FAIRBANK (Fairbanks)

Asell of Western and Diademe Gleason, Oct.16,1796.

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank)

Prudence and Jedadiah Gilbert, Apr.25,1773.

Betty of Western and Timothy Packard, int.Nov.4,1773.

David of Ashford, CT, and Sukey Blake, Apr.3,1814.

Ebenezer of Brimfield and Margaret Gleason, Dec.28,1826.

Mary and Parker Gilbert, int.July6,1834.

Horatio of Bolton (widr.) and Martha J. Pike, Nov.30,1843.


Jeremiah and Adaline Clark of Boston, int.Mar.21,1829.


Jesse and Mary Horr of North Brookfield, int.Dec.30,1841.


Rebecca of Acton and Dwight Foster, May7 [17. dup.], 1783. At Acton.

Lucy of Acton and Jabez Upham, June2,1796. At Acton.

William Emmerson and Elizabeth Upham, June20,1804.*

Luther of Boston and Caroline Reed, Mar.29,1820.

FAY (Faye)

Mary of Westborough and Edward Walker, Nov.末,1742. At Shrewsbury.*

Uriah and Hepsibah Dodge, Dec.13,1770.

Sally and Joshua Hyde of Sturbridge, Dec.11,1794.

Noadiah and Thankfull Hyde of Sturbridge, Feb.28,1796.

Noadiah and Catharine Walker, int.Jan.20,1798.

Levi Jr. and Anna Maria Morris, Apr.24,1817.

John of Sturbridge and Nancy Hensher, Nov.27,1817.

Cyrus Jr. of Sturbridge and Azubah Rice, Feb.10,1822.*

Amanda of Southborough and Samuel Perry J., int.Nov.26,1826.

Nancy R. [Rice. int.] and Newell Draper, Mar.30,1828.

Caroline R. of Sturbridge and Leonard Upham, Sept.25,1836.

Sarah T. of Munson and Dr. Joseph Blair, int.Oct.16,1842.

FAYE (Fay)

Levi [Fay.int.] of Sturbridge and Abigail Gould, Dec.22,1785.


Hannah and Moses Hamilton, Jan.15,1767.

Benjamin and Jenne Dorety, Dec.24,1767.

Desire and Joshua Slayton, Aug.30,1770.

Benjamin and Ruth Hamilton, Feb.3,1771.

Joseph and Sally Bartlett, Feb.26,1794.

Benjamin Jr. and Nancy Ellis, Sept.16,1794.

Hannah and Jacil Kendrick of North Brookfield, Aug.19,1802.

Ruth and Calvin Perry of Shrewsbury, VT, Dec.9,1804.

Sally and Andrew Bachelder, Feb.17,1807.

Skelton and Lucinda Adams of New Braintree, int.Oct.2,1808.

Sarah C. and Asa B. Clark of Vernon, VT, Apr.10,1836.

David (s.Nathaniel and Martha, a.20) and Relief A. Barton, both of New Braintree, June1,1847.*


Susanna and Barzilai Hayward, Feb.14,1798.*


Armenia and Samuel Simmons of Becket, Mar.11,1823.


Mary and Joshua Crowell of Hardwick, Jan.12,1775.

Mary of Western and Joseph Stone of Shrewsbury, Dec.31,1788.CR1*

Seth, Dr., and Martha Hitchcok, Jan.1,1797.

Betsey of Oakham and Daniel Beard, int.Sept.24,1798.

Mary Ann and Henry Merrill of Darien, GA, Oct.15,1821.*

Caroline P. and Eli Wheelock of North Brookfield, Nov.6,1823.

David H. and Harriet G. Shattuck of Oakham, int.Jan.5,1825.

Seth W. and Eliza N. Converse of New Braintree, int.Sept.20,1826.

Charlotte B. and Daniel Baird of Spencer, int.Nov.24,1832.


Hannah of Hardwick and Uriel Spooner, int.Apr.29,1843.


Tryphena H. of Westborough and Luke Parsons Jr., int.Mar.19,1832.

FISK (Fiske)

Nathan and Sarah Hill, int.Aug.末,1758.

Nathan, Rev., and [wid.] Elizabeth Troet Treat of Northampton, Jan.9,1777. At Northampton.

May [Mary.int.] B. and Francis T. Merrick of Worcester, Nov.10,1818.

Elizabeth M. of Sturbridge and Rev. Benjamin Manning, int.July20,1834.

FISKE (Fisk)

Sally and Samuel Jennison, Dec.25,1781.

Nathan, Rev., and Hannah Raynolds of Enfield, int.Dec.27,1789.

William, Maj., and Frances Rice, Mar.12,1795.

Samuel of Claremont, NH and Sally Foxcroft, Jan.10,1799.

Fanny and Isaac P. Barrett, int.Oct.6,1799.

Joshua of Sturbridge and Betsey Cheever, Feb.18,1801.

Betsey and Enos Gilbert, Nov.19,1802.

Lucy of Sterling and Lieut. Moses Boad, int.Aug.29,1809.

Moses of Sturbridge and Esther Cheever, int.Feb.24,1811.

Nathaniel, Capt., of New Salem and Lydia Furnice, Mar.17,1814.

Sultany of Deerfield and Hezekiah Willard, int.May3,1823.

Henry of Hardwick and Sarah Ross, Oct.1,1823.


Hannah of Spencer and Elias Adams, Dec.24,1789. In Spencer.

Esther [Easther. int.] of Spencer and James Adams, 末蔓Jan.26,1791. In Spencer.

Josiah of Spencer and Mary Adams, Dec.29,1796. In Spencer.

Samuel of Spencer and Lucy Rolfe, Dec.10,1799. In Spencer.

Betsey [of Spencer. int.] and Abraham Cutting, Aug.16,1807.

