John, s.John Jr. and Mehitabel, Aug.12,1765.

Martha, d.John Jr. and Mehitabel, Mar.11,1767.

Mehitabel, d.John Jr. and Mehitabel, June18,1769.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Apr.17,1781.

SAMPSON (Samson)

Aaron, s.John Jr. and Martha, Jan.4,1746-7.

Abigail, d.John Jr. and Martha, Feb.18,1755.

Abigail, d.Solomon and Rebecca, Apr.14,1766.

Abner, s.John and Martha, bp. Apr.24,1743.CR1

Abner, s.John Jr. and Martha, Feb.27,1744-5.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, bp. Mar.24,1756.CR1

Benjamin, s.Solomon and Rebecca, July11,1769.

David, s.John and Ahigail, June28,1736.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Oct.13,1752.

Amery, s.Samuel and Mary, Oct.30,1791.

Joel, s.John Jr. and Martha, Dec.19,1757.

John, s.John Jr. and Martha, Jan.4,1744-5.

John, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, bp. July13,1755.CR1

John, s.Willis and Moriah, bp. July3,1803.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, May7,1759.

Lois, d.John Jr. and Martha, Feb.8,1748-9.

Lucy, d.David and Lucy, Jan.18,1771.

Lydia, d.David and Lucy, Oct.2,1773.

Moriah, d.Willis and Moriah, bp. July3,1803.CR1

Martha, d.John and Martha Jr., bp. Dec.13,1741.CR1

Mary, d.John and Martha, June7,1760.

Mercy, d.Willis and M., bp. June6,1805.CR1

Milford, s.Willis and Moriah, bp. July3,1803.CR1

Phinehas, s.David and Lucy, Oct.31,1762.

Rebecca, d.Solomon and Rebecca, Feb.15,1764.

Ruth, d.John and Martha, Mar.10,1751.

Samuel, s.David and Lucy, July24,1766.

Sarah, d.John and Martha, Mar.31,1753.

Solomon, s.John and Abigail, July7,1738.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Rebecca, May17,1772.

Theophilus, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.29,1782.CR1

Ward, s.Abner, bp. May30,1773.CR1

Willis, s.David and Lucy, Sept.23,1776.

SAMSON (Sampson)

Eleanor, d.Rev. Abisha and Mehetabel, June11,1817.

George Whitfield, s.Rev. Abisha and Mehetable, Sept.29,1819.

Hannah Warner, d.David and Lucy, May22,1788.

James Manning, s.Abisha and Mehetabel, July31,1821.

John Kenrick, s.Rev. Abisha and Mehetable, Jan.22,1818.

Polly, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.28,1785.

Nathaniel, s.Rev. Abisha and Elanor, Feb.7,1813.

Sally, d.Samuel and Mary, July2,1787.

Stephen Dana, Jan.28,1811.GR1

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

Bulah, d.John and Submit, Sept.18,1766. [Bulah, d.John, bp. Nov.3,1765.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.Oliver, bp. Sept.26,1779.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Submit, Feb.11,1762.

Henry, s.Isaac and Eunice, Feb.19,1810.

Isaac, s.William and Sarah, bp. Apr.16,1758.CR1

Isaac, s.Isaac and Eunice, May21,1807.

Isenda, d.Isaac and Eunice, Mar.6,1820.

James, s.John and Submit, Nov.21,1768.

James, s.Isaac and Eunice, May19,1824.

Jemima, d.John and Submit, Feb.8,1757.

Jemima, d.John and Submit, Sept.3,1760.

Joseph, s.Isaac and Eunice, Jan.26,1816.

Juliann, d.Isaac and Eunice, Jan.26,1822.

Lorenzo, s.Isaac and Eunice, Apr.1,1830.

Lucinda, d.Isaac and Eunice, May5,1806.

Polly, d.Oliver, bp. May16,1784.CR1

Mary Ann, d.Isaac and Eunice, Apr.4,1823.

Oliver, s.William and Sarah, bp. Mar.11,1750.CR2

Oliver, s.Oliver and Elisabeth, Apr.13,1771.

Oliver, s.Isaac and Eunice, Mar.6,1825.

Orison, ch.Isaac and Eunice, Apr.9,1817.

Rosilla, d.Isaac and Eunice, Sept.7,1829.

