Abigail and Chancy Smith of Palmer, Nov.9,1837.


Harrington of Petersham and Sally Washburn, June27,1805.

Lucy of Petersham and Edmund Matthews, int.Dec.29,1806.


Abigail and Calvin Davis, int.Oct.7,1805.


Nathaniel of Shootsbury and Tamasin Richardson [Gilbert. int.], Nov.25,1802.


Edward and Lois Goodale, int.May7,1775.

MAINARD (Maynard)

Malacha [] and Elisabath Hinds, Sept.6,1768.

MAKEPEACE (Makepees, Makepiece, Makpece)

Marcy and Samuel Walker, int.Mar.末,1757.

Eliot and Lucy Brintnall Brinton, Oct.7,1779.

Jason of Western and Persis Kinny, Dec.3,1795.

Sukey and David Batcheller, both of Western, Jan.29,1812.CR1*

Dolly of Western and Moses Dressor of Charlton, Apr.21,1813.CR1*

Harrit and Alanson Hamilton, Apr.24,1823.*

Augustus and Nancy M. Gleason of New Braintree, int.Apr.13,1828.

Eunice and Ezra L. Hutchins of Killingly, Sept.末,1828.

Pamelia and Lewis Gleason, int.Apr.2,1833.

Eliza and Moses Tyler of Brimfield, May13,1835.

Adelia and James Taylor of Westfield, Aug.18,1835.

Martha S. and Edwin W. Giddings of Romeo, MI, Oct.13,1840.

MAKEPEES (Makepeace)

Polly and Joshua Nickols, June29,1786.

MAKEPIECE (Makepeace)

Sally and Thomas Rice, July12,1792.

Lydia and Amos Cutler, Bakersfield, VT, Jan.17,1798.*

Knight and Eunice Newton of Westborough, int.Dec.28,1800.

MAKPECE (Makepeace)

Rachel and Clark Elsworth, May29,1771.*

MANDELL (Mendal, Mendall, Mundell)

Annie [] of Barre and Lemuel Foster, Aug.3,1789. In Barre.

Eunice of Barre and Barnabas Brigham, June7,1790. In Barre.


Zebina B. Hawley of Mendon, VT and Clarinda Walker, Dec.6,1827.


Elias and Kezia Boyden of Walpole, int.Apr.28,1782.

Phinehas of Paxton and Sarah Cutting, Feb.7,1799.

Nancy of Roxbury and Paul Draper, int.May5,1816.


Abihail and Christopher Banister, int.Sept.末,1762.

Betty and John Gilbert 4th, Oct.8,1770.

Polley and Turner Peterson, Apr.26,1781.

Benjamin, Rev., and Elizabeth M. Fisk of Sturbridge, int.July20,1834.

Danforth and Betsey Newton, Apr.4,1836. At Spencer.


Jacob of Western and Fanny Cutler, Aug.17,1819.


Elizebeth and Benjamin Furbush,末蔓末,1751.*

John and Hannah Olds, Nov.30,1768.

Hannah, wid., and Benjamin Millar of Brimfield, int.Jan.10,1778.

Jonathan and Polley Stevens, Feb.5,1778.

Joseph and Lydia Wood, July31,1783.

Betsey and Elisha Harrington, Nov.23,1785.

Eunice and Zephaniah Abbott, Dec.27,1792.

MARCH (Marsh)

Miriam and Adoniram Bartlet, int.Nov.末,1760.


Samuel and Prissilla Dorr, Sept.9,1787.

Merriam and Jonathan Barnes, Mar.8,1804.

Sally and Eli Watson Bush, both of Sturbridge, Feb.27,1806.*

Charles A. [of Woodstock. int.] and Mary Rogers, Dec.末,1833.

Avis and Mary E. Sawtell of Ashburnham, int.June18,1843.

John A. and Eliza A. Bowen, int.Sept.15,1844.

Mary Jane, Mrs., (d.Samuel and Mary Rogers, wid., a.31) and Isaiah Howe of Oakham, Apr.10,1846.


