John, and Elisabath Gill, int.末蔓末,1730.


Elisabeth, and Robert Hunter, Nov.19,1730.

Sarah, and Aaron Willson of Brimfield, int.May10,1735.


Matthew, and Cynthia Sumner, int.Sept.13,1829.


John, and Sarah Taft, Apr.20,1786.


John, of Hubbardston, and Narcissa Earle, May5,1829.


Asa, and Hadassah Green, May末,1816.

John, of Hubbardston, and Narcissa Earle, May5,1829.

Jemima W., [d.Billings and Mary, a.20], and Theron E. Hall of Sutton, May8,1844.

Caroline, and Oliver Chase, int.Mar.30,1846.


Elizabeth, and Charles Warden of Worcester, Oct.18,1831.


Jeremiah, and Martha Gross, int.Dec.7,1751.

Martha, and Joseph Sargeant, Aug.15,1758.

John, [of Boston in int.], and Catherine Ryan, July3,1771.


Daniel P., and Elizabeth G. Hawes of Boston, int.Sept.末,1835.


Mehitable, of Sturbridge, and Jonathan Newhall, Jr., int.Apr.16,1771.


Jacob, of Sutton, and Mrs.Elianor Moore of Worcester, July4,1781.*


Mary Ann. and Frederick Webster, int.Sept.15,1849.


Joel, and Betsey Stetson, Dec.25,1806.

Warner, and Mary Alby, July9,1833.

Welcome S., and Harriet N. Jenneson of Paxton, int.May14,1837.

Avis K., and William Bond, Sept.5,1837.

Mary Maria, of Rutland, and Josephus Woodcock, int.Apr.14,1849.


Aaron F., [Marshall in int.] of Montreal, Canada, and Maria L. Howe, Mar.28,1842.


A.F., of Montreal, Lower Canada, and Frances M. Bigelow, Apr.22,1834.


Mary, of Paxton, and Samuel Dothety, int.Jan.30,1778.

Sirlinda, of Oxford, and Alden Bisco, int.Aug.17,1833.


William, Rev., of Castine, and Abigail Watson, Oct.3,1799.CR

Joseph, of Grafton, and Abigail E. Trask, int.May1,1836.

Abby, [E. in int.], and Josiah L. Woodward of Millbury, June18,1839.

Martha A., [d.C.C. and Hannah, a.21], and Cyrus Preston, both of South Hadley, Mar.3,1847.*


Lucy, of Spencer, and Benjamin Green, int.Nov.17,1754.


Hannah, [Masties in int.] and James Call, Mar.8,1757.


Hiram B., and Louisa Turner, int.Mar.27,1823.


Asahell, and Priscilla Upham, Oct.6,1791.


William, and Mary Snow, Aug.13,1741.

Mary, and Jonathan Stoddard of Spencer, Oct.25,1757.

David, of Spencer, and Mary Stoddard, int Feb.4,1764.

Sarah, of Spencer, and Lemuel Green, Oct.17,1771.

William, of Spencer, and Polly Snow, June26,1788.

Phebe, and James Whittemore, Jr., Oct.2,1791. [Int. is Nov.2.]

John S.W., and Delia Freeman of Sturbridge, int.Mar.17,1833.

Samuel, Rev., and Sarah Russell of Boston, int.Oct.18,1835.

Betsey, and Preston Carpenter, int.July19,1843.


Melliscent, of Sudbury, and Micah Whitney, July26,1764.

Lucy F., of Northborough, and Walter Paul, int.May30,1849.


Catherine, and Thomas Kent, int.Dec.29,1827.


Asa, and Hadassah Kingsbury of Spencer, int.July20,1828.


Elisa Jane, and Samuel C. Knight, July12,1835.


末末, [Jane McKelvane. int.], and George Smith of Rutland, June9,1752.

McFARLAND (McFarling)

Hannah, of Worcester, and William Watson, int.Oct.14,1806.

Daniel, and Sophia Sargent, Nov.25,1813.*

Horace, and Sophia McFarland, Feb.17,1822.

Sophia, [widow in int.], and Horace McFarlend, Feb.17,1822.

David, and Mary Livermore, Apr.9,1833.

Warren, and Jerusha White, June10,1834.

Marshall, and Lorinda A. Webber of Holland, int.Oct.5,1834.

Jacob Corey, and Elisa W. Fuller, Dec.26,1837.


