Polly and Caleb Harwood, July24,1804.

Mary Jane and Willard Wakefield of Southbridge, Sept.18,1828.

Sarah Caldwell and Nathan Hale of Windsor, VT, Feb.2,1806.

Sarah H. and Daniel Woods, May26,1818.

William and Catherine Boyden, Feb.10,1787.CR

William and Nancy Caldwell, Jan.27,1805.


Nipton and Rose Tyler, Jan.8,1789. [Negroes?]


Caroline of Wendell and Howard Holden, Sept.19,1839.

Hubbard V. of Shutesbury and Belary T. Allen, Apr.2,1840.

Mary Ann of Greenwich and John Wadsworth Jr., int.Oct.4,1825.


Georgianna L. of Worcester (d.Benjamin and Laura, a.24) and Leander Eaton, Sept.11,1844.

Isaac of Keene, NH, and Dolly Metcalf, June19,1782. At Winchendon.

Jonathan and Bethiah Thrasher of New Braintree, int.Jan.31,1806.

Mary and Adin Bullard of Oakham, Apr.28,1831.

Sarah and Elijah Robinson, Nov.4,1760.

William an dRebeka Woodbury, Jan.18,1781.CR


Edwin D. (s.John and Clarissa, a.35, widr.) and Sophia J. Burpee, Sept.5,1848.

Wyman H. and Lucy A. Hastings, int.Nov.1,1844.


Abigail and Jenison Low, Dec.27,1804.

Abigail of Petersham and Luke Osgood, int.Nov.25,1809.

Charles and Elvira Johnson of Worcester, int.July27,1833.


William B. [P. in int.] and Charlotte King, Dec.22,1836.


Ebenezer and Hannah Child, Dec.27,1770.


John of Rutland and Mrs.Anna Oliver, July23,1812.

John F. of Worcester and Adeline Adams, Mar.6,1838.

BOIDEN (Boyden)

Hannah and Larkin Smith, Dec.4,1794.

Katherine and Jonas Underwood, Mar.8,1787.

Nancy [Boyden in int.], and Asa Newell Jr., May18,1818.*


Lyman [F. in int.] and Elvira Maria Glazier, Sept.20,1834.

Mary Eliza of Hardwick and Lavins Shumway, int.Aug.3,1834.

Moses of Hardwick and Rebecca Rich, int.June12,1836.


Henry F., Rev. and Maria J. Foster of Woburn, int.Sept.14,1846.

John of Boylston and Juda Fisk, Apr.1,1798.

Phineas of Wardsbury and Hannah Rice, Feb.25,1793.


Benjamin C. of New Braintree and Almaria G. Anderson, Oct.31,1837.


Harvy, Rev., of Scipio, NY, and Alice P. Woodbury, Sept.27,1838.


Edward B. and Mary C. Haynes of Sudbury, int.Apr.13,1848.

Eunice of Phillipston and Mason Ainsworth, int.Mar.12,1831.

Freedom and Moses Levett, both of Paxton, June9,1788.*

Huldah F. of Petersham and John Woods, int.Apr.6,1826.

Polly of Petersham and Ebenezer Cheney, int.Mar.31,1838.

Mary B. (d.George and Betsey, a.27) and William W. Hinkley, Dec.4,1849.

Nathaniel and Sally Smith, Dec.末,1821.

Sylvander and Eliza Marsh, Mar.18,1818.


Catherine and William Black, Feb.10,1787.CR

Eli of Chesterfield and Patty Hinds, Jan.22,1794.

Lucy and James Hamilton Jr., Jan.21,1796.

Mary and Cyrus Varney, Jan.28,1796.

Michah and Phebe Sears, Nov.1,1764.

Moses of Rutland District and Jane Elliot of Petersham, June29,1769. At Petersham.

Moses Jr. and Harriet Hinkley, Feb.27,1810.

Nancy and John Pratt, July28,1793.

Phebe and John Partridge, Oct.7,1773.

Samuel Jr. of Worcester and Sarah Capron, July19,1824.


Timothy of Andover, VT, and Polly Rood, Mar.4,1800.CR


Mary A. and William Harrington of Petersha, Oct.3,1843.


Sally of Ware and Lewis Demond, int.Sept.1,1823.


William S. of Ware and Lydia Deond, June10,1823.


John and Polly Stone, Mar.20,1800.


Amos and Esther Earskine, Nov.21,1819.


Franklin and Lydia M. Johnson, Dec.9,1828.

Moses of Petersham and Lydia Flagg, July5,1803.

Ursula A. of Orange (d.Simeon and Betsey E., a.19) and Henry S. Miner of Greenfield, July20,1847*


Barnibus of Brookfield and Eunice Mendel, June7,1790.

