末末 [Hinds] and 末末,末蔓末,1745.

Patence and Andrew Nilson, Mar.30,1738.*


Sarah and Ebenez Hantchet, July19,1738.*


Susanna and John Bell, Oct.1, [3.CR], 1777.*


Adaline S. (d.William and Clarasa, a.18) and Stephen Baker Jr., Oct.6,1845.

Lucinia (d.William and Clara, a.21) and Joel Ellis of North Brookfield, Aug.23,1846. Married in Warren.

Persis of Ware and Augustus Gilbert, int.July18,1841.

HAIL (Hale)

Thomas Jr. and Ruth Hardy of Westborough, Dec.1,1768. At Westborough.

HAIR (Haire, Hare)

Emeline of North Brookfield and Hosea White, int.Mar.13,1842.

John and Agnes Steel, int.May末,1758.

Laura B. of North Brookfield and Benjamin B. Trask of Springfield, July4,1842.*

Margaret and Asa Vorse, Nov.19,1766. In Petersham.*

Rachel and John Bond, Jan.19,1775.CR See Haire below.

Samuel and Mary Read of Rutland, June22,1785. In Rutland.

William and Elizebeth Owen, Jan.20,1725-6.*

HAIRE (Hair)

Rachal and John Burk Bond, Jan.19,1775.

HALE (Hail)

Abigail and Jonathan Wood of Boxford, Feb.1,1787.

Anna and Malachi Maynerd of Conway, Feb.22,1786.

Anna and Aseph Old, int.Mar.30,1807.

Daniel and Polly Bartlet, Sept.2,1804.

Betsey and Abraham Snow, May [Mar.CR] 12,1785.

Eunice and Benjamin Adams, Dec.16,1773.

Hannah and Thomas Potter, int.Nov.26,1778.

Henry B. and Nancy Olds, May3,1832.

Joanna and Joel Adams of Montague, July14,1776.

Lucy and Rufus Dodge, Nov.9,1800.

Lydia and Josiah Cary, int.May23,1796.

Mary and Solomon Goodale, Nov.4,1766.

Mary and Francis Carruth, Apr.29,1802.

Mercy and Dr. Edmond Bancroft [of Norwich], Dec.31,1778.

Perley [Pearly.int.] and Hannah Edmands, Apr.29,1802.

Ruth and Nathaniel Goddard of Petersham, int.May7,1809.


Allass and Robert Lewis, May29 [21.CR], 1794.

Eli and Polly Harwood, Dec.25,1791.

Betty of Sutton and Jabez Leath of Grafton, Nov.8,1776.*

Elizabeth and Thomas Barnes, Nov.2,1780.

Francis and Lydia A. Lawton of Warren, int.Mar.27,1841.

Hannah and Azor Thompson of Salem, NY, Feb.9,1802.

Moses and Allace Wells, int.Aug.25,1810.

Moses of Spencer and Mary Combs, Jan.22,1838.

Olive of Spencer and Eli Bartlet Jr., int.Jan.30,1804.

Ruth of Spencer and Jacob Combs Jr., int.Nov.6,1808.

Samuel and Lucy Bowman of New Braintree, Aug.14,1796.

Samuel Jr. of Spencer and Lydia Hinds, June4,1797. In Spencer.

Sewell of New Braintree and Hannah Cutler, Nov.18,1790.

Timothy and Allace Hinds, Sept.26,1757.

Willis and Mary Smith of Palmer, int.Sept.8,1838.


Susanna and Thaddeus Dodge, Jan.30,1782. In New Braintree.


Elizabeth of Spencer and George S. Duell, int.Feb.19,1842.


Horace of Sturbridge and Mary Sterns of North Brookfield, June29,1830.*

Isaac and Louisa Rice, int.Aug.18,1835.

Martha of Sturbridge and Otis Blood, int.Aug.21,1830.

HAMELTON (Hamilton)

Dorethy and Josiah Wood, Dec.14,1725.*

Hannah and William Ayers, Jan.8,1724-5.*

John and Mary Wheler, Jan.8,1724-5.*

Jonah and Silence Brown, June28,1733.*

Milicent and Ebenez Gilburt, July18,1739.*

Nathan and Ruth Wheler, June23,1732.*

HAMILTON (Hamelton, Hammilton)

Abigail and Simeon Slayton, Nov.28,1793.

Abigail and Jude Adams Jr., int.Sept.9,1795.

Nabby and Rufus Bartlet, int.May11,1800. [Married Aug.3.CR]

Achsah and Nicholas McCluer Jr., Dec.17,1800.

Adolphus and Maria Sanford, Jan.1,1822.

Alanson and Harrit Makepeace, Apr.24,1823.*

Alanson and Eliza W. Warren of New Braintree, int.Apr.25,1826.

Amos and Meriam Newell, int.Sept.末,1761.

Anna and John Whitney, Feb.2,1775.*

Anna and John Allen Jr., Dec.11,1783.

Asa and Rebeckah Hamilton, int.Feb.9,1778.

Basmouth and Joel Brigham, Feb.27,1812.

Bemos and Abigail Slayton, int.Mar.11,1792.

Bulah and Curtis Richards, int.Dec.18,1818.

Caroline and Liberty McClure, Nov.7,1832.

Casindana and George W. Allen, Jan.21,1824.

Catharine and John McCluer, Nov.30,1808.

Selesta and Waldo Reed of Western, Dec.10,1822.*

Cheney and Sally Richardson, Oct.16,1808.

Comfort and Charity Carpenter of Keen, NH, int.Feb.21,1802.

Cynthia and Ephraim Richardson, May29,1788. In Spencer.

Cyntha and John B. Gleason of Western, July4,1816.

Deborah and Edward Ainsworth, Mar.1,1793.

Dorothy and Benjamin Aldrich, Nov.27,1767.

Dolly and Stephen Buckland, int.Mar.3,1805.

Elias and Ame Lamb of Charlton, Dec.3,1789. In Charlton.*

Eliphalet and Polly Babbit, Sept.22,1801.

Elisha and Mary Smith of Charlton, Mar.3,1763. In Charlton.

Betsey and Joel Adams Jr., Feb.19,1795.

Elizabeth Haskel and Joseph Ross, Jan.3,1811.

Erastus and Mary Adams, int.Jan.末,1762.

Ezra and Abigal Crosby, June30,1763.

Ezra and Abigal Bacon, int.Aug.末,1770.

Ezra and Esther Watson, Dec.2,1773.

Fanny (d.Squire and Rhoda, a.19) and Jonathan P. Stearns of Spencer, Sept.24,1846.

Hannah and Nathaniel Woolcot Jr., Mar.11,1756.

Hannah and Aaron Willard, Apr.24,1769.

