BABBET (Babbit)

Mary and James Thomson of New Braintree, int.Nov.末,1779.

Sarah and Jesse Ayres, Dec.26,1785.

BABBIT (Babbet, Babbitt)

Seth and Rebecca Dewin, int.May3,1772.

Samuel and Mary Hayward, Apr.20,1785.

Salley and Jude Ayres, int.Dec.25,1785.

Benjamin and Elisabeth Richmond, int.Sept.28,1800.

Polly and Eliphalet Hamilton, Sept.22,1801.

Seth Jr. and Chloe Hessen, Dec.1,1805.

Elkanah and Lydia Knowlton, Dec.4,1806.

Banjamin and Persis Ayres, Feb.1,1810.

Sewell (s.Dean and Lurana, widr., a.33) and Abby R. Gates, both of Barre, Sept.29,1847.*

BABBITT (Babbit)

Joel and Hannah Rice [of New Braintree. int.], May1,1781.

Experience and Parly Gilbert, Jan.15,1792.

Lydia and Shelah Hoyt, Aug.16,1815.

Louisa and Samuel W. Hastings, Jan.13,1831.

Ruth of Sturbridge (a.20) and Cephas Dunham, July26,1848.


Rufus and Laurinda Pettee, Oct.5,1836.

BACHELDER (Batchelder)

Andrew and Sally Felton, Feb.17,1807.

BACHELOR (Batchelder)

Thiel of Albany, NY, and Sally Ludden, Jan.10,1809.


Hulda and Joseph Hatfield, July4,1757.

Asa and Rhoda Dunham, July3,1760.*

Mary and James Brown, Oct.7,1762.

John Jr. and Wid.Mary Old, Mar.25,1763.

Abigal and Ezra Hamilton, int.Aug.末,1770.

Thomas and Hepsibah Bouttell, Feb.3,1775.

Sarah and Enock Bouttell, June29,1775.

Mary, wid., and Adoniram Walker, int.Oct.24,1778.

John, Dea., and Wid.Alice Leach of Oakham, July25,1781.

Jacil [Jarib. int.] and Polly Jones, Oct.2,1782. In Spencer.

Amasa of Brimfield and Hannah Dodge, Dec.29,1799.

Elenor and Daniel Cummings, int.Oct.30,1816.

Rebecca and Fordice Ruggles of Worcester, int.June23,1823.

Jerusha, Mrs., of Western and William Richardson, int.Mar.12,1827.

Enoch Jr. and Theodocia M. Browning of Brimfield, int.Nov.11,1834.

Shermon I. of St. Louis, MO, and Nancy [Mary ?] Clark, Feb.18,1836.*

Alvan, Dr., of Skowhegan, ME, and Mary B. Cummings, Sept.6,1836.

Samantha L. and Seth Wetherbee, int.Oct.13,1844.

BAILEY (Baley)

Martha and Chileb Smith, Oct.26,1732.*

Stephen of North Brookfield and Olive Hamilton, Mar.27,1822.

James and Lydia Williams of Sturbridge, int.May31,1829.


Daniel of Spencer and Charlotte B. Field, int.Nov.24,1832.


Lydia L. of Winchester, NH and Harrison G.O. Gilbert, int.May29,1842.

Eliza Ann of Winchester, NH and George Norwood, int.June22,1843.

Roxana of Winchester, NH and Joel Berry, int.Nov.13,1844.

Stephen Jr. (s.Stephen and Roxanna, widr., a.25) and Adaline S. Hager, Oct.6,1845.


William S. of Ware and Eliza D. Thomas, Apr.20,1826.


Jeduthan and Lucy Parkman, int.Feb.末,1757.

Betsy and Wheat Gilbert, Feb.21,1789.

Luke and Polley Avery of Boston, int.Aug.16,1789.

Lucy, Mrs., and Rev. Eli Forbes of Gloucester, Nov.13,1793.

Samuel of Spencer and Huldah Hamilton, Feb.16,1796. In Spencer.

Benjamin and Betsey Bemiss of Spencer, int.Sept.13,1809.

Benjamin of Spencer and wid.Betsey Richardson, Dec.5,1825.

Mary of Spencer and Ebenezer Flagg, Dec.5,1830.

BALEY (Bailey)

Abigail and Joshua Dodge, int.Sept.末,1760.

Mary and John Rich, int.June末,1771.


Zerubbabell and Mary Bruce, int.Mar.末,1765.

Hannah and Samuel Pickard [?], Mar.14,1765.

Hannah and Moses Rainger,末蔓末,1772. [int.Feb.]

Daniel Jr. and Elizabeth Prouty of Spencer, Feb.6,1772. In Spencer.

Thomas and Sarah Woodbury, Feb.20,1774.

Benjamin and Jerusha Woodbury of Sunderland, int.Oct.18,1774.

Benjamin Gott and Huldah Hatfield, Dec.4,1783.

Mehitibel and Stephen Speer, Aug.18,1784.

Samuel of Rutland and Hannah Rainger, int.Jan.20,1789.

Molly and Stephen Bridges, Dec.4,1791.

Anna and Enoch Cook Jr. of Dummerston, VT, June17,1792. At Shutesbury.

Silas and Sally Tyler, Feb.17,1801.

BALLOWS (Bellows)

Rebaca and Aaron Barnes Jr., Jan.25,1787.


Edmond, Dr., [of Norwich] and Mercy Hale, Dec.31,1778.

BANESTER (Banister, Bannister)

Seth and Frances Hinds, Nov.20,1734.*

Huldah and Joseph Park, Nov.16,1788.*


Elijah of Hardwick (s.Elijah, widr., a.50) and Lucy Elwell, Jan.5,1845.

BANISTER (Banester, Bannister)

Esther and Jacob Wood, Oct.19,1724.*

Joseph and Mary Hinds, Nov.21,1734.*

Sarah and Israiel Omsted, May12,1737.*

Rachel and Asa Partridge, Dec.25,1758.

Hulda and Nathan Harwood, int.Mar.末,1760.

Christopher and Abihail Manning, int.Sept.末,1762.

Marcy and Nathan Abbott, int.Oct.末,1764.

Mercy and Nathan Abbott, Nov.29,1764.

Anna and Abraham Patch, Mar.12,1766.

Sarah and Ebenezer Newell, Dec.3,1767.

Abigail and Thomas Wood Jr., Dec.6,1770.

Abigail and Jonathan Nutting of Brimfield, June27,1771. At Brimfield.

Seth Jr. and Marcy Warriner of Brimfield, int.Jan.3, [?] 1773.

Elisabeth and Simeon Olds, Apr.1,1773.

John, Capt., and wid.Sarah Stow, Jan.18 [14?], 1778.

Jesse and Mercy Phips, Feb.4,1779.

Andrew and Bathiah Witt, Oct.24,1784.

Aron and Phebe Bemis, Aug.25,1791.

Betsey and Justus Stevens, Aug.25,1791.

Martha and Henry Chadwick, Dec.24,1791.

Lydia and Calvin Weatherbee, Mar.31,1793.

Liberty and Patty Graves of Leveret, int.June10,1798.

Abner Cranson and Mary Park, June26,1798.

Esther and Levi Hardy, July26,1798.*

Solomon and Phebe Harwood, int.Dec.17,1798.

