KEDDER (Kidder)

Mary and John Marks, Sept.14,1743.*


Moses [of Sunderland] and Hannah Woodbury, Dec.2,1773.

Chelles of Leveret and Catharine Tucker, Dec.31,1799.

Josiah of Monson and Lucy Tucker, Oct.27,1801.

Avery and Emily Wood, int.Aug.21,1829.

Abigail of Monson and George Wood, int.Mar.4,1832.

Josiah O. and Eliza Ann Southworth of Ashford, CT, int.Aug.28,1836.


Elisabeth of Bridgwater and Thomas Sherman, int.July8,1781.

Bezer of North Brookfield (s.Charles and Sybil, widr., a.27) and Anna P. Reed, Apr.12,1849.


Eliza and John Wing, int.Aug.2,1807.

KELLOG (Kelog)

Jacob and Hannah Blackmore, Mar.28,1781.

KELLOGG (Kellog, Kelog)

Sally of Suffield, CT, and Argalus Thomas, int.Dec.28,1800.

Mehetable and Sylvanus Stone of Goshen, Feb.11,1808.*

Chester and Eliza Davis, int.Apr.2,1817.

Susan A. and Thomas C. Nye of Warren, Dec.12,1839.

KELOG (Kellogg)

Medad and Anna Brooks of Western, June18,1777.*

KENDAL (Kindel, Kindell)

Lucy and William Bush, int.Jan.23,1803.


Levi [of Lancaster.CR] and Elizabeth Doughety, June12,1760.

KENDRECK (Kindreck, Kindrick)

Dolly and Elijah Starkwether of Killingly, Feb.6,1783.*


Ruben and Hannah Jennings, Feb.16,1775.

Hannah and Antipas Bruce, July9,1778.

Abigail and Nathaniel Dodge of Belcher, Feb.4,1783.

Betsey and Moses Howard of Sturbridge, May11,1802.

Hendrick Susannah and Eliphas Webber of Holland, int.Nov.末,1804.

Pearly of North Brookfield and Maria Ann Hunt, Apr.24,1820.

Jacil [Jasel. int.] of North Brookfield and Hannah Felton, Aug.19,1822.

Joseph of North Brookfield and Lucy Mullet of Ware, Nov.26,1838.*

KENNEY (Kenny, Kinne, Kinny)

Violetty and Jonathan Gale of Oxford, Apr.21,1768. At Sutton.

Anna and Asa White, July1,1779.*

KENNY (Kinne, Kinny)

Artemas and Perses Getchel, June18,1780.


Nabby [] and Peter Wycoff, Jan.13,1796.


Jacob and Abigail Barnes, Oct.3,1776.

Daniel and Polly Bonne of Hardwick Gore, int.Feb.8,1801.

Reuben of New Marlboro and Sally Adams, Oct.12,1802.

Mary and John Jenkins Jr. of Hawley, Jan.16,1808.

James B. and Mary Hill of Spencer, int.Dec.12,1811.

Jacob [Jr. int.] and Dolly Gilbert, Mar.20,1817.

Elizabeth and Titus Eddy, Apr.1,1817.

Almira and Washington Hill of Spencer, Mar.30,1823.*

Eliza and Elijah Clapp, May5,1840.

Lucy Ann and Stephen W. Gilbert, May5,1840.

KEYES (Kyes)

Martha and David Hitchcock, int.Dec.末,1763.

Anna and Shelah Ross, Apr.14,1791.

Pardon of Western and Martha Davis, May21,1812.

Warren and Cynthia Bonny, both of Western, May18,1815.CR1

KIDDER (Kedder)

John and Mary Wheler of Hardwick, Aug.26,1736.*

KIDERIDGE (Kittridge)

Joseph and Peninnah Daniels, int.Nov.27,1805.


Charles of Rutland and Elizabeth Gouldsbury, Nov.16,1743. In Rutland.*


Abigail and William Witt, 貌mber 29,1750.*

Lucy and Phillip Dealand, Feb.末,1762.

KIMBAL (Kimball, Kimbell, Kimbol)

Benjamin and Abigail Chapman, int.Mar.末,1755.

Eunice and Ensign. Daniel Gould of Newbraintree, May9,1805.

KIMBALL (Kimbol)

Abigail and Stephen Riggs, int.June19,1773.

Benjamin and Mary Goddard of Shrewsbury, Mar.15,1774. In Shrewsbury.

Mary, wid., and Capt. Daniel Gilbert, Mar.9,1778.

