Celia Luvan, d.Sylvester and Elizabeth, bp. May2,1830.CR

Mary Elizabeth, d.Sylvester and Elizabeth, bp. May2,1830.CR


Julia, d.John and Julia, Aug.24,1848.


Sarah, d.William and Mary, bp. Dec.6,1761.CR

Daniel, s.William and Mary, bp. Apr.1,1764.CR


Henry ?, Nov.6,1823.GR4



Abigail [w.Nathaniel ?],末蔓末,1768.GR3

Elona, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, May17,1790.

Lucy, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, May17,1792.

Nabby, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, Mar.13,1794.

Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, Apr.22,1796.

Charlottee, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, Dec.7,1798.

Nathaniel Jr., s.Nathaniel and Nabby, July13,1801.

Remember, s.Edmund Jr. and Nancy, Mar.4,1803.

James, s.Edmund Jr. and Nancy, Oct.26,1804.

Sabrina, d.Nathaniel and Nabby, Feb.27,1806.

Pliney, s.Edmund Jr. and Nancy, Mar.12,1806.

Louisa, d.Edmund Jr. and Nancy, Jan.3,1808.

Seba, s.Nathaniel and Nabby, June15,1808.

John, s.Edmond Jr. and Nancy, Mar.15,1810, "at Six of the oclock in the Morning. "

Comfort, s.Nathaniel and Nabby, June24,1810.

Julia Ann, w.Comfort,末蔓末,1813.GR3

George, s.Edmund and Nancey, Jan.7,1815.

Elizabeth Putnam, dl Nathaniel and Nabby, July24,1816.

Merrill, only s.Comfort and Julia Ann, Sept.末,1834.GR3

Morris Lee, s.Seba and Malinda, Mar.末,1837.GR3

Merrill Edwin, s.Comfort and Mary Jane, bp. Jan.5,1843.CR

Orlando F., s.Comfort, Dec.8,1843.

末末, s.Comfort and Mary Jane, Apr.9,1845.

Phebe Jane, d.Edmund and Barbary, Aug.13,1847.


Hannah, w.Nathan,末蔓末,1768.GR2


Nathan Jr.,末蔓末,1794.GR2

Apema, w.Nathan Jr.,末蔓末,1800.GR2


Sarah Ann, d.Nathan Jr. and Apema, Aug.末,1818.GR2

Nathan S.,末蔓末,1826.GR2

Whipple, s.John and Eunice,末蔓末,1827.GR2

David, Apr.末,1829?.GR2

Phebe Jane, w.Nathan S.,末蔓末,1831.GR2

Margaret [w.David ?],末蔓末,1833.GR2

James F., s.John and Eunice, Mar.末,1836.GR2

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Luther, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. July3,1768.CR

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain, Chamberling)

Luther, s.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.21,1767.

Calvin, s.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.5,1770.

Rubin, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.14,1772.

CHAMBERLING (Chamberlin)

Phebe, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.9,1764.


Frederick, s.Frederick and Esther, Mar.28,1847.


Arena E., w.Leonard A., May31,1830.GR3

Leonard, Jan.10,1836.GR3


Elsie, w.William,末蔓末,1754.GR9


Isabel, w.Joseph, June末,1762.GR9

Joseph, Sept.29,1762 ?.GR9

Abraham, s.David and Jemima, Sept.25,1772.

Isaac, s.David and Jemima, Jan.29,1775.

Jacob, s.David and Jemima, Feb.15,1780.

Samuel, s.David and Jemima, Feb.22,1783.

Benjamin, s.David and Jemima, Sept.7,1786.

Joseph Jr.,末蔓末,1790.GR9

Polly, d.Asa and Olive, Jan.22,1790.

William Jr., Apr.5,1790.GR9

Keziah, d.Joseph and Isabel, Feb.末,1792.GR9

Anna, d.Asa and Olive, Apr.2,1792.

David, s.Asa and Olive, Jan.5,1795.

Olive, d.Asa and Olive, Mar.8,1797.

Rufus, s.Samuel and Mabel, Oct.11,1805.

Warren, s.Jacob and Anna, Nov.30,1805.

David, s.Samuel and Mable, Apr.15,1809.

Collins, May18,1818.GR2

Jesse D., June9,1821.GR2

Julia A. Fairbank, w.Jesse, Oct.23,1830.GR2

Charles H., Feb.4,1834.GR2

Rufus L., s.Silas, Mar.23,1844.

Miner, s.Silas and Harriet, Nov.21,1845.

末末, d.Collins and Miranda, Feb.25,1848.

Mary S., d.Sylvester and Lucinda, Dec.5,1848.

末末, d.Collins and Mary, Oct.1,1849.