Hannah and Elijah Allen, Jan.8,1784.

Harriet and Alexander H. Sessions, int.Apr.17,1844.

Henry H. and Fanny E. Clark, Aug.15,1830.

Huldah and Samuel Baldwin of Spencer, Feb.16,1796. In Spencer.

Huldah and Luke Draper, Mar.3,1813.

Isaac and Patty Waite, Dec.29,1808.

Israel and Olive Haskel, Apr.13,1790.*

Jabez and Abagail Willson of Spencer, Oct.1,1778. In Spencer.

Jabez and Patty Ward of Charlton, int.Jan.末,1804.

James and Lucy Nichols of Sturbridge, int.May30,1804.

James and Hannah Haven of Shrewsbury, int.Sept.3,1805.

James Jr. (s.James and Lucy, a.26) and Isabella Tufts, Mar.11,1846.

Jason and Lydia Hill, June27,1771.

Jesse and Sarah Stevens, int.Aug.26,1781.

Jesse and Polly Glass, Nov.13,1804.

Jesse of Athol and Mrs.Sally Nichols, May2,1843.

Joel and Jerusha Walker,末蔓末, 末末. [int.July27,1783.]

John and Joanna Woolcott, int.June24,1753.

John [Jr. int.] and Sarah Stone, Mar.29,1770.

Jonah [Jonas.int.] and Macy Barrows, June25,1771.

Joseph and Anna Pike, Sept.2,1779.

Joseph 2d and Persis Hill, Apr.29,1784.

Joseph Warren and Bathsheba Brigham, Nov.24,1802.

Joseph, Capt., and Martha Forbush of Westborough, int.May8,1806.

Joseph Jr. and Ruth Putnam of Danvers, MA, int.June24,1818.

Josiah Jr. and Sarah McCluer of Spencer, int.Aug.24,1774.

Josiah, Lieut., and Susanna Caldwell of Barre, int.May3,1801.

Josiah Jr. and Fanny Hobbs, Mar.8,1809.

Jude and Sarah Hoyt, Oct.31,1771.*

Jude and Rhoda Prouty of Spencer, Apr.18,1793. In Spencer.

Julia Anne and George W. Reed of Western, Mar.2,1825.

Levi A. and Mary Walker, June5,1831.

Levi E. and Phebe Walker, Oct.9,1834.

Lucretie and Joseph Bartlet, Nov.22,1778.

Lucy and Willard Richardson, Mar.20,1794.

Lucy and Harvey Willington of North Brookfield, Dec.2,1830.

Lydia and Elias Staples, Oct.7,1762.*

Lydia and Bemesly Gilbert, Feb.6,1791.

Maria A. [Maria Augusta.int.] and Brutus Hodges, Feb.24,1824.

Maria and John S. Bigelow of North Brookfield, int.Sept.11,1842.

Patty and Charles Howe,末蔓末, 末末 [int.May31,1802.]

Patty and William Richardson, int.Dec.2,1781.

Martha M. (d.Jabez) and Edwin W. Bowen, May4,1843.

Mary and Jabez Crossby, June16,1757.*

Polly and Samuel Pike, Nov.28,1790.

Polly and Pliny Bliss of West Springfield, int.Jan.24,1802.

Polly and Dr. Oliver Kittredge, Aug.13,1807.

Mary Eliza and Baxter Henshaw, Oct.18 [21. dup.], 1827.

Marcy and Henry Spring, July3,1767.

Moses and Hannah Felton, Jan.15,1767.

Nancy and Hiram Rawson, Mar.1,1808.

Nathan and Mary Richardson, July26,1758.

Nathan Jr. and Mary Bemis of Spencer, Apr.21,1763. In Spencer.

Nathan [Jr. int.] and Abigail Omsted, Jan.1,1771.

Olive and Stephen Bailey of North Brookfield, Mar.27,1822.

Persis and Levi Adams, int.末蔓末,1804.

Rachel and John Dodge, int.Feb.29,1784.

Rachel and Buenos Ayres, Mar.29,1789.

Rebeckah and Asa Hamilton, int.Feb.9,1778.

Rebecah and Ebenezar Slaton of Charlton, Jan.22,1784. In Charlton.

Reuben and Lucretia Hibbard Hubbard of Worcester, June8,1756. At Worcester.

Reuben Jr. and Elisabeth Woodbury, Mar.9,1780.

Rufus and Mary Kingsbury, June18,1781.*

Ruth and Benjamin Felton, Feb.3,1771.

Samuel of Northfield [Deerfield.int.] and Molly Tyler, May9,1775.

Sally and Thomas Richardson, Nov.17,1785.

Sarah and George Basslington, int.Nov.9,1800.

Sarepta and Seth Gates of Barre, int.Sept.4,1808.

Seth and Margeret Morgan of Spencer, May19,1788. In Spencer.

Sewell and Sibel Ward, int.Aug.29,1813.

Squire and Catherine Adams, int.Dec.9,1816. See Harrington, Squire.

Squire and Rhoda Walker, Nov.23,1826.*

Susanna and Samuel White, May10,1781.

Thirza and Judie Adams Jr., Sept.17,1795.

Washington and Mary Brigham, Oct.31,1816.

William and Beula Hammilton, int.Oct.24,1778.

William and Adeline L. Wood, Mar.5,1839.

HAMMILTON (Hamilton)

Beula and William Hamilton, int.Oct.24,1778.

HAMMOND (Hamond)

David Jr. of Charlton and Nancy Simmons, Mar.27,1798. In Spencer.

Elisha Esq. and Phebe Parsons Hitchcock, Oct.24,1811.

Frances P. and Eldad A. Prescott of Jaffrey, NH, int.Sept.30,1843. "Deaf and dumb. "

Jonas, Dr., of Charlton and wid.Beula Hobbs, int.Nov.22,1778.

Thomas and Marth Ormsted, Aug.21,1741.*

HAMOND (Hammond)

John of Western and Mirium Woolcot, Jan.10,1788.


Mary B. of Barre and Joseph W. Grosvenor, int.Apr.12,1835.


Ebenezer B. and Mary Church of Granby, int.Feb.8,1839.


William of Belchertown and Mercy Dodge, Nov.10,1791.


David [Hammond in marriage] of Charlton and Nancy Simmonds, int.Jan.30,1798.


Ebenez and Sarah Ha末, July19,1738.*


Thomas and Kathrine Beamis, both of Sutton, Jan.15,1777.


Asa of Medway and Nabby Hayward Howard, Sept.25,1811.*

Polly and John Mills, both of Western, Mar.12,1789.CR1*


Candace and Levi Stewart, Aug.1,1803.

Dorcas [Darkis.int.] and Joseph Simmons, Oct.21,1786. In New Braintree.

