Peter and Betsy Wilder, pub. Apr.24,1832.

Sybil, of Berlin, and John Howe, Dec.12,1798, at Berlin.

William and Catharine Hastings, Nov.3,1829.


Nathaniel, of Sterling, and Bettey May, May13,1798.

Salley and Jonathan Brooks, both of Sterling, July3,1796.


Aaron and Lydia F. Harrington, Oct.5,1828.

Abigail, of Worcester, and Dudley B. Andrews, Oct.2,1832, in Shrewsbury.

Amaziah and Lucy Moore, Apr.30,1798.

Amaziah and Sukey Flagg, Nov.12,1811.

Barnabas Bailey and Abigail Howe, Nov.17,1823.

Caroline M. and Charles D. Howe, Apr.22,1845.

Dunsmore and Almira Shepard, of Mansfield, pub. Nov.1,1832.

Elijah Jr. and Phebe Densmore, Oct.25,1792.

Elijah Jr. and Anna Goddard, of Berlin, pub. Feb.12,1806.

Elijah and Mrs.Sally Munroe, May25,1841.

Ezekiel and Joanna Hastings, of Worcester, Feb.3,1795.

Ezra and Susanna Wilder, of West Boylston, Mar.9,1822.

Ezra and Susan F. Cummings, pub. Sept.27,1834.

Hannah, of Northborough, and Luther Ross, pub. Nov.23,1805.

James E. and Abigail S. Howe, of Lancaster, pub. Dec.13,1845.

Jemima, of Northborough, and John Harris, pub. Oct.2,1789.

Jonah and Polly Caldwell, Mar.8,1812.

Jonah and Mary Spaulding, of Stoddard, NH, pub. Aug.10,1828.

Joseph and Sophia Shepard, of Mansfield, pub. Dec.19,1829.

Lucinda and Gardner Smith, Jan.1,1817.

Lydia Moore and Micah Howe, Oct.13,1822.

Manasseh Sawyer and Clarissa Andrews, Apr.13,1825.

Patty and Jonathan Warner, Nov.23,1806.

Mary A. and Moses A. Coolidge, of Lancaster, July4,1849.

Nathan and Susannah Hastings, Jan.10,1793.

Phinehas, of Holden, and Eunice Goodale, Feb.25,1806.

Reuben and Dolly Brigham, Dec.30,1801.

Rowena I. and Charles P. Bigelow, pub. Dec.30,1850.

Sarah and Levi Dunton, of Leicester, pub. Mar.22,1786.

Susan W., of Northborough, and George Forbes, pub. Jan.14,1839.


John, of Lancaster, and Widow Molly Moore, pub. Sept.22,1808.


Angeline and Aaron Newell, of Shrewsbury, Jan.12,1832.

Eli B. and Mary A. Smith, of Princeton, pub. Sept.26,1840.

Emery and Lucy Drury, of Shrewsbury, pub. Apr.6,1821.

Emery and Melinda Drury, of Shrewsbury, pub. Sept.24,1836.

Polly and Nathan Russell Tilton, Feb.23,1807.

Mary H. and Jonas Ward, of Millbury, Dec.19,1833.

Nathan and Mehitable Leland May28,1820.

Sarah and Arunah Harlow, of Shrewsbury, June27,1799.

Seth and Polly Hastings, Apr.6,1808.

Seth and Sarah Johnson, of Worcester, pub. Aug.29,1836.

Thankful and Thomas Harlow, of Shrewsbury, May16,1798.


Betty and Amos Richardson, pub. May17,1799.

Levi, of Worcester, and Hannah F. Wood, Apr.23,1839.


Julia and Granville Butler, both of West Boylston, May27,1845.


Achsah and Benjamin Hastings, Apr.16,1805.

Anna and Jacob Stone, May11,1797, at Lancaster.

Ann Genett, of Berlin, and Levi E. Brigham, Mar.31,1850.

Asenath and Jonathan Fawcett, of Northborough, Dec.末,1825.

Caroline E., of Berlin, and Levi L. Flagg, Apr.2,1838.

Daniel, of Berlin, and Betsy Longley, June13,1821.

Dinah 2d and Joel Sawtell, of Boston, pub. July23,1810.

Hannah, of Berlin, and Ephraim Howe, Nov.11,1790, at Berlin.

John and Patience Harlow, of Shrewsbury, pub. Feb.21,1834.

Katherine and Lemuel Wilde, of Williamsurg, Mar.13,1799.

Martha and Jacob Stone, Apr.10,1794.

Oliver Jr. and Abigail Hastings, Jan.6,1791.

Peter and Mrs.Sarah Bullard, of Hopkinton, May29,1794, at Hopkinton.

Plympton and Lucy Howe, Sept.24,1815.