Joseph and Experience Hinds, Nov.18,1718.*

Susannah and John Shepard, Dec.8,1720.*

Esther and John Barras 末蔓18,1731.*

Hezekiah and Judeth Hayward, Apr.23,1734.*

Richard and R末末 末末, Sept.17,1740.*

John and Mary Kedder, Sept.14,1743.*

Eunice and Ephraim Jonas Rice, Feb.27,1764.


Martha and Isaac Merret, May18,1758.*

MARSH (March, Mash)

Samuell and Zeruiah Thomas,末蔓末,1731-2.*

Judah and Hannah Omsted, Nov.4,1736.*

Eunice and John Goodell, int.Jan.末,1759.

Rachel of Ware and Silas Adams, Mar.7,1763. In Ware.

Patience and Henry Gilbert, int.Feb.末,1764.

Thomas and Asenah Richardson, int.Nov.20,1777.

Assenah and Samuel Lamb 3d of Charlton, Apr.15,1783. In Charlton.*

Seth of Monson and Jerusha Gould of Western,末蔓末,1788.*

Jason and Asenath Ainsworth of Sturbridge, May26,1793.

Ebenezer of Western and Rebecca Thomas, June27,1793.

Nabby and John Holden, May22,1801.

Polly and Russel Smith of Manchester, VT, Jan.26,1808.

Reuben and Allice P. Heywood, Apr.3,1808.

John and Roxana Bruce, Mar.16,1811.

Reubain and Deliah H. Meeds, int.Apr.18,1813.

William and Parna Lawrence, July1,1813.

Hariot and Bicknell L. Clark, May28,1816.

Dolly and William Howe, July21,1816.

Betsey and Reuben Haynes, Dec.1,1817.

Martha A. and William Adams, Nov.2,1831.

Mary and James S. Sherman, June12,1838.

Mary E. of Sturbridge and George Allen, int.Apr.13,1844.


Thomas and Sally Perry, Mar.25,1828.


George and Polly Olds, int.Oct.13,1799.

Ellen of Worcester and Thomas Garvy, int.June23,1840.


David and Sarah Gilbert, int.Apr.末,1771.

MASH (Marsh)

Ephraim and Sarah Omsted, Oct.8,1741.*

Bathiah and Joseph Olds, Jan.2,1783.*

Hannah and Benjamin Hayward, Nov.9,1786.


Ruth and Thomas Ainsworth, Oct.14,1791.

William [William L. int.] of Northborough and Harriet N. Stowell, July6,1836.

Charles D. Mason of Woodstock, CT, and Louisa Nichols.[Dec.22,1836, Sturbridge.VR] In Sturbridge.


Marianne E. and Dr. Levi Simmons, int.Apr.25,1805.

MATHEWS (Matthews)

Silas and Priscilla Woods of New Braintree, Sept.10,1765. In New Braintree.

Solomon Jr. and Prude Holbrook of New Braintree, int.Mar.23,1800.

Harriet W. and Cephas Bemis of North Brookfield, May25,1826.

Frederick and Lydia W. Combs, May1,1839.

MATTHEWS (Mathews)

Edmund and Lucy Bruce, May23,1802.

David and Lydia Ranger, Nov.25,1802.

Hannah and Francis Stone, Mar.27,1804.

Edmund and Lucy Macclallan of Petersham, int.Dec.29,1806.

Hiram and Phebe Adams, Apr.15,1830.

Abigail and Frederick Borden, Apr.29,1830.


Lydia L. and Ariel N. Davenport, Sept.18,1837.


Luke and Sarah Kimball, Apr.2,1778.

Sally and Isaac Muzzy of Spencer, int.Dec.13,1807.

Sophia and Elijah Striclin, int.Feb.28,1808.

Thede and James Allen, int.Jan.8,1809.

Mary and Ira Burnett, int.Aug.21,1831.

Isaac M. of New Bedford (s.Asa and Lydia M., a.22) and Sarah E. Gault, Nov.25,1847.

