DAMAN (Demand, Demond)

Joseph of Oakham and Mary Caldwell, Feb.8,1807.


Gideon, Rev., of Amherst and Julia Ann Childs, Oct.23,1838.

Josiah, Rev., and Sally Caldwell,末蔓末,1788. In New Braintree.

Mary and Ebenezer Brown of Norwich, VT, Jan.12,1804.

Mehetabl J. [Mehitabel I. in int.] and Joseph Farrar of Chelsea, VT, Dec.29,1799.CR

Marcy and Isaac Redington of Warlpole, Apr.30,1797.


James of Hardwick and Nancy Smith, Oct.14,1830.


Ursula C. of Mendon and Lyman Nye, int.May1,1832.


Isaac [Dennis in int], and Kezia Patridge, Apr.4,1798.


Abel and Sarah Mendell, June18,1772.

Carlo B. (s.Brigham and Sally, a.21) and Chloe Broad, July20,1847.

James and Anna Pesho, Nov.12,1812.

James F. (s.Samuel G. and Mary, a.22) and Lydia Holden, Sept.20,1848.

Jonas and Hannah Woods, June10,1783.CR

Jonathan and Ha末 末末, Dec.17,1772.

Lucinda of Rutland and Samuel Kendall Jr., int.Apr.14,1827.

Nancy and John Fellows, int.Dec.23,1831.

Sylvester of Orange and Catherine U. Johnson, Jan.17,1844.


Betsey of Rutland and Prince Walker, Dec.25,1805. Negroes.*

DEAN (Deane)

Elizabeth and Joseph Barrett, Jr., June30,1816.CR

Gilbard and Abigail Bullard, Oct.27,1789.

Maria J. and Charles Legate Jr. of Southbridge, int.Mar.20,1837.

Sally and Hosea Thayer of Dana, Feb.13,1829.

DEANE (Dean)

Catherine W. and Joseph D. Richmond of Hardwick, int.Nov.12,1835.


Robert and Martha Corbet, May19,1752.

DEMAND (Daman, Demond)

Sally and Asel Lamb of Spencer, int.Sept.16,1808.

DEMOND (Daman, Demand)

Lewis and Sally Breckenridge of Ware, int.Sept.1,1823.

Lydia and William S. Breckinridge of Ware, June10,1823.

Mary and Jonas Allen, Mar.20,1814.

Samuel 2d [Daman in int], of Holden and Keziah Caldwell, Oct.28,1811.

Sally and Thomas Clark of Rutland, int.Sept.12,1809.


Clarissa and Edward Winslow, June5,1836.

James M. (s.James and Clarisa, a.25) and Phebe H. Marsh, June7,1849.


Louisa L. (d.Adam and Elizabeth, a.20) and Job B. Sibley, June3,1846.

DENNIS (Dannas)

Densy and William McCullock, Apr.17,1814.

Dexter and Nancy P. Brigham, Oct.5,1843.

Ebenezer Rice and Keziah Hollan, Oct.11,1807.

Eliza H. and Harrison Newton, int.Mar.7,1820.

Harriet N. and James Leland, May18,1837.

Harriet H. and Amos E.P. Reed of Greenfield, May18,1842.

Louisa and Hiram Wadsworth, Oct.23,1829.

Maria of Petersham and Daniel Hawes, int.Jan.1,1842.

Martha and Amos Richardson, Nov.30,1775.

Patty and Samuel Allen, Oct.末,1819.

Patty W. and Elisha Bacon, Apr.4,1821.

Patence of Hardwick and Asa Clark, int.Apr.19,1823.

Thomas and Dolley Rice, Nov.30,1788.

Thomas and Ruth Newhall, May11,1813.

Willard, s.Thomas & Ruth(Newhall), a.22, and Hannah R. Hildreth, Apr.21,1847.


James H. of Leicester and Sarah E. Haskins, May13,1834.

Jason and Maria C. McCullar, July4,1842.


Abel of Petersham and Salla Nye, Mar.24,1789.

John of Petersham and Eunice Haws, May10,1787.


Francis H. of Belchertown and Nancy A. Holt, int.Jan.17,1849.


Almira and Joseph Newcomb, both of Hardwick, Feb.末,1828.*

Henry W. of Shutesbury (s.John and Persis, a.24) and Mary S. Smith, Nov.26,1845.

Job, Lt., of Hardwick and Mrs.Mary Walker, int.Oct.17,1811.

Job and Rhoda P. Winslow, Apr.30,1844.

Mercy H. of Hardwick and David L. Winslow, int.Mar.4,1837.

Persis and Lyman Sibley, Jan.15,1840.

William and Maria Knowlton, both of Hardwick, June3,1828.*


Alexander D. and Abigail Allen, Jan.3,1833.

Alexander D. (s.Charles and Sally, a.60, widr.) and Eleanor Cutter, June15,1846.

Hellen S. of Holliston and Hardin Woods, int.June10,1848.

Irene of Holliston and Hardin P. Woods, int.Aug.22,1840.


Samuel of Hubbardston and Lydia Bacon, Oct.2,1840.


Alice of Petersham and William Walker of Bridgport, VT, Feb.8,1818.*

Eley (a.40) and Henry Dunton, May15,1849.

Laura and Emerson Bixby, int.May10,1823.


Abigail and Samuel Robinson Jr., Apr.29,1762.


Ephriam of Wendell and Cloe Partridge of Dana, June7,1804.*


Samuel of Hubbardston and Molly Hemenway, July4,1799.CR

Wealthy H. of Worcester and Albert Tyler, int.May6,1844.


Joseph of Petersham and Nancy Bigelow, June28,1814.

Marenia of Petersham and Alfred Atwood, int.Apr.27,1836.


Alexander and Sally Nye, Apr.19,1787. In New Braintree.

Franklin and Susannah Newell of Holden, int.Mar.6,1846.


Benjamin and Betsey Metcalf, Feb.12,1807.

Betsey, Mrs., and William How, Dec.2,1812.*

George W. and Susanna Wright of Hubbardston, int.Aug.15,1798.

Henry (s.Henry and Eunis, a.41), and Eley Doane, May15,1849.

Hepsibah and William Osgood, June3,1756.


Benjamin H. and Sarah Pratt, Dec.9,1841.


Alexander of Holden and Ketherine Lee, Oct.8,1799.

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