Rachel and Phinehas Fuller, Sept.30,1821.


Achsah Pierce, of Sturbridge, and Joseph Moody Wright, May7,1845, at Sturbridge.


Gill, of Northborough, and Sally Patterson, pub. June18,1796.

Jonathan, of Northborough, and Molly Fassett, Mar.28,1793.

Molly and James Longley, Jan.15,1784.

Mary and Reuben Richardson, Oct.26,1843.

Perley, of Northborough, and Persis A. Witherbee, Mar.23,1831.

Persis, of Berlin, and George Parker Howe, pub. Sept.25,1830.

Sarah and Edward Wilder, both of Sterling, May24,1798.


Sally and Nathan Russell Tilton, both of West Boylston, Aug.29,1818.


Sukey, of Lunenburg, and John Wheeler, May22,1799, at Lunenburg.


Comfort and Polly Moore, Jan.1,1816.


Betty and Luther Rice, pub. July29,1786.

Betsey, of Sterling, and Asa Murks, of Reading, VT, Apr.15,1802.

Eunice and Silas Newton, of Paxton, July30,1792.

Ezra and Mary Boylston, of Princeton, pub. Apr.11,1789.

Jabez and Mary Bond, May22,1787.

Mary Morse and John Davenport, pub. Sept.27,1805.

Silas and Persis Morse Rice, of Westminster, pub. June18,1786.

Tamer and Jesse Dana, of Holden, June24,1792, at Holden.


Jonas W. and Mary E.G. Prouty, both of Lancaster, June17,1847.


Charles R. and Rebecca D. Whitney, pub. Aug.29,1829.

Liscomb, of Shrewsbury, and Lydia Gardner Albertson, Aug.29,1805.


Amy Almira, Mrs., and Lewis Brightam, pub. Dec.19,1846.

Mary S., of Westborough, and John Brigham, Apr.21,1842, at Westborough.


Cyrus P. and Sarah Adlington, of Sterling, pub. May22,1829.

Elias and Sarah Hastings, Dec.11,1791.

Ephraim Jr. and Caperna Bruce, of Berlin, Feb.9,1809.

Eunice and Sewell Bruce, of Berlin, Nov.8,1812.

Hepzibah and Amos Ross, of Sterling, May31,1812.

Louisa S., of Marlborough, and Isaac G. Maynard, pub. Sept.16,1849.

Otis and Clarinda Severy, Aug.29,1819.

Persis and David Cutting, Oct.31,1793, at Worcester.

Priscilla and Oliver Fairbank Jr., of Sterling, Apr.9,1812.

Samuel and Catharine Andrews, Dec.4,1833.

Simeon and Sally H. Howe, pub. Feb.12,1826.

Tamar and Solomon Corles, Dec.7,1818.

Thomas and Mary Pratt, of Sterling, pub. Apr.14,1796.


Abigail and James Holland Mar.29,1792.

Andrew and Mrs.Lydia Whitney, of Harvard, Oct.18,1806.

Annis and Benjamin Keyes Jr., Mar.26,1791.

Arethusa and Calvin Dunton, Aug.21,1803.

Axsaph and John White, Nov.29,1787.

Caroline and Luther Stow, of Grafton, pub. Sept.3,1844.

Charles P. and Rowena I. Ball, pub. Dec.30,1850.

Clarimond and John Hastings, Mar.23,1817.

Dennis and Cynthia Fletcher, both of West Boylston, Jan.14,1818.

Ezra, of West Boylston, and Sally Crossman, Jan.6,1822.

Francis W.W. and Harriet Stratton, of West Boylston, Apr.13,1837.

Hannah Stillman and Isaac Temple, Feb.26,1806.

John T.E. and Sarah Goddard, pub. Dec.31,1850.

Joseph and Mrs.Lucy Whitney, May8,1787.

Lydia L. and George W. Warren, of West Boylston, Sept.28,1847.

Patty and Amos Lovell Jr., of Holden, Apr.25,1808.

Mary and Elias Davis, Jan.4,1805.

Mary and John Norcross, of Shrewsbury, Sept.17,1818.

Miriam, of West Boylston, and Jotham Andrews, Feb.14,1813.

Olive and Reuben Keyes, Dec.9,1790.

Persis and John Temple, Mar.21,1793.

Persis and Joseph Lovell, of Worcester, Nov.20,1805.

Sarah F. and Newell Parker, June30,1846.

Solomon and Rebecca Parker, of Shrewsbury, pub. Oct.24,1818.

Stephen and Rachel Pike, of Framingham, June1,1790, at Framingham.

Uriah, Dr., and Susanna Gregory, of Weston, June18,1789, at Weston.

William P. and Anna Newton, of Worcester, Apr.20,1831.