MAYNARD (Mainard, Maynerd)

Francis of Oakham and Zeruiah Wright, Feb.12,1784.

Ephraim and Betsey Hubbard of Rutland, Oct.21,1799. In Rutland.

Nathaniel of Leverett and Rachel Hill, Aug.15,1804.

Johnathan and Eunice Adams, Mar.15,1807.

Candace of Shrewsbury and Alpheus D. Shumway, int.May26,1810.

MAYNERD (Maynard)

Malachi of Conway and Anna Hale, Feb.22,1786.


Dorothy and Nathan Porter, May27,1798. In Spencer.

Edmund Jr. and Abigail Freeman of Brewster, int.Apr.24,1819.


Jennit and Robert Blare, Nov.21,1738.*

Margret and John Smith, Nov.29,1739.*


Lydia of Petersham and Thomas Brown, Sept.5,1796. In Petersham.

McCLENATHAN (Mclenathan)

John and Azubah Gilbert, Sept.18,1823.


William of Rutland and Polly Crosby, int.May6,1794.


Sally and George Nye, both of New Braintree, Dec.24,1806.*


Saviah and Rufus Thresher of Newbraintree, Nov.15,1810.

McCLUER (McClure)

Sarah and Joseph Wood, Nov.30,1752.*

Sarah of Spencer and Josiah Hamilton Jr., int.Aug.24,1774.

Allis and Benjamin Richardson, Feb.15,1776.

Nicholas and Thankful Kingsbury, May16,1776.

Nicholas Jr. and Achsah Hamilton, Dec.17,1800.

John and Catharine Hamilton, Nov.30,1808.

McCLURE (McCluer, McLuer)

Sarah and Josiah White of Spencer, June4,1761.

Mary and Asa Coburn, Apr.末,1762.*

Ann [] and Daniel Richardson, Nov.28,1765.

John and Mary Craford of Palmer, 末蔓26,1772. In Palmer.

Thankful and William Wriley of Spencer, int.Aug.21,1803.

Abigail and Jonathan Hubbard of Brimfield, Oct.6,1803.

Jairus and Sally Hobbs, Nov.21,1803.

Selina S. and George Hobbs, int.Oct.3,1826.

Liberty [Libenty H. int.] and Caroline Hamilton, Nov.7,1832.

Sarah A. (d.Nicholas) and William H. Spurr of Charlton, May16,1843.


Martha and Jeremiah Anderson, Mar.4,1742.

Jacob and Anna Richmond, Dec.7,1768.


Jane and Robert Gray, Oct.23,1733.*


William and Tabath 末末, Nov.22,1744.


Jesse of Boston and Matilda Morris, int.Apr.26,1811.


Benjamin of Charlton and Mary Howard, int.Sept.2,1815.

McLENATHAN (McClenathan)

John and Amanda Snow, int.Oct.7,1832.


Eliza and Lawson Harrington of Hardwick, Aug.13,1821.

McLUER (McClure)

Margaret and Samuell Steel, Dec.19,1734.*

Jairus and Amma Hobbs, Nov.2,1809.

McLURE (McLuer)

Elisabeth and Isaah Stevens, Sept.14,1756.


Gennet and Calus Hinds, Sept.6,1742.*


James and Elisabeth Densmore [of Palmer], May1,1759.*

Thankful and Daniel Wattson, Aug.13,1761.*


John and Isabel Cobb, int.Nov.30,1769.


John of Rutland and Rebecca Barns, July3,1781.


Ebenezer and Mary Patten of Dover, NH, int.Dec.26,1811.


Deliah H. and Reubain Marsh, int.Apr.18,1813.


Judah and Wilson Hathaway, int.Feb.20,1798.

Jeremiah and Polly Hastings, int.Sept.15,1811.

Mary of Milford and Abner Waters, int.Feb.2,1830.

Sarah H. and Neverson H. Morey of Hartford, CT, Jan.19,1836.

