Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, May12,1776.

Anna, d.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.16,1771.

Arathucy, d.Joseph and Abigail, Sept.21,1784.

Atarah, d.Joseph and Abigail, June3,1778.

Calvin Cole, s.Eliel and Christian, Sept.15,1804.

Charlotte, d.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.25,1769.

Cynthia M., d.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

Eliol, s.Joseph and Abigail, Sept.7,1780.

Eliza C., d.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

Frances Sager [Sanger.CR], d.Joseph and Abigail, Mar.15,1794.

Francis, s.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

James, s.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, June19,1774.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Mar.2,1787.

Matthias, s.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

Nancy, d.Eliel and Christiana,末蔓末, 末末.

Sophrona Mehebell, d.Arna and Betsy, Sept.4,1809.


Alexander, s.Joseph and Esther, Mar.10,1819.

Amos, s.George and 末末, bp. Aug.31,1784.CR

Angeline Maria, d.Richard and Althina, Nov.22,1838.

Artemas, s.George and Dinah, Aug.6,1777.

Calvin, s.Luther and Hariot, Apr.12,1827.

Calvin H., s.Richard and Althina, Apr.10,1832.

Charles, s.Ezra and Lucy, Dec.14,1828.

Charles Munroe, d.Sumner and Samantha, Apr.17,1849.

Dinah, d.George and Dinah, Apr.11,1791.

Betsy, d.Jonas and Susanna, Oct.21,1793.

Betsy, d.Ezra and Lucy, Sept.27,1819.

Betsy, d.Richard and Althina, Oct.14,1823.

Betsey Whitney, d.Richard and Althina, bp. Oct.7,1827.CR [Probably same Betsy b. 1823.]

Ezra, s.Thomas and Moley, Apr.19,1789.

Fanny, d.Ezra and Lucy, Feb.2,1813.

Francis L. [Lewis.CR], s.Richard and Althina, Jan.30,1827.

Franklin W.,末蔓末,1828.GR2

George Adam, s.George and Dinah, Oct.5,1787.

George Holden, s.George and Olive, Feb.20,1817.

George Edward, s.Sumner and Samantha G., Feb.8,1846.

Joel, s.Azra and Lucy, Apr.5,1815.

Jonas, s.Jonas and 1st wife 末末, bp. July15,1792.CR

Jonas, s.Luther and Hariot, Feb.9,1822.

Joseph Simonds, s.Jonas and Susanna, Nov.3,1790.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Moley, July15,1795.

Joseph, s.Ezra and Lucy, July15,1826.

Jude Sawyer, s.Luther and Hariot, Mar.12,1821.

Levi, s.Ezra and Lucy, June21,1817.

Lucas, s.Luther and Hariot, Jan.28,1829.

Lucy, d.Richard and Althina, Mar.3,1818.

Lucy Ann, d.Richard and Althina, Nov.12,1834.

Molley, d.Richard [Thomas.CR] and Moley, May26,1793.

Mary, d.Richard and Althina, Apr.22,1819.

Mary Ann, d.Luther and Hariot, Nov.16,1823.

Mary Jane, d.George H. and Roena, July1,1838.

Nancy, d.George and Dinah, July7,1789.

Nancy J. Gustin, w.Franklin W.,末蔓末,1828.GR2

Percis, d.George and Dinah, June3,1783.

Richard, s.Thomas and Moley, Mar.1,1791.

Richard B. [Baxter.CR], s.Richard and Althina, July25,1830.

Roene, d.Thomas and Moley, Sept.28,1803.

Roxa, d.George and Olive, Oct.9,1821.

Sarah J. Harris, w.Calvin H.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Sumner, s.George and Olive, Oct.21,1826.

Walter, s.Richard and Althina, Nov.25,1821.

Walter Theron, s.William, May26,1845.

Willard, s.George and Olive, July15,1819.

William, s.Richard and Althina, Jan.22,1817.


Emily Jane, d.Oziel and Emily, Feb.13,1843.

