Jane, d.William and Elizebath,末蔓末,1725.

William, s.William and Elizebeth,末蔓末,1729.

Samuel, h.Mary, May25,1796, in 56th y.GR3

Eliza, d.Samuel and Phebe, T., Nov.8,1819, a.20m.20d.GR2

Emory, s.Samuel and Phebe T., Jan.12,1826, a.4m.16d.GR2

Phebe T., w.Samuel, June25,1836, in 38th y.GR2

Samuel, s.Samuel and Phebe T., Jan.23,1837, a.8m.13d.GR2

Elizabeth F., d.Samuel and Lydia, Aug.15,1840, a.26d.GR2

Sarah, d.Samuel and Phebe T., Nov.20,1840, a.14.GR2

Mary, wid.Samuel, Jan.7,1842, a.89.GR3


末末, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.4,1752.

Thom[as Capt.], [h.Mary], Sept.18,1796 [in 83d y.GR3].

Mary, wid.Capt. Thomas, Apr.15,1817, a.96.GR3

Ruth(Hardy), w.Hon. Thomas Esq., Oct.3,1828, a.84.GR3

Thomas Hon., Esq., widr.Ruth.Jan.2,1834, a.90.GR3

Hannah E., w.Perley, Dec.10,1839, a.65.GR3

Sarah Wetherbee, w.Daniel, Sept.26,1842, a.58y.6m.GR1


Timothy, May末,1784.CR2

Timothy, h.Allice, Dec.6,1784.

Clary, d.Eli and Polly, Dec.18,1794, a.10m.

Zipporah, w.Samuel, Mar.25,1795, a.24.GR3

Betsey, d.Eli and Polly, May14,1799, in 7th y.

Samuel, widr.Zipporah, May31,1799, a.32.GR3

Allice, w.Timothy, Feb.11,1810, a.85.

Pamelia, d.Moses and Allice, Jan.5,1833, a.18y.5m.15d.

Marcia, d.Moses and Allice, Dec.25,1837, a.21y.8m.7d.

末末, w.Francis, June末,1840.

Moses Manson, s.Moses and Mary C., July26,1842, a.2y.4m.26d.

Moses (married), Mar.30,1846, a.60.

HAMELTON (Hamilton)

John, s.John and Hannah, Feb.15,1745-6, in 18th y.

John, Dec.9,1747.

HAMILTON (Hamelton)

Lydia, w.Amos, Apr.30,1761.

Lydia, d.Reuben and Lucretia, Oct.23,1768, a.2 ?


Comfort, s.Josiah and Hulda, Apr.21,1772, a.24y.3m.6d.[Apr.29, a.23y.3m.3d.GR1]

Simeon, s.Nathan and Abigail,末蔓末,178 ?

Abraham, s.Eresters and Mary, June25,1783, a.18.

末末, ch.Mr. 末末, May末,1784.CR2

Isaac, s.Rufus and Polley, Aug.29,1784, a.1y.7m.17d.

Sally, d.Josiah and Hulda, Feb.5,1786, a.21.

Samuel, s.Rufus and Polley, Oct.12,1787, a.1y.7m.

Zubah, d.Jude and Sarah, Dec.8,1790, in 19th y.GR1

Sarah, w.Jude, July6,1791, in 41st y.GR1

Melinda, d.Seth and Peggy, alias Margret, Aug.6,1791, a.1y.3m.23d.

Ezra, s.Rufus and Polly, Dec.9,1791, a.10m.18d.[Dec.8, a.11m.GR1]

Josiah, Lieut., Mar.22,1792, in 68th y.GR1

Jason, s.Amos and Lydia,末蔓末,1794.GR1

Melinda 2d.d.Seth and Peggy alias Margret, May22,1796, a.2y.1m.22d.

Albigence, s.William and Bular(Hamilton), June7,1796, a.1y.6m.17d.

Persis, d.Joseph and Persis, Dec.18,1796, a.10d.

Chauncey, Dr., Mar.21,1797, in 30th y.GR1

Orpha, d.Seth and Peggy alias Margret, June4,1798 [?].

Jude, June25,1798, a.48.GR1

Sarah, w.[Lieut.] Josiah, May14,1799 [a.46y.13d.GR1].

John, s.Rufus and Polly, Mar.29,1801, a.2y.1m.11d.

Betsey, d.Jason and Lydia,末蔓末,1802.GR1

Thomas, Feb.22,1804.

