RAINGER (Ranger)

Penuel, s.William and Mehitabel, Feb.25,1767.

Joshua, s.John and Sarah, Aug.28,1768.

Betty, d.William and Mehitabel, Mar.13,1769.

Patte, d.Thomas and Marcy, Sept.18,1770.

Theodore, s.William and Mehetabel, May27,1771.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Jan.2,1772.

Katey, d.Thomas and Marcy, Jan.29,1772.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Marcy, July27,1773.

Molley, d.William and Mahitable, Feb.1,1774.

Lucy, d.John and Sarah, Mar.7,1774.

Ephraim, s.Thomas and Mercy, July24,1774.

Sallome, d.Thomas and Mercy, June22,1776.

Abigail, d.John and Sarah, May27,1778.

Rebeca, d.William and Mehitable, Sept.8,178[1 ?].

Isaac, s.William and Mehitable, Mar.14,1786.

Fanny, d.Ephraim and Susannah, Jan.27,1795.

Caroline, d.Ephraim and Susannah, Oct.26,1797.

Eliza, d.Ephraim and Susannah, June7,1801.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Ephraim and Susannah, Apr.2,1803.

Rolucia, d.Ephraim and Susannah, Feb.17,1805.

Liberty Jenks, s.Ephraim and Susannah, May13,1807.


Abigail, s.Daniel and Marcy, July2,1758.

Enos Addams, s.Daniel and Marcy, Aug.12,1760.

Phinehas, s.Daniel and Persilla, Dec.7,1771.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Persilla, Nov.20,1773.

RANGER (Rainger)

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.20,1737.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Hannah, Nov.30,1739.

Samuell, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.13,1742.

Moses, s.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.6,1745.

John, s.John and Sarah, Feb.4,1762.

Joseph, s.William and Mehitable, Oct.14,1762.

Job, s.John and Sarah, Dec.10,1763.

Hannah, d.William and Mehitabel, Nov.28,1764.

Amos, s.John and Sarah, Apr.14,1766.

Levi, s.William and Mehitable, Aug.12,1776.

Samuel, s.Samuel, bp. Oct.末,1777.CR2

Lydea, d.Thomas and Mercy, Feb.2,1779.

Abigail, d.William and Mehitable, Mar.8,1779.


Triphena, d.Paul and Sarah, Sept.7,1761.

Joel, s.Paul and Sarah, June26,1763.

Peletiah, s.Paul and Sarah, Jan.30,1766.


Sarah J. Prouty, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1825.GR6

Charlotte Emaline, d.Mrs.Mary, bp. Aug.末,1827.CR1

Joseph, s.Mrs.Mary, bp. Aug.末,1827.CR1

Lucretia, d.Mrs.Mary, bp. Aug.末,1827.CR1

Otis Newell, s.Mrs.Mary, bp. Aug.末,1827.CR1

Silvia, d.Mrs.Mary, bp. Aug.末,1827.CR1

Charles A.,末蔓末,1848.GR6

Flora W. Stevens, w.Charles A.,末蔓末,1848.GR6


Molley, d.John and Deborah, Jan.9,176[3 ?]. At Beverley.

Anna, d.John and Deborah, Jan.9,1765. At Beverly.

Barnabas, s.John and Deborah, Mar.9,1767.

末末, s.John, bp. Aug.19,1767.CR2

Betty, d.John and Deborah, Oct.16,176[8 ?]

James, s.John and Deborah, Aug.19,1770.

Mahitable, d.John and Deborah, May19,1772.

William, s.John and Deborah, July24,1774.

Polly, d.Barnbas, bp. June12,1803.CR2

Thankful Thustin, d.Barnbas, bp. June12,1803.CR2


Julius, Dec.10,1832.GR4

READ (Reed)

Ruben, s.Nathaniel and Pheebe, Nov.2,1730.

Joshua, s.Nathanel and Phebe, Dec.14,1732.

Phebe, d.Nathaniel and Phebe, Jan.28,1734-5.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Phebe, Mar.13,1737.

REED (Read)

Abigail, d.James and Abigail, Jan.20,174[. ?].

Calvin, s.Luther and Sarah, Oct.14,1779.

John Taft, s.Cheney and Sarah, Apr.19,1785.

Sally, d.Cheney and Sarah, Mar.16,1787.

Fanny, d.Cheney and Sarah, Sept.23,1788.

Caroline, d.Cheney and Sarah, Nov.21,1789.

Joseph, s.Cheney and Mary, May21,1803.

Mary Stone, d.Cheney and Mary, Dec.1,1804.

Abel Wheeler, Jan.15,1805.GR1

Samuel Gardiner, h.Fanny Louisa, May21,1809.GR3

Elisabeth Tyler, w.Abel Wheeler, Aug.15,1817.GR1

Persis Jane, d.Waldo and Celestina, Mar.28,1823. In Western.

Anna Priscilla, d.Henry and Dolly, Oct.15,1824.

Henry Dwight, s.Waldo and Celestina, Dec.3,1824.

Henry, s.Henry and Dolly, July16,1826.

Louisa, d.Waldo and Celestina, Jan.6,1827.

Charles, s.Henry and Dolly, Jan.4,1828.

Micah Stone, s.Henry and Dolly, Mar.17,1829.

Almira Howe, d.Henry and Dolly, Aug.26,1830.

Charles Lyon, s.Henry and Dolly, June6,1832.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Henry and Dolly, Jan.14,1834.

Mary Ann, d.Waldo and Celestina, Apr.11,1835.

William Wirt, s.John W. and Abigail G., Feb.14,1837.

