Lucy of Boxborough, and Ithamer Willard, June 10, 1819.

James of Boxborough, and Lovy Willard, Jan. 27, 1823.


Edward and Sarah Parker, Dec. 30, 1783.


James and Rachel Shattuck, int. Nov. 4, 1816. Marriage forbidden by Job Shattuck Jr., father of Rachel, she being under 18 years.

MAINNER (Manard, Maynard)

Sarah of Stow, and David Peirce Jr., int. Apr. 10, 1763.

MAN (Mann)

Mary W. and Paul Whitcomb of Bolton, int. May 20, 1831.

MANARD (Mainner, Maynard)

Charles of Fitchburg, and Mercy Goldsmith, Oct. 17, 1839.

MANN (Man)

William and Pamela Selby, Dec. 26, 1813.


Roxalana S. and Elbridge Willard, May 30, 1839.


Jonathan N. and Lucy [Lucy H. int.] Withington, Nov. 4, 1841.


Nathanael of Stow, and Abigail Houghton, Mar. 31, 1756.


–––––, Mr., and Sarah Shed, in Ashburnham, Aug. 21, 1788. [Marret Burges and Sarah Shed, int. Aug. 11, 1788.]


Nathaniel, Dr., and Anna Townsend of Bolton, in Bolton, Dec. 23, 1765.

MAYNARD (Mainner, Manard)

Jonah and Betty Woodberry [of Bolton. int.], Nov. 27, 1783.

Betty and Reuben Baker of Shrewsbury, June 16, 1789.

Hannah J. of Fitchburg, and William Davis Jr., int. Mar. 7, 1830.

Rufus of Lancaster, s. Joseph of Lancaster, and Betsey, b. in Lancaster, a. 24 y., and Louisa J. Houghton, d. Jacob and Abigail, a. 18 y., Nov. 4, 1846.


Susanna of Hollis, and Josiah Davis Jr., int. Aug. 23, 1777.


Elisabeth and Abel Farnwork, Dec. 6, 1763.


Samuel of Dorchester, and Susan H. Stone, July 13, 1834.

MEAD (Meads, Meeds)

Samuel and Hannah Willard, Oct. 12, 1748.

Benjamin of Holden, and Abigail Willard, Oct. 31, 1749.

Rebeckah and Joshua Hains of Sudbury, Jan. 4, 1750.

Dinah and Stephen Gates, Feb. 5, 1753.

Bulah and James Burt, Dec. 3, 1754.

Samuel and Abigail Whittemore of Lexington, int. Aug. 1, 1756.

John and Sarah Whitney, Aug. 26, 1771.

Hannah and Israel Whitney, May 14, 1772.

Oliver and Anna Whitney, July 22, 1777. CR1

Lidia and Orsamus Newell [Onesimus Newhall. int.] of New Ipswich, in Lancaster, Oct. 14, 1788.

Sarah and Phineas Stone, May 22, 1794.

Elizabeth of Boxborough, and Reuben Houghton, int. Oct. 16, 1809.

Samuel of Boxborough, and Lucinda Conant, int. Sept. 16, 1827.

MEADS (Mead, Meeds)

Samuel Jr. and Patience Whitney, int. June 13, 1779.

Mercy and Menassah Sawyer [Jr. int.], in Bolton, Dec. 23, 1788.

MEEDS (Mead, Meads)

Lucy and Isaac Whitney of Stow, May 12, 1774.

Jason and Silance Atherton, Dec. 10, 1787. CR1

Francis and Molley Crouch, Sept. 8, 1790.

Ame and Benjamin Draper of Boxborough, Nov. 7, 1803.

Reuben and Lydia Priest, May 17, 1808.

Emily and John Whitney, Dec. 15, 1819.

Lydia and Seth Frost of New Braintree, int. Sept. 16, 1820.

Charlotte and Joel Hapgood, Jan. 30, 1822.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

Patience and Oliver Gates Jr. of Stow, Oct. 25, 1775.

Simon of Bolton, and Phebe Lock, in Bolton, Apr. 8, 1779.

Sarah and Silas Parkhurst, Jan. 2, 1787. CR1

William and Ruth Fletcher, Dec. 2, 1792.

