Charles Lewis, s.Stoddard and Abigail, July28,1791.

David, s.Stoddard and Abigail, Jan.25,1786.

Ezekiel, s.Stoddard and Abigail, Sept.18,1787.

James, s.Stoddard and Abigail, Nov.12,1789.

Mahala C. Gould, w.William, Dec.17,1832.GR6

William, h.Mahala C. Could, Dec.30,1827.GR6


Abby E., d.John and Sophia, May30,1847.

George, Jan.22,1835.GR4

Sophia, w.John, July3,1820.GR1

CAPEN (Capin)

Adeline Irene, d.Hiram and Adaline, Oct.25,1849.

Ann Eliza, d.Hiram and Adaline, July3,1832.

Francis A., s.Hiram and Adaline, Sept.9,1839.

William Henry, s.Hiram and Adaline, May20,1836 [1835 ?].

CAPIN (Capen)

Elbridge Lyman, s.Hiram and Adaline, May28,1843 ?.

Hiram Elbridge, s.Hiram and Adaline, May30,1843 ?.

Jane E., d.Hiram and Adline, Aug.3,1847.

CAREY (Cary)

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Josiah, bp. June27,1819.CR1

Daniel, s.John and Ellen, Oct.25,1846.

Mary, d.John and Ellen, Jan.1,1845.

Zebulan, s.Josiah and Molly, Oct.5,1781.


Luther, Nov.3,1804GR1


John M., July22,1847.GR1


Adeline, w.Reuben,末蔓末,1816.GR1

Anna, d.Oliver Jr. and Betsey, Apr.14,1805.

Cordelia Maria, d.Alfred and Lucy, Aug.30,1846. At Sturbridge.

Eugene, s.Jacob C. and Cementha, Nov.19,1840.

Harriet C., d.Alfred and Lucy A., Jan.27,1848.

John Herbert, s.Stephen and Julia, Aug.18,1844.

Judson T.,末蔓末,1833.GR1

Julia, d.Oliver Jr. and Betsey, Jan.2,1819.

Lamira, ch.Oliver Jr. and Betsey, Oct.13,1802.

Oliver, s.Oliver Jr. and Betsey, Apr.7,1811.


CARROL (Carroll)

Amasa P. [Pierce.CR], s.Elijah and Patience, Jan.31,1815. In Dudley.

Amos F. [Franklin.CR], s.Elijah and Patience, Oct.20,1803. In Monson.

Augustus S. [Smith.CR], s.Elijah and Patience, Nov.10,1798. In Monson.

Chauncy P., Elijah and Patience, Apr.11,1800. In Holliston.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Patience, Aug.9,1805. In Monson.

Harriot, d.Elijah and Patience, Mar.11,1796. In Thompson.

Israel S. [Smith.CR], s.Elijah and Patience, Apr.13,1813. In Monson.

Lucy Ann, d.Elijah and Patience, Oct.22,1808.

Mary Smith, d.Elijah, bp. Feb.20,1820.CR1

Nathanl Wilber, s.Elijah and Patience, Apr.13,1813. In Dudley.

Silas S. [Smith.CR], s.Elijah and Patience, Dec.18,1801. In Thompson.

Stephen, s.Elijah and Patience, June28,1797. In Monson.

Wyman, s.Elijah and Patience, July6,1811.

CARROLL (Carrol)

William, s.John and Elsa, Nov.末,1835.


Elisabeth, d.Nathan and Elisabeth, Feb.28,1778.

Francis, s.Nathan and Elisabeth, Feb.23,1780.

Lucy, d.Nathan and Elisabeth, Sept.18,1782.

Patty, d.Nathan and Elisabeth, July15,1776.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Elisabeth, Oct.12,1784.

CARY (Carruth)

Avery, s.Josiah and Molly, Feb.17,1789.

Calvin Edwin, s.Zebulon and Mary A., May6,1821.

Charles Augustus, s.Josiah and Betsey, Dec.25,1820.

Charles, s.Dea.Josiah, bp. Feb.25,1821.CR1

Eliza Sybil, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Jan.8,1832.

Elizabeth Whipple, d.Avery and Abiah, Dec.6,1819.

Eunice Adams, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Nov.3,1812.

Harriet, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Dec.8,1824 [dup.]

Henry Watson, s.Josiah and Betsey, Mar.31,1810.

Jonathan, s.Josiah and Molly [Lydia.CR], Sept.10,1798.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, Apr.7,1783.