Rebecca and William B. Hastings, int.Nov.10,1837.

Henry Loring of New York State and Sarah Jane Crosby, int.Jan.31 [or Feb.17], 1841.

Betsey and John Aspinwall, June1,1842.


Rebecca [Melven. int.] and Joshua Dodge, Nov.23,1778.

MENDAL (Mandell)

Abigail and Daniel Wait, Oct.24,1803.

MENDALL (Mandell)

Emily and Scovial Frink, both of North Brookfield, Oct.26,1829.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

Ebenezer P. and Rachal F. Randall of Worcester, int.July17,1831.

MERICK (Merrick)

Tilley and Elizabeth Wilder of Lancaster, Nov.28,1722. At Lancaster.*

MERRET (Merritt)

Isaac and Martha Marr, May18,1758.*


Benjamin and Sarah Blanchard, Jan.28,1758.*

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Ebenezer and Sally Hitchcock, Nov.28,1799.

Dan and Thirza Clapp, int.Jan.31,1802.

Mary, wid., of Union, CT, and Jude Adams, int.Sept.12,1802.

Ebenezer, [Lieut. int.] and Mary Cutler, Mar.31,1814.

George and Abigail W. Little of New Braintree, int.Apr.13,1828.

Lewis and Lucy B. Alvord, Sept.9,1834.

MERRIC (Merrick)

Polley of Easham and Amos Done, int.May18,1783.

MERRICK (Merick, Merric, Mirick)

Pliny Esq. and Ruth Cutler, Dec.13,1789.

Ruth and Cheney Reed, Dec.13,1815.

Maria and Samuel Allen Jr., Nov.2,1817.

Francis T. of Worcester and May B. Fisk, Nov.10,1818.


Henry of Darien, GA, and Mary Ann Field, Oct.15,1821.*

MERRITT (Merret)

Lydia of Charlton and Silas Hobbs, Nov.29,1787. In Charlton.*

Lory and Harriet Davis, int.Oct.17,1824.

Chester and Elizabeth Henshaw, Oct.19,1830.*

Sarah A. (d.Lora and Harriett, a.20) and Seth F. Allen of West Brookfield, Sept.26,1849.

MILLAR (Miller)

James Jr. of Westborough and Mercy Livermore, June18,1776.

Benjamin of Brimfield and Wid.Hannah Marble, int.Jan.10,1778.

Samuel W. of Westborough and Sally Gay, int.Feb.11,1799.


Solomon Willard of Ashford and Rachel Hare, int.Mar.末,1771.

MILLER (Millar)

Rebeca and Isaac Davis, Nov.7,1734.*

Joseph and Polly Allen, June19,1791.

Hannah of Spencer and John Bowen, Sept.19,1791. In Spencer.

Esther of Lyme, NH, and Sewell Gleason, int.Jan.21,1794.

Comfort of New Braintree and Polly Dane, Mar.8,1810.

Hannah and Barzillai Hayward, int.Aug.25,1810.

William A. and Freelove B. Allen, Apr.8,1834.

Harriet of Warren and Israel N. Ross, int.Dec.2,1837.


Abigail and Oliver Willcoot, Jan.11,1749.*

Jonathan and Abigal Glover of Springfield, May3,1749. At Springfield.

Jonathan and Patience Brown, int.Feb.末,1758.

John and Polly Harding, both of Western, Mar.12,1789.CR1*


Samuel and Mary Snow of Cambridge, Oct.29,1707. At Cambridge.*

James, Maj., and Mrs.Elizeb Mirick, Oct.9,1735.*

MIRICK (Merrick)

Sarah and Ebenezer Cook, July12,1720.*

Esther and Obadiah Rice, Sept.22,1722.*

Elizeb, Mrs., and Maj. James Minot, Oct.9,1735.*

Lawson and Caroline Pratt of Shrewsbury, int.Jan.9,1829.

Charles A. of Worcester and Caroline D. Prichard, June1,1835.

George W. and Rebecca B. Cragin of New Ipswich, NH, int.Dec.25,1842.

