Alpheus, s.Elisha and Mary,末蔓末,1774.GR2


Elisha, July11,1780.GR3

Henretta, w.Elisha, Apr.3,1783.GR3

Mary, w.Elisha,末蔓末,1743.GR3

Mason, s.Elisha and Mary,末蔓末,1769.GR3

Philander, s.Robert and Mercy, Nov.30,1804.


HALL (Halle)

Nathan, s.Samuel and Bethiaah, July21,1739.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Orpar, bp. May3,1761.CR

HALLE (Hall)

Sarah, d.Elisha and Mary, June6,1771.


Enoch, Jan.26,1830 [?].GR1

John C., b. Lucy J.T., Apr.23,1825.GR1

John Alphonsa, s.Enoch and Phebe J., May28,1849. At Thompson, CT.

Lucy Jane Thayer, w.John C., Oct.8,1824.GR1

Lucy, d.John and Nancy, Jan.末,1830.GR1

Moses M.L., s.John and Nancy, Jan.20,1839 [?].GR1

Nancy E., Mar.15,1832.GR1

Samuel, s.John and Nancy, Aug.4 [?], 1820.GR1

Walter, s.Parley and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1844.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)


Rebeckah, w.Shadrach, d.Thomas Axtell and mother of Chloe Dudley, Mar.末,1778 [?].GR3


Meribah, d.Mary, May2,1773.

HAYWARD (Heyward)

Amaziah, s.James and Loes, Oct.24,1767.

Antipas, s.David and Abigail, Feb.20,1773.

Elias, s.David and Abigail, Sept.7,1779.

Priscilla, d.David and Abigail, Nov.27,1774.

Priscilla, d.David and Abigail, Oct.12,1778.

Rachal, d.James and Jois, Sept.3,1769.


Willard W., s.Peter and Huldah, Apr.末,1822.GR1


Sarah K., d.Samuel W. and Betsey, July13,1847.


Philena, d.William and Mary, Mar.19,1810.

Sarah, d.William and Mary, Feb.22,1813.


Azubah, d.David and Anna, Jan.8,1806.

Joseph, s.David and Anna, Aug.19,1808.

Lydia, d.David and Anna, Oct.1,1815.

Mary, d.David and Anna, Aug.25,1820.

Roxana Atilda, d.Joseph and Sally, Aug.6,1815.

Sally, d.Joseph and Sally, May23,1805.

Simon, s.David and Anna, Feb.14,1818.

Wilbur, s.Laban and Mary, Sept.10,1795.


David, s.Simeon and Ruth, Oct.28,1781.

Joseph, s.Simeon and Ruth, Mar.7,1782.

Martha, d.Simeon and Ruth, Jan.26,1779.

Molly, d.Simeon and Ruth, Mar.28,1784.

Simeon, s.Simeon and Ruth, Sept.27,1783.


Mary L., d.Eli and Mary, July21,1846.

HEYWARD (Hayward)

Holland, s.David and Abigail, July13,1785, it being the seventh child and fourth son.


末末, d.Caleb Jr. and Rebecca, Mar.6,1849.

Aaron, s.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.30,1750.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Mary, June8,1786.

Aaron Marsh, s.Micah and Sally, bp. June4,1815.CR

Abigail, d.Caleb and Hannah, Apr.20,1755.

Abegail, d.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.14,1759.

Abenar, s.Daniel Jr. and Mary, Oct.28,1768.

Alden, s.Job Jr. and Abigail, Nov.11,1773.

Amos, s.Caleb and Hannah, Nov.11,1752.

Amos, s.Aaron and Mary, Jan.3,1782.

Anna, d.Job and Eunice, Mar.28,1777.

Arnold, s.Job Jr. and Abigail, Apr.25,1777.

Asa, s.Noah and Esther, Feb.18,1785.

Azubah, d.Moses and Dinah, May20,1781.