Josiah, s.Zebulon and Mary A., July6,1811.

Josiah Addison, s.Josiah and Betsey, Mar.29,1813.

Josiah 2d, s.Zebulon and Mary A., Sept.29,1814.

Lewis Bemis, [twin ?] s.Zebulon and Mary A., Dec.10,1826.

Lucy Bemis, [twin ?] d.Zebulon and 末末, Dec.10,1826.

Luther, s.Josiah and Molly, Dec.20,1793.

Luther Comstock, s.Luther and Anna, Sept.3,1823.

Lydia, d.Josiah and Lydia, Mar.17,1797.

Lydia Ann Hale, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Sept.3,1835.

Patty, s.Josiah and Molly, Mar.10,1787.

Martha Breakenridge, d.Avery and Abiah, Aug.28,1811.

Molly, s.Josiah and Molly, Mar.22,1785.

Mary Ann, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Feb.5,1810. In North Brookfield.

Mary, d.Avery and Abiah, May21,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Luther and Anna, Apr.14,1822.

Mordecai, s.Josiah and Molly, Oct.5,1799.

Nathan Carruth, s.Avery and Abiah, Nov.4,1813.

Samuel Avery, s.Avery and Abiah, Jan.19,1823.

Sarah Anjenett, d.Zebulon and Mary A., Sept.11,1828.

Susannah, d.Zebulon and Mary A., July5,1819.

Thomas Hale, s.Josiah and Molly, Aug.15,1802.

Zebulon, s.Zebulon and Mary A., Sept.11,1817.

Zebulon Edwin, s.Zebulon and Mary A., Apr.29,1823.


Adah Jenks,末蔓末,1827.GR4


Elisha B.,末蔓末,1842.GR1


Betty, d.Asa, bp. Nov.3,1765.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Asa and Abigail, bp. Feb.28,1773.CR2

CHADDOCK (Chadwick)

Bowman, s.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.12,1762.

Calven, s.Joseph and Sarha, Sept.4,1765.

Charlote, d.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.18,1768 [1767 ?].

Levina, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.12,1757.

Molly, d.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.23,1764.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Mar.13,1774.CR2

Sewell, s.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.24,1770.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.12,1760.

CHADWICK (Chaddock)

David, s.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Mar.14,1790.CR1

Jairus, s.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Sept.25,1796.CR1

Jerusha, d.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. July13,1794.CR1

Rachel, d.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Mar.5,1792.CR1

Rufus, s.Henry and Martha, Nov.28,1765.

Samuel Phipps, s.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Aug.30,1801.CR1

CHAFEE (Chaffee)

Nathan, Nov.17,1752.

Prisella, w.Nathan, Apr.3,1762.

CHAFFEE (Chafee)

Abigail, d.Nathan and Prisella, Mar.12,1784.

Calvin, s.Nathan and Precella, Dec.30,1788.

Catherine, d.William and Rachel, Aug.19,1811. At Western.

Franklin, s.William and Rachel, July20,1813.

George Albert, s.Cheney and Mary S., May10,1848.

Lucy Adaline, d.William and Rachel, May13,1808. At Sturbridge.

Mary Abigail, d.William and Rachel, Feb.15,1810.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Bridget, Nov.3,1849.

Nathan, s.William and Rachel, Aug.18,1815. At Sturbridge.

Rachel, w.William, June24,1781.

William, s.Nathan and Presella, July31,1786 [dup.]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Achsah, w.Eli, June22,1794.GR6

Achsah Juliet, d.Eli and Achsah, Jan.28,1828.

Alice Ingersoll, w.Daniel Henry, May10,1846. At Bangor, ME.GR6

Daniel, s.Daniel and Jerusha, Oct.16,1814.

Daniel Henry, s.Eli and Achsah, June23,1835.

Dexter, s.Daniel and Jerusha, Apr.3,1807.

Dexter Harrington, s.Daniel and Jerusha, bp. Aug.7,1814.CR1

Eli, Oct.4,1789.GR6

Ephraim Forbes, s.Eli, bp. May27,1822.CR1

Harriet Amelia, d.Eli and Achsah, July7,1820.

Jane Warren, w.Lyman H.,末蔓末,1826.GR6

Joshua Medcalf, s.Eli and Achsah, Oct.2,1825.

Leander Trowbridge, s.Eli and Achsah, Aug.末,1837.

Lucius Phelps, s.Eli and Achsah, Sept.16,1830.