Elab of Actworth, NH, and Philena Bullard, int.Mar.12,1804.

Ezekial and Hannah Simmons, Jan.7,1784. In New Braintree.

Hepsibah and Davidson Barr, both of New Braintree, Nov. [Dec. dup.] 22,1792.*

Levi and Esther Banister, July26,1798.*

Martha and Robert Richmond, Nov.4,1766.CR2

Noah and Hanah Forbes, Mar.7,1769.*

Rufus and Lucy Livermore, Jan.11,1781.

Ruth of Westborough and Thomas Hail Jr., Dec.1,1768. At Westborough.

Sarah and James Dane Dean [of Oakham], June30,1777.

Shadrack and Bethiah Atwood of Spencer, Apr.26,1795. In Spencer.

HARE (Hair)

Rachel and Solomon Millard of Ashford, int.Mar.末,1771.


Joanna of West Brookfield and Joshua Spooner, June1,1842. In Pittsfield.


Cathrine and John Forbush, both of Oakham, Nov.22,1774.*

Georg and Ketherine Boyd, Sept.8,1743.*

John and Mary Bothwel, Dec.20,1764.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Abigail of Watertown and Thomas Slaton Jr. of Braintree, Sept.21,1832.GR2*

Abijah of Princeton and Sally Rice, int.Oct.17,1818.

Allen, Dr., of Unidella, NY and Elisabeth Hershell, Jan.26,1797.

Allen and Huldah Knight of North Brookfield, int.Aug.10,1837.

Amos and Ruth Jenks, Sept.26,1798.

Amos, Dea., and Content Adams, Jan.7,1822.

Amos Jr. and Clementine Harrington of Southbridge, int.Feb.7,1831.

Asa of Newbraintree and Rebecca Weston, Sept.19,1802.

Caroline I. and Rev. Thomas Simons of Boston, int.June7,1832.

Caroline Josephine and Ruel Whitney, Sept.26,1841.

Charles and Mary Ann Porter, Sept.23,1835.

Clementine of Southbridge and Amos Harrington Jr., int.Feb.7,1831.

Delia H. (d.Rufus) and Charles Underwood of North Brookfield, Apr.24,1845.

Ebenezer and Lucrecia Hill, Apr.30,1776.

Elias and Eunice L. Porter, Jan.1,1815.

Elisha and Betsey Marble, Nov.23,1785.

Ephraim and Sarah Bartlet, Nov.28,1765.*

Eunice and William Dean, Oct.15,1772.

George and Mrs.Betty Smith of Waltham, Sept.27,1764. In Waltham.

George and Sarah Whittemore of Shrewsbury, Mar.31,1774. In Shrewsbury.*

Grace and Joseph Willson of Leicester, Oct.8,1745. In Leicester.

Jacob and Catharine Moore, June12,1780.

Joshua and Phebe Reed, int.Jan.20,1754.

Lawson of Hardwick and Eliza McClenathan, Aug.13,1821.

Levi of New Braintree and Eliza Weston, Feb.28,1796.

Lucinda and Daniel Drake of Spencer, Dec.1,1803.

Lucy and Nathaniel [Daniel. int.] Whittemore, Apr.20,1780.*

Lucy of New Braintree and Jedediah Cutter, int.Feb.1,1784.

Lucy W. and George S. Lakin of Paxton, int.Apr.27,1832.

Mary and Thomas Bridg, Nov.5,1745.*

Miriam of Grafton and William Ayres 3d, Feb.5,1761. In Grafton.

Nancy and Joshua Bemis of Spencer, Nov.11,1817.

Nathaniel of Newbraintree and Nancy Townsend, Mar.27,1798.

Olive and Marshall Doane, int.Nov.8,1840.

Orvilla and Charles K. Stoddard of North Brookfield, int.Dec.15,1838.

Prudence Matilda and Dr. Joel Vaile of North Brookfield, Jan.1,1835.

Rice of Westminster, VT and Silence Adams, int.Jan.17,1800.

Rufus and Prudence Walker of Charlton, int.Oct.15,1796.

Rufus and Anna Mary Sterns, June14,1818.

Rufus Jr. and Mary R. Forbes of North Brookfield, May15,1834.

Rufus Jr. (s.Rufus, widr.) and Caroline Gore of Sturbridge, Oct.9,1844.

Ruth and Nathaniel Bemis of Leicester, Jan.10,1753. In Leicester.*

Salome and Lemuel Waite, Oct.30,1791. In Spencer.

Samuel and Lucy Whitney, int.Apr.末,1756.

Samuel of Hartford, VT and Persis Barns, July12,1819.

Sarah and James Ormes Jr. of Spencer, Aug.31,1769. In Spencer.

Sarah Ann and Lewis Sennear, Apr.25,1839.

Squire and Catharine Adams, Nov.30,1817. Probably Squire Hamilton, q. v.

Thankfull and Benjamin Howland of Spencer, Apr.4,1780.

William and Prudence Hinds, int.Apr.末,1766.


Benjamin of Providence, RI, and Hannah Taughtmon, int.Feb.24,1782.

Rebecca and Samuel Leeach, June2,1755.*

Sarah M. and William F. Adams of North Brookfield, int.Oct.15,1843.

HARSEY (Hearsey, Hersey)

Tabatha and Silas Potter, Feb.3,1775.

HARWARD (Haywood)

Sarah P. (d.Nathaniel and Lois, a.18) and Eleazer A. Bemis, May29,1845.

HARWOOD (Haywood)

Abel and Rhoda Winslow of Barre, int.Mar.24,1799.

Deborah of Holland and Joseph W. Olds, int.Aug.30,1833.

Dorothy of Worcester and Nathaniel Bartlit, July5,1750.*

Dorothy and Simon Stone, June2,1773.

Dolly and Joshua Spooner, Nov.28,1797.

Ebenezer and Katy Lamson, Nov.20,1794.

Elizabeth A. of North Brookfield and Eratus D. Crossfield, int.Feb.25,1816.

George W. and Anna Bisco of Spencer, int.Nov.1,1807.

Hannah and George Abbot, int.Sept.28,1832.

Jonas and Lucretia Winslow, May31,1808.

Jonathan and Mary Witt, int.Sept.末,1771.

Polly and Eli Hall, Dec.25,1791.

Nathan and Hulda Banister, int.Mar.末,1760.

Nathaniel and Louis Pirce, June29,1825.*

Peter and Phebe Prouty of Spencer, May25,1763. In Spencer.*

Phebe and Ebenezer Parkman, Dec.12,1796.

Phebe and Solomon Banister, int.Dec.17,1798.

Sarah and Hiram Pierce, Mar.30,1825.

