Jonathan of Oxford and Violetty Kenney, Apr.21,1768. At Sutton.


Nancy and Welcome Wood, Nov.24,1823.


Benjamin [Benjamin A. int.] and Caroline Henshaw, Nov.7,1833.

Martha and George H. Bemis of Spencer, Nov.28,1844.


William and Susannah Gilbert, int.July4,1789. [Married July5.CR]


Richard of Leicester and Relief Walker, int.Oct.9,1830.


Thomas and Ellen Martin of Worcester, int.June23,1840.


Abby R. (d.Seth and Sarepta, a.26) and Sewell Babbit, both of Barre, Sept.29,1847.*

Oldham and Thankful Addams, Sept.5,1759.*

Seth of Barre and Sarepta Hamilton, int.Sept.4,1808.


Sarah E. (d.George and Catherine R., a.18) and Isaac M. May, Nov.25,1847.


George (s.Isaac and Augusts, a.22) and Eliza A. Rice, Apr.9,1846.

Sally and Samuel W. Millar of Westborough, int.Feb.11,1799.


Nehemiah of Hadley and Mrs.Rebecca Hubbard, July12,1796.

GETCHEL (Getchell)

Perses and Artemas Kenny, June18,1780.

GETCHELL (Getchel, Gitchil)

David and Rebecca Doughety, Apr.12,1759.

GIBBS (Gibs)

Abraham and Keziah Atwood, Dec.16, 末末 1744.

Arsenith of Greenwich and Seneca Thomas, Sept.18,1800.

Joseph and Anna Clark of Spencer, June3,1762.*

GIBS (Gibbs)

Marey and James Eakens, Oct.15,1718.*

Thomas and Sarah Wolcott, Apr.13,1719.*


Chandler and Wealthy A. Gleason, int.July30,1842.

Edwin W. of Romeo, MI and Martha S. Makepeace, Oct.13,1840.


William and Abigail Boyden of Sturbridge, int.Oct.10,1803.

GILBART (Gilbert)

Josiah and Mary Goss, May30,1737.*

GILBERT (Gilbart, Gilbort, Gilburt)

Aaron and Ruth Chadwick, Nov.12,1778.

Aaron and Persis Axdel, Apr.13,1791.

Aron and Wid.Mary Allen of Oakham, int.Oct.23,1791.

Abel and Lucy Dane Dean, Jan.26,1804.

Abigail and Daniel Shay, int.July18,1772.

Abigail of Western and Asa Bowen of Spencer, Mar.10,1791.CR1*

Nabby and Joseph Luce of Ware, int.May10,1795. [Married June4.CR]

Abigail and Justus Fowler of Westfield, int.June18,1797.

Adaline and Augustus W. Gilbert, int.Mar.2,1833.

Alfred A. and Carolien M. Allen, Nov.23,1828.

Almira and Foster Davis, int.Apr.30,1820.

Almira and Emery Thompson of New Braintree, June28,1824.

Amarylis and Moses Shepard of Ware, Nov.3,1802.

Anna, Wid., and Comfort Olds, May8,1781.

Anna and Zoath Spooner, May23,1819.

Aretas D. and Eliza Ann Sanford, int.Mar.2,1833.

Aretas D. and Eliza Wood of Hardwick, int.May1,1844.

Artimas and Ruth Cutler, May4,1797.

Asa and Hannah Cutler, Jan.3,1771.

Augustus W. and Adaline Gilbert, int.Mar.2,1833.

Augustus and Persis Hager of Ware, int.July18,1841.

Azubah and John McClenathan, Sept.18,1823.

Baxter and Isabella Barnes of Hardwick, int.Mar.12,1827.

Bemesly and Lydia Hamilton, Feb.6,1791.

Benjamin [of Schuylerstown] and Lucy Richmond, May14,1795.

Barnard and Eunice Richmond, Feb.26,1795.

Barnard and Merriam Goodnow of Spencer, int.Sept.11,1842.

Bethuel and Cloe Hill, July22,1804.

