SABENS (Seabens)

Nathaniel and Polly Clay, int.July1,1798.


Hezekiah of Worcester and Francis E. Rice, Jan.31,1838.

Sarah and Robert Cockrin, June2,1782.

Zeruiah of Charlton and James Adams, May24,1831.

SAMPSON (Samson)

Daniel and Achsah Snow, Apr.18,1816.

Francis and Susan E. Adams of North Brookfield, int.Aug.7,1835.

Frederick D. and Mary Adams, June28,1828.

Harriet H. and Dexter Gilbert, Dec.1,1836.

Joel and Rachel B. Ayres of North Brookfield, int.Jan.10,1833.

Jonathan of Belchertown and Sarah Stearns, Mar.12,1776.

Liberty and Eliza R. Pepper, int.Sept.24,1842.

Mary N. and Joseph B. Wetherbee, Sept.2,1837.

Pecis and Polly Barnes, Apr.27,1789.

Philemon and Polly Hubbard, Nov.26,1789.


Nanny [Sampson. int.] and Josiah Adams, July21,1768.


Prudence and Joshua Tyler, Nov.26,1807.


David and [Mrs.] Hannah Danforth, Feb.12,1786.

SANDFORD (Sanford)

Huldah of Mendon and Thomas Rich, Aug.18,1742. At Mendon.*

SANFORD (Sandford)

Abigail and Eli Henshaw, May17,1815.

Charles B. and Nancy S. Cobb of Holliston, int.Sept.11,1841.

Daniel and Betsey Waterman, May17,1802.

Duty of Bethel, VT, and Susannah Wood, Jan.20,1805.

Eliza Ann and Aretas D. Gilbert, int.Mar.2,1833.

Emily and James H. Woods of New Braintree, Apr.4,1827.*

Harriet A. (d.Procter and Lydia, a.24) and Washington Tufts, June4,1846.

Huldah and James Abbott of Sturbridge, May17,1792.

John Jr. and Susanna Brown, Jan.10,1799.

Josiah and Theoda Wood, July2,1795.

Maria and Adolphus Hamilton, Jan.1,1822.

Proctor and Lydia Brigham, Oct.21,1813.

Rice and Abigail Wood, Apr.9,1820.

Sally and Daniel Dow of New Braintree, Nov.30,1815.

Tamar and Asaph Walker, Feb.10,1791.

Thomas and Cynthia Waterman, May19,1805.

Viah of Western and Jonathan Snow Jr., Jan.14,1790.

Zeviah and Pliny Dow, Apr.1,1824.


Jane and John Parsons, Oct.13,1736.*


Anna and Daniel Watson, Mar.15,1770.


Prudence and Seth Gilbert, May9,1758.


Mary E. of Ashburnham and Avis Marcy, int.June18,1843.


Nathaniel and Orphy Batchelder, Aug.25,1805.


Abijah and Dorothy Ormstead, Apr.17,1761.

Benjamin and Deborah Rice, July24,1777.*

Ephraim of Ware and Mary Coney, June14,1789.*

Joseph of Craftsbuy, VT, and Catharene Upham, Jan.15,1797.*


Anna and William Johnson, Dec.3,1818

Samuel of Belchertown and Anna Clemence, int.June21,1807.

SEABENS (Sabens, Sabin)

Mary and Arther Tooker, May17,1750.*

SEAGER (Seger)

Lydia of Spencer and John Hinds, May24,1772.


Orville [] and Caroline Moor, Feb.12,1833.


Orville and Mary Ross, Jan.1,1843.

SEGER (Seager)

Ruth of Spencer and Ezra Richmond, June26,1778.


Azariah of Hartford, VT, and Mary Dodge, Jan.5,1797.*


John and Mary Bradly of Brimfield, int.Feb.21,1812.


Lewis and Sarah Ann Harrington, Apr.25,1839.


Elizabeth R. (d.Russell and Salome, a.25) and John Conant, Apr.22,1849.


John [Sergant. int.] of Stockbridge and Mary Codner, June26,1776.