Mercy and Thomas Eaton of Worcester, int.Jan.5,1800.

William Bostwick of Putney, VT, and Sukey Upham, Jan.21,1801.

Priscilla and Calvin Wetherbee, May3,1804.

Solomon and Ruth Wesson, June20,1804.

Seth Jr. and Dolly Cutler, Apr.11,1805.

Sally and Stephen Crowel, Jan.19,1809.

Linus and Celia Gilbert, Nov.24,1822.

Bethiah and Apollos Rich of New Braintree, Jan.27,1823.

Ridley of Boston and Martha Abbot, Feb.23,1824.

Caroline C. and Joseph Robinson of Hardwick, Feb.2,1826.

Aaron and Mrs.Fanny Howe of Spencer, Dec.14,1826.

Mary A. and George B. Lincoln, int.Nov.25,1841.

BANNISTER (Banister)

Nathan and Sarah Whitney of Shrewsbury, Dec.17,1769. In Shrewsbury.

John and Ruth Lammon [Lemon. int.] of Western, Feb.7,1771. In Western.

Esther and Hollis Richards, Oct.7,1819.

Susan and Almond Lawrence, Dec.28,1820.


William and Susanna Shepard, int.Jan.11,1810.

David and Patience Eddy, Apr.2,1816.

Joel and Abigail Spooner, Nov.27,1828.

Joel and Mary H. Berry, int.Aug.30,1832.

Ira of New Braintree and Eliza Stone, Nov.19,1834.

Ira of New Braintree and Sarah Crowell, Oct.10,1838.

Atwell and Clarissa Combs, May1,1839.

Edwin and Elizabeth W. Eaton of Ware, int.Mar.15,1840.

Salome E. and Gilbert F. Lincoln, Apr.25,1843.

BARN (Barns)

Ruth and Ephraim Cutlar, May18,1744.*


Samuel Jr. of Deerfield and Abigail Upham, Oct.3,1770.

BARNES (Barns)

Comfort and Sarah Abbott of Andover, Sept.6,1728. At Andover.

Mary and Ebenezer Cooley of Brimfield, July10,1736. [dup. Aug.5.] At Brimfield.*

John and Mary Root of Westfield, Oct.12,1742. In Westfield.*

Susanna of Leicester and William Watson, July5,1750. At Leicester.*

Merriam of New Braintree and Moses Gilbert, Jan.24,1765. In New Braintree.*

Abigail and Jacob Kent, Oct.3,1776.

Comfort of Becket and Elizabeth Bruce, June10,1778.

Thomas and Elizabeth Hall, Nov.2,1780.

Lucy and John Eveleth, June5,1785.

Aaron Jr. and Rebaca Ballows, Jan.25,1787.

Polley and Pecis [?] Sampson, Apr.27,1789. [1788CR]

Mary [] of New Braintree and Adoniram Walker, Nov.25,1790. In New Braintree.

Lucy of Spencer and Charles Deland, Apr.17,1794. In Spencer.

Lydia of Hardwick and Phineas Witherbee, Dec.6,1794. In Hardwick. [Int. Jan.4,1795?]

Ezra and Lucy Carruth, Jan.7,1802.

Roxy and Ephraim Cooley Jr., Sept.22,1802.

Patty of Spencer and Phillip Dealand, int.Oct.17,1802.

Dolly and William Cooley, Sept.8,1803.

David of Spencer and [wid.] Dolly Olds, Nov.16,1803.

Ruth and Ezra Gilbert, Jan.26,1804.

Jonathan and Merriam Marcy, Mar.8,1804.

Susannah of New Braintree and Lewis Dodge, int.Oct.末,1804.

Mercy and William Clap, Mar.17,1808.

Noah and Nabby Gilbert, Mar.20,1808.

Moses Jr. and Rebecca Spooner of Hardwick, int.Nov.13,1808.

Harvey and Sally Blackmer of Western, int.Aug.17,1810.

Lucy of Spencer and Luther Pellet, int.Feb.19,1811.

Rebecah and Amasa Washburn, June2,1811.

Grace W. and Thomas Thwing, Mar.4,1817.

Asa and Fanny Brown of Western, int.Oct.2,1823.

[Jonas R. ?] and Miranda Rice of Claremont, int.Nov.5,1826.

Isabelle of Hardwick and Baxter Gilbert, int.Mar.12,1827.

Sophia and Zebina C. Lincoln, int.Dec.31,1835.

Nathan C. and Mary T. Bruce, Apr.5,1837.

Asa 2d and Caroline Lamberton, int.Mar.7,1839.

Lucy and Luther Stowell, May13,1840.

Abby E. and Oliver S. Cooke, int.Mar.27,1842.

Dexter G. and Margaret Chapin of Bernardston, int.May14,1843.

Harrison (s.Noah and Abigail) and Rebecca Rice, Dec.11,1845.

BARNS (Barn, Barnes)

Prudence and Eleazer Warner, Dec.4,1722.*

Noah and Johannah Gitchil, May5,1723.*

Miriam and Daniel Jones, Nov.13,1733.*

Moses and Hannah Old, 末y 23,1734.*

Marcy, Mrs., and Thomas Gilburt Esq., May27,174.*

Hannah and Isaac Upham, Jan.7,1742.*

Abigall and Comfort Old, May23,1745.

Sarah and Samuel Bascom, Sept.18,1750.*

Elizebeth and Luke Gilburt, Dec.12,1751.*

Rachel and William Ayres 2d, May3,1753.*

David and Elisabeth Patterson, 末ember 11,1753.

Lucy and Daniel Gilbert, June6,1754.

Mary and Ezekiel Woodbury, Aug.19,1755.*

Sarah and Moses Bragg, Nov.21,1755.*

Thomas and Elisabeth Dodge, Feb.24,1756.

Samuel and Mary Bartlett, Dec.19,1757.

Hannah and Thaddeus Cutler, Jan.14,1761.

Daniel and Sarah Whiston, int.Dec.末,1761.

Elisabeth and Jonathan Abbott, Jan.25,1762.

Jonathan and Dorothy How, Nov.13,1763.*

Jessee and Patience Gilbert, Dec.8,1763.

Sarah and Micajah Ayres, Mar.14,1764.

Martha and Elijah How, Oct.11,1764.*

Nathan and Martha Hayward, Aug.17,1767.

Lucy and Jesse Gilbert, June30,1768.

Hannah and Abijah Bruce, Aug.3,1768.

Rachel and William Gilbert, Dec.21,1769.

Moses Jr. and Lyda Bartlet, int.Jan.末,1770.

Dorcas and Daniel Brown, July10,1771.

Aaron and Elisabeth Gilbert, Oct.3,1771.

Asa and Persis Ross, Dec.5,1771.

Joseph of New Braintree and Meriam Ayres, Mar.29,1774.

Asa and Abigail Rice, int.July10,1778.

Solomon and Priscilla Lamson, Feb.7,1779.

Joshua and Mary Barns, May23,1779.

Mary and Joshua Barns, May23,1779.

Deborah [?] and Silvester Bishop, int.Mar.25,1780.

Rebecca and John McNair of Rutland, July3,1781.

Katharine [Catharine. int.] and Samuel Evens, Feb.5,1784.

