Benjamin and Betsy Caldwell, June12,1803.

Catherine B. (d.Seth and Catherine, a.23) and Edward A. Goodnow of Princeton, May19,1846.

Charles and Charlotte A. Amee of Boston, int.May22,1841.

Elizabeth and John Black, July7,1763.

Betsy and Benjamin Caldwell, June12,1803.

Ezra and Sarah Shaw Caldwell, int.May27,1809.

George and Eliza Parker, June27,1833.

Hannah and Richard Kelley, Nov.20,1777.

Harriet and Luke Houghton, int.June2,1821.

Isabel and Nathaniell Jenison, Mar.28,1769.

James, Maj., and Mrs.Anna Kendall, Apr.5,1817.

John and Sarah Caldwell, Dec.16,1773.

John 3d and Mary Lilly, Nov.28,1804.

Joseph and Mary Freeman, Nov.30,1806.

Joseph and Aurora Sears of Hartford, CT, int.July14,1820.

Keziah [R. in int.] and Samuel Demond 2d of Holden, Oct.28,1811.

Louisa and Samuel Field of N. Providence, RI, Dec.28,1830.

Lucinda and Marhsal S. Bigelow, Sept.末,1815.CR

Lucy and Charles L. Piper, int.Mar.4,1825.

Mary and Joseph Daman of Oakham, Feb.8,1807.

Mary F. and Ezra Jones, May21,1828.

Mary J. (d.Seth and Catherine, a.20) and George H. Kendall of Lancaster, Sept.25,1845.

Mathew of Rutland District and Mary Browning of Rutland, Jan.31,1754. At Rutland.*

Moses and Mary Rugles, Jan.29,1777.

Nancy and John Ruggles Nye, Feb.12,1799.CR

Nancy and William Black, Jan.27,1805.

Sarah and John Caldwell, Dec.16,1773.

Sally and Rev. Josiah Dana,末蔓末,1788. In New Braintree.

Sarah and William Caldwell 3d, May29,1788.

Sarah Shaw and Ezra Caldwell, int.May27,1809.

Sally and Harding P. Wade, July末,1817.

Seth and Mary Jones of Worcester, Mar.13,1782. At Worcester.

Seth and Catherine M. Woods fo New Braintree, int.Mar.14,1818.

Sophia and Archibald Black, May15,1806.

Susanna and Josiah Hamilton of Brookfield, May10,1801.CR

Sylvester and Elizabeth Howel of Douglas, int.Aug.4,1817.

William 3d and Sarah Caldwell, May29,1788.

William and Sarah Furbush, Oct.3,1790.

William 2d and Polly Black, Jan.13,1794.


Mary and Asael Thayer of Amherst, int.Mar.27,1813.


Gilbert and Milly Adams of Athol, int.Feb.5,1818.

Gilbert and Mahitibel Mills of Hardwick, int.July4,1819.

Sarah [M. in int.] and Samuel Boyden Jr. of Worcester, July19,1824.


John and Sarah Palin, int.July18,1846.


Almira C. and Thomas M. Lowater of Oakham, Jan.1,1838.

Sally Ann of Charlton and John Clinton, int.Aug.12,1840.


Elizabeth of Oakham and William Butts, Oct.24,1780. In New Braintree.


Nancy of Thompson, CT, and Nathan Hemenway, int.Sept.4,1802.


Harriet N., Mrs., [Marriage entered as Harrington] and Marshall Hancock of Whitehall, NY, Nov.22,1845.


Ezra [Carroll in int.], and Rebecca Mullet, June末,1815.CR


Charles and Tryphena Clark of Petersham, int.Mar.8,1849.

Elijah and Patty Hyde of Pelham, int.Dec.9,1820.

Harriet R. and David Wilson of Princeton, Feb.4,1841.

James H. (s.John and Cynthia, a.24) and Maria Carruth, June21,1848.

Jane and Elijah Gregory, June7,1770.

John 2d and Cynthia Hyde of Prescott, int.Aug.16,1822.

John of Petersham and Mary Adams, Mar.24,1831.

Jonas and Mary Carruth, June14,1770.

Joseph and Susan Johnson of Greenwich, int.Jan.31,1818.

Margret and John Chamberlain of Bernard, VT, Feb.10,1789.

