Samuel of Boxborough, and Mary Bacon [no date] [int.Sept.23,1820].


Abram of Lunenburg, and Eunice Willard, Apr.30,1770.

Eunice and Peter Stickney of Shirley.Dec.5,1780.*

Eunice and Joel Cutting of Fitchburg, Feb.23,1797.


Sarah of Lowell, and Daniel Willard Jr., int.Feb.末,1833.

Lyman and Fanny Willard of Lancaster, int.Feb.27,1845.

CARROL (Carroll)

Huldah of Groton, and John Blanchard of Sutton, Sept.26,1786.

CARROLL (Carrol)

Sally of Athol, and Thomas Lewis, int.June28,1823.


Prudence of Bolton, and Thomas Sawyer of Templeton, Sept.13,1762.

John Jr. of Lancaster, and Elizabeth Daby, int.Dec.18,1816.

Abner of Burlington, and Lydia Kendall, Mar.23,1819.

Joseph and Betsy C. Farnsworth, Sept.4,1828.

Joseph and Ede P. Wright of Ashby, int.Aug.11,1844.

CHACE (Chase)

Charles, Dea., Jr. of Lancaster, and Mary Tiler, May16,1822.


Harris Jr. of Lynn, and Polley Houghton, int.May5,1806.


Lucy of Acton, and Elnathan Darby, June22,1784.

Elias and Hannah Stone of Groton, in Groton, Oct.20,1785.

Ephraim and Sarah Hill, May3,1786.

Gladwin and Eunice Farwell, Dec.30,1789.

Elias and Sarah Davis of Acton, int.May末,1803.

Harriot and Jonas Bateman of Tyngsborough, Apr.17,1814.

Sally and Jonathan B. Gonathan [Bowman. int.] Symonds [of Hanover. int.], Sept.29,1816.

Betsy and John Hill Jr., May22,1817.

Eunice and William Davis Jr., May22,1817.

Nancy and Hosea Fessenden of Concord, NH, Oct.6,1822.

John F. of Concord, NH, and Rebecah Pollard, May21,1823.

Joseph and Julia Farnsworth, Sept.24,1834.


Sarah and Samuel Corey, Feb.12,1755.

Thomas and Anna Brown, Dec.19,1775.


Hannah and Joseph Whitney, Aug.7,1744.

Joseph [of Boston. int.] and Elisabeth Dopson, Nov.19,1775.

Elisabeth of Newburyport, and John Mycall, Esq., int.Nov.19,1804.

Holbrook of Manchester, NH, and Margaret Burrows, Nov.9,1843.


Sophronia of Springfield, and Rev. Stephen Bemis, int.Dec.末,1801.


Susan of Groton, and Rev. Stephen Bemis, int.Apr.11,1808.


Oliver of Lunenburg, and Relief Willard, int.Mar.12,1792.

Oliver and Mary Robbins of Shirley, int.Oct.1,1822. Annulled.

Angelina and Alexander Potter, Apr.3,1843.

Julia Ann and Daniel C. Lowell of Pepperell, int.Mar.25,1847.

CHASE (Chace)

Lydia of Haverhill, and Africa Hamlin, int.Oct.29,1809.

Jacob of Pepperell, and Elizabeth Fairbank, May21,1816.

Abigail F. of Pepperell, and Zimri Preist, int.Apr.18,1830.

Luther A., widr., of Albany, NY, and Nancy M. Bacon, d.Samuel and Nancy, Jan.5,1848.


Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Jonas Davis, int.Aug.18,1753.


Samuel and Susan Nutting of Pepperell, int.Dec.13,1828.


Noah of Boston, and Ann Taylor, Mar.10,1825.*


Margaret A. and Obadiah W. Albee of Marlborough, Aug.25,1834.


Annise and Caleb Whitney, Nov.16,1749.

Prudence and Ebenezer Knight of Lancaster, Oct.19,1758.

Caleb and Tamer Warner, May11,1762.


A. Wells and Harriot M. Porter of Littleton, int.Mar.9,1844.


Jonathan and Mercy Hapgood, Oct.12,1757.

Eunice and Rev. Grindal Rawson, late of Fryeburg, int.Oct.28,1775.

Hannah and Jonathan Symons, Jan.23,1778.