Alexander H. and Harriet Hamilton, int.Apr.17,1844.


Samuel and Lucy Biglow, June7,1770.CR2


Abigail and Abraham Cutting, int.Aug.17,1829.


Charles [Shearer. int.] of Enfield and Ruth Gleason, June6,1833.


Harriet I. of Oakham and David H. Field, int.Jan.5,1825.


Ann and Joseph W. Wood, Nov.30,1831.

Grata and Frederick Spear, July30,1786.

Hepzebah and Henry Weed, int.Oct.13,1804.

Jacob and Mary Hill, May6,1767.*

John Jr. and Martha Smith, June11,1778.

John 3d and Keziah Chamberlain of Hardwick, int.June17,1780.

Kezia and Moses Olds, Oct.30,1780.

Martha and Benjamin Barrat, Jan.23,1787.

Mary and John Tuff Jr., int.Feb.末,1772.

Mary and [Lieut. int.] Jacob Jones of Boston, Mar.21,1784.

Molley [] and Obadiah Kingsbury of Alsted, Dec.15,1785.


Daniel and Abigail Gilbert, int.July18,1772.

James [] and Thankfull Walker, Sept.21,1768.

SHEARMAN (Sherman)

Betsy of Rutland and Joseph Watson, Dec.2,1790. In Paxton.


Hubbard of Leicester and Ann W. Doane of North Brookfield, Apr.7,1830.*


James and Eunice Goss, Nov.6,1760.

SHEPARD (Shepherd)

David [Jr. int.] of Western and Lucinda Woods, Feb.17,1824.

John and Susannah Marks, Dec.8,1720.*

John of Western and Edna Roundla, May16,1781.*

Polly and Samuel Bliss, both of Western, Apr.12,1787.CR1*

Moses of Ware and Amarylis Gilbert, Nov.3,1802.

Pliny and Calista Rice, int.Mar.10,1815.

Susanna and William Barlow, int Jan.11,1810.

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

David of Western and Polley Allen, Nov.27,1788.


Susan of Palmer and Hosea Pease, int.Dec.14,1832.


Elizabeth of Boston and Capt. Phinehas Upham, int.Oct.24,1802.

SHERMAN (Shearman)

Beriah and Mary Burch of Mendon, Sept.26,1744. At Mendon.*

Hannah of Bridgewater and Josiah Newton, June13,1776. At Bridgewater.

James S. and Mary Marsh, June12,1838.

Samuel and Jerusha Davis, June8,1758.

Thomas and Elisabeth Keith of Bridgewater, int.July8,1781.


William B. of Greenwich, CT, and Lucy A. Bonney, Oct.22,1841.


Alpheus D. and Candace Maynard of Shrewsbury, int.May26,1810.

Sally of Oxford and Amariah Bemiss, int.June2,1809.


Charlotte of North Brookfield and Henry Rice, int.Sept.29,1832.

Laura Ann and Henry H. Wooledge of Pamer, July19,1841.

Lucy and Justin W. Gilbert, Nov.27,1823.

Solomon and Mary Ann Cary, May3,1832.

Stephen Jr. and Maria Walker of North Brookfield, int.Mar.3,1836.

Susan and Seth Crabtree, Dec.22,1825.

Waterville and Hannah J. Danforth of Hardwick, int.Mar.5,1843.


Rachel and Nathaniel Cooley, June14,1734.*

SIMMONDS (Simmons)

Elizabeth and Daniel Eddy, Jan.13,1795

SIMMONS (Simmonds, Simonds, Simons)

Abagail and Mathew Joslyn of New Braintree, Dec.31,1788. In Spencer.*

Hannah and Ezekiel Hardy, Jan.7,1784. In New Braintree.

Jeremiah and Molly Bemis of Spencer, Dec.10,1797. In Spencer.

Joseph and Dorcas Hardy, Oct.21,1786. In New Braintree.

Joseph and Mrs.Rachel Bullard, int.Dec.29,1799.