Catherine of Petersham and Capt. Charles Sibley Jr., int.Mar.10,1833.

Edward of Petersham and Bulah Hawes, Mar.6,1792.

Eliza and Warren Sibley, June27,1810.

Elvira of Petersham and Capt. James Holland, int.Mar.15,1828.

Harriet of Petersham and Paul Rice, int.Feb.6,1814.

Henry and Anne Phillips, both of Marlborough, June25,1781.*

Henry Jr. and Sarah Sibley, May18,1818.

Louisa M. (d.Nathaniel and Patty, a.23) and Sanford D. Smith, May18,1848.

Maria T. [Theresa in int.] and George Newton of Templeton, May1,1828.

Martha A. and Horatio Wheelock, int.Oct.3,1835.

Monroe B. of Rutland and Eliza Smith, int.July26,1845.

N. Nelson (s.Nathaniel and Patty, a.24) and Sarah B. Hildreth, Nov.5,1845.

Nancy and Francis Rice, int.Mar.24,1809.

Nancy P. and Dexter Dennis, Oct.5,1843.

Nathaniel and Patty Gates, int.Mar.10,1810.

Orlando S. and Lucy A. Rice of Hubbardston, int.Dec.12,1840.

Sarah B. of Petersham and Philander Woods, int.May5,1833.

William H. and Hannah G. Nash of Warwick, int.July22,1838.


George of New Braintree and Phillis Greenleaf, June6,1794. In New Braintree.


Gideon and Mary Childs, Dec.8,1787.CR

Nathaniel of Petersham and Nabby Eaton, Dec.25,1816.CR

Sylvan and Tryphena Johnson of Hardwick, Sept.14,1783. In Hardwick.

BRINTNALL (Brintnel, Brintnill)

Martha and Noah Sparhawk Jr., Jan.16,1781.CR

Phineas Jr. and Martha Hancock, Feb.17,1787.CR

Susanna [Brintnel in int.], and Joel Kelly, Dec.25,1800.CR

BRINTNILL (Brintnall, Brintnel)

Abigail and Moses Anesworth, Sept.3,1794.


Josiah of Rutland and Eunice Allen, July7,1819.


Abigail and John Rice, July2,1797.

Alice and Joel Adams, Dec.27,1826.CR

Amos and Margret Gordon, May27,1784.CR

Chloe (d.Joseph and Chole, a.30) and Carlo B. Davis, July20,1847.

Eliza and Ephriam Parkhurst, both of Milford, Jan.13,1823.*

Eliza and Lewis Lincoln of Gardner, May1,1833.

James and Betsey Potter of Brookfield, int.Dec.19,1802.

James and Mrs.Mary Slowcomb of Hubbardston, int.Jan.19,1839.

John and Rhoda Powers, int.Jan.21,1802.

Joseph and Sibil Harding, Dec.26,1793.

Joseph and Chloe Partridge, Dec.28,1806.

Lucy and William Allen, Jan.20,1799.CR

Lucy of Needham and John Tolman Jr., int.Dec.8,1805.

Mary and Forbes Hinds, Jan.1,1783.CR

Patience and Simeon Metcalf, Apr.29,1779.CR

Sibyl and Lt. John Metcalf, Oct.18,1781.CR

Tabitha and Peter Fessenden Jr., Jan.31,1788.

William (s.Joseph and Chloe, a.28) and Mary E. Flagg of Hubbardston, Dec.17,1846.


Epharam, Dr., and Mrs.Eunice Jeneson, both of Rutland District, Dec.24,1765.*

Eveline A. of Shutesbury and Lyman Adams, int.May31,1840.

Hannah and Amos Rainger, Feb.2,1793.

John of Winchendo and Sarah Barr of New Braintree, Apr.26,1796.CR*

Lucenda [ int.] and Henry Rice, May23,1797.

Rossefair and Eleazeer James, Nov.22,1794.

Sarah and James Roberson, Sept.28,1788.


Abigail J. and Elijah White, both of Phillipston, Dec.12,1843.*

Ebenezer of Norwich, VT and Mary Dana, Jan.12,1804.

Ebenezer Jr. of Hubbardston and Lowis Metcalf, int.Apr.6,1810.

Ebenezer of Hubbardston and Lydia Harwood, int.May22,1817.

Ebenezer of Hubbardston and Vida Underwood, int.Dec.6,1849.

Elisha and Rebecca Hasten, Dec.26,1798.CR

Hannah and Joel Bullard of Swanton, VT, Jan.31,1802.

John of Warwick (s.Elisha and Rebecca, a.40, widr.) and Lucy Ann Fay, Nov.11,1847.