Sarah, d.John and Submit, Mar.2,1710.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, bp. Aug.11,1745.CR1

Solomon, s.William and Sarah, bp. June24,1761.CR1

Submit, d.John and Submit, Apr.18,1764.

Theophelis, s.Oliver and Elisabeth, Mar.29,1773.

Washington, s.Isaac and Eunice, Aug.21,1813.

Wintworth, s.Isaac and Eunice, Jan.20,1812.

William, s.William and Sarah, bp. Mar.1,1752.CR1

William, s.Isaac and Eunice, Sept.17,1801.

William, s.Isaac and Eunice, Nov.12,1818.


Coleman, s.William, bp. Apr.3,1743.CR1

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah, bp. Apr.3,1748.CR1

Elisabeth, d.William and Sarah, bp. May26,1754.CR2

Eunice, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.15,1793.CR1

Gideon, s.William and Sarah, bp. Apr.4,1756.CR1

Isaac, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.25,1793.CR1

Lucy, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.25,1793.CR1

Moses, s.Oliver, bp. Sept.1,1776.CR1

Sarah, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.15,1793.CR1

William, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, bp. Jan.15,1793.CR1


William H., in Weston,末蔓末,1831.GR1


Ann, d.Edward and Alethear, Jan.8,1785.

Edward, s.Edward and Alethear, Feb.16,1787.

Elisha, s.Edward and Alethear, Feb.24,1789.


Abel, s.Phinehas and Hannah, Dec.28,1771.

Abel, s.Abel and Malley, Jan.3,1797.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, Oct.31,1735.

Abigail, d.Oliver and Abigail, Sept.30,1764.

Abijah, s.Menasseh and Lydia, Aug.12,1796.

Abner, s.Luther and Achsa, Oct.9,1813.

Achsa, d.Luther and Achsa, July5,1800.

Adna, s.Abel and Betsy, Feb.11,1824.

Alfred Augustus, s.Arad and Lucy P., Sept.12,1849.

Alvin, s.James and Naomi, Mar.13,1822.

Andrew Jackson, s.Caleb and Lydia, Nov.3,1821.

Arad, s.Luther and Achsa, July15,1801.

Arathusa Farwell, d.Arad and Lucy, May16,1832.

Caleb, s.Seth, bp. July24,1737.CR1

Caleb, s.Caleb [Jr.CR1] and Lydia, Jan.13,1740-1.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Relief, Mar.2,1764.

Caleb, s.Jonathan and Mary, Apr.13,1798.

Cephas, s.Luther and Achsa, Mar.10,1810.

Cephas, s.Abel Jr. and Betsy, Feb.3,1822.

Dinah, d.Seth and Hepsabeth, Apr.11,1739.

Dinah, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.25,1771.

Bety, d.Seth and Hepsebeth, Nov.25,1741.

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.6,1767.

Betsy, d.Joseph, bp. May30,1779.CR1

Alvira, d.James and Naomi, Jan.22,1819.

Eusebia, d.Phinehas Jr, and Hannah, Oct.9,1793.

Ezra, s.Oliver and Abigail, Nov.8,1779.

George L., May15,1839.GR1

Hannah, d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.2,1776.

Hannah, d.Phinehas Jr. and Hannah, Mar.18,1792.

Henry Harrison, s.Caleb and Lydia, in Shirley, Sept.27,1823.

Hepzibah, d.John and Elisabeth, Apr.2,1763.

Ira, s.Phinehas Jr. and Hannah, Oct.6,1799.

Jabez, s.Manasseh and Lydia, Dec.24,1759.

Jabez, s.Luther and Achsa, Jan.4,1819.

James, s.Abel and Molley, July1,1793.

John, s.Joseph and Abigail, Feb.17,1733-4.

John, s.Seth, bp, May5,1734.CR1

John, s.Oliver, bp. Apr.21,1776.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan Jr. and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.24,1745.CR1

Jonathan, s.Manasseh and Lydia, Mar.9,1758.

Jonathan, s.Caleb and Sarah, July28,1771.

Jonathan, s.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, July26,1789.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.12,1796.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, Apr. [Aug. in pencil] 14,1816.

Jonathan, s.Caleb and Lydia, July17,1820.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigel, Jan.24,1740-1.

Joseph, s.Menasseh and Lydia, Apr.4,1771.

Joshua, s.Oliver and Abigail, June16,1769.