Caroline Eliza, d.Charles C. and Jane, Sept.3,1842.

Maria Jane, d.Charles and Jane, July30,1844 dup.

George D., s.Dwight and Susan L., Nov.1,1848.


Lutina, d.末末 and Polly Howard,末蔓末, "fall of" 1808.


Mary, d.John and Margeret, Apr.20,1847.


Eunis, d.Elisha and Marth, Aug.18,1721.

Zeruiah, d.Azariah and Hanah, Sept.23,1721.

Benjamin, s.Azariah and Hannah, Feb.1,1722-3.

Persees, d.Obadiah and Esther, Nov.8,1722.

Betty, d.Sippron and Lydea, Apr.12,1723.

Elnathan, s.Elisha and Martha, Feb.13,1724.

Tilly, s.Obadiah and Esther, Nov.8,1724.

Miriam, d.azariah and Hanah, Nov.26,1724.

Vashti, d.Amos and Mary, Mar.5,1725.

Sarrah, d.Cypron and Lydeah, Oct.7,1725.

Anna, d.Elisha and Martha, July5,1726.

Oliver, s.Azariah and Hannah, Nov.7,1726.

John, s.Amos and Mary, Dec.4,1726.

Solomon, s.Cypron and Lydea, Jan.5,1727-8.

Tamar, d.obadiah and Esther, Mar.18,1727.

Elish, s.Elisha and Marth, Dec.12,1728.

Levinah, d.Azariah and Hannah, Mar.17,1729.

Amos, s.Amos and Mary, July3,1729.

Moses, s.Cypron and Lydea, Nov.14,1729.

Molley, d.Obadiah and Esther, Dec.12,1729.

Abigall, d.Peter and Dinah, Nov.14,1730.

Jonas, s.Azariah and Hannah, June30,1731.

Rebekah, d.Elisha and Marth, July1,1731.

Mary, d.Amos and Mary, Nov.29,1731.

Luce, d.Peter and Dinah, Feb.12,1732.

Esther, d.Obadiah and Esther, May7,1732.

Silias, s.Cypron and Lydea, Sept.15,1732.

Rachiel, d.Elisha and Martha, Feb.17,1734-5.

Peter, s.Peter and Dinah, July26,1734.

Mary, d.Azariah and Hannah, Oct.20,1734.

Timothy, s.Peter and Dinah, Jan.12,1735.

Edward, s.Obadiah and Esther, Mar.3,1735.

Ephraim, s.Azariah and Hannah, Oct.28,1735.

Damaras, d.Cypron and Lydea, 末蔓22,1737.

Olive, d.Elisha and Martha, Mar.1,1737.

Sarah, d.Obadiah and Esther, Dec.24,1737.

Sarah, d.Peter and Dinah, June29,1738.

Pacents, d.Azariah and Hannah, Oct.20,1738.

Rebecca, d.Peter and Dinah, Jan.8,1739.

Mirick, s.Obadiah and Esther, Oct.19,1740.

Meriam, d.Peter and Dinah, Feb.17,1741-2.

Zerviah, d.Peter and Dinah, May19,1744.

Obadiah, s.Obadiah and Easther, Jan.19,1746-7.

Zerviah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.24,1747.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.14,1750.

Sarah, d.Jonas and Daborah, Jan.26,1752.

Persis, d.Solomon and Mary, Nov.3,1752.

Loies, d.Oliver and Lucy, Oct.12,1753.

Bathsheba, d.Jonas and Deborah, Oct.25,1753.

Sarah, d.Solomon and Mary, Jan.3,1755.

Rhoda, d.John and Susanna, Mar.24,1755.

Persis, d.Oliver and Lucy, Apr.1,1755.

Elisha, s.Elnathan and Lucy, June7,1755.

Caleb, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.2,1755.

Sarah, d.Solomon and Mary, Feb.2,1756.

Jason, s.Jonas and Deborah, May14,1756.

Jesse, s.Oliver and Lucy, May18,1757.

Allis, d.John and Susannah, June24,1757.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.29,1757.

Silas, s.Ephraim and Thankful, Feb.20,1758.

Charles, s.Charles and Leah, Mar.7,1758.

Bathsheba, d.Jonas and Deborah, June30,1758.

Persis, d.Solomon and Mary, Feb.12,1759.

Amos, s.John and Susanna, Sept.1,1759.

William, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.28,1759.

Eunice, d.Oliver and Lucy, Dec.25,1759.

Elijah, s.Elnathan and Lucy, July28,1760.

Patience, d.Jonas and Deborah, Sept.18,1760.

Abner, s.Peter and Sarah, Dec.22,1760.

Moses, s.Solomon and Mary, Jan.1,1761.

Levi, s.Ephraim and Thankful, Apr.13,1761.

John, s.John and Susanna, Dec.26,1761.

Nathan, s.Oliver and Lucy, June18,1762.

Peter, s.Elnathan and Lucy, June28,1762 [dup.]

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.2,1762.

Simon, s.Jonas and Deborah, Sept.21,1762.

Mary, d.Solomon and Mary, Jan.21,1764.

Rufus, s.Elnathan and Lucy, Feb.26,1764.

Allis, d.John and Susannah, May6,1764.

Chena, s.Edward and Sarah, Dec.1,1764.

Joel, s.Jonas and Deborah, Jan.18,1765.

Mattathias, s.Ephraim and Eunice, July9,1765.

Molley, d.Edward and Sarah, Dec.26,1765.

Joseph, s.Elnathan and Lucy, Mar.5,1766.

Josiah, s.Oliver and Lucy, Apr.10,1766.

Azubah, w.Peter, Jan.3,1767.

