Nancy, of Medway, and Almoran Bullard, int.Jan.24,1819.

Lucy, of Lancaster, and Phinehas Henry, int.Mar.4,1827.


Catherine, and Rogers Sullivan, int.Apr.7,1848.

FARRAR (Farrer)

Joseph, and Lydia Stone, Nov.23,1775.

Abigail, and John Bacon, Dec.21,1786.

Samuel, of Northborough, and Lucy Smith, June15,1797.

Joseph, of Chelsea, VT, and Mehetabl J. Dana, Dec.29,1799.CR

Hannah, of Hardwick, and Timothy Twitchel, Feb.25,1801.CR

Joseph Jr., and Sally Henry, Dec.22,1801.

Lydia, and Boyce Jones, of Clairmont, NH, May26,1810.

Mercy, and Winslow Claflin, of Hopkinton, June11,1812.

Matthias, and Susan Forbes, int.Feb.末,1826. "Forbidden and stoped."

George W., of Fairfax, VT, and Sophia A. Winslow, Sept.26,1836.


John, of Canton, and Charlotte Willard, Nov.29,1827.


Benjamin, and Martha L. Robinson, May19,1803.


Sarah, and Samuell Smith, Apr.22,1766.

Enoch, of Southborough, and Sarah Smith, May16,1796.

Stephen Jr., of New Braintree and Clarissa Holden, Dec.24,1816.CR

Arad, and Mary Allen, June25,1822.

David and Isabella W. Walker, Apr.5,1829.

Adam H., and Julia Hastings, of Oakham, int.May3,1834.

Adam, and Esther G. Owen, June9,1835.

Charles, of New Braintree, and Emeline Bacon, Mar.21,1841.

William, and Celia A. Haskins, of Hardwick, int.Feb.27,1842.

Betsey H., d.Arad and Mary, a.23, and Ruben D. Witt, of Ware, Aug.13,1846.

Lucy Ann, d.William and Lucy, a.38, and John Brown, of Warwick, Nov.11,1847.


John Jr., and Martha Mills, of Needham, int.July10,1800.

John, and Nancy Davis, int.Dec.23,1831.

FELTON (Feton)

Betty, and Joshua Bartlet, Oct.26,1769.

Sarah, and Enoch Curtiss, Jan.7,1773.

Scelton, of Northhampton, and Silence Pratt, of Hutchinson, Aug.23,1775.

Jane, of Oakham, and Samuel Mower, May8,1791.

Polly, of Oakham, and William Perry, Oct.2,1791.

Lydia, and John Smeed Jr., of Windsor, VT, Feb.13,1804.*

Hannah, and Bartholomew Green, Apr.11,1804.

Hepzibah, and Jeremiah Robinson, Feb.28,1806.

Wales and Lydia Bullard, of Oakham, int.Apr.1,1811.

Benjamin, and Lucretia Nye, of Oakham, int.Jan.5,1821.

Moses H., of New Braintree, and Relief Pratt, Sept.25,1821.

Skelton, and Mary R. Crawford, both of Oakham, Sept.10,1829.*

Elbridge G., and Sarah Winslow, Feb.15,1830.

Benjamin, and Ruth M. Johnson, Nov.5,1830.

Betsey, of New Salem, and Eli Grout, int.Dec.12,1830.

Seraph, and John Pratt, of Worcester, May9,1833.

Harriet, and Jotham B. Pratt, of Worcester, Apr.23,1834.

Alvan, and Mahetible Whiting, Apr.23,1835.

Abigail, and Paul Wadsworth, int.Aug.15,1835.

Lansford B., and Harriet Augusta Parker, of Hardwick, int.Apr.15,1838.

Nathan H., and Caroline A. Williams, of Hubbardston, int.Apr.13,1844.

FESSENDEN (Fessendon)

Peter Jr. and Tabitha Broad, Jan.31,1788.

Martha and Percival Pressen,末蔓末,1794.CR

Mary and Stephen Smith, June20,1795.

Betsey, of Harwich, and Seth Perry, int.Mar.3,1800.

Issabel and Nathan Partridge, Feb.17,1805.

Margaret and Clark Gates, July14,1816.CR

Rebecca and William Gates, Dec.28,1816.CR

Lucy and Nathaniel Rice, int.May28,1819.

Peter Jr. and Delilah Chickering, May7,1829.

Anna, and Isiah Chickering, Apr.8,1830.

Miriam, of Westminster and Joseph K. Bundy, int.June6,1835.