Sybil and William Flood, both of Lancaster, Feb.12,1788.*

Jonathan Jr. an, d Lucy Gates, Feb.13,1803.

William F. of Quincy, and Sally H. Harlow, May16,1814.

Visa of Shirley, and Abidan Knight, Apr.10,1823.

Warren P. of North Providence, RI, and Almira Houghton, int.Feb.23,1839.


Samuel of Greenwich, and Hannah Hale, Sept.17,1767.


John, Dr., and Rachel Binney of Hull, int.Sept.19,1771.

John, Dr., and Sarah Robbins, int.Nov.24,1781.

Lydia and William Knight, Dec.29,1785.

Salley and Jessee Knight, Feb.21,1803.

Nancy and Leonard Edgarton, Dec.8,1808.


Elisabeth of New Braintree, and Ephraim Farr of Westminster, Sept.8,1762.*

COBURN (Colborn, Colburn)

Timothy [] of Camden [NH. int.], and Peggy Whittemore, Nov.12,1771.

COLBORN (Coburn, Colburn)

Mary of Dracut, and Timothy Hall, int.Oct.10,1744.

COLBURN (Coburn, Colborn)

John of Leominster, and Anna Daby [], in Leominster, Oct.7,1770.

Peggy of Lancaster, and Zubal Stone, Aug.21,1784.


Jonathan and Sarah Holt, June24,1747.

Jonathan Jr. and Edeth Davis, May1,1751.

Judeth and Jonathan Symonds, June14,1753.

Hannah and John Atherton, Feb.2,1758.

Abijah and Sarah Kent, Mar.3,1759.

Sarah and Samuel Garfield, Mar.30,1772.

Sarah and Luther Ward of Leicester, int.Sept.5,1783.

Asa and Anna Goldsmith, Apr.8,1793.

Nancy G. of Westmoreland, NH, and Rev. Isaac Esty of Cape Elizabeth, ME, Feb.11,1829.


Mary of Leominster, and Nathaniel Farnsworth, in Leominster, Feb.13,1777.

Jedediah P. of Brookfield, s.John and Sally, b. in Southborough, a.36y., and Susan S. Bridge, d.Ebenezer and Susan, a.28y., Oct.9,1849.


Mary of Boxborough, and Justin Whitney, int.Oct.20,1827.


Ebenezer Jr. of Ashburnham, and Lydia Oak, int.Nov.29,1766.

Mary and Zaccheus Dudley, in Bolton, Aug.28,1780.

Peter [Jr. int.] of Stow, and Elizabeth Fairbank, in Stow, Dec.7,1780.

Reuben and Lydia Dudley, May1,1783.

Shubael of Pepperell, and Rhoda Boynton, in Pepperell, June9,1785.

Lois and Jonathan Reed Jr., Dec.10,1789.

Lucy and Israel Longley of Shirley, Mar.5,1794.

Levi and Abigail Davis of Bedford, in Bedford, June16,1794.

John of Stow, and Moriah Goldsmith, Nov.25,1802.

Phineas of Stow, and Susan Whitney, Apr.16,1807.

Reuben and Hannah W. [Hannah Warner. int.] Sampson. June18,1809.

William and Betsy Whitney of Ashby, int.Nov.7,1814.

Lucy and Jonathan Burges, Feb.25,1819.

Abraham of Stow, and Sukey Fairbank, int.June9,1821.

Eliza D. and Otis Jefferson of Uxbridge, July7,1822.

Lydia and Peletiah Sheldon of Sudbury, Apr.3,1823.

Olive D. and Washington Hayden, int.Dec.19,1826.

Lucinda and Samuel Mead of Boxborough, int.Sept.16,1827.

Sherman G. of Stow, and Maria Reed, Apr.15,1830.CR2

P.D. [Peter D. int.], Capt., and Mary Hapgood, Mar.24,1835.

Lucy W. and Albert Whitney of Lunenburg, int.Apr.16,1836.

Adaline of Littleton, and Simri Whitney, int.Mar.15,1840.

William and Susan Eustis, Feb.14,1843.

Mary of Stow, and Daniel P. Houghton, int.May5,1849.


Ann and James Read, Aug.8,1754.

John and Ruth Davis, Mar.4,1762.

Rosanna and Thomas Park of Groton, May3,1768.