Susannah, d.John and Susanna, May28,1767.

Thomas, s.Tilly and Mary, May30,1767.

Vashty, d.Solomon and Mary, July22,1767.

Thankfull, d.Ephraim and Eunice, Oct.9,1767.

Thomas, s.Edward and Sarah [Mary.CR], Oct.29,1767.

Azariah, s.Jonas and Deborah, Dec.26,1767.

Olive, d.Elnathan and Lucy, Mar.3,1768.

Phinehas, s.Oliver and Lucy, May22,1768.

Persis, d.Adonijah, bap. Oct.23,1768.CR1

Hannah, d.Jonas and Deborah, Feb.1,1769.

Ashbal, s.Steven and Doratha, bap. May10,1769.CR2

Obediah, s.Edward and Sarah, June24,1769.

Hepsabah, d.Steven, bap. Nov.15,1769.CR2

Ephraim, s.Adam and Lois, Jan.27,1770.

Simeon, s.Oliver and Lucy, Apr.3,1770.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Eunice, June24,1770.

Fanna, d.Tilly and Mary, Oct.29,1770.

Levinah, d.Jonas and Deborah, June2,1771.

Parses, d.Obadiah and Hannah, Oct.1,1771.

Sarah, d.John and Susanna, Nov.23,1771.

James, s.Oliver and Lucy, Feb.22,1772.

Lydia, d.Solomon and Mary, July20,1772.

Zaruiah, d.Ephraim and Eunice, July22,1772.

Lois, d.Adam and Lois, Aug.19,1772.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Deborah, Aug.9,1773.

Obadiah Jr., s.Obadiah and Hannah, Sept.16,1775.

Squier, s.Obadiah and Hannah, May5,1777.

Hannah, d.Obadiah and Hannah, Feb.11,1779.

Polley, d.Charles and Nabby, May23,1779.

末吠s, s.Amos and Keziah, Nov.26,178[. ?].

Lydia, d.Amos and Kesiah, Feb.2,1781.

Easter, d.Obadiah and Hannah, Apr.20,1781.

Rachel, d.Elisha and Catharine, June24,1781 [dup.]

Betsey, d.Silas and Hannah, Nov.25,1781 [dup.]

Charles, s.Charles and Nabby, May5,1783.

John, s.Obadiah and Hannah, May13,1783.

Luther, s.Silas and Hannah, May16,1783. [dup.]

Rebecca, d.Elisha and Katharine, July11,1783 [dup.]

Gardner, s.Tilley and Eunis, Feb.18,1784.

Henry Gardner, s.Tilly and Eunice, Feb.18,1784.

Asenath, d.Peter and Azubah, Nov.11,1784.

Lewis, s.Amos and Kesiah, Nov.26,1784.

Thankful, d.Silas and Hannah, June3,1785 [dup.]

Lucy, d.Elisha and Katharine, July24,1785.

Elisabeth, d.Tilly and Eunice, Oct.6,1785.

末釦h, d.Tilley and Eunis, Oct.6,1785.

Sophia, d.Enoch, bap. June18,1786.CR2

Warren, s.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.6,1786 [dup.]

Parley, s.Peter and Azubah, Oct.10,1786.

Cynthia, d.Silas and Hanna, Sept.2,1787.

Charlotte, d.Elijah and Hannah, Jan.19,1788 [dup.]

Katy, d.Elisha and Kathernie, Mar.26,1788.

Alvin, s.John and Katherine, Mar.29,1788.

Otis, s.Rufus and Betsey, Dec.30,1788.

Clarke, s.William and Sally, Feb.8,1789.

Woodice, ch.John and Katherine, July1,1789.

Perny, d.Peter and Azubah, Aug.14,1789.

George, s.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.2,1789 [dup.]

Dexter, s.Moses and Patty, Jan.21,1790.

Electa, d.Amos and Kesiah, Apr.8,1790.

Sally, d.Elisha and Katharine, Sept.17,1790.

Shepard, s.Rufus and Betsey, Sept.20,1790.

Walker, s.Silas and Hanna, Mar.19,1791. At Sturbridge.

Elizabeth, d.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.24,1791 [dup.]

Peter, s.Peter and Azubah, Feb.9,1792.

Almira, d.Azariah and Sally, May3,1792. In Sturbridge.

John, s.John and Katherine, Aug.10,1792.

Huldah, d.Elisha and Katharine, Oct.8,1792.

Francis, s.Rufus and Betsey, Apr.9,1793.

Sally, d.Thomas and Sally, May10,1793.

Lydia, d.Silas and Hanna, June6,1793. At Sturbridge.

Sarah, d.Tilly and Eunice, July12,1793.

末紡h, d.Tilly and Eunis, July12,1793.

Parker, s.Simeon and Matilda, Nov.14,1793. In Sturbridge.

Earl, s.Azariah and Sally, Mar.16,1794. In Sturbridge.

Emma, d.John and Katherine, June10,1794.

Washington, s.Elijah and Hannah, Oct.7,1794 [dup.]

Baxter, s.Moses and Patty, Nov.17,1794.

Windsor, s.Ephraim and Olive, Dec.7,1794.

Loisa, d.Elisha and Katharine, Jan.4,1795.

Betsey, twin d.Rufus and Betsey, Apr.1,1795.

Sally, twin d.Rufus and Betsey, Apr.1,1795.

Liberty, s.Peter and Azubah, Apr.14,1795.

Tilly, s.Thomas and Sally, bap. July12,1795.CR1

Frederick William, s.Tilly and Eunice, Oct.15,1795 [dup.]

Wilard, s.Silas and Hanna, Dec.16,1795.