Calvin and Theodotia Barrot, Dec.17,1802.

Caroline and Henry Bullard of Holden, int.July4,1841.

Catharine and Isaac Tyler of New Braintree, Apr.24,1834.

Celia and Linus Banister, Nov.24,1822.

Charles and Achsah Wood, Jan.6,1835.

Charlotte and James N. [H.] Woods, Sept.20,1836.

Coleman and Dorothy M. Gilbert of North Brookfield, Dec.6,1821.

Coleman W. and Evelina Goodman of South Hadley, int.Oct.22,1835.

Damaris and Benjamin Bruce, Mar.8,1770.

Damaris and George Wood of Palmer, Oct.21,1790.

Daniel and Lucy Barns, June6,1754.*

Daniel and Elisabeth Gott of Springfield, int.June18,1773.

Daniel, Capt., and wid.Mary Kimball, Mar.9,1778.

Daniel and Mary Waters of Salem, int.Apr.28,1806.

David and Hannah Abbott of Andover, Aug.30,1727. At Andover.*

David of Deerfield and Hannah Allen, Jan.15,1793.

David and Anna Wait of South Hadley, Sept.11,1799. In South Hadley.

Dexter and Harriet H. Sampson, Dec.1,1836.

Dinah and Elijah Cutler, May6,1773.

Dorcas and Abraham Jewett of Watertown, NY, Feb.11,1802.

Dorcas and Israel Parker, Apr.6,1837.

Dolly Polly and Jacob Kent Jr., Mar.20,1817.

Dorothy M. of North Brookfield and Coleman Gilbert, Dec.6,1821.

Elloner [Eloner. int.] of New Braintree and Nathan Upham, Feb.27,1772. In New Braintree.

Eli and Hannah Whitney, Feb.15,1781.

Elisabeth and Aaron Barns, Oct.3,1771.

Elizabeth and Dr. Asa Walker of Barre, Nov.8,1792.

Betsey and Ephraim Spaulding, June6 [26.CR], 1794.

Betsey and Uriah Ward of Haverell, VT, June27,1798.

Betsey and Collins Reed of Worcester, Jan.末,1835.*

Enos and Betsey Fiske, Nov.19,1802.

Enos (s.Bethuel and Chloe, a.26) and Lucy Wood, Nov.27,1845.

Ezra and Abagail Nichols, Nov.10,1772. At Leicester.

Ezra and Ruth Barnes, Jan.26,1804.

Fanny and Tilly Ross, Jan.15,1811.

Faney and Martia Joslin of Ware, Dec.30,1817.

George H. and Maria Marcia Ann Abbot, Mar.21,1826.

Gershom, Dr., and Mrs.Elianor Stevenson, July15,1827.

Gideon and Lois Crowfott, Aug.30,1770.

Hannah and John Woolcot, Dec.4,1792.

Hannah and Jabez Ayres, int.Nov.10,1795.

Harriet A. (d.David and Anna, a.25) and George A. Parratt of New Braintree, Apr.19,1846.

Harrison G.O. and Lydia L. Baker of Winchester, NH, int.May29,1842.

Harvey and Phidema Olds, Apr.30,1817.

Harvey and Diantha A. Stevens of Petersham, int.Jan.28,1828.

Harvey and Jerusha A. Wood, Apr.14,1836.

Henry and Patience Marsh, int.Feb.末,1764.

Humphrey and Elisabeth Bond, Nov.4,1790.

Isaac and Jerusha Bowen, Feb.13,1792.

Jacob of New Braintree and Martha Dean, int.Feb.10,1775.

Jedediah and Margaret Watt, Sept.19,1764.

Jedadiah and Prudence Fairbanks, Apr.25,1773.

Jesse and Lucy Barns, June30,1768.

John and Elizabeth Witt, June8,1743. In Shrewsbury.*

John and Priscilla Walker, Dec.23,1755.*

John, Capt., [Thomas in T.R.] and Patience Brown, Dec.29,1758.CR1

John 3d and Sarah Rich, Mar.6,1766.*

John 4th and Betty Manning, Oct.8,1770.