Samuel G. and Ann Jane Stone, of Rutland, int.Sept.26,1835.


Charles E. and Mary N. Kelley, Aug.24,1822.

Spencer and Harriet Black, Oct.7,1829.

Samuel, of N. Providence, RI. [Pawtucket. int.], and Louisa Caldwell, Dec.28,1830.

John, of Enfield and Mary R. Bates, May4,1835.

Harriet and George T.S. Curtis, of Worcester, Sept.12,1837.

George, of Greenfield and Sarah McClallen, May3,1841.

Sarah H., of Wardsboro, VT, d.Elisha, a.19, and John S. Haskins, of Dana, Sept.13,1847.*


James, of Salona, NY, and Sarah H. Woodbury, Nov.3,1830.


David and Catherine McGowen, int.July25,1847.


Lydia, of Hardwick and Gardner Ruggles, int.Nov.17,1804.

Eliza J. Jane and Lyman W. Hapgood, of Athol, Apr.18,1839.


Israel, of Warwick and Hannah Osgood, Jan.7,1789. In Warwick.

Seth, of New Braintree and Betsey S. Bartlett, Dec.28,1828.

Abial, Rev., of Sturbridge and Susannah C. Foster,末蔓末,1832 [Int. Nov.14.]

George, of Groveland, NY, and Electra Ward, June4,1838.

Israel Jr. and Philena Cole, Feb.1,1841.

FISK (Fiske)

Jason and Elizabeth Winship, Nov.3,1779.CR

Juda and John Bond, of Boylston, Apr.1,1798.

Samuel and Lydia How, of Petersham, int.Dec.6,1800.

William and Mary Gates, May2,1802.

Patty, of Framingham and Ebenezer Freeman, int.Oct.1,1803.

Sally [Fiske in int.], and Joseph Osgood, Mar.22,1807.

William and Mrs.Dolly Bruce and Shutesbury, int.Dec.12,1813.

Hannah and William King, Dec.11,1816.CR

Samuel Jr. and Maria Williams, of Hubbardston, Feb.17,1818.

Isaac and Dulcena Loring, of Petersham, Feb.7,1819.

David and Eliza Loring, of Petersham, int.Sept.6,1820.

John, Capt., and Rebecca Winship, of Queensbury, NY, int.Jan.4,1822.

Harvey and Lydia Hastings, Apr.25,1822.

Mary G. and Nahum Ward, int.Dec.26,1829.

Eunice, of Holden and Dea.Moses Wheelock, int.Nov.6,1848.


Sarah, of Leicester and Thomas I. Nettleton, int.Dec.8,1838.


Earl [Flag. int.], an Hannah Partridge, of Petersham, Jan.17,1795. At Petersham.

Dilla and Zibe Edson, Aug.20,1801.

Lydia and Moses Briggs, of Petersham, July5,1803.

Damaris and Charles H. Haskell, of Holden, May27,1806.

Barnabas and Susanna Comey, of Dana, int.Jan.13,1813.

Lyman and Arathusa Curtis, of Petersham, int.Jan.25,1817.

Philena and Gamaliel Luce, int.Sept.4,1818.

Lewis and Phebe Hathaway, int.Dec.9,1820.

Bloomy and Gardner Hathaway, Dec.26,1826.CR

Lucinda and Lafayette Gorham, Dec.26,1826.CR

Charles M. and Mary King, Dec.8,1840.

William B., of Holden and Maria Allen, Sept.14,1842.

Austin, s.Lewis and Phebe, a.23, and Orlantha J. Parlin, Mar.20,1845.

Mary E., of Hubbardston, d.Joshua and Almira, a.19, and William Broad, Dec.17,1846.


Hannah P.G. and Lyman Wilmarth, int.Aug.28,1832.


Robert and Olive Amsden, Oct.27,1780.CR


Relief and Hopestill Jeneson, Dec.16,1773.

James and Katherine Russel, July15,1779.CR

Abigail and Joshua Parker, of Putney, Oct.14,1779.CR

J., Capt., and Mrs.H. Bangs, Jan.8,1786.CR

Mary and Roland Sears, of Greenwich, Nov.29,1787.CR

Huldah and Matthias Stone, of Claremont, NH, July23,1789.

Mercy and William Russell, Dec.20,1792.

Jonathan and Polly Cobb, of Hardwick, Dec.21,1794. At Hardwick.

David, of New Braintree and Editha Woodbury, Dec.7,1800.CR


Julian and Darius Reading, of Princeton, int.Oct.18,1834.

Mary A. and Levi Johnson, int.Nov.14,1840.