Tilly, s.Thomas and Sally, Feb.19,1796.

Amos, s.Amos and Kesiah, May5,1796.

Dennis, s.John and Katherine, June2,1796.

Liberty, s.Azariah and Sally, Nov.14,1796. In Sturbridge.

Azubeth, d.Peter and Azubah, Feb.5,1797.

Salmon, s.Rufus and Betsey, Feb.12,1797.

Nevenson, s.Elisha and Katharine, Mar.5,1797.

Fanny, d.Moses and Patty, May2,1797.

Alfred, s.Simeon and Matikla, June30,1797.

Caroline, d.Thoams and Sally, Sept.29,1797.

Levi, s.Silas and Hanna, Mar.27,1798.

Samuel Buckminster, s.Tilly and Eunice, June14,1798.

Justin, s.Phnehas and Ruth, Sept.4,1798.

Alvin 2d, s.John and Katherine, Sept.21,1798.

Patten, s.Rufus and Betsey, Oct.7,1798.

Calista, d.Azariah and Sally, Mar.22,1799. In Sturbridge.

Olive, d.Elisha and Katharine, June30,1799.

Columbus, s.William and Rebecah, Sept.29,1799.

Royal, s.Silas and Hannah, Apr.19,1800. At Western.

Seth, s.Moses and Patty, May1,1800.

Versal, s.Phinehas and Ruth, July29,1800.

Augustus, s.John and Katherine, Aug.25,1800.

Mattathias, s.Silas and Hanna, Mar.20,1801.

Benjamin, s.William and Rebecah, Oct.26,1801.

Edward T., s.Elisha and Katharine, Dec.22,1801.

Mary, d.Thomas and Sally, July12,1802.

Emery, s.Azariah and Sally, Aug.9,1802.

Mary Wheeler, d.John and Katherine, Sept.18,1802.

Laura, d.Phinehas and Ruth, Jan.17,1803.

Cutler, s.Rufus and Betsey, Jan.21,1803.

Lawson, s.Silas and Hanna, Apr.7,1803.

John G. s.Elisha and Katharine, July4,1803.

William, s.William and Rebecah, July27,1803.

Martha Augusta, d.Joseph and Allice, Apr.18,1804.

Sally, d.William and Rebecah, Jan.18,1805.

Cyrus Abbot, s.Azariah and Sally, June2,1805.

Everlina, d.Phinehas and Ruth, July2,1805.

Clarke Turner, s.Joel and Nancy Howe, Aug.7,1805.

Hiram, s.Merrick and Anna, Aug.24,1805.

John Davis, s.Josiah and Hannah, Feb.2,1806. IN Madison, NY.

Perigrine White, s.Joseph and Allice, May4,1806.

Rebeccah, d.William and Rebecah, May12,1806.

Leonard, s.Rufus and Betsey, Sept.18,1806.

Samuel Buckminster, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Nov.7,1806.

Sophrona, d.Merrick and Ama, Dec.31,1806.

Maria, d.Amos and Mary, Feb.12,1807.

Horace, s.Phinehas and Ruth, Mar.13,1807.

Frederick William, s.Joel and Nancy Howe, July29,1807. In New Salem.

Julia, d.William and Rebecah, Feb.2,1808.

Charlotte, d.Merrick and Anna, July12,1808.

Lucian, s.Amos and Mary, Oct.17,1808.

Sally, d.Azariah and Sally, Nov.4,1808.

George Merrick, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Nov.20,1808.

Caroline, d.Peter and Azubah, Apr.2,1809.

Henry, s.William and Rebecah, June18,1809.

Francis Eaton, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Apr.8,1810.

Anna Maria, d.Amos and Mary, Apr.24,1810.

Nancy Maria, d.Joel and Nancy Howe, July14,1810.

Elsa Draper, d.Shepard and Mehala, Sept.17,1810.

Nathan, s.Phinehas and Ruth, Oct.2,1810.

Rebeccah 2d, d.William and Rebecah, Nov.11,1810.

Melenda, d.Azariah and Sally, May23,1811.

Charlotte Austin, d.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Jan.11,1812.

Orlow Foster, s.Lewis and Lucy, May6,1812.

Azubah, d.William and Rebecah, Oct.22,1812.

Eliot Eaton, s.Shepard and Mehala, Oct.28,1812.

Sally Demmon, d.Clarke and Lydia, Dec.27,1812.

Betsey, d.Joel and Nancy Howe, Apr.22,1813.

George, s.末末 and Lydia, June21,1813. At Western.

Potia, d.Zariah and Sally, Aug.11,1813.

Charlotte, d.Col. Buckminster and Abigail, bap. Aug.21,1814.CR1

Frances Eaton, d.Col. Buckminster and Abigail, bap. Aug.21,1814.CR1

Allice, d.Amos and Mary, Oct.15,1814.

Amanda, d.George and Mary, Nov.1,1814.

Louisa, d.William and Rebecah, Dec.20,1814.

Edwin, s.Shepard and mehala, Apr.11,1815.

James Chandler, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Apr.15,1815.

Thomas O., Rev., Aug.19,1815. At Ashby.GR6

Margaret Mann, w.Rev. Thomas O., Jan.8,1816. In Boston.GR6

Ursula Amanda, d.Joel and Nancy Howe, Apr.16,1816.

George, grand-s Silas, bap. Sept.24,1816.CR1

Matthias, s.Silas and Hannah, bap. Sept.24,1816.CR1 [Perhaps same as foregoing.]

Nancy Maria, d.Oliver and Rinda, Jan.7,1817.

Sophia, d.George and Mary, Mar.20,1817.