Judy and Joseph Spoldon of Heath, NH, int.Mar.23,1800.

Levi, Dr., and Marianne E. Mather, int.Apr.25,1805.

Mercy and Jonathan Lackey of Spencer, Dec.10,1797. In Spencer.

Nancy and David Hammond [Hanson] Jr. of Charlton, Mar.27,1798. In Spencer.

Samuel of Becket and Armenia Ferrill, Mar.11,1823.*

Seth and Betsey Hatfield, Aug.6,1789.

SIMONDS (Simmons)

Thankful of Ware and John Woolcott, int.July22,1814.

SIMONS (Simmons)

Thomas, Rev., of Boston and Caroline I. Harrington, int.June7,1832.

SIMPSON (Simson)

James and Sarah Forbes of North Brookfield, Apr.20,1836.

John B. and Eunice Tucker, Feb.6,1806.

SIMSON (Simpson)

Charles and Abigail King, June4,1778.

SLATEN (Slayton)

Patience and John Beamis of Spencer, July4,1775.

Reuben, Capt., and Mary More, int.May30,1777.

SLATON (Slayton)

Ebenezar of Charlton and Rebecah Hamilton, Jan.22,1784. In Charlton.

Thomas (came from Scotland to Boston in 1790) and Hannah Culwood,末蔓末,1707.GS2*

Thomas Jr. of Braintree and Abigail Harrington of Watertown, Sept.21,1732.GS2*

SLAYTON (Slaten, Slaton)

Abigail and Bemos Hamilton, int.Mar.11,1792.

Albert G. and Caroline S. Rider of North Brookfield, int.July30,1842.

David and Martha Thayer, Oct.2,1760.

Ebiel and Elisha Done Jr., Feb.7,1790.

Eleanor and Seth Doan, Feb.12,1802.

Elijah and Hannah Howe of Spencer, int.Jan.23,1803.

Elisha and Achsah Hersey, int.July3,1802.

Hannah and Reuben Doane, int.Nov.27,1800.

Isaac and Sally Walker of Charlton, Jan.8,1795. In Charlton.*

Isaac Jr. and Lucy Guilford of Sturbridge, int.June29,1832.

Jesse and Betsey Buckland of Westminster, VT, int.Sept.20,1781.

Joshua and Desire Felton, Aug.30,1770.

Josiah and Polly Kinne of Worthington, int.Jan.25,1801.

Josiah, Capt., and Sarah Adams, Dec.22,1822.*

Judah and Heber Pierce of Spencer, int Nov.2,1794.

Judah and Henry Ward, Apr.18,1819.

Lorinda [] (a.22) and Daniel Drake of Worcester, Apr.25,1844.

Lucinda and Henry Adams, Apr.6,1823.*

Polly and Alphonso Howe of Spencer, Sept.20,1832.

Phineas and Eleanor Morey of Charlton, May14,1761. In Charlton.

Phinehas and Experance Gleeson of Spencer, Mar.9,1786.

Reuben and Louisa S. Buxton of Thompson, CT, int.Jan.21,1831.

Ruth and Jeduthan Green of Spencer, Dec.1,1768. In Spencer.

Sally and Curlys [Curtis] Lyon, Feb.12,1834.

Sarah (d.Josiah and Sarah, a.19) and Hiram H. Jenks, May4,1848.

Simeon and Abigail Hamilton, Nov.28,1793.

Thomas Jr. and Judith White of Charlton, June13,1758. In Charlton.

Selinda and Parley Stevens of Middlesex, NY, Oct.15,1821.*


Betsy and Nathan Done, May21,1785.


Abagail of Greenfield and John Alvord, Dec.14,1786. In Greenfield.*


Allice of Shrewsbury and Winsor Drury, int.Mar.13,1791.

Asa B., Rev., of Williamstown, VT, and Sarah G. White, Mar.15,1838.

Austin and Maria M. Montgomery of Chicopee Falls, int.June10,1841.

Chancy of Palmer and Abigail Mabley, Nov.9,1837.