Sarah and Luke May, Apr.2,1778.

Aron and Silence Bartlet, Nov.7,1778.*

Samuel and Hannah Willard, June10,1788.

Lydia and Moses Bragg, Apr.6,1789,1788

Timothy and Polly Gleason, June17,1792.*

Lucy and John Dodge of Susquehannah, NY, int.Dec.23,1792.

Lucy and Joseph Benson Jr. of Sturbridge, Sept.8,1801.

Aaron Jr. and Eliza Cooley of Longmeadow, int.Feb.7,1829.

Charles of North Brookfield (s.John and Betsey, a.25) and Anna M. Richards, Sept.8,1847.

KIMBOL (Kimball)

Andrew and Rebecca Watson, June19,1753.*


Hanora and William Corcorin (Irish), int.Jan.24,1838.

KINDAL (Kendal)

Sally and Holland Moor, int.Oct.19,1800.


Lyman [Kendal. int.] and Ruth Moor, Sept.6,1801.


Elisabeth and John Berry, Nov.30,1769.


Mary and Benjamin Reed, Nov.28,1743.*

KINDRECK (Kendreck, Kendrick, Kindrick)

Mehitabel and Silas Barns of Holland, July6,1784.

Thomas and Elizabeth Ellis, May26,1803. At Western.


Lyda and William Deen Jr., Nov.8,1767.

Jemima and Nathan Gilbert, Oct.14,1772.

Thomas and Susanna Bruce, Sept.11,1777.

Ruth and Silas Phelps of Worthington, Mar.4,1789.

Thomas Jr. and Hannah Hill, Apr.22,1800.

Benjamin F. and Harriet A. Robinson of Enfield, int.May5,1844.


Mary and Silvanus Walker, int.Apr.末,1758.

Abigail and Charles Simson, June4,1778.

Metilda and Daniel Waldo of Pomfret, int.Apr.30,1780.

Eunice of Palmer and David Haynes, int.Aug.26,1780.

Wills of Palmer and Betsey Dean, Oct.18,1803.

George of North Brookfield and Jane Adams, Oct.7,1841.


Thankful [] and Nicholas McCluer, May16,1776.

Mary and Rufus Hamilton, June18,1781.*

Obadiah of Alstead and Molley Shaw, Dec.15,1785.

Jedidah [] and Elias Staples Jr., May29,1786.

John of Franklin and Rebecca Ayers, Sept.9,1789.

Samuel and Susanna Sumner, Mar.24,1795.

Edward and Mitty Howe of Shrewsbury, int.Feb.15,1801.

KINNE (Kenney, Kenny)

Polly of Worthington and Josiah Slayton, int.Jan.25,1801.

Jeremiah of Worthington and Polley Moors, int.Feb.22,1801.


Persis and Jason Makepeace of Western, Dec.3,1795.

KITRIDGE (Kittridge)

Benjamin of Dartmouth and Nancy Pallet, int.June27,1802.

KITTREDGE (Kittridge)

Oliver, Dr., and Polly Hamilton, Aug.13,1807.

Edward A., Dr., and Susan Smith of Paris, ME, int.Dec.8,1831.

Rebecca and Horace F. Watson, Apr.8,1833.

KITTRIDGE (Kideridge, Kitridge, Kittredge)

Jesseniah, Dr., of Walpole, NH, and Lydia Bond, Feb.26,1793.

Rebeckah and Samuel Converse, May29,1794.

Thomas, Dr., and Lucinda Hunter of Newbraintree, int.Mar.3,1805.


Mary of Sturbridge and Nathan Richardson, Dec.25,1776. In Sturbridge.


Hannah and Samuel Danforth of Natick, Aug.31,1780.

Theophilus and Lois Potter, Feb.末 [12.CR], 1795.

Joshua Cree and Hannah Brigham, Feb.10,1807.

Thomas J. of Sutton and Almira Spooner, int.May15,1826.

Huldah of North Brookfield and Allen Harrington, int.Aug.10,1837.


Charles and Eunice Packard, Oct.25,1769.

Jonathan and Dolly Prouty of Spencer, Mar.3,1791. In Spencer.

Polly and Josiah Bush, Oct.11,1792.

Lyda and Elkanah Babbit, Dec.4,1806.

Nancy F. of Shrewsbury and Charles N. Ide, int.Sept.6,1834.


Erastus and Mary Moor, July28,1833.

KYES (Keyes)

Sarah and Phelep Allen, Mar.20,1782.

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