Austin and Mary Ann Darling of Sutton, int.Dec.16,1827.

Clarisa of Sutton and Rev. David Holman, int.June13,1810.

Luisettee and Justin B. Whipple, Apr.26,1827.

Orren [Orrean in int.] and Amanda Whipple, Oct.2,1828.

Stillman and Sally Batcheller, Mar.28,1824.

PAIN (Paine)

David and Abagail Shepard, int.Sept.24,1764.

Dutey [Duty Paine. int.], of Burrilville and Arabell Britt, Apr.25,1816.

Nancy of Gloucester and Amos Yeats, int.Oct.18,1806.

PAINE (Pain)

Prudence of Burrellville, RI and Joseph Logee, int.Aug.31,1826.

Sarah C. and George L. Keith of Sutton, int.June20,1849.

Stephen of Uxbridge and Tirzah Aldrich, Sept.9,1801.


Eliza P. of Belfast, ME. and Edwin Moore, int.Sept.11,1841.

Hannah of Boxford and Moses Whitney, int.末蔓末, [1780 ?].

PARCE (Parse, Pierce)

Margret and Wm.Parker, Oct.13,1772.


Abel and Sally Darling, int.Sept.10,1826.

Archalos and Bette Richardson of Attleborough, int.Feb.8,1773.

David and Susanna Aldeson of Sutton, Sept.14,1775.

Elizabeth of Preetown? and William Jeparson Jr., int.Sept.13,1762.

Betsey Maria and Jason Young, both of Mendon, Feb.10,1836.*

Ephraim and Thankfull Biglow, int.末蔓末, [1759 or 1760].

Hannah and Jacob Kingsbery of Oxford, int.Feb.24,1766.

Horace of Woodstock, CT. and Prudence Darling, int.June2,1811.

Joseph Jr. and Eunice Emerson, int.Jan.1,1770.

Joseph and Susan Britt, June27,1816.

Lovel and Philinda Young, Apr.16,1835.

Lucy and Benjamin Edwards, int.May11,1816.

Lydia and Nathan Spooner, int.Feb.26,1772.

Lydia and John Simpson of Sutton, Dec.9,1798.

Mary and Eddy Howland of Gloucester, Sept.15,1791.

Polley and Simeon Darling, Mar.2,1823.

Aurena of Burrillvill, RI and Stephen Logee, Apr.16,1840.

Peletiah and Lucina Daniels of Grafton, int.Sept.10,1808.

Pelatiah and Henreetta Joslin, Oct.29,1826.

Perlina and Peter Balcom, Apr.11,1819.

Philo (s.David and Hannah, a.25, mechanic) and Lovisa H. Thayer, Oct.5,1847.

Prince and Olive Aldrich of Uxbridge, int.Feb.23,1795.

Prince and Eliza Whitcom, Mar.10,1834.

Prudence and David Peters, int.Feb.28,1824.

Samuel and Abigail Biglow, int.Mar.29,1762.

Samuel and Bethiah Crown shield of Sutton, int.Oct.2,1773.

Samuel of Sutton and Mary Stockwill, Nov.10,1785.

Thankfull and Jonas Titus, int.Sept.9,1765.

William and Margret Parce, Oct.13,1772.

Zara and Martha Hunt of Sutton, Mar.23,1843.

PARSE (Parce, Pierce)

Dorcas of Sutton and David Robenson, int.Apr.18,1763.


Lyman and Olive Taft, Aug.29,1832.

Rachal and Marven Sweet, July3,1832.


John, Dr., and Cynthia Covil, int.Dec.29,1805.

Silas, Dr., and Lydia Kieth of Thompson, CT, int.Jan.27,1805.


Rebekah and Peter Robinson, int.May18,1752.


Ann B. of Sutton and John B. Hunt, int.June2,1833.


Eunice and Elias Matteson, Oct.12,1772.


Lucy G. and Daniel Aldrich, Mar.7,1824.


George W. of Chicago, IL. (s.John and Sarah, a.24, mechanic) and Laura M. Wilson, June6,1849.

PERKINS (Pearkins)

Jacob of Woodstock and Abagail Woodard, Feb.10,1778.


Abner and Mary Hill, int.末蔓末, [1780 ?].

Joanna and Peter Thompson of Glocester, int.Mar.24,1777.

John S. of Millbury and Julia Biglow, Nov.30,1836.

Lucy of Thompson and Milton D. Whipple, int.Dec.15,1821.


David and Jerusha How, int.Feb.13,1820.

