Edgar, s.Hiram and Mary, Apr.15,1845.




Lydia, Nov.20,1798.GR1

Samuel, Apr.3,1802.GR1

Candace, Dec.6,1802.GR1

Roancy Almira, d.Samuel and Candace, Mar.25,1831.

Jarias, s.Samuel and Candace, Dec.13,1833.

Harrison S.,末蔓末,1840.GR6


Lucy, d.Samuel D. and Lucy, June5,1814.

Caroline, d.Samuel D. and Lucy, Apr.19,1816.

Sewell, s.Samuel D. and Lucy, Aug.6,1818.

Emeline, d.Samuel D. and Lucy, Oct.1,1820.

Nancy, d.Samuel D. and Lucy, May15,1822.

Lewis, s.Samuel D. and Lucy, Feb.6,1824.

Benjamin, s.Samuel D. and Lucy, Dec.17,1826.

Phebe, d.Samuel D. and Lucy, Jan.4,1829.


Philena, presented by Rev. Eliakirn and Sarah Phelps, bp. Nov.17,1816.CR1

LAMPSON (Lamson)

Abigail, d.Peter, bp. June26,1752.CR2

Elisabeth, d.John and Mary, bp. Sept.4,1773.CR2

LAMSON (Lampson)

John, s.John and Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [bap. Apr.14,1765.CR]

Kathrine, d.John and Mary,末蔓末, 末末. [bap. May24,1767.CR2]

Mary, d.John and Mary, Jan.末, 末末.

William, s.John and Mary, May末, 末末. [176.]

Jonathan, s.Peter and Mahitable, Feb.20,1755.

Priscilla, d.Peter and Mahitable, Apr.15,1757.

Ruth, d.Peter and Mahitable, July11,1760.

Thomas, s.Peter and Mahetable, Dec.9,1762.

Amos, s.Peter and Mahitable, Mar.5,1765.

Samuel, s.Peter and Mahetable, Mar.22,1767.

Mehetable, d.Peter and Mehetable, Apr.21,1769.

Beulah, d.Peter and Mehetable, Feb.10,1772.

Abigail, d.Peter and Mahitabel, Aug.29,1774.

Warren H., s.harrison O. and Hariett E., Sept.2,1846.


Corra Emeline, d.Francis and Cynthia E., Oct.17,1847.


William, s.Job and Sarah, Mar.13,1750.

James, s.Job and Sarah, May6,1752.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rebeckah, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR2

Thankfull, d.Joseph and Rebeckah, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR2

William, s.Joseph and Rebeckah, bp. Apr.21,1765.CR2

Anna, d.Robert and Mindwell, Oct.28,1770.

Eliza S. Witt, w.Capt. David W., Aug.14,1801.GR4

David W., Capt., h.Eliza S. Witt, Oct.28,1801. In BedfordGR4


Persis, adult, bp. Apr.27,1800.CR1

Francis, s.末末 and Persis, bp. July6,1800.CR1

James, s.末末 and Persis, bp. July6,1800.CR1


Seraph Jane, d.Almond and Sukey, Mar.15,1823.

Phebe Angeline, d.Almond and Sukey, May22,1826.

Charles Shermon, s.Almond and Sukey, Apr.25,1830.

Frances, d.Asa and Naomi, Aug.31,1837.


Addison, h.Priscilla Casell,末蔓末,1824.GR4

Priscilla Casell, w.Addison,末蔓末,1832.GR4

Ida E. Allen, w.Oscar E., Sept.5,1846.GR4

Oscar E., h.Ida E. Allen, July1,1848.GR4


Edwin, June14,1837.GR1


Laury E., d.Benjamin W. and Sophia, Nov.20,1839.

Sarah Jane, twin d.Benjamin F. and Sophia B., Apr.17,1844.

Sophia Watson, twin d.Benjamin F. and Sophia B., Apr.17,1844.

Marion Putnam, d.Joseph P. and Dolly, Apr.26,1848.


James, s.James and Polly, bp. Feb.2,1796.CR1


Samuel Judson, s.Robert, bp. June10,1804.CR2


Willard, s.Loring and Dorothy, bp. Aug.8,1779.CR1

Phebe, d.Thomas and Phebe, June10,1789.CR1

Goerge Banister, s.George B. and Mary A., Apr.23,1843.

David Franklin, s.Gilbert F. and Salome Barlow, July20,1845.


William Bowen, s.John and Hannah, bp. July13,1817.CR1


Lovisa, d.John and Rebecca, June23,1771.


Levi, s.Josiah and Anna, May11,1758.

Thankful, d.Josiah and Anna, Mar.28,1760.

