Prudence, d.Susanna Smith, July16,1794.

George H., s.Joseph Eli and Sarah Ann, Oct.11,1844.

Olivina Jenette, d.John and Lucy, Mar.26,1845.

John R., s.John and Lucy, Aug.4,1848.


Mary, d.William and Sarah, May28,1749.

DAVIDSON (Davison)

Mary, d.William and Abagail, Apr.10,1745.

Douglas, s.William and Abagal, Nov.3,1746.

William, s.William and Abigal, Apr.22,1749.

Nathaniel, s.William and Abagail, Dec.16,1750.

Samuel, s.William and Abagal, Sept.7,1753.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, July5,1775.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.30,1777.

Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May23,1778.

William, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, June28,1780.

James, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, May23,1782.

John, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, May23,1782.


Hulda, w.Benjamin,末蔓末,1769.GR3


Persis, w.Russel, Oct.11[?] 1799.GR1

Russel S., h.Persis, Dec.15 [?] 1802.GR1

Barnabas Martin Van Buren, s.Baranbas and Lydia, bp. Oct.18,1835.CR

Amanda, Jan.25,1837.GR1

Oreanna, d.John W. and Abby A., Apr.末,1843.PR

Olive Jane, d.Solomon S. and Julia, Aug. [Sep. dup.] 10,1844.

Alferretta, d.John and Abba, [Alfaretta John W. and Abby A.PR] Jan.17,1847.

Ruth Marion, d.Barnabas and Lydia, May8,1847.

Ellen A., d.Ithel T. and Emely, Nov.14,1848.

末末, d.Solomon S. and Julia, Dec.2,1849.

DAVISON (Davidson)

Abigail, d.Douglas and Abigail, Oct.30,1775.

Daniel, s.Douglas and Abegail, July17,1777.

Lydia, d.Douglas and Abigail, Aug.16,1779.


Mary J., d.Patrick and Mary, Dec.20,1848.


Margaret, d.James and Mary, Mar.25,1845.

John J., s.James and Margaret, Oct.19,1846.


Hannah, w.David,末蔓末,1779.GR3

Asahael Cannon, s.Frost and 末末, bp. Aug.27,1835.CR

Frances Maltby Frost, bp. Aug.27,1835.CR

Olivine Howard, d.Frost, bp. Aug.27,1835.CR


Douglas [Douglassa in.CR], 1st d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.9,1748.

Benjamin, s.William and Ann, June8,1752.

Paul, s.William and Ann, Aug.21,1758.

Lemeual, s.William and Anne, Mar.26,1762.

David, s.William and Ann, May29,1764.

Hannah, d.William and Anne, Aug.19,1766.

Molley, d.William and Anne, Nov.7,1768.

Hannah, w.Lemuel,末蔓末,1771.GR3

Olive, d.William and Anne, Dec.15,1771.

Anne, d.Benjamin and Marcy, Mar.11,1779.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Marcy, Dec.21,1781.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Marcy, Feb.25,1784.

Sarah, w.Samuel, July10,1785.GR3

Marcy, d.Benjamin and Marcy, Mar.19,1787.

David, s.Paul and Doratha, Nov.11,1787.

Polly, d.Benjamin and Marcy, Nov.21,1789.

John, s.Paul and Doratha, Sept.8,1791.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Marcy, June31,1792.

William, s.Paul and Doratha, Oct.29,1793.

Patty, d.Benjamin and Marcy, Sept.4,1795.

Molly, d.Lemuel and Hannah, Mar.26,1796.

Willard, s.Paul and Doratha, Nov.25,1796.

William, s.Lemuel and Hannah, June27,1798.

David, s.Lemuel and Hannah, Jan.10,1801.

Doratha, d.Paul and Doratha, Mar.29,1802.

Harriot, d.Paul and Dorathy, Dec.15,1804.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sally, Dec.24,1805.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sally, Nov.15,1807.

Azubah, d.Samuel and Sally, Aug.7,1810.

Edwin, s.John and Submit, bp. Aug.9,1812.CR [Born Apr.9[?].GR3]

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Sally, Nov.7,1813.

James Hill, s.John and Submit, bp. Mar.26,1815.CR

Nelson, s.Samuel and Sally, Oct.16,1816.

James H., Oct.3,1817.GR3

Mary Ann R., w.Benjamin, d.Samuel and Anna Holbrook,末蔓末,1821.GR3

Silas, July3,1829.GR3

Francis Dean, s.Willard and Eunice, bp. Oct.11,1829.CR

Asa T.,末蔓末,1832.GR3

Julia, w.Silas, Oct.11,1836.GR3

Alonzo, s.Samuel and J., Feb.20,1841.

Louesa Maria, d.James H. and Eliza A., bp. July17,1842.CR

Olive S., d.Samuel Jr., July17,1843.

Nelson G., s.Nelson and Betsey, Jan.21,1845.

末末, d.Samuel and Lucy, Apr.15,1845.

Laman H., s.William and Mary, Nov.7,1846.

末末, s.Nelson and Betsey, Jan.13,1847.

Agnes Medora, d.Samuel and J., Apr.24,1848.

末末, d.Samuel and Lucy, Apr.24,1848.

Sarah J., d.William and Lucy, Oct.18,1848.

末末, d.William A. and Mary, Nov.26,1849.

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