Thankfull and John Chipman, Dec.27,1787.


Horrace and Jane Kelley, Oct.14,1814.*

Octava F. (d.James and Hepsibah, a.20) and John W. Clark, Oct.17,1849.


James B. and Sally S.D. Walker, Dec.21,1817.


Catherine and David Harrington, both of Petersham, Sept.4,1804.


David B. and Eliza S. Nye, May6,1840.


Sukey and Samuel A. Lewis (negroes), Dec.末,1815.CR

MANDALL (Mendal)

Clara of Hardwick and Ebenezer Jones of Augusta, ME, Apr.20,1825.

Clarissa [Mendall in int.], and William Rice, Dec.30,1823.


Jane A. and Cyrus A. Robinson of Gardner, int.Sept.22,1843.

Marcy and Aaron Butterfield, Nov.17,1795.

Moses, Maj., of Hardwick and Abigail Mason, Jan.2,1783.CR

Moses and Anna J. Clark, Sept.21,1843.


Asa and Sally Jenkens, June29,1797.

Elijah and Susanna Wilder, June7,1764.

Sarah and Watson Bangs, Feb.21,1797.

Sally N. of New Salem and Peter H. Marsh, int.Apr.26,1833.

Southworth J. and Isabella Whiting, both of Hardwick, Nov.22,1827.*

Susanna and William Frost of Brattleborough, Oct.27,1796.


Jane and Samuell Forbes, Nov.30,1768.


Lucy and Jonathan Nurse, June18,1778.CR

Presilla and John Wit, both of Rutland District, June9,1774.


Moses of Athol and Lydia Barrett, June7,1788. At Athol.

Samuel of Nichawang and Abigail Wood of N. Rutland, Oct.15,1751. At Petersham.


Alice R. (d.Ephriam L. and Alice R., a.23) and Liberty Wood of Brookfield, Mar.31,1846.

Amos and Beulah Leonard, Nov.3,1757.

Charles and Esther B. Gates, Sept.29,1836.

Charles and Arathusa J. Gates, May14,1840.

Elias and Esther Berry, Aug.1,1776.

Eliza and Sylvander Bowker, Mar.18,1818.

Emeline of Hubbardston and Josiah Whiting, June15,1843.

Ephriam L. and Alice R.N. Robinsone, Mar.末,1819.

Ephriam L. of Petersham and Martha P. Robinson, int.Sept.25,1835.

Hartshorn and Betsy Harwood, Nov.2,1807.

Hiram and Emily Randall of Petersham, int.Mar.7,1835.

Jemima and Joseph Holden, Sept.15,1787.CR

Jesse of Croydon, NH, and Cloe Osgood, Oct.8,1794.

Jesse of Cavendish, VT, (s.Samuel a.72, widr.) and Sylvia Osgood, June16,1844.

Lewis and Hannah Stow, Nov.27,1806.

Lewis Jr. and Lucy T. Whiting, Feb.9,1835.

Louisa and Samuel Lee 2d, Apr.9,1835.

Lucy W. and Charles M. Sawen, May30,1841.

Mehitable and Paul Church of Athol, Jan.18,1797. At Athol.

Peter H. and Sally N. Mann of New Salem, int.Apr.26,1833.

Phebe H. (d.Hartshorn and Betsy, a.27) and James M. Dench, June7,1849.

Prudence (H. in int.) and Horace Parks, Oct.11,1830.

Thadeus and Eunice Thompson of Wendell, int.July16,1812.


John E. and Susan C. Babbit, Feb.23,1841.

Sarah (d.Daniel and Deborah, a.23) and Volney F. Wetherell, May5,1847.


James and Mrs.Dolly Allen, int.Aug.27,1833.

James and Mary Upton, int.Nov.6,1833.

Joseph and Huldah Ware, Sept.6,1837.

Levi P. and Ann Jane Taylor, Nov.25,1839.

Mary H. of Lynn and David H. Sherman, int.Dec.3,1849.


Abigail and Maj. Moses Mandell of Hardwick, Jan.2,1783.CR

Daniel and Tabitha Jenkins, May10,1781.CR

Daniel and Arminda Weston of Belchertown, int.Nov.10,1838.

Experience and Timothy Nurse, Jr., Aug.17,1780.CR

Hannah and David Holden, Feb.20,1791.

Hannah and Perez Chipman, Oct.23,1800.CR

Hannah and David Oliver of Rutland, Dec.24,1810.

Hannah of Rutland and David Bacon, int.Sept.20,1817.

John and Mercy Stearns of Shrewsbury, Oct.19,1786.

Lot and Hannah Bangs, Aug.16,1792.

Mary and Joel Bent, July13,1768.

Mary and Moses Hopkins of Petersham, Dec.1,1808.

Hitty and James Black Jr. June1,1809.

Roxana of Petersham and Benjamin Whiting, int.Nov.27,1833.

