Eugenia, d.Edwin B. and Frances, Ju[?] 1,1844.


Edwin B., h.Sally P., May18,1800.GR6

Frances M., July9,1821.GR6

Lucy Penniman, d.Edwin B., and Sally, Sept.9,1828.

Caroline, d.Edwin B. and Sally, Oct.13,1830.

Susan, Edwin B. and Sally, Oct.22,1835.


John, May19,1800.GR2

Caroline E., w.John, Mar.7,1815.GR2


Loyal E., Mar.29,1835.GR4


Witt, s.Witt, bp. Aug.29,1779.CR2


Witt, s.Thomas and Naomy, May5,1746.

Oliver, s.Thomas and Naomy, June1,1748.

Mary, d.Thomas and Naomy, Jan.24,1750.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Naomy, May10,1753.

Ebenezer Witt, s.Witt and Lucy, Oct.22,1773?.

Rebecca, d.Witt and Lucy, June24,1774.

Sally, d.Witt and Lucy, Oct.18,1775.

Tillotson, s.Thomas and Dorcas, Mar.2,1776.

Squire [Esquire.CR], s.Witt and Lucy, June20,1779.

Thirza, d.Thomas and Dorcas, Nov.15,1779.

Grandison, s.Thomas and Dorcas, Nov.29,1781.

Lucy, d.Witt and Lucy, Aug.30,1782.

Peyton Randolph, s.Thomas and Dorcas, May17,1783.

Ervine, s.Thomas and Dorcas, Aug.7,1785.


Robert, s.Robert, bp. Aug.15,1756.CR2


Marietta Elizabeth, d.Elias F. and Elizabeth, Jan.23,1844.


Lucy Blake, d.John and Bernice, May20,1815. In Northbridge. See Blake.

Addison, s.Elias F. and Elizabeth H., Dec.17,1846.


Hannah, d.Caleb and Elizabeth, Apr.21,1757.

Jason, s.Caleb and Elisabeth, Feb.4,1759.

Lucretia, d.Caleb and Elisabeth, Apr.10,1762.

THIRSTIN (Thurstin, Thurston)

Thankful, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.29,1779.CR2


Naaman, s.William and Abial, Dec.23,1765.

Cynthia, d.William Abial, May20,1768.

Argalus, s.William and Abial, Mar.7,1770.

Orsamus, s.William and Abigail, Mar.18,1772.

Sinica, s.William and Abigail, Feb.24,1774.

Ruth, d.William and Abial, bp. June22,1777.CR1

Abigail, d.Daniel and Mercy, bp. Nov.9,1783.CR1

Zuer, s.Zuer and Naomi, Nov.15,1792.

Allen, d.Naaman and Sally, Dec.20,1795.

Luke, s.Naaman and Sally, Aug.23,1798.

Sylvanus, s.Naaman and Sally, Aug.23,1800.

Caroline, d.Sylvanus and Rachael, Dec.22,1806.

Eliza Dota, d.Sylvanus and Rachael, June23,1809.

William Robinson, s.Sylvanus and Rachael, May10,1811.

Arminda, d.Syvanus and Rachael, Sept.2,1814.

Sally Allen, d.Naaman and Nancy, Dec.2,1814.

Emily, d.Sylvanus and Rachael, Feb.23,1816.

Sarah Jane, d.Allen and Eliza W., Oct.15,1834.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Avery, Mar.11,1798.GR1

Fanny Bartlett, w.Avery, Dec.28,1798.GR1

Warren, s.Elisha and Matilda, June4,1807.

Averil Elonzo, s.Elisha and Matilda, Mar.12,1809.

Joseph W., h.Phebe W. Johnson, Sept.15,1810.GR4

Charlotte, d.Elisha and Matilda, Oct.27,1810.

Phebe W. Johnson, w.Joseph W., Dec.14,1810.GR4

Caroline Maria, d.Elisha and Matilda, Jan.23,1814. At Charlton.

Francis W., Mar.1,1814.GR6

Arial Eldridge, s.David and Ruth, Oct.12,1815.