Sarah and John Geary, Aug. 4, 1795.

Phebe and Alpheus Richardson of Sterling, Dec. 20, 1796.

Jonas and Rachel Parkhurst, Oct. 27, 1799.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Bilhah of Lancaster, and Jeremiah Barnard, int. Apr. 5, 1823.


Lewis W. of West Boylston, and Rhoda Knight, June 9, 1836.


William and Sarah Sanderson, Aug. 14, 1769.


Susan E. of Groton, d. John of Groton, and Azuba, b. in Groton, a. 18 y., and Ephraim W. Russell, s. Oliver and Catherine, a. 24 y., Mar. 27, 1849.

MOARS (Moor, Moore, Moors, Mores)

Bette of Stow, and Timothy Crouch, int. Mar. 14, 1772.


Joseph of Ipswich Canada [so called] Winchendon, and Dorathy Priest of Stow, Aug. 2, 1753.*

MONROE (Munroe, Munrow)

John and Lucy White of Lancaster, in Lancaster, May 13, 1783.

Clarissa and Josiah Rand, Oct. 8, 1835.


Hannah E. of Nashua, NH, and Jonathan P. Knight, int. May 19, 1844.

MOOR (Moars, Moore, Moors, Mores)

Abraham of Bolton. and Eliza Bruce, Dec. 23, 1803.

Lucy and Abel Farnsworth, Dec. 27, 1810.

MOORE (Moars, Moor, Moors, Mores)

Joshua of Lancaster, and Elizabeth Sawyer, int. Feb. 16, 1736.

Dorcas and Asa Houghton Jr., in Bolton, Dec. 9, 1779.

Joseph of Berlin, and Betsy Warner, Oct. 13, 1818.

Lydia B. and. Robert T. Read, Nov. 7, 1839.

William of Sudbury, and Harriot Willard, May 21, 1840.

Emeline, a. of Samson of Boxborough, and Mary Ann, b. in Boxborough, a. 25 y., and Aaron Wright of Groton. s. Joseph of Groton, and Hannah, b. in Groton, a. 27 y., Apr. 13, 1848.

MOORS (Moars, Moor, Moore, Mores)

Solomon and Hannah Fife of District of Berlin, Feb. 26, 1800.*

Rhoda and Amos Stone, Apr. 11, 1805.

Otis and Susan Baldwin of Townsend, int. Nov. 22, 1816.

Charlotte and Levi Barnard, Apr. 22, 1828.

Lucindia Elizebeth of Boxborough, and George Crouch, int. Mar. ––, 1837.

MORES (Moars, Moor, Moore, Moors)

Jonathan of Stow, and Deborah Houghton, int. Nov. 14, 1778.


Abel [of Groton. int.] and Polley Park, Sept. 16, 1793.

Rebeccah of Royalston, and Joshua Tucker, int. Sept. 28, 1828.

Edwin C. of Natick, s. Jesse and Betsey, b. in Natick, a. 30 y., and Mary A.B. Wilson, d. Robert G. and Rebecca, b. in Hopkinton, a. 27 y., int. Sept. 7, 1849.


Rebecca and William Longley Jr. of Shirley, in Shirley, Sept. 25, 1794.

MUNROE (Monroe, Munrow)

Abraham and Lydia Hapgood, Apr. 4, 1775.

Lydia and David Dickenson, Feb. 25, 1784.

Lydia and Jonathan Willard of Lancaster, Nov. 30, 1786.

Lydia and Ivory Longley of Shirley, Apr. 5, 1797.

Joseph and Polly Blanchard, Nov. 22, 1804.

Mary Ann and John Hapgood Jr., Sept. 27, 1829.

John, s. Joseph and Polly, a. 28 y., and Eliza A. Farnsworth, d. Samuel and Lydia, a. 19 y., Jan. 24, 1847.

MUNROW (Monroe, Munroe)

Ephraim [Dr. int.] and Mary [Mercy. int.] Atherton, in Lancaster, Jan. 12, 1778.


John Esq. and Elisabeth Chandler of Newburyport, int. Nov. 19, 1804.

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