Amy, w.Stephen and d.Benjamin and Phebe Buffum,末蔓末,1789.GR5

Randall B., Apr.26,1814 [?].GR2

Sarah B., w.Randall B., Dec.8,1815 [?].GR2

Amanda A., 2d w.Randall B., July29,1822 [?].GR2

Stephen, s.Randall, Feb.28,1844.

Amy A., d.Randall B. and Amanda A., Sept.26,1845.

Lois, d.Randal B. and Amanda A., Sept.26,1845.

Sarah E., d.Randall B. and Amanda A., Jan.23,1849. At Danielsonville, CT.


Joseph, s.John and Mercy, May20,1748.

Lois, d.Nathaniel and Johanna, Nov.20,1749.

Ruth, d.John and Mary, Nov.24,1751.

Katherine, d.John and Mercy, bp. July24,1757.CR

Jude, d.John and Marcy, Dec.3,1760.

Lucrecia, d.Oliver and Francies, June12,1761.

Willard, s.Semion and Persis, Apr.30,1762.

Sabrina, d.Oliver and Francese, Dec.9,1763.

Elisebeth, d.Semion and Persis, Mar.7,1764.

Samuel Prescott, s.Oliver and Frances, Mar.20,1766.

Ezekiel, s.John and Mary, July14,1767.

Aaron, s.Joseph and Phebe, June24,1768.

Eunice, d.Ruben and Mary, June27,1769.

Jude, d.Joseph and Phebe, Apr.8,1770.

Comfort, w.Joseph, d.Caleb and Rachel Logee,末蔓末,1777.GR2


Prudence, d.Samuel P. and Sarah, Oct.5,1809.

Elmandy Mary, d.Oliver and Mary, bp. Sept.18,1825.CR

Horace Wilder, s.Horace and Azubah, bp. June21,1829.CR

William H. [Henry in.CR], s.Oliver C. and Betsey Ann, Aug.17,1838.GR1

Hellen Augusta, d.Col. Horace, bp. June23,1839.CR2

Betsey Ann S., d.Oliver C. and Betsey Ann, Aug.4,1842.GR1

末末, d.Calib and Urana, Mar.1,1845.

Horace Milton, s.Thomas and Sabra, Jan.3,1847.

末末, s.Caleb and Urana, Jan.27,1848.

Charles W., s.Oliver C. and Mariah W., June22,1848.

末末, d.Caleb and Eurana, Oct.13,1849.


Francis C., s.Lorenzo D. and Mary, Oct.31,1847.

Emma A., d.Nelson and Julia, July23,1848.



Isabel, w.Olney, d.Joseph and Isabel Chase, June末,1797.GR9


Edwin, s.Emer and Ruth, Oct.2,1845.

Juliet J., d.John and Laura J., Mar.11,1849.


Edward, s.Steward and Abegail, Dec.9,1753.


Ruth, d.Walter and Abagail, Dec.27,1766. [1767. dup.]

John, s.Walter and Abigal, Jan.28,1771.

Hannah, d.Walter and Abagail, Apr.28,1773.


Harriet N., d.Silas S. and A.M., Dec.末,1846.

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