Lyman Harrington, s.Eli, bp. May23,1824.CR1

Mary M. [Morse.CR], d.Daniel and Jerusha, Mar.28,1811.

Nancy [?] d.Daniel, bp. June28,1818.CR1

Nathan B. [Burnap.CR], s.Daniel and Jerusha, Apr.13,1809.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

David, s.David and Cloe, May7,1782.

John, s.David and Cloe, Oct.2,1780.


James, Sept.6,1846.GR1


Alden, h.Sarah, Mar.29,1818.GR4

Sarah Bigelow, w.Alden, Oct.21,1822.GR4




Henry Bright, s.Caleb and Tabitha, 末蔓27,1777.

Mary, d.Caleb and Tabitha, Jan.19,1779.

Persis, d.Caleb and Tabitha, Apr.18,1775.

Rebeckah, d.Rev. John and Polly, May15,1829.

Sarah Prince, d.Rev. John and Polly, Jan.2,1825.


CHEEVER (Chevers)

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1791.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Nov.16,1780.

Betsy, twin d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1783.

Esther, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1786.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept.13,1789.

Joseph Benjamin, s.Joseph and Sally A., Aug.5,1828.

Lucy, d.Samuel and Lucy, Apr.4,1773.

Lucy, twin d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1783.

Polly, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1781.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Nov.22,1787.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Lucy, Sept.30,1774.

William, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, June18,1794.


末末, d.Joseph P. and Philena, Feb.7,1848.

Charles F., Sept.5,1846.GR1

Charles Preston, s.Joseph P. and Philena, Sept.5,1846.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph P. and Philena, Nov.10,1849.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Nov.5,1727.


Roderick E., Oct.末,1846.GR4

CHEVERS (Cheever)

Caroline, d.Joseph and Sally,末蔓末, 末末. At Spencer.

Elizabeth F., d.Joseph and Sally,末蔓末, 末末. At Spencer.

Moses A., Joseph and Sally,末蔓末, 末末. At Spencer.

Rhoda M., d.Joseph and Sally,末蔓末, 末末. At North Brookfield.


Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Ahzina, Jan.21,1844.


Mary Elizabeth, d.John W. and Nancy I, Jan.23,1838.


George, Chamberlain, s.Tyler and Mary, Sept.15,1844.


Daniel, s.Waters and Paratcen, Apr.3,177[0?].


末末, s.Henry and Mary, Apr.20,1849.

Harriet E., d.Henry and Mary, Jan.15,1846. At Lynn.

CLAP (Clapp)

Elbert, s.Cephas, bp. Mar.10,1816.CR1

Apollos, s.Elijah and Azubah, May14,1787.

Cephas, s.Elijah and Azubah, Oct.20,1788.

Rebecca, d.Elijah and Azubah, Mar.29,1777.

Rebecca, wid., bp. July2,1780.CR1

Sarah, d.Elijah and Azubah, Sept.18,1779.

Thirza, d.Elijah and Azubah, May19,1781.

William, s.Elijah and Azubah, May9,1783.

CLAPP (Clap)

Albert B., h.Martha Allen, Apr.12,1815.GR4

Frederick Barnes, s.Appolos and Sally, Aug.6,1823.

John W., Dec.11,1808.GR6

Julius Brainerd, Dec.1,1831.GR4

Martha Allen, w.Albert B., Feb.23,1818.GR4

Samuel E., Aug.9,1821.GR6

Sarah Augusta, d.Cephas and 末末, June10,1831.


Abel, s.Caleb (Capt.), bp. Feb.21,1779.CR2

Althe Otis, d.Hiram B. and Augusta, Mar.13,1824.

Anna, d.Francies and Anna, Aug.8,1789.

Antine Hobbs, ch.Hiram B. and Augusta, Sept.23,1826.

Antine Hobb, ch.Hiram B. and August, Mar.27,1828.

Betsey Banister, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, Sept.13,1809.

Elizabeth Bicknold, d.Bicknold and Harriet, Feb.9,1817.

Fanny, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, Aug.19,1795.

Fanny Eliza, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, June19,1806.

Francis Gould, s.Francis Otis and Betsey, June19,1797.

George Ballou, s.Hiram B. and Augusta, Dec.5,1831.

Harriet Plympton, s.James and Mary, July1,1820.

Henry P. [Probably s.T.P. and Emeline M.], Sept.19,1832.GR4

Hiram Ballou, s.Francis Otis and Betsey, July23,1799.