Sarah and Jonas Leonard, Feb.22,1770.

Sarah Allen of Rutland and Aaron Smith, int.Nov.7,1814.

Tabitha and Nathan Bryant of Templeton, Nov.27,1806.

Thaddeus and Hannah Allen, Oct.4,1790.

William of East Brookfield and Mary M. Stearns, int.Mar.27,1846.


Jonathan and Sally Parker, Apr.24,1783.CR

Sally, Mrs., and Luke Robbins of Athol, int.Feb.20,1802.


Augustus K. and Sophia Adams, Apr.15,1828.

Lois [Lowes in int.] and Isaac Thayer, Oct.8,1795.

Martha J. and William Stone, Mar.23,1842. In Rutland.


Benjamin and Hannah Bangs, May18,1794.

Patty of Hardwick and William Hunt of Springfield, Dec.6,1827.*


William [Mccorney in int.], and Rosavilla L. Russell, Sept.8,1840.


Charles of Pitsford [Pittsfield in int.], VT, and Sally Randall, Feb.22,1825.

Emily of Petersham and Isachar Wetherell, int.May30,1825.

Sarah and George Field of Greenfield, May3,1841.


Elizabeth and Richard Kelley, Feb.2,1786.CR

William and Cloe Bullard, July1,1783.CR


Maria C. and Jason Desper, July4,1842.


Horrace and Jane Kelley, Oct.14,1814.

James and Hepzibah Bullard of Oakham, Sept.23,1821.


Agnes and Obediah Walker, Aug.24,1774.


Thankfull [ int.], and Ebenezer Woodis of Rutland, Nov.6,1806.


Mercy of Orange and Daniel Bailey, int.Aug.9,1825.


James Jr., Dr., of Rutland and Polly Caldwell, int.Dec.16,1809.


Catherine and David Finn, int.July25,1847.


Pamelia and Skelton F. Shepard, Sept.7,1840.


William Hubardston and Betsy Kelley, int.June17,1808.


Moses and Elizabeth Henry, Jan.26,1786.CR


Ruth and Benjamin Lee of Hardwick, Dec.2,1784.CR

Sarah and Luther Adams, May31,1781.CR


Betsey and Abial Wheeler, Dec.15,1793.


Abijah Jr. and Sophia Wilson, Nov.17,1822.

Edwin of Holden and Harriet Wheelock, int.Mar.19,1830.

Sophia [ int.] and Jonas Smith, Feb.5,1835.


Sophronia and William R. Haskell of New Salem, int.Aug.28,1841.


Anna and Lemuel Foster of Brookfield, Aug.9,1789.

Eunice and Barnibus Brigham of Brookfield, June7,1790.

Silvester and Dolly Hemenway, Feb.10,1790.


Charles of Hubbardston and Hannah Smith, Aug.末,1819.

Harriot and John Barrett, int.May7,1820.

Mason and Luthera Gorham, Mar.11,1818.


Sarah and Abel Davis, June18,1772.


Abijah and Lucy Holding, Nov.28,1793.


Mary and Nathaniel Babbet of Athol, Mar.3,1778.

MERIAM (Merriam)

J. Addison of Greenfield and Charlotte Harwood, May3,1841.

John and Mary Bacon, July1,1784.CR

Persis of Westminster and Otis Ware, int.Feb.19,1818.


Lydia and Lemuel Osgood, Nov.12,1772.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Benjamin of New Salem and Mrs.Polly Harding, Dec.12,1826.CR

Mehitabel and Gardner Bullard of Shrewsbury, int.July2,1796.

Sarah and Otis Ware, Nov.13,1831.

MERRICK (Mirick, Myrick)

Hannah of Hardwick and Aldridge Worley of Boston, July24,1805.*


Caroline L. [see under Merritt], and John L. Hood, int.Aug.26,1841.

Elias F. (s.H. Samuel and Sarah, a.25) and Sarah C. Smith, Sept.4,1848.

Hannah E. and Rev. Henry E. Hemstead, Dec.16,1842. At Newton.


Caroline L., [Merrill in int.], and John L. Hood, Sept.13,1841.


John and Mary Messenger, Jan.18,1787.

Mary and John Messenger, Jan.18,1787.


James and Charlotte Woodbury, Apr.28,1793.


Clarissa and Suel Woods of Townsend, VT, June13,1819.

Comfort and Joseph Spauldin of Putney, VT, int.June10,1809.

Dolly and Isaac Blake of Keene, NH, June19,1782. At Winchendon.

Betsey and Adin Varney, int.Feb.9,1805.

Betsey and Benjamin Dunton, Feb.12,1807.

John, Lt., and Sybil Broad, Oct.18,1781.CR

Joseph of Chesterfield and Sarah Cunningham, June1,1780.CR

Lowis and Ebenezer Brown Jr. of Hubbordston, int.Apr.6,1810.

