Michael and Margaret Dorr, of West Boylston, pub. May 14, 1849.


Abel Jr. and Eunice Temple, Sept. 8, 1796, at Shrewsbury.

Clarissa, of Shrewsbury, and Thomas Brewer Jr., pub. Nov. 18, 1846.

David and Molly Marrit, of Templeton, pub. Apr. 17, 1805.

Betsey and John Osgood, of Shrewsbury, Sept. 19, 1803.

Harriet and Jonas Perry, of Concord, VT, Mar. 22, 1820.

John, see Betsey above.

Patty and Oliver Dakin, Oct. 1, 1806.

Sarah and Cyrus Merrifield, May 28, 1801.


Zachariah, of Marlborough, and Joanna Bondsman, June 30, 1800. (Africans).

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