Henry C., s.Ozial and Emily, May24,1841. In Richmond, NH.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, Aug.8,1844.

Olive, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, May2,1848.

BANCRAFT (Bancroft)

Amasa, s.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), Mar.16,1812.

Harvey Masfield, s.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), May1,1803.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.7,1775.

Mary Elmira, d.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), Nov.5,1807.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.21,1778.

Sally Whitney, d.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), Apr.13,1810.

Smyrna, d.Jonathan and Sarah, May15,1776.[Son, not daughter]

Smyrna Winslow, s.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), Dec.13,1804.

Viola, d.Smyrna and Sally(Whitney), Aug.26,1815.

BANCROFT (Bancraft)

Elmira, d.Smyrna W. and Lucy, June13,1843.

Amasa, s.S.W. and Lucy, Aug.21,1846.

Caroline Matilda, d.Amasa and Caroline, June2,1837.

Charles, s.Smyrna and Lucy, May5,1836.

Betty, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.7,1782.

Eugene, s.Smyrna W. and Lucy, June16,1849.

James Henry, s.Henry and Betsy, bp. June末,1829.CR

Jessa Parker, d.[Jesse S.CR] Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Apr.18,1815.

Jonathan Ormond, s.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Sept.12,1806.

Laura French, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Aug.24,1803.

Laura Alvira, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Dec.12,1812.

Lucius Lorenzo, s.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Oct.25,1818.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.11,1787.

Polly, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.13,1779.

Mary, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Oct.23,1801.

Mary Amanda, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Nov.17,1808.

Mary, d.Smyrna and Lucy, Feb.21,1832.

Mary A., d.Amasa and Caroline A., Aug.1,1844.

Rocksy, d.Jonathan and Sarah, May11,1789.

Sally Whitney, d.Smyrna and Sally, bp. Jan.4,1818.CR

Sally Whitney, d.Smyrna and Lucy, Feb.2,1828.

Smyrna Winslow, s.Smyrna and Sally, bp. Jan.4,1818.CR

Smyrna Osgood, ch.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Jan.9,1822.

Sophia, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betse, Jan.19,1800.

Viola, d.Smyrna and Sally, bp. Jan.4,1818.CR

Walter, s.Smyrna [Smyrna Winslow.CR] and Lucy, Mar.7,1830.


Angelina, d.Daniel and Anne, May11,1805.

Sally, d.Daniel and Anne, Dec.27,1800.


Andrew 3d, s.Andrew Jr. and Lucy, Dec.19,1795.

Vinal Cranston, ch.Andrew Jr. and Lucy, Jan.31,1807.


末末, d.Joseph and Lucy, Apr.26,1845.

Eliza Adeline, d.Joseph and Lucy, Oct.27,1841.

Joseph Jr., s.Joseph and Martha, Jan.25,1813.

Martha, d.Joseph and Martha, Mar.9,1810.

Martha, d.Patty, wid.Joseph, bp. Nov.28,1813.CR

Mary, d.Joseph and Martha, Aug.31,1811.

Mary, d.Patty, wid.Joseph, bp. Nov.28,1813.CR

Mary Elmira, d.Joseph and Lucy, June4,1839.

Semira, d.Joseph and Lucy, bp. Sept.末,1839.CR


Sarah A.,末蔓末,1839.GR2


Joseph Flanders, Dec.27,1834.GR2


Andrew, s.Andrew Jr. and Lucy, bp. Apr.23,1796.CR

Cene, d.Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. May30,1790.CR

Dorcas, d.Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. Feb.18,1787.CR

Vinal Cranson, s.Andrew Jr. and Lucy, bp. June14,1807.CR

BENITT (Bennett)

Mary Ann Hepsibah, d.Thomas Jr. and Emma, Oct.24,1823.

BENNET (Bennett)

Hannah Mitchel, d.Thomas and Mary, bp. June26,1808.CR

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, bp. July7,1805.CR


Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.14,1798.


末末, d.Charles E. and Ann E., Apr.8,1845.

Albert, s.Edmond and Nancy, Feb.16,1807.