Solomon, s.Josiah, bp. Apr.4,1762.CR2

Thankful, d.Elisha, bp. Nov.15,1807.CR1

Sarah, d.Emery and Patty, Jan.7,1814.

Harvey, s.Emery and Patty, Jan.14,1816.

John W.,末蔓末,1840.GR1

Eliza F., d.Sidney A. and Lucy, July11,1841.

Mary M. [w.John W.],末蔓末,1843.GR1

Albert Watson, s.Sidney A. and Lucy Watson, May18,1845.

Cynthia Giffin, d.Sidney A. and Lucy W., Dec.30,1846.

Edwin F.,末蔓末,1848.GR6


Leonard, Apr.1,1831.GR6


Lois, d.Jonas and Mary, Feb.9,1750.

LOOMIS (Loomiss, Lummiss)

Ephraim, s.Caleb and Mary, Sept.13,1774.

Irene, d.Caleb and Mary, Oct.16,1783.

LOOMISS (Loomiss, Lummiss)

Wyman, s.Calib and Mary, Mar.9,1762.

Orinda, d.Caleb and Mary, July16,1765.

Ruth, d.Calib and Mary, Mar.9,1767.


Jonas, s.Peter and Silance, Mar.20,1772.

Ezra, s.Peter and Silance, May31,1774.

Lucy [d.Peter and Silence.CR], Feb.14,1776.

William, s.Peter and Silence, Aug.13,1778.CR1


Betsy, d.末末 and Jemima, bp. Aug.15,1790.CR1

Nathaniel, s.末末 and Jemima, bp. Aug.15,1790.CR1

Sally, d.末末 and Jemima, bp. Aug.15,1790.CR1

Sanford, h.Martha A. Tidd,末蔓末,1816.GR4

Martha A. Tidd, w.Sanford, Feb.19,1824.GR4

LUMMISS (Loomis, Loomiss)

Mary, d.Caleb and Mary, Mar.24,1764.


George Martin, s.Martin and Nancy, July5,1848.

Susan A., d.Robert and Susan M., Dec.2,1849.

LYNDE (Lynds)

James, s.John and Sarah, bp. Mar.2,1777.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. Sept.8,1778.CR1

Bathsheba, d.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. July2,1780.CR1

John, s.John and Sarah, bp. July9,1781.CR1

Clarissa, d.John and Sarah, bp. Oct.24,1784.CR1

Ellen Augusta, d.Nathaniel, Apr.9,1800.GR6

Caleb Hitchcock, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.29,1808.

Mary Pemberton, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.29,1809.

Samuel Willaber [Willoghby.CR], s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.21,1811.

William Waterhouse, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.11,1812.

Sarah Hitchcock, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May8,1813.

Harriot, a black girl on Mrs.Sarah Lynde's account, bp. Mar.3,1814.CR1

Henry, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.11,1815.

Sarah Allen, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.9,1817.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, bp. Mar.23,1817.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.5,1820.

Ebenezer Bissell, s.Nathaniel and Eunice, Aug.31,1823.

Minerva J., w.Hon. Ebenezer B.,末蔓末,1826.GR6

Sally Hitchcock, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.3,1831.

Eunice Phelps, d.Nathaniel and Eunice, June18,1831.

Albert, s.Nathaniel and Eunice, Dec.11,1841.

LYNDS (Lynde)

Mary, d.John and Sarah, June20,1771.

Eliot, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Oct.28,1772.

Jabez, s.John and Sarah, Feb.12,1773.

Ruth, d.John and Sarah, Dec.3,1774.

Salley, d.John and Sarah, May24,1779.

Tilley, d.John and Sarah, Oct.9,1782.

Asa, s.John and Sarah, July14,1786.

Polley, d.John and Sarah, Feb.2,1788.

LYON (Lyons)

Phebe Foxcroft, d.Josiah and Mahitable, July23,1806.

George S. [h.Martha R.],末蔓末,1826.GR6

Cyrus E.末蔓末,1829.GR6

Martha R. [probably w.Cyrus E., but possibly of George S.],末蔓末,1831.GR6

Henry Adams, s.Curtis [Curlys?] and Sally, Mar.3,1835.

Isaac Slayton, s.Curtis and Sally, Jan.31,1837.

Charles A., s.Curtis and Sally, Feb.11,1839.

Marcus Edward, s.Carlis and Sarah, Nov.8,1843.

Fanny brownell, d.Henry and Matilda, Mar.15,1847.

末末, d.Curlys and Sally, July29,1849.

LYONS (Lyon)

Sarah, d.Curlys and Sally, Oct.3,1846.

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