Silas of Holland and Mehitabel Kindreck, July6,1784.

Samuel and Lydia Fowler of Westfield, int.July11,1785.

Thomas and Mahala Hill, Jan.14 [15CR], 1786.

Thankfull and James Ross of Worthington, Oct.23,1788.

Frederick and Polly Townsend, Mar.7,1790.

Francis and Sarah Hubbard, July12,1791.

Joanna and Phinehas Tyler, int.Mar.30,1794. [Married Apr.13.CR]

Hannah and Moody Johnson of Becket, Jan.11,1798.

Lydia and Elisha Sturdevant of Randolph, VT, Jan.24,1799.

Thede and Benjamin Davis, int.Oct.27,1799.

Jason and Polly Hill, int.Sept.7,1800.

Zebulun and Nabby Reed, Dec.4,1800.

Jonah and Sally Barns, int.Jan.17,1802.

Sally and Jonah Barns, int.Jan.17,1802.

Phinehas of Topsham, Dist. of Maine, and Sophia Hitchcock, int.Oct.6,1805.

Huldah and John Jacobs of Royalston, Nov.27,1806.

Moses and Mrs.Mary Utley of Hardwick, int.May9,1813.

Sally and Apollos Clap, Nov.25,1813.

Abigail and Dexter Bruce, June20,1815.

Rufus and Eliza Rice, Dec.3,1817.*

Persis and Samuel Harrington of Hartford, VT, July12,1819.

Sally and Amasa Reed, int.Sept.29,1821.*


Ebenezer of Danbury, CT, and Betsy Rice, int.Sept.2,1820.

Betsey and Asa Russel, May24,1840.


Mathew and Elisabeth Bell, int.Nov.末,1754.

Davidson and Hepsibah Hardy, both of New Braintree, Nov.22,1792.*

Joseph Jr. of New Braintree and Ruth Waite, Jan.28,1796.

James H. of New Braintree and Hannah Waterman, int.Apr.3,1836.


Hannah and Isaac Persons, Feb.2,1727-8.*

John and Esther Marks, 末蔓18,1731.*

BARRAT (Barret)

Joseph Jr. [BurnallCR] of Chesterfield and Mathar Gilbort, Jan.24,1782.

Rufus and Dolley Bowen, Nov.25,1784.

Benjamin and Matha Shaw, Jan.23,1787.

BARRET (Barrett)

Thankfull [] and Dea.Asa Ellis, Apr.12,1792.

Jemima of Western and Hervey Chickery, int.Oct.10,1824.

BARRETT (Barrat, Barret, Barrit, Barritt, Barrot)

Rufus [Thomas] and Sally Tyler of Western, Oct.8,1789.*

Thankfull and Nathan Bucknam Ellis, May26,1791.

Isaac P. and Fanny Fiske, int.Oct.6,1799.

Benjamin Proctor and Ruth Brigham, Feb.18,1812.

Martha and Jabez Heath of Suffield, CT, Oct.27,1819.

Sophia A. and Luther Stowell Jr., int.May10,1826.

Henry P. and Celuria W. Tuttle of Winchester, NH, int.Aug.26,1836.

William and Louisa Dodge, July13,1837. In South Brookfield.

Hiram and Juliette A. Olds, both of Oakham, Apr.23,1846.*

BARRIT (Barrett)

Josiah and Kathren Quimbe,末蔓末,1731.*

BARRITT (Barrett)

Lucy and Solomon Rich of Western, Feb.28,1790.


Isaac and Bethsheba Rich, Apr.30,1772.

BARROT (Barrett)

Theodotia [Barret. int.] and Calvin Gilbert, Dec.17,1802.


Mary and Jonah Hamilton, June25,1771.


Catherine and William Coleman, int.Jan.10,1845. [1844 ?]

BARSTOW (Bastow)

Rebekah and Josiah Washburn, Dec.14,1806.

BARTLET (Bartlett, Bartlit)

Mary and Ebenezer Drury, int.Nov.末,1758.

Adoniram and Miriam March, int.Nov.末,1760.

Lucy and Edward Bridges, int.July末,1761.

Ebenezer and Deliverance Lee, Jan.17,1765.*

Sarah and Ephraim Harrington, Nov.28,1765.*

Lyda and Moses Barns Jr., int.Jan.末,1770.

Silence and Peter Lovejoy, Dec.25,1771.

Elenor and Thomas Hill, Dec.24,1772.

Miriam and Ithamar Bowker, May1,1775.

Perses and Joseph Pepper, June27,1775.

Hannah, wid., and Asahel Peters, Mar.14,1776.

Abner and Paty Forbes, Jan.14,1778.

Elisha and Rebeckah Waterman of Bridgewater, int.Feb.9,1778.

Silence and Aron Kimball, Nov.7,1778.*

Joseph and Lucretie Hamilton, Nov.22,1778.

Solomon and Huldy Washburn, int.Nov.20,1780.

Lydia and Thomas Waite, Feb.11,1781.

Azuba and Jonas Newell, June19,1781.*

Reuben and Amey [Naomi ?] Jenks, Nov.23,1781.*

Sarah and Amasa Ross, Dec.13,1781.

Triphene and Silas Easte, Oct.4,1782.

Elijah Jr. and Waitstill Clap, Nov.6,1783.

Ebenezer of Montague and Polly Abbot, Feb.1,1784.

Lucy and John Muzzy of Spencer, Oct.末,1786.*

Rebaca, Mrs., and Lieut. John Mussey of Spencer, int.Oct.2,1786.

Daniel and Hannah Woodbury, Dec.11,1786.

Hulda and Robart Cutler, Feb.26,1788.

Wyman and Betsey Smith, May29,1791.

Matthew and Betsey Hynds, July1,1792.

Solomon and Mercy Olds, Jan.6,1793.

Patty, Mrs., and Phinehas Waite of Leicester, int.Mar.30,1794. [Married Apr.10.CR]

Ezra and Betsey Snow, July1,1794.

Hannah and Jonathan Waterman, Dec.18,1796.

Patience and John Eveleth of Hadley, Oct.4,1797.*

Polly and Samuel Everleth, Feb.20,1800.

Rufus and Nabby Hamilton, int.May11,1800. [Married Aug.3.CR]

Luke and Mary Gould of Newbraintree, int.Jan.25,1801.

Sophia and West Waterman, Jan.21,1802.

Jonas Hubbard and Huldah White, Jan.22,1804.

Eli Jr. and Olive Hall of Spencer, int.Jan.30,1804.

Luther and Olive Olds, Mar.1,1804.

Bersheba and William Hitchcock, Apr.10,1804.

Polly and Daniel Hale, Sept.2,1804.

Clarissa and Ezra Washburne, Mar.7,1811.

Sally and Seth Leonard of Walingford, VT, June4,1811.

Elijah Jr. and Lusina Snow, Feb.14,1813.

Dwight and Melissa Snow, Mar.27,1825.

Abigail H. of New Braintree and Charles B. Wetherbee, int.Apr.12,1828.

Sumner and Lucy Bullard, July7,1836.

Rebecca and Stephen J. Strong of Brimfield, Sept.19,1838.

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Obediah and Rebecca Adams, May9,1753.*

Hannah and Jeremiah Gould, June5,1755.

