Peggy of Brimfield and George Sumner, int.Feb.1,1808.*


Elisabeth and John Robbins of Sturbridge, int.May15,1788.


Daniel and Polly Barton, Nov.17,1805.

Merriam and Leonard Cheney of Dudley, int.May9,1802.


Abigail and Jedediah Healy, Oct.19,1817.

Alvan and Martha D. Wilson, Sept.10,1840.

Ana and William Smith, int.Aug.1,1805.

Asa and Lois Fisk of Sturbridge, int.Nov.23,1794.

Asa and Elizabeth Comins, Oct.24,1799.

Berthier and Ruth S. Wilson of Spencer, int.Mar.10,1833.

Berthier and Cynthia Ann Wilson of Spencer, int.Dec.14,1834.

Calesta [Calista.int.] and Chauncy Plimpton, Dec.3,1817.

Charlotte and Albert G. Willard of Leicester, Apr.30,1829.

Chester of Woodstock and Lucy Edmunds, int.Apr.22,1800.

Cyrus and Lucinda Thayer, Mar.22,1818.

Daniel Jr., and Anna Fay, May16,1782.

Daniel Jr., and Dilla Nichols of Thompson, CT, int.June12,1808.

Daniel and Mrs.Olivia De Witt, Dec.6,1831.

Ebenezer and Anna Long, Mar.2,1788.

Elizabeth A., and Jonas L., Rice, Nov.27,1837.

Enock and Lydia Dresser, both of Sturbridge, Aug.18,1793.*

Ephraim Jr., of Sturbridge and Lucy Chamberlain, int.Dec.20,1801.

Evelina and Henry Plimpton, Jan.23,1823.

Fisk, Lt., and Augusta Comings, Dec.23,1827.

Harriet [Hannah.int.] H. and William F. McKinstry of Southbridge, May1,1839.

John and Abigil [Abigigail. int.] Kelly, Dec.14,1786.

John Jr., and Lucretia Laflen, June11,1815.*

Jonas and Elizabeth Witt, July23,1823.

Julia and Daniel Curtis, July28,1816.

Julia A., [Ann. int.] and Royal P. McIntire, May27,1839.

Lerrent and Lucy Elizabeth Bently of Woodstock, CT, int.Feb.20,1814.

Lois and Garson Lamb, Apr.9,1826.

Lorinda [Linda.int.] J., and Thomas N. Muzzy, Feb.3,1813.

Lucy and Moses Blanchard, int.Jan.3,1796.

Marcia [Martia.int.] and Peter Searls, Oct.5,1806.

Molley [Polley.int.] and Barnabas Comins, Sept.3,1797.

Mary and Lyman Morris, Apr.11,1815.

Palaski of Dudley and Betsey Stevens, Jan.31,1830.*

Persiller of Woodstock and Tadeous Walker, int.Feb.10,1792.

Rufus and Elenar Edwards, Apr.17,1782.

Ruth and Oliver Theyor, int.June16,1805

Sally and George Rice, Jan.5,1813.

Sarah of Leicester and Andrew P. Fitts, int.May26,1833.

Sophia [Sophy.int.] and Abner Taber of Dudley, July31,1842.


Amos S., (s.Ebenezer and Tamma, a.23) and Mary W., McIntyre, Apr.12,1849.

Brad F., and Hannah Gore of Dudley, int.Mar.28,1823.

Darius of Dudley and Harriet Blood, Apr.10,1837.

Deborah and Abner Gleson, Oct.27,1791.

Ebenezer and Tammison White, int.Mar.7,1806.

Edwin [Edwin J.. int.] (s.John and Clarissa, a.23) and Dolly Maria Reynolds, Mar.6,1849.

Elisabeth and Moses Rowel of Oxford, int.Feb.28,1778.

Ethelinday C., (d.John and Caressa, a.22) and George W. Wilson of Thompson, CT, Nov.11,1845.

Henry A., of Willimantic, CT, and Mary M. Thurston, int.Apr.14,1844.