HASKALL (Haskel, Haskell)

Olive and Israel Hamilton, Apr.13,1790.*

Paul and Sally Carter of Hardwick, int.Jan.3,1796.

Paul and Sally Carter of Hardwick, int.Jan.3,1796.

Ruth and Simeon Haskall, Nov.7,1793.

Silas and Sally Bond, Apr.11,1799.

Simeon and Ruth Haskall, Nov.7,1793.

Thomas and Hannah Goss, Nov.12,1742.*

HASKEL (Haskall)

Rebeca [Hershell. int.] and Nathan Thomson of Newbraintree, Nov.26,1797.

HASKELL (Haskall)

Mark of Hardwick and Charlotte C. Holt, Mar.30,1826.

Samuel of Boston and Adaline Stevens of North Brookfield, Sept.17,1828.*


Hiram S. and Emily Bell of Ware, int.Nov.4,1844.

John of Templeton and Mary B. Combs, int.Sept.2,1832.

Thomas of Boston and Elizabeth Foxcroft, Aug.23,1801.


Abigail and Simeon Morey of Sturbridge, Mar.20,1808.

Betsey and Jairus Abbot, Apr.4,1805.

Emerson and Lorinda Mullett, Jan.27,1840.*

Experience and Luther Walker, Dec.4,1836.

Katherine and Pliny Upham, Dec.30,1802.

Laura and Calvin Jennings, Apr.5,1820.

Lucy H. and Daniel E. Adams, Nov.28,1827.

Marsha [Marcey.int.] and James Brigham of Holland, CT, Mar.24,1814.

Polly and Jeremiah Mellen, int.Sept.15,1811.

Moses and Rebecca Olds, Aug.27,1781.

Nevenson and Experience Wright, July12,1781.

Nevenson and Lucreatia Worthington, Jan.31,1790.

Philip of Belchertown and Rebekah Rainger, Nov.7,1808.

Rebecca and John Gouldsbury, Aug.28,1759.

Samuel W. and Louisa Babbitt, Jan.13,1831.

William and Damarious Olds, int.Mar.3,1805.

William B. and Rebecca Mellen, int.Nov.10,1837.


Cynthia and Willard Brewer of Spencer, Mar.23,1815.

Eli and Hannah Whittemore of Spencer, int.Apr.23,1814.


Catharine and David Boynton, Mar.10,1779.*

Elisabeth and Daniel Dealand, int.July末,1757.

Betsey and Seth Simmons, Aug.6,1789.*

Huldah and Benjamin Gott Ball, Dec.4,1783.

Joseph and Huldah Bacon, July4,1757.

Joseph Jr. and Dorothy Bush, Sept.25,1777.

Joseph and Sarah Billings, Jan.24,1785.

Joseph Jr. and Parthenia Britton, int.Sept.9,1785.


Emma A. and John Clayton, Nov.29,1838.

Enos and Elizabeth Tucker of Spencer, Dec.23,1789. In Spencer.

Jerusha and Lemuel Adames, Aug.3,1786.

Jonathan and Katherine Wait, Mar.3,1785. In New Braintree.

Levi of Spencer and Martha Wolcott, Jan.17,1808.

Lydia and Bela C. Stoddard, Jan.7,1799.

Nathan and Lydia Alexander of Western, June30,1796. In Western.

Nathan of Western and Elizabeth Olds, int.Oct.15,1815.

Phebe and Nathaniel Jerks, Oct.23,1789.

Rachel and Joseph Poland, Nov.26,1782.*

Robart and Susanna Hill, Feb.12,1784.

Thankfull and John Morgan of Spencer, Apr.16,1789.

Thankful of North Brookfield and Warren Rice, int.Jan.1,1819.

Wilson and Judah Meller, int.Feb.20,1798.

HAVEN (Havin)

Hannah of Shrewsbury and James Hamilton, int.Sept.3,1805.

Nancy of Shrewsbury and Caleb Lealand, int.Oct.28,1805.

HAVIN (Haven)

Daniel [Haven. int.] of Athol and Sally Gilbert, Apr.2,1805.

HAWES (Haws)

Julia E. and James Plimpton of Sturbridge, Jan.10,1844.

Rinda and Oliver Rice, int.Oct.13,1816.

Lydia Ann and John L. Ainsworth, Dec.29,1841.

Preston W. (s.Preston and Fanny, a.23) and Ellen Nichols of Sturbridge, Nov.25,1846.


Charles W. of Windsor, VT, and Selina Walker, Sept.末,1834.

Zebina B. of Windsor, VT, and Clarinda Walker, int.Nov.25,1827.

HAWS (Hawes)

Preston and Fanny Olds, Dec.13,1812.

Samuel of Chesterfield and Mary Smith, int.Oct.末,1770.


David and Eunice King of Palmer, int.Aug.26,1780.

David and Sally Morse, Apr.6,1813.

Reuben and Betsey Marsh, Dec.1,1817.

Reuben and Harriet Clark, Oct.4,1830.

HAYWARD (Harward, Harwood, Haywood, Heywood)

Nabby and Asa Harding of Medway, Sept.25,1811.*

Alice P. and Norman B. Stebbins, int.Mar.27,1842.

Barzilai and Susanna Fenny, Feb.14,1798.*

Barzillai and Hannah Miller, int.Aug.25,1810.

Benjamin and Hannah Mash, Nov.9,1786.

Benjamin B. and Sarah Rice, Feb.2,1815.

Bial and John Gilburt, Feb.12,1719.*

Elenah and Edward Walker, Apr.4,1723.*

Betsey and Ruben Dodge, Nov.6,1783.*

Elisabeth and Ezra Runnels, June12,1796.

Ephraim and Johannah Wheler, June28,1726.*

Exsperance and Benjamin Walker, June28,1726.*

Hannah and Ebenezer Jennings, 末蔓13,1731.*

John and Elisabeth Brooks, Dec.29,1757.*

Jonas and Debroth Gilburt, Aug.21,1734.*

Jonas and Martha Gilbert, May25,1758.*

Joseph and Betsey Dealand, Nov.4,1789.

Josiah of Western and Mary Ellis, Oct.31,1822.*

Judeth and Hezekiah Marks, Apr.23,1734.*

Martha and Nathan Barns, Aug.17,1767.

Mary and Jeremiah Divier, May9,1775.*

Mary and Samuel Babbit, Apr.20,1785.*

Mehitable and John Pike, int.Nov.末,1757. [Marriage, Dec.1]

Marcy and John Blair, May24,1737.*

Oliver Esq. and Mrs.Anna Hind, June8,1749.*

Prudence of Concord and John White, Nov.26,1707. In Concord.*

Sarah of Concord and John Grosvenor, Jan.27,1708. In Concord.*

Susanna and William Brown, Dec.9,1784.