George Jr. and Martha Kelley of Shirley, int.Nov.24,1770.

Mary and William Henry Jr. of Lunenburg, Dec.4,1770.

Margaret and John Richards of Lunenburg, Oct.20,1773.

John and Molley Farwel, July31,1787.

John and Lucy Sawyer of Boxborough, Jan.20,1796.

Mary and John Smith of Charlestown, Feb.10,1803.

Betsy and Samuel Smith of Hillsborough, int.Sept.21,1807.

Salley and Caleb Turner, int.Apr.17,1810.

William and Sally Priest, Nov.27,1811.


Moses of Lynn, and Sally Houghton, July21,1805.


Rachel and Richard Goldsmith Jr., July1,1802.

Caroline and Otis Atherton, Apr.14,1831.

COOLEDGE (Coolidge, Coollidge)

Phillip of Bolton, and Mary Bennett, in Berlin, Oct.29,1788.

COOLIDGE (Cooledge, Coollidge)

Sarah of Boston, and Zopher Wetherbee, int.Dec.23,1832.

COOLLIDGE (Cooledge, Coolidge)

Elisha and Sarah Boutell, June4,1754.


Rhode and John Park, May25,1772.

Samuel [Jr. int.] and Sarah Willard, May17,1774.

Simon and Lydia Read, int.Jan.27,1780.

Nelly and Samuel Goddin, int.Jan.1,1790.

Nabbe [Abigail. int.] and Daniel Bardeen, Aug.23,1795.

Samuel Jr. and Lavina Hayward, Oct.14,1801.

Isaac and Lucy Whittemore, int.Nov.1,1802.


Samuel and Sarah Chamberlain, Feb.12,1755.

Samuel and Dinah Fowler, Dec.9,1756.CR1

Dinah and Thomas Holt of Lancaster, Mar.8,1770.

Sally and Abel M. Godfrey, int.Apr.10,1818.


Ruth and John Welsh, both of Bolton, Sept.23,1784.


Edward and Sarah Dillins [], Mar.15,1803.


Lucy and Simeon Turner, Apr.2,1783.


Ann and Stedman Houghton, Nov.17,1825.


Margarett [Gragg. int.] of Dedham, and Seth Gould, in Dedham, Nov.13,1783.


Peleg and Elisabeth Kelley of Shirley, int.Apr.5,1778.


Elisabeth and James Hill of Stoneham, Dec.16,1790.

Nancy and Thomas Hazen of Shirley, in Shirley, Mar.24,1798.


Jonathan [Jr. int.], and Elizabeth Worster, Dec.29,1742.

Mary and Ebenezer Worster [Jr. int.], Dec.29,1742.

David and Mary Brown, May1,1746.

John and Hannah Brown, June20,1750.

Jonathan Jr. and Dorithy Law, Oct.11,1770.

Timothy and Bette Moars of Stow, int.Mar.14,1772.

David Jr. and Sarah Sterns, int.Mar.8,1777 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

Louis and David Stearns, in Bolton, Dec.24,1777.

Jonathan [] and Elizabeth Skinner of Stow, in Stow, Feb.16,1778.

Susanna and John George, int.Jan.13,1780.

Jonathan Jr. and Anna Hill, Mar.11,1783.

Molley and Francis Meeds, Sept.8,1790.

John Jr. of Boxborough, and Lucy Willard, Sept.26,1792.

Ephraim and Rebecca Whittemore, Aug.26,1802.

Daniel and Relief Sawyer, Jan.6,1803.

Levi and Sarah Farr, Oct.5,1803.

Luther of Groton, and Sally Bardeen, Nov.29,1804.

Dollay and David Gates of Stow, May14,1807.

Enoch of Bolton, and Sarah Burges, May15,1810.

Levi and Prudence Sibley of Southborough, int.July1,1817.

George and Lucindia Elizebeth Moors of Boxborough, int.Mar.末,1837.


Benjamin [Jr. int.] of Lexington, and Elisabeth Buttrick, Nov.23,1758.


Rhoda of Rindge, and Amos Whitney, int.June7,1793.


Polly [] of Boylston, and Abel Sawyer, in Bolton, Sept.19,1791.

Joel of Fitchburg, and Eunice Carlton, Feb.23,1797.

Hannah and Elijah Dwinnel, Nov.28,1797.

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