Chileb and Martha Bailey, Oct.26,1732.*

David and Lydia Dodge, June5,1775.

David 2d and Lucy Hill of Gardner, int.Mar.13,1814.

Dorothy and Josiah Olds, May25,1766.*

Elisabath and David Brewer, May8,1763.*

Betty, Mrs., of Waltham and George Harrington, Sept.27,1764. In Waltham.

Elisabeth and Eli How, Apr.8,1773.

Betsey and Wyman Bartlet, May29,1791.

Betsey and 末末 [Samuel] Stratton, Jan.1,1799. At Worcester.*

Esther of Spencer and Ephraim Eddy, Oct.19,1773. In Spencer.

Gad and Olive Richardson, Nov.25,1762.

Hugh of Palmer and Anna Tuff, int.June末,1771.

Ithamer and Ann Collister of Western [int.May7], 1797. [1791] [Married in Western.]

Jacob and Mary E. Woodard of North Brookfield, int.Dec.5,1835.

James and Sarah Burnit, Mar.21,1765.*

John and Margret Mc[末末望, Nov.29,1739.*

Lemuel and Mary White, Mar.27,1760.*

Lucy of Lexington and Benjamin Willington, Sept.1,1763. At Lexington.

Luther and Fanny [Willy] of Worcester, int.Sept.12,1834.

Lydia and Hizer Phetteplace of Thompson, CT, Nov.13,1808.

Lydia W. and Cyrus Mower of North Brookfield, June30,1836.

Martha and John Shaw Jr., June11,1778.

Patty [] and Reuben Blair Jr., May24,1821.

Mary and Joseph Rainger Jr., Aug.2,1759.

Mary of Charlton and Elisha Hamilton, Mar.2,1763. In Charlton.

Mary and Samuel Haws of Chesterfield, int.Oct.末,1770.

Mary and Roger Stevens, Dec.6,1770.

Polly and Jonas Brewer, Mar.22,1795.

Mary of Palmer and Willis Hall, int.Sept.8,1838.

Mary Ann (d.Welcome and Hannah, a.23) and Lucian A. Blair, Sept.8,1846.

Mary of North Brookfield (d.John and Polly, a.28) and Windsor Bemis, Dec.12,1848.

Michael and Patience Putnam, Sept.30,1779.

Nancy and Samuel Stratten, int.Apr.4,1798.

Russel of Manchester, VT, and Polly Marsh, Jan.26,1808.

Samuel C. of Moretown, VT, and Mary Hitchcock, Sept.29,1836.

Sarah and John Ricke, May6,1773.

Sarah and Joseph Poland of North Brookfield, June7,1818.

Silas and Submit [末末望, Dec.6,1745.*

Silas of North Brookfield (s.John and Lynda, a.22) and Louisa Henshaw, Oct.17,1848.

Susan of Paris, ME, and Dr. Edward A. Kittredge, int.Dec.8,1831.

Timothy of Medfield and Thankful Rice, int.May16,1789.

Welcome and Hannah Blaker, May23,1819.

William of Rutland and Marcy Lumbard, Nov.27,1800.

Ziba [Zube. int.] and Joseph Walker Jr., Mar.28,1798. In Sturbridge.


Martha A. of North Brookfield and Dr. Moses Porter, int.Apr.16,1827.

Thomas, Rev., and Tirzah Strong of Bolton, CT, int.Aug.19,1800.


Abner of Leicester and Hannah Watson, Nov.23,1784. In Spencer.

Abraham and Betsey Hall, May12,1785.

Achsah and Daniel Sampson, Apr.18,1816.

Amanda and John Mclenathan, int.Oct.7,1832.

Bethiah and Samuel Brewer of Spencer, Nov.28,1790.

Caroline J. and Obed B. Bolton, Aug.29,1842.

Daniel and Dorcas Jennings, May18,1758.

Daniel of Bridgewater and Sally Allen, May12,1792.

David Jr. and Salome Bartlett, Jan.21,1821.

Elial and Sally Hovey of Leicester, int.Nov.2,1818.

