Patrick and Sally Thayer, of Weymouth, pub. Dec.15,1812.


Caleb and Dolly Sawyer, June21,1803.

Charles S. and Mary W. Andrews, Dec.7,1831.

David and Molly Temple Wellington, Apr.2,1812.

Elizabeth T. and Rev. Abijah Stowell, Sept.8,1844.

Emily and James Hastings, Dec.4,1817.

Hannah and Phinehas Moore, Aug.4,1811.

Horace and Sarah A. Maynard, Apr.4,1849.

Joshua and Patty Sawyer, May25,1807.

Lucy and Joseph Sawyer, Oct.16,1808.

Mary and Fiske B. Temple, Mar.28,1848.

Mira and Jotham Howe, Dec.28,1820.

Oliver S. and Minday B. Lamson, Dec.13,1836.

Persis H. and James Andrews, May10,1838.

Priscilla and Thaniel Cutting, Jan.14,1800.

Samuel and Nabby Moore Hastings, Oct.5,1815.

Sanford M., of New Hempstead, RI, and Louisa Brigham, Nov.18,1844.

William, of Holden, and Susan Hartshorn, Dec.25,1828.

Zipporah and Luther Rice, Mar.10,1808.


Amasa and Dorothy Goodnow, Aug.26,1798.

Amasa and Sally Billings, of Lunenburg, pub. Feb.25,1809.

Asa and Sarah Thurston, May31,1798.

Benjamin Jr. and Annis Bigelow, Mar.26,1791.

Daniel and Jedidah Sawyer, Nov.8,1792, at Lancaster.

Ephraim, of Princeton, and Salley Gary, Feb.16,1790.

Francis and Thankful Fairbank, of Sterling, May2,1805.

Henry, of Barre, VT, and Persis Whitcomb, of West Boylston, Jan.29,1818.

Lucy and Lewis Glazier, of Gardner, Jan.15,1805.

Luther, of Hubbardston, and Lydia Parker, May10,1803.

Mary, of Sterling, and Simeon Patridge, pub. Nov.19,1831.

Reuben and Olive Bigelow, Dec.9,1790.

Ruth and James Partridge Jr., Sept.27,1798.

Thomas Jr. and Lydia Harthan, Mar.26,1791.


Andrew, of Rindge, NH, and Mrs.Parne How, June24,1787.


Emily H., of Plainfield, NH, and James M. Goodell, pub. Dec.31,1847.

Nancy, of Worcester, and Jabez Brigham,,1794, at Worcester.


Benjamin and Patience Albertson, pub. Apr.28,1810.

Mary K. and Addison Howe, of Marlborough, Nov.8,1843.

Thomas W. and Mary M. Giles, of Rockport, pub. Jan.21,1848.

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