Joseph Capen and Susanna Foskett, Dec.15,1774.

Leonard of Dudley and Polly Thompson, Mar.20,1838. In Dudley.

Lillis of Douglas and Ezra Nichols, int.Aug.23,1835.

Lucy and Silvanus White, int.Mar.2,1801.

Lucy Emeline (d.John and Clarissa, a.19) and George Blanchard Carpenter, May13,1847.

Mary and David Goodell, Oct.9,1777.

Polly and William Phillips, Jan.2,1821.

Mehitabel and Eliphelet Rowell, June14,1795.

Presilla [Presila.int.] and Joseph Griggs of Stirbridge, Nov.25,1777.

Samuel and Mrs.Joanna Persons of Ward, int.Mar.11,1781.

Susannah and Moses Stephen, int.Mar.2,1801.

William Harrison (a.27) and Silence Maria Morse, Nov.24,1846.


Anna of Spencer and Samuel Ward, int.Jan.1,1804.

Horace and Lucy Belknap of Milbury, int.Mar.20,1842.

Lorinda of Spencer and Amos Doane, int.Feb.1,1835.

Lucy of Spencer and Phinehas Jones, int.Sept.18,1786.

Nelson of Spencer and Matilda Thompson, int.Mar.6,1842.

Persis and Moses Morey, Aug.25,1774.

Silvanus and Betsy Merrit, int.Aug.30,1805.


Clarissa of Calais, VT, and Alford Wilson, int.Nov.9,1845.


Isaac R., Rev., and Elizabeth Greenough of Amherst, int.Nov.10,1837.

BARDEN (Borden, Burdan, Burden)

Hannah and Nathan Hewitt of Sutton, int.Oct.21,1804.


Luke and Emeline Howe, both of Southbridge, Dec.10,1840.*


Polley and Elias Stowell, both of Worcester, Nov.7,1790.*

BARNES (Barns)

John [Barns.int.] of Dudley and Catherine Stone, Nov.1,1832.


James O., Rev., of Seaconk and Eliza Lathe, May18,1825.

BARNS (Barnes)

Charles and Sally Parker, Sept.13,1821.

Joel [Barnes.int.] and Mary Dugar, May7,1804.

Lydia E. and Prince Knight of New Braintree, Apr.27,1831.


Elizabeth and Phillip Bigelow, Dec.11,1793.


Elisabeth of Sutten and Israel Waters, int.Apr.26,1776.


Lucy, Mrs., and Nehemiah Stone Jr., Jan.15,1783.

Rogers and Rhoda Fitts, int.Mar.4,1799.

Sarah of Sutton and Aaron Hammond, May25,1784.

Tamer of Sutton and Peter Spaulding, int.Apr.6,1794.

William and Hannah Phillips, int.Sept.3,1815.


Abigail and Jonathan Rich, int.Nov.17,1759.

Asa [of North Brookfield.int.] and Lucinda Curtis, Nov.25,1813.

Bathsheba and Samuel Streeter of Stirbridge, July8,1779.

Hannah and Seth Warren, Aug.17,1788.

Harlem and Mercy Morse. Sept.26,1819.

Jacob and Polly Sibley, Mar.6,1814.

Jacob and Sophia Shepherd of Dudley, int.Apr.19,1818.

Jeremiah of Leicester and Susanna Dennis, Oct.14,1783.

John B., of Milbury and Mary A. Gould, May30,1831.

John and Lucy Ann Moon, Sept.27,1837.

Joseph T., [Twiss.int.] and Sabra Edwards, Jan.24,1816.

Lucretia, Mrs., and Caleb Knight, int.Apr.15,1832.

Mary and Abraham Pratt of Oxford, int.Dec.6,1760.

Polly and Daniel Bachelor, Nov.17,1805.

Mary E. [Mary J.E.. int.] (d.Jacob) and Jonathan B. Wetherill of Ware, June3,1846.

Olive and Ephraim Segars, Aug.31,1788.

Rachel and Comins Litchfield, Mar.31,1830.

