William, Rev., and Mrs. Elizabeth Doubleday, of Stow, pub. Mar. 26, 1803.


Austin F. and Hannah Dunton, Oct. 31, 1827.

Hannah B., of Worcester, and Nahum Flagg, pub. Aug. 11, 1832.


Silas, of Paxton, and Eunice Beaman, July 30, 1792.

Solomon Jr., of Shrewsbury, and Patience Hastings, Dec. 11, 1804.

Anna, of Worcester, and William P. Bigelow, Apr. 20, 1831.

Elizabeth, of Shrewsbury, and Joseph Plympton, pub. July 2, 1837.


John, of Shrewsbury, and Mary Bigelow, Sept. 17, 1818.

NOYES (Noice)

Azael, of Shrewsbury, and Nabby Fassett, Sept. 23, 1802.

Josiah, Dr., of Needham, and Elizabeth Hunt, Dec. 19 or 29, 1835.

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