ABBOT (Abbott)

Mary Holyoke P., w.末蔓末,1783.GR1

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Asel B.,末蔓末,1820.GR3

Mary B. Cornell, w.Asel B.,末蔓末,1819.GR3


Alice, d.Jonathan and Alice, Oct.17,1810.

Charles, s.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.2,1833.

Edward, s.末末, adopted s.Jonathan and Ruth Meeds, bp. Sept.4,1803.CR1

Henry Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.3,1837.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Alice, Nov.7,1804.

Juliann, d.Jonathan and Alice. July9,1813.

Levi Whitney, s.Jonathon and Alice, June6,1821.

Lucy W., d.Jonathan and Alice, Jan.23,1817.

Lydia, d.John, bp. May18,1740.CR1

Marvin, s.Jonathan and Alice, Sept.16,1819.

Nahum, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.23,1835.

Roxanna, d.Jonathan and Allice, May10,1803.

Semantha, d.Jonathan and Alice, Nov.1,1823.

Sally, d.William and Betsy, Nov.15,1811.

Thomas Tarbell, s.William and Betsy, Dec.13,1820.


Edward M., Feb.22,1839.GR1


Bethshua, d.Abraham and Bethshua, May12,1733.


Abigail, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.2,1762.

Abigail Livermore, d.Ebon and Lucy, Nov.10,1817.


Adeliza, d.Galen and Elizabeth, b. in Groton. Dec.5,1849.

Alfred, s.Ebon and Lucy, Feb.27,1823.

Amminadab, s.John, bp. Aug.10,1740.CR1

Ame, d.Ezra, bp. July4,1773.CR1

Anne, d.Peter and Bette, Oct.25,1756.

Arathusa, w.James H.,末蔓末,1832.GR1

Arethusa, d.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, May16,1778.

Azubah, d.Peter and Experience, Dec.23,1730.

Benjamin, s.Peter Jr. and Betty, Sept.23,1760.

Charles, s.David and Esther, Feb.22,1791.

Charles Philemon, s.Oliver and Adeline, Feb.9,1837.

Cornelius, s.John, bp. May8,1737.CR1

Daniluthussa, d.Joseph Jr., bp. May16,1779.CR1

David, s.Joseph and Sarah, July31,1753.

David, s.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.17,1757.

David, s.Ebon and Lucy, Nov.13,1820.

Eben, s.David and Esther, Mar.1,1789.

Eliakim, s.John and Pheboe, Dec.15,1743.

Eliza Hubbard, w.Galen, Apr.6,1814.GR3

Betty, d.Peter Jr. and Betty, Mar.24,1757.

Elizabeth, d.Philemon and Elizabeth, Oct.6,1814.

Emila, d.David and Esther, July31,1795.

Emily Hearsy, d.Ebon and Lucy, Jan.14,1830.

Esther, d.Oliver and Rachel, Jan.13,1764.

Eunice, d.Peter Jr. and Betty.Aug.26,1758.

Experience, d.Peter and Experience, Feb.13,1728-9.

Experience, d.Peter and Betty, May1,1765.

Ezra, s.John and Poobe, Feb.21,1744-5. [Feb.20,1745.CR1]

Fanny, d.Joseph [Jr.CR1] and Hannah, Jan.10,1785.

Frank Elisha, s.Alfred and Abba M., Feb.15,1849.

Frederick Augustus, s.Eben and Lucy, Apr.23, 末末. [Fred A., b. 1838.GR1]

Galen, s.Philemon and Elizabeth, Aug.17,1816.

Galen Patterson, s.Oliver and Adeline, Apr.26,1838.

George B., s.David and Esther, Jan.21,1798.

George Robinson, s.Otis R. and Caroline, Dec.5,1837.

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.25,1764.CR1

Hannah, d.John, bp. July12,1772.CR1

Henry Warren, s.Philemon and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1812.

Humphrey, s.Joseph [Jr.CR1] and Hannah, May4,1783.

Isaac, s.Peter and Experience, Jan.9,1740-1.

Israel, s.Peter and Experience, Nov.20,1741.

James, s.Peter and Experience, May9,1740.

James Munroe, s.Daniel and Fanny, Nov.20,1817.

James Humphrey, s.Ebon and Lucy, Mar.11,1826.

James Otis, s.Otis R. and Caroline, Mar.30,1835.

Joel, s.John and Hannah, Aug.22,1764.

John, s.John and Phebee, Feb.22,1736-7.

John, s.Peter and Experience, June20,1746.

John, s.John and Hannah, Mar.26,1762.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.11,1759.

Joseph, s.Oliver and Rachel, Aug.5,1750.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, May12,1768.

Joshua, s.Peter and Experience, June20,1737.

Julia, d.Ezra and Julia, Aug.20,1808.

Keziah, d.Peter and Experience, Dec.11,1732.

Loiis, d.John and Pheebe, Jan.18,1733-4.

Louisa, d.David and Esther. May11,1787.

Louisa, d.Charles and Annice, July9,1812.

Lucy, d.John, bp. June23,1776.CR1

Lycy, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.23,1791.

Lidiah, d.John and Phebee, Oct.27,1747.

Martha, d.John and Hannah, May17,1767.

Martha, d.Philemon and Elisabeth, Aug.8,1807.

Martin, s.David and Esther, July2,1793.

Mary, d.Peter and Experience, June25,1739.

Mary, d.Oliver and Rachel, Jan.28,1753.

Mary, d.John and Hannah, Oct.15,1769.

Mary, d.David and Esther, Mar.2,1801,

Mary Maria, d.George and Mary, June12,1825.

Mercy, d.Peter and Experience, Apr.11,1753.

Mercy, d.Peter and Bette, May19,1772.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, Jan.1,1713.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Rachel, Aug.24,1755.

Oliver, s.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, Aug.4,1774.

Oliver Humphry, s.Philemon and Elisabeth, June20,1809.

Otis Robinson, s.Philemon and Martha, May4,1804.

Patiance, d.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.15,1735.

Patience, d.Joseph.bp, June27,1773.CR1

Peter, s.Peter and Experience, Oct.23,1733.

Peter, s.Peter and Experience, Dec.29,1734.

Peter, s.Peter Jr. and Betty.Oct.13,1763,

Philemon, s.Oliver and Rachel, June15,1711,

Rachel, d.Oliver and Rachel, Apr.12,1761.

Rachel, d.Joseph [Jr.CR1] and Hannah, June8,1787.

Rachel, d.Philemon and Elisabeth, Feb.4,1811.

Roswell, s.Otis and Caroline, July3,1832.

Sabra, d.Ezra, bp. Mar.14,1773.CR1

Samuel, s.John and Phebee, Feb.11,1738-9.

Samuel, s.Peter and Experience, Mar.9,1746-7.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Nov.15,1758.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Apr.8,1760.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Dec.17,1782.

Sarah, d.John and Phoebe, Mar.11,1740.

Sarah, d.Peter and Experience, Sept.9,1744.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, May25,1755.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah [no date] [Sarah, d.John, bp. Aug.28,1774.CR1]

Salla, d.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, May30,1780.

Sarah Elisabeth, d.Oliver H. and Adeline, July15,1845.

Silence, d.Jonathan and Martha, Mar.29,1765.

Simon T., May19,1803.GR2

Sophia, d.Peter and Bette, June1,1768.

Thomas, s.John and Phebe, Apr.10,1753.

William, s.John and Pheby, Mar.4,1750.

William Frederic, s.Philemon and Elizabeth, July13,1818.

William Martin, s.Ebon and Lucy, May14,1819.

Zephia, d.Peter, bp. Sept.11,1768.CR1

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