Roxana L. of Leicester and Charles King, int.Oct.17,1813.

Sabra, Mrs., and Amasa Woodard, Apr.14,1838.

Sibbley and Rachel Needham, int.Dec.31,1784.

Sibley and Lucretia Twiss, June30,1788.

Stephen Jr., Capt. and Betsey Rich, Nov.24,1833.

Timothy and Amma Allin of Dudley, int.Jan.3,1767.

William and Sally Tucker, int.Aug.13,1809.

William Luis [Lewis.int.] of Worcester and Louisa Weld, May31,1826.

William T., and Mary A. Stone, Nov.14,1836.


Mary of Ashford, CT, and Ebenezer McIntier, int.June11,1809.

BATCHELLER (Bacheldor, Bachelor)

Huldah and Luther Fisher, int.May4,1793.


Elijah Jr., and Martha Hubbard of Brimfield, int.Dec.31,1796.


Clarissa Jane and Daniel Bullard of Sturbridge, Mar.5,1844.

Keziah and John McKinstry of Sturbridge, int.July3,1808.

Patty of Grafton and Simeon Putnam, int.Nov.3,1793.

Pebea and Lawrence McComb, int.Nov.6,1796.

Susan [Batcellor. int.], and David Brownell, Nov.26,1813.


Angelina of Grafton and Luther P. Martin, int.Aug.31,1834.

Mehetibele and John George, int.Oct.9,1796.

Oren and Lois McKinstry, int.Nov.12,1800.

Orson and Augusta Thomson, Apr.27,1825.


Sally and Josiah Aldridge, Oct.21,1804.


Jason and Marcy Piper of Concord, int.June10,1781.


Mary S., and Elijah Hammond, Dec.21,1836.

Waity and Moses D. Williams, int.Jan.19,1834.


Lois and Elijah Abbott of Brimfield, June13,1819.

Lucy of Milbury and Horace Baldwin, int.Mar.20,1842.

Stephen of Ward, and Lous Chase, int.Jan.30,1796.

Stephen Jr., and Sylvania Hall of Sturbridge, int.Sept.1,1817.


Mary Lucy and John Tower, Apr.14,1844.

BEMIS (Beemiss, Bemiss)

Daniel and Charlotte Wheelock, Nov.3,1811.

Edmond of Spencer and Elizabeth Smith, int.Aug.8,1761.

John and Patience Slayton of Brookfield, int.June23,1775.

Jonas 2d and Caroline Farnum, Apr.26,1843.*

Reuben of Spencer and Abigail Smith, int.Mar.8,1776.

Samuel F., and Emeline Ainsworth, both of Brookfield, July24,1842.*

Sarah of Spencer and Jesse Smith, int.Dec.10,1779.

Susanna and Asa Prat of Oxford, int.Aug.19,1769.

BEMISS (Beemiss, Bemis)

Abigail and Luther Stone of Oxford, int.Apr.22,1800.


Betsy and Eli Curtiss, int.Sept.6,1802.

Samuel [Samuel E.. int.] and Angelia Gunn, Oct.10,1841.


Samuel and Cynthia Lumbard of Ludlow, int.Feb.14,1818.


David Jr., of Sturbridge and Susannah Hewitt, int.Aug.18,1844.


Lucy Elizabeth of Woodstock, CT, and Lerrent Bacon, int.Feb.20,1814.


Lucy of Dudley and James Town, int.July2,1778.

BIGALOW (Bigelow, Bigulow)

Lucy and William Stevens, int.July21,1827.

BIGELOW (Bigalow, Bigulow)

Enoch and Bette Clemons, Aug.28,1770.

Hannah and Samuel Lamb, May29,1817.

Hiram and Betsey Brown, int.Sept.29,1824.

John and Polly Jones, Nov.15,1806.

Joshua and Susanna Child, Dec.22,1791.

Phillip and Elizabeth Barrett, Dec.11,1793.

Philip and Mrs.Lucy Flint, Jan.11,1836.