Josiah, s.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, Dec.9,1802.

Lemeuel, s.Joseph and Abagal, May15,1745. Twin.

Lois, d.Jonathan Jr. and Betty, bp. July26,1741.CR1

Lucy, d.Oliver and Abigail, Sept.24,1772.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Mary, May2,1805.

Lucy, d.Nahum and Lucy, Oct.29,1839.

Luke, s.Luther and Achsah, Dec.7,1798.

Luke, s.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.18,1809.

Luthar, s.Menasseh and Lydia, Apr.18,1773.

Luther, s.Luther and Achsah, Jan.18,1802.

Lydia, d.Caleb and Lydia, bp. May29,1743.CR1

Lydia, d.Manasseh and Lydia, Nov.30,1761.

Lydia, d.Phinehas, bp. Sept.30,1787.CR1

Lydia, d.Luther and Achsa, Dec.4,1811.

Menasseh, s.Menasseh and Lydia, Sept.6,1768.

Manasseh, s.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, July18,1791.

Marshall, s.James and Naomi, Aug.3,1833.

Martin Aubra, s.Luke and Mary, Jan.24,1845.

Mary, d.Joseph and Abagal, May15,1745, Twin.

Mary, d.Joseph Jr., bp. Sept.30,1770.CR1

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.14,1800.

Mary, d.Luther and Achsa, June13,1806.

Mary, d.Luther and Achsah, June13,1808.

Mercy, d.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, Dec.16,1793.

Mercy, d.Jonathan and Mary, June6,1812.

Nahum, s.Luther and Achsah, June1,1805.

Nathaniel, s.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, Dec.10,1795.

Oliver, s.Joseph, bp. June25,1738.CR1

Oliver, s.Joseph and Abigail, May1,1758.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Abigail, Nov.15,1767.

Olivea, d.Oliver and Abigail, Apr.25,1766.

Permilley, d.Luther and Achsa, Dec.2,1815.

Peter, s.Jonathan and Betty, Nov.17,1743.CR1

Phinehas, s.Seth and Hepzebeth, July25,1746.

Phinehas, s.Caleb and Sarah, May23,1768.

Phinehas, s.Abel and Molley, Sept.13,1803.

Rebeckah, d.Manasseh Jr. and Mercy, Nov.14,1793.

Relief, d.John and Elisabeth, Sept.5,1765.

Relefe, d.Oliver and Abigail, Feb.3,1771.

Rhoda, d.Menasseh and Lydia, Mar.30,1704.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Abigail, Nov.17,1748.

Sarah, d.Joseph, bp. May21,1775.CR1

Sarah, d.Phinehas Jr. and Hannah, Feb.6,1795.

Sarah Stetson, d.Arad and Lucy, Nov.18,1845.

Seth, s.Caleb and Relief. Aug.22,1761.

Seth, s.John and Elisabeth, Sept.22,1769.

Seth, s.Phinehas and Hannah, bp. June18,1780.CR1

Seth Augustus, s.Luke and Mercy B., b. in Waterford, ME, June24,1849.

Sophia, d.Phinehas Jr. and Hannah, June19,1797.

Sophia, d.Luther and Achsah, Dec.27,1803.

Wesley, s.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.5,1807.

William, s.Joseph Jr., bp. May10,1772.CR1

SCOLLEY (Scolly)

Ann, d.Grover and Lois, Apr.17,1756.

Grover, s.Grover and Lois, Aug.28,1777.

John, s.Grover and Lois, Aug.19,1753.

John, s.Grover and Lois, Apr.2,1763.

Lois, d.Grover and Lois, Jan.27,1766.

Lucy, d.Grover and Lois, Oct.5,1774.

Samuel, s.Grover and Rebecca, Jan.21,1781.

Sarah, d.Grover and Lois, Feb.22,1759.

SCOLLY (Scolley)

Betsey, d.Grover and Lois, Aug.27,1771.

James, s.Grover, bp. Mar.30,1783.CR1

Lydia, d.Grover and Lois, Dec.13,1768.


Abraham, s.wid.Mary, bp. Dec.8,1773.CR1

Jonas Whitney, s.Nathan and Zebudah, Nov.9,1809.