Moses of Hubbardston (s.Oliver and Zuba, a.24) and Eliza Bixby, Feb.25,1845.

Reuben and Lucy Nurss, Sept.24,1798.CR

William of Brimfield and Hannah G. Johnson, int.Oct.16,1819.


Elizabeth of Rutland and Oliver Harding, int.Oct.1,1803.

Mary of Rutland and Mathew Caldwell of Rutland District, Jan.31,1754. At Rutland.


Dolly, Mrs., of Shutesbury and William Fisk, int.Dec.12,1813.

Nathan of Oakham and Catherine Hines, Nov.6,1787.


Martha A. and Edwin Woods, May2,1843.

Mary of Oakham and Augustus H. Low, int.Oct.9,1838.

Nathan of Templeton and Tabitha Mason, Nov.27,1806.

Walter A. and Elizabeth G. Giles of Wallpole, NH, int.Aug.30,1841.

Walter A. and Lydia L. Thompson, July12,1842.


Patty and William Moors of Greenfield, Feb.13,1791.


Abigail and Gilbard Dean, Oct.27,1789.

Adin of Oakham and Mary Blake, Apr.28,1831.

Almoran and Nancy Fairbanks of Medway, int.Jan.24,1819.

Cloe and William McColough, July1,1783.CR

Daniel of Swanton, VT, and Achsa Hammond, Feb.2,1802.

Gardner of Shrewsbury and Mehitable Merriam, int.July2,1796.

Hepzibah of Oakham and James McCullock, Sept.23,1821.

Isaac of Rutland District and Lucy Stephens of Rutland, Dec.14,1753. At Rutland.

Isaac and Martha Holden, Oct.25,1781.CR

Isaac 2nd and Betsy Jackson, Dec.31,1792.

Isabella and Melvin Shaw, Mar.16,1817.CR

Joel of Swanton, VT, and Hannah Brown, Jan.31,1802.

John of Shrewsbury and Lucy Buxton, Feb.28,1797.

Lois and Luther Conant, Jan.12,1806.

Lucy and Nathaniel Sterns, Sept.18,1788.

Lydia of Oakham and Wales Feton, int.Apr.1,1811.

Martha and Ansel Nye of Boston, Mar.19,1829.

Mary and Sampson Bixbee, Dec.1,1761.

Rachel and Barnabas Sears, Nov.1,1764.

Samuell and Sarah Barber, Mar.13,1766.

Sarah and Ezekiel Shattuck, June15,1784.CR

Silas and Mary Furniss, Apr.4,1770.


Lydia C. of North Plympton and Nathan S. Walker, int.Feb.21,1836.


Josiah and Mary Bennett, both of Springfield, Nov.24,1847.*


Joseph K. and Miriam Fessenden of Westminster, int.June6,1835.


Hannah and Jabez Upham, May10,1769.


Abijah of Paxton and Aurelia Childs, Oct.19,1841.

BURNET (Burnit)

Anna and Joseph Wheat Morse, Jan.10,1788.

Bersheba and Alexander Thompson of Colrain, Jan.28,1778.

Nathan [Burnett. int.] and Anne Nurse of Framingham, Aug.23,1792. At Framingham.

BURNIT (Bunet, Burnett)

John and Lydia Ripley, wid., Apr.10,1788.


Edmund of Sterling and Henrietta Maria S. Perry, June9,1829.

Sophia J. (d.Abel and Catherine, a.23) and Edwin D. Blakeley, Sept.5,1848.


David Jr. and Melinda Cheney, Nov.26,1835.

Betsey and Samuel Smith 2d, Sept.26,1821.

Nancy of Oakham and Joseph Forbes, int.Apr.6,1836.

Peddy and Charles Smith, Jan.27,1821.

Williams and Cordelia B. Winslow, Sept.4,1822.


Thankful and Joseph Lee, Dec.24,1786.


Polly and Palmer Adams, int.Aug.17,1805.


Mary of Leominster and Ralf Rice, int.Dec.6,1794.


Lewis and Mary Oliver, May11,1817. Negroes

Moses and Abigail Parker, Oct.28,1784.CR (Negroes?)


Aaron and Marcy Mandell, Nov.17,1795.

John P. of Oakham and Charlotte Partridge, Oct.29,1837.


George M. (s.Amos and Fanny, a.23) and Ann L. Stevens, May1,1845.


William and Elizabeth Carrey of Oakham, Oct.24,1780. In New Braintree.


Anna [ int.] and Manasah Osgood, Jr., Jan.15,1798.

Daniel and Lucy Allen, Jan.2,1772.

Lucy and Joseph Bacon, Dec.30,1790.

Lucy and John Bullard of Shrewsbury, Feb.28,1797.

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