MITCHEL (McMitchell)


Anna and Jonathan Bartlett, Dec.18,1768.


Samuel [Mixer. int.] and Betty Biglow, May21,1767.


Mehitabel and William Hincher Jr., int.Mar.末,1770.


James S. and Rhoda B. Potter, both of North Brookfield, June1,1843.*


Maria M. of Chicopee Falls and Austin Smith, int.June10,1841.

MOOR (Moore, Moores, Moors, More, Mores, Mower)

Ruth and John Stevens, Oct.27,1768.

Thomas Jr. and Premely Belding of Egremont, int.Apr.末,1770.

Thomas Jr. and Rebecca Herrington, July26,1770.

Abigail and Samuel Wood, Dec.5,1770.

Jonathan and Sarah Walker, July4,1782.

Shepard and Polley Carpinder of Brimfield, int.Oct.17,1785.

Betsey and Rufus Rice, Oct.8,1786.

Isaac and Merriam Pickard, Dec.23,1792.

Holland and Sally Kindal, int.Oct.19,1800.

Ruth and Lyman Kindall, Sept.6,1801.

Willard and Polly Upham, Oct.30,1806.

Sarah and Washington Rice, July4,1819.

Caroline and Orville Searl, Feb.12,1833.

Mary and Erastus Knowton, July28,1833.

Frances W. [Moore. int.] (s.Jonathan, a.23) and Lydia J. Newton, Sept.4,1844.

MOORE (Moores, Moors, More, Mores)

Thomas and Prissilla Holland of Sutton, Sept.25,1766. At Sutton.

Catharine and Jacob Harrington, June12,1780.

Sarah and Jesse Rice, Oct.31,1782.

Hannah and John Parke, May14,1786.

Daniel and Hannah Forbush, Sept.16,1795.

Fanny and Aaron Reed of Windham, Nov.9,1797. In Spencer.

William and Polly Bond, both of Western, Nov.21,1804.CR1*

Sally and Abijah Hyde, July1,1808.

Jonathan and Clarissa Walker, Aug.8,1813.

Eliza of Worcester and Henry Morris, Oct.23,1834.

Frederick W. and Rebecca Rogers of Whately, int.Dec.7,1838.

MOORES (Moore)

Nathan and Mercy Bruce, July13,1786.

MOORS (Moore)

Polley and Jeremiah Kinne of Worthington, int.Feb.22,1801.

MORE (Moore)

Thomas and Ruth Nickels, Apr.24,1747.*

Mary and Capt. Reuben Slaten, int.May30,1777.

MORES (Moore)

Daniel and Elisabeth Cook, int.May20,1777.


Eleanor of Charlton and Phineas Slayton, May14,1761. In Charlton.

Ephraim, Maj. of Charlton and Hannah Watkins, Feb.26,1795.

Simeon of Sturbridge and Abigail Hastings, Mar.20,1808.

Neverson H. of Hartford, CT, and Sarah H. Mellen, Jan.19,1836.

Calista A. and Jonas Bellows, Apr.2,1840.

Thomas of Boston and Lucy A. Ward, int.Apr.16,1843.


Margeret of Spencer and Seth Hamilton, May19,1788. In Spencer.

John of Spencer and Thankfull Hathaway, Apr.16,1789.

Henry of Boston and Abigail E. Bradshaw, Feb.7,1803.

Elijah of Spencer and Esther Richmond, Mar.13,1804.

Martha H. and Cyrus Howard [int.Mar.15,1834].


Nathaniel H. (s.Samuel and Sally, a.33) and Laura Sprague, Oct.8,1845.

MORRIS (Morrise, Morriss)

Prince of Western and Rebecca Oliver, int.Mar.7,1811.

Matilda and Jesse McCurdy of Boston, int.Apr.26,1811.

William and Emma Rice, Oct.8,1815.

Anna Maria and Levi Fay Jr., Apr.24,1817.

