Uloyetta, and Rev. Dexter Potter, int.June11,1837.


Stephen, and Wid.Eunice Newhall, May13,1802.

Hannah W., of Spencer, and Pliny Snow, int.June21,1828.


Ebenezer, of Upton, and Ezeube Brown, int.Dec.9,1753.


Duty, and Elizabeth E. Woodward of Ware, int.Mar.17,1839.

Emery M., s.David & Althea, a.22, and Sarah A. Fletcher, both of Ware, Mar.10,1845.*


Jane, and Robert M. Nash of Oxford, Oct.9,1837.

Aaron, of Worcester, s.Reuben & Mary, a.21, and Harriet A. Cogswell, Sept.2,1846.

SANDERSON (Sandson, Saunderson)

Prudence, and Joshua Smith, Aug.30,1732.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Green, Feb.8,1736-7.

Tabathy, and Nahum Newton, Feb.30,1741.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Whitney, Mar.28,1745.

Mary, and Joseph Call, Oct.22,1766.

Hannah, jr, and John Sanderson of Hartford, NY, int.Feb.17,1769.

John, of Hartford, NY, and Hannah Sanderson, Jr., int.Feb.17,1769.

Hannah, [widow in int.], and Benjamin Dix of Sturbridge, Mar.11,1772.

Ebenezer, and Abigail Upham of Spencer, int.May17,1777.


Hezekiah, [Sanderson in int.] and Elizabeth Pain, Aug.24,1780.


Dorcas, of Woodstock, and Nahum Green, int.Oct.21,1750.


William, of Meriden, CT, and Emely Morway, int.Dec.17,1848.

SARGEANT (Sargent, Sergeant, Serjeant, Serjent)

Mary, of Maldon, and Nathan Sargeant, int, Dec.27,1741.

Nathan, and Mary Sargeant of Maldon, int.Dec.27,1741.

Jonathan, Jr., and Mary Earl, Jan.24,1750,

Lucresha, [Lucretia in int.], and Pliny Lawton, June18,1750.

Nathaniel, and Anne Gerfield, int.Sept.2,1753.

Deborah, and Thomas Newhall, Jr., July1,1756.

Joseph, and Martha Mansfield, Aug.15,1758.

Samuel, and Deborah Sylvester, Jan.13,1772.

Phinehas, and Abigail Dunbar, Mar.20,1772.

Mary, and David Henshaw, Feb.17,1773, [1774?].

Nathan, Jr., of Paxton, and Mary Wait, int.Mar.16,1774.

Mary, and Timothy Sprague, June17,1774.

Mary, and Daniel Hubbard, Feb.22,1776.

Eleanor, and John Southgate, int.Aug.11,1776.

Thomas, and Sarah Denny, int.Jan.17,1778.

Abigail, and Jonathan Brown of Brimfield, int.Mar.24,1[778?].

William, and Rachel Todd, Jan.7,1779.*

Sarah, and William Sprague, Apr.24,1783.

Joseph, [Jr. in int.], and Mary Denny, May6,1783.*

Elizabeth, and John Barmen, int.May18,1785.

Sarah, and Seth Washburn, Esq., Apr.30,1788.

Catherine, and Amos Livermore, June3,1790.

Katherine, and Amos Livermore of Spencer, June3,1790.

Lucretia, and Thomas Denny, Dec.25,1791.

Hannah, and William Waite, May27,1792.

Stephen, and Lory Blanchard, Apr.11,1794.

Phinehas, and Polly Kinsberry of Oxfrod, int.Oct.9,1794.

Anna, [Sergeant on int.], and John Hayward of Sutton, July1,1795.

Mercy, [Marcy in int.], and Micah Reed of Westmoreland, NH, Feb.14,1796.

Stephen, and Lucy Blanchard, Apr.11,1799.

Betsey, and David Andrews of Boylston, Dec.28,1806.*

Samuel, Jr., and Betsey Willson of Paxton, int.Sept.24,1811.

William, and Olive Winch, Nov.23,1812.

SARGENT (Sargeant, Serjeant, Serjent)

Nathan, [Sergent in int.], and Mary Denny, Feb.12,1750-1.

Anna, widow, and Samuel Steel, int.June30,1775.

Samuel, and Mary Washburn, Oct.11,1781.

Lucretia C., and Levi Dunton, May31,1809.CR

Charlotte, and John Pike, Jr., Apr.15,1810.CR

Eleanor, and Elisha Pike, Nov.25,1810.CR

Henry, and Elizabeth Denny, June2,1812.

Sophia, and Daniel McFarland, Nov.25,1813.*

Asa, and Charlotte Earle, Dec.19,1813.