Hiram Francis, s.Hiram B. and Augusta, May10,1829.

James Edward, s.James and Mary, Dec.28,1830.

Josephine Augusta, d.Hiram B. and Augusta, Dec.12,1822 [dup.]

Lorenzo, s.Alvin and Lorinda, July11,1830.

Lucy, d.Capt. 末末, bp. Mar.11,1781.CR2

Lydia Amanda, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, Mar.20,1813.

Mandana Ballou, d.Francis G. and Hulda, Jan.10,1821.

Margaret Hardie, w.Samuel,末蔓末,1816. In Scotland.GR4

Martha [probably d.T.P. and Emeline M.], Nov.26,1834.GR4

Mary Otis, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, June27,1802.

Moses Otis, s.Hiram B. and Augusta, May2,1833.

Nancy Olive, d.Francis Otis and Betsey, Sept.21,1816.

Nancy O., d.Hiram B. and Augusta, Apr.15,1840.

Olive Herring, d.Francis G. and Hulda, Feb.6,1824.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Margaret H., Feb.23,1845. In ScotlandGR4

William H. [probably s.T.P. and Emeline M.], July8,1839.GR4


William Oscar, s.Chauncy and Elizabeth, Feb.3,1838.


Eunice Amy, d.William W., and Martha R., Jan.16,1833. At Shutesbury.

Frederick W., s.William W. and Martha R., Mar.9,1836. At Shutesbury.

Mary Sophia, d.William W. and Martha R., Jan.20,1831. At Spencer.


Clark P., h.Emeline Wood,末蔓末,1831.GR6

Emeline Wood, w.Clark P.,末蔓末,1833.GR6


Benjamin W., Jan.12,1810.GR6


Mary, d.William and Mary, Oct.1,1845.


Thomas Atwood, s.Ezra and Mary Shaw, Oct.5,1830.


De Witt B., s.Burleigh and Eliza A., Aug.2,1849.

COLLY (Cooley)

Obadiah, s.Obadiah and Martha, Sept.1,1740.

Susanah, d.Obadiah and Marth, June7,1738.

William, s.Obadiah and Martha, Nov.17,1735.


Anne, d.Jacob and Hannah, June9,1778.

Azariah, s.Jacob and Hannah, Sept.1,1773.

Charles Edward, s.Ezra and Mary, Nov.末,1817.

Charlotte, d.Ezra and Mary, Aug.29,1814.

Clarissa, d.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Apr.6,1814.

Cordelia, twin d.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Sept.21,1825.

Cornelia, twin d.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Sept.21,1825.

Edward, s.Ezra, bp. June28,1818.CR1

Eli Warner, s.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Feb.3,1821.

Elias Watson, s.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, May12,1823.

Betsey, d.Jacob and hannah, Dec.9,1786.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Mary, Nov.5,1796.

Harvey, s.Ezra and Mary, Apr.5,1798.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Hannah, June12,1776.

Jacob, s.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, June18,1827.

Jacob E., s.Jacob 2d and Mary L., May27,1829.

Joseph, s.Jacob and Hannah, Nov.6,1769.

Joseph B., s.Ezra and Mary, Apr.29,1808. At Hawley.

Lydia Whipple, d.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, June18,1816.

Polly, d.Jacob and Hannah, Aug.29,1771.

Mary, d.Jacob and Hannah, bp. Oct.27,1771.CR1

Mary, d.Ezra and Mary, Mar.29,1806. At Hawley.

Mary, d.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Oct.30,1809.

Mary Parker, d.Daniel and 末末, Sept.25,1833.

Mercia P., w.E.W.,末蔓末,1824.GR6

Olive, d.Ezra and Mary, Dec.12,1801. At Hawley.

Ruth, d.Jacob and Hannah, Feb.29,1781.

Samuel Hall, s.Jacob Jr. and Ruth, Jan.5,1812.

Sally, d.Jacob and Ruth, June15,1788.

William, s.John, bp. Oct.8,1813. At Robert Blair's house.CR1


Bridget, d.Michaela nd Johannah, Jan.7,1837.

CONVERS (Converse)

Elbridge H., s.Thomas K. and Nancy, Apr.14,1840.

Emeline A., d.Thomas K. and Nancy, July末,1836.

Emeline, d.James and 末末, Oct.31,1840.

James, s.James and Dorothy, Apr.30,1749.

Nancy M., d.Thomas K. and Nancy, Oct.23,1834. At North Brookfield.