Margaret and John Clark of Petersham, int.Dec.1,1800.

Maria (d.John and Sarah, a.24) and James H. Carruth, June21,1848.

Merriam and Rufus Smith, Nov.21,1811.

Patty and Mark Hinkley, Aug.22,1815.CR

Mary and Jonas Carruth, June14,1770.

Mary J. (d.Elijah and Patty, a.25) and Sherman R. Nye, Oct.24,1849.

Samuel and Mary Hamilton, Jan.30,1772.

Samuel Jr. and Susannah Thomson of Pelham, int.Mar.13,1806.

Sarah M. (d.John and Sarah, a.26) and Charles C. Williams, Dec.28,1847.

William and Lithuania Whipple, int.Apr.7,1843.

CARTER (Charter)

Benjamin B. [G. in int.] of Petersham and Elizabeth Allen, Apr.23,1834.


John and Anna Andrews, Aug.20,1762.

Joseph of Oakham and Elizabeth Wilson, July19,1795. At Spencer.


Timothy Jr. of Claremont and Betsey Robinson, Dec.8,1796.

CHAISE (Chase)

Sally Sargents of Woodstock and William Russell, int.Sept.9,1809.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Emily and John A. Thompson, Mar.30,1826.CR

George R. and Mary Hastings, Dec.31,1825.CR

John of Barnard, VT, and Margret Carruth, Feb.10,1789.

John and Lucy Hale, both of Dana, Nov.11,1804.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Aaron of Chelmsford and Mary Parker, Nov.24,1796.

Harriet A. (d.George and Mary, a.18) and Charles Newton, Nov.29,1849.

John and Sarah Winslow, both of Rutland District, June16,1774.*

John Jr. of Boston and Jane Stone of Dana, Apr.29,1841.*

Mary E. (d.George R. and Mary, a.19) and Joseph A. Cleaveland, Nov.27,1845.

William and Elizabeth Winslow, Feb.25,1778.


Achacha of Petersham and John Shurman, int.Jan.25,1811.

Hannah and Ebenezer Johnson, July20,1769.

Lydia and Nathaniel Wing of New Rochester, Feb.5,1793.

Theophilus and Elizabeth Frink, May26,1763.


Consider of Barnardston and Esther Wallies, Aug.3,1786.

Zalmunna [Zab. in dup] of Bernardston and Lydia Wallis, Oct.25,1791. [Dec.29,1792, in dup.] At Bernardston.

CHARTER (Carter)

Sally of Ellington, CT, and John Prince Ames, int.Aug.15,1805.

CHASE (Chaise)

Priscilla and Perley Goddard of Grafton, June17,1818.

CHEEVER (Chever)

Joseph of Spencer and Mrs.Martha Woodis, int.Mar.25,1847.

Mary and Robert Smith Jr., Dec.2,1790.


Clarinda and Joel Wilder, Dec.29,1825.CR

Ebenezer and Polly Bowker of Petersham, int.Mar.31,1838.

Ebenezer Jr. of Oakham and Sarah R. Wilson, May19,1840.

Edson D. and Sarah B. Shattuck, Apr.11,1833.

Elizabeth L. and Isaac Bigelow, June16,1837.

Laura and George W. Conant, May12,1840.

Leonard (s.Artemas and Betsey, a.28) and Persis W. Hemenway, June11,1846.

Lowis [Lois in int.] W. and James D. Cramer of Saratoga, NY, Nov.25,1841.

Melinda and David Burt Jr., Nov.26,1835.

CHEVER (Cheever)

Rachel and Aaron Ball, Sept.26,1776.


Delilah and Peter Fessenden Jr., May7,1829

Henry of North Adams and Elvira P. Allen, int.Sept.20,1844.

Isaiah and Julian Stone, both of Princeton, Apr.21,1824.*

Isaiah [Nathaniel K. in int.] and Anna Fessenden, Apr.8,1830.

Nathan and Mrs.Joanna Mullet, int.June24,1832. "Stoped."

CHILD (Childs)

Betsey of Hardwick and Gideon Tenney, Mar.8,1792. At Hardwick.

Hannah and Ebenezer Bodfish, Dec.27,1779.

Jonathan and Rebecca Hinkley of Hardwick, Feb.3,1787.CR

CHILDS (Child)

Abigail and Dr. Arthur Rawson of Hardwick, June23,1787.CR

Ann and Lyman Hawks of Ashfield, Oct.31,1832.