Rebecca, and Lewis Cutting, Oct.21,1816.

Joseph D., Col., and Mindwell Jones of Spencer, int.Mar.14,1818.

John, and Grace Denny, wid., Aug.5,1818.

Ann, [Anna in int.], and Ebenezer A. Howard, Mar.11,1819.

Sally, [Sarah in int.], and John A. Smith, Nov.9,1820.

Evelina, and Simon Phileps, Dec.11,1822.

John, of Spencer, and Hannah Bond, int.Dec.29,1823.

Sewell, and Laura Woodsworth of Weston, int.May13,1825.

Almira, and Silas Boyington of Enfield, Apr.3,1832.

John, and Mary Snow, Jan.27,1835.

Sarah G., of Barre, and Roswell Bemis, int.Mar.1,1835.

Mary S., and Isaac R. Worcester of Newark, NJ, Nov.16,1835.

John, and Abigail Ware of Needham, int.Mar.20,1842.

Sophia, and William Bogs of New York, June10,1842.

Lucy B., [d.Joseph and Mindwell, a.22], and E.W. Rupert of Louisville, KY, Oct.1,1846.

Homer E., [s.Asa and Charlotte, a.26], and Maria Bottomly, Feb.3,1848.

Elizabeth, [d.Henry and Elizabeth, a.25], and Dr. Alfred Lambert of Springfield, Sept.27,1849.


Benjamin, Jr., [Sanderson in int.] and Rachel Merritt, Nov.12,1761.

Elizabeth, [Sanderson in int.] and Ebenezer Call, Jan.15,1766, [1767?].


Thomas, [of Belchertown in int.], and Hannah merrit, Jan.7,1773.


Hannah, [widow in int.], and Isaac Morse, May26,1776.


John, and Mary Wheat of Spencer, int.Jan.31,1836.

Henry, and Julia Ann Wallis of Charlton, int.Apr.21,1838.


Andrew, and Sarah [Salle in int.] Hinshaw, Nov.23,1780.


Genit [Genet. int.], and James Tomson in Winsor, Nov.8,1733.

Elizabeth, [Scoot in int.], and Hugh Cunningham, Dec.2,1742.

Matthew, [Scot in int.], and Martha Lockard, Jan.2,1745-6.

Rebeckah, and James Browning of Rutland, Jan.15,1756.

Nathaniel, and Eunice Woods, int.Jan.2,1762.

Thomas, and Mary Livermore, Jan.3,1766.

Margaret, and Benjamin Leviston, Feb.23,1769.

Elizabeth, [Scot in int.], and David Sloan, June2,1774.

Martha, and George Berry of Colerain, int.Dec.13,1776.

Patty, and Asa Green, Apr.3,1788.

Rebeckah, [Rebeccah in int.], and Simon Phillips, Apr.13,1791.

Asa, of Ward, and Betsey Harwood, June26,1796.

Thomas, Jr., of Ward, and Elizabeth Howard, Nov.1,1798.CR

Andrew, Jr., and Mary Curtis, Feb.14,1805.

William H., and Persis Earle,末蔓末, [int.Nov.16], 1811.

David, of Ward, and Widow Betsy Trask, int.Feb.10,1825.

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Kenworthy, int.Nov.3,1827. [Forbidden.]

Sarah H., and Jonas N. Morse of Wayland, Mar.10,1842.

Eliza E., [C. in int.] [d.William and Persis], and William F. Lacount of Woodstock, VT, Nov.21,1843.

Mary C., [d.William and Persis, a.21], and Samuel M. Stedman, Nov.27,1845.

Catherine E., of Concord, [d.William H. and Persis E., a.30], and Horace P. Prow of Northfield, Sept.7,1849.*


Oliver, [Seger in int.], and Lydia Clark, July12,1749.

Ephraim, and Katey Sprowl, Mar.10,1773.*


Lucy, of Uxbridge, and Aaron Metcalf, int.Sept.12,1841.

SEAVER (Sevar)

Mary, and Hiram Newhall, int.Oct.21,1761.


Sally, and Thomas Blanchard of Millbury, Jan.1,1815.


Christopher, and Mary Chaffe, int.Dec.25,1834.


Phinehas, and Mary Eason of Simsbury, CT, int.Nov.13,1766.

John, and Sally Gates of Worcester, int.Mar.11,1783.


Debberah, and James Earle, int.June末,1780.

SERJEANT (Sargeant, Sarjent)

Ruth, and William Henshaw, Feb.4,1762.

Lydia, and Johnson Watson, Mar.29,1764.

Tabitha, and John Hucker, May25,1769.