Elenar, of Worcester, and Elexander Calhoon, int.Nov.26,1758.


Ann, of Boston, and Michael Hayes of Clappville, int.May6,1849.


Martha, of Charlton, and John Chard, int.Dec.21,1800.

Peter, of Charlton, and Altheda Trumbal, Nov.9,1815.


John, [McLelathan in int.] of Hamilton, NY, and Chloe Converse, Dec.27,1803.


Margaret, and Thomas Pike, int.Nov.1,1843.


Mary, and Rosell Livermore, both of Spencer, Sept.13,1813.*

McNISH (Nash)


Daniel M., of Litchfield, NH, and Alice Briant, Dec.16,1818.


Sally, widow, of Midford, and Abel Green, int.Oct.15,1817.

Marshall S., and Mrs.Terzah W. Bemis of Spencer, int.Dec.9,1842.


Jane, and Thomas Connor, int.Feb.10,1848.


Louisa, and Lewis Le Claire, int.May11,1849.


Rheuben, and Eliza J. Tainter, Nov.1,1821.

Silas, of Sutton, widr., and Harriet p. Watson, Nov.2,1843.

James L, of Oxford, [s.Samuel and 末末, a.23], and Angeline Rockwood, Dec.2,1845.

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Asa, of Oxford, and Mary Lincoln, int.Apr.末,1778.

Sarah, of Oxford, North Gore, and Samuel Denny, Jan.26,1809.

David E., of Boston, and Jane S. Trask, Oct.18,1842.


Ruth, and Levi Silvester, Dec.5,1745.

Mary, and Timothy Capen, Apr.2,1751.

Hinnery, and Abiah Thompson, both of the County Gore, int.Apr.29,1753.

Joseph, and Mary Farnsworth, int.Dec.24,1753.

Ruth, and Joshua Silvester, June1,1758.

Mary, and John Warson, Apr.15,1759.

Rachel, [Merritt in int.], and Benjamin Saunderson, Jr., Nov.12,1761.

Hannah, and Thomas Sawen. Jan.7,1773.

Freelove, and Phinehas Convers, int.June8,1776.

Hannah, of Ware, and Jacob Bond, int.Dec.14,1792.


Hannah, widow, of Oakham, and Nathan Lamb, int.Sept.7,1787.

Aaron, and Lucy Seagrave of Uxbridge, int.Sept.12,1841.

MEUNCHOR (Munchor)

Joseph, Rev., and Ruth Washington, Nov.21,1825.


Thomas, [Thomas K. Mitchell in int.], and [Lydia G.] White, May24,1816.

MILER (Miller)

Peter, [Millor of Vollintown in int.], and Barbera Miller, Nov.23,1738.


John, Rev., of Grafton, and Polly Denny, May1,1798.CR

Asa, Dr., of Westminster, and Ruth Henshaw, Feb.14,1804.

Ruth, and Rev. Ezekiel L. Bascom of Gerry, Feb.26,1806.*

Charles E., of Shrewsbury, and Catherine Denny, May1,1833.


Barbera, [], and Peter Miler, Nov.23,1738.

Sophia, and James York, int.Jan.30,1847.

Sophia, [d.Peter and Louisa, a.24], and John Langdon, Jan.1,1848.


Stephen C, Rev., and Sarah F. Appleton of Marblehead, int.Apr.21,1833.


Hannah, [Minite in int.] and Jacob Stoddard, Nov.20,1744.

MIRIAN (Meriam, Merriam)

Sarah Oxford, and John Crowl, Jr., int.Dec.17,1762.


Edward W., and Hellen Robinson of Dudley, int.Feb.26,1848.


Sumner, of Oxford, and Adelia Bridges, int.Mar.10,1833.


Samuel, [Munday in int.] and Jenny Leonard, Nov.6,1787.


Elnathan, of Woodstock, and Deborah Thompson of the County Gore, July23,1744.*


Lydia, and William Nichols, int.Sept.13,1835.

MOOR (Moore, More, Mores)

Elephalet, [Eliphelet More in dup.], of Pomphrit, and Mary Silvester, Nov.27,1745.

Samuel, of Worcester, and Baty Newhall, int.Apr.13,1746.

Thomas, of Worcester, and Ruth Nickols, int.Nov.23,1746.

Catherine, of North Brookfield, and Ery? Chilson, int.Mar.16,1822.