Aurelia and Abijah Burnap of Paxton, Oct.19,1841.

Julia Ann and Rev. Gideon Dana of Amherst, Oct.23,1838.

Mary and Gideon Brimball, Dec.8,1787.CR

Marcy [Mercy in int.] and Appollos Luce of Hardwick, Nov.21,1808.

William A. (s.Benjamin W. and Anna, a.25) and Olive A. Hinkley, Oct.29,1845.


John and Thankfull Macintire, Dec.27,1787.

Perez [Peras in int.] and Hannah Mason, Oct.23,1800.CR

Stephen and Anna Henry, Mar.13,1796.


William R. and Lucinda Lovering of Hopkington int.Sept.11,1834.


William and Susanna Church, Sept.5,1765.


Paul of Athol and Mehitable Marsh, Jan.18,1797. At Athol.

Susanna and William Choate, Sept.5,1765.


Lucinda, Mrs., and Joseph Clark of Hubbardston, int.Sept.27,1827.

Mary Ann of Holliston and Benjamin Sibley, int.Apr.6,1822.

Winslow of Hopkington and Mercy Farrar, June11,1812.


Lydia and Nathaniel Sparhawk, Nov.11,1784. In Boston.


Enos L. and Sophia A. Stockwell of Athol, Jan.25,1837.

John W. and Harriet N. Ainsworth, int.Nov.27,1836.


Aaron and Achsa Hinds, both of Hubbardston, Nov.7,1819. 8

Adolphas and Philomelia Wilson, Feb.23,1820.

Almira and William T. Crawford of Oakham, Nov.6,1832.

Almira S. and P.S.T. Hewet of Edinburgh, NY, July6,1837.*

Almon and Mary Patee of Salem, NH, int.Oct.19,1839.

Anna and John Paige 3d, both of Hardwick, Oct.8,1788.CR

Anna J. and Moses Mandell, Sept.21,1843.

Anne and Aaron Holden, Apr.20,1758.

Asa and Patence Dennis of Hardwick, int.Apr.19,1823.

Charles S. of Oakham and Sarah G. Washburn, Nov.25,1833.

Danford of Hubbardston (s.Leonard and Harriet, a.22) and Harriet E. Johnson, Dec.2,1846.

David and Sarah Bacon, Oct.29,1761.

David of Petsham and Mrs.Mary Wilder, int.Nov.25,1802.

Edmund of Hubbardston and Patty Kelley, Jan.1,1810.

Edward and Anna Jeneson, Sept.30,1762.

Edward, Capt., of Rutland District and Mary Stone of Rutland, Sept.21,1767. At Rutland.

Eliza of Oakham and Capt. Aabraham Stevens Jr., int.Apr.16,1825.

Elizabeth of Hubbardston and Clark S. Bixby, Nov.3,1836.

Elizabeth of Princeton and Leonard Wilson, int.Dec.22,1849.

Erastus and Betsey Patee of Boston, int.Jan.14,1826.

Eunice and Daniel Parting Jr., Nov.23,1787.

Eunice Ann of Princeton and Joshua Francis, Mar.27,1842.

Ezra Jr. and Susanna Hinds, both of Hubbardston, Apr.18,1816.*

Ezra Jr. of Hubbardston and Abigail Rice, Mar.28,1820.

Hannah of Rutland District and Samuell Robinson Jr. of Hardwick, May4,1758.*

Harding of Petsham and Hannah Woods of Dana, Feb.24,1818.*

Harriet and Seth Holden, Apr.4,1816.CR

Harriet M. (d.Ezra and Abigail, a.22) and Caleb Harwood, Nov.23,1847.

Isaac of Hubbardston and Polly Gates, July15,1804.

James and Sophia Parkman, both of Brookfield, Aug.2,1807.

Jemima of Hubbardston and Willard Sherman of Sterling, June27,1830.*

Jarusha of Hubbardston and Luther Gates, int.Jan.28,1809.

John 3d of Hubbardston and Sally Rice, Feb.7,1798.

John of Petersham and Margaret Carruth, int.Dec.1,1800.

John and Abigail White, June5,1803.

Joseph of Hubbardston and Mrs.Lucinda Clafflin, int.Sept.27,1827.