Mary, d.wid.Mary, bp. Dec.8,1773.CR1


Elizabeth, Apr.26,1799.GR2

SECCOMB (Seccombe)

Hannah, d.Rev. John and Mercy, Thursday, Mar.2,1738.

John, s.Rev. John and Mercy, Sabbath day, Apr.17,1740.

Mercy, d.Rev. John and Mercy, Feb.3,1743-4.

Willis, s.John and Mercy, Wednesday, Mar.3,1741-2.

SECCOMBE (Seccomb)

Thomas, s.Rev. John and Mercy, Wednesday, Mar.16,1757.


Amelia, Mar.29,1838.GR1

Ann Adelia, Nov.14,1835.GR1

Clark, Rev., Oct.30,1800.GR1

Ellen Amelia, Sept.5,1839.GR1

Emely Adams, d.Rev. Clark and Jerusha, Apr.27,1846.

Jerusha Adams, w.Rev. Clark, Apr.22,1809.GR1


William P., in Gorham, ME, Feb.26,1831.GR1


Ozro Haynes, s.Haynes M., b. in Hanover, NH, and Rachel H., b. in Bolton, July16,1849.


Abigail, d.Samuell and Mary, bp. Mar.31,1754.CR1

Abigail, d.Jesse, bp. at E. Chelmsford, May22,1825.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Mary, in Braintree, June25,1751.

John, s.Samuell and Mary, bp. Aug.29,1756.CR1

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Mary, in Braintree, Sept.19,1748.


Judith, d.Peter and Unice, Dec.17,1755.

Peter, s.Peter and Eunice. Sept.9,1759.


Hannah Maria, d.Noah and Hannah, bp. Apr.22,1832.CR2

William Pliny, s.Noah and Hannah, bp. Apr.22,1832.CR2

SPRAGUE (Sprauge)

Abigail, d.Samuel and Lydia, June14,1825.

Anna, d.Ebenezer and Unice, Sept.21,1735.

Charles E.,末蔓末,1838.GR3

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Unice, Aug.4,1737.

Elizebeth, d.Loel and Elizebeth, May10,1824.

Unice, d.Ebenezer and Unice, Nov.16,1733.

Eunice Hartwell, d.Loel and Elizebeth, Feb.27,1808.

Everett, s.Hezekiah and Martha, Oct.8,1803.

Jemimah, d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Oct.10,1744.

John, s.Loel and Elizebeth, Apr.5,1830.

Laura, d.Samuel and Lydia, Apr.6,1812.

Lydia, d.Samuell and Lydia, Feb.10,1800.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Unice, Dec.28,1739.

Mary Ann, d.Loel and Elizebeth, Jan.6,1826.

Nathan, s.Ebenezer and Unice, May21,1732.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Lydia, Nov.19,1807.

Otis, s.Hezekiah and Martha, Sept.12,1801.

Samuel, s.Samuell and Lydia, July12,1802.

Sarah Augusta, d.Leol and Elizebeth, Oct.4,1832.

SPRAUGE (Sprague)

Jemimah, d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Oct.20,1742.


Artemas, s.John and Hannah, May3,1794.

Edward Waldo, s.Nathaniel and Lucy W., Apr.9,1842.

Georgina Waterman, d.George W. and Abba M., June20,1845.

John, s.John and Hannah, May24,1790.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Lucy W., Jan.16,1844.

STARNES (Starnes, Stearns, Sterns)

Isaac, s.William and 末末, bp. June22,1760.CR1

John Burt, s.William, bp. Dec.15,1765.CR1

STARNS (Starnes, Stearns, Sterns)

Betty, d.William, bp. Oct.22,1758.CR1

STEARNS (Starnes, Starns, Sterns)

Horatio Davis, s.William and Betsy, Jan.19,1802.

Matilda Caroline, d.William and Betsy, May19,1806.

Selenda, d.Willimn and Betsy, Sept.18,1804.


Abel, in Wilton, NH, May1,1803.GR1

Elizabeth G., w.Abel, in Hollis, NH, Apr.12,1804.GR1

STERNS (Starnes, Starns, Stearns)

Jonathan, s.William and Elisabeth, Sept.26,1762.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Dinah, Dec.15,1742.


Abba Maria, d.William and Sally, bp. Sept.1,1816.CR1


Charles Henry, s.Charles, b. in Littleton, and Mary Jane dec., b. in Cambridge, in Cambridge, June19,1848.