Mary and Samuel Barus, Dec.19,1757.*

Jonathan and Anna Mixer, Dec.18,1768.

Nathan and Ester Childs, June14,1770.

Marcy and Daniel Thomas, Aug.30,1770.

Eli and Mary Hill, Nov.25,1773.

Elijah and Rebecca Washburn of Bridgewater, May11,1778. At Bridgewater.*

Sally and Joseph Felton, Feb.26,1794.

Salome and David Snow Jr., Jan.21,1821.

Emery and Laura Howard, May5,1825.

Orpha W. of Amherst and William R. Thomas, int.Sept.4,1842.

BARTLIT (Bartlet)

Mary and Thomas Bartlit, Mar.12,1719.*

Thomas and Mary Bartlit, Mar.12,1719.*

Hanah and Azariah Rice, June17 [?], 1720.*

Sarah and John Beman, Nov.6,1722.*

Marth and Samuell Huggins, Oct.10,1723.*

Benjamin and Thanks Reed, Jan.1 [?], 1727-8.*

Silence and John Benenger, June9,1732.*

Ephraim and Mary Pope, Nov.22,1732.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Thompson, 睦y 12,1733-4.*

Exsperance and Joseph Doolittle, Nov.21,1733.*

Rhode and Joseph West, 末y 20,1734.*

Joseph and Sarah Jenning, Dec.22,1743.*

Moses and Mary Bell, June8,1744.*

Aron and Hannah 末末, Jan.31,1745.*

Elijah and Batsheba Gilburt, Jan.11,1749.*

Nathaniel and Dorothy Harwood of Worcester, July5,1750.*


Sally of Leicester and Nathan Gilbert Jr., int.Nov.20,1803.

Relief A. (d.Stephen and Lucy, a.16) and David Felton, both of New Braintree, June1,1847.*


Samuel and Sarah Barns, Sept.18,1750.*


George and Marcia Jennings, Apr.2,1829.*

BASSET (Passet)


George and Sarah Hamilton, Int. Nov.9,1800.

BASTOW (Barstow)

Saloma and Aaron Norton of Hartford, NY, Feb.7,1810.

BATCHELDER (Bachelder, Bachelor, Batcheldor, Batcheller, Batchellor, Batchreller)

Hulda and Abraham Cutler, May25,1768.

Lydia of Western and Moses Davis, Mar.25,1779.

Joseph and Hannah Cutler, both of Western, July3,1788.CR1*

Polly and James Raymond, June24,1798.

Anna and Moses Snow, Dec.17,1799.

Orphy and Nathaniel Sawyer, Aug.25,1805.

BATCHELDOR (Batchelder)

Mehitable and William Ranger, Dec.17,1761.

BATCHELLER (Batchelder)

Benjamin and Anna Burnap, Mar.25,1773. At Sutton.

Jacob and Lois Rice, int.Sept.13,1773.

David and Sukey Makepeace, both of Western, Jan.29,1812.CR1*

BATCHELLOR (Batchelder)

John and Hannah Allen, Nov.15,1781.

BATCHRELLER (Batchelder)

Hipsebah [] and William Torrence, Jan.11,1774.


Emily of Sturbridge and Winsor Walker, int.Nov.3,1835.

Mary Ann of Grafton and Leveret S. Chapman, int.Apr.3,1838.

Abigail F. of Sturbridge and Adrian A. Hebard, int.Oct.5,1838.

Martha Ann of North Brookfield and John Fiske Rogers of Monson, Aug.8,1844 [1843?] In North Brookfield.*


Polly of Southbridge and Rev. John Chace, int.Mar.30,1821.


Isaac of Mendon and Prudence Abbot, Apr.12,1775.


Deborah of Medway and John Adams Jr., Jan.5,1769. In Medway.

Priscilla and Daniel Rolf, Aug.20,1770.

BEAMIS (Bemis)

John of Spencer and Patience Slaten, July4,1775.

Kathrine and Thomas Harback, both of Sutton, Jan.15, [1777 ?].*


Daniel and Betsy Field in Oakham, int.Sept.24,1798.

BEEMES (Bemis)

Martha [] and Daniel Ward, May28,1797.

BEEMIS (Bemis)

Moses and Lucy Bigelow, Apr.14,1795.


Bulah of Spencer and John Howland, Aug.19,1773.*


Betsey and Levi Adams, June16,1825.


Woodbridge of Palmer and Rebecca Chase, Sept.24,1778.


Noah of Conway and Betsey Gilbort, Feb.16,1786.


Premely of Egremont and Thomas Moor Jr., int.Apr.末,1770.


Marth and Samuell Ayers, Jan.21,1742.*

Mary and Moses Bartlit, June8,1744.*

John and Susanah Hind, Nov.17,1749.*

Sarah and Ephraim Walker, Dec.19,1751.*

Elisabeth and Mathew Barr, int Nov.末,1754.

John and Susanna Hagar, Oct.1 [3 inCR], 1777.*

Naamah and Elisha Walker, Oct.10,1802.

Chloe and Aaron Andrews of Ware, Feb.27,1810.

Emily of Ware and Hiram S. Haskins, int.Nov.4,1844.


Michel and Abraham Adams Jr., Feb.18,1762.

Christian and William Hencher Jr., Sept.16,1766.

BELLOWS (Ballows)

Tammison of Westborough and Asa Goodell, int.Jan.16,1786.

Hannah of Western and Josiah Rice, int.Nov.16,1800.

Patty of Sturbridge and George Upham, int.Mar.6,1814.

Jonas Jr. and Calista A. Morey, Apr.2,1840.

Phebe S. and Harvey Walker of North Brookfield, Apr.22,1841.

Eliza H. (d.Jonas and Eliza, a.18) and Guilford Young, July1,1847.

Joshua B. (s.Jonas and Calista, a.21) and Sarah A. Draper, Aug.26,1847.


Joseph and Sarah Walker, int.Feb.末,1769.

John and Sarah Walker, Feb.15,1769.

Nathaniel and Hannah Ayres, Aug.31,1777.


Samuel of Boston and Lucy Adaline Bemis, int.Sept.15,1828.


John and Sarah Bartlit, Nov.6,1722.*

Lydea and William Palmer, Jan.24,1727-8.*

BEMIS (Beamis, Beemes, Beemis, Bemiss)

Nathaniel of Leicester and Ruth Harrington, Jan.10,1735. In Leicester.*

Mary of Spencer and Nathan Hamilton Jr., Apr.21,1763. In Spencer.

Molly [] of Spencer and Sylvester Bemis, June16,1785. In Spencer.

Sylvester and Molly Bemis of Spencer, June16,1785. In Spencer.

Sibillah of Spencer and Ephraim Adams, June16,1785. In Spencer.

Phebe and Aron Banister, Aug.25,1791.

Joel of Spencer and Nancy Jenks, 末蔓[int Nov.7] 17,1791. In Spencer.

Elias of Spencer and Content Jenks, Jan.16,1794. In Spencer.

Molly of Spencer and Jeremiah Simmons, Dec.10,1797. In Spencer.

Benjamin, Dr., of Fitzwilliam, NH, and Mary Hitchcock, Feb.3,1807.

Joshua of Spencer and Nancy Harrington, Nov.11,1817.

Amasa Jr. of Spencer and Laura Pike, Feb.13,1818.