Zeruah and Solomon Robinson of Webster, Oct.30,1834.

BIGULOW (Bigelow, Bugalow)

Mary, Mrs., [Bigelow.int.] and Capt. Peter Slater of Worcester, June12,1820.


Lucretia and Moses Blanchard, Dec.末,1819.

Polly of Northborough and Jacob Coburn, int, July25,1794.

Samuel and Nabby Adams, May27,1817.

William and Lucretia Parker, Apr.10,1799.


John of Granby and Abigail Curtis, Jan.28,1779.


David and Laura Foster, Apr.9,1811.

Jess and Mary Dodge, int.Aug.20,1837.

BLACKMAR (Blackmer)

Charles and Wid.Eleanor Gould, Nov.8,1837. In Dudley.

Cindarilla B., and William S. Taft, int.Apr.2,1836.

Polly and Hosea Conant, Apr.18,1839.

Nathan and Wid.Rachel N. Litchfield, Nov.21,1835.

Theophelus Jr., and Ruthy Ann Marble, int.Apr.23,1815.

Watey and Joseph H. Putnam, July22,1821.

BLACKMER (Blackmar)

David of Western and Waite Chase, int.Dec.27,1807.


Benjamin and Jemima Adams of Brookfield, int.Oct.23,1790.

Catherine and David Adams, Jan.末,1819.

Charles and Altheda Willard, Jan.24,1808.

Elisabeth and Abner Wheelock, Mar.26,1780.

Elizabeth and Daniel L. Gibbs, int, Mar.12,1826.

Esther and Amos Meritt, Sept.16,1784.

Hannah and Parker Hooker 2d of Sturbridge, Sept.10,1795.

Harrison R., of Jacksonville FL, and Ruth M. Wheelock, Aug.25,1834.

James Jr., and Betsey How of Spencer, Sept.24,1795.

Josiah and Elisabeth Hobs, Apr.7,1763.

Josiah and Mary Lamb, Jan.26,1774.

Lewis B., and Erecta Wheelock, Nov.24,1835.

Mary Ann and Lansford Wood of Worcester, int.Oct.7,1832.

Moses and Lucy Bacon, int.Jan.3,1796.

Moses and Lucretia Billings, Dec.末,1819.

Peter and Betsy Rider, int.Oct.18,1805.

Phebe and Charles Morey, int.Jan.10,1778.

Sally and Comins Litchfield, June29,1800.

Sophona and Arad Sly, Nov.7,1826.

Susan E. (d.William and Susan, a.19) and Jerome Marble, Mar.21,1849.

William, Ens.and Susan Boomer, May22,1828.


Eunice and William Robinson, Oct.13,1811.


Jonathan and Submitt Cook, Feb.6,1783.*


Abigail and Moses Dresser of Chesterfield, int.Nov.23,1776.

Asenath and Charles Fitts, Nov.末,1812.

Caleb and Sarah Hill of Spencer, Sept.2,1777.

Charlotte and Joel Adams of Mendon, Aug.29,1833.

Daniel and Polly Eddy, Aug.25,1816.

Dexter and Ann G. Denna, Mar.13,1828.

Elenor and Timothy Chase, May8,1817.*

Eli and Patty Merritt, Dec.18,1800.

Elijah and Annis Ward, Oct.29,1772.

Elijah and Eunice Sleeman, int.Jan.5,1777.

Esther and Joseph Pratt 3d of Oxford, int.Mar.24,1771.

Harriet and Darius Baker of Dudley, Apr.10,1837.

Henry and Lois Ward, June15,1824.

Isaiah and Tamisin Hudson of Oxford, int.Aug.24,1768.

Isaiah Jr., and Martha Upham, June27,1776.

Jacob and Phebe Eddy, May30,1804.

Jared and Esther Upham of Sturbridge, int.Apr.13,1785.

Joannah and Joseph Edwards of Oxford, int.Apr.15,1761.

John and Mary Chamberlain of Dudley, int.Apr.2,1773.