Persis, w.Joseph, Apr.1,1804 [a.41.GR1].

Charlotte, d.Jude and Sarah, Jan.12,1805, a.23.GR1

Hannah, d.Jabez and Patty, June24,1805, a.2m.12d.

Sally, w.Cheney, d.Ezekiel and Sarah Richardson, Mar.20,1809, a.18.GR1

Israel, h.Olive, Apr.26,1809 [a.43.GR6].

Josiah, h.Sarah, June3,1809, a.57 [in 59th y.A Revolutionary soldier.GR1].

Asa, s, William and Bular, Feb.10,1810, a.14y.9m.19d.

Caroline, d.Israel and Olive, Aug.1,1811, a.6y.4m.24d.

Cheney, s.Josiah and Sarah, Jan.6,1812. At Burlington.

Seth, h.Peggy alias Margret, Dec.20,1812. At Burlington.

William, s.William and Bular, Nov.1,1814, a.33y.9m.18d.At Boston.

Frederick Freeman, s.Sewell and Sibel, Oct.13,1817, a.1y.11m.28d.

Melinda, d.Sewell and Sibel, Oct.16,1817, a.3y.11m.23d.

Rufus, Esq., Nov.17,1817, a.60.GR1

Joseph [h.Ruth], s.Joseph and Persis, Oct.10,1819, a.28y.8m.about.

Ruth, [formerly w.Amos Harrington ?], May15,1820.

Mahala, d.Sewell and Sibel, Aug.24,1820, a.1y.10m.1d.

Huldah, wid.Lieut. Josiah Sr., May10,1822 [a.93. "My descendants are a host amounting to 218. The old must die, the young may die."GR1].

Harriet M., 1st w.Alanson, Mar.4,1824, a.23.GR6

Catherine, w.Squire, Sept.17,1825, a.28.

Polley, d.Thomas and Polley, Jan.19,1826, a.70.GR1

Joseph, h.Percis, Feb.16,1827 [a.67.GR1].

William, h.Bular, July11,1832 [in 80th y.GR1]

Olive, wid.Israel, Oct.18,1832 [a.63.GR6].

Abigail [w.Nathan], Feb.5,1833. [1838 ? dup.]

Charlotte, d.Adolphus and Maria, Mar.14,1833, a.10y.4m.18d.

Joseph W., h.Bersheba, Dec.17,1834 [a.57.GR1].

Lydia, w.Jason, Aug.3,1836.

Sally, Apr.6,1837 [a.52.GR1].

Warren [Warren B.GR1], s.Joseph W. and Bersheba, drowned about Oct.11,1837, aged about 31 y 4m.

Sibel, w.Sewell, Feb.14,1838 [a.60.GR1].

Aliphalit, Feb.19,1838.

William O., s.Levi A. and Mary, Apr.27,1838, a.1y.9m.15d.

Sarah Frances, d.Levi A. and Mary, Aug.25,1838, a.3y.3m.21d.

Beulah, wid.William, Oct.31,1838, a.82.GR1

Henry A., s.Alanson and Eliza W., Nov.11,1838, a.2m.5d.

Polley, w.Eliphalet,末蔓末,1840.

Lucy, w.James, Jan.12,1843, a.62.GR1

Maria, w.Adolphus, Mar.8,1848, a.49.GR6

Martha, Mrs., d.Levi Ward, Nov.22,1849, a.65. Bilious Fever. Born in Charlton.


Phebe Parsons d.Elisha and Phebe, Oct.5,1829, a.12y.7m.[A pupil in the Deaf and Dumb Asylum in Hartford, CT]

Phebe P., Nov.26,1836, a.53. At NY.GR6


Persis, 末末, Mar.19,1785.CR2

Ebal, Apr.末,1785.CR2

Charles, s.John and Julia, Nov.1,1849, a.6m.3d.GR6


Ezra, s.David and Eliza S., Nov.27,1830, a.16m.GR6

Ezra, s.David and Eliza S., Dec.18,1830, a.21d.


Rebeca, w.George, Apr.12,1762.

Loami, s.Epharim and Sarah, Aug.3,1778, a.2. y.10d.

Ephraim, July3,1793, a.52.GR2

Sharon, s.Rufus and Prudence, Apr.19,1801, a.2y.9m.4d.

Emery, s.Rufus and Anna Mary, Mar.8,1808, a.3m.7d.

