David, Aug.22,1832, a.52.




Brightman, Aug.12,1834, a.50.


Comfort, June7,1827, in his 85th year.


Lyman (married), Sept.30,1846, a.70. Fever. Born in Sutton.

Hiram, s.Hiram and Clarissa, Aug.13,1849, a.10m.Dysentery.


Jesse, Aug.24,1757.

Nathaniel, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Nov.8,1760.

Mary, July末,1794.CR

Meriam, w.Dana, Oct.28,1816.

Eunice, w.Dana, June11,1820.

末末, and Susannah, July17,1822.

Jesse, Capt., June22,1826.

Frederick, s.Dana, Dec.29,1833, a.19.

William (married), June2,1846, a.70. Consumption. Born in Dudley.

Salley, wid., Mar.26,1848, a.85. Old age. Born in Spencer.


Charles Duty, s.Duty and Sally, July1,1846, a.11m.22d.Canker rash.


Hannah, w.Asa, Aug.5,1823.


John, Mar.2, or 3,1816.

Elijah, s.Elijah D., and Fanny, Nov.5,1824.

Sally, w.John, Sept.6,1831, a.40.

Andrew Jackson, Sept.15,1837. At sea.

Samuel Danforth, Col., s.John and Sally, Nov.4,1842, a, 43. At Worcester.

Susannah L., d.John and Sarah, Feb.19,1846, a.14d.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Ann Eliza, d.Harvey and Rebecca, Nov.25,1830.

Betsey, d.Willard and Ruth, Oct.1,1843, a.17.

Olive, wid.Peter (d.Thomas and Rachel Stephens), Aug.9,1845, age 74. Consumption.

Susannah, w.Moses, May3,1848, a.72y.10m.Palsy.

Moses (widr.), May29,1849, a.76. Fit of Palsy.


Jane Lamb, d.Harvey and Augusta, Nov.3,1845, a.18. Typhus fever.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Pearly, Mr., Mar.20,18末.

Persia [Charlotte?], w.Perly, Oct.15,1825, a.26. [Perwsia, w.Pearly in dup.]

John, Mr., Mar.4,1826.

Sharlot, d.Perly and Sharlot, July29,1826.

William Jerome, w.William and Mary, Apr.24,1833.

Willard, s.Willard, Mar.2,1838, a.19.

George, s.Willard and Ruth, Mar.8,1838.

Moses Jr., Oct.22,1838, a.35.

Jonathan, h.Elizabeth, Nov.3,1838.

Susannah, Feb.1,1839.


Abigail, June27,180.CR


Henry, Mr., Dec.末, 末末.

Sarah, d.Nehemiah and Hannah, Aug.27,1759.

Samuel, s.Nehemiah and Hannah, Aug.28,1759.

Hannah, w.Nehemiah, June21,1769. a.42y.6m.

Hannah, d.Nehemiah and Hannah, June23,1771, a.16y.1m.2d.

Bearsheba [Bathsheba Lamb.CR], w.Samson, Jan.9,1791.

Nehemiah, Dea., June27,1795.

Lucy, w.Nehemiah, Jan.10,1826.

Esther, w.Amasa, July23,1833, a.53.

Ebenezer, Col., h.Esther, Oct.末,1833, a.72.

Esther, wid., May12,1847, a.83. Lung fever.

STOW (Stowe)

Meriam, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.15,1768, a.3y.9d.

Charlotte, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.24,1768, a.1y.1m.24d.

Nathaniel, Mar.24,1774.

Susannah, w.Benjamin, Dec.19,1801.

Benjamin Jones, Sept.27,1809.

STOWE (Stow)

Dolley, w.Benjamin, Oct.7,1847, a.63. Dropsy.


Samuel, June7,1763.

Daniel, Dea., Mar.28,1814, a.75.CR

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