Henry and Eliza Moore of Worcester, Oct.23,1834.

MORRISE (Morris)

Mary and Stephen Forbush, int.Aug.末,1754.

MORRISS (Morris)

Sarah W. of Sturbridge and Otis Twichell, int.Apr.20,1834.


Experiance and Josiah Partridge, Dec.22,1772.*

Abagail [] of Sturbridge and Jonathan Jennings, Sept.29,1785. In Sturbridge.

Abagail of Sturbridge and Benjamin Ginnings, Nov.5,1786. In Sturbridge.

Dolly and Reuben Gilbert, July18,1790.

Polly and Mattias Rice, both of Western, May22,1794.*

Amos and Damarras Upham of Sturbridge, int.Feb.14,1804.

Sally and David Haynes, Apr.6,1813.

Ephraim of Sturbridge and Nancy Connel, int.Aug.7,1814.

Dennis and Amelia Turner, both of North Brookfield, July1,1827.*

Elizabeth of Kinderhook, NY (d.Winthrop), and Isaac Doane, May24,1842.

Marcia C. and Henry Young, Mar.29,1843.

Augusta C. (d.Chester and Bridget, a.24) and William L. Dunham, Oct.27,1847.


Molly and Josiah Cary, int.June10,1780.

Frances Theodore and Charles Richardson, int.Mar.12,1804.

Bethia P. of Ware and Edward F. Stowell, Apr.2,1831.


Abigail and Ezra Tucker, Dec.9 [2.CR], 1773.

Eunice and Ephraim Adams, May19,1774.

Molly and Josiah Cary, July18,1780.*

Lucy and Libbeus Rood of Western, Jan.10,1782.

Harriot of Monson and Joshua Nichols, int.Oct.9,1819.

Jesse of Worcester and Adeline Bemis, Dec.29,1841.

Austin N. and Cynthia H. Stoddard of North Brookfield, int.Nov.28,1844.

Mary M. of Warren (d.Robert and Betsy, a.21) and George W. Lincoln, Nov.27,1845.

MOWER (Moor, Moore)

Martha of Worcester and Samuel Watson, Nov.8,1781. At Worcester.

Joshua and Nabby Pierce, Jan.12,1792.

Ephraim of Worcester and Caroline Cutler, Dec.31,1822.*

Cyrus of North Brookfield and Lydia W. Smith, June30,1836.


Tirzy of Sturbridge and Silas Adams, int.Feb.7,1812.


T.H., Rev., and B.L. Grover of Saugus, int.Sept.16,1843.


Lucy of Ware and Joseph Kendrick of North Brookfield, Nov.26,1838.*


Lorinda and Emerson Hastings, Jan.27,1840.*

MUNDELL (Mandell, Mendal)

Lydia and George Lawton of Leicester, int.Nov.23,1834.


Nabby and Paul Bliss, Apr.15,1790.


Jenny of Western and James Parker,末蔓末,1787.


Joseph of Macon, GA, and Julia Carpenter, Oct.18,1842.*


Elizabeth of Rutland and Joshua Upham, Oct.27,1768. In Rutland.

John and Triphena Webb, May4,1779.


John, Lieut., of Spencer and Mrs.Rebaca Bartlet, int.Oct.2,1786. [Married Aug. Oct.3.CR]


John of Spencer and Lucy Bartlet, Oct.末,1786.

Thaddeus of Whitestown, NY, and Lydia Richardson, Feb.21,1797.

Isaac of Spencer and Sally May, int.Dec.13,1807.

Lucy and Philemon Ross of North Brookfield, Sept.22,1813.

Nancy and Elliot Prouty of Spencer, Jan.19,1815.

Tilly and Laurinda Bigalow, Oct.8,1818.

Frances L. and Edwin Rice, Mar.20,1838.


Jeremiah of Middlebury, VT (s.John and Seloma, widr., a.42) and Mary Ward, Nov.27,1845.


Rose [Rosa Mije. int.] and Thomas Ameble Blacks, Nov.末,1800.

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