William Henry, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Mar.24,1817.

Mary, d.Otis and Lydia, Mar.28,1817.

Charles Herring, s.Liberty and Bersheba, Apr.14,1817. [1818 as corrected by his father.]

Charles, s.Parker A. and Alona, July30,1817.

Laura, d.William and Rebecah, Aug.11,1817.

Merriam, d.Shepard and Mehala, Sept.1,1817.

Lyman, s.Oliver and Rinda, Nov.20,1818.

Jane, d.Otis and Lydia, Jan.27,1819.

Nancy, d.William and Rebecah, Feb.8,1819.

Frances L. [w.Edwin ?], May21,1819.GR1

Eliza Ann, d.Baxter and Experience, July19,1819.

Lucia, d.Liberty and Bersheba, Sept.2,1819.

Merrick, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, Oct.4,1819.

Adaline, d.Warren and Thankful, Aug.22,1820.

Betsey, d.Otis and Lydia, Jan.16,1821.

Seraph, d.Dexter and Nancy, Aug.9,1821.

Preston, s.Oliver and Rinda, Oct.26,1821.

Frederick, s.Samuel Buckminster and Abigail, May8,1822.

Lucy, d.Otis and Lydia, Jan.20,1823.

Cassandana Turner, d.Columbus and Experience, July1,1823.

Frances Leviah, d.Baxter and Experience, Aug.1,1823.

Caroline Matilda, d.Parker A. and Alona, Oct.28,1823.

Orelot, s.Shepard and Mehala, June26,1824.

Francis, s.Otis and Lydia, Jan.14,1825.

Cutler Barnum, s.末末 and Sally, Feb.20,1825.

Azubah Ann, d.Peter Jr. and Polly, Aug.6,1825.

Charlotte Abigail, d.Washington and Sally, Aug.8,1825.

Moses Bemis, s.Dexter and Nancy, Sept.10,1825.

Austin, s.Liberty and Bersheba, Sept.21,1825.

John Brooks, s.Augustus and Esther, Nov.29,1825.

Mariam Wight, d.Leavins and Betsey, Jan.12,1826. At Springfield.

Martha Maria, d.Alfred and Fanny, Apr.7,1826.

Edward Francis, s.Columbus and Experience, May2,1826.

Ann Eliza, d.Warren and Eliza, July5,1826.

Henry Warren, s.Baxter and Experience, Dec.23,1826.

Daniel, s.Otis and Lydia, Apr.11,1827.

James, s.Leavins and Betsey, Aug.27,1827. At Springfield.

末末, ch.Washington and Sally, Dec.8,1827.

Frederic, s.Wid.A, Bap.末蔓末,1828.CR1

Merrick, s.Wid.A., bap.末蔓末,1828.CR1

Eliza Ann, d.Peter Jr. and Polly, Apr.7,1828.

Franklin Augustus, s.Augustus and esther, July24,1828.

Nancy Ann, d.Leavins and Betsey, Dec.26,1828.

William Edward, s.Columbus and Experience, Dec.30,1828.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Washington and Sally, Feb.13,1829.

John Austin, s.Liberty and Bersheba, Aug.16,1829.

Julia Boyden, d.Baxter and Experience, Sept.23,1829.

Henry Elnathan, s.Peter Jr. and Polly, Feb.28,1830.

Frances Emeline, d.Alfred and Fanny, Apr.29,1830.

Lucius Eli, s.Augustus and Esther, Sept.7,1830.

Julius Warren, s.Warren and Eliza, Oct.14,1830.

Laura Ann, d.Washington and Sally, Feb.21,1831.

Lydia, d.Otis and Lydia, Apr.30,1831.

Charles Francis, s.Columbus and Experience, Sept.16,1831.

Matilda, d.Liberty and Rachel, Sept.20,1831.

Caroline, d.Otis and Lydia, May8,1833.

Catharine Frances, d.Washington and Sally, May28,1833.

Caroline, d.Liberty and Rachel, Oct.5,1833.

George Lafayette, s.Baxter and Experience, June11,1834.

Mary, d.Otis and Lydia, Aug.10,1835.

Eveline Walker Plympton, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.4,1835.

Mary Ann, d.Alfred and Fanny, Jan.7,1836.

Benjamin F., s.Columbus and Experience, Oct.5,1836.

Rose A. Ladd, w.B.F.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Willard Paige, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Sept.30,1837.

John T., s.William Jr. and Julia, Apr.3,1838.

Samuel Shepherd, s.Elliot and Harriet, Sept.8,1839.

Betsy, Apr.14,1840.

Jane E., William Jr. and Julia, Nov.9,1840.

Emily, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1840.

Samuel Elliott, s.Elliott and Marcia, Nov.7,18433

Oliver L., s.Elliot and Harriett H., Nov.2,1845.

Laura, d.William and Julia, Oct.9,1846.


Ebenezer, s.Thomas and Ruth, Feb.28,1723-4.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, July18,1725.

Solomon, s.Thomas and Ruth, Aug.2,1726.

Marth, d.John and Sarah, Dec.4,1726.

Submitt, d.Exsprance and Hannah, Oct.18,1727.

Submit, d.Exsperience and Hannah, Oct.18,172[8 ?].

John, s.John and Sarah, Feb.25,1729.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ruth, May8,1729.

Moses, s.Exsperince and Hannah, June4,1730.

Content, d.John and Sarah, Dec.14,1730.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, Sept.30,1731.

Jonas, s.John and Sarah, Oct.8,1732.

Philip, s.Exsperince and Hannah, Nov.15,1732.

Martha, d.Thomas and Ruth, May8,1734.

