Elvira (d.Oliver and Mary, a.21) and George W. Allen, June20,1849.


Sarah and Thomas Demmon of Ware, May23,1816.

Sarah L. (d.Oliver and Mary, a.16) and Lyman Draper Jr., Sept.15,1846.

OLD (Olds)

Aseph and Anna Hale, int.Mar.30,1807.

Comfort and Abigail Barns, May23,1745.

Deborah and Ezra Walker, Oct.28,1773.

Elizabeth and Uriah Gilburt, 末mb 21,1732.

Elizabeth and Joseph Walker, int.Feb.末,1760.

Elizabeth and Oliver Walker, Apr.27,1762.

Hannah and Moses Barns, 末y 23,1734.*

Joseph and Hannah Billings, int.Aug.末,1758.

Lois and John Wood, int.Sept.20,1778.

Mary, wid., and John Bacon Jr., Mar.25,1763.

Ruben and Mary Rice, int.Oct.末,1754.

Simeon and Salley Wright, Jan.1,1771.

Warren and Rejoice Wetherebee, int.Jan.23,1803.

William and Darras [Darcos.] G末末, Feb.16,1738.*

OLDS (Old)

Abigail and Eli Hitchcock of Western, Dec.23,1776.

Abner and Mary Snow, int.Dec.21,1767.

Cheney and Amma Walker of Sturbridge, int.June20,1817.

Comfort and wid.Anna Gilbert, May8,1781.

Comfort and Prudence Gilbert,末蔓末,1788. [Int. Dec.15,1787.]

Damaris and Simeon Rockwood, July11,1771.

Damarious and William Hastings, int.Mar.3,1805.

Dolly [Wid.] and David Barnes of Spencer, Nov.16,1803.

Betsey and Francis Otis Clark, Sept.28,1794.

Elizabeth and Nathan Hathaway of Western, int.Oct.15,1815.

Emily and Tilly Newton, Dec.22,1811.

Eunice and Reuben Hitchcock of Western, int.Nov.26,1774.

Ezekiel and Lydia Stevens, Nov.17,1791.

Ezra and Sarah Dougherty, May9,1776.

Fanny and Preston Haws, Dec.13,1812.

George and Lucy [R.] Brigham, Oct.末,1831.

Gilbert of Spencer and Amanda Draper, int.June9,1816.

Hannah and John Marble, Nov.30,1768.

Hannah S. and Nelson F. Rogers, both of Monson, Aug.19,1840.*

Harvey and Cindarilla Brooks of Warren, int.Apr.10,1841.

John and Ruth Lamson, Feb.5,1784.

Jonathan and Ruth Richmond, int.Oct.19,1800.

Joseph and Bathiah Mash Marsh, Jan.2,1783.

Joseph W. and Deborah Harwood of Holland, int.Aug.30,1833.

Joshua and Betsey Abbott, May21,1801.

Josiah and Dorothy Smith, May25,1766.*

Josiah and Hannah Winter, Nov.26,1812.

Juliette A. (d.Gilbert and Amanda) and Hiram Barrett, Apr.23,1846, both of Oakham.*

Katy and Otis Allen of Bakersfield, VT, Jan.17,1805.

Lucy and Benjamin Wood, int.Apr.4,1775.

Lucy and Thomas Herring of Albany, NY, Mar.15,1804.

Luke and Huldah Gouldsbury, Apr.7,1799.

Lydia [Elizabeth.int.] and Joseph Walker, Apr.17,1760.

Lydia and Otis Twichell, Apr.4,1831.

Polly and George Martin, int.Oct.13,1799.

Polly and Otis Herring, Jan.14,1802.

Mary and Peter Rice Jr., Mar.21,1824.

Matilda and Daniel Upham, June10,1824.

Mercy and Solomon Bartlet, Jan.6,1793.

Meriam and William Blair Jr. [of Whites Town, NY], Feb.3,1791.

Meriam and Oliver Walker Jr., Mar.14,1797.

Moses and Kezia Shaw, Oct.30,1780.

Nancy and Henry B. Hale, May3,1832.

Nancy W. and Calvin P. Stoddard of North Brookfield, Oct.22,1835.

Nathan and Katy Gilbert, Apr.10,1788.

Olive and Luther Bartlet, Mar.1,1804.

Persis and Ephraim Walker, July26,1781.

Phidema and Harvey Gilbert, Apr.30,1817.

Rebecca and Moses Hastings, Aug.27,1781.

Reuben and Elsabeth haywood, Jan.23,1781.

Reuben and Azubah Walker, Mar.17,1785.

Ruth and Simeon Blair, Nov.30,1817.

Samuel of Chesterfield and Parcis Rice, int.Feb.11,1777.

Sarah and Jonathan Brigham, int.May14,1774.*

Sally Wright and Moses Walker, Aug.25,1791.

Sally and George Hunter of Greenwich, int.Nov.6,1808.

Seth and Releaf Drury, Nov.19,1811.

Silas and Hannah Dodge, int.Feb.11,1777.

Simeon and Elisabeth Banister, Apr.1,1773.

Solomon and Thankful Rice, Sept.21,1812.

Sophronia and Hale Young of Sturbridge, Sept.13,1835.

Thomas and Mehitable Pike of Sturbridge, Dec.10,1778. In Sturbridge.

Tilly and Elizabeth Draper, Feb.21,1802.

William Jr. and Abigail Hews, Mar.7,1771.

William Jr. and Abigail Hews, Mar.7,1771.

William Jr. and Sally Upham of Sturbridge, int.Apr.7,1806.

William B. and Eveline Upham, Nov.24,1830.


Alexander and Zeruiah Rice, Apr.16,1778.

Rebecca and Prince Morris of Western, int.Mar.7,1811.

OMSTED (Omstid, Ormstead, Ormsted)

Abigail and Nathan Hamilton, Jan.1,1771.

Dorcas and Benoni Wolcot, Oct.13,1741.

Hannah and Judah Marsh, Nov.4,1736.*

Israiel and Sarah Banister, May12,1737.*

Jeremiah and Elizebeth Litten, Dec.11,1734.*

Sarah and Ephraim Mash, Oct.8,1741.*

OMSTID (Omsted)

Joseph and Sarah Wood, int.June11,1774.*


James Jr. of Spencer and Sarah Harrington, Aug.31,1769. In Spencer.


Elizebeth and Seth Hinds, Feb.9,1744.*

Jonathan and Elizebeth Hinds, July27, [174望.


Dorothy and Abijah Scott [of Ware River], Apr.17,1761.

ORMSTED (Omsted)

Marth and Thomas Hammond, Aug.21, [1741?].*


Mary and Matthew Patrick, June10,1735.*


David of Tyringham [Framingham.CR] and Betty Danforth, Jan.22,1778.


Galen, Dr., and Joanna Tilden of Boston, int.Oct.3,1785.


Elizabeth and William Hair, Jan.20,1725-6.*


Betsey and John Edmunds, int.Mar.17,1794.

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