CONVERSE (Convers)

末末, s.Alpheus and Sophia Stoddard, Mar.16,1846.

Anjenette B., w.Sullivan, Feb.11,1824.GR6

Benjamin, s.James 2d and Phebe, July1,1777.

Charles Thomas, s.Thomas W. and Miriam, Dec.10,1846.

Daborah, d.James and Dorothy, Apr.30,1768.

Dorothy, d.James and Dorothy, Dec.20,1751.

Edwin, h.Polly,末蔓末,1812.GR4

Eliza Jane, d.James and Laura, Dec.1,1844.

Ephraim, s.James and Dorothy, June17,1754.

Ephraim, s.James and Dorothy, Feb.10,1758.

Ephraim, s.James 2d and Phebe, Dec.1,1779.

George C.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Hannah, d.James and Dorothy, Apr.7,1756.

James 3d, s.James 2d and Phebe, Sept.11,1775.

James E., July6,1823.GR1

Jemima, d.James and Dorothy, Feb.24,1762.

Josiah, s.James and Dorothy, Oct.7,1765.

Laura E., d.Thomas K. and Nancy, Dec.4,1847.

Lucy, d.James and Dorothy, July5,1772.

Lurette Emeline, d.Thomas K. and Nancy, Dec.14,1845.

Polly, w.Edwin,末蔓末,1805.GR4

Mary J. Ainsworth, w.J.E., Dec.28,1829.GR1

Nathan, s.James Jr., bp. Oct.末,1786.CR2

Patience, d.James and Dorothy, Dec.1,1759.

Pain, Dec.19,1782.

Samuel, s.James and Dorothy, Oct.5,1770.

Sarah, d.James and Dorothy, Jan.6,1764.

Sally, d.James Jr., bp. June末,1792.CR2

Sullivan, h.Anjenette B., Oct.8,1821.GR6


Anne, w.Henry T., Feb.16,1789.GR6

COOLEY (Colly)

Alice, w.Moses, d.William Blanchard, Mar.19,1775.GR1

Benjamin, s.Obadiah and Eunice, June29,1771.

Benjamin Walker, s.Obadiah and Eunice, Sept.21,1775.

Caroline Cutter, d.William and Dorothy, Aug.10,1804.

Earl, s.Ephraim and Rozetta, Mar.11,1792.

Ephraim, s.Obediah and Martha, July2,1743.

Ephraim, s.Obadiah and Eunice, Apr.15,1778.

Eunice, d.Obadiah and Eunice, Oct.17,1773.

Martha, d.Ephraim and Lois, June6,1771.

Martha Wilder, d.Ephraim 2d and Roxina, June30,1816.

Moses, s.Obadiah and Eunice, Aug.22,1769.

Nancy, d.Ephraim 2d and Roxina, Apr.23,1809.

Obadiah Jr., s.Obadiah and Eunice, Mar.27,1768.

Pliny Merrick, s.Ephraim 2d and Roxina, July19,1807.

Sally, d.Ephraim 2d and Roxina, Feb.18,1803.

Silas, s.Obadiah and Eunice, Oct.28,1779.

William, s.Ephraim and Lois, Apr.9,1768.

William, s.Obadiah and Eunice, Apr.29,1781.

William Barns, s.Ephraim 2d and Roxina, July8,1822.


Alice M. Boyd, w.George H.,末蔓末,1847.GR1

Charles L., h.Susan N. Harrington,末蔓末,1843.GR4

George H.,末蔓末,1842.GR1

Susan N. Harrington, w.Charles L.,末蔓末,1846.GR4


Ellen Maria, d.Ezekiel M. and Assuba Ann, Feb.7,1846.

Ezekiel Mayo, s.Joseph and Lucy, Jan.9,1818.

Francis A., Oct.23,1821.GR1

Lucy, d.Joseph and Lucy, Dec.7,1810.

Otis D.,末蔓末,1845.GR1

Rebeckah C. Sanger, w.Francis A., Jan.2,1824.GR1

Tamson, d.Joseph and Lucy, Oct.11,1805.


Charles, s.Patrick and Bridget, Nov.15,1849.


Lorenzo, s.George and Louisa, Oct.2,1848.

Lucinda, d.Enoch and Lydia, Aug.31,1815.


Mary Abby, d.Isaac and Catharine W., Feb.3,1841.


Mary J. Hathaway, w.William,末蔓末,1805.GR6

William, Aug.17,1801.GR6

William Henry, s.William and Mary, Jan.28,1836.