Elijah, s.Exsperence and Hannah, Aug.26,1734.

Cyrus, s.Thomas and Ruth, Feb.24,1736-7.

John, s.Exsperence and Hannah, July27,1736.

Hannah, d.Exsperence and Hannah, Aug.27,173[9 ?].

David, s.Exsperence and Hannah, Aug.27,17[40 ?].

Jared, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.21,1753.

Justus, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.23,1754.

Abi, d.Moses and Lydia, Aug.5,1755.

Martha, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.24,1756.

Elijah, s.Moses and Lydia, Dec.30,1756.

Lydia, d.Moses and Lydia, Aug.15,1758.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.3,1759.

Phillip, s.Moses and Lydia, Sept.13,1760.

Ruth, d.David and Elisabeth, Apr.18,1761.

Rachel, d.Thomas and Mary, Nov.30,1761.

Lucy, d.David and Elisabeth, Jan.27,1763.

Stephen, s.Moses, bap. Jan.30,1763.CR1

Eunice, d.David, bap. Mar.20,1763.CR1

Salmon, s.Thomas and Mary, May31,1764.

Bathsheba, d.Moses and Lydia, Aug.17,1764.

Calvin, s.David and Elisabeth, July8,1765.

[Tempe ?], d.John and Mary, bap. Sept.24,1775.CR1

Ward, s.John and Mary, bap. Sept.24,1775.CR1

William, s.John and Mary, bap. Sept.24,1775.CR1

Achsah, d.John and Mary, bap. Apr.25,1779.CR1

Charles, s.John and Mary, bap. Oct.26,1783.CR1

Polly, d.Salmon and Sintha, May23,1787.

Ruth, d.Salmon and Sintha, May16,1789.

Polly, d.John and Mary, bap. Jan.17,1790.CR1

John Cheney, s.Salmon and Sintha, July3,1790.

Warren, s.John and Mary, bap. June17,1792.CR1

Christopher Columbus, s.Salmon and Sintha, Aug.7,1792.

Mandana, d.Salmon and Sintha, Mar.20,1795.

Ellen T.,末蔓末,1816.GR4

Dwight Banister, s.Apollos, bap. Dec.末,1826.CR1

Lyman, s.Apollos, bap. Dec.末,1826.CR1


Sullivan, s.Thomas and Mary, June20,1794. In Framingham.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Mary, May29,1795. In Framingham.

Curtis, s.Thomas and Mary, June10,1796. In Framingham.

Beulah, w.Curtis,末蔓末,1797.GR2

Hollis, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.9,1798. In Framingham.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, May7,1799. In Framingham.

Maria, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.28,1800. In Framingham.

Emery, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.2,1802. In Framingham.

Willard, s.Thomas and Mary, Aug.6,1803. In Framingham.

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.16,1805.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Lucy, Sept.3,1808.

Hepzebah S., d.Thomas and Lucy, July14,1810.

Abzadia, d.Thomas and Lucy, Jan.3,1813.

Thomas E., s.Thomas and Lucy, July14,1815.

Asaph R., s.Thomas and Lucy, June11,1817.

Fanny, d.Hollis and Esther, Sept.25,1820.

Edwin, s.Curtis and Bulah, Oct.22,1820.

Asenath W., d.Thomas and Lucy, Oct.31,1821.

Caroline, d.Sullivan and Nancy, Jan.15,1822.

Emery Horatio ?, s.Curtis and Bulah, Apr.22,1822.

James, s.Joel and Eunice, Feb.20,1823.

Edwin Elliot, s.Joel and Eunice, Mar.28,1824.

末末, ch.Hollis and Esther, May末,1824.

Emory Horatio, s.Curtis and Bulah, June13,1824.

Samuel Dexter, s.Curtis and Bulah, June14,1826.

Joel, s.Joel and Eunice, Dec.1,1826.

Sophia Upham, w.Jefferson H., Oct.8,1828.GR4

William A.,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Jefferson Hamilton, s.Curtis and Bulah, Jan.6,1829.

Anna Maria, d.Joel and Eunice, May6,1829.

Antoinette G. Thompson, w.Edwin E.,末蔓末,1831.GR6

Lucy Ann, d.Curtis and Bulah, July2,1831.

William Henry, s.Joel and Eunice, Aug.27,1831.

Hiram, s.Joel and Eunice, Apr.27,1834.

Julia Emeline, d.Curtis and Bulah, Oct.25,1835.

Joel, s.Joel and Eunice, Nov.27,1836.

E.J. [w.William A. ?],末蔓末,1837.GR2

William Robertson, s.James A. and Sarah A., Nov.29,1846.


Samuel, s.Solomon and Rebecca, Oct.23,1756.

Ezekiel, s.Solomon and Rebecca, Mar.11,1760.

Asenath, d.Solomon and Rebecca, Dec.24,1761.

Miriam, d.Solomon and Rebecca, Dec.2,1763.

Lydia, d.Nathan and Tammy, Nov.26,1765.

Mitilda, d.Nathan and Tammy, Nov.27,1768.

Molly, d.Nathan and Tammy, June15,1771.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Aug.19,1772.

Esther, d.Nathan and Tammy, Sept.16,1773.

Tammy, d.Nathan and Tammy, Feb.21,1776.

Ruth, d.Jonathana nd Lydia, Aug.24,1776.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary, Dec.19,1777.

Rebeccah, d.Nathan and Mary, Dec.30,1778.

Kezia, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Mar.18,1779.

Nathan 2d, s.Nathan and Mary, Nov.16,1780.

James Clark, s.Nathan and Mary, Dec.21,1782.