Betsey and Ezra Bartlet, July1,1794.

Elizabeth R. and Isaac N. Hoyt of North Brookfield, int.Apr.10,1841.

Jacob and Harriet Luce of Ware, int.May25,1828.

Jonathan Jr. and Viah Sanford of Western, Jan.14,1790.

Joseph and Lovice Ayers, Nov.13,1789. [Nov.27,1788 CR; int also 1788.]

Joseph and Rachel Gilbert, Dec.1,1796.

Joseph K. and Polly Tucker of Ware, int.Feb.21,1841.

Lusina and Elijah Bartlet Jr., Feb.14,1813.

Lydia and Reuben Gleason of New Braintree, Mar.16,1830.

Martha A.G. (d.Joseph and Persis, a.27) and Joel G. Bruce, Sept.16,1847.*

Mary of Cambridge and Samuel Minot, Oct.29,1707. At Cambridge.*

Mary and Abner Olds, int.Dec.21,1767.

Mary [Mary B. int.] and Abijah Cutler, Nov.1,1821.

Melissa and Dwight Bartlet, Mar.27,1825.

Moses and Anna Batchelder, Dec.17,1799.

Sally and Parker Gilbert, Aug.14,1803.

Saraph and Moses Abbott, int.May21,1797.

Susanna and Timothy Davis, Oct.11,1789.

Tabitha and Solomon Davis of Oxford, Nov.19,1827.

Tamzen R. and Abner C. Gleason, Apr.9,1835.

William A. of North Brookfield and Emily Hooker, Sept.15,1836.

SOURTHWORTH (Southwouth)

Eliza Ann of Ashford, CT, and Josiah O. Keep, int.Aug.28,1836.

Sally [of Rochester] and Solomon Cutler, Dec.8,1779. At Rochester.

Wilber [Dr.] of Middleborro and Lucy Bond, May2,1802.


David and Abigail Randal, Mar.11,1779.

SOUTHWOUTH (Sourthworth)

Sarah of Midlebary and Eleazer Washburn, int.Feb.末,1771.


Ephraim and Betsey Gilbert, June6,1794.

Judah of Plainfield and Jonathan Danforth, int.June2,1780.


Frederick and Grata Shaw, July30,1786.


Nathaniel and Kezia Stevens, int.June3,1782.

Stephen [Spear int.] and Mehitibel Ball, Aug.18,1784.

SPOLDON (Spaulding)

Joseph of Heath, NY, and Judy Simmons, int.Mar.23,1800.


Abiah and Nathan Carruth Jr., Mar.1,1807.

Abigail and Joel Barlow, Nov.27,1828.

Almira and Thomas J. Knight of Sutton, int.May15,1826.

Andrew and Mary Brown of Paxton, int.Aug.15,1844.

Dolly [] [of Greenwich int.] and Rufus Powers of Greenwich, Apr.24,1803.

Eliza R. and Edwin Davis, Mar.10,1840.*

Betsey, Mrs., of Barre and Levi Ross, Jan.25,1843.

Hannah of Hardwick and Cephas Clapp, int.Feb.26,1815.

Harriet and Elisha Sturtevant, June17,1827.

Joshua and Bathsheba Ruggles, int.Dec.末,1765.

Joshua and Dolly Harwood, Nov.28,1797.

Joshua and Harriet S. Waterman of Oakham, int.Oct.27,1833.

Joshua and Joanna Harlow of West Brookfield, June1,1842. In Pittsfield.

Mary and Otis Daniels of North Brookfield, int.July28,1832.

Rebecca of Hardwick and Moses Barnes Jr., int.Nov.13,1808.

Samuel and Abiah Dean, int.末蔓末,1804.

Urial of Hardwick and Roena Rose Ross, June13,1816.

Uriel and Hannah Fish of Hardwick, int.Apr.29,1843.

William and Ester A. Ross, Nov.23,1820.

Zoath and Anna Gilbert, May23,1819.


Joseph A. of West Brookfield and Mary Cuddie of Boston, July20,1841. At Boston.