Benjamin of Spencer and Dolly Bucklin, Apr.23,1818.

Nancy and Dexter Rice, Jan.23,1820.

Asaph of North Brookfield and Lucy Porter, Jan.25,1820.

Catherine F. and Charles Goodale of Sturbridge, Apr.2,1822.*

Cephas of North Brookfield and Harriet W. Mathews, May25,1826.

Lucy Adaline and Smauel Belyea of Boston, int.Sept.15,1828.

John Jr. and Mary Ann Newton, int.Sept.27,1828.

Nancy, Mrs., and George B. Deane, Jan.1,1829.

Foster of Spencer and Persis Admas, Feb.4,1830.

Harriet W. of North Brookfield and John F. Daven, Apr.21,1831.*

Eliza and Hiram Gleason of Brimfield, Jan.1,1837.

Sophronia and Austin Woodward of Brimfield, Oct.25,1838.

Prudence W. and Timothy Green of Spencer, int.Nov.16,1838.

Joshua of Spencer and Elizabeth Adams, Apr.5,1841.

Adeline and Jesse Moulton of Worcester, Dec.29,1841.

Samuel F. and Emeline Ainsworth, int.July10,1842.

Freeland and Mary A. Underwood of Enfield, int.Dec.2,1843.

George H. of Spencer and Martha Gallup, Nov.28,1844.

Eleazer A. (s.John and Jemima, a.33) and Sarah P. Harward, May29,1845.*

Windsor (s.Aseph and Lucy, a.27) and Mary Smith of North Brookfield, Dec.12,1848.

John F. (s.John and Mary Ann, a.20) and Caroline Rice, Oct.17,1849.*

BEMISS (Bemis)

Jonas and Dorothy Wood, Jan.5,1758.*

Amariah and Sally Shumway of Oxford, int.June2,1809.

Betsey of Spencer and Benjamin Baldwin, int.Sept.13,1809.

Nathaniel of North Brookfield and Emily Thompson, int.Nov.6,1825.


John and Silence Bartlit, June9,1732.*


Asher and Achsah Hitchcock, Nov.30,1797.

BENNET (Bennett)

Jonathan of Western and Betsy Blair, Jan.10,1796.

Betsey of Reading and James Clark Richardson, int.Aug.27,1804.

BENNETT (Bennet)

Rufus and Polly Allen, int.Aug.9,1812.


Jonas of Ware and Sarah Streeter, Aug.20,1801.

Joseph Jr. of Sturbridge and Lucy Kimball, Sept.8,1801.


John and Elisabeth Kindel, Nov.30,1769.

Mary H. and Joel Barlow, int.Aug.30,1832.

Joel and Roxana Baker of Winchester, NH, int.Nov.13,1844.


John of Ogdensburg, NY, and Martha Ross, Jan.17,1821.

BIGALOW (Bigelow)

Laurinda and Tilly Muzzy, Oct.8,1818.

BIGELOW (Bigalow, Bigloo, Biglow)

Abigail and John Perry of Lincoln, Nov.23,1781.

Sally and Simon Rice, Jan.1,1786.

Serena of Shrewsbury and Benjamin Jennings Jr., Nov.13,1786. In Shrewsbury.

Hannah and Moses Hobbs, Feb.21,1790.

Samuel and Levina Rice, June14,1791.

William of Chester and Betsey Eager, Jan.10,1793.

Hepsibah and Lieut. Mark Dodge of Dudley, Feb.20,1793.

Lucy and Moses Beemis, Apr.14,1795.

William and Mary Livermore of Spencer, Apr.20,1797. In Spencer.

Sally and Kittridge Hill, Nov.12,1804.

Amasa and Ruth Richardson, Apr.3,1805.

Lucy and Thomas Tucker, Jan.8,1809.

Artemas and Eunice Thomas of New Salem, int.Nov.21,1809.

Esther and Nathan Hitchcock of Brimfield, Sept.9,1810.

Judah and Christopher Page of Hardwick, int.May25,1811.

Anvilla M. and Cheney Prouty of Augusta, GA, Sept.9,1824.

John S. of North Brookfield and Maria Hamilton, int.Sept.11,1842.

BIGLOO (Bigelow)

Asa and Rebecca Richardson, May19,1766.

BIGLOW (Bigelow)

Betty [] and Samuel Mixter, May21,1767.

Lucy and Samuel Cever [Sever inCR Cheever. int.], June7,1770.

Jason and Judith Dean, Mar.23,1775.


Hannah and Joseph Old, int.Aug.末,1758.

Sarah and Joseph Hatfield, Jan.24,1785.


John and Lurania Horton, int.Mar.1,1784.


Abner and Betsey Bradish, Jan.15,1809.


John Jr., Rev., and Mercy Ruggles of Hardwick, int.May15,1823.


Anna of Spencer and George W. Harwood, int.Nov.1,1807.


Silvester and Deborah Barns [?], int.Mar.25,1780.

William H. of Warren and Olive Ranger, Feb.17,1848.


James Jr. of Barre and Lucy Rainger, int.Oct.15,1796.

BLACKEMORE (Blackmore)

James of Western and Elenor Dorety, Dec.2,1784.

BLACKMER (Blackmore)

Sally of Western and Harvey Barnes, int.Aug.17,1810.

Jason and Eliza Walker of Belchertown, Nov.20,1828.

BLACKMORE (Blackemore, Blackmer)

Hannah and Jacob Kellog, Mar.28,1781.


Thankfull and Bryant Foster, Nov.21,1771.

BLAIR (Blare)

John and Marcy Hayward, May24,1737.

Joseph and Betty Tuff, int.Jan.31,1768.

Samuel and Anne Brown of Weston, June9,1775.*

Joseph of New Brantry and Marcy Truent, int.Oct.18,1784.

William Jr. [of Whites Town, NY. int.] and Meriam Olds, Feb.3,1791.

Daniel of Western and Susannah Allen, int.Mar.20,1791.

Sarah and Joseph White of Western, June13,1793.

Betsy and Jonathan Bennet of Western, Jan.10,1796.

John, Dr., and Lucy Pepper, both of New Braintree, Jan.28,1796.*

Polly and Ezra Combs, Nov.16,1797.

Ruth and Stephen Parsons of Palmer, Apr.16,1807.

Joseph and Mary Tuffs, Oct.12,1809.

Simeon and Ruth Olds, Nov.30,1817.

Mary and Jonathan Bridges of Western, Jan.28,1821.

Reuben Jr. and Patty [Polly ?] Smith, May24,1821.

Susan and Solomon Webber of Palmer, Apr.2,1829.

Benjamin and Olive Frisby, both of Western, May3,1830.*

Rebeccah and Luke Hitchcock of Ware, Dec.29,1836.

Joseph, Dr., and Sarah T. Fay of Munson, int.Oct.16,1842.

Lucian A. (s.Simeon and Ruth, a.23) and Mary Ann Smith, Sept.8,1846.

George S. of West Brookfield (s.Reuben and Patty, a.24) and Ruth Crabtree, May23,1848.*


George and Bathiah Allen of Oakham, May19,1774.*

Rhoda, Mrs., of Mendon and Lieut. Silas Stone, int.Dec.7,1783.