Robert P., Dr.,末蔓末,1767.GR3

Sarah, w.Dr. Robert P.,末蔓末,1796.GR3

Susan B., Mrs.,末蔓末,1798.GR3

William, Oct.26,1818.GR1



CLAFFLIN (Claflin)

William, s.Allen and Mary, Apr.4,1780.

CLAFLEN (Claflin)

Nathan, s.Allen and Mary, Oct.15,1778.

CLAFLIN (Clafflin, Claflen)

Charlottee, d.Comfort and Prudence, May16,1787.

Lydia, d.Oliver and Rebeckah, June1,1788.

Sylvester, s.Oliver and Rebecca, June8,1791.

Lyman, s.Oliver and Rebecca, Feb.25,1794.

Dexter, s.Oliver and Rebecca, Sept.22,1796.

Sophia, d.Comfort and Prudence, Oct.3,1796.

Phyle, d.Comfort and Prudence, Oct.13,1803.


Fanny, w.Griffin, d.Levi Morse,末蔓末,1806.GR3


Mary C., d.John and Ethalinda, Mar.末,1847.

COMBES (Combs)

Comfort, d.Ruben and Thankfull, Apr.9,1751.

Anteny, s.Ruben and Thankfull, July7,1753.

Borinee [?], s.Ruben and Thankfull, Oct.8,1759.

Caleb, s.Joshua and Elisebeth, Jan.20,1762.

末bin, s.Rubin and Thankfull, May20,1767.

防emore [?], s.Ruben and Thankfull, Oct.28,1769.

COMBS (Combes)

Joshua, s.Ruben and Mary, Feb.15,1742.

Haneah, d.Ruben and Mary, Apr.12,1744.

Mary, d.Ruben and Thankfull, Apr.25,1747.

Joseph, s.Ruben and Thankfull, Sept.16,1749.

Susanah, d.Ruben and Thankfull, Nov.26,1755.

Roziliah, d.Ruben and Thankfull, Apr.8,1757.

Thankfull, d.Ruben and Thankfull, May23,1762.

Peter, s.Ruben and Thankfull, Aug.23,1764.

Stephen, s.Antheny and Lydia, Nov.12,1775.

Pheebe, d.Antheny and Lydia, Apr.23,1777.

COMINGS (Cumings)

Isaac, s.Isaac and Susannah, Feb.28,1749.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Mary, June14,1751.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.7,1753.

Amos, s.Daniel and Mary, Sept.12,1756.

Isaac, s.Daniel and Mary, Nov.22,1758.

COMMINGS (Cumings)

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, Nov.8,1753.

Hannah, twin d.Joseph and Abagiel, Apr.18,1764.

Huldah, twin d.Joseph and Abagial, Apr.18,1764.

Susanah, d.Nathaniel and Molley, at Uxbridge, Jan.5,1768.

Adams, s.Moses and Esther, Oct.4,1770.


John, s.Samuel and Hannah, Dec.10,1760.

Mickel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Dec.2,1762.

Isaral, s.Samuel and Hannah, Sept.4,1764.

Luce, d.Samuel and Hannah, May6,1766.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.2,1768.

Dwinnell, s.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.26,1771.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, June15,1773.

COOK (Cooke)

John, s.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.28,1727.

Andrew, son Thomas and Sarah, Dec.7,1729.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.8,1732.

Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Sarah, June4,1734.

Andrew, s.Thomas and Sarah, July1,1736.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.18,1739.

Jonathan, s.Thomas and Sarah, July28,1741.

Mary, d.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.11,1744.

Bulah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.22,1746.

Desire, d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.26,1750.

Unice, d.Andrew and Ruth, Sept.6,1760.

Joseph, s.John and Anna, Nov.11,1760.

末膨e, d.Andrew and Ruth, Aug.22,1762.

Luther, s.Jonathan and Mary, June16,1764.

Unice, d.Andrew and Ruth, June25,1764.

Eunice, d.Andrew and Ruth, bp. Aug.12,1764.CR

Hette, d.Jonathan and Jerucha, Mar.10,1765.

Ammy [Ami.CR], d.Andrew and Ruth, June21,1766.

Patte, d.末末 and Bulah, Jan.31,1767.

Anne, d.Andrew and Ruth, May20,1769.

Hannah, d.Andrew and Ruth, bp. Jan.28,1776.CR

Webb, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Dec.1,1780.

Ruth, d.John and Rhoda, Mar.7,1789.

Nancy, d.John and Rhoda, Oct.12,1790.

John Cheney, s.John and Rhoda, Nov.21,1793.

Benjamin Whitney, s.Rebecca, May13,1794.

Margaret, d.Ebenezer and Lovineh, Apr.25,1795.

Adin, s.Ebenezer and Levini, Feb.20,1797.

Warren, s.John and Roda, Jan.4,1798.