HAYWOOD (Hayward)

Benjamin and Sally Upham, Jan.13,1820.

Elisabeth and Reuben Olds, Jan.23,1781.


Pearly and Abigail Warden of Worcester, int.Jan.3,1802.

HEARSEY (Harsey, Hersey)

Elijah Jr. of Leicester and Beulah Waite, Dec.31,1780.

Martin of Spencer and Sarah Adams, Aug.3,1836.


Jabez of Suffield, CT, and Martha Barrett, Oct.27,1819.


Adrian A. and Abigail F. Bates of Sturbridge, int.Oct.5,1838.


Hannah and Charles Doroty, int.Nov.末,1764.

HENCHER (Henshaw, Hensher, Hincher)

William and Ruth Woolcott, Nov.6,1755.

William Jr. and Christian Bellinger, Sept.16,1766.


Reuben [Probably Kendrick], [of Conway.int.] and Hannah Jennings, Feb.16,1775.


Noah and Rachel Newton of Westborough, Nov.29,1762. At Westborough.


Betsy of Rutland and Josiah Cary Jr., int.Feb.22,1807.

Silas and Mary Pierce, int.Apr.6,1833.

HENSHAW (Hencher, Hensher, Hincher, Hinchow, Hinshaw)

Adeline (d.Josiah and Elizabeth, a.21) and Joseph A. Howland, Apr.20,1847.

Baxter and Mary Eliza Hamilton, Oct.21 [18. dup.], 1827.

Caroline and Benjamin Gallup, Nov.7,1833.

Charlotte P. and Charles D. White of Charlton, int.Nov.4,1843.

Dexter and Nancy Nichols of Sturbridge, int.Apr.23,1835.

Dolly and James Allen, Nov.27,1806.

Eli and Abigail Sanford, May17,1815.

Elizabeth and Chester Merritt, Oct.19,1830.*

Elizabeth G. and Charles L. Carter of Bristol, CT, int.Nov.4,1843.

Foster and Paulina Newell of Sturbridge, int.Mar.24,1823.

Hannah and Ameriah Holdbrook of Sturbridge, int.Nov.末,1779.

Hiram and Silenda Adams, May22,1833.

Josiah Jr. and Elizabeth Green, int.Apr.7,1817.

Justus G. of Leicester and Sarah Deland of North Brookfield, Jan.15,1835. In North Brookfield.*

Leonard and Lemira Carpenter, Aug.31,1828.

Lorin (s.Baxter and Louisa, a.24) and Elizabeth Nichols of Sturbridge, Apr.24,1844.

Lewis and Clarinda Wood, int.Oct.3,1844.

Louisa (d.Baxter and Mary, a.19) and Silas Smith of North Brookfield, Oct.17,1848.

Lovisa of Spencer and George Corey, int.Dec.7,1844.

Lucy and Fitzroy Bullard of Spencer, June8,1826.

Lucy and Lemuel Goff, both of Palmer, Oct.30,1834.*

Melinda and James Howland Jr., Nov.17,1836.

Ruth and Amos Adams, int.Nov.19,1797.

Sally and William Primer of Western, Aug.31,1794.

Thomas and Sarah Lamb of Charlton, May22,1788. In Charlton.*

Thomas and Mrs.Miriam Hitchcock of Brimfield, int.Apr.18,1835.

William and Marcia M. Walker, Mar.9,1823.*

HENSHER (Henshaw)

Nancy and John Fay of Sturbridge, Nov.27,1817.


John and Hannah Crabtree, Dec.28,1783.

Polly and Walter Hooker, Dec.4,1803.


Olive and Calvin Walker, Sept.5,1802.

Otis and Polly Olds, Jan.14,1802.

Otis and Dolly Wait, July7,1819.

Silas C. of Albany and Mary A. Draper, June18,1831.

Thomas of Albany, NY, and Lucy Olds, Mar.15,1804.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Lucy and Ebenezer Warren, Oct.22,1745.*

Rebecca and Thomas Moor Jr., July26,1770.

HERSEY (Harsey, Hearsey)

Achsah and Elisha Slayton, int.July3,1802.


Elisabeth and Dr. Allen Harrington of Unidella, NY, Jan.26,1797.

Patty and Josiah Parker, Jan.26,1797.*


Chloe [Hesset. int.] and Seth Babbit Jr., Dec.1,1805.


Polly and Jesse Parker, Aug.11,1784.


Abigail and William Olds Jr., Mar.7,1771.

HEYWOOD (Harward, Hayward)

Alice P. and Reuben Marsha, Apr.3,1808.

Lucinda of Milford and Nathan Porter, int.Feb.28,1808.


Lucretia of Worcester and Reuben Hamilton, June8,1756. At Worcester.


John [Hibberd.int.] and Dorothy Walker, Nov.21,1776.

HIDE (Hyde)

Abigail and Benjamin Phelps of Western, int.Nov.27,1791.


Benjamin and Mary Drury, both of Spencer, Jan.末,1777.*


末防a and 末末, Aug.末,1766.

Cloe and Bethuel Gilbert, July22,1804.

Clarinda of Ludlow and Daniel Chapen, int.Dec.1,1808.

Elizabeth and John Dodge, Nov.25,1778.

Esther and Gideon Tiler, Sept.1,1766.

Faulkner of Warren and Rachel Dearth, May21,1835.

Hannah and Thomas Tucker, July20,1749.*

Hannah and Obediah Rice Jr., Mar.21,1771.

Hannah and Thomas Kindrick Jr., Apr.22,1800.

John and Hannah Wetherell of Norton, May17,1748. At Norton.*

John and Rachel Rice, Feb.25,1773.

John and Sarah Cook, Sept.21,1778.

Joshua of Spencer and Miriam Briggs, Jan.1,1795. In Spencer.*

Kezia and Isaac Wetherbee, June25,1782.

Kittridge and Sally Bigelow, Nov.12,1804.

Lucrecia and Ebenezer Harrington, Apr.30,1776.

Lucy of Gardner and David Smith 2d, int.Mar.13,1814.

Lydia and Jason Hamilton, June27,1771.

Mahala and Thomas Barns, Jan.14,1786.

Mary and Jacob Shaw, May6,1767.*

Mary and Eli Bartlett, Nov.25,1773.

Mary and Daniel Allen, Apr.3,1794.

Polly and Jason Barns, int.Sept.7,1800.

Mary of Spencer and James B. Kent, int.Dec.12,1811.

Nathan and Rhoda Titus of Mansfield, Nov.17,1774. At Mansfield.

Persis and Joseph Hamilton 2d, Apr.29,1784.

Peter and Susanna Bryant, Apr.23,1778.

Rachel and Nathaniel Maynard of Leverett, Aug.15,1804.