Azubah, d.Caleb and Lydia, Apr.13,1807.

Zubah, s.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.29,1861.

Benjamin Craggin, s.Moses and Dinah, Aug.15,1794.

Benjamin, s.Caleb and Lydia, Mar.20,1817.

Bethiah, d.Caleb and Hannah, Mar.31,1742.

Bethiah, d.James and Dorotha, Jan.28,1770.


Caleb, s.Caleb and Hannah, Oct.5,1746.

Caleb, s.Moses and Dinah, Oct.30,1783.

Caleb Jr., s.Caleb and Lydia, Mar.18,1825.

Chauncey Rice, s.Aaron M. and Louisa, Aug.20,1844.

Christiana, d.Aaron M., bp. Sept.1,1839.CR

Clarisa, d.Caleb and Lydia, Oct.6,1809.

Ebenezer, s.Job and Eunice, July12,1771.

Ebenezer, s.James and Deborah, Nov.22,1771.

Elijah, s.Job Jr. and Abigail, Apr.8,1775.

Elisha, twin s.Job and Eunice, Oct.31,1773.

Elizebeth, d.Caleb Jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.15,1779.

Emma Craggin, d.James and Sarah, bp. Nov.9,1817.CR

Eunice, d.Jobe and Unice, Mar.20,1764.

Eunice, d.Job and Eunice, bp. Apr.22,1764.CR

Ezra, s.Caleb Jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.12,1783.

Francelia L., d.Aaron M. and Louisa, Nov.30,1847.

Hannah, w.Col. Caleb,末蔓末,1717.GR3

Hannah, d.Caleb Jr. and Elizebeth, Dec.7,1774.

Harriot, d.James and 末末, bp. June23,1816.CR

Henry A., s.Aaron M., and L.J., Oct.22,1849.

Huldah, d.Job Jr. and Abigail, Mar.2 (Apr.3, dup.), 1770.

Irene, d.Caleb Jr. and Elizebeth, Oct.4,1791.

James, s.Caleb and Hannah, Sept.22,1744.

James, s.Moses and Dinah, Oct.26,1791.

Jerusha, d.James and Deborah, Aug.1,1773.

Jesse, s.Ephraim and Mary, Mar.24,1762 or 63.

Loes, d.Job and Eunice, Feb.14,1766.

Lusinday, d.Moses and Dinah, Oct.2,1785.

Luce, twin d.Job and Eunice, Oct.31,1773.

Luther, s.Job Jr. and Abegail, June19,1768.

Lydia, d.Job and Eunas, Feb.4,1768.

Lydia, d.Aaron and Mary, Apr.18,1784.

Marretta Sophia, d.Aaron M., bp. Sept.12,1841.CR

Mary, d.Aaron and Mary, Mar.5,1778.

Mary, d.Caleb and Lydia, Aug.5,1813.

Micah, s.Moses and Dinah, Sept.27,1787.

Micah Whitney, s.Aaron and Mary, Nov.4,1787.

Micah, s.Moses and Dinah, Sept.27,1790.

Micah Whitney, s.Elizabeth, bp. Aug.14,1796.CR

Mille, d.Noah and Esther, Apr.17,1786.

Moses, s.Caleb and Hannah, Sept.20,1748.

Moses, s.Caleb and Hannay, Aug.18,1757.

Moses, s.Caleb Jr. and Elizabeth, June27,1788.

Moses, s.Asa and Grace, bp. May10,1812.CR

Moses, s.Micah and Sally, bp. June4,1815.CR

Nathaniel, s.Job Jr. and Abegail, Dec.3,1766.

Paris, s.Moses and Dinah, Sept.8,1786.

Paris, s.Micah and Sarah, bp. Aug.9,1818.CR

Rebekah, d.Daniel and Rebekah, Jan.14,1768.

Rhoda, d.Asa and Grace, bp. May8,1814.CR

Sameuel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1753.