Rhoda, d.Amos and Ruth, Dec.14,1813, a.13y.20d.

Lucia McClenathen, see McClenathen.

Prudence, w.Rufus, Dec.14,1817 [a.42.GR2].

Ruth, w.Amos, June15,1820, a.43y.6m.GR2

Sarah, w.Ephraim, Sept.17,1820. [1819, a.79.GR2].

Hiram [Hiram Washburn.GR6], s.John and Abigail P., July19,1824, a.5y.11m.

Mary Ann, d.Rufus and Anna Mary, Sept.2,1831, a.12y.5m.14d.[Sept.19, a.12y.6m.GR2].

Mary Ann, d.Rufus Jr. and Mary R., June11,1837, a.2y.2m.6d.

Elias, July5,1842, a.44.GR2

Mary R., w.Rufus Jr., Feb.27,1843, a.33.GR2

Rufus (married), Dec.10,1846, a.73. [78 ?GR2].


William [William D.GR], July26,1844, a.17. Typhus Fever.


末末, s.Major, Apr.末,1786.CR2

Jacob, s.Peter and Phebe, June10,1786, a.11y.3m.23d.

Ebenezer, Aug.29,1799, a.35y.6m.GR3

Nathaniel, h.Sarah, Sept.22,1801, a.65.GR3

Nathaniel, Sept.22,1801.

Ebenezer, s.Capt. Peter and Betsy, Feb.13,1802, a.7w.GR3

Clarissa, d.Capt. Peter and Betsy, June15,1803, a.4.GR3

John B., s.George W. and Anna B., Aug.31,1810, a.2.GR4

Phebe, w.Peter, Feb.13,1811.

末末, w.Maj. Peter, Feb.13,1811, a.66.GR3

Abel, Capt., h.Rhoda Winslow, May12,1814. a.42.GR3

Abbie, d.George W. and Anna B., May22,1821, a.2.GR4

Sarah, wid.Nathaniel, Oct.22,1822, a.79.GR3

Louisa, d.George W. and Anna B., Feb.6,1824, a.1.GR4

Mary Ann Pellet, d.Thomas A. and Hannah R., Feb.16,1830, a.17m.18d.GR3

Hannah P. Pellet, w.Thomas, A., Sept.1,1830, a.36.GR3

Rasselas, July20,1832, a.28. Spasmodic Cholera.GR3

William Z., s.Thomas A. and Anna M., Jan.31,1834, a.2m.5d.GR3

Abel, Rev., Mar.22,1837, a.24. Consumption. At Modest Town VAGR3

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Louis, Dec.26,1847, a.6. Inflammation of throat. [Dec.27, a.6y.5m.GR1]

Rhoda Winslow, wid.Capt. Abel, Mar.17,1849, a.73.GR3

Anna Bisco, w.George W., Mar.20,1849, a.69.GR4


Samuel, Dea., h.Elizabeth, Nov.15,1820, a.87y.8m.29d.GR3

Elizabeth, wid.Dea.Samuel, Sept.3,1825, a.88.GR3

Hannah Sophronia, w.Ora, Aug.19,1837, a.34.GR3

Paul, Oct.21,1849, a.83y.GR3

Samuel, Dec.17,1849, a.39.GR3


George M., s.James M. and Alma T., Aug.25,1841, a.5y.9m.GR3

Martha E., d.James M. and Alma T., Aug.27,1841, a.5y.9m.GR3


末末, inf.s.Moses and Abigail, Oct.13,1755

末末, inf.s.Moses and Abigail, Oct.24,1755.

末末, d.Moses and Abigail, Oct.26,1755.

Seth, s.Moses and Rebecch, Mar.25,1786, in 4th y.

Mary, d.Moses and Rebekah, Apr.9,1786.GR1

Polly, d.Moses and Rebecch, Apr.9,1786, in 2d y.

Esperianc(Wright), [w.Nevenson], May6,1789 [in 33d y.GR1].

Laura, d.Nevenson and Lucretia, Nov.8,1800, a.2y.7m.9d.

Samuel W., s.Nevenson and Lucretia, Dec.13,1801.

Sally, d.Moses and Rebecch, Aug.15,1809, a.17y.2m.12d.[1808, a.16.GR1].

Hiram, s.William and Damaris, June1,1810, a.3y.9m.14d.