Elizabeth Whitney, d.Samuel, bp. at Boxborough, Aug.22,1824.CR1


Peter, s.Moses and Sybil, Apr.7,1761.


Aaron, s.Simon and Eunis, Nov.22,1745.

Abigail, d.Isaac and Kezia, Feb.19,1765.

Nabby, d.Micah and Elisabeth, Jan.2,1779.

Abner, s.Simon and Unice, Aug.26,1753.

Ambrose, s.Amos and Adna, Apr.29,1757.

Amos, s.Amos and Adna, Sept.28,1759.

Amos, s.Micah and Elisabeth, Aug.22,1784.

Anna, d.Oliver and Moriah, May7,1741.

Anna, d.Oliver and Moriah, Apr.28,1754.

Anna, d.David and Lydia, bp. Aug.18,1754.CR1

Annah, d.Micah and Elisabeth, Nov.22,1773.

Ann Eliza, d.Newton and Lucy [Isaac N. and Lucy D.CR2], Nov.20,1837.

Anness, d.James and Deborah, Mar.24,1763.

Benjamin, s.Micah and Elisabeth, July29,1767.

Benjamin F., s.Newton and Lucy, Dec.3,1835.

Charles Newton, s.Newton and Lucy, July4,1833.

Charles T. [Charles Timothy.CR2], s.Newton [Isaac N.CR2] and Lucy, June7,1839.

Daniel, s.Isaac and Kezia.July10,1754.

David, s.James and Deborah, Oct.20,1761.

David Sampson, s.David and Lucy, Feb.10,1799.

Deborah, d.James and Deborah, Aug.16,1757.

Dinah, d.Isaac and Kesiah, Aug.3,1749.

Elias, s.Elias and Sarah, Oct.3,1757.

Elisabeth, d.Micah and Elisabeth, Mar.11,1770.

Betsy Fairbank, d.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, Apr.24,1777.

Ephraim, s.Isack and Keziah, Jan.22,1745.

Eri, ch.Joseph 3d and Phebe, Apr.5,1817.

Eunice, d.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, Jan.18,1710.

Eunice, d.Simon and Eunice, Apr.13,1740.

Eunice, d.Joel and Eunice, Oct.12,1778.

Ezra, s.Josiah and Sarah, in Sterling, Dec.8,1801.

Hannah, d.Silas and Eunice, Aug.17,1719.

Hannah, d.Amos and Adna, Feb.5,1755.

Hannah, d.Amos and Adna, Feb.26,1762.

Hannah, d.James and Deborah, Sept.28,1767.

Henry, s.Phinehas and Salley, Apr.5,1795.

Harry, s.Joseph 3d and Phebe, Jan.28,1805.

Isack, s.Isack and Keziah, Jan.22,1746-7.

Jacob, s.Isaac and Kezia, July25,1756.

James, s.David and Lucy, June20,1794.

Jasper, s.Silas and Eunice, Sept.8,1781.

John, s.Oliver and Moriah, July6,1751.

John, s.Phinehas and Salley, July12,1791.

Joseph, s.Lemuel and Martha, Jan.23,1783.

Joseph, s.Silas and Eunice, Dec.11,1783.

Joseph, s.David and Lucy, Nov.29,1791.

Joseph, s.Joseph 3d and Phebe. July25,1808.

Josiah, s.James and Deborah, Apr.1,1771.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Sarah, Dec.29,1797.

Kezia, d.Isaac and Kezia, Apr.6,1760.

Levi, s.Josiah and Sarah, in Sterling, Sept.5,1799.

Lois, d.Silas and Eunice, Aug.6,1786.

Lucy, d.James and Deborah, Oct.16,1765.

Lucy, d.Oliver and Lucy, Feb.3,1766.

Lucy, d.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, Mar.3,1768.

Lidiah, d.Simon [Jr.CR1] and Eunice, Oct.15,1743.

Lydia, d.David and Lydia, bp. Sept.23,1753.CR1

Moriah, d.Oliver and Moriah, July12,1743.

Maria Farwell, d.Isaac N. and Susan M., Nov.16,1844.

Mary, d.James and Deborah, Sept.27,1755.

Mary, d.Oliver and Mary, May18,1758.

Mary, d.Micah and Mary, Aug.7,1762.