Loring H., Dec.3,1818.GR6

Adin Ayres, s.William, bp. Aug.22,1819.CR1

William, s.William, bp. Aug.22,1819.CR1

David Field, s.David, bp. Dec.8,1819.CR1

Lucy Ormacinda, d.David, bp. Dec.8,1819.CR1

Martha Wood, d.David, bp. Dec.8,1819.CR1

Mary Adaline, d.David, bp. Dec.8,1819.CR1

William White, s.David, bp. Dec.8,1819.CR1

Mary Moore, d.William and Ormacinda, Dec.17,1820.

William, h.Mary H. Leonard, Aug.21,1821.GR6

Mary R. Bigelow, w.Alvan M.,末蔓末,1822.GR4

Alvin Moore, s.William and Ormacinda, Feb.22,1823.

Mary H. Leonard, w.William, Feb.24,1823.GR6

John, s.David, bp. Dec.2,1823.CR1

Sumner, s.Amory and Almira, July13,1825. At New Braintree.

Amory, h.Mary A. Pellett,末蔓末,1826.GR6

末末, ch.William and Ormacinda, Nov.26,1826.

Celia, d.Amory and Almira, July13,1827.

John Marshall, s.W., bp. May5,1828.CR1

Jonas Amory, s.Amory and Almira, Aug.25,1829.

Mary A. Pellett, w.Amory,末蔓末,1832.GR6

Mary Moor, d.Francis and Mary, June6,1837.

Laura Augusta, d.Loring H. and Laura K., Apr.17,1842.

George Brainard, s.Lewis O. and Matilda, Dec.7,1848.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Arratus Dwight, s.Silas B. and Hannah, bp. July1,1804.CR1

Azel Washburn, s.Silas B. and Hannah, bp. July1,1804.CR1

THURSTIN (Thirstin, Thurston)

Harriet Hubbard, d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.8,1826.

Levi Sherman, s.Daniel and Sarah, Aug.5,1828.

Mary Eliza, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.27,1836.

THURSTON (Thurstin)

Joseph, s.Joseph and Thankfull, Sept.10,1764.

Thankfull, d.Joseph and Thankfull, Oct.11,1766.

Daniel, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1804.

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1804.CR1

Lyman, s.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1804.CR1

Mary Hubbard, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.12,1804.CR1

Levi S.,末蔓末,1828.GR6

Esther Keep, w.Levi S.,末蔓末,1829.GR6

THWING (Thwyng)

Susannah, adopted d.Thomas and Grace Welch, bp. Aug.17,1817.CR1

THWYNG (Thwing)

Harriot Newell, d.Thomas and Grace W., May5,1818.

Caroline Snell?, d.Thomas and Grace W., Aug.24,1821.

TILER (Tyler)

Royal, s.John and Rachel, Aug.30,1772.


Persis, and adult, bp. May30,1762.CR2


Orin A., h.Rebeckah D., Mar.7,1807.GR3

Rebekah D., w.Orin A., Mar.4,1811.GR3

John Rice, s.Lucius and Charlotte A., Apr.22,1838.

Laurinda, d.Lucius and Charlotte A., May30,1838.

Mary Shaw, w.John R., Aug.31,1842.GR6


Jeduthan, s.末末 and Hepsibah, bp. June4,1775.CR1

John, s.William and Hepsibah, bp. Nov.30,1777.CR1

Polly, d.William and Hepsibah, bp. Dec.3,1780.CR1

Melvin, s.末末 and Hepsibah, bp. Sept.10,1784.CR1


Molley, d.George and Percis, Jan.5,1770.

John, s.George and Percis, Sept.19,177[3?].

Nancy, d.George and Percis, Feb.23,1775.

Rice, s.George and Percis, Jan.16,1777.

Mary, d.James and Sally, Oct.24,1831.


Ira White, s.Rev. Ira and Adeline W., Sept.2,1841. In Philadelphia, PA.

Alfred Edward, s.Ira and Adeline White, July2,1845 [dup.]