Samul, s.Daniel and Rebekah, Apr.18,1771.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Dea.M. and Sarah, bp. Sept.7,1832.CR

Submit, d.Moses and Dinah, Mar.3,1790.

Submit, d.Caleb and Lydia, Mar.28,1821.

Tamar, d.Ephraim and Mary, bp. June4,1766.CR

Warren Baker, adopted s.Asa and Grace, bp. May10,1812.CR

William Robertson, s.Micah and Sally, bp. June4,1815.CR

William Clark, s.Moses and Charlott, May7,1845.


Flora Estelle, d.Thomas and Rashal A., May13,1849.

John, Apr.9,1828.GR3

Mary A., w.John, Mar.29,1831.GR3


末末, d.Luther and Sarah, Oct.27,1845.


Chloe, d.Moses and Anna, bp. May14,1809.CR

Mary, d.Sylvanus and Mary, Oct.16,1784.

Merit [Merrick?], s.Moses and Anna, Mar.22,1803.

Merric, s.Moses and Anna, bp. May14,1809.CR

Samuel, s.Moses and Anna, bp. May14,1809.CR


Joel, s.Joel and Majora, bp. Sept.10,1797.CR

Lydia, d.Joel and Marjora, bp. July30,1797.CR


Clarissa Packard, d.Rev. David and Clarissa, Oct.6,1823.

David Winslow Packard, s.Rev'd David and Clarissa, Apr.18,1813.

Edward Moore, s.Rev. David and Clarissa, May19,1825.

Ellen, d.David and Eliza A., Apr.末,1835.GR3

Florella Mills, d.Rev. David and Clarissa, Feb.18,1817.

Harriet Frances, d.David and Eliza A., Mar.末,1837.GR3

Marianne, d.Rev'd David and Clarissa, Oct.6,1811.

Sarah Emeline, d.David and Eliza A., May末,1840.GR3

Zephaniah Moore, s.Rev. David and Clarissa, Feb.1,1820.


Ebenezer, s.Susannah Harwood, May8,1805.


Harriot Janet, d.Josiah and Susan, bp. Oct.10,1830.CR


Lucy H., d.Joshua and Lucy, Aug.9,1848. At Uxbridge.


Barnabas Freeman, s.Phillip and Susannah, Jan.24,1807.

Elizabeth, d.Phillip and Susannah Clark, Jan.19,1798.

Fanny Mariah, d.Phillip and Susannah Clark, bp. Oct.3,1820.CR

Harriot Sophia, d.Phillip and Susannah, Apr.11,1815.

Henry, s.Phillip and Susanna Clark, Apr.30,1796.

James, s.Phillip and Susannah, Mar.3,1803.

Loren M., s.James, Sept.30,1843.

Lorena Baxter, d.Phillip and Susannah, Sept.5,1810.

Laurena Baxter, d.Phillip and Susannah Clark, bp. Aug.11,1816.CR

Mary, d.Phillip and Susannah, Oct.24,1808.

Parthena, d.Phillip and Susannah, Oct.24,1808.

Rebecca Bastow, d.Phillip and Susannah, May31,1813.

Sally [Sarah.CR], d.Phillip and Susannah Clark, May22,1799.

Susannah Clark, d.Phillip and Susannah, Feb.7,1805.


Aldrich, s.Stephen and Mary, Feb.29,1808.

Christopher, s.Seth and Ophelia R., Apr.8,1835.GR1

Nathan, s.Stephen and Mary, July10,1799.

Olive, d.Joseph and Lucinda, Jan.20,1792.

Ophelia R., w.Seth,末蔓末,1809.GR3

P. William, s.Seth and Ophelia, Oct.末,1838.GR3

Paul, s.Joseph and Lucinda, May1,1795.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Lydia, Dec.3,1804.

Ruth, d.Stephen and Mary, Aug.末,1805.

Sally, d.Stephen and Mary, Aug.22,1801.