Olive, of Northborough, and Nathan Hastings, pub. Apr.5,1805.

Pliny and Sally Houghton, May21,1812.

Sally and Amasa Keyes, of Lunenburg, pub. Feb.25,1809.

Sophronia A. and Sereno H. Perry, of Worcester, Aug.31,1843.


Eunice and Barnabas Miller, of Westborough, Jan.22,1796, at Shrewsbury.

John and Polly Davis, of Princeton, pub. Jan.22,1798.

Lois and Obil Fassett, of Fitzwilliam, NH, Sept.28,1794.

Triphena and Alpheus Cutting, Feb.18,1790.

William and Esther Draper, Nov.17,1793.


Asher, of Andover, and Cassandra Hooper, Sept.2,1832, in Shrewsbury.


Elizabeth, of Sterling, and Wentworth Sanderson, pub. Feb.15,1838.


Eli and Adeline Cobb, of Northborough, pub. Sept.11,1824.

Eunice and John Gale, Mar.1,1792.

John and Mrs.Ruth Bond, Sept.27,1791.

John and Judah Fisk, of Barre, Apr.1,1798, at Barre.

Jonathan and Mrs.Mary Cobb, Dec.3,1818.

Joseph and Sophia Smith, of Sterling, pub. Sept.2,1814.

Louisa and Aaron S. Gibbs, of West Boylston, May17 or 19,1831.

Lucy and George Slocomb, of Shrewsbury, Dec.2,1805.

Mary and Jabez Beaman, May22,1787.

Ruth, Mrs., see John above. (Page 57)

Ruth, Mrs., and Roger Bruce, of Brookfield, Oct.11,1809.

Sarah and Abijah Pierce, of Worcester, Mar.26,1789.

Sally F. and Thomas B. Eaton, of Worcester, May22,1834.

Sophia S., of Worcester, and Lambert Lamson, Dec.5,1839, in Worcester.

Thomas Jr., of Brookfield, and Jemima H. Bush, Oct.1,1804.

Thomas and Harriet Slocomb, pub. Sept.5,1834.


Joana and Zachariah Oxford, of Marlborough, June30,1800.

Moses R. and Seraphina Dorchester, pub. Jan.15,1803.


Mary, of Holden, and Isaac Sibley, of Sutton, Feb.26,1801.


Mary, of Princeton, and Ezra Beaman, pub. Apr.11,1789.


Bradish, of Burrilville, RI, and Patty Wilder, Feb.5,1824.


Caroline E. and William R. Wheelock, of Brighton, Nov.30,1843.

Caroline E. and John C. Whitcomb, Nov.28,1849.

Charity and Aaron Hastings, Sept.14,1815.

Charity and Abel Brigham, June21,1843.

Charles B. and Lucy B. Sawtell, of Pepperell, pub. Nov.22,1840.

Eber and Lucy W. Fay, Apr.27,1829, in Berlin.

Henry and Mrs.Betsey Brigham, Dec.17,1815.

Henry and Lucretia Sawtell, Sept.17,1822.

James and Betsey Moore, Mar.3,1805.

John and Dorcas Bruce, of Berlin, pub. Jan.6,1810.

Joseph and Sarah S. Carruth, of Paxton, pub. Jan.22,1826.

Leonard and Mary Ann Wetherbee, of Shrewsbury, pub. Dec.1,1837.

Polly and Aaron Eames, Nov.14,1813.

Thomas and Sally Plympton, both of Shrewsbury, Nov.26,1812.

Thomas 2d and Louisa Flagg, Mar.22,1834.

Thomas Jr. and Clarissa Osgood, of Shrewsbury, pub. Nov.18,1846.


Abel and Charity Brewer, June21,1843.

Abraham and Hannah A. Stone, of Westborough, Dec.2,1840, in Westborough.

Alice, of Northborough, and Seth Rice, pub. Mar.20,1812.

Ann G. and Leonard Carter, Oct.2,1827.

Dolly and Reuben Ball, Dec.30,1801.

Dolly and James F. Maynard, of Shrewsbury, Oct.5,1842.

Edmund and Mary Brooks, of Worcester,末蔓末,1795, at Worcester.

Elijah Jr., of Westborough, and Mary Bush, Apr.13,1808.

Betsey, Mrs., and Henry Brewer, Dec.17,1815.

Henry H. and Rebekah W. Houghton, Aug.1,1837.

Jabez and Nancy Kingbury, of Worcester,末蔓末,1794, at Worcester.

John and Mary S. Bemis, of Westborough, Apr.21,1842, at Westborough.

Jonas B., of Grafton, and Lucinda Howe, Apr.9,1835.

Levi E. and Ann Genett Barnes, of Berlin, Mar.31,1850.