Laura (a.19) and Nathaniel H. Morrill, Oct.8,1845.

Susanna and Joshua Allen, Apr.20,1774.

William of Templeton and Lucy Watson, Feb.21 [12.CR], 1792.


Henry and Marcy Hamilton, July3,1767.

Lucy and Oliver Watson Jr. of Spencer, int.Feb.末,1768.


George W. of Charlton and Caroline Frances Adams, int.Nov.9,1843.

William H. of Charlton and Sarah A. McClure, May16,1843.


Relief [Stanley int.] and Zebulun Roads of Granby, Oct.4,1802.


Elias and Lydia Hamilton, Oct.7,1762.*

Elias Jr. and Jedidiah Kingsbury, May29,1786.

Elias and Abigail Nickols, June27,1786.


Charlotte and John Jeffries Webster, Oct.21,1778.


Elijah of Killingly and Dolly Polly Kendreck, Feb.6,1783.*

Nathaniel of Worthington and Lucia M. Crosby, Oct.10,1827.

STEARNS (Sterns)

Catharine and Barnard Howe, Feb.2,1823.*

Jonathan P. of Spencer (s.Isaac and Narcissa, a.30) and Fanny Hamilton, Sept.24,1846.

Ruben and Mary Peters, May23,1758.*

Sarah and Jonathan Sampson of Belchertown, Mar.12,1776.

Susan P. of Ware and Nathaniel S. Crowell, int.Jan.18,1825.


Charles of Bernard, VT, and Lydia Richardson, Oct.31,1808.

Heman Esq. and Sarah M. Paine of Woodstock, CT, int.Oct.10,1824.

Norman B. and Alice P. Hayward, int.Mar.27,1842.

Sylvanus M. of Springfield and Adeline Allen of East Brookfield, Nov.8,1843.


Agnes and John Hair, int.May末,1758.

Salmon and Nelly Williams, Nov.29,1804.*

Samuell and Margaret McCluer, Dec.19,1734.*

Sally of Leicester and Caleb Hitchcock, int.Sept.1,1782.

STEEVENS (Stevens)

Rachel and Peter Abbott, int.Nov.末,1759.

STEPHENSON (Stevenson)

John [Stevenson int.] of Rutland and Sarah Gilbert, May13,1762. In Rutland.

STERNS (Stearns)

Anna Mary [Stearns int.] and Rufus Harrington, June14,1818.

Mary of North Brookfield and Horace Hamant of Sturbridge, June29,1830.*

Samuel and Mrs.Mary Johnson, both of North Brookfield, Nov.5,1829.*


Roger and Hannah Willcoott, Mar.14,1733-4.*

STEVENS (Steevens)

Adaline of North Brookfield and Samuel Haskell of Boston, Sept.17,1828.*

Caroline of North Brookfield and John Tank, int.June2,1838.

Clarinda of North Brookfield and Erastus B. Hillman of Hatfield, Jan.29,1828.*

Diantha A. of Petersham and Harvey Gilbert, int.Jan.28,1828.

Dorcas [Darkis int.] and Comfort Goss, May9,1775.

Ebenezer and Huldah Draper, int.Apr.18,1817.

Ezekiel and Tammy W. Converse of North Brookfield, int.Oct.25,1834.

Hannah and Jeremiah Gould, Aug.21,1760.

Hannah and Joseph Richardson, Dec.7,1769.

Isaah [Isaiah int.] and Elisabeth McLure, Sept.14,1756.

James L. (s.Jedathon Jr. and Mary, a.23) and Caroline A. Russell, June17,1846.

Jeduthun and Rocksene Church, Nov.12,1789.

John and Ruth Moor, Oct.27,1768.

Jude and Abigail Dewing, July1,1781.

Judith and Joel Abbott, Jan.20,1763.

Justus and Betsey Banister, Aug.25,1791.

Kezia and Nathaniel Speer, int.June3,1782.

Lydia and Ezekiel Olds, Nov.17,1791.