Jane, w.E.J.,末蔓末,1821.GR1


Calvin, s.John Jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.14,1810.CR1

Lucy Ann, d.Seth and Susan, June12,1827.

Ruth, d.John Jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.14,1810.CR1

Ruth, d.Seth and Susan, Sept.26,1829.

Seth, s.John Jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.14,1810.CR1

Sophia, d.John Jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.14,1810.CR1

Sumner, Sibley, s.Seth and Susan, Sept.21,1833.

Susan Augusta, d.Seth and Susan, May26,1842.

Susanna, d.John Jr. and Sarah, bp. Sept.14,1810.CR1


John P.,末蔓末,1846.GR4


Aaron, s.Jabez and Mary, Nov.30,1772.

Aron, s.Jabex and Mary, Nov.19,1774.

Abigail, d.Jabex and Mary, May26,1764.

Amelia, d.William and Jane, Jan.21,1840.

Amos, s.Jabex and Mary, July18,1761.

Amos, s.Amos and Mary, Nov.12,1798.

Carles D., s.Oliver and Harriet, July22,1849.

Caroline Homans, d.William and Jane, Mar.23,1838.

Catherine Vanderveer, d.William and Jane, July4,1826.

Eliza, d.Amos and Mary, May2,1804.

Betsey, d.Silas and Rebecca, Apr.8,1771.

Harriet Richardson, d.William and Jane, June2,1842.

Henry VanDerveer, s.William and Jane, Feb.27,1832.

Jabez, s.Jabez and Mary, Mar.19,1758.

James, s.Silas and Rebecca, bp. Apr.24,1768.CR2

Jane V., w.William, June11,1800.GR1

Jarib, s.Silas and Rebecca, Mar.15,176[9?].

John Emerson, s.Silas, bp. July7,1777.CR2

Julia Maria, d.William and Jane, Feb.25,1824.

Lucia, d.Amos and Mary, Jan.23,1808.

Lucia Alida, d.William and Jane, Nov.8,1835.

Lucy Fales, w.Henry, V., June8,1840.GR1

Maria, d.Amos and Mary, Oct.8,1793. At Leicester.

Maria, d.Amos Jr. and Almira, Apr.3,1821.

Mary, d.Jabez and Mary, Mar.15,1769.

Nathan, s.Jabez and Mary, Oct.30,1759.

Oliver, s.Jabez and Mary, June3,1766.

Oliver, s.Amos Jr. and Almira, Apr.3,1821.

Samuel A., s.Samuel B. and Fanny E., May22,1848. At Shrewsbury.

Sally, d.Amos and Mary, Dec.1,1800.

Sarah Jane, d.William and Jane, Dec.3,1819.

Theodotia Davis, d.William and Jane. Nov.26,1828.

Theodocia Davis, d.William and Jane, Oct.26,1834.

William, s.Amos and Mary, Nov.26,1796.

William Oliver, s.William and Jane, Jan.3,1822.

CROWEL (Crowell)

Axa [Achsah.CR], d.Paul and Jerusha, Nov.24,1783.

Betsy, d.Paul and Jerusha, Feb.20,1786.

Joseph, s.Wid.Mary, bp. Feb.4,1794.CR1

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, bp. Sept.21,1777.CR1

Patty, d.Paul and Jerusha, Sept.25,1788.

Polly, d.Paul and Jerusha, Dec.25,1779.

Nathaniel, s.Joshua and Mary, May20,1788.

Paul, s.Joshua [?], bp. May11,1783.CR1

Stephen, s.Paul and Jerusha, Jan.20,1782.

Stephen, s.Joshua [?], bp. May11,1783.CR1

CROWELL (Crowel)

Caroline, d.Stephen and Sally, Nov.27,1815.

Charles Paige, s.Nathaniel S. and Susan P., May10,1830.

David, s.Joshua and Mary, May19,1780 [dup.]

Ebenezer Field, s.Joshua and Mary, Jan.20,1783 [dup.]

Eliza, d.Stephen and Sally, Oct.6,1819.

Fanny, d.Paul and Jerusha, Nov.16,1790.

George, s.Stephen and Sally, Apr.18,1823.

Hannah, d.Joshua and Mary, Sept.17,1785 [dup.]

Harvey Stearns, s.Nathaniel S. and Susan P., Oct.6,1834.

Jared, s.Joshua and Mary, Nov.14,1775 [dup.]

Jerusha, d.Paul and Jerusha, Nov.29,1800.

