Isaac of Spencer and Susanna Addams, Feb.15,1776.

Jonathan of Spencer and Mercy Simmons, Dec.10,1797. In Spencer.

Palmer and Sarah [D.] Rice, Jan.23,1831.


George S. of Paxton and Lucy W. Harrington, int.Apr.27,1832.

John and Unice Tayler of Beltshire Town, int.Aug.29,1813.

LALAND (Lealand)

Abigal of Sherburn and Jonathan Richoson, int.May11,1767.


Ame of Charlton and Elias Hamilton, Dec.3,1789. In Charlton.*

Charles C. of Boston and Sarah S. Allison, Oct.1,1843.

David, Capt., [Abijah int.and Charlton.VR] of Charlton and Mrs.Priscilla Pottle, Mar.6,1794.*

Jairus of Charlton and Lucy Jenks, Sept.18,1796.

Luthera S. (d.Zure and Polly, a.21) and Anson H. French, both of North Brookfield, Apr.2,1845.*

Patience, wid., and Jude Adams, int.Oct.20,1803

Ruben of Spencer and Patience Adams, Dec.1,1768.

Samuel 3d of Charlton and Assenah Marsh, Apr.15,1783. In Charlton.*

Samuel and Candace Walker, Sept.1,1830.

Sarah of Charlton and Thomas Henshaw, May22,1788. In Charlton.

Sally of Western and Elihu Rice, int.Apr.6,1807.

Simeon of Charlton and Louisa Rice, Nov.26,1829.


Caroline and Asa Barnes 2d, int.Mar.7,1839.

Lucy and Sylvester Hitchcock of Brimfield, int.Aug.9,1832.

Seth of Ware and Elisabeth Eddy, Feb.2,1788.


Esther and Joseph Richardson, Dec.1,1774.

Ruth of Western and John Bannister, Feb.7,1771. In Western.*


Peter and Mehitable Goold, int.Mar.10,1754.


Amos and Elizabeth Woodard of Worcester, Feb.7,1790. At Worcester.*

Beulah and William Damon of Cummington, Feb.11,1794.

Elizebeth and Tilly Walker of Pitsford, Jan.13,1799.

John and Mary Weeks, Nov.末,1758.*

John and Mrs.Lucretia Childs of New Salem, int.Dec.11,1808.

Katy and Ebenezer Harwood, Nov.20,1794.

Martha and Phillip Gilbert, Jan.11,1770.

Priscilla and Solomon Barns, Feb.7,1779.

Ruth and John Olds, Feb.5,1784.

Samuel and Polly Bragg, Mar.26,1789.

William and Lydia Ayres, Nov.7,1799.


Anne and David Downing of Brookline, CT, int.Nov.17,1791.

James of Mansfield, CT, and Poll Polley How, Apr.11,1785.

Joseph and Rebecca Witt, June23,1760.*

Samuel and Leah Jennings, int.July末,1755.

Sarah and Abner How, Sept.29,1757.*

Sarah and Thomas Taylor, int.Feb.末,1758.*

Sarah and Noah Gilbert, Aug.4,1758.*


Jonathan and Parsis Nickols, Jan.13,1785.

LATHE (Leath)

David of Charlton and Betsey Hincher, Oct.12,1813.

Fanny and John Burbank 2d of Western, int.May9,1832.


Almond and Susan Banister, Dec.28,1820.

Josiah and Hannah J. Curtis, both of Charlestown, Nov.29,1847.*

Parna [] and William Marsh, July1,1813.

Vernon of North Brookfield and Mary Ann Allen, Dec.21,1831.

LAWTON (Lorton)

Clementina and John F. Goddard, int.Apr.6,1833.

George of Leicester and Lydia Mundell, int.Nov.23,1834.

Lydia A. of Warren and Francis Hall, int.Mar.27,1841.


William and Sylvia Newbury, int.Jan.26,1816.


Alice, wid., of Oakham and Dea.John Bacon, July25,1781.

LEALAND (Laland)

Benjamin W. and Sophia Trask of Worcester, int.Sept.7,1838.

Caleb and Nancy Haven of Shrewsbury, int.Oct.28,1805.

LEATH (Lathe)

Jabez of Grafton and Betty Hall of Sutton, Nov.8,1776.*


Deliverance and Ebenezer Bartlet, Jan.17,1765.*


Samuel and Rebecca Harris, June2,1755.*


Mary and William Parks, Feb.6,1772.*


C.D. of Springfield (s.Samuel and Ann, a.23) and Nancy A. Richardson, Jan.12,1847.


Cordelia of Ware and John M. Fletcher, int.Aug.28,1842.


Alvin of Ware and Lanra Rice, Dec.9,1824.

Amos and Mercy Green of Granby, int.Oct.14,1788.

Seth of Walingford, VT, and Sally Bartlet, June4,1811.


Margeret and Ichabod How, int.Dec.末,1757.