Charles, s.Eliphalet and Ruby, Sept.24,1830. Was not born in Brookfield.

Edwin E., s.Eliphalet and Ruby, Feb.6,1832.

Lurancy, d.Eliphalet and Ruby, Aug.16,1833.


Sarah Ann White, d.William and Mary, Jan.18,1838.


Sarah J., w.Lucius, Dec.23,1845.GR6


Hannah, d.Ezra and Abigail, Sept.12,1774.

Caty, d.Ezra and Abigail, June28,1776.

Thomas, s.Ezra and Abigail, May14,1778.

Lucy, d.Ezra and Abigail, Mar.9,1780.

Calvin, Mar.15,1780. At Pomfret, CT

Avery, s.Ezra and Abigail, June4,1782.

Eunice, d.Ezra and Abigail, July19,1784.

Joel, s.Ezra and Abigail, Feb.8,1787.

Daniel, s.Ezra and Abigail, July19,1790.

Joseph W., h.Mary Haskins,末蔓末,1817.GR4

Mary Haskins, w.Joseph W.,末蔓末,1817.GR4

Ezra A., h.Abby C. Gillett,末蔓末,1818.GR4

Abby C. Gillett, w.Ezra A.,末蔓末,1822.GR4

Frederick, h.Mary S. Blackmer,末蔓末,1823.GR3

Arabella Harwood, Feb.4,1823.GR4

Lyman, h.Roancy,末蔓末,1824.GR4

Mary S. Blackmer, w.Frederick,末蔓末,1829.GR3

Roancy, w.Lyman,末蔓末,1832.GR4

Lyman [probably s.Joseph W. and Mary H.],末蔓末,1841.GR4

Mary A., w.George A.,末蔓末,1841.GR6

Lucius H., h.Carrie M. Howe,末蔓末,1844.GR4

George Avery, s.Joseph and Mary Haskins, May5,1845.

TUFFS (Tuffts, Tufts)

Betty, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.18,1773.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Apr.18,1773.CR1

Israel, s.John and Mary, Mar.30,1774.

Joseph, s.John and Mary, Mar.6,1776.

Joshua, s.John and Mary, July16,1778.

John, s.John and Mary, Jan.11,1780.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Dec.12,1783.

Joshua, s.John and Mary, July15,1785.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, bp. Mar.10,1799.CR1

Patty, d.Thomas and Hannah, bp. Mar.10,1799.CR1

Sukey, d.Thomas and Hannah, bp. Mar.10,1799.CR1

Lucian, s.John Jr. and Marana, Oct.12,1806.

Junot, s.John Jr. and Marana, Mar.9,1809.

John, s.John Jr. and Marana, Nov.27,1813.

Leonard, s.John Jr. and Marana, July20,1818.


Joseph, Sept.9,1798.

Content, w.Joseph, Oct.9,1799. In Rehoboth.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph and Content, Dec.23,1825.

Caroline Charity, d.Joseph and Content, Mar.31,1828.

Harriet Martha, d.Joseph and Content, Sept.16,1832.

TUFTS (Tuffts)

Patty, d.John and Martha, Apr.15,1773.

John, twin s.John and Martha, May2,1775.

Joseph, twin s.John and Martha, May2,1775.

Gardner, s.John and Martha, July15,1777.

Fransis, s.John and Martha, Apr.19,1780.

Sally C., Aug.8,1812.GR1

Washington, Oct.16,1814.GR1

Isabella Mary, d.Gardner and Catharine, Apr.27,1829.

Julia Ann, d.Gardner and Catharine, May17,1833.

George Francis, s.John R. and Eliza, Dec.30,1833.

Charles Bliss, s.John R. and Eliza, June9,1836.

Lucretia Catharine, d.Gardner and Catharine, Nov.17,1836.


Judith, d.Philip of Scituate, bp. Sept.1,1776.CR1

TWICHELL (Twitchel)

Alice Sessions, w.George L.,末蔓末,1844.GR1

Emmons W., s.Emmons and Adaline, July21,1849.