Solomon, s.Ezekiel and Sally, Dec.22,1782.

Saviah, d.Ezekiel and Sally, July11,1784.

Bamas, s.Nathan and Mary, Apr.9,1785.

Sally, d.Ezekiel and Sally, Oct.5,1787.

Matilda, d.Nathan and Mary, Nov.30,1787.

Solomon, s.Ezekiel and Sally, Dec.28,1788.

Charles, s.Nathan and Mary, June13,1790.

Sally, d.Ezekiel and Sally, Feb.6,1791.

Alfred, s.Ezekiel and Sally, Mar.8,1793.

William, s.Nathana nd Mary, May9,1793.

Charlotte, d.Ezekiel and Sally, Aug.16,1796.

Hiram, s.Ezekiel and Sally, Oct.16,1800.

Clarindia, d.Ezekiel and Sally, Jan.28,1805.

Mary, d.James clarke and Betsey, Mar.8,1805.

Nathan, s.James Clarke and Betsey, Oct.21,1806.

Winthrop, s.James Clarke and Betsey, June12,1809.

Adeline, d.James Clarke and Betsey, Apr.9,1812.

Billings Fairbanks, s.Solomon and Olive, July4,1816.

Horace Augustus, s.Ezekiel 2d and Cloe, Jan.26,1818. In Franklin.

Stephen, s.James Clarke and Betsey, May8,1819.

William Lorenzo, s.Ezekiel 2d and Cloe, June16,1820.

William Warren, s.Charles and Olive, Nov.9,1821.

James, s.James Clarke and Betsey, June2,1822.

Julia A., w.Duquesne, Jan.16,1823.GR6

Duquesne H., Jan.30,1823.GR6

Charles Warren, s.Charles and Olive, Mar.8,1823.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Cynthia, Mar.21,1823.

Olive Morse, d.Solomon and Cynthia, Nov.4,1824.

Nancy Augusta, d.Charles and Olive, Feb.12,1825.

Delia Maria, d.Charles and Olive, May15,1827.

Edward, s.Solomon and Cynthia, Dec.10,1827.

Horace Augustus, s.Charles and Olive, May30,1829.

Thomas Manby, s.末末 and Betsey, Aug.14,1829.

Henry, s.Solomon and Cynthia, June3,1830.

Harriet Adaline, d.Charles and Olive, Jan.18,1832.

Otis H.,末蔓末,1833.GR1

Otis W.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Annette L., d.Amos and Lucretia A., Nov.8,1842.

Albert Henry, s.William and Mary, June15,1844. At Holliston.

Edwin, s.Thomas Metcalf and Sarah, May13,1849.


John, s.Robert and Martha, Dec.9,1767.

Lucy, d.Robert and Martha, Dec.16,1769.

Eunice, d.Robert and Martha, Mar.22,1772.

Martha, d.Robert and Martha, Feb.11,1775.

Abner, twin s.Robert and Martha, Mar.13,1777.

Robert, twin s.Robert and Martha, Mar.13,1777.

Easter, d.Robert and Martha, July15,1779.

Ruth, d.Ezra, bap. Dec.5,1779.CR2

Cynthia, d.Ezra, bap. Oct.末,1786CR2

RICHOSON (Richardson)

Willard, s.Jonathan and Lyda, July12,1768.


Betty, d.Thomas, bap. May9,1756.CR2

Molley, d.Thomas, bap. May9,1756.CR2

Meriam, d.Thomas, bap. Mar.19,1758.CR2

Asenea, d.末末 and Abigail Kimball, Jan.23,1774.

RIGHT (Wright)

Cybel, d.William and Mary, bap. July19,1752.CR2

Ruth, d.William and Mary, bap. Mar.28,1756.CR2

Penelope, d.Ebenezer and Thankfull, bap. Jan.27,1760.CR2

Catharine, d.Ebenezer, bap. July17,1762CR2


Thankful, d.William and Thankful, May18,1806.


Oscar Boyden, s.Jeremiah and Julia M., Sept.23,1833.

Susan Maria, d.Jeremiah and Julia M., Aug.5,1837.

Frances Eliza, d.John P. and Eliza A., Sept.14,1838.

Elizabeth E., former w.Charles F. Witherell,末蔓末,1844.GR4

John Cooley, s.John P. and Eliza Ann, July18,1846.


末末, Negro servant to John Gilbert, Aug.10,1741.


John, s.Simeon and Damaras, Aug.8,1772.


末末, ch.Samuel and Mary, "whose days were not numbered."GR6

Henry, s.Joshua, Sept.3,1749.

Elizabeth Bowen, d.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1806. At Boston.

末末, twin s.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Nov.末,1807. At Boston.

末末, twin d.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Nov.末,1807. At Boston.

Judith Bussey, d.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1808. At Boston.

William Charles, s.Penuel and Elizabeth, Dec.3,1810. At Boston.

George Borrow, s.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1813. At Boston.

John Swift, s.Peruel B. and Elizabeth, Mar.20,1815.

Charlotte K., w.George B., May24,1815.GR6

Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Mary, June17,1815.

Mary, d.Samuel, bap. Dec.20,1818CR1

Samuel Bliss, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.2,1819.

Fanny Swift, d.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1819.

George [George Davis.CR], s.Samuel and Mary, July3,1821.

Penuel Bowen, s.Penuel B. and Elizabeth, Dec.19,1821.

James R., h.Nancy M. Howe,末蔓末,1823.GR4

Eli Sprague, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.10,1823.

Nancy M. Howe, w.James R.,末蔓末,1824.GR4

Charles William, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.13,1826.