Richard [of Leicester. int.] and Dinah Freeman, Oct.23,1783.

Sarah and Nathan Fisk, int.Aug.末,1758.

Sarah and David Wood of Sturbridge, May27,1777.

Susanna and Robart Hathaway, Feb.12,1784.

Thomas and Elenor Bartlet, Dec.24,1772.

Warner of Spencer and Lydia Howe, Apr.6,1826.

Washington of Spencer and Almira Kent, Mar.30,1823.*


Erastus B. of Hatfield and Clarinda Stevens of North Brookfield, Jan.29,1828.*

HINCHER (Hencher, Henshaw)

Nabby and Jonathan Richardson, int.July15,1792.

Alvin and Lorinda Adams, int.Mar.26,1825.

Betsey and David Lathe of Charlton, Oct.12,1813.

Joshua and Elisabeth Nichols of Sturbridge, Mar.26,1792.

Mary and Jonathan Tucker, int.Sept.18,1768.

Priscilla [Hinchshaw.int.] and Capt. Joseph Richardson, Aug.3,1786.

Sarah and Daniel Forbes, Mar.22,1769.

William Jr. and Mehitabel Moffit, int.Mar.末,1770.

HINCHLEY (Hinkley)

Sally and Dr. Solomon Bond of Plainfield, Feb. [12.CR] 2,1792.

HINCHOW (Henshaw, Hinshaw)

Josiah and Sally Phips, Apr.22,1784.

HINCKLEY (Hinchley)

Samuel and Abigail Welsh of Charlestown, Dec.20,1756. At Charlestown.

Samuel and Mary Proctor of Providence, RI, int.Nov.4,1782.

Sarah and John Ranger, int.Mar.末,1761.

HIND (Hinds, Hynds)

Anna, Mrs., and Oliver Hayward Esq., June8,1749.*

Susanah and John Bell, Nov.17,1749.*

HINDS (Hind, Hynds)

Allace and Timothy Hall, Sept.26,1757.

Anna and Samuell Walker,末蔓末,1728.*

Calus and Gennet Memastea, Sept.6,1742.*

Cornelius and Martha How, int.Apr.末,1763.

David and Hannah Tucker, Feb.23,1802.

Dinah and Gideon Rugg, July1,1760.*

Elizebeth and Jonathan Orms, July27, [174望.*

Elisabath and Malacha Mainard, Sept.6,1768.

Enoch and Elisabeth Gilburt, Feb.20,1721-22.*

Experience and Joseph Marks, Nov.18,1718.*

Frances and Seth Banester, Nov.20,1734.*

Hardy Mary and Joseph Banister, Nov.21,1734.*

Jemima and Ephraim Dewing, Sept.29,1807.*

John and Lydia Seager of Spencer, May24,1772.

Jonathan and wid.Bathsheba Rice, Dec.28,1843.

Joshua and Lydea H末末, Oct.10,1745.*

Lowell L. and Polly Wright of Hubbardston, int.Mar.11,1832.

Lydia and Samuel Hall Jr. of Spencer, June4,1797. In Spencer.

Martha and Robert Richmond, Nov.4,1766.*

Nehemiah and Sarah 末末, Oct.5,1739.*

Oliver and Mary Capen of Spencer, May2,1776.*

Prudence and William Harrington, int.Apr.末,1766.

Sally and Asa Estabrook of Hardwick, int.Aug.2,1801.

Seth and Elizebeth Orms, Feb.9,1744.*

Susanah and William Bowman, May23,1769.

Trifinia and Edward Wright, June27,1745.*

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Abigail and Capt. Seth Pierce of Hardwick, Jan.19,1797.*

Mary and Samuel Grimes, May8,1768.

Marcy and Thomas Weeks, July23,1759.

Rebeckah C.T. of Spencer and John Burnet [born in Southbridge, as he says]. int.Nov.7,1829.

HINSHAW (Henshaw, Hincher)

Baxter and Lovisa Adams, int.Oct.23,1814.

Sally and Russell Wood of Hopkinton, Feb.25,1821.


Abijah of Brimfield and Miriam Gilbort, Dec.3,1782.

Achsah and Asher Benjamin, Nov.30,1797.

Caleb and Anna Welsh, June13,1776.

Caleb and Sally Steel of Leicester, int.Sept.1,1782.

David and Martha Keyes, int.Dec.末,1763.

Eli of Western and Abigail Olds, Dec.23,1776.

Enoch and Jane Dunn, Jan.28,1790.

Hollis and Mary Wood, Nov.11,1810.

Luke of Ware and Rebeccah Blair, Dec.29,1836.

Martha and Dr. Seth Field, Jan.1,1797.

Mary and Dr. Benjamin Bemis of Fitzwilliam, NH, Feb.3,1807.

Mary and Josiah Gleason of Newbraintree, Oct.24,1811.

Mary, Mrs., and Dr. Benjamin L. Howe of Shrewsbury, Apr.15,1822.*

Mary and Samuel C. Smith of Moretown, VT, Sept.29,1836.

Miriam, Mrs., of Brimfield and Thomas Henshaw, int.Apr.18,1835.

Moses and Hannah Williston, Nov.28,1770.

Moses Jr. and Sally Rice, Nov.29,1798.

Nathan of Brimfield and Esther Bigelow, Sept.9,1810.

Phebe Parsons and Elisha Hammond Esq., Oct.24,1811.

Reuben of Western and Euncie Olds, int.Nov.26,1774.

Samuel of Brimfield and Merriam Adams, Dec.1,1803.

Sarah and Abijah Cutler, Oct.12,1773.

Sally and Ebenezer Merriam, Nov.28,1799.

Sally and Nathaniel Lynde, July26,1807.

Sophia and Phinehas Barns of Topsham, Dist. of Maine, int.Oct.6,1805.

Sophia and George Davis Esq. of Sturbridge, May21,1812.

Sylvester of Brimfield and Lucy Lamberton, int.Aug.9,1832.

William and Bersheba Bartlet, Apr.10,1804.

HOAR (Horr)

Calvin of Brimfield and Mary Whittemore, int.July4,1826.

David and Mrs.Mary Bridges of Western, May21,1829.*

Betsey and Justus Atwood of Belchertown, int.Nov.6,1808.

Samuel and Elizabeth Waite, int.Sept.25,1778.

Samuel and Sarah Grainger, int.Apr.9,1797.

Samuel and Polly Cary, Aug.25,1805.

Samuel Jr. and Polly Edson of New Braintree, int.Jan.6,1810.


Aaron and Mary Ward of Charlton, June27,1793.

Abigail and Elias Brown of Lincoln, Feb.23,1769.