Martin and Eliza Walker of Rutland, int.May5,1818.

Miriam and Seth Clark, May29,1771.

Simeon and Patience Broad, Apr.29,1779.CR

Simeon and Joanna Eaton of Gardner, int.Jan.23,1801.

Simeon and Mrs.Rebecca Hubburd of Winchendon, int.Dec.24,1802.

Susannah and John Hinds of Hubardston, Apr.6,1808.

Turza [Tirzah in int.] and Octavius Wood of Townsend, VT, Jan.1,1829.


Elizabeth and Titus Rogers, Nov.23,1786. Negroes.


Elizabeth (d.Caleb and Rachel, a.20) and George W. Wellington of West Boylston, Apr.4,1849.

Elmer B. of Hardwick and Elizabeth A. Bacon, Sept.8,1842.

Esther and Sherebiah Lee, July26,1769.

Mary of Rutland and William Forbes, Dec.14,1775. At Rutland.


Clarissa and William Bigelow, Mar.18,1821.

Schyler and Clarissa Wilder, Dec.末,1827.


Harriet and John Hunt of Hadley, Feb.9,1813.*

Martha of Needham and John Fellows Jr., int.July10,1800.

Mahitabel of Hardwick and Gilbert Capron, int.July4,1819.


Henry S. of Greenfield (s.James and Hannah, a.26) and Ursula A. Briggs of Orange, July20,1847.*


Jonathan Jr. of Westminster and Ruth Adams, Feb.5,1807.


Betsey of Westminster and Justus Holdan, int.Apr.18,1812.

MIRICK (Merrick, Myrick)

Joseph and Ruth Swift, Jan.5,1777.


Mary of New Braintree and Col. Samuel Lee, int.Feb.14,1805.


John of Northfield and Abigail Swift, July11,1782.CR


Lois W. of Granby and Charles L. Pepper, Oct.20,1846. At South Hadley.


Dolly and Jeremiah White, Apr.15,1824.

Ebenezer and Dorothy Earl of Templeton, Jan.19,1789. At Templeton.

George and Francis S. Hitchcock, Mar.22,1842.

Nancy S. and Hezekiah S. Sargent, Jan.8,1839.

Nancy T. and Henry Hervey, Oct.13,1842.

Roxana and John Mullet, Apr.10,1828.

Sophia of Putney, VT, and Rufus Russell, int.Nov.15,1806.


William of Greenfield and Patty Buckminster, Feb.13,1791.


Henry [Moril in int.], (s.John and Diana, a.24) and Elizabeth H. Wetherell, Jan.28,1845.


Caroline of Brimfield and William P. King, int.Jan.22,1831.

Mary of Hardwick and Siman Oliver, July24,1785. At Hardwick.


Russell W. of Greenwich and Sally Kendall, May8,1814.

Sally, Mrs., and Jonathan S. Peirce of Royalston, int.Apr.30,1823.


John and L. Lydia Rice, Feb.27,1779.

MORS (Morse)

Judethan and Marcy Lenerd, both of Rutland District, May25,1758.*

MORSE (Mors)

Amherst 2d of Newfane, VT, and Abigail Holden, Feb.11,1800.CR

Anna and Prince Walker, Nov.28,1816.CR

Cattey and Jonathan Gates, May4,1770.

Hannah and Benjamin Lee, June20,1745.

James and Hannah Smith, Nov.26,1769.

James and Rebecca Corruth, Feb.17,1791.

Joseph Wheat and Anna Burnet, Jan.10,1788.


Lucrecia of Amherst and Sparhawk Rice, int.Mar.6,1798.

Virtue and Ephriam Smith, Nov.7,1782.CR


Charles R. (s.Charles and Mary, a.32) and Susan K. Macullar, June22,1847.


Nathan W. and Charlotte Rice of Worcester, int.Apr.9,1843.


Samuel and Jane Felton of Oakham, May8,1791.


Fanny and Warren Woodis of Rutland, Jan.7,1835.

James and Joannah Thomas, Oct.27,1787. In New Braintree.

Joanna, Mrs.and Nathan Chickering, int.June24,1832. "Stoped."

John and Faithful Hemenway, Oct.25,1792.

John and Parses Woodis, July23,1797.

John and Roxana Moore, Apr.10,1828.

Lucena and Thomas Woodis, Aug.7,1828.

Rebecca and Ezra Carrol, June末,1815.CR

Rebecca and James Fraser, Mar.10,1836.


John of Lexington and Lydia Whiting of Petersham, June13,1780.CR*


Robert of Rutland and Sally Holden, int.Jan.7,1829.


John and Jane Culley, int.Nov.5,1841.


Charles of Spencer (s.Josephas and Nancy, a.24) and Louisa T. Woodis, Oct.23,1845.


Bezaleel and Sarah Russell, July9,1778.CR

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