Hiram 2d., s.William and Damaris, Aug.14,1813, a.2y.11d.

Moses, h.Rebecca, Dec.15,1820 [in 67th y.GR1]. A Revolutionary soldier.

Nevenson, h.Experience, Aug.22,1835. [Aug.13, a.79.GR1]. A Revolutionary soldier.

Rebecca, wid.Moses, Jan.8,1840 [a.84.GR1].

Lucretia, w.Nevenson, May24,1842, a.81.GR1


Abigail Whiting, w.Erasmus, June19,1848, a.29.GR4


Charlotte, d.Thomas and Azubah, Aug.6,1816, a.3y.4m.10d.

Lucy Adaline, d.Thomas and Azubah,末蔓末,1822, a.6?

Thomas, Aug.23,1842, a.75.GR2


末末, w.(Mr.) 末末, buried Apr.29,1777.CR2

末末, ch.(Mr.) 末末, (July7 or Aug.6) ? 1781.CR2

末末, "old Mrs.," Aug.6 (?) ye same day.CR2, or referring to witt, July7,1781.

末末, Mrs., d.Apr.末,1785.CR2


Fanny, d.Joel and Phila, Oct.29,1812.

Philadelphia, w.Joel, Jan.31,1837.

Phile, w.Joel, Jan.31,1838, a.73.GR1

Joel, Oct.15,1839 [a.82.GR1]. [Father to Preston].

Preston (married), s.Joel and Phila, Mar.4,1848, a.63. Fever [a.56.GR1].


Betsey, w.Reuben, Mar.15,1829.

Francis Alexander, s.David and Sally, Sept.8,1833, a.10d.

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heyward, Heywood)

George, July5,1725.

Mary d.Ephraim and Johannah, Mar.14,1730, a.3.

Kittridge, s.Benjamin and Hannah, July末,1795, a.2ス.

Benjamin, h.Hannah, Jan.13,1797.

Samuel, [s.Benjamin and Hannah ?], Oct.26,1822.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Apr.19,1831, a.43y.8m.14d.

Mary, w.Dea.Josiah, d.Dea.Nathan B. and Thankful Ellis, Nov.13,1840, a.40.GR6

Hannah(Mash), w.Benjamin, Nov.23,1842, a.87.GR1

HAYWOOD (Haywood, Heyward, Heywood)

Ebenezer, "killed by the Indians, July20,1710. "GR7

Rebeckah, d.Barzillai and Katharine, Mar.16,1807, in 23d y.

Catharin, w.Barzilla,末蔓末,1810.

HEBARD (Hibbard)

Charles A., Feb.4,1849, a.48.GR6

HENCHER (Henshaw, Hincher)

Josiah, h.Dorothy, May20,1752.


Phebe, w.Silas, Aug.14,1832 [in 63d y.GR6]

HENSHAW (Hencher, Hincher)

Albert, s.Baxter and Lovisa, May22,1815, a.3m.22d.

Lovisa, w.Baxter, Dec.末,1824, a.27. [a.26y.9m.GR2].

John Phipps, s.Josiah and Sarah, Feb.19,1825.

Josiah, h.Sarah, Sept.21,1829 [a.77.GR6].

Lorinda M., d.Alven and Lorinda M., Mar.22,1836, a.8.GR2

Sarah Malinda, d.Dexter and Nancy, Mar.3,1837, a.1.

末末, twin ch.Leonard and Lemira, Apr.13,1837, on day of birth.

Josiah, h.Sarah, Dec.26,1840.

Sarah, wid.Josiah, Dec.26,1840, a.83.GR6

Caroline, twin d.Josiah Jr. and Elizabeth, May2,1843, a.17y.11m.

Elizabeth, w.Joshua, July9,1844, a.74.GR1

末末, w.Josiah, July18,1844.

Emily E., d.Dexter and Nancy, Sept.2,1847, a.4. Whooping Cough.

Thomas, s.William and Ruth, June7,1848, a.87. Mortification.

Pauline [W. Foster], d.Stephen and Thankful Newell, Oct.20,1848, a.44y.6m.Consumption. Born in Sturbridge.


Hannah, w.John, Jan.31,1785.

Hannah, w.John and d.Benjamin and 末末 Crabtree, Jan.29,1787, a.30 [? possibly 39, 50 or 59].GR3 [Perhaps same as foregoing].


Mary, w.Otis, Feb.21,1837 [a.62.GR1].

