John and Louis Worster, Dec. 24, 1766.


Esther C. d. Mary of Boxborough, b. in Boston, a. 18 y., and Hosea E. Willard, s. Hosea and Nancy, a. 25 y., Sept. 12, 1848.


Sylvester and Sarah B. Winchester, both of Lowell, July 9, 1838. CR2*


Edmund Jr. of Shrewsbury, and Rebecca Sampson, int. Mar. 3, 1783.


Daniel and Lucy Dutton, in Bolton, Sept. 12, 1777.

Hannah and Samuel Barnard, May 15, 1783.

Jeremiah and Sarah Sawyer of Boxborough, May 11, 1791.

John and Pattee Pollard, May 12, 1789.

Patty and Thomas Hammond, May 9, 1799.

Rachel and James Whitney, May 27, 1783.

Sarah and Abijah Frost of Shirley, Feb. 2, 1758.

Sarah and Francis Farr, June 24, 1783.


Dorithy and Jonathan Crouch Jr., Oct. 11, 1770.

LAWRANCE (Lawrence)

Anna and Aaron Whitney, Dec. 18, 1765. [Dec. 16, 1765. CR1]

Jonathan and Sarah Ann Williston of Boxborough, int. Oct. 8, 1832

Oliver F. and Sarah Balch of Shirley, int. Nov. 25, 1842.

Persis of Ashby, and Charles Taylor, int. May 23, 1808.

Stephen and Lucy Stone, Feb. 8, 1790.

Stephen and Lucy Bigelow, Sept. 6, 1801.

Submit and Isaac Gates, Feb. 16, 1764.

LAWRENCE (Lawrance)

Abijah, widr., s. Thomas of Boxborough, and Ruth, b. in Boxborough, a. 71 y., and wid. Betsey Hughes, d. Philemon and Lois Priest, a. 71 y., Sept. 7, 1848.

Amos and Sarah Wetherbee of Littleton, Jan. 22, 1772.

Andrew and Laura Ann Bridges, both of Bolton, Nov. 24, 1834.*

Anna B., d. Abraham and Rhoda, a. 41 y., and Benjamin Fairbank, widr., of Sterling, s. Joseph of Sterling, and Anna, b. in Sterling, a. 73 y., Dec. 26, 1848.

Barzillai H. of Boxborough, and Martha Ann Willard, d. Charles and Martha, Apr. 18, 1844.

Eliza E. of Groton, d. Edward and Keziah, b. in Pepperell, a. 30 y., and Benjamin L. Wood, s. Benjamin and Triphena, a. 25 y., Nov. 27, 1849.*

Elisabeth and Micah Stone, Oct. 29, 1766.

Isaac of Groton, and Mary Parker, int. Apr. 9, 1781.

John and Roxana Green of Groton, int. Oct. 16, 1838.

Louisa and Benjamin F. Whitney, int. May 25, 1828.

Mary Ann of Bolton, and Elias Warner Jr., int. Mar. 13, 1825.

Sarah and Levi Whitney of Concord, Sept. 17, 1772.

Stephen and Deborah Willard, June 22, 1823.


Caroline A. of Chelmsford, and Elias Warner. int. Sept. 13, 1845.

LEASON (Lesson)

Abigal of Marlborough, and Peter Dudly, int. Sept. 19, 1741.

Dexter and Olive Abbot of Groton, int. Jan. 11, 1820.

George of Bolton, and Betty Sanderson, Feb. 20, 1771.

Nancy and David Farwell, Dec. 18, 1815.

Olive and Jonathan Phillips, int. Jan. 11, 1820.


Betsey of Manchester, and Rev. Daniel Johnson, in Manchester, May 1, 1770.

William Dexter of Littleton, and Lydia Hill Wetherbee, Jan. 4, 1813.


Thomas [3d. int.] of Sterling, and Polley Farwell, Oct. 6, 1795.

LESSON (Leason)

David and Lovisa Robbins, July 2, 1795.


Jonathan and Hannah Turner, Dec. 12, 1784.

Jonathan and Sarah Warren, Sept. 28, 1786.

Thomas and Sally Carroll of Athol, int. June 28, 1823.

William and Fanny P. Gerry, Apr. 10, 1823.


John of Lunenburg, and Margaret Parks, Mar. 18, 1766.


Lucy of Shirley, and Enoch Huse Jr., May 20, 1811.

LOCK (Locke)

Mary of Cambridge, and Oliver Stone, int. Apr. 20, 1757.

Phebe and Simon Meriam of Bolton, in Bolton, Apr. 8, 1779.

LOCKE (Lock)

Benjamin and Eunice Bardeen, Sept. 18, 1793.

William s. Lancaster, s. Jonathan of Lancaster, and Mary, b. in Lancaster, a. 32 y., and Mary Whitney, d. Cyrus and Mary, a. 22 y., Nov. 19, 1846.


Eli and Mary Whitcomb, both of Bolton, Mar. 7, 1785.*

Hiram of Shirley, and Ann Farnsworth, May 3, 1838.*

Israel of Shirley, and Lucy Conant, Mar. 5, 1794.

Ivory of Shirley. and Lydia Munroe, Apr. 5, 1797.

Jemima of Groton. and Jonathan Stone, in Groton, Mar. 18, 1773.

Nathaniel and Kezia Fairbank, Mar. 5, 1781 [int. Mar. 10, 1781].

William Jr. of Shirley, and Rebecca Munjoy, in Shirley, Sept. 25, 1794.


Eunice of Ipswich, and David Ross, int. Apr. 5, 1766.


Daniel C. of Pepperell, and Julia Ann Chapman, int. Mar. 25, 1847.

John of Bath, and Susannah Taylor, June 16, 1811.


Aaron and Salley Davis of Shirley, int. July 19, 1802.

Luther and Mary Turner of Gerry, int. Jan. 10, 1802.

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