Elisabeth and Silas Ston, Jan.末,1784.*

Sally of Oakham and Josiah Witt, int.Sept.15,1806.

James of Oakham and Sally Witt, int.July31,1808.

Sukey and David Fairbanks of Ashlord, CT, Apr.3,1814.

Simeon and Alvena Williams, May14,1815.

Hannah and Welcome Smith, May23,1819.

Elizabeth and Cotton Hunt, June27,1820.

Keziah and Cotton Hunt, Apr.17,1834.

Harriet A.A. and Francis Stone, int.Apr.13,1844.


Sarah and Benjamin Merrett, Jan.28,1758.*

Benjamin [of Charlton. int.] and Jemima Adams, Feb.10,1791.

Polly and Jonathan Holbrook, int.June25,1797.

Alice and Moses Cooley, Dec.27,1798.

Polly and Ephraim Pendleton of Worcester, int.Dec.8,1799.

Seth and Lydia Rice of Sturbridge, int.Jan.30,1804.

Catharine of Charlont and David Adams, int.Nov.21,1818.

Sanford and Thankful M. Riley, int June12,1829.

Alzina and David Chickering, Dec.29,1836.

Caroline (d.Perley) and William Fletcher, both of Athol, Nov.30,1848.*

BLARE (Blair)

Robert and Jennit Mc末末, Nov.21,1738.*


Samuel and Polly Shepard, both of Western, Apr.12,1787.CR1*

Paul and Nabby Munn, Apr.15,1790.

Mary of Western and Jonathan Jennings, int.Jan.23,1791.

Phebe of Western and Nathan Tyler, int.Feb.20,1798.

Pliny of West Springfield and Polly Hamilton, int.Jan.24,1802.

Samuel Jr. and Abigail Jennings, Oct.7,1813.

Mary and Samuel Rogers, Feb.17,1814.

Jesse and Mary Penniman of Hardwick, int.Aug.30,1818.

Levi and Juann Ammidon of South Wilbraham, int.Aug.1,1824.

Rensaleur of Western and Maria B. Gilbert, Sept.22,1824.

Sarah and Benjamin Rogers of Holden, int.Mar.28,1830.

Jesse, Esq., and Mrs.Caroline P.F. Wheelock, Jan.18,1838.

David and Sarah Hyde, Jan.1,1845.


Seneca and Jerusha Abbot, Oct.10,1810.


Otis and Martha Hamant of Sturbridge, int.Aug.21,1830.


Lydia of Methuen and Solomon Woolcot, May28,1778. At Methuen.

BOIDEN (Boyden)

John of Sturbridge and Elisabeth Adams, Nov.10,1796.


Thankful of Western and Hubburt Gould, Jan.18,1769. In Western.


George W. [Washington. int.] and Ruth Gilbert, Sept.4,1838.

Obed B. and Caroline J. Snow, Aug.29,1842.


Mary of Sturbridge and Enos Adams, Sept.26,1753. At Sturbridge.*

John and Rachel Hair, Jan.19,1775.CR2 [See Burk].

Eunice and Elisha Gill, int.Feb.1,1784.

Eunice and Joseph Ranger, int.Oct.9,1786.

Elisabeth and Humphrey Gilbert, Nov.4,1790.

Solomon, Dr., of Plainsfield and Sally Hinchley, Feb.2 [12 inCR], 1792.

Lydia and Dr. Jesseniah Kittridge of Walpole, NH, Feb.26,1793.

Sally and Silas Haskall, Apr.11,1799.

Amos and Sally Goddard, Dec.26,1799.

Lucy and Wilber Southworth of Middleboro, May2,1802.

Thomas Jr. and Jemima Bush of Boylston, int.Sept.23,1804.

Polly and William Moore, both of Western, Nov.21,1804.CR1

Moses, Lieut., and Lucy Fiske of Sterling, int.Aug.29,1809.

Ruth of Boylston and Roger Bruce, int.Sept.23,1809.

Lucy Ann of Springfield and Henry H. Penniman, int.Nov.5,1827.


Polly of Hardwick Gore and Daniel Kent, int.Feb.8,1801.

BONNEY (Bonny)

Charles of a Gore of Land joining to Hardwick and New Braintree, and Barsheba Andross of Ware, Oct.29,1776.*

William of Hardwick and Fanny Crowell, Mar.6,1817.

Lucy A. and William H. Sherwood of Greenwood, CT, Oct.22,1841.

BONNY (Bonney)

Cynthia and Warren Keyes, both of Western, May18,1815.CR1*


Frederick and Abigail Matthew, Apr.29,1830.


George of Petersham and Sarah Clapp, int.Mar.12,1833.


Mary and John Harper, Dec.20,1764.


Hepsibah and Thomas Bacon, Feb.3,1775.

Enock and Sarah Bacon, June29,1775.


William Esq. of Ware and Mrs.Polly Brigham, Apr.17,1805.


Peter and Ruth Dealand, May13,1758.

Aaron [of Charlton. int.] and Mary How, Mar.20,1770 [1771 ?].

Priscilla and Waldo Cheney, Sept.3,1778.

Dolley and Rufus Barrat, Nov.25,1784.

Daniel of Reding and Mehitable Packard, Feb.2,1788.

Peter and Rachel Curtis, June26,1788. In Spencer.

Asa of Spencer and Abigail Gilbert of Western, Mar.10,1791.CR1*

John and Hannah Miller of Spencer, Sept.19,1791. In Spencer.

Jerusha and Isaac Gilbert, Feb.13,1792.

Moses aand Hitty Elliot, Nov.7,1792. In Spencer.

Barnwell of Sturbridge and Cynthia Adams, int.Dec.3,1814.

Samuel D. and Julia Rice, int.Mar.5,1831.

Cylenda M. of Sturbridge and Oren Webber, int.Mar.13,1842.

Edwin W. (s.Barnwell) and Martha M. Hamilton, May4,1843.

John B. and Elvira H. Ryan of Charlton, int.Oct.7,1843.

Eliza A. and John A. Marcy, int.Sept.15,1844.


Ithamar and Miriam Bartlet, May1,1775.


William and Susannah Hinds, May23,1769.

Thankfull and William Watson, June28,1777.

Lucy of New Braintree and Samuel Hall, Aug.14,1796.

BOYATON (Boyden)

David and Catharine Hatfield, Mar.10,1779.*

BOYD (Boyde)

Ann and John Chambling, Apr.9,1742.*

Ketherine and Georg Harper, Sept.8,1743.*

BOYDE (Boyd)

John and Mary Tucker, Sept.14,1763.*

BOYDEN (Boiden)

John of Sturbridge and [Wid.] Abigail Brown, Feb.26,1776.*

Kezia of Walpole and Elias Mann, int.Apr.28,1782.

Paul [of Sturbridge. int.] and Zerviah Rice, Dec.30,1790.

Abigail of Sturbridge and William Gifford, int.Oct.10,1803.

Eunice of Sturbridge and Ezekiel Bullard Jr., int.June10,1814.

Eliza, Mrs., of Sturbridge and Ezekiel Bullard, int.July4,1814.

Experience and Baxter Rice, May31,1818.

Alona of Sturbridge and Parker A. Rice, int.Oct.15,1825.

Julia M. and Jeremiah Robinson [of Oakham], May4,1832.