John and Sarah Bragg, Dec.4,1793.

John and Ruth Crabtree, Dec.24,1820.

Jonas and Violaty Luce of Ware, Mar.13,1788.

Jonathan [of] and Hannah Converse, May27,1773.

Joseph and Hannah Gott, Dec.13,1761.*

Joseph and Sibil Bruce, Apr.27,1815.

Judith and Thomas Brown, Feb.7,1765.*

Justin W. and Lucy Sibley, Nov.27,1823.

Katy [Catharine. int.] and Nathan Olds, Apr.10,1788.

Lemuel and Ruth Gilbert, Dec.6,1770.

Lemuel Jr. and Cyrena Luce of Ware, int.May10,1823.

Levi and Rebecca Allen, Aug.13,1772.

Lois and Benjamin Wait, Jan.11,1767.*

Lovisa [] and Samuel Lorton, Apr.4,1832.

Lucy and Jedidiah How, Oct.30,1760.*

Lucy and Joseph Dane Dean, July10,1777.

Lucy and Oliver Arnold of Western, Nov.5,1807.

Lucy, Mrs., and Thomas Elwell of Hardwick, Mar.13,1838.

Lyea and Peter Abbot, 末貌m 2,1730.

Maria B. and Rensaleur Bliss of Western, Sept.22,1824.

Martha and Nathan Gould, Oct.31,1757.

Martha and Jonas Hayward, May25,1758.

Martha and Joseph Burnall Jr. of Chesterfield, Jan.24,1782.

Martha E. and George W. Allen, Mar.23,1842.

Mary and Timothy Brooks, Jan.12,1758.

Mary and Solomon Walker, Apr.9,1772.

Mary and John Rice, Feb.28,1789.

Mary and Abraham Holmes of Westford, VT, Mar.31,1814.

Polly Dolly and Jacob Kent, Mar.20,1817.

Mary and Cheney Russel, Mar.17,1825.

Mary Ann and Asa Patrick of Western, Feb.5,1829.

Mary W. and Francis W. Thompson, Sept.8,1835.

Mercy and Josiah Converse, Nov.18,1755.

Mercy and Charles Bruce, May13,1779.

Mercy and Stephen Parker, Feb.28,1793.

Miriam and Caleb Dodge, Apr.4,1757.*

Moses and Merriam Barnes of New Braintree, Jan.24,1765. In New Braintree.*

Nancy and Samuel Stowel of Western, Sept.18,1797.*

Nathan and Jemima Kindrick, Oct.14,1772.

Nathan Jr. and Sally Barton of Leicester, int.Nov.20,1803.

Nathaniel Jr. and Betty Chafee, Jan.3,1774.

Nathaniel and Lucy S. Rich of Warren, int.Mar.7,1835.

Noah [of Mansfield.CR] and Sarah Lane [of Ware River.CR], Aug.4,1758.*

Othniel, Dea., and Mrs.Susannah Allen, Sept.11,1793.

Parker and Sally Snow, Aug.14,1803.

Parker and Mary Fairbank, int.July6,1834.

Patience and Jessee Barns, Dec.8,1763.

Peltiah and Sarah Whitman of Bridgewater, Feb.19,1777. At Bridgewater.

Parly and Experience Babbitt, Jan.15,1792.

Perses and Nathan Allen Jr., Jan.20,1774.

Phillip and Martha Lamson, Jan.11,1770.

Phinehas and Mary Tyler, Oct.8,1809.

Prudence and Comfort Olds,末蔓末,1788. [int Dec.15,1787.]

Rachel and Joseph Snow, Dec.1,1796.

Ruben and Persis Denny, Dec.8,1763.

Reuben [] and Sarah Waite, July20,1775.

Reuben and Dolly Morse, July18,1790.

Reuben Jr. and Hannah Atwood, int.Oct.19,1800.