SEVAR (Seaver)

Margaret, and Isaac Lynde, int.Aug.13,1762.


Jacob, and Dorothy Lamb, June10,1742.

Jacob, and Anne Felten of Rutland, int.Feb.11,1753.

Mercy, and William Drewry, both of Spencer, June22,1762.*

Dorothy, and John Hill of Spencer, Dec.10,1767.

Lydia, of Paxton, and Jabez Newhall, int.Mar.7,1768.

Mary, [Sarah in int.], and David Goddard, Jan.17,1770.*

Ruth, and Edward Goddard, Jan.17,1771.

Dorothy, and Thaddeus Earll, int.Mar.9,1774.

Nehemiah, and Lucy Sprague, June8,1783.

John B., and Mary Ann Laflin, June17,1827.

Mary, and James Hollingworth, int.Mar.21,1830.

Ann, and Edward Graton of Southbridge, May30,1839.


Hubbard, and Ann W. Doane of North Brookfield, int.Mar.6,1830.


Demon, and Esther How, both of Worcester, Mar.5,1773.*

Judith, of Killingly, and James Trumbel. int.Jan.25,1783.


Eliza, and John Holland, July26,1826.

Fanny, and Hiram Corbin, int.Oct.6,1833.

Jane, [Mary Jane Shepard in int.], and Charles Earle, Apr.10,1843.

Julia Ann, and William W. Bishop, int.Nov.1,1845.


Ann Jane, of Webster, and Harvey Stearns, int.Feb.8,1840.


Elisha W., and Melissa D. Olds of Southbridge, int.Aug.18,1839.


Comfort, of Charlton, and John Parker, int.Sept.24,1798.

Susan, [d.Samuel and Hannah, a.18], and Nathan Holman, Nov.18,1846.


Nancy, of Ward, and Nathan Muzzy, int.Aug.24,1816.

Ruphus, [Rufus in int.], of Millbury, and Nancy Tainter, Apr.15,1817.

Jonathan, [John in int.], of Millbury, and Roxa Tanter, Dec.25,1817.

Harriet, of Spencer, and Charles Denny, int.Mar.14,1818.

Simeon, [Cimeon in int.], and Sally Watson of Spencer, Nov.15,1818.

Betsey, of Dudley, and William Hudson, int.Apr.10,1836.

Parmelia, [Pamelia in int.], and Otis Whittemore, Dec.16,1837.

Simeon, and Hannah Chickery of Sturbridge, int.Jan.19,1840.

Almira, [Elmira in int.], and Christopher Wheaton, Aug.11,1841.

Charles, and Cynthia Jane Snow, Apr.5,1843.

Porter D., [s.Daniel and Hepsibath, a.22], and Jane M. Cooley, July4,1845.

SILVESTER (Sylvester)

Hannah, and Samuel Tucker, June19,1740.

Mary, and Elephelet Moor of Pomphrit, Nov.27,1745.

Levi, and Ruth Merrit, Dec.5,1745.

Peter, and Deborah Torrey, Feb.26,1750-1.

Deborah, and Francis Dodge, int.Sept.22,1754.

Joshua, and Ruth Merrit, June1,1758.

Ezra, and Hannah Henry, Nov.1,1787.

Joshua, and Amey Chase of Mendon, int.Apr.22,1789.

Ichabod, and Patience Capen of Spencer, int.Feb.20,1794.

John, and Olive Beers, int.Mar.21,1801.

Amos, and Sally Osland of Paxton, May15,1808.

Olive, 2d, and Rufus Upham of Hubbardston, Oct.8,1812.

Ruth, and Peter Holden, Dec.20,1812.

Polly, and Samuel Osland of Paxton, int.Sept.17,1815.

Betsey, and Erastus Wheaton, int.Nov.2,1817.

Joseph, and Polly Holden, Dec.25,1817.

Evelina Almira, of Rutland, and Increase S. Smith, int.Oct.29,1824.

Olive, [Alice in dup.], and John Borman of Winchendon, Mar.10,1825.

Deborah, and Emery Holbrook of Worcester, Mar.30,1830.

Oliton, [C. int.], and Betsey Knight, July19,1830.

William, and Terzah Converse of North Brookfield, int.May22,1831.

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Hinds of North Brookfield, Nov.17,1831.


William, and Harriot Smith of Worcester, int.Feb.21,1812.

Clarissa W., and George W. Elkins, Mar.30,1840.

Sarah, [S. in int.], and David Daniel S. Burges of Worcester, Aug.11,1841.


Elizabeth, of Spencer, and John Ryan [a foreigner], int.Jan.6,1764.


Harriet, [Singers in int.] [d.Robert and Sarah, a.26], and Edward James, Oct.29,1845.