Mary A., w.Col. Silas C. of NY, d.Simeon Draper Esq., Aug.19,1837, a.30.GR1

HEYWARD (Hayward, Heywood)

Lydia, Nov.1,1848, a.54.GR1

HEYWOOD (Hayward, Heyward)

末ues, d.Eleazar and Azubah, May25,1738.

Samuel, s.Eleazar and Azubah, May27,1738.

Eleazar, s.Eleazar and Azubah, Mar.26,1740.

Azubah, d.Eleazar and Azubah, Sept.19,1741.

Azubah, w.Eleazer, Dec.14,1744.

末末, stillborn d.Eleazar and Azubah, Dec.14,1744.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin, May2,1847, a.58y.1m.20d.

HIBBARD (Hebard)

Charles Edward, s.Charles A. and Mary Ann, Jan.7,1836, a.5m.


末末, ch.Thomas, Apr.末,1785.CR2

Thomas, h.Ellenor, May22,1840, a.88.GR3

Charles (married), Nov.29,1845. Bilious Fever. Buried in New Braintree.

Ellinor, w.Thomas, Sept.5,1846, a.95.GR3

Georgie Anna, youngest d.Erastus and Hannah C. Whittier, Aug.31,1847, a.1y.10m.20d.GR4


Erastus, [s.Erastus B. ?], Oct.29,1839, a.2y.9m.GR2

HINCHER (Hencher, Henshaw)

Persilla, w.William, Nov.24,1748.

William, h.Ruth, Sept.7,1801.

Isaac, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, Sept.21,1806, a.9y.9m.8d.

Ruth, wid.William, June13,1813.

Clarissa, d.Thomas and Sarah, May15,1822, a.14y.11m.11d.

Sarah, w.Thomas, Sept.30,1834 [a.67.GR1].

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Job, July4,1753, in 64th y.GR1

Elisebeth, d.Samuel and Abigail, Apr.末,1767, a.6m.

Job, Oct.10,1783, a.24.GR1 [Perhaps same as above].

Sarah, wid.Job, Sept.24,1784, a.84.GR1

Persis, d.Thomas, June11,1793, a.4.GR1

Rebecca, d.Samuel and Nabby, Jan.10,1794, a.24.GR1

Mary w.Samuel, Jan.28,1798, a.64.GR1

Samuel, Dec.24,1798, a.67.GR1


Submit, d.John and Anna, Aug.1,1732, a.4m.10d.

Jotham, s.John and Anna, July6,1738, in 18th y.

Cornealus, s.John and Anna, July7,1738, a.8y.3m.20d.

Rachel, d.John and Anna, July31,1738, a.12y.nearly.

Rachel, d.John and Allis, Jan.11,1745, a.5d.

John, Oct.10,1747.

Elizebeth, w.Seth, Nov.26,1750.

Joatham, s.Seth and Elizebeth, Dec.5,1750.

Ruth, d.Seth and Elizebeth, Dec.19,1750.

Delight, d.John and Alis, July19,1753, a.10m.

John, Dec.9,1755.

末末, ch.John, (July7 or Aug.6) ? 1781.CR2

Benjamin, s.Oliver and Mary, July22,1787, a.6m.

Oliver, h.Olive, Dec.3,1828, a.78.GR3

Mary, w.Oliver, Sept.26,1837, a.80.GR3

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Abigail (Mrs.), Feb.4,1780.CR2 [Feb.3, in 46y.GR1]

Job, s.Capt. 末末, Sept.3,1783.CR2

末末, Mrs., May末,1784.CR2


Pelatiah, h.Sarah, Mar.31,1776, in 78th y.GR7

Polly, d.David and Martha, Sept.28,1777, a.1y.5m.14d.

Sarah, wid.Pelatiah, July30,1778, in 76th y.GR7

Anna, w.Caleb, Sept.28,1779, a.39.GR7

Eliza Augusta, d.Peletiah and Hannah, Sept.4,1796, a.19m.GR7

David Jr., s.Capt. David and Martha, Dec.27,1796, a.25.GR7

Moses, h.Hannah, Jan.4,1799, a.56.GR7

Enos, s.David and Martha, May6,1811, a.37y.3m.21d.

Anna, w.Caleb, Feb.27,1814.

Sarah, w.Caleb, Feb.28,1814. [a.69GR6].