Ruth [of Braintree. int.] and Lemuel Gilbert, Dec.6,1770.

Ruth and George W. Bolton, Sept.4,1838.

Sabra and Titus Ammidon, Feb.28,1788.

Samuel and Priscilla Willington, Oct.23,1788.

Sarah and Thomas Gilburt, May24,1745.*

Sarah and Ephraim How, int.Sept.末,1757.

Sarah and John Stephenson of Rutland, May13,1762. In Rutland.

Sarah and David Marvil, int.Apr.末,1771.

Sally and Daniel Havin of Athol, Apr.2,1805.

Sally and Alfred White, Feb.15,1807.

Sarah W. and Lawson Wood, Mar.29,1832.

Seth and Prudence Satterly, May9,1758.

Solomon Jr. and Unice Walker, Apr.16,1797.

Solomon and Sally Combs, July3,1834.

Solomon B. and Sarah B. Dunbar, Oct.3,1837.

Stephen W. and Lucy Ann Kent, May5,1840.

Susan and Joshua Ross of Ware, int.Apr.28,1844.

Susannah and William Gamble, int.July4,1789. [Married July5.CR]

Tammasin [Tamasin Richardson in marriage] and Nathaniel Macomber of Shoolsbury, int.Oct.24,1802.

Thankfull and Samuell White, Aug.20,1766.*

Thomas, Capt., and Patience Brown, Dec.29,1758.

Thomas, Capt., [John dup.] and Jemima Cutler, Aug.3,1763.

Thomas 3d and Elisabeth Watt, May9,1765.

Phena and Hori Brown, July24,1814.

Wheat and Betsey Baldwin, Feb.21,1789.

William and Rachel Barns, Dec.21,1769.

Zadock and Rhoda Allen, Dec.5,1776.

Zilpha and William Allen Jr., Aug.18,1773.

GILBORT (Gilbert)

Betsey and Noah Belden of Conway, Feb.16,1786.

Easter and Joseph Waite, Jan.13,1785.

Jemima and Nathaniel Ludden, Apr.6,1783.*

Joel and Ruth Waite, July5,1781.

Mathar and Joseph Barrat [Burnall.CR] Jr. of Chesterfield, Jan.24,1782.*

Miriam [] and Abijah Hitchcock of Brimfield, Dec.3,1782.

Rachel and William Hubbard, Oct.8,1783.*

Sarah and John Dillingham, Oct.29,1782.

GILBURT (Gilbert)

Abigail and Joseph Trumble, Mar.22,1744.*

Bathsheba and Moses Abbot, Feb.5,1724-5.*

Bathsheba and Elijah Bartlit, Jan.11,1749.

Deborth and Jonas Hayward, Aug.21,1734.*

Ebenez and Milicent Hamelton, July18,1739.*

Elisabeth and Enoch Hinds, Feb.20,1721-22.*

Elizebeth and Benjamin Jennings, Nov.末,1750.*

Elisabeth and James Dote, int.Mar.23,1785.

Hannah and Cornealus White, Mar.4,1736.*

Hannah and William Dehoughty, Nov.22,1752.*

Henery, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Wheat, Dec.29,1735.*

John and Bial Hayward, Feb.12,1719.*

John and Sarah Abbot, Nov.3,1744.*

John and Sarah Dunton, Oct.13,1763.

Jonah and Abigal 末末, Jan.31,1740.*

Lois and Joseph Perry, Jan.6,1746.*

Luke and Elizebeth Barns, Dec.12,1751.*

Mary and John Goss, 末蔓27,1730.*

Milisent and Benjamin Wood of Sturbridge, Sept.13,1749.

Naomy and Thomas Tailor, July2,1745.*

Sarah and James Ross Rice, Nov.6,1745.*

Sarah and Samuel Gould,末蔓末,1751.*

Thomas and Judith Goos, Dec.2,1718.*

Thomas Esq. and Mrs.Marcy Barns, May27,174.*

Thomas and Sarah Gilbert, May24,1745.