David and Prudence Parker, int.Feb.28,1824.

Eleazer and Mary Hill, int.末蔓末, [1780 ?].

Israel and Mary Jepherson, Mar.5,1812.

James and Susanna Combs, int.July26,1784.

Mary and Aaron Jepherson, int.May22,1777. "Cried first and second time and then for Bide by said Jepherson. "

Rachal and Andrew Mann, int.Dec.15,1786.

Ruth and Ebenezer Burt of Thomson, int.July31,1769.


Bezaleel and Margaret Thayer, Oct.14,1809.


Daniel and Mariah Smith, Sept.24,1840.

Lydia and Esek Robbins, int.Oct.18,1824.

Maria (d.Banni and Olive, a.21) and Henry T. Thomas, Aug.12,1845.

Rosina of Smithfield and George Dick [Dirk (?)], int.Oct.14,1836.

Sarah (d.Banni and Olive, a.24) and William M. Bill, July30,1845.

William J. of North Providence, RI and Cyrene Lee, Aug.25,1834.


Smith and Aleace Barrows, int.Nov.28,1807.

PIERCE (Parce)

Candace of Sutton and Jonathan Carpenter, int.Sept.21,1832.

Lydia of Rochester and Oliver Claflin, int.Oct.10,1811.

Silve and Jack Moore, both of Uxbridge, Negroes, Nov.20,1788.*


James and Nancy A. Simson, June4,1837.


Margat of Killingsley and Samuel Upham, int.Aug.4,1771.


Louisa of Northbridge (d.Ebenezer) and Joseph Batcheller, Dec.18,1844.


Hannah of Thompson, CT. and Jonas Collar, int.Mar.31,1803.

Priscella, wid., of Thompson and Richard Howell, int.Sept.2,1815.


Elisabath and John Wallis, Oct.25,1751.


Sally of Thompson and Israel Aldrich Jr., int.Sept.17,1823.


Allen Jr. [Dr. in int.], of Blackstone (s.Allen and Rebecca A., a.21, physician) and Matilda A. Thayer, Nov.6,1845.

Nelson of Smithfield, RI and Hannah Morse, Dec.8,1830.

Nelson and Submit Morse, Sept.10,1834.


Cynthia of W. Greenwich, RI and Richard Bolster Jr., int.Sept.29,1809.

Cynthia and Richard Bolster Jr., int.Oct.10,1811. Dup.

Frances Maria of Providence, RI and Benjamin Craggin Jr., int.Sept.15,1837.

Silvanus and Sally Rice of Sutton, int.Dec.8,1804.

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

James A. and Mercy Wallis, Apr.3,1833.

Mary D. of Northbridge and Alpheus Rawson of Uxbridge, Apr.3,1821.*

Mellin [Millin. int.] and Julean Elliot, Apr.19,1838.

Mowry and Laura Knap, Jan.25,1844.

PRENTISS (Prentiss)

Marvel and Phebe Wallis of Northbridge, int.Dec.12,1840.


Frances and Oliver Emerson, int.Aug.18,1760.


Otis and Doratha Knap, July23,1797.


Elliot and Harrot McIntire, Nov.26,1840.


Lovil and Lucy Brown of Killingsly, int.May16,1783.

Mary and William Hendrick of Uxbridge, Apr.9,1804.

Sarah and Moses Southwick, int.Dec.8,1804.


Asa Jr. of Sutton and Patty Dudley, int.July15,1818.

Asa of Sutton and Charlotte Taft, int.July13,1833.

Cornelius of Sutton and Abigail Bigelow, Dec.1,1803.

David 3d of Sutton and Polley Titus, int.June11,1828.

Edward of Sutton and Roxana Davis, int.June30,1832.

Levi of Sutton and Hannah Allen, int.Apr.5,1790.

Lucy of Sutton and William Dudly 2d, int.Mar.30,1826.

Polly of Sutton and Benjamin Dudley, int.Jan.2,1808.

Polly of Sutton (wid., d.Amos and Kesiah 末末, a.46) and Willard Fuller, Aug.11,1847.

Parley of Sutton and Julia A. Walker, int.Dec.26,1840.

Phebe of Sutton and Elijah Biglow, int.Jan.19,1810.

Sally of Sutton and Samuel Biglow, int.May10,1806.


Rebecca of Charlton and Joshua Fairbanks Jr., int.Jan.20,1820.

Thankfull of Charlton and Ellis Fairbank, int.Oct.10,1827.

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