Augusta and Hiram B. Clark, July7,1822.*

Beulah and Isaac Warner of Sturbridge, Dec.9,1772.*

Beula, Wid., and Dr. Jonas Hammond of Charlton, int.Nov.22,1778.

Catharine and Moses Adams 2d, int.Sept.21,1822.

Eliza Jane (d.John and Aseneth, a.19) and Frederick Brigham, Apr.20,1846.

Amma and Jairus McLuer, Nov.2,1809.

Eveline and Matthias Ryon of Charlton, Nov.14,1822.

Fanny and Josiah Hamilton Jr., Mar.8,1809.

George and Selina S. McClure, int.Oct.3,1826.

Hannah and George Watkins of Sturbridge, Feb.26,1776.

Hartwell (s.Josiah and Polly, a.24) and Josephine B. Clark, Apr.6,1846.

Isaac of Sturbridge and Hannah Adams, int.June末,1804.

Jesse and Patience Rice, Nov.14,1782.

Jesse and Rachel Brigham, Nov.25,1813.

John of Leicester and Asenath Brigham, June30,1825. [Jan.24,1826 in dup.]

Lydia and Dr. Jonas Gilford, Jan.15,1784.

Maria and Edward E. Ryan of Leicester, int.Jan.21,1827,1828

Moses and Hannah Bigelow, Feb.21,1790.

Nathan and Lyda Warrin, Feb.26,1766.*

Rosalyndia, Mrs., and Daniel Wheelock of Charlton, int.Apr.26,1812.

Sally and Jairus McClure, Nov.21,1803.

Silas and Lydia Merritt of Charlton, Nov.29,1787. In Charlton.*


Brutus and Maria A. [Augusta.int.] Hamilton, Feb.24,1824.


Aaron and Susanna Webber, Mar.27,1836.*

Rachel and Oliver P. Whittemore, Oct.8,1840.

HOLBROOK (Holdbrook)

Elihu and Polly Bugbee of Brimfield, int.Sept.4,1791.

Betsey of Cummington and Dr. Ira Bryant, int.June23,1810.

Flavius and Lydia A. Clark, Oct.10,1830.

George and Polly Wood, Nov.30,1797.

Isaiah and Anna Pierce of Spencer, Nov.19,1797. In Spencer.

Jonathan and Polly Blanchard, int.June25,1797.

Prude of New Braintree and Solomon Mathews Jr., int Mar.23,1800.

HOLDBROOK (Holbrook)

Ameriah of Sturbridge and Hannah Henshaw, int.Nov.末,1779.


John and Nabby Marsh, May22,1801.


Sarah and Nathaniell Wait Jr., int.May末,1770.


Elisabeth [Betsy.int.] and Thomas Sumner, Mar.9,1780.

Prissilla of Sutton and Thomas Moore, Sept.25,1766. At Sutton.

HOLMES (Homes)

Abraham of Westford, VT, and Mary Gilbert, Mar.31,1814.

Nancy and Reed Rich, both of New Braintree, Aug.2,1799.*

Temperance B. and James H.A. Deland, both North Brookfield, June10,1830.*


Charlotte C. and Mark Haskell of Hardwick, Mar.30,1826.

Daniel of Western and Frances Brigham, Oct.10,1820.

Jacob, Capt., and Charlott Wood, Oct.13,1817.


John, Dr., and Caroline Walker of Milton, int.June2,1816.

HOMES (Holmes)

Abraham of New Braintree and Ruth Cutler, Nov.24,1774.

James and Mary Stevens, May2,1770.


Mary of Kingstown, NH, and Rev. Joseph Appleton, int.May8,1777.


Emily and William A. Snow of North Brookfield, Sept.15,1836.

Mira, Mrs., of Sturbridge and William Howard, int.Mar.8,1812.

Walter and Polly Herrick, Dec.4,1803.

HORR (Hoar)

Mary of North Brookfield and Jesse Farnham, int.Dec.30,1841.


Lurania and John Billington, int.Mar.1,1784.


Jemima and Increase Ayres, Nov.19,1797. In Leominster.


Sally of Leicester and Elial Snow, int.Nov.2,1818.

HOW (Howe, Howes)

Abner and Sarah Lane, Sept.29,1757.*

Artimas and Elisabeth Parkman, int.Sept.9,1773.

Dorothy and Jonathan Barns, Nov.13,1763.*

Ebenezer and Lydea Woolcott, Apr.23,1724.*

Ebenezer and Mary Deland,末蔓末,1751.*

Ebenezer and Sarah Rice, Sept.29,1768.

Eli and Elisabeth Smith, Apr.8,1773.

Elijah and Martha Barns, Oct.11,1764.*

Ephraim and Sarah Gilbert, int.Sept.末,1757.

Ichabod and Phebe Tenney of Mendon, May4,1747. At Mendon.*

Ichabod and Margeret Lesheuer, int.Dec.末,1757.

Jedidiah [Jr. int.] and Lucy Gilbert, Oct.30,1760.*

Lucy of Holden and Elijah Demons, Sept.8,1763. At Holden.

Luther [of Marlboro. int.] and Elisabeth Watson, Nov.19,1772.

Lydia and William Peso, Dec.16,1784.

Martha and Cornelius Hinds, int.Apr.末,1763.

Mary and Nathaniell Jones, Feb.27,1755.*

Mary and Aaron Bowen, Mar.20,1770,1771

Poll [Polley int., Mary inCR] and James Lane of Mansfield, CT, Apr.11,1785.

Rachel and Isaac Green, Apr.7,1763.*

Sarah and Levi Walker, Mar.12,1759.*


Nabby and Asa Harding of Midway, int.July27,1811.

Barzillai and Katharine Corey, Feb.12,1784.

Cyrus and Martha H. Morgan,末蔓末 [int.Mar.15], 1834.

Betsey and Reuben Dodge, int.Nov.3,1783.

Ichabod and Elizabeth Tucker, June17,1745.*

Laura and Emory Bartlett, May5,1825.

Mary and Jeremiah Dwier, int.Feb.11,1775.

Mary and Benjamin McKinstry of Charlton, int.Sept.2,1815.

Mehitabel and John Pike, Dec.1,1757.*

Moses of Sturbridge and Betsey Kendrick, May11,1802.

Nathan and Betsey Paul, int.Mar.2,1794.

Sarah and Jotham Newton, int.Mar.19,1774.

Susan and Dexter Stoddard of North Brookfield, Sept.6,1830.

William and Mrs.Mira Hooker of Sturbridge, int.Mar.8,1812.

HOWE (How, Howes)

Abraham and Betsey Tyler, Mar.25,1802.

Alphonso of Spencer and Polly Slayton, Sept.20,1832.