Alice Jane, d.Charles E. and Ann, May21,1849.

Amanda Melvira, d.William Jr. and Bets, Dec.9,1814.

Amilia, d.Asa D. and Sarah, Jan.4,1840.

Asa Dana, s.Ebenezer and Sally, Mar.17,1808.

Cassandana, d.William Jr. and Bets, May10,1812.

Charles, s.Edmoond and Nancy, May23,1824.

Charles, s.Asa D. and Sarah, Feb.23,1842.

Charley Edmond, s.Charles E. and Ann E., July4,1847.

Clara J., d.David P. and Lydia, Apr.6,1845.

David Parker, s.Ebenezer and Sally, bp. May23,1819.CR

Ebenezer, July25,1775.

Eliza, d.Asa D. and Sarah, July10,1837.

Betsey White [w.William Jr.], Sept.21,1776.GR1

Betsy, d.William Jr. and Bets, Dec.4,1817.

Betsey, d.Edmond and Nancy, Apr.1,1820.

Ellen L., d.Asa D. and Sarah H., Nov.15,1843.

Francis Alonzo, s.Ebenezer and Sally, Feb.7,1806.

George Washington, s.Ebenezer and Sally, June25,1803.

Horace Parker, s.Daniel and Lydia, May23,1840.

Horace C.H., s.David P. and Lydia P., Jan.5,1848.

Lucinda, d.Edmond and Nancy, July10,1808.

Lydia, d.Wid.Nancy, bp., Aug.26,1827.CR

Martha, d.Ebenezer and Sally, Feb.17,1816.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Sally, Aug.17,1813.

Nancy, d.Edmond and Nancy, Dec.20,1815.

Oliver Emery, s.Edmond and Nancy, Mar.12,1812.

Otis, s.Edmond and Nancy, Dec.12,1825.

Roene, d.Ebenezer and Sally, July8,1801.

Sally, d.Ebenezer and Sally, Nov.5,1810.

Tabitha, d.Edmond and Nancy, Dec.16,1811.

William Jr., Dec.6,1768.GR1

William Otis, s.Ebenezer and Sally, bp. June16,1822.CR


Silvea, d.Marshal and Elizabeth Clark, Mar.13,1801.


George W.,末蔓末,1801.GR2

Susan, w.George W.,末蔓末,1812.GR2


Charles Henry, s.J.H. and Lois, bp. Oct.28,1832.CR

Lois, bp. Oct.21,1832.CR

Susan Ann, d.J.H. and Lois, bp. Oct.28,1832.CR

William Eustis, s.J.H. and Lois, bp. Oct.28,1832.CR


末末, s.Fletcher and Almira, Dec.7,1847.


末末, d.Fletcher and Almira, Mar.7,1846.

Eugene, s.Fletcher and Elmira, July12,1840.

Roanca F., d.Fletcher and Elmira, Aug.15,1842.


Belarmin, ch.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, Oct.10,1824.

Christopher, s.Horatio N. and Mary, Nov.4,1834.

Emely, d.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, Feb.26,1814.

Harriet, d.Horatio N. and Mary, Oct.6,1831.

Hollis, s.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, Dec.1,1799.

Horatio N., s.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, May25,1806.

Melinda I., d.Horatio N. and Mary, Dec.22,1832.

Ransom, s.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, May2,1817.

Rhoda, d.Ebenezer Jr. and 末末, Dec.24,1821.

Sidney, s.Horatio N. and Mary, Jan.19,1838.


William Heywood, s.John S. and Sarah J., Sept.15,1848.


Molly, d.Joseph and Molly, Oct.17,1792.

Wyat Clark, s.Joseph and Molly, Dec.5,1794.


Henry C.,末蔓末,1832.GR2


Charles Augustus, s.David C. and Sarah, June19,1839.

Squire Wesley, s.David C. and Sarah, Mar.30,1842.


Alfred Harrison, s.Elijah and Sally, Jan.26,1815.

Asael Augustus, s.Asael and Betsy, July14,1812.