Ephraim, of Worcester, and Elizabeth Gerfield, int.June21,1747.

David, and Elanar Rice of Worcester, int.Feb.23,1755.

Sarah, of Worcester, and John Morse, Nov.28,1764.

Martha, and John Goodwin, both of Worcester, Feb.11,1773.*

Thaddeus, of Worcester, and Tabitha Green, Dec.11,1777.

Pliny, of Paxton, and Hannah Knight, int.June6,1781.

Elianor, Mrs., of Worcester, and Jacob Mar. of Sutton, July4,1781.*

Lidea, [Lydia of Worcester in int.], and James Snow, Jan.2,1783.

Aaron, and Esther Hubbard, int.Oct.30,1784.

Zephaniah, Rev., Swift, and Phebe Drury of Ward, int.Jan.4,1799.

Roxa, of Paxton, and Artemas Howe, Nov.10,1807.CR

William G., and Mary Fuller of Needham, int.Sept.5,1829.

Samuel H., and Lucretia D. Parish, int.Oct.6,1833.

MORE (Moor, Moore, Mores)

Mary, and Stephen Fish, Jr., of Uxbridg, int.Mar.21,1756.


Isiaac, and Hannah Newhall, int.Mar.9,1722-3.

MORGAN (Morgin)

Isaac, of Spencer, and Abigail Tucker, int.Sept.3,1763.

Frederick, and Persis Holbrook of Peru, int.Sept.12,1818.

Persis, and Charles Turner, int.July1,1820.


Andrew, and Martha Jackson, int.Oct.5,1754.


William H., and Sybel Watson of Spencer, int Feb.25,1825.


Stephen, and Mary Haven of Sudbury, int.Sept.8,1751.

John, and Sarah Moore of Worcester, Nov.28,1764.

Isaac, [of Worcester in int.], and Hannah Sawin, May26,1776.

Artimas, and Mary Johnson of Worcester, Sept.2,1779.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Lawrence of Rentham, int.Sept.18,1779.

Keziah, Mrs., and Francis Pike, both of Paxton, May30,1781.*

Joseph W., of Oakham, and Mrs, Susannah Lamb, Apr.12,1808.CR

Isabelle, and Harry Ward, int.Jan.7,1809.

Susanna, Mrs., and Samuel Grout of Westborough, Feb.6,1811.CR

Polly, of Holden, and Samuel Tenny, int.May15,1813.

Betsey, and Thomas Sprague, int.Feb.5,1814.

Aaron, and Mary Denny, May1,1815.

Harriet, and Samuel Newhall of Spencer, June末,1823.

George W., and Betsey Babbit of North Brookfield, int.Aug.25,1827.

Jonas N., of Wayland, and Sarah H. Scott, Mar.10,1842.


Emely, and William Santy of Meriden, CT, int.Dec.17,1848.


Dolly, of Paxton, and Loring Lincoln, int.Oct.5,1770.

Ephraim, Jr., and Huldah Hearsey, int.Oct.12,1770.

Samuel, Jr., and Nancy Leach, both of Worcester, Dec.30,1770.*

Thomas, and Anna Brown of Worcester, int.Sept.12,1772.

John, and Thankfull Brown, June8,1785.

Sally, and Charles Chandler of Worcester, int.Sept.16,1796.

Roxa, of Paxton, and Artemas Howe, int.Oct.4,1807.


Lydia, of Brookfield, and George Lancton, int.Nov.9,1834.


Joshua, Jr., [s.Joshua and Clarissa, a.33, widr.], and Julia T. Hurd, Jan.10,1849.


Felix, and Susan Connor, int.Nov.25,1838.


Persis, [d.Daniel and Persis, a.20], and Benjamin F. Newton of Southborough, Oct.6,1846.*


Amos, [of Spencer in int.], and Sarah Snow, June10,1784.

Edmund, and Sarah Dwight, Nov.24,1785.

Daniel, and Persis Haven, May10,1807.CR

Nathan, and Nancy Sibley of Ward, int.Aug.24,1816.

Emely, and Jason W. Whitney, both of Medway, Apr.5,1837.*

Caroline, and Ebenezer Proctor of Warwick, Oct.6,1840.

Mary, and William A. Hixon, Oct.6,1840.

Esther G., and Elisha P. Perry of North Brookfield, Apr.6,1841.

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