Catharine C., Mrs., [of Brooklyn, NY] and Simeon Draper Esq., Sept.10,1832.

Charles of Monson and Melisa Dodge, Apr.9,1826.

Henry of Boston and Sophia Draper, Oct.13,1817.

Robert and Allass Hall, May29 [21.CR], 1794.


Abigail and Thomas Demon, both of Western, Nov.21,1804.CR1*

Benjamin I. and Seviah M. Thrasher of Ware, int.June12,1842.

Betsey of Western and Thomas White, Mar.1,1790.

George B. and Mary A. Banister, int.Nov.25,1841.

George W. (s.Ives and Sally, widr., a.30) and Mary M. Moulton of Warren, Nov.27,1845.

Gilbert F. and Salome F. Barlow, Apr.25,1843.

Polly of Western and Asaph Perry, int.Dec.20,1802.

Zebina C. and Sophia Barnes, int.Dec.31,1835.


Elizebeth and Jeremiah Ornsted, Dec.11,1734.*


Abigail W. of New Braintree and George Merriam, int.Apr.13,1828.


Emery and Patty Crowell, Mar.25,1813.

Levi and Levina Adams, June22,1806.

Levi W. and Priscilla N. Potter of North Brookfield, int.May15,1842.

Lucy and Rufus Hardy, Jan.11,1781.

Mary of Spencer and William Bigelow, Apr.20,1797. In Spencer.

Mercy and James Millar Jr. of Westborough, June18,1776.

Sydney [] A. and Lucy R. Watson, Dec.3,1840.

Solomon and Lois Warren, Jan.15,1790.


Eunice and John Pattrell, Oct.4,1782.


Joseph and Mary Ayres, int.May末,1754.


William and Rebeckah Putren of Lancaster, int.Jan.14,1815.


Sally and John Newton Jr., Oct.5,1814.


Henry T. and Mary M. Allen, int.May30,1835.

Ruth and Phinehas Rice, Nov.23,1797.

LORING (Lowring)

Betsey and Henry Clemens of Templeton, Dec.31,1826.

Joshua of Mason, NH, and Betsey Works, Oct.20,1822.

LORTON (Lawton)

Samuel and Lovisa Gilbert, Nov.4,1832.


Peter and Silence Bartlet, Dec.25,1771.


Jemima and Abraham Walker, July27,1766.*


Mary [Lovell. int.] of Worcester and Daniel Walker, Nov.29,1753. At Worcester.


George C. of Barre and Charlotte Adams, Mar.28,1833.

LOWRING (Loring)

Pomp and Esther Jackson, servants to John Hill Jr., int.Oct.6,1774.


Harriet of Ware and Jacob Snow, int.May25,1828.

Joseph of Ware and Nabby Gilbert, int.May10,1795. [Married June4.CR]

Cyrena of Ware and Lemuel Gilbert, int.May10,1823.

Violaty of Ware and Jonas Gilbert, Mar.13,1788.


Nathaniel [Laden. int.] and Jemima Gilbort, Apr.6,1783.*

Sally and Thiel Bachelor of Albany, NY, Jan.10,1809.


Marcy and William Smith of Rutland, Nov.27,1800.


Catharine H. and Arad L. Draper of Spencer, int.Dec.29,1827.

Martin of Spencer (s.Sylvester and Catherine, a.26) and Nancy Rice, Nov.17,1846.


Shubal and Rhoda Washburn, May22,1803.

LYNDE (Lynds)

Betsy and Thomas Brown, both of Western, Feb.8,1791.CR1*

Elizabeth A. and Charles Woodward of Griggsville, IL, Mar.22,1838.

Isaac of Munson and Lydia Adames, Dec.14,1784.

Mary P. and Elijah S. Alford of Greenfield, Aug.23,1830.

Nathaniel and Sally Hitchcock, July26,1807.

LYNDS (Lynde)

Benjamin and Hannah Phips, Jan.3,1771.

John and Sarah Warner, Apr.19,1770.


James F. of Holland and Maria Ainsworth, May20,1834.


Almira of Woodstock, CT, and William Howe Jr., int.Jan.30,1819.

Charles B. of Derby, CT and Nancy H. Deane, int.Oct.28,1844.

Curlys [] and Sally Slayton, Feb.12,1834.

Dolly of Woodstock and Henry Reed, int.Oct.11,1823.

Josiah and Mehitabel Foxcroft, int.Aug.4,1805.

Patty of Sturbridge and Joseph Richardson, int.Aug.3,1806.

Mary M of Woodstock, CT, and Henry E. Prouty, int.June19,1842.

Mercy of Canterbury, CT and Rev. Joshua Crowel, May18,1806. At Canterbury.*

Orril of Brimfield and Calvin Brown, int.July6,1802.


John Jr. and Phebe Crabtree, May6 [5.CR], 1784.

Sarah [] and Ebenezer Parkman, June6,1776.

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