Benjamin L., Dr., of Shrewsbury and Mrs.Mary Hitchcock, Apr.15,1822.*

Barnard and Catharine Stearns, Feb.2,1823.*

Charles and Patty Hamilton [int.May31,1802.]

Charlotte A. and Samuel Johnson of Boston, June30,1825.

Elias and Polly Dunton, Nov.27,1800.

Betsey and Jonathan Nye Jr. of New Braintree, June2,1808.

Elizabeth A. (d.Otis and Martha, a.27) and George F. Ramsdell, Oct.27,1847.

Fanny, Mrs., of Spencer and Aaron Banister, Dec.14,1826.

Frederick A. and Patty Winter of Greenwich, int.May21,1822.

George of Boston and Susan Walker, Oct.29,1828.

Hannah of Spencer and Elijah Slayton, int.Jan.23,1803.

Harriet W. and Rev. Warren Cooper of Royalston (Winchendon), Oct.19,1836.

Hepziba and John Allen 2d, int.Feb.26,1809.

Isaiah (a.28) and Mrs.Mary Jane Marcy, Apr.10,1846.

Joel Rice and Nancy Clrk, May23,1805.

Joseph Jr. and Sally Dunn, May14,1798.

Josiah and Sally Ayres, Jan.12,1797.

Lucy and Flavel Crosby of Winchendon, Sept.13,1792.

Lydia and Warner Hill of Spencer, Apr.6,1826.

Patty [Martha.int.] and Henry Jewet of Fitzwilliam, Jan.12,1797.

Mary H., Mrs., and Capt. Alpheus Wight of Sturbridge, int.Oct.12,1826.

Mitty of Shrewsbury and Edward Kingsbury, int.Feb.15,1801.

Nancy and Cyrus Deane of Dedham, Oct.12,1806.

Nancy and Stephen Douglass of Greenwich, Oct.10,1819.

Nancy M. (d.Otis and Martha, a.23) and James R. Rogers, May11,1847.

Nehemiah and Allice Richmond, May3,1804.

Oliver and Betsey Doane, int.Nov.13,1808.

Orren P. and Eliza P. Wetherbee, int.Apr.9,1843.

Roxy and John Waite Jr., May15,1796. In Spencer.

Sally and Simon Crosby of Fitzwilliam, Jan.8,1789.

Sally of Spencer and William Adams, Aug.9,1795. In Spencer.

Seraphine of Spencer and Joel W. Upham, int.Apr.2,1831.

William and Abigail Crosby, Nov.2,1780.

William [Capt. int.] and [Mrs.] Dolly Marsh, July21,1816.

William Jr. and Almira Lyon of Woodstock, CT, int.Jan.30,1819.

HOWES (Howe)

Rinda [Hawes] and Oliver Rice, Nov.10,1816.


Benjamin of Spencer and Thankfull Harrington, Apr.4,1780.

James Jr. and Melinda Henshaw, Nov.17,1836.

John and Bulah Beemiss of Spencer, Aug.19,1773.*

John and Polly Adams, int.June13,1824.

Joseph A. (s.Southworth and Polly, a.26) and Adeline Henshaw, Apr.20,1847.

Louisa and Galen Carpenter, both of Worcester, Apr.9,1839.*

Maria and William Avry of Conway, June17,1830.*

Southworth and Esther Allen, Nov.24,1799.

Southworth and Polly Ware of Conway, int.Feb.3,1816.

Timothy and Lydia Putnam of Western, int.Jan.3,1802.


Anna and Joseph Rainger, May31,1781.*

Isaac N. of North Brookfield and Elizabeth R. Snow, int.Apr.10,1841.

Sarah and Jude Hamilton, Oct.31,1771.*

Sally and Consider Ewell of Chesterfield, Jan.27,1803.

Shelah and Lydia Babbitt, Aug.16,1815.

HUBBARD (Hulburd)

Elizabeth of Leicester and Samuel Cheevers, int.Dec.1,1778.

Betsey of Rutland and Ephraim Maynard, Oct.21,1799. In Rutland.

John, Dr., and Pattey Tylor, June3,1781.

John W. Esq. of Worcester and Harriet Stickney, Nov.6,1820.*

Jonathan [Jr. int.] of Brimfield and Abigail McClure, Oct.6,1803.

Lucretia and Ruben Hamilton, int.Apr.末,1756.

Polly and Philemon Sampson, Nov.26,1789.

Polly of Leicester and Joseph Thurston, June6,1793. At Leicester.

Rebecca and George Gould of New Braintree, Feb.3 [13.CR], 1793.

Rebecca, Mrs., and Nehemiah Gaylor of Hadley, July12,1796.

Sarah [Sally.int.] and Francis Barns, July12,1791.

William and Rachel Gilbort, Oct.8,1783.


Eunice of Lancaster and Isaac Everleth, Sept.2,1756. At Lancaster.


Samuell and Marth Bartlit, Oct.10,1723.*


John [Haine in N.B., VR] and Agnes Stub [Steal in N.B., VR] of New Braintree, June8,1758. In New Braintree.

HULBURD (Hubbard)

John and Exsperance Davis, Nov.12,1733.*


Asa and Jerusha Johnson, Apr.5,1767.*


Cotton and Elizabeth Blake, June27,1820.

Cotton and Keziah Blake, Apr.17,1834.

Elish W. of Hardwick and Louisa Vinica, int.Aug.16,1841.

Maria Ann and Pearly Kendrick [of North Brookfield], Apr.24,1820.


George of Greenwich and Sally Olds, int.Nov.6,1808.

Isaac of New Braintree and Lucy Converse, Feb.24,1799.

Lucinda of Newbraintree and Dr. Thomas Kittridge, int.Mar.3,1805.

Lucy and Dr. Cheeny Potter, May4,1806.

Sarah of New Braintree and John Potter 2d, int.Dec.25,1808.


Philo R., Rev., of Watertown, CT, and Mary Ann Deane, May9,1842.


Ezra Esq. of Killingly, CT, and Mrs.Nancy Stone of Western, Sept.19,1814.CR1*

Ezra L. of Killingly and Eunice Makepeace, Sept.末,1828.


Asa of Western and Susannah Willis, Mar.23,1788.

HYDE (Hide)

Abijah and Sally Moore, July1,1808.

Charlotte of Sturbridge and Zebediah Allen, int.Jan.24,1825.

Joseph and Phebe Ellis, Dec.4,1794.*

Joshua of Sturbridge and Sally Fay, Dec.11,1794.

Othniel and wid.Rachel Rood, May11,1779.

Sarah and David Bliss, Jan.1,1845.

Thankfull of Sturbridge and Noadiah Fay, int.Feb.28,1796.

HYNDS (Hind, Hinds)

Betsey [Hinds.int.] and Matthew Bartlet, July1,1792.

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