William Charles, s.Samuel, bap. May6,1827.CR1

Sarah Jane, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.13,1831.

Harriet Francis, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.5,1834.

William Edwin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, July5,1836.

Benjamin F., s.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.29,1839.

Virginia Elizabeth, d.James and Nancy, Feb.16,1848.


Oscar F., h.Elizabeth B. White, Apr.11,1830.GR4

Elizabeth B. White, w.Oscar F., Jan.11,1839.GR4


Orlando, Mar.6,1811.GR1

Sophia Walker, w.Orlando, Nov.20,1817.GR1


Charles, servant to Capt. Phinehas Upham, June10,1777.


Lemuel, s.James and Sarah, Nov.23,174[6 ?].

Persis, s.James and Sarah, July11,1748.

Amasa, s.James and Sarah, July5,1750.

Azubah, d.James and Sarah, July24,1752.

Lydia, d.James and Sarah, June23,1754.

James, s.James and Sarah, Jan.9,1757.

John, s.James and Sarah, July17,1760.

Sarah, d.James and Sarah, Mar.22,1762.

Skilah, s.James and Sarah, Sept.28,1765.

Levi, s.Amasa, bap. Jan.4,1778.CR1

Anslem [Ansel.CR], s.John and Martha, Sept.7,1783.

Tilly, s.John and Martha, Sept.11,1785.

Persis, d.Lemuel and Ruth, Oct.5,1786.

Joseph, s.John and Martha, Aug.11,1787.

Levi, s.Lemuel and Ruth, July1,1789.

Lydia, d.John and Martha, Aug.6,1789.

Hannah, d.John and Martha, Mar.7,1792.

Lorana, d.Lemuel and Ruth, Nov.22,1793.

Rowena [Ruama ?.CR], d.John and Martha, Mar.15,1794.

Martha Cutler, d.John and Martha, June4,1796.

Nath, s.Lemuel and Ruth, Aug.20,1797.

Ethan, s.Lemuel and Ruth, bap. Feb.18,1798.CR1

Esther Allen, d.Levi and Eliza, Aug.9,1798.

Sary, d.John and Martha, Dec.11,1798.

Sarah, d.John and Martha, bap. Feb.3,1799.CR1

Eliza, w.Levi, bap. July14,1799.CR1

Orramel, s.Levi and Eliza, May5,1801.

John, s.John and Martha, May14,1803.

Sidney, s.Levi and Eliza, Nov.1,1803.

Patty Allen, d.Levi and Eliza, Sept.9,1805.

Caroline, d.John and Martha, June4,1806.

David Sumner, s.Ansel and Hannah, Oct.3,1808.

Mary Field, d.Ansel and Hannah, July26,1810.

Galen, s.Levi and Eliza, Apr.14,1811.

Caroline Crosby, d.Joseph and Betsey, Oct.22,1811. At Bakersfield, VT.

Charlotte, d.Ansel and Hannah, Sept.24,1812.

Rebeccah Gilbert, d.Levi and Eliza, Feb.6,1814.

Israel Hamilton, s.Joseph and Betsey, Apr.17,1814.

Rebecca Gilbert, d.Levi and Eliza, bap. Apr.17,1814.CR1

Philemon, s.Philemon and Lucy, May29,1814.

Tilly Cutler, s.Ansel and Hannah, Mar.29,1815.

John, s.Philemon and Lucy, Mar.15,1816.

Joshua, s.Ransel and Hannah, bap. Dec.17,1817.CR1

Melita, d.Ansel and Hannah, Feb.14,1820.

Ansel, s.Ansel and Hannah, June2,1823.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Betsey, Apr.15,1824.

Elizabeth J., d.Galen and 末末, Sept.23,1838.

Ellen Angeline, d.Israel H. and Harriet M., Nov.2,1838.

Eliza Juliett, d.Israel H. and Harriet M., Oct.25,1841.

Henry Lovejoy, s.Galen and 末末, Oct.26,1842.

Mary Jane, d.Joshua and Susan, Mar.13,1845.

末末, d.Joshua and Susan G., Jan.8,1847.


Jane D., w.Bradley, Dec.15,1820. In Blakersfield, VT.GR3


Luce, d.David and Thankfull, Dec.31,1731.


Richard, s.末末 and Hannah Forbes, June15,1766.


RUSSEL (Russell)

Abiel, s.Asa and Deliverance, Aug.2,1798.

Willard, s.Asa and Deliverance, Feb.11,1802.

Nancy, d.Asa and Deliverance, Dec.12,1803.

Harvey, s.Asa and Deliverance, June22,1806.

Alfred, s.Asa and Deliverance, Sept.8,1808.

Lenard [Leonard onGS], s.Asa and Deliverance, Jan.1,1811.

Cheney, s.Asa and Deliverance, May5,1813.

Mary Esther, d.Asa and Esther, Mar.20,1816.

Louisa Ward, d.Asa and Esther, Oct.5,1818.

Adaline, d.Asa and Betsey, Aug.7,1823.

Elizabeth, d.Asa and Betsey, Jan.11,1826.

Susan M., d.Alfred and Martha M., Nov.末,1839.

Abby Jane, d.Leonard and Lucina, July14,1840.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Charles, s.Cheney and Mary, Jan.13,1826.

Caroline Abigail, d.Cheny and Mary, Feb.22,1827.

John Willard, s.Cheney and Mary, Jan.21,1831.

Joseph Warren, s.Cheney and Mary, Oct.8,1832. In Brimfield.

Shara Jane, d.Cheney and Mary, Nov.13,1836.


Eliza Jane, s.Abraham and Harriet, Dec.12,1835.

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