Ebenezer and Mary Baldwin of Spencer, Dec.5,1830.


William and Veronica Vanhibber, July28,1767.


John of Shrewsbury and Silence Adams, May2,1776.


Lucy and Elisha Pratt, Feb.10,1757.*

Arckless and Nancy Potter Blacks, int.July10,1808.

John M. and Cordelia Lemon of Ware, int.Aug.28,1842.

William (widr.) and Caroline Blanchard, both of Athol, Nov.30,1848.*


Charles A. of Spencer and Elizabeth F. Brownell of Warren, Mar.25,1835.*

FORBES (Forbs, Forbush, Furbush)

Hanah [Hannah.int.] and Noah Hardy, Mar.7,1769.*

Daniel and Sarah Hincher, Mar.22,1769.

Polly, Mrs., [Mary.int.] and Peter Coffin Jr. of Gloucester, Oct.21,1773.

Paty [Patty.int.] and Abner Bartlet, Jan.14,1778.

Daniel and Achsah Gilea, June9,1785.

Eli, Rev., of Gloucester (Essex) and Mrs.Lucy Baldwin, Nov.13,1793

Eli and Hannah Taft, May4,1803

Lucy and Samuel Crosset of New Salem, int.May5,1806.

Charles and Lucy Wait, Apr.1,1807.

Nancy and Daniel Phelps of Belchertown, Dec.10,1818.

Mary R. of North Brookfield and Rufus Harrington Jr., May15,1834.

Sarah of North Brookfield and James Simpson, Apr.20,1836.

FORBS (Forbes)

Aaron [Forbes.int.] and Thankfull Watson, Jan.13,1785. [Dec.14,1784.CR]

Moses [Forbes.int.] and Eliza Tayler, Feb.3,1813.

FORBUSH (Forbes, Furbush)

Rebaca and Obediah Wood, int.Apr.末,1754.

Stephen and Mary Morise, int.Aug.末,1754.

Susanna and Israel Richardson, Nov.10,1757.*

John and Cathrine Harper, both of Oakham, Nov.22,1774.*

Benjamin Jr. and Bety Phinney, Jan.17,1790.

Hannah and Daniel Moore, Sept.16,1795.

Martha of Westborough and Capt. Joseph Hamilton, int.May8,1806.


Ebenezer and Rhoda Rice, Sept.12,1782.

Susannah [Vorce] and Cyprian Cutting, Dec.3,1815.*


Ruth of Andover and Jacob Abbott, May1,1722. At Andover.*

Jedidiah and Dorothy Dwight, May18,1749.*

Lydia and Elijah Comings, Oct.27,1761.*

Bryant and Thankfull Blackwell, Nov.21,1771.

Abigail and Abel Wilson [of New Braintree], Feb.14,1774.

Theophilus and Susanna Packard, June22,1775.

Peregrine and Polly Bradshaw, July10,1780.*

Dwight and Rebecca Faulkner of Acton, May7 [17 dup.], 1783. At Acton.

Elisha and Mary Rider, Mar.16,1784.

Ruth and Maj. Thomas Ives of Great Barrington, int.Feb.3,1786. [Married Mar.2.CR]

Lemuel and Anne Mandell Mendell of Barre, Aug.3,1789. In Barre.

Sophia Dwight and Samuel M. Burnside Esq. of Worcester, Oct.8,1816.

Louisa and Asa Pepper, Apr.4,1821.

Phobe and Benjamin Eaton of Ware, Apr.25,1827.

William and Rebeckah G. Ross, Oct.2,1833.


Lydia of Westfield and Samuel Barns, int.July11,1785.

Justus of Westfield and Abigail Gilbert, int.June18,1797.


Oliver, Capt., of Fitchburg and Mary Dorr, Jan.24,1804.


Francis, Dr., and Sarah Upham, May5,1768.

Sally and Samuel Fiske of Claremont, NH, Jan.10,1799.

Elizabeth and Thomas Haskins of Boston, Aug.23,1801.

Fanny and Medcalf Wetherell, Jan.27,1805.

Mehitabel and Josiah Lyon, int.Aug.4,1805.

Martha B. and David H. Sumner of Claremont, NH, int.Sept.16,1805.


Harriot and Asael Burbank, Mar.末,1814.


Charles and Charlotte Cobb of Greenwich, int.May7,1820.


Dinah and Richard Hill [of Leicester], Oct.23,1783.

Abigail of Brewster and Edmund Mayo Jr., int.Apr.24,1819.

Sophronia and William Furniss, int.Sept.13,1837.

John and Julia B. Deane, int.Oct.28,1844.


Anson H. (s.John and Elizabeth, a.32) and Luthera S. Lamb, both of North Brookfield, Apr.2,1845.


Scovial and Emily Mendall, both of North Brookfield, Oct.26,1829.*


Olive [Frisbee] and Benjamin Blair, both of Western, May3,1830.*


Elizabeth of Framingham and Isaac Cutler, June18,1743. In Framingham.


Earle W. and Malinda Pierce of Western, int.Mar.12,1827.


Betty and Daniel Edson, Aug.10,1773.

Esther of Newton and William Whright, Jan.13,1774. At Newton.

Lemuel and Tabitha Gould, Sept.20,1789.

Fanny and Jacob Riedle, Sept.11,1794.

FURBUSH (Forbush)

Benjamin and Elizebeth Marble,末蔓末,1751.*

Noah and Mehitable Draper of Spencer, Nov.19,1779. In Spencer.

Noah and Betsey Pike, Aug.20,1822.*

FURNICE (Furniss)

Lydia and Capt. Nathaniel Fiske of New Salem, Mar.17,1814.

FURNISS (Furniss)

William and Sophronia Freeman, int.Sept.13,1837.

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