John and Lavina Stone, June19,1828.

Joseph and Mary Johnson, May27,1780.

Joseph [Joseph F.. int.] of Canton NY, and Charlotte Goodale, Jan.24,1833.

Joseph R., of Canton NY, and Lefe Goodell, int.Jan.26,1845.

Julia and Horace M. Dresser of Webster, Nov.25,1839.

Lawson of Oxford and Sally E. Town, Apr.16,1832.

Lewis and Louisa Rich, Jan.4,1843.

Martha and Simon Ward, Mar.31,1814.

Patty and Nathan Harrise of Uxbridge, Dec.9,1828.

Mary [Mercy.int.] and Obed Warren of Dudley.Sept.20,1780.

Polly and Edward Richmond of Sturbridge, Jan.2,1800.

Polly and Elihu L. Upham of Dudley, int.June1,1843.

Moses and Dolly Winslow, Jan.20,1811.

Nathaniel and Bathsheba Upham, May4,1775.*

Nathaniel Jr., and Polly Allen of Dudley, int.Oct.20,1791.

Phebe and Ebenezer Dagget, Apr.6,1794.

Phebe and Harvey Cortis of Thomson, CT, Mar.26,1834.

Rachel and Elijah Leavens, June16,1774.

Reuben and Betsey Mayo, Oct.5,1814.

Richard Jr., and Mary Thomson, Nov.26,1767.

Richard Jr., and Sally Richardson, Nov.20,1808.

Ruth and Joseph Freeman, int.Oct.28,1798.

Silas and Polly Edwards, Jan.13,1801.

Simeon and Hannah Upham, Mar.1,1792.

Susannah and Benjamin Allton, June6,1765.

William and Molley Polley, Mar.2,1795.

William and Polly Ward, Apr.26,1813.


Austin F. [Flint.int.] and Betsy S.M. Hill, Dec.13,1804.

Lyman and Judith Parker, Jan.15,1811.

Sally of Sturbridge and John Gore, int.Oct.13,1833.

Sirene of Holland and Willard Gould, int.Sept.28,1805.


James Jr., and Lucy McLallen of Sutton, int.Mar.17,1822.

Martin and Lydia Borden, May10,1826.

Ruhamah and Ebenezer Hammond, May8,1823.

Susan and Ensign William Blanchard, May22,1828.

William B., and Sarah Marble, Nov.26,1823.

BORDEN (Barden, Burdan, Burden)

Alice and Stephen Fay [of Casinova, NY.], Jan.25,1807.

Benjamin, Dr., and Mary Fay, June19,1808.

Deborah and Chester Comings, Dec.10,1827.

Ebenezer, Dr., and Betsey Davis, Nov.6,1803.

Betsey and Alfred Mower, int.Nov.30,1828.

Hannah and Abijah Lamb, Dec.31,1809.

John and Sophia Austin [of Scituate, RI.], May3,1804.

Leonard and Lydia Saunders, Sept.10,1809.

Lydia and Martin Boomer, May10,1826.

Ruth and Charles Stowell of Hardwick, int.Oct.11,1829.

Sarah of Stafford and Elbridge McIntire, int.Nov.3,1839.


Stephen [Burroughs.int.] and Sarah Davis, Sept.6,1789.


Lucretia of Sturbridge and James Wolcott Jr., int.Apr.19,1812.


Samuel of Leicester and Abigail Willis, Aug.8,1838.


Aaron and Mary How of Brookfield, int.Jan.24,1770 [1771?].

John B., of East Brookfield and Elvira H. Ryan, Nov.8,1843.

Mary Nichols and Samuel Lamb, Jan.20,1820.

Samuel Saunders of Ashford, CT, and Sarah Bowen, Oct.14,1790.

Sarah and Samuel Saunders Bowen of Ashford, CT, Oct.14,1790.


Abigail of Sturbridge and Maj. Ephraim Morey, int.Nov.26,1796.

Adams and Mary Ann Eddy of Oxford, int.Dec.23,1838.