David Comee, s.Elijah and Sally, Mar.8,1817.

Elijah, s.Jonas and Unice, Apr.26,1792.

Eliza, d.Elijah and Sally, Feb.25,1823.

Betsy Jane, d.Asael and Betsy 2d, Mar.10,1822.

Enoch, s.Jonas and Unice, June24,1790.

Ephram Sumner, s.Asael and Betsy, June25,1814.

Jerome Snow, s.Asael and Betsy, Nov.3,1820.

John Wesley, s.David C. and Hannah, Nov.2,1843.

Jonas, twin s.Jonas and Unice, July31,1794.

Jonas 2d, s.Jonas and Unice, Oct.10,1796.

Jonas Richardson, s.Asael and Betsy, July4,1818.

Judith, twin d.Jonas and Unice, July31,1794.

Maria, twin d.Elijah and Sally, May18,1821.

Mary, twin d.Elijah and Sally, May18,1821.

Mary, d.Elijah and Sally, June26,1829.

Sarah, d.Elijah and Sally, July24,1826.

Susan Sawyer, d.Asael and Betsy, May8,1816.

Walter, s.Elijah and Sally, Jan.17,1834.




末末, s.Seth and Unice, Feb.20,1795.

Emmethest, d.Seth and Unice, Aug.6,1796.

Emerald, d.Seth and Unice, May1,1790.

Eunice, w.Seth, bp. June23,1793.CR

Sardis, ch.Seth and Eunice, bp. July14,1793.CR

Tamison, s.Seth and Unice, Sept.10,1792.


John, s.John and Nancy, Nov.3,1838.


末末, ch.Silas and Emely, Mar.8,1839.

Anne, d.Joel and Tamson, Dec.21,1805.

Azubah Pierce, d.Joel and 末末, bp. Nov.6,1814.CR

Betsey, d.Joel and Tamsin, bp. Mar.13,1796.CR

Betsy, d.Joel and Tamson, June22,1796.

Betsy, d.Joel Jr. and Cynthia, Apr.15,1825.

Emely Elmira, d.Silas and Emely, Feb.28,1830.


Harvey P., s.H. and L.,末蔓末,1833.GR2

Joel, s.Joel and Tamson, Apr.5,1798.

Joel Josiah, s.Silas and Emely, June4,1837.

Lois Burgess, w.Harvey,末蔓末,1810.GR2

Lucy, d.Joel and Tamson, Feb.18,1794.

Lucy Ann, d.Joel Jr. and Cynthia, May23,1829.

Luke, s.Joel and Tamson, July20,1803.

Luke, s.Silas and Emely, May14,1825.

Lydia, d.Joel and Tamson, Mar.7,1792.

Silas, s.Joel and Tamson, July8,1800.

Sylvanas, s.Silas and Emely, Feb.18,1828.

Webster, s.Silas and Emely, Dec.8,1841.


Charles, s.Jonathan and Beulah, Oct.23,1795.

Charles R.,末蔓末,1833.GR2

Clara A., w.H.S.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

Edward, s.Jonathan Jr. and Abagail, Mar.9,1838.

Elisha, s.Jonathan and Beulah, Apr.25,1798.

George A.,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Hiram S.,末蔓末,1842.GR2

John, s.Jonathan and Beulah, Mar.12,1793.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Beulah, Jan.21,1791.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Beulah, June7,1810.

Lucy, d.Jonathan Jr. and Abagail, Apr.30,1833.

Maria S. Crosier, w.George A.,末蔓末,1845.GR2

Mary, d.Jonathan Jr. and Abagail, Mar.15,1836.

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Beulah, Mar.12,1813.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Beulah, July22,1803.

Sally 2d, d.Jonathan and Beulah, Sept.16,1805.


Sophronia E., June11,1821.GR2


Laura D., Dec.7,1820.GR2


Gilbert M., s.Hervy and Laura L., Apr.2,1845.


Eli Howard, s.Henry and Laura L., Sept.16,1847.


Myra, June24,1837.GR2


John W.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

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