Joseph, s.Joshua and Mary, Nov.16,1793.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, Sept.15,1777 [dup.]

Polly, d.Joshua and Mary, June4,1791.

Nathaniel Shiverick, s.Paul and Jerusha, May3,1802.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Sally, Oct.16,1809.

Sophia, d.Paul and Jerusha, Mar.1,1797.

Sukey, d.Paul and Jerusha, Aug.5,1795.


Charles, h.Eliza Wadsworth, Mar.24,1813.GR4

Elijah, s.John and Mary, Mar.21,1738.

Eliza Wadsworth, w.Charles, Oct.1,1806.

Sarah Jane, d.Willard and Almira, July31,1837.

Theodore, Apr.8,1809.GR4


David, s.Silvanus and Mary, July8,1779.

Jonathan, s.Sylvanus and Mary, Nov.2,1780.


Henry, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Apr.18,1785.


Nabby, d.Nathaniel and Betsy, bp. June17,1787.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Sept.6,1777.

Henry, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, bp. May8,1785.CR1

John Wait [Waite.CR], s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Mar.3,1784.

Nathaniel Stone, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, bp. May8,1785.CR1

Neil Story [?], s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1781.

Sally, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Aug.2,1779.

CUTLER (Cutter)

末末, s.George and Sarah V., Apr.13,1847.

Abigall, d.Isaac and Elizebeth, Jan.16,1748.

Abigail, d.Robert and Jemima, Feb.28,1755.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Martha, May8,1774.

Naby, d.John and Dorothey, Apr.26,1782.

Abijah, s.Abijah, bp. Nov.18,1764.CR1

Abijah, s.Abijah and Elisabeth, Nov.12, [1765 ?].

Abijah, s.Asa and Mary, Oct.14,1795.

Abijah Dwight, s.Abijah and Mary, July24,1831.

Achsa, d.Elijah and Dinah, May31,1780.

Alonzo Warner, s.Abijah and Mary, Dec.7,1837.

Anna, d.Asa and Mary, Aug.8,1797.

Anthony, s.Thaddeus and Hannah, June6,1763.

Asa, s.Abijah and Elisabath, Oct.9,1767.

Asa Ellis, s.Abijah and Mary, June23,1834.

Augustus, s.Asa and Mary, May29,1799.

Caroline, d.John and Dorothey, Mar.22,1791.

Catharine, d.末末 and Jemima, bp. Apr.19,1761.CR1

Charles, adopted ch.Jesse, bp. Nov.25,1804.CR2

Charles, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, July15,1805.

Charles Edwin, s.George and Sarah Vineca, June9,1845.

Chole Hessen, d.Asa and Polly, bp. May16,1802.CR1

Debroth, d.Isaac and Elizebeth, Mar.29,1746.

Dexter, adopted s.Asa, bp. June28,1818.CR1

Dolley, d.John and Dorothey, Sept.1,1780.

Ebenezer, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Apr.29,1756.

Eber, s.Elijah and Dinah, Oct.21,1778.

Eli, s.John and Dorothy, Mar.31,1773.

Eliakim Phelps, s.Abijah and Mary, Nov.29,1829.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Dinah, Mar.24,1785.

Elisabeth, d.Abijah and Elisabeth, Mar.末,1760 [?].

Elisabeth, d.John, Nov.22,1776 [dup.]

Betsy, d.Abijah and rachel, Mar.11,1797.

Elisabeth, d.Abijah and Rachel, bp. Oct.23,1814.CR1

Emily E. Hammond, w.Joseph W.,末蔓末,1834.GR6

Enos, s.Abijah and Sarah, Nov.末,1781.

Enos, s.Asa and Mary, Mar.2,1802.

Foster, s.Abijah and Rachel, July12,1795.

Foster Phipps, s.Abijah and Mary, Sept.17,1824.

Frances, d.John and Dorothey, Mar.14,1793.

George, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, Apr.2,1811.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Martha, Mar.15,1769.

Harriot, d.Robert and Huldah, June25,1800.

Harvy, s.Abijah and Sarah, Mar.13,1786.

Harvey, s.Abijah and Rachel, Mar.30,1790.

Henry Keyes, s.Abijah and Mary, Oct.1,1822.

Horace, s.Abijah and Rachel, Oct.6,1799.

Isaac, s.Robert and Jemima, Jan.4,1753.

James, s.John and Dorothy, Jan.11,1777.