Seth, s.Joseph and Lucena, Jan.11,1799.

Stephen, s.Thomas and Mary, June1,1777.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, Apr.30,1803.

HUMES (Hums)

Aaron, s.David and 末末, June16,1810.

Alldis, s.David and Abigail, Mar.17,1802.

Amos, s.Robert and Merian, Apr.20,1775.

Billinda, d.Amos and Priscilla, Mar.20,1801. At Uxbridge.

Chloe, d.Robert and Mirian, bp. Dec.28,1760.CR

Cinda, d.David and Abigail, Nov.16,1796.

Cyntha, d.David and 末末, July23,1815.

David Jr., s.David and 末末, Jan.15,1812.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Martha, Aug.1,1746.

Betsey A., d.David and Betsey, July3,1846.

Francis T., s.Paris, Feb.24,1844.

Hanah, d.Samuel and Martha, Feb.18,1755.

Hariot, Amos and Priscilla, July27,1804.

Jemima, d.Samuel and Martha, July31,1752.

Maria Louisa, d.Warren, Oct.27,1845.

Polly, d.David and Abigail, May15,1798.

Marcy, d.Samuel and Martha, July末,1748.

Moses, s.Robart and Meriam, Feb.26,1765.


Paris, s.David and 末末, Sept.15,1819.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Martha, Mar.20,1750.

Submit, d.Amos and Priscilla, Jan.30,1807.

Warren, s.Amos and Priscilla, July28,1802.

William D., s.Paris and Laura A., June21,1845.

HUMS (Humes)

末末h, d.Richard and Keziah, Sept.13,1758.

末末l, d.Richard and Keziah, June10,1760.

Aaron, s.Robart and Mereum, Sept.23,1762.

David, s.Richard and Kersiah, Feb.24,1763.

David, s.Robart and Meraham, Feb.20,1770.

Lydia, d.Robert and Mirom, Dec.23,1767.

Molle, d.Robart and Meriam, Sept.1,1772.

Robart, sl Robart and Merion, July23,1777.


Anderson, s.Oliver and Phebe, Jan.31,1807.

Anna Francilia, d.Anderson and Nancy C., Nov.11,1845.

Austin, s.Oliver and Phebe, Nov.24,1804.

Charles Canning, s.Robert P., and Sarah, bp. Nov.9,1828.CR

Clark D. [or B.], Apr.17,1784.GR4

Diadema, w.Dea.Oliver,末蔓末,1780.GR3

Diadamea, d.Oliver and Phebe, Aug.19,1802.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Betsey, Dec.23,1804.


George W., s.Anderson and Nancy C., Nov.11,1847.

Harriot, d.Clark and Zilpha, Feb.13,1807.

Hariot Newell, d.Oliver and Phebe, Nov.21,1814.

Hubert E. [Herbert Eugene.CR], s.Leander B. and Lydia, Oct.29,1848.

John Bolkcom, s.Joseph and Betsey, Oct.11,1812.


Joseph, s.Joseph and Betsey, Mar.16,1809.

Leander Batchellor, s.Oliver and Phebe, July15,1812.

Lysander Perry, s.Anderson and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.26,1833.CR

Mary Elizabeth, d.Oliver, bp. July1,1838.CR2

Merric, s.Joseph and Betsey, Feb.23,1800.

Oliver Jr., s.Oliver and Phebe, Nov.28,1809.

Otis Whiting, s.Oliver and Diadema, July19,1802.

Rebecca, w.Meric,末蔓末,1799.GR3

Sabrina C., d.Dea.Merric and Rebecca, Apr.末,1816.GR3

Sally, d.Joseph and Betsey, Feb.15,1802.

Cyrena, w.Clark B., Aug.20,1788.GR4

Warren, s.Oliver and Diadema, Apr.30,1799.

William H., s.Joseph and Sabra, Dec.6,1846.


Louis T., s.William and Abigail, Aug.27,1848.

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