Uriah and Elizabeth Old, 末[mb] 21,1732.*


Achsah and Daniel Forbes, June9,1785.*

GILFORD (Guilford)

Jonas of Spencer and Lydia Hobbs, int.Oct.26,1783.

末末 [Jonas], Dr., and Lydia Hobbs, Jan.15,1784.

William and [Wid.] Ruth Green, Mar.31,1791.


Elisha and Eunice Bond, int.Feb.1,1784.

GILLMORE (Gilmore)

Henry [Dr. int.] and Caroline Rice, Apr.11,1831.

GILMORE (Gillmore)

James 2d of Ware and Ruth Combs, Apr.20,1807.

GINNINGS (Jennings)

Benjamin and Abagail Morse of Sturbridge, Nov.5,1786. In Sturbridge.

GITCHIL (Getchell)

Johannah and Noah Barns, May5,1723.*

GLASON (Gleason)

Chloe [Gleason. int.] and Jonathan Durkee of Hannover, NH, Jan.3,1798.


Polly and Jesse Hamilton, Nov.13,1804.


Olive and Edmond Goodenough, May13,1765.

GLEASON (Glason, Gleeson)

Abner C. and Tamzen R. Snow, Apr.9,1835.

Cloe and Jonathan Duskee of Hanover, int.Oct.15,1797.

David B. and Caroline C. Ross, int.Dec.6,1832.

Diademe and Asell Fairbank of Western, Oct.16,1796.

Hiram of Brimfield and Eliza Bemis, Jan.1,1837.

Huldah and David Burroughs of Western, Oct.24,1802.

Isaac and Ruth Burroughs of Western, int.Nov.16,1800.

John Jr. and Charlotte Abbott, Dec.17,1811.

John B. of Western and Cyntha Hamilton, July4,1816.

John B. and Nancy F. Woolworth of Ware, int.Oct.16,1841.

Joseph and Eliza H. Chickering, both of Sturbridge, Dec.23,1835.*

Josiah of New Brantree and Mary Hitchcock, Oct.24,1811.

Lewis and Pamelia Makepeace, int.Apr.2,1833.

Louisa and Vespasian Randal of Western, Dec.8,1805.

Margaret and Ebenezer Fairbanks of Brimfield, Dec.28,1826.

Polly and Timothy Kimball, June17,1792.*

Nancy M. of New Braintree and Augustus Makepeace, int.Apr.13,1828.

Reuben of New Braintree and Lydia Snow, Mar.16,1830.

Ruth and Charles Sharer of Enfield, June6,1833.

Sewell and Esther Miller of Lyme, NH, int.Jan.21,1794.

Wealthy A. and Chandler Giddings, int.July30,1842.

GLEESON (Gleason)

Elisabeth [] and Timothy Green, int.Oct.20,1784.

Experance of Spencer and Phinehas Slayton, Mar.9,1786.


Abigal of Springfield and Jonathan Mills, May3,1749. At Springfield.


Benjamin of Grafton and Mary H. Rich of New Braintree, May10,1834.*

John F. and Clementina Lawton, int.Apr.6,1833.

Mary of Shrewsbury and Benjamin Kimball, Mar.15,1774. In Shrewsbury.

Nathaniel of Petersham and Ruth Hale, int.May7,1809.

Parly of Shrewsbury and Sarah Crosby, Sept.4,1815.

Sally and Amos Bond, Dec.26,1799.


Lemuel and Lucy Henshaw, both of Palmer, Oct.30,1834.*

GOODALE (Goodeale, Goodell)

Anna and Samuell Ware, July24,1745.*

Anna and Onisiphorus Ayres, Dec.6,1759.

Charles of Sturbridge and Catherine F. Bemis, Apr.2,1822.*

Lois and Edward Madden, int.May7,1775.

Lois and Joseph Eves,末蔓末,1778. [Married Oct.7.CR]

Patience and Jacob Hatfield Deland, May10,1784.

Solomon and Mary Hale, Nov.4,1766.