James Harvey, s.Robert and Huldah, Sept.21,1788.

Jedidiah, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, Jan.6,1755.

Jennie Spencer, June3,1839.GR6

Jessee, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, May15,1753.

John, s.Robert and Jemima, July14,1751.

John, s.John and Dorothey, May9,1785.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, Oct.12,1771.

Joseph, s.Robert and Huldah, Jan.4,1796.

Joseph E., h.Phebe, July16,1805.GR6

Joseph, s.Robert and Huldah, bp. Oct.19,1806.CR1

Josiah, s.Robert and Jemima, Jan.22,1759.

Josiah, s.Thaddeus and Hannah, Sept.1,1761.

Katherine, d.Robert and Jemima, Jan.22,1760.

Keyes Henry, s.Abijah, bp. Nov.24,1822.CR1

Lois, d.Isaac and Elizebeth, Sept.2,1744.

Louisa, d.Abijah and Rachel, bp. Oct.23,1814.CR1

Lucy, d.Joseph and Martha, May12,1781.

Lucy, d.Thomas B. and Ruth, Apr.18,1803.

Lydia, d.Thaddeus and Hanna, Jan.24,1765.

Martha, d.Joseph and Martha, Dec.21,1762.

Martha Collens, d.Thomas B. and Ruth, Aug.17,1816.

Mary, d.Abijah and Elizabeth, June7, [末末] [1759 ?].

Mary, d.Abijah and Elizabeth, June29, [末末] [1757 ?].

Molly, d.Joseph and Martha, June8,1779.

Polly, d.Robert and Huldah, Feb.19,1791.

Mary, d.Robert and Huldah, bp. Oct.19,1806.CR1

Mary J., d.Abijah and Mary, June2,1840.

Miriam, d.Isaac and Elisabeth, Dec.10,1763.

Nancy, d.John and Dorothy, Jan.4,1775.

Oliver, s.Abijah and Rachel, July26,1793.

Orsamus, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, Dec.1,1813.

Otis, s.Robert and Huldah, May5,1798.

Parthinia, d.Thaddeus and Hannah, Oct.20,1766.

Phebe, d.Robert and Huldah, Oct.13,1802.

Phebe, w.Joseph E., June1,1806.GR6

Phebe Ward, d.Robert and Huldah, bp. Oct.19,1806.CR1

Phebe, d.Thomas B. and Ruth, Feb.8,1821.

Pliny, s.Joseph and Martha, May17,1783.

Pliny, s.Robert and Huldah, Apr.9,1793.

Robert, Apr.30,1728.GR1

Robert, s.Joseph and Martha, Jan.21,1765.

Robert, s.Robert and Huldah, Mar.4,1805.

Roley, d.Elijah and Dinah, Sept.2,1782.

Ruth, d.Abijah and Sarah, Jan.13,17[末?] [1777?].

Ruth, d.Robert and Jemima, Jan.4,1757.

Ruth, d.John and Dorothy, Nov.28,1770.

Ruth, d.Elijah and Dinah, Oct.20,1776.

Samuel, s.Isaac and Elizebeth, Nov.2,1747.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Martha, Jan.3,1767.

Samuel, s.John and Dorothey, June3,1787.

Samuel, s.Robert and Huldah, Mar.24,1807.

Sarah, d.Abijah and Sarah, Feb.7, [末末] [1779 ?].

Sarah, d.Abijah and Elisabeth, Oct.12, [1763 ?].

Salley, d.Elijah and Dinah, Oct.9,1774.

Salley, d.John and Dorothey, Oct.3,1778.

Sally, d.Abijah and Rachel, Nov.3,1791.

Thadeas, s.Abijah and Elisabeth, Feb.25,177[0 ?].

Thaddeus, s.Abijah and Sarah, July7,177[ ?] [1775 ?].

Thomas Brown, s.Joseph and Martha, June18,1777.

Thomas Brown, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, July23,1808.

William, s.Isaac and Elizebeth, Nov.2,1750.

William Fiske, s.John and Dorothey, Mar.28,1789.

William Thomas, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, Oct.1,1799.

William Thomas 2d, s.Thomas B. and Ruth, Apr.13,1801.

William Thomas, d.George and Sarah U., Oct.15,1843.

Zebine, s.Elijah and Dinah, Sept.27,1787.

Zebine, s.Elijah and Dinah, Aug.21,1789.

CUTTER (Cutler)


George Warshington, s.Cypron and Susanna, Feb.22,1816.

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