Caroline of Sturbridge and Samuel Stetson, int.Oct.5,1818.

Charlotte R., of Sturbridge and Calvin Hobs, int.Sept.26,1841.

Mary and Samuel Rich, Jan.22,1845.


Charles D., of Paxton and Mary A. Towne, Dec.22,1841.


Reuben S., of Southbridge and Eunice F. Smith, int.Sept.18,1847.

Roxillana of Webster and George N. Thompson, int.Mar.17,1844.


Sally of Dudley and Ezra Harwood, int.Sept.30,1810.


Martha of Dudley and Sanford Gorton, int.Aug.23,1829.


Jesse W., of Boston and Susannah Craig, int.Aug.4,1822.


Archabald of Southbridge and Marier Reynolds, Aug.28,1825.

Elisha and Sally Brown, Nov.14,1802.

William of Southbridge and Caroline Comings, Nov.25,1839. In Dudley.


Samuel of Hopkinton and Nancy M. Groose, June1,1843.


David of Sturbridge and Pamela Meritt, int.Sept.20,1807.


Mary B., and Jesse S. Warren, May22,1817.


Abijah and Phebe Albe, Oct.15,1804.

Abijah of Hawkinsville, GA, and Sally S. Towne, June30,1834.

Alexander of Southbridge and Maranda E. Hill, int.Nov.30,1845.

Alice and Parley Flecher, int.Mar.7,1806.

Almira and Henry Whiting, June29,1828.

Alpheus and Phebe Winslow, Jan.20,1819.

Ama, Mrs.and Elijah Houghton of Dudley, Dec.13,1812.

Amos of Spencer and Mary W. Rider, July16,1829.

Augusta and David Green, Aug.21,1823.

Celestina (d.late Samuel) and Cyrus Lamb, Jan.23,1845.

Charles Jr., and Hannah Clemons, Oct.22,1812.

Cloe and Amos Eddy, int.Apr.11,1813.

Chloe and Daniel Green, int.June3,1843.

Clarissa of Groton CT, and John Brown, int.Nov.19,1815.

David and Sarah Dugen, May20,1779.

David Jr., and Olive Lamb, Feb.10,1791.

David and Prudence Thompson, int.July1,1797.

Ebenezer and Bathshebe Conant, int.June10,1781.

Elijah and Margrett Weld, Feb.23,1786.

Eliza H., of Brimfield and Rev. Gilman Noyes, int.Nov.3,1833.

Betsey and Hiram Bigelow, int.Sept.29,1824.

Emeline and Chester Ainsworth of Brookfield, Jan.7,1838.

Ezekiel and Hannah [Prentiss ?], Nov.17,1803.*

Hannah and Willard Albee, Apr.30,1821.

Hannah and Ebenezer White, Dec.3,1825.

Hannah and Joseph C. Allen of Sturbridge, June29,1828.

Huldah and Bennona Morey, Jan.25,1781.

Jacob and Mary Weld, Oct.14,1784.

James and Olive Goolde of Sturbridge, int.Dec.11,1784.

Jasper of Oxford and Lucina Morse, int.Feb.4,1827.

Jeremiah and Clarissa Mixer, Apr.14,1817.

Jesse L. [Brownell. int.] and Melinda McIntier, Aug.15,1816.

John and Lucy Corbin of Dudley, int.Aug.14,1808.

John and Clarissa Brown of Groton, CT, int.Nov.19,1815.

John of Oxford and Mary Taft, int.Oct.21,1838.

Joseph W., and Julia Clemans, Feb.14,1822.

Joshua Morse and Fanny Frink of Stonington, CT, int.Oct.22,1815.

Joshua J., and Mahitable Clemans of Southbridge, int.Apr.9,1828.

Judith C., and Lorin Wetherel, June19,1836.

Louesa M. (d.Rufus and Eunice, a.25) and Albert C. Green, July24,1849.

Lucy, Mrs.and Joseph Pratt Jr., Nov.20,1814.