Caleb, Mar.1,1814 [a.75.GR6].

David, Capt., h.Martha, July14,1814, a.73 [74.GR6].

Hollis, July25,1815 [a.29.GR6].

Martha, wid.David, Jan.15,1821 [Jan.14, a.78.GR6].

Hannah, wid.Moses, May19,1824, a.77. At. New Braintree.GR7

John, Sept.24,1831 [a.54.GR6].

Daniel, s.Caleb, Feb.18,1838 [1837, a.60.GR6].


末末, ch.(Mr.) 末末, June末,1781.CR2

Samuel, Feb.28,1817, a.74.GR3

Isaac, Jan.31,1833, a.26.GR3

Mary, Miss, Oct.19,1833, a.53.GR6


Augusta, d.Moses and Hannah, Oct.7,1801, a.4y.1m.6d.

William, s.Jesse and Patience, Jan.18,1802, a.3. [1801 ?.GR1].

George, s.Moses and Hannah, Oct.6,1803, a.7y.6m.18d.

Mary, Mar.18,1804.

Sally, d.Jesse and Patience, Nov.5,1806, a.22y.3m.23d.

Jonas, s.Jesse and Patience, Oct.31,1807, a.17y.1m.25d.[Sept.22,1808GR1].

Luther, s.Jesse and Patience, Sept.22,1808, a.24y.10d.

Lucy, d.Jesse and Patience, Feb.28,1809, a.22y.4m.

Patience, w.Jesse, Oct.13,1811, a.51.

Elvira, d.Jesse and Patience, Oct.13,1812, a.17y.9m.8d.

Cheney, s.Jesse and Patience, Nov.12,1820, a.28y.3m.3d.

Ruth, d.Jesse and Patience, June23,1822, a.18y.4m.16d.

Henry, s.George and Selina, Mar.14,1829, a.1m.

末末, ch.George and Selina, Aug.16,1830, a.12d.

Mary, w.Aaron, Aug.22,1830.

Rachel, w.Jesse, Oct.5,1835 [a.72.GR1].

Sarah M., d.George and Selina, July2,1839, a.7m.20d.

Jesse, widr.Rachel, Dec.5,1840, a 78.

Elizabeth, Sept.3,1849, a.89y.5m.Old age.


Joseph W., s.Brutus and Maria A., Aug.8,1828, a.5w.4d.GR1

Brutus, May8,1832, a.31.GR1

Maria [Maria A. onGR1], wid.Brutus, and d.Joseph W. and Bersheba Hamilton, Oct.8,1846, a.42y.2m.18d.Bilious Fever.


Edwin Fayette, s.George and Mary, Sept.29,1805, a.18m.GR1


Lois, Mrs., Dec.24,1831, a.55.GR3

Harriet F., d.Lorenzo and Jerusha R.W., Feb.18,1841, a.8m.26d.GR3

Luther, Nov.5,1849, a.43y.9m.GR3


Jacob, h.Charlotte C., Feb.26,1821. In Charleston, SC.


末末, twin ch.John and Caroline, Jan.12,1821, a.1d.

George, s.Dr. John and Caroline, July7,1826, a.8m.GR1

Sarah Dalton, d.Dr. John and Caroline, Nov.5,1826, a.9.GR1

John, twin s.John and Caroline, drowned Aug.28,1836, a.15y.7m.17d.


Martha W., d.Samuel and Mary E., Sept.22,1833, a.18y.8m.10d.GR3

Mary E., w.Samuel, Nov.25,1839, a.58.GR3

Sarah G., d.Samuel and Mary E., Nov.22,1844, a.27y.11m.GR3

Samuel, h.Mary E., Apr.2,1847, a.67.GR3


Jane Francis, d.Walter and Polly, Oct.14,1825.

Sarah B., Mar.8,1846, a.25.GR3


Sally, Miss, Dec.13,1842, a.56.GR3


Caroline [Caroline Francis onGR6], d.Rev. Francis and Caroline W., Aug.25,1832, a.6d.

Francis Washburn, s.Rev. Francis and Caroline W., June14,1835, a.1y.10m.14d.

Edward Payson, s.Rev. Francis and 末末, Mar.15,1836. a.11m.GR6

Mehitable, May30,1846, a.79.

HOW (Howe)

Charles, s.Ebenez and Lydea, Aug.20,1732, a.2y.3m.

Elizebeth, w.Ichabod, May13,1747.