Lewis and Mrs.Amy Almina Bemis, pub. Dec.19,1846.

Louisa and Sanford M. Kendall, of Hampstead, RI, Nov.18,1844.

Lucy Ann and Benjamin Houghton Jr., Sept.20,1832.

Moses and Sarah T. Huse, of Newburyport, pub. July3,1847.

Nahum B. and Harriet S. Hapgood, pub. Feb.1,1840.

Nancy A. and Seth Flagg, of Northborough, pub. Nov.11,1843.

Roena and Timothy Whitney Jr., Jan.7,1808.

Samuel Jr. and Thina Howe, Aug.10,1815.

Samuel D. and Sarah E. Reed, Oct.5,1842.

Sally and Gershom Flagg, Oct.28,1790.

Sally Ball and Benjamin Eager, Sept.12,1805.

Stephen and Bulah Brooks, of Sterling, Aug.21 or Oct.5,1790.

Stephen B. and Jemima Flagg, Sept.19,1816.

Theresa and Otis Flagg, Oct.9,1827.

Willard, Rev., and Maria Davenport, May4,1843.


Abigail, of Princeton, and Joshua Temple, Sept.10,1793, at Princeton.

Bulah, of Sterling, and Stephen Brigham, Aug.21 or Oct.5,1790.

Eunice and Francis Temple, Mar.31,1791.

John H., of Princeton, and Tabitha Lovell, of Holden, May6,1802.

Jonas, of Princeton, and Lydia Temple, Oct.30,1794.

Jonathan and Salley Baley, both of Sterling, July3,1796.

Mary, of Worcester, and Edmund Brigham,末蔓末,1705, at Worcester.

Sally, of Sterling, and Artemas S. Fletcher, pub. Sept.10,1815.


Alexander and Rosanna Wesley, Apr.13,1836.

David W. and Mary M. Stiles, May30,1844.

Enoch, of Lunenburg, and Elizabeth Davenport, Feb.3,1805.

Mary, of Worcester, and Elijah Pike, of Sterling, Oct.3,1790.

Nathan, of Gerry, and Keziah Mary, of Sterling, Jan.7,1798.

Silence, of Sudbury, and Oliver Dakin Jr., Apr.19,1792, at Sudbury.

Susannah, of Bolton, and Levi Howe Jr., pub. Apr.17,1818.


Caperna, of Berlin, and Ephraim Bennett Jr., Feb.9,1809.

Dorcas, of Berlin, and John Brewer, pub. Jan.6,1810.

Ezra P. and Paulia C. Whitcomb, Oct.4,1833.

John, of Grafton, and Clara S. Moore, Sept.13,1842.

John A. and Lucy M. Howe, pub. Apr.18,1846.

Roger, of Brookfield, and Mrs.Ruth Bond, Oct.11,1809.

Serena S., of Northborough, and Ethan Thayer, pub. Mar.11,1834.

Sewell, of Berlin, and Eunice Bennett, Nov.8,1812.


Ebenezer and Lucy Temple, pub. Feb.7,1802.


Sarah, Mrs., of Hopkinton, and Peter Barnes, May29,1794, at Hopkinton.


Julia Ann, of Lancaster, and Lucian Tiffany, of Southbridge, Oct.1,1835.


Nathan and Betsy Gerry, of Leominster, pub. Mar.18,1837.

Nathan and Charlotte Cutler, of Northborough, pub. Mar.27,1839.

Thomas, of Weathersfield, VT, and Betsey Temple, Apr.6,1818.


Caroline and Harvey Tarbell, both of Worcester, Oct.27,1846.


Abigail, widow, and Rev. Rueben Holcomb, of Sterling, June4,1823.

Clarinda and Rev. Alexander Lovell, of Vergennes, VT, June15,1819.

Harriet and Oliver Sawyer Jr., Sept.18,1816.

Jemima H. and Thomas Bond Jr., of Brookfield, Oct.1,1804.

Jotham Jr. and Hannah Fisher, of Harvard, pub. May11,1831.

Lucy and Augustine Holcomb, of Sterling, June1,1825.

Martha and Rev. Baxter Dickinson, of Longmeadow, June4,1823.

Mary and Elijah Brigham Jr., of Westborough, Apr.13,1808.


Cynthia and Joseph Shortsleeve, Aug.24,1850.


Amos and Mary Sargeant, both of Lancaster, Feb.6,1817.

Ebenezer, of Berlin, and Mrs.Abigail Fuller, pub. Sept.19,1807.

Granville and Julia Barnard, both of West Boylston, May27,1845.

Joseph, of Bolton, and Parney Temple, June9,1790, at Berlin.

Susannah and Levi Headley, Dec.16,1807.


Polly and Asahel Partridge, Dec.11,1798.

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