Lucy and Col. Alvin Lamb of Spencer, Nov.15,1821.

Lydia and Samuel Joslin Jr., int.Aug.18,1827.

Mary and Harvey Fletcher, int.Mar.4,1831.

Nathaniel and Ruth Needham, Dec.13,1812.

Olive and William Macomber of Woodstock, CT, int.Dec.3,1815.

Prudence and Gilbert Lindly, Feb.8,1803.

Rachel and Daniel McKinstry, int.Mar.27,1814.

Rachel of Dudley and Asa Albee, int.Jan.16,1829.

Rhoda and Amasa Woodard, July28,1812 1811.

Rufus and Eunice Clemons, Nov.14,1819.

Samuel and Kiziah Oaks, Nov.28, [int.Nov.5,1815].

Samuel and Ruth Twiss, Feb.9,1826.

Sally and Elisha Bradford, Nov.14,1802.

Sally and Aaron Ward,末蔓末, [int.June30,1816].

Susan and Albert Knights, int.Mar.6,1836.

Zepheniah of Dudley and Hannah Ammidown, int.Mar.4,1799.


David [of Sturbridge. int.] and Susan Batchelor, Nov.26,1813.

Jesse Lee of Brimfield and Malinda McIntier, int.June23,1816. [see Jesse L. Brown]

Phila of Brimfield and Darling McIntier, int.Nov.29,1812.


Sophia and George A. Hunt of Guilford, VT, June末,1840.

BULEN (Bullen)

Betsey and Elias Aldrich of Millbury, Mar.4,1829.


Daniel of Sturbridge and Clarissa Jane Batchelor, Mar.5,1844.

Betsey and Nathaniel Upham, both of Sturbridge, Sept.15,1840.*

BULLEN (Bulen)

Reuben and Tamy [Tamison. int.] Levins, Apr.25,1805.

Ruth and Willard Steevens, July5,1818.

Samuel and Rachel Gleason, Oct.20,1796.


Esther and Nathaniel Green, Nov.13,1778.

Samuel and Mary Green, int.Oct.30,1784.

BURDAN (Barden, Borden, Burden)

Jesse [Burdon. int.] and Mehetebell McIntier, Dec.5,1787.

Nathaniell of Sutton and Susanna Sanders, Mar.4,1779.*

BURDEN (Barden, Borden, Burdan)

Cynthia [Burdon. int.] and Isaiah Fuller of Sutton, Mar.22,1812.

Cyrus and Sally Sanger of Woodstock, int.Dec.12,1813.

Betsey [Burdon. int.] and Moses Aldridge, Apr.28,1816.

Lyman [Burdon. int.] and Sukey Stone, Aug.10,1815.

Martha [Burdon. int.] and Elias McIntier, Sept.17,1789.

Susanna and Samuel Coleman of West Springfield, int.July10,1800.


Richard and Charlotte Farnum, Dec.4,1842.


Ebenezer of Oxford and Ruth Tucker, int.Aug.6,1809.

Lewis of Sutton and Matilda Conant, July末,1840.


Charlotte and Benjamin Moon, int.Nov.9,1834.


Catherine E. (d.Bersalda and Carherine, a.21) and Ralph P. Griswould of Milbury, May13,1845.

Harriet A., and William M.T. Spurr, int.Nov.7,1847.


Charles G., of Tunbridge, VT, and Barbara Stevens, Jan.19,1837.


Deborah of Welster and Salem McIntyre, Feb.16,1843.

Emeline O., and Joseph Buxton, Nov.18,1844.

George H. (s.Rufus and Sally, a.21) and Harriet L. Buxton, May30,1848.

Harriet L. (d.James and Julia, a.16) and George H. Buxton, May30,1848.

Joseph and Emeline O. Buxton, Nov.18,1844.

Warren of Southbridge (s.Rufus and Sally, a.23) and Lucy M. Rich, Dec.29,1847.


Hannah [Bryant?] and Joseph Jennison 2d, both of Ward, Feb.1,1808.*

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