Lemuel of Rochester and Mary Perry, June4,1793.

Maria and Barns Green, both of Oakham, Apr.29,1829.*

Martin of Hubbardston and Harriet H. Perry, Nov.29,1823.

Molly of Petersham and Samuel Smith Jr., Jan.26,1795. At Petersham.

Mary H. of Petersham and Eri Parlin, int.Dec.8,1827.

Naomi of Belchertown and Oren Spooner, int.Jan.31,1829.

Nathan and Rhoda Wheeler of Rutland, Nov.25,1788. At Rutland.

Ratchal and Elijah Gregre, May27,1762.

Robert and Maria Rice, Apr.2,1828.

Samuel 3d and Sarah Johnson, both of Hubbardston, Apr.6,1817.*

Samuel of Petersham and Clarinda Edson, Apr.17,1834.

Sarah W. of Hubbardston and John H. Woodbury, int.Oct.13,1847.

Sarah E. of Hubbardston and Daniel E. Hastings, int.May7,1849.

Seth and Miriam Metcalf, May29,1771.

Sophia [Sohph in int.] of Hardwick and Samuel King, Nov.20,1801.

Stillman and Sophronia Amidon of Hardwick, int.Aug.23,1819.

Stillman of Hardwick and Charlotte Howe, int.Apr.23,1842.

Thomas of Rutland and Sally Demond, int.Sept.12,1809.

Tryphena of Petersham and Charles Carruth, int.Mar.8,1849.

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Joseph A. (s.Joseph and Bathsheba, a.20) and Mary E. Chamberlin, Nov.27,1845.

Porter C. of Hardwick (s.Royal and Sally, a.22) and Armonilla M. Hinkley, Nov.11,1845.

Sarah G. (d.Newcomb and 末末, a.20) and Chauncy Stone of Dana, Dec.26,1849.


Thomas of Petersham and Mary Smith, Jan.14,1779.CR

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Calvin [Calven in int.] and Sarah W. Eaton, Dec.16,1828.


Eleanor and Gideon Reed of New Salem, Apr.19,1832.

Mary, Mrs., of Hubbardston and Abel Wilder, int.Oct.27,1825.


John and Sally Ann Carpenter of Charlton, int.Aug.12,1840.

COANANT (Conant, Conent, Connent)

Asa W. of Sturbridge and Mary Kendall, int.Oct.13,1815.


Benjamin of Hardwick and Sarah Jenkins, June17,1801.

Caroline M. and Henry D. Bates, int.June3,1831.

Henry A. and Rebeckah Underwood of South Orange, int.Mar.17,1838.

Hope of Hardwick and Elias White, Oct.2,1789. In New Braintree.

Louisa and Benjamin Stevens of Charlton, Mar.21,1830. [Mar.25 in dup]

Marina of Hardwick and Noah White, int.Jan.15,1807.

Polly of Hardwick and Jonathan Fletcher, Dec.21,1794. At Hardwick.

Mary M. and Joseph Osgood, Oct.31,1838.

Sally E. of Ware and Samuel M. Bassett, int.Feb.11,1823.

William J. and Elizabeth A. Ellis, May5,1825.CR

William D. and Ann M. Green of Spencer, int.May1,1841.


Clarisa of Spencer and Ephriam C. Hayward, int.Dec.6,1816.


Dwight of Holliston and Aurelia Underwood, Nov.18,1827.


Anny and William B. godfrey, Oct.23,1822.

Daniel and Louisa Robinson, Apr.17,1834.

Betsey and Amos Gray of Amherst, Sept.1,1825.CR

Eathan and Lucinda Witherell, Nov.25,1802.

Hannah and Appleton Pierce of New Salem, Apr.16,1821.

Philena and Israel Fisher Jr., Feb.1,1841.

Phiney and Lydia Atwood, Feb.18,1796.CR

Roxalana and Joseph P. Gray, Apr.6,1841.

Seth and Sarah Trasher of New Braintree, int.May3,1833.

Sophia and Collins M. Stearns of Holden, int.Sept.21,1837.

William of Worcester (widr.) and Harriet E. Kilner, Oct.12,1848.


Nathan (s.Isaac and Elizabeth, a.21) and Julia Ann Smith, Aug.24,1846.


