Lucy Ellen [Naylor. dup.], d.Thomas and Emeline, May10, [13. dup.], 1844.


Phenihas, s.Elisha and Barshebe, June19,1726.

Nathan, s.Elisha and Bersheba, Dec.17,1728.

Martha, d, Elisha and Bershebe, May28,1731.

Samuell, s.Elisha and Bershabe, Feb.27,1736.

Jabez, s.Elisha and Bershabe, June14,1738.


Thomas, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.9,1732.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Tabotha, July7,1734.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.18,1734.

Elisabeth, d.Daniel and Tibithy, Feb.8,1736-7.

Phebe, d.Jonathan, and Hannah, Oct.25,1736.

Hiram, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.21,1737-8.

Dorothy, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.8,1740.

Esther, d.Jonathan and Hannah, July27,1742.

Phinihas, s.Daniel and Tabitha, Sept.38,1742.

Allen, s.Jon and Dorithy, July3,1743.

Samuel, s.Daniel and Tabitha, Aug.13,1744.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.2,1744.

John, s.John and Dorithy, Nov.26,1745.

Betty, d.John and Dorithy, Mar.14,1747-8.

Betty, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Sept.20,1747.

James, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, Jan.12,1756.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Oct.19,1757.

Daniel, s.Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth, July5,1760.

John, s.Daniel, Jr., and Elisabeth, Dec.11,1762.

Hiram, s.Hiram and Mary, May11,1764.

Joseph, s.Phineas,末蔓末,1765.DR

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth, June20,1765.

Artemas, s.Phineas末蔓末,1766.DR

Mary, d.Hiram, and Mary, June28,1768.

Persis, d.Phineas,末蔓末,1769.DR

Joshua, s.Hiram and Sarah, July3,1770.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mehitabel, Jan.7, [1771?].

Anna, d.Jonathan and Mehitabel, Nov.7,1772.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mehitable, Sept.19,1778.DR

末末, d.Jonathan and Mehitable, Aug.29,1781.DR

Maryann, d.Jonathan and Mary, Apr.27,1789.

末末, d.Joseph, June13,1789.DR

Hetty, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.6,1791. Sunday evening.

William, s.Jonathan and Mary, May19,1793. Sunday.

Morris, s.Thomas F. and Eunice, Oct.23,1799.

Mary Flagg, d.Thomas F. and Eunice, Mar.6,1801.

末末, s.Artemas, June23,1802.DR

Eliza Earle, d.William and Almira, Mar.17,1820.

Louisa Amanda, d.William and Almira, Dec.28,1821.

Mary Lyon, d.William and Almira, Jan.26,1824.

末末, d.Samuel, Dec.29,1826.DR

NEWTON (Nuton)

Francis, s.Phinias and Patence, Mar.21,1730-1.

Mercy, d.Ephraim and Christin, Oct.17,1730.

Pheb, d.Phinias and Patence, Mar.13,1732-3.

Artemas, s.Phinias and Patiance, Apr.5,1736.

Ezera, s.Phinias and Patiance, Sept.12,1737.

Vashti, d.Phinihas and Patiance, Sept.23,1739.

Millesent, d.Phinehas and Patiance, Oct.24,1741.

Ephraim, s.Nahum and Tabatha, Oct.2,1742.

Sarah, d.Nahum and Tabithy, July12,1744.

Silas, s.Phinihas and Patiance, Sept.26,1745.

Samuel, s.Nahum and Tabithy, Feb.6,1746.

Deliverance, d.Phinihas and Patiance, Jan.21,1747-8.

Mehitebil, d.Hezekiah and Unice, Feb.22,1748-9.

Prudence, d.Nahum and Tabithy, May21,1748.

Jotham, s.Nahum and Tabithy, Feb.27,1750-1.

Thadius, s.Phinihas and Patiance, May5,1750.

Lucy, d.Jedediah and Jemima, Nov.22,1758.

Mary, d.Jedediah and Jemima, Aug.6,1760.

末末, d.Ebenezer, Mar.20,1810.DR

Zelotes, s.Guy S., Mar.23,1814.DR

Delia, d.Guy Stafford, Dec.25,1815.DR

NICHOLS (Nickles)

Abigail, d.Caleb and Lucy, Mar.25,1750.

John, s.Caleb and Lucy, Mar.3,1752.

Lucy, d.Caleb and Lucy, Feb.22,1756.

Katharine, d.Caleb and Lucy, Oct.19,1757.

Mary, d.Caleb and Lucy, Dec.17,1759.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Lucy, July10,1761.

George, s.Rufus, Feb.6,1825.DR

末末, d.John, Mar.2,1840.DR

John Rufus, s.John D. and Lucy, Apr.20,1846.

NICKELS (Nichols)

Mitchel, s.Joshua and Ruth, June10, [1734?].


Cathorn, d.Joshua and Ruth, Mar.12,1721.

Caleb, s.Joshua and Ruth, Sept.30,1722.

Ruth, d.Joshua and Ruth, Apr. [6,1724 in another hand].

James, s.Joshua and Ruth, Mar.15,1725-6.

Abigail, d.Joshua and Ruth, Apr.17,1728.

Jemima, d.Joshua andRuthm Apr.9,1730.

NUTON (Newton)

Ruth, d.Phineus and Patuence, Aug.末, [1734?].

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