Polly, d.Joel, bp. Aug.12,1775.CR1

Polley, d.Mary, Mar.28,1783.

Mary Davis, w.末末,末蔓末,1787.GR1

Molley, d.Isaac and Lucy, Jan.16,1800.

Mary, d.Joseph 3d and Phebe, Nov.30,1806.

Mary Godfrey, w.Samuel F.,末蔓末,1817.GR1

Micah, s.[Dea.CR1] Simon and Sarah, Apr.10,1735.

Micah, s.Micah and Mary, Aug.13,1764.

Mille, d.Joel and Eunice, June20,1713.

Mille, d.Joel and Eunice, May25,1770.

Moses, s.Simon and Eunice. Nov.26,1748.

Nahum, s.Joseph 3d and Phebe, Jan.10,1811.

Nancy, d.Phinehas and Salley, Jan.26,1802.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Murriah, July25,1748.

Oliver, s.[wid.CR1] Mary, Apr.28,1761.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Lucy, Jan.28,1764.

Oliver, s.Micah and Elisabeth, Oct.4,1775.

Phinehas, s.James and Deborah, Apr.29,1769.

Phinehas, s.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, July3,1775.

Rebecca, d.David and Lucy, Aug.24,1796.

Reuben, s.Micah and Elisabeth, Jan.31,1781.

Samuel F.,末蔓末,1812.CR1

Sarah, d.Oliver and Moriah, June4,1746.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Kezia, Mar.30,1762.

Sarah, d.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, Oct.17,1771.

Sarah, d.Micah and Elisabeth, Jan.23,1772.

Salley, d.Phinehas and Salley, Jan.27,1800.

Sarah Robinson, w.Samuel F.,末蔓末,1817.GR1

Silas, s.Oliver and Mary, Aug.28,1759.

Silas, s.Silas and Eunice, in Templeton, Aug.27,1773.

Simon, s.Simon and Eunice, Dec.22,1741.

Simon, s.Micah and Elisabeth, Sept.1,1776.

Solomon, s.Simon and Sarah, Sept.3,1732.

Solomon, s.Elias and Sarah, Jan.18,1756.

Solomon, s.Micah and Mary, Mar.22,1761.

Susan, d.Joseph 3d and Phebe, Jan.31,1813.

Susanna, d.David and Lucy, June6,1789.

Tabitha, d.Simon and Unice, Apr.24,1751.

William, s.James and Deborah, Apr.20,1759.

William, s.Joel and Eunice. Dec.10,1767.

William Willard, s.Jonathan Jr. and Catherine, bp. Sept.2,1798.CR1

William Harrod, s.Joseph C., b. in Wellfleet, and Emeline E., Oct.22,1848.


Abigail, d.Benjamin and Abigail, May27,1784.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Dorcas, Mar.17,1758.

Dorcas, d.Benjamin and Dorcas, June27,1752.

Darcos, d.Benjamin and Darcos, Sept.24,1759.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Dorcas, bp. May30,1756.CR1

Manasseh, s.Benjamin and Dorcas, Aug.25,1756.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Dorcas, Mar.13,1754.

Sally, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Oct.20,1785.

STRATTEN (Stratton)

Caroline, d.Daniel and Callay, Apr.21,1810.

Cyntha, d.Daniel and Callay, Jan.23,1808.

Lorinzo, s.Daniel and Callay, June19,1806.

Patty, d.Daniel and Callay, Apr.15,1801.

Mary, d.Daniell and CalIay, Oct.31,1804.

Rufus, s.Daniel and Callay, Nov.11,1802.

STRATTON (Stratten)

Lucy, d.David, bp. Dec.12,1773.CR1


末末, d.Elbridge and Lucy, Feb.7,1847.


Peter, s.Daniel and Margery, bp. June6,1756.CR1


Clark, s.Silvester and Nabby, July7,1804.

George, s.Silvester and Nabby, June27,1806.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, July10,1788.

Jane, d.Jonathan and Jane, Mar.6,1807.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Judith, Aug.7,1755.

Jonathan Bowman, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.20,1791.

Jonathan, s.Silvester and Nabby, Sept.7,1802.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Judeth, Dec.16,1753.

Molley, d.Jonathan and Judeth, Mar.2,1759.

Silvester, s.Jonathan and Hannah, May12,1780.

Silvester, s.Silvester and Nabby, Nov.17,1800.

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