John Jr. of Rutland and Lucy H. Prouty, int.June2,1815.


James of Ware and Prisilla Corey Coney, Jan.2,1783.*


Abigail and Samuel Buckminster Rice, Nov.4,1808,1818*

Betsey and Abner Bird, Jan.15,1809.


Mary of Brimfield and John Sely, int.Feb.21,1812.


Polly and Peregrine Foster, July10,1780.*

Abigail E. and Henry Morgan of Boston, Feb.7,1803.


Moses and Sarah Barns, Nov.21,1755.*

Salley and Jason Walker, Jan.7,1781.

Asenah and Eli Wood, June13,1781.

William and Betsy Crabtree, Feb.28,1782.

Polly and Samuel Lamson, Mar.26,1789.

Moses and Lydia Kimball, Apr.6,1789,1788

Minerva and Luther Walker, Nov.13,1792.

Sarah and John Gilbert, Dec.4,1793.


Content of Sturbridge and Joseph Tufts, int.May17,1824.


Jonas and Mary Jennings, Apr.20,1758.*

David and Elisabath Smith, May8,1763.*

Martha and John Watt, Feb.23,1767.*

Jonas and Thankful Whitcomb of Western, June27,1771. In Western.

Eunice of Springfield and Dea.Gad Williston, June末,1788. At Springfield.

Samuel of Spencer and Bethiah Snow, Nov.28,1790.

Sarah and John Wilcox of Spencer, Oct.2,1794.

Jonas and Polly Smith, Mar.22,1795.

Willard of Spencer and Cynthia Hatch, Mar.23,1815.


Thomas and Mary Harrington, Nov.5,1745.*


George and Abigail Williams, Apr.9,1772.


David of Spencer and Betty Rice, Apr.27,1756.*

Edward and Lucy Bartlet, int.July末,1761.

Kezia and Amos Rice, May28,1783.

Hozea and Charlotte Wilcot,末蔓末,1791. In Western.*

Stephen and Molly Ball, Dec.4,1791.

Gideon and Keziah Edmunds, Oct.3,1793.

Silas and Tabitha Newton of Stirbridge, int.Jan.5,1800.

Esther of Spencer and Daniel Jenks, int.Nov.2,1800.

Jonathan of Western and Mary Blair, Jan.28,1821.

Mary, Mrs., of Western and David Hoar, May21,1829.*


Asa and Sarah Partridge of Oakham, May21,1777.*

Miriam and Joshua Hill of Spencer, Jan.1,1795. In Spencer.*


James and Anna Rice, Jan.7,1745-6.*

Jonathan and Sarah Olds, int.May14,1774.*

Tilly and Rachel Walker, Jan.4,1781.*

Elisha and Patience Walker, Sept.26,1782.

Barnabas and Eunice Mandel of Barre, June7,1790. In Barre.

Antepas, Capt., of Westborough and Lydia Cutler of Western, Nov.18,1790.CR1*

Michael and Polly Tyler, Feb.21,1796.

Trowbridge and Betsey Davis, Jan.3,1799.

Bathsheba and Joseph Warren Hamilton, Nov.24,1802.

Polly, Mrs., and William Bowdoin Esq. of Ware, Apr.17,1805.

Hannah and Joshua Cree Knight, Feb.10,1807.

Silvanus and Sally Rice, Dec.1,1808.

Ruth and Benjamin Proctor Barrett, Feb.18,1812.

Joel and Basmouth Hamilton, Feb.27,1812.

Lydia and Proctor Sanford, Oct.21,1813.

Rachel and Jesse Hobbs, Nov.25,1813.

James of Holland, CT, and Marsha Hastings, Mar.24,1814.

Sally and Edwards Parks [Edward Parker. int.], Mar.31,1814.

Mary and Washington Hamilton, Oct.21,1816.

Catharine and Zachariah Nutting, int.Aug.29,1818.

Lucy, Mrs., of Grafton and Matthew Wood, int.Nov.28,1818.

Frances and Daniel Holt of Wester, Oct.10,1820.

Asenath and John Hobbs of Leicester, June30,1825. [Jan.24,1826, in dup.]

Lucy [Lucy R. int.] and George Olds, Oct.末,1831.

Amanda and Calvin A. Davis, Jan.13,1834.

Mary of Marlborough and Jonathan Jenks 2d, int.Apr.17,1834.

Emeline and Dexter Nichols, Mar.31,1835.

Persis [Persis A. int.] and Timothy M. Walker, May25,1837.

Jane E. (d.Joel and Bosmath, a.24) and Stillman Butterworth, Apr.3,1844.

Frederick (s.Sylvanus and Sarah, a.26) and Eliza Jane Hobbs, Apr.20,1846.


Lucy and Eliot Makepeace of Western, int.Oct.7,1779. [see next]


Lucy and Eliot Makepeace of Western, int.Oct.末,1779.


Partheni and Joseph Hatfield Jr., int.Sept.9,1785.


James of Barre and Betsey Potter, Jan.19,1803.


Benjamin and Hannah Walker, May5,1726.*

Elisabeth and John Hayward, Dec.29,1757.*

Timothy and Mary Gilbert, Jan.12,1758.*

Anna of Western and Medad Kelog, June18,1777.*

Betey of Western and Henry Washburne, int.Sept.9,1805.

Ruth and Joseph Newton, Oct.27,1817. In Western.

Esther of Sturbridge and Augustus Rice, int.Dec.12,1824.

Asa of Stafford [], CT, and Emily Walker, June5,1831.

Harriot of Sturbridge and Seth Rice, int.Mar.16,1839.

Cindarilla of Warren and Harvey Olds, int.Apr.10,1841.


Silence and Jonah Hamelton, June28,1733.*

Timothy and Kesiah Goss, Apr.18,1744.*

Abner and Dorcas Greenwood of Sherborn, Apr.14,1748. At Sherborn.*

Mary of Oxford and John Adams, Oct.3,1754. At Oxford.

Patience and Capt. Thomas [John in dup.] Gilbert, 末蔓29,1758. [Dec.CR]

Patience and Jonathan Mills, int.Feb.末,1758.

Sarah and Peter Rice July12,1759.

Abner and Mehitable Russell, int.Apr.末,1760.

Martha and Joseph Cutler, Dec.4,1761.

James and Mary Bacon, Oct.7,1762.

Thankful and Thomas Whitcomb, Sept.15,1763.*

Thomas and Judith Gilbert, Feb.7,1765.*

William and Ann Tewber [?], int.Apr.末,1766.

Nathaniel and Azubah Taylor of Concord, Dec.9,1767. In Concord.

Elias of Lincoln and Abigail Hobbs, Feb.23,1769.

Daniel [of] and Dorcas Barns, July10,1771.

Anne of Weston and Samuel Blair, June9,1775.*

Abigail and John Boyden of Sturbridge, Feb.26,1776.*

Levi and Thankful Axtell, Apr.15,1784. In New Braintree.

William and Susanna Hayward, Dec.9,1784.

Thomas and Betsy Lynde, both of Wester, Feb.8,1791.CR1*

Thomas and Lydia McClallen of Petersham, Sept.5,1796. In Petersham.

Susanna and John Sanford Jr., Jan.10,1799.