Betsey B. of Hardwick and Daniel W. Hooker, int.Aug.20,1831.


Patrick and Elizabeth W. Upton, int.Oct.2,1843.


Susanna of Dana and Barnabas Flagg, int.Jan.13,1813.

CONANT (Coanent, Conent, Connent)

Charles and Abigail M. Warren of Hubbardston, int.Nov.12,1842.

George W. and Laura Cheney, May12,1840.

Luther and Lois Bullard, Jan.12,1806.

Luther and Sally Sibley of Dana, int.Aug.28,1816.

CONENT (Coanent, Conant, Connent)

Abigail of Oakham and Asa Shattuck, int.Sept.12,1810.


Thomas and Mary Ann Bateman, int.July8,1849.

CONNENT (Coanent, Conant, Conent)

Elijah and Nancy Taft, int.Nov.11,1809.


Hiram of Palmer (s.Benjamin and Peggy, a.41, widr.) and Jenette P. Washburn, Oct.11,1848.


Eleanor of Newsalem and Joshua A. Winslow, int.Aug.6,1836.


Charlotte of Dover, VT, and Nathan H. Bacon, int.Jan.14,1835.

John D. of Templeton and Sarah A. Adams, int.Oct.29,1835.

Sabrina and Austin Bixby, Oct.9,1839.


Julia [Corbett in int.] and Nahum Smith, Dec.4,1815.

Martha and Robert Debly, May19,1762.


Cameron (s.Stephen and Sarah, a.23) and Philoura Adams, May20,1845.

John W. of Boston and Mary S. Adams, int.Apr.29,1847.

CORRUTH (Carruth, Coruth)

Rebecca and James Morse, Feb.17,1791.

CORUTH (Carruth, Corruth)

Hannah and Andrew Thomspon, Sept.18,1777.


Austin of Rutland and Delphia Wadsworth, int.Aug.23,1834.


Mary and Phinehas Kimball, Jan.10,1771.

Rachell and William Seaver, July12,1757.


James D. of Saratoga, NY, and Lowis W. Cheney, Nov.25,1841.


Ichabod B. of Portland and Charlotte Rainger, Sept.1,1819.


Lysander (s.John and Rachel, a.25) and Lucy Parker, Apr.3,1849.

Mary R. and Skelton Felton, both of Oakham, Sept.10,1829.*

Sarah and William Elder, Dec.30,1772.

William T. of Oakham and Almira Clark, Nov.6,1832.


Caroline Matilda (d.Jasper of New York) and Daniel Robinson, Dec.31,1829.


Eliza (d.Richard and Jane, a.23) and Joseph Brown, Oct.24,1847.


Jane and John Murry, int.Nov.5,1841.


Fanny Ann [Anne in int.] and Willard Bacon, Aug.21,1842.

Louisa and Warren King of Hardwick, Oct.15,1821.

Mary A. of Prescott and Elisha Stillman, int.July21,1846.


Mary and Timothy Jenkins, Jan.24,1771.

Robirt and Tabitha Lee, July2,1795.


Martha and Moses Whitney of Templeton, Dec.17,1783.CR

Sarah and Joseph Metcalf of Chesterfield, June1,1780.CR

William and Caroline Bacon, Oct.28,1798.CR

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Arathusa of Petersham and Lyman Flagg, int.Jan.25,1817.

George T.S. of Worcester and Harriet Field, Sept.12,1837.

Jane, Mrs., of Royliston and Corlis Hinds, int.Dec.4,1807.

Marcus L. of Richmond, NH, (s.Samuel, a.23) and Elmira J. Shepard, July14,1845.

CURTISS (Curtis)

Enoch and Sarah Felton, Jan.7,1773.


Nye and Mary Ann Nurss, Jan.8,1843.


Convers, Dr., of Hardwick and Mrs.Ruth Gorham, Aug.25,1824.

George S. of Rutland and Juliaann M. Piper, int.May5,1832.

George of West Brookfield (s.Thomas B. and Ruth, a.36, widr.) and Amelia B. Howe, Oct.19,1848.


Eleanor (d.Eleazer and Martha Flagg, a.58, wid.) and Alexander D. Dickinson, June15,1846.


Priscilla and Peter Frink, Aug.31,1769.

Susanna and James Rice, Sept.25,1770.

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