Maria and Asa Woodward, Aug.7,1817.

Mary [Molley int.] and James Homes, May2,1770.

Polley and Jonathan Marble, Feb.5,1778.

Polly and Samuel Richardson of Shutsbury, Dec.19,1799.

Parley of Middlesex, NY, and Selinda Slayton, Oct.15,1821.*

Rebeca and Mark Nobles, int.Oct.8,1774.

Reuben of Sturbridge and Nabby Richardson, Feb.27,1803.

Roger and Mary Smith, Dec.6,1770.

Roger Jr. and Katherine Davis, int.末蔓末,1804.

Sarah and Jesse Hamilton, int.Aug.26,1781.

Silas and Lydia Prouty of Spencer, June20,1765. In Spencer.

Silas and Persis Adams, Nov.21,1785.

STEVENSON (Stephenson)

Elianor, Mrs.and Dr. Gershom Gilbert, July15,1827.*

Hannah [Stephenson int.] and Josiah Jones, Nov.1,1792.

Robert of Oakham and Mary Addams, June18,1776.


Levi and Candace Hardy, Aug.1,1803.

Rediats [Rideat Stuart int; of Marlborough.CR] and Lucy Adams, May22,1765.


Harriet and John W. Hubbard Esq. of Worcester, Nov.6,1820.*

Thomas and Mary Ward, Nov.7,1798.


Foster and Lydia Abbott, Apr.12,1764.*


John and Elenor Walker, int.Nov.30,1787.


Calvin P. of North Brookfield and Nancy W. Olds, Oct.22,1835.


Bela C. and Lydia Hathaway, Jan.7,1799.

Charles K. of North Brookfield and Orvilla Harrington, int.Dec.15,1838.

Cynthia H. of North Brookfield and Austin N. Moulton, int.Nov.28,1844.

Dexter of North Brookfield and Susan Howard, Sept.6,1830.

Betsey and Foster Newton of Sturbridge, Nov.17,1805.

Reuben of North Brookfield and Fanny Dodge, Dec.30,1813.

Samuel and Sally Newton, Nov.20,1796.

Sophia A. and Alpheus T. Converse, Jan.25,1842.

STON (Stone)

Silas and Elisabeth Blake, Jan.末,1784.

STONE (Ston)

Artemas and Hannah Washburn, Feb.28,1808.

Calvin and Esther Dane, int.Dec.28,1800.

Calvin of North Brookfield and Sophia Abbot, May17,1818.

Chester Stow of Williamstown and Susan Crowell, int.May3,1824.

Eliza and Ira Barlow of New Braintree, Nov.19,1834.

Betty and Daniel Wyman, Sept.15,1763.

Ephraim and Rebeckah Streeter, Feb.10,1780.

Francis, Capt. of New Braintree and Sarah Witt, int.May30,1777.

Francis and Hannah Matthews, Mar.27,1804.

Francis Jr. and Harriet A.A. Blake, int.Apr.13,1844.

Hariot of Pitsfield and Henry Draper, int.Mar.21,1813.

Joseph of Shrewsbury and Mary Field of Western, Dec.31,1788.CR1*

Joseph and Roxana Allen of Holland, int.May19,1838.

Luther and Phebe Cutler, July13,1840.

Martha of Petersham and Capt. Joseph Wait, Jan.20,1762. In Petersham.

Martha of Natick and Samuel Perry Jr., int.Oct.3,1835.

Mary of Reading and Maj. Cheeney Reed, int.May22,1802.

Micah, Rev., and Sarah Wood of Charlestown, int.Aug.23,1801.

Nancy, Mrs., of Western and Ezra Hutchins Esq. of Killingly, CT, Sept.19,1814.CR1*

Rufus and Sarah Watt, Sept.29,1766.

Cemantha of Grantham, NH, and Remmington K. James, July24,1836.

Sarah and John Hamilton, Mar.29,1770.

Sarah and Rufus Dodge 2d of North Brookfield, int.Nov.9,1823.