Judith, Mrs., of Goshen and Dea.Joseph Cutler, int.Nov.15,1801.

Calvin and Orril Lyon of Brimfield, int.July6,1802.

Abigail and Thomas Rainger, Oct.28,1804.

Cynthia and Asa Adams, Sept.11,1808.

Warner of Ware and Rhoda Potter, Dec.1,1808.

Hori and Phena Gilbert, July24,1814.

Polly and Samuel Tidd, both of Western, Sept.1,1814.CR1*

John Jr. of Raymond, NH, and Mary Wood, May31,1818.

Betsey and Samuel Pike, int.Aug.14,1820.

Fanny of Western and Asa Barnes, int.Oct.2,1823.

Nathaniel and Abigail Rogers, Apr.7,1835.

Emelice of Charlton and Chester Ainsworth, int.Dec.21,1837.

Abigail, Mrs., and Dwight Page, Sept.28,1843.

Mary of Paxton and Andrew Spooner, int.Aug.15,1844.

Elizabeth (d.Enoch and Elizabeth, a.28) and Willard H. Brown, Aug.1,1848.

Willard H. (s.Jonas and Catherine, a.27) and Elizabeth Brown, Aug.1,1848.


Elizabeth F. of Warren and Charles A. Flinn of Spencer, Mar.25,1835.*


John and Sarah Tuft, Nov.12,1761.

Theodocia M. of Brimfield and Enoch Bacon Jr., int.Nov.11,1834.


Mary and Zerubbabell Ball, int.Mar.末,1765.

Abijah and Hannah Barns, Aug.3,1768.

Benjamin and Damaris Gilbert, Mar.8,1770.

Lucy and Witt Taylor, Jan.9,1772.

John Jr. and Temperance Packard, Apr.30,1772.

Charles and Abigail Carter of Dudley, int.July8,1774.

Susanna and Thomas Kindrick, Sept.11,1777.

Elizabeth and Comfort Barnes of Becket, June10,1778.

Antipas and Hannah Kendrick, July9,1778.

Charles and Mercy Gilbert, May13,1779.

Mercy and Nathan Moores, July13,1786.

Lucy and Edmund Matthews, May23,1802.

Nabby and Abiather White, May9,1805.

Charles and Betsey Rawson, Apr.3,1806.

Roger and Ruth Bond of Boylston, int.Sept.23,1809.

Roxana and John Marsh, Mar.16,1811.

Sibil and Joseph Gilbert, Apr.27,1815.

Dexter and Abigail Barns, June20,1815.

Mary T. and Nathan C. Barnes, Apr.5,1837.

Joel G. (s.Dexter, a.28) and Martha A.G. Snow.Sept.16,1847.*


Lemuel and Olive Packard, July14,1776.

Susanna and Peter Hill, Apr.23,1778.

Ira, Dr., and Betsey Holbrook of Cummington, int.June23,1810.


Betsey of Westminster, VT, and Jesse Slayton, int.Sept.20,1781.

Stephen and Dolly Hamilton, int.Mar.3,1805.


Dolly and Benjamin Bemis of Spencer, Apr.23,1818.


Mary and Tilly Rice, Nov.2,1748.*

Samuel and Deborah Woolcot, int.Aug.末,1754.

Elisabeth and Josiah Dwight, Nov.2,1757.

Susanna and Phinehas Upham, May20,1762.


Daniel of Wilbreham and Malinda Richardson, Nov.26,1812.

Malinda of Lebanon, CT, and Miner Buel, int.Feb.14,1813.

Miner and Malinda Buel of Lebanon, CT, int.Feb.14,1813.


Polly of Brimfield and Elihu Holbrook, int.Sept.4,1791.


Lucy and Sumner Bartlet, July7,1736.

Daniel and Olive Partridge, May29,1766.*

Sally and Oliver Crosby, Nov.2,1790.

Rachel, Mrs., and Joseph Simmons, int.Dec.29,1799.

Philena and Elab Hardy of Actworth, NH, int.Mar.12,1804.

Ezekiel Jr. and Eunice Boyden of Sturbridge, int.June10,1814.

Ezekiel and Mrs.Eliza Boyden of Sturbridge, int.July4,1814.

Fitzroy of Spencer and Lucy Henshaw, June8,1826.

Henry of Holden and Caroline Gilbert, int.July4,1841.

Francis R. of Worcester (s.Fitzroy and Lucy, a.22) and Sarah C. Adams, Nov.29,1849.*


Asahel and Hariot Francis [Mar.末,1814].

John 2d of Western and Fanny Lathe, int.May9,1832.

Charles of Warren and Martha R. Davis, Sept.16,1840.

Jane Louisa (d.William T. and Phebe, a.20) and Eli W. Combs, Apr.1,1847.


Mary of Mendon and Beriah Sherman, Sept.26,1744. At Mendon.*


Jesse and Leah Rice, May末,1761.

Jonathan and Sarah Gould, Mar.29,1763.*

John [of Spencer. int.] and Rachal Haire, Jan.19,1775.

BURNALL (Barrat)

Joseph Jr. of Chesterfield and Martha Gilbert, Jan.24,1782.CR1


Anna and Benjamin Batcheller, Mar.25,1773. At Sutton.

Rhoda of Hopkinton and Capt. John Potter, Apr.30,1782. In Hopkinton.

Thomas and Nabby Willington, Nov.12,1783.

BURNETT (Burnit)

John [born in Southbridge, as he says] and Rebeckah C.T. Hinkley of Spencer, int.Nov.7,1829.

Ira and Mary May, int.Aug.21,1831.

BURNIT (Burnett)

Sarah and James Smith, Mar.21,1765.*


Samuel M. Esq. of Worcester and Sophia Dwight Foster, Oct.8,1816.


Elijah of Sturbridge [Spencer. int.] and Hannah Wait, Nov.27,1783.


Ruth of Western and Isaac Gleason, int.Nov.16,1800.

David of Western and Huldah Gleason, Oct.24,1802.


Dorothy and Joseph Hatfield Jr., Sept.25,1777.

Joseph and Mary Watson, June27,1784. [May6.CR]

Josiah and Polly Knowlton, Oct.11,1792.

Judeth and Lemuel Corben Jr., both of Dudley, Nov.15,1796.*

Joseph Wheeler and Mrs.Mary Nichols of New Salem, int.Jan.17,1802.

William and Lucy Kendal, int.Jan.23,1803.

Jemima of Boylston and Thomas Bond Jr., int.Sept.23,1804.

Eli Watson and Sally Marcy, both of Sturbridge, Feb.27,1806.*

John, Major, of Worcester and Abigail Adams, July19,1807.

William Jr. of Spencer and Laura Rice, Oct.15,1840.


Elisabeth and Oliver Woolcott, Jan.18,1759.


Albert S. of Holland and Amanda Allen, Mar.25,1841.

Stillman (a.27) and Jane E. Brigham, Apr.3,1844.

Warren G. of Warren (s.Shubel P. and Hannah, a.23) and Cornelia Combs, June25,1845.


Joseph Jr. of Ware and Selina Adams, Apr.20,1836.


Eliza Wheeler of Framingham and Rev. George Noyes, int.Mar.30,1828.


Louisa S. of Thompson, CT, and Reuben Slayton, int.Jan.21,1831.

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