Phebe and Martin R. Williams, Mar.16,1843.

Charles S., of Paxtion, s.Frederick and Polly, a.28, and Mary M. Williams, Oct.9,1845.

FORBES (Fobes, Forbush)

Anna and William Oliver, Dec.30,1767.

Samuell and Jane Manter, Nov.30,1768.

William and Mary Miles, of Rutland, Dec.14,1775. At Rutland.

Margret and Sollomon Bacon, Nov.13,1777.

Mary and Josiah Holden, Jan.20,1779.CR

Martha and Benjamin Hamilton, July27,1780.CR

Rebecca and Moses Boardman Williams, of Swanzy, Dec.8,1787.CR

Charles and Susanna Lee, Dec.23,1790.

Elizabeth and Arthur Hamilton, of Breadport, VT, Feb.16,1792.

Benjamin, of Oakham and Keziah Green, Apr.5,1804.

Lydia and John Webb, of Hardwick, Nov.29,1804.

James and Jane Green, int.Oct.22,1808.

Susan and Matthias Farrar, int.Feb.末,1826. "Forbidden and stoped."

Joseph and Nancy Burt, of Oakham, int.Apr.6,1836.

Susan and William Hathaway, Dec.13,1836.

Mary L. and Cyrus King, int.Mar.28,1840.

Joshua L. and Mrs.Harriet B. Berry, Sept.3,1841.

Rebecca, d.Silas Forbush, a.33, and Joshua B. Wood, June4,1844.

FORBUSH (Forbes, Furbush)

Sarah and William Caldwell, Oct.3,1790.

Susan, of Rutland and Abijah Wood, int.Oct.1,1836.

Merrill A. and Elvira Hunt, of Swanzey, NH, int.Oct.9,1841.


Hepzibah and Joseph Hudson, June30,1763.

Lemuel, of Brookfield and Anna Mendal, Aug.9,1789.

P.E., of Needham and Mr. E.L. Bascum, of Gerry, Sept.25,1800.CR*

Mary J. and Moses Wheelock, Apr.23,1825.

Susannah C. and Rev. Abial Fisher, of Sturbridge,末蔓末,1832. [Int. Nov.14.]

Benjamin H. and Abigail Woodis, of Oakham, Nov.20,1833.

Mary Ann and Forister Rice, Apr.4,1837.

Freeman R., of Rutland and Lucy H. Francis, June3,1840.

Caroline E., of Oakham and James F. Gates, int.Mar.1,1849.


Ruth and Timothy Twitchel, Mar.19,1800.CR


Lucy H. and Freeman R. Foster, of Rutland, June3,1840.

Joshua and Eunice Ann Clark, of Princeton, Mar.27,1842.

Roxana and Leander Smith, of Palmer, Feb.24,1844. In Oakham.

Nancy B. and Oliver C. Wellington, of Oakham, int.Jan.30,1846.

Mary R., d.Caleb and Rebecca, a.18, and John S. Wellington, of Westminster, Apr.4,1849.


James and Rebecca Mullet, Mar.10,1836.


Ebenezer and Patty Fisk, of Framingham, int.Oct.1,1803.

Mary and Joseph Caldwell, Nov.30,1806.

Luther, of Hardwick and Hannah King, Dec.27,1810.

Hatch and Mrs.Matilda Nash, of Boston, int.Sept.6,1823.

Ellen, of Spencer and Luke Esane, Feb.14,1842. In New Braintree.


Samuel and Melinda Smith, Jan.24,1821.


Abigail and Noah Sparhawk, May29,1755.

Elizabeth and Theophilus Chandler, May26,1763.

Peter and Priscilla Cutting, Aug.31,1769.

Mary and Capt. William Humfrey, of Winchester, Aug.22,1782.CR


Daniel, of Rutland and Hannah Smith, Sept.30,1779.CR

William, of Brattleborough and Susanna Mann, Oct.27,1796.

Freeman, of Holden and Martha A. Allen, June7,1832.

Laurilla R. and Elbridge G. Gibbs, int.Oct.13,1832.

Almira W., of West Boylston and Lucian Townsend, int.Sept.18,1841.


Temperence and James Laughton, June17,1772.

John and Rebeckah Smith, Oct.5,1781.

Joseph, of Charlton and Lucena Loring, Feb.25,1805.

Leicester and Mary Adams, int.Oct.7,1834.

Aaron and Jerusha Gale, of Charlton, int.Sept.2,1835.


Mary and Silas Bullard, Apr.4,1770.

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