Silas and Rebecca Welsh of Charlestown, Mar.7,1771. At Charlestown.

Silas, Lieut., and Mrs.Rhoda Blake of Mendon, int.Dec.7,1783.

Silas of Williamstown and Sophia Crowell, June10,1819.

Sylvanus of Goshen and Mehetable Kellogg, Feb.11,1808.*

Simon [of Greenwich int.] and Dorothy Harwood, June2,1773.

William of Ware and Olive Cooms, Feb.12,1824.

William B. and Phebe W. Robinson of Hardwick, int.Feb.1,1842.


Chester of Williamstown and Susan Crowell, May26,1824.

Joseph, Dr., and Sarah Adams, May22,1765.

Sarah, Wid., and Capt. John Banister, Jan.18 [14.CR], 1778.

STOWEL (Stowell)

David of Worcester and Elizabeth Thomas, Jan.20,1782.

Nancy and Naaman Thomas, Mar.20,1809.

Samuel of Western and Nancy Gilbert, Sept.18,1797.

STOWELL (Stowel)

Edward T. [or F.] and Bethia P. Morton of Ware, Apr.2,1831.

Ephraim C. and Mary Abbott, May29,1828.

Harriet N. and William Mason of Northborough, July6,1836.

Lucy A. and John Jennings, Oct.29,1830.

Luther Jr. and Sophia A. Passett [int.Barrett], May11,1826.

Luther and Lucy Barnes, May13,1840.

Theodotia and Edmond Pitts, Feb.26,1819.


Nathan and Esther Potter, Nov.13,1789.*

STRATON (Stratton)

Samuel and Sarah Parker, int.Nov.末,1769.

STRATTEN (Stratton)

Samuel and Nancy Smith, int.Apr.4,1798.

STRATTON (Straton, Stratten)

Josiah and Elisabeth Wood, int.July末,1763.

Josiah and Mary Davis of Holden, Oct.31,1765. At Holden.

Nathaniel of Athol and Esther Richardson, May15,1792.

Richard and Mary Dame, Dec.21,1737.

Samuel and Betsey Smith, Jan.1,1799. At Worcester.

Sarah and John Peeso, Oct.6,1763.


Eunice and Lemuel Ainsworth, June22,1780.

Hannah and Martin Aynsworth, Dec.13,1763. (See Elizabeth above.)

Rachel and Nathan Reed Rood, Aug.20,1770.*

Rebeckah and Ephraim Stone, Feb.10,1780.

Sarah and Jonas Benson Benton of Ware, Aug.20,1801.

STRICKLAND (Stricklin, Stricland)

Harriet N. and Darius Allen, Feb.4,1835.

STRICKLIN (Strickland)

Elijah and Sophia May, int.Feb.28,1808.

STRICLAND (Strickland)

James S. of Waren and Seraph Norwood, June7,1838.


Stephen J. of Brimfield and Rebecca Bartlet, Sept.19,1838.

Tirzah of Bolton, CT, and Rev. Thomas Snell, int.Aug.19,1800.


Agnes of New Braintree and John Huine [see Haire], June8,1758. In New Braintree.

STURDEVANT (Sturtevant)

Elisha of Randolph, VT, and Lydia Barns, Jan.24,1799.


Dolly and Joseph Rockwood, Nov.11,1802.

STURTEVANT (Sturdevant)

Elisha and Harriet Spooner, June17,1827.

Hercules of Shutesbury and Polly Richardson, Feb.26,1795.

Thirza and Versil Rice of Ware, int.Oct.2,1825.


Benjamin and Martha Clark, Aug.29,1771.*

David H. of Claremont, NH, and Martha B. Foxcroft, int.Sept.16,1805.

Fanny and Abraham Adams Jr., June25,1794.

Susanna and Samuel Kingsbury, Mar.24,1795.

Thomas and Elisabeth Holland, Mar.9,1780.


Billings of Leicester and Harriett Ayres of North Brookfield, Dec.31,1838.*


William of Leicester and Terza Converse of North Brookfield, June29,1831.*

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