GOODEALE (Goodale)

Solomon and Anna Walker, May18,1732.*

GOODELL (Goodale)

Asa and Tammison Bellows of Westborough, int.Jan.16,1786.

Chloe M. of Millbury and John M. Woodis, int.Oct.27,1844.

Ebenezer and Anna Newton, Sept.3 [23.CR], 1773.

John and Eunice Marsh, int.Jan.末,1759.


Edmond and Olive Glazier, May13,1765.*

Samuel and Lucy Russel of Killingly, CT, int.June1,1811.


Evelina of South Hadley and Coleman W. Gilbert, int.Oct.22,1835.

Huldah of South Hadley and Galen Ross, int.Aug.22,1833.

GOODNOW (Goodenough)

Merriam of Spencer and Barnard Gilbert, int.Sept.11,1842.

GOOLD (Gould)

Mehitable and Peter Lampson, int.Mar.10,1754.

GOOS (Goss)

Judith and Thomas Gilburt, Dec.2,1718.*


Caroline of Sturbridge and Rufus Harrington Jr., Oct.9,1844.

GOSS (Goos)

Comfort and Dorcas Stevens, May9,1775.

Daniel of Worcester and Cynthia Abbot, Dec.2,1835.

Eunice and James Sheldon, Nov.6,1760.

Hannah and Experance Rich, May27,1723.*

Hannah and Thomas Haskall, Nov.12,1742.*

John and Mary Gilburt, 末蔓27,1730.*

Kesiah and Timothy Brown, Apr.18,1744.*

Mary and Daniel Walker, 末蔓13,1728.*

Mary and Josiah Gilbart, May30,1737.*

Miriam and Timothy Wright, Feb.6,1760.

Philip and Kezia Coolee, Nov.25,1723.*

Thankfull and John White, June20,1732.*

Thankful and Ebenezar Wright, Dec.4,1755.*


Benjamin and Hannah Wheet, int.July末,1759.

David of Oakham and Sally Rainger, int.Apr.22,1810.

Elisabeth of Springfield and Daniel Gilbert, int.June18,1773.

Hannah and Joseph Gilbert, Dec.13,1761.*

GOULD (Goold)

Abigail and Levi Faye of Sturbridge, Dec.22,1785.*

Asa and Gerusha Death, Mar.4,1784.

Daniel of New Braintree and Betsey Weston, int.Jan.4,1801.

Daniel, Ens., of Newbraintree and Eunice Kimbal, May9,1805.

Ebenezer of Ware and Milla Corey Coney, Jan.2,1783.

Eli and Lydia Jennings, Dec.21,1769.

George of New Braintree and Rebecca Hubbard, Feb.3,1793.

Hubbard and Mary Jones, int.Nov.末,1759.

Hubburt [] and Thankful Boles of Western, Jan.18,1769. In Western.

Jeremiah and Hannah Bartlett, June5,1755.

Jeremiah and Hannah Stevens, Aug.21,1760.

Jerusha of Western and Seth Marsh of Monson,末蔓末,1788.*

Mary of Newbraintree and Luke Bartlet, int.Jan.25,1801.

Nathan and Martha Gilbert, Oct.31,1757.

Samuel and Sarah Gilburt,末蔓末,1751.*

Sarah and Jonathan Burk, Mar.29,1763.*

Tabitha and Lemuel Fuller, Sept.20,1789.


Julia of Western and Ashel Daen Dorr, Aug.18,1796. In Western.

GOULDSBERRY (Gouldsbury)

Catharine and Elisha Rice, int.Nov.28,1779.

GOULDSBURY (Gouldsberry, Goulsbery)

Elizabeth and Charles Killam of Rutland, Nov.16,1743. In Rutland.*

Huldah and Luke Olds, Apr.7,1799.

John and Rebecca Hastings, Aug.28,1759.

William of Barra [] VT, and Bathsheba Walker, Jan.30,1794.