Sarah Ann, d.Emmons and Sarah Ann, Sept.23,1833.

TWITCHELL (Twichell)

Emmons, s.Martin and Eleanor, Nov.6,1807.

Otis Ebenezer, s.Martin and Eleanor, June10,1809.

Henry Martin, s.Martin and Eleanor, Feb.21, [1829?].

George Warner, s.Otis and Sarah W., Mar.16,1835.

Nancy Ann, d.Emmons and Adaline, Nov.18,1835.

Eleanor Maria, d.Emmons and Adaline, Dec.19,1838.

Sarah Ann, d.Otis and Sarah W., Feb.7,1840.

George Leavens, s.Emmons and Sarah Ann, Dec.31,1840.

Julia A., d.Emmons and Adaline, Sept.4,1847.

TYLER (Tiler, Tylor)

Molly, d.Abner and Hannah, Sept.1,1753.

Mary, d.Abner, bp. Oct.21,1753.CR2

Moses, s.Abner and Hannah, Mar.16,1756.

Joshua, s.Abner and Hannah, Aug.12,1758.

末末, s.Abner, bp. Aug.20,1758.CR2

Martha, d.Abner and Hannah, Jan.13,1761.

Abigail, d.Abner and Hannah, Dec.5,1763.

Eli, s.John and Rachel, Mar.1,1774.

Molley, d.John and Rachel, July10,1776.

Saley, d.John and Rachel, Sept.20,1778.

Betsy, d.Moses and Rebeckah, Apr.25,1779.

John, s.John and Rachel, Nov.20,1780.

David, s.Moses and Rebeckah, Aug.20,1781.

Hannah, d.Moses and Rebeckah, Feb.9,1783.

Polly, d.Moses and Rebeckah, Feb.20,1785.

Abner, s.John and Rachel, Aug.4,1785.

Moses, s.Moses and Rebeckah, Apr.28,1787.

Eli, s.Moses and Rebeckah, Mar.25,1789.

Myra Bailey, wid.John,末蔓末,1795.GR4

Paty, d.Moses and Rebeckah, Sept.21,1795.

Warren, s.Moses and Rebeckah, Sept.11,1797.

Malinda, d.Moses and Rebeckah,末蔓末, [1799?].

Fanny, d.Moses and Rebeckah, Mar.12,1800.

George W., s.Thomas and Susannah, Aug.21,1808.

Orvilla T., d.Thomas and Susannah, Aug.24,1810.

Caroline, d.Thomas and Susannah, Nov.27,1812.

Mary Caroline, d.Thomas and Susannah, Feb.10,1815.

Moses, s.David and Nancy B.,末蔓末,1817.GR4

Alanzo R., s.Thomas and Susannah, Dec.21,1817.

Albert, s.Thomas and Susannah, May23,1820.

George Francis, s.Eli and Clarissa, Nov.13,1820.

Charlotte, d.David and Nancy B.,末蔓末,1821.GR4

J. Bowman, h.L. Jane Rice,末蔓末,1822.GR4

Moses, s.Eli and Clarissa, Apr.5,1822.

Warren Jarome Buonaparte, s.Eli and Clarissa, Aug.5,1823.

L. Jane Rice, w.J. Bowman,末蔓末,1824.GR4


Eli Lafayette, s.Eli and Clarissa, June5,1825.

Warren, s.Eli and Clarissa, May29,1827.

William, s.David and Nancy B.,末蔓末,1828.GR4

Lewis Cutler, s.Eli and Clarissa, July12,1829.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.Eli and clarissa, Feb.20,1831.

Albert N., s.David and Nancy B.,末蔓末,1833.GR4

Susan Mariah, d.Eli and Clarissa, Feb.9,1833.

Lucy Ann, d.Eli and Clarissa,末蔓末,1835.

Henry B.,末蔓末,1847. [Perhaps s.J. Bowman.]GR4

TYLOR (Tyler)

Gideon, s.Abner and Hanah, July8,1747.

Hannah, d.Abner and Hannah, Feb.15,1749.

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