Alonzo, s.Isaac and Persis, Mar.24,1809.


Frances Cornilea, d.John and Mary, Mar.25,1845. [1846. dup.]


Darius, son Moses Jr. and Beulah, bp. Dec.29,1771.CR


George A., s.George and Lydia, July末,1846.

Lydia, w.George, Oct.9,1807.GR4

Reuben, s.Moses and Bulah, Dec.28,1771.


Josephine, d.Joel and Mariah, Aug.22,1848.

GOODALE (Goodell)

Lucy M., d.James, Mar.3,1844.

GOODELL (Goodale)

末末, s.James H. and Eliza, Dec.28,1847.



Thomas, Capt.,末蔓末,1794.GR3

Thomas P.,末蔓末,1819.GR3

William, s.Thos.P. and Susannah, bp. June1,1817.CR


Abigail, d.Eliezer Jr. and Sarah, May10,1771.

Abram Kendall, s.Sylvester and Julia Ann, Apr.1,1843.

Aholiab [Aholabah.dup.], s.John and Jane, Oct.10,1777.

Alice, d.Amos and Desire, Nov.30,1754.

Amos Foster, s.John and Jane, May15,1792.

Amos Cook, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Sept.17,1804.

Amos Aldrich, s.Sylvester and Julia Ann, Aug.28,1841.

Bathsheba, d.Bezaleel and Bathsheba, Jan.17,1789.

Bersheba, d.Ebenezer and Anna, July3,1796.

Benjamin, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Aug.11,1787.

Bethiah, d.Elezer and Sarah, Aug.6,1763.

Clarrisy, d.Bezaleel and Bashaba, Oct.31,1783.

Comfort, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Aug.23,1798.

Daniel E., s.Otis and Nancy, May27,1846.

David, s.Amos and Desier, Aug.27,1764.

David, s.Ebenezer and Anna, June5,1789.


Ebenezer Jr., s.Ebenezer and Anna, Sept.27,1807.

Eliezer, s.Eliezer and Sarah, Mar.30,1779.

Betey, d.Elezer and Sarah, June25,1761.

Enos, s.John and Jane, Sept.5,1773.

Eugene E., s.Aaron and Adaline M., May17,1848.

Ezra, s.Eliezer and Sarah, Aug.17,1769.

Ezra, s.Eleazer Jr. and Eunice, Sept.11,1800.

Hannah, d.Eliezer Jr. and Sarah, June4,1767.

Huldah, d.John and Jane, Apr.2,1782.

Huldah, w.Jason,末蔓末,1785.GR3

Jason, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Nov.13,1782.

Jedidiah, s.Elezer and [Sarah.CR], May19,1765.

John, s.John and Jane, July29,1775.

John, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Nov.29,1800.

Jonathan, s.Amos and Desire, Feb.1,1769.

Lois, d.John and Jane, Jan.31,1789.

Lydia, d.Amos and Desire, June11,1760.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Dec.18,1785.

Polly, d.Jedediah and Hannah, Nov.20,1795.

Nancy, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Apr.3,1794.

Opher, s.Bezaleel and Bashaba, Mar.27,1781.

Otis, s.Bezaleel and Bashaba, Aug.16,1782.

Pearly, s.Jason and Huldy, Sept.27,1807.

Phebe, d.Bazealeal and Bathsheba, July13,1787.

Rebekah, d.Amos and Desire, July14,1758.

Reuben, s.Bezaleel and Bashaba, Aug.13,1779.

Rufus, s.Jedidiah and Hannah, Nov.20,1795.

Sarah, d.Eliezer and Sarah, Apr.19,1776.

Sally, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Nov.22,1792.

Silas, s.John and Jane, June8,1780.

Susannah, d.Amos and Desire, May14,1756.

Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Feb.16,1803.

Silvester, s.Jason and Huldy, Sept.22,1810.

Tamarson, d.Eliezer Jr. and Sarah, Feb.17,1774.

Timothy, s.John and Jane, Feb.4,1787.

William, s.Bazaleel and Bashaba, Nov.22,1785.

William, s.Ebenezer and Anna, Aug.17,1809.


末末, s.Preserved and Mary, Mar.23,1845.


Charity, d.David and Mary, Aug.23,1756.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.7,1752.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Mary, Oct.30,1750.

John, s.Daniel and Mary, July27,1761.

Rebekah, d.Daniel and mary, June6,1758.

Samuel, s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.21,1766.

Stephen, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.9,1754.


Albert Henry, s.Elias and Ama, Feb.2,1814.

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