GOULSBERY (Gouldsbury)

John and Elizebeth 末末, Nov.21,1738.*

GRAHAM (Grayham)

Catee of Spencer and Carley Ward, Sept.28,1773.*


John of New Braintree and Rebecca Crapo, int.Oct.19,1788.

John of New Braintree and Eunice Warner, int.Nov.14,1790.

Sarah and Samuel Hoar, int.Apr.9,1797.


Patty of Leveret and Liberty Banister, int.June10,1798.

GRAY (Grey)

Joseph, Capt., of Boston and Mrs.Mercy Porter, int.Jan.31,1813.

Robert and Jane McCoomes, Oct.23,1733.*

GRAYHAM (Graham)

Robert of Spencer and Eunice Wood, int.Oct.末,1771.

GREEN (Greene)

Aaron, Dr., and Charlotte Rice, Apr.7,1829.*

Aaron, Dr., and Eliza M. Watson, May20,1840.

Anna and Robert Young, int.Sept.5,1779.

Caleb and Edith Addams, Sept.15,1763.*

Elijah of Spencer and Cloe Wood, int.Nov.末,1804.

Elizabeth and Moses Adams, July24,1798. In Spencer.

Elizabeth and Josiah Henshaw Jr., int.Apr.7,1817.

Ephraim and Mary Rogers, Dec.8,1763.

Isaac and Rachel How, Apr.7,1763.*

Jeduthan of Spencer and Ruth Slayton, Dec.1,1768. In Spencer.

Laurinda and Cheney Doane, both of North Brookfield, Sept.28,1828.*

Lucina and Solomon Parker, Dec.23,1779.

Mary Ann of Spencer and William S. Jenks, Apr.9,1834.

Mercy of Granby and Amas Leonard, int.Oct.14,1788.

Miranda and Reuben Drake, both of Spencer, Nov.末,1834.*

Phebe and Paul Deland, 末ember 30,1725.*

Rufus of Charlton and Kezia Eddy, Dec.19,1786. In Charlton.

Ruth and William Gilford, Mar.31,1791.

Samuel and Olive Ranger of Rehoboth, Dec.18,1777. At Rehoboth.

Timothy and wid.Elisabeth Gleeson, Oct.20,1784.

Timothy of Spencer and Prudence W. Bemis, int.Nov.16,1838.

Willard M. of Spencer and Patty Wood, Dec.4,1817.*

GREENE (Green)

Ebenezer of Hardwick and Betsy Doane, int.Oct.30,1798.

Nathaniel and Catherine Adams, int.Oct.25,1806.


Dorcas of Sherborn and Abner Brown, Apr.14,1748. At Sherborn.


Persis and Jedediah Deland, Nov.11 [June27.CR], 1784.

GREY (Gray)

Robert Jr. [] and Margeret Watt, Nov.18,1760.


Benjamin and Hannah Wedge, Nov.29,1757.

Mary and William Clemons,末蔓末,1732.*

Nancy H. and Thomas W. Converse of North Brookfield, Mar.8,1832.*


Samuel and Mary Hinkley, May8,1768.


Caroline H. and Rev. Timothy A. Taylor of Smithfield, RI, Sept.2,1840.

Daniel Buckley of Boylston and Lucy Williston, May23,1804.

John and Sarah Hayward of Concord, Jan.27,1708. In Concord.*

Joseph W. and Mary B. Hancock of Barre, int.Apr.12,1835.

Lucy of Pomfret and Gad Williston, int.May末,1771.

Lucy W.A. and Rev. John C. Nichols of Stonington, CT, Dec.4,1834.


Joseph B. and Sarah A. Prichard, Dec.30,1839.*


B.L. of Saugus and Rev. T.H. Mudge, int.Sept.16,1843.

GUILFORD (Gilford)

Asa of Spencer and Mary Adams, int.Sept.15,1837.

Darras [Darcos?] [G末末], and William Old, Feb.16,1738.*

Lucy of Sturbridge and Isaac Slayton Jr., int.June29,1832.

Sophy of Spencer and Elijah Adams, int.Mar.22,1821.

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