Ebenezar, June31,1753.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Martha, Jan.20,1756, a.22 ?

Thomas Tenny, s.Ichabod and Phebe, Sept.18,1756, on day of birth.

Phobe, w.Ichabod, Sept.19,1756.

Persis, d.Abraham and Martha, Feb.7,1760, in 11th y.

Ichabod, Jan.31,1766, a.49.

Abner, [h.Sarah], s.Abraham and Martha, Dec.20,1776, a.40y.5m.22d.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Martha, Oct.19,1779, a.21y.7m.15d.

末末, ch.Eli, Mar.末,1782.CR2

Parne, d.Eli and Elizabeth, Oct.11,178[?]. [Sept.3,1783.CR]

Sarah Ann, d.Alfonzo and Polly, June5,1833. a.8d.


Joseph, h.Ruth, Oct.22,1794, a.76.GR7

Ruth, wid.Joseph, Jan.16,1795, a.66.GR7

Betsey Kendrick, w.Moses, July14,1830 [1831 ? a, 50.GR1].

Moses, Jan.30,1836, a.62.GR1

Fordyce [Fordyce F. onGR1], s.Cyrus and Martha,末蔓末,1838 [a.1].

William, Oct.7,1840.

Mary A., d.Cyrus and Martha,末蔓末,1843, a.1.GR1

HOWE (How)

Betsey, d.Eli and Elizabeth, July6,178[?].

Otis, s.William and Abigail, Mar.15,1790, a.1y.4m.16d.

Abraham [Lieut.], h.Martha, May12,1790 [in 82d y.GR3].

Martha, wid.Lieut Abraham, Dec.20,1791 [in 80th y.GR3]

Eli, h.Elizabeth, Oct.9,1804, a.52.GR3

Charlotte A., d.William and Abigail, Sept.16,1805, a.1.

Nathan, s.Amasa and Sally, Apr.3,1811, a.23y.10d.

Oliver, s.Amasa and Sally, June14,1812, a.25y.5m.6d.

Sally, w.Amasa, Dec.22,1815 [in 52y.GR1].

Abigail, w.Capt. William, Feb.14,1816 [a.51.GR1].

Sarah, w.Joseph Jr., Jan.20,1817, a.42.GR1

Sally, Apr.末,1818.

Elizabeth, wid.Eli, Dec.25,1824, a.73.GR3

Amos, Nov.23,1828, a.31.GR1

Amos, s.Francis and Maria A., Aug.7,1836, a.3y.3m.27d.

Mary, wid.Alvin, Nov.13,1841, a.81.GR3

John B., s.John and Mary J.A.,末蔓末,1843.GR3

William, Dec.13,1843. Born in North Brookfield.[a.84.GR1].

Tyler, Oct.18,1844, a.18. Typhus Fever. Born in Paxton.

Anna W., w.Kerley, Apr.10,1846. a.80.GR3

Polly, w.Alphonzo, Feb.13,1847, a.33.

Susan Maria, d.Francis and Maria, Mar.3,1847, a.19y.3m.16d.Inflamation of the Stomach.Born in Ware.

Edwin P., s.Orrin P. and Eliza P., Oct.18,1848, a.4y.4m.GR6


John, s.James and Katherine, Mar.6,1802, a.1y.8m.2d.

Harriot, d.Southworth and Esther, Apr.9,1805, a.9m.

John, Jan.13,1810.

James Madison, s.James and Katherine, Oct.15,1810, a.7m.5d.

Abiah, s.[?] James and Katherine, May25,1814, a.6y.11m.13d.

Esther, w.Southworth, Oct.12,1814.

Polly, w.John, June24,1844, a.39.GR2


Elizabeth, R., w.Isaac H., d.J. and P. Snow, Feb.25,1842, a.24.GR6


末末, ch.(Mr.) 末末, Mar.末,1777.CR2

Dolly, Dec.19,1846, a.62.GR3


末末, ch.Mr. 末末, Apr.末,1785.CR2


Jerusha, w.Asa, Mar.27,1808.


Zachariah, Capt., Mar.26,1821 [a.59.GR6].

Leah, wid.Zachariah, Nov.12,1823 [a.58.GR6].

Levi [B.], s.Cotton and Elizabeth, May3,1827, a.3d.

Elizabeth Blake, w.Cotton, Feb.22,1832, a.33.GR6

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