Ira, s.Ebenezer and Lovini, Mar.12,1799.

Ebenezer Jr., s.Ebenezer and Lovina, Feb.8,1801. [?]

Molly, d.Ebenezer and Levina, Jan.10,1803.

Mary Stafford, w.Ebenezer, Sept.9,1804.GR1

Nabby, d.Ebenezer and Levina, Apr.4,1805.

Rebecca, d.Ebenezer and Levina, July10,1807.

Levina, d.Ebenezer and Levina, Feb.6,1815.

COOKE (Cook)

Sarah, d.Andrew and Sarah, July20,1771.

COPELIN (Copeline)

Doxanna, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Sept.26,1845.

末末, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Oct.4,1846.

COPELINE (Copelin)

末末, d.Ephriam and Hannah, June9,1849.


Daniel, s.末末 and Lydia Sibley, Dec.29,1780.


Eliza A., w.Edwin A.,末蔓末,1830.GR4


Nathaniel, s.Silas and Elizabeth, Nov.29,1801.

Celini, d.Silas and Elizabeth, May24,1803 [?].


Hariot, d.Benjamin and Azubah, Nov.29,1797.

Emma, d.Benjamin and Azubah, May12,1799.

Fanny Adams, d.Benjamin and Azubah, Mar.9,1801.

Azubah, d.Benjamin and Azubah, Jan.28,1804.

Mary Caroline, d.Timothy and Philena, Mar.26,1804.

Philena, d.Timothy and Philena, Apr.1,1806.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Azubah, July11,1806.

Calista, d.Timothy and Philena, July2,1807.

George, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Sept.20,1808.

John, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Apr.7,1811.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Azubah, Sept.5,1813.

Betsey, d.Benjamin and Azubay, Dec.18,1815.

Sally, d.Benjamin and Azubah, June23,1819.


Ithiel Sylvester, s.Edwin and Submit, Mar.6,1842.

Mary Ellen, d.Edwin and Submit, Sept.3,1844.

Henry Leverett, s.Edwin and Submit, June11,1847.

Charles Lewis, s.Edwin and Submit, Oct.7,1849.


Samuel, Oct.26,1790.


Daniel, s.William and Sarah, bp. Sept.11,1796.CR

Samuel, s.William and Sarah, bp. Sept.11,1796.CR

CUMINGS (Comings, Commings, Cummings)

Eunice, w.Samuel,末蔓末,1744.GR3

Lydia, d.Joseph and Martby, Oct.20,1755.

Hulday [Hulday Cummings.dup.], d.Abel and Rachel, Sept.29,1785.

Thiel [Ithiel?], s.Abel and Rachel, July6,1788.

Abigail, d.Jabez and Joanna, Sept.21,1790.

Lucy, d.Amos and Rachel, Dec.25,1790.

Ucal, s.Abel and Rachel, Dec.3,1791.

Betsy, d.Amos and Rachel, Sept.5,1792.

Rhuhama, d.Jabez and Joanna, Nov.1,1792.

Joseph Newell, s.Abel and Rachel, Mar.20,1794.

Zilpha, d.Amos and Rachel, Mar.23,1794.

Lucine, d.Amos and Rachel, Oct.17,1795.

Scheherazade, s.Abel and Rachel, Sept.22,1798.[Daughter, not son]

Bethany, d.Silas and Lucendia, Oct.11,1802.

Submitt, d.Silas and Lucindia, Mar.7,1804.

Royal, s.Abel and Rachel, Jan.17,1806.

CUMMINGS (Cumings)

Elisha, s.Daniel and Mary, June15,1755.

Abel, s.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.1,1762.

Rachel, w.Abel,末蔓末,1766 [?].GR3

Jabez, s.Joseph and Abigail, bp. Apr.7,1766.CR

Amoz, s.Joseph and Abigail, bp. July3,1768.CR

Ruth K., w.Royal,末蔓末,1808.GR3

Sarah E., d.Joseph and Celisina, Apr.末,1833.GR1

Susan A., d.Royal and Ruth K., July末,1833.GR3

Merrill, s.Royal and Ruth K., Apr.末,1836.GR3

Samuel J., s.Royal and Ruth K., July18,1838.

Florence Ellen, d.Caleb, bp. Aug.31,1849.CR


Mary, d.Beriah and Sarah, bp. July8,1750.CR

Bethuel, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, bp. June7,1752.CR

Ebenezer, s.Beriah and Sarah, bp. Feb.4,1753.CR

Elijah, s.Beriah and Sarah, bp. Feb.4,1753.CR

Abia, d.Beriah and Sarah Curtis, bp. July17,1755.CR

David B., s.Briant, Mar.19,1845.

末末, s.Bryant and Patience, Mar.31,1848.


Josephine, d.George, Mar.26,1844.

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