Sarah, widow, of Oxford, and John Hart, int.Oct.7,1775.


Agnes, [Agness in int.], and William Brethenridge of Kingston so called, Dec.10,1746.


Ann, and John Cunningham, Mar.27,1739.


Mercy, and Antipas Earl, int.Mar.21,1761.

Samuel, of Paxton, and Sarah Anthony, int.June6,1814.


Peter Jr., and Nancy Holmes of New Braintree, int.Apr.23,1814.


David, [Sloane in int.] [of Pelham in int.], and Elizabeth Scott, June2,1774.


James, and Darcos Richardson, Mar.13,1729.

Susannah, and Jonathan Pratt of Oxford, int.Feb.8,1730.

Mehitable, and Joseph Potter, int.Mar.19,1731-2.

Joshua, and Prudence Sanderson, Aug.30,1732.

Samuel, and Sary Converse of Woburn, int.Nov.22,1735.

Elisabeth, and David Prouty, May11,1739.

Abraham, and Zerviah How of Marlborough, int.Aug.10,1740.

Susannah, and Isaac Bolster of Uxbridge, Feb.4,1742.

Zebediah, of Sunderland, and Barsheba Newton, int.Dec.25,1743.

Jonathan, and Hannah Wells, int.Apr.21,1745.

Lucy, [Leucy in int.], and Caleb Nickols, Apr.23,1745.

Zebediah, of Sunderland, and Bethsheba Newton, Mar.30,1748-9.

James, and Rebeccah Richardson, int.Jan.13,1750-1.

Abell, and Mary Worster, int.May20,1750.

James, of Rutland, and Margaret Lockert, June5,1750.

Dorcas, [widow in int], and Samuel Lynd, July5,1750.

James, and Zerviah Hubbard of Worcester, int.May12,1751.

Dorcas, and Benjamin Ellece, int.June2,1751.

Abegail, and Israel Hinds, int Dec.1,1751.

Abigail, and John Lamb of Spencer, Apr.21,1752.

George, of Rutland, and Jane McElvain, June9,1752.

Zeviah, and Nathan Whittemor, int.July24,1757.

Joshua, and Hannah Pratt, Jan.25,1758.

Zaviah, of Worcester, and Jacob Upham, int.Mar.5,1758.

Deborah, and Elijah How, June24,1759.

Miriam, and David Newton of Rutland, May13,1762.

Nathaniel, and Lucy Lynde, int.Aug.14,1762.

Ebenezer, and Anna Rice of Spencer, int.Aug.29,1767.

Zeruiah, and Asa Waite, Oct.10,1771.*

Lucretia, of Spencer, and Thomas Dunbar, int.July22,1773.

James, [of Palmer in int.], and Dolly Watson, June2,1774.

Lucy, and Thomas Ellinwood of Brimfield, int.Apr.23,1784.

Patty, of Paxton, and William Denny, int.Aug.2,1788.

Alice, and Winsor Drury, Mar.20,1791.*

Azubah, and Jabez Knight of Shrewsbury, int.Oct.1,1791.

Mary, wid., resident of Oxford, and William Richardson, int.Jan.14,1792.

Polly, of Rutland, and Thomas Hersey, int.Dec.5,1795.

Methia, Mrs., of Rehoboth, and Reuben Swan, int.Apr.9,1802.

Lavina, and George Day of Boston, June25,1807.CR

Alpheus, and Mrs.Persis Earle, Nov.8,1808.CR

Betsey, and Artemas Ward, [int.Aug.4],末蔓末,1811

Bradley, and Sally Pierce of Paxton, int.Sept.19,1813.

James, and Maria Denny, Feb.20,1815.

Fanny, of Holden, and John Briant, int.Nov.18,1815.

Harriot, of Worcester, and William Simmons, int.Nov.18,1815.

Horace, and Elvira Livermore of Spencer, int.July1,1820.

John A., and Sally Sargent, Nov.9,1820.

Horace, and Nancy Witt of Charlton, int.Nov.2,1823.

Increase S., and Evelina Almira Silvester of Rutland, int.Oct.29,1824.

Elisha, Rev., Goodrich, [Elisur G. in int.], of Ogdensburg, NY, and Adeline Denny, Sept.13,1830.

Adeline, of Paxton, and Joseph E. Allen, int.May18,1834.

Sarah, and George W. Barnard, int.Aug.19,1837.

Elisa E., [Eliza in int.], and William P. White, Oct.4,1837.

Olover, and Lucy Clapp of Walpole, int.Aug.26,1838.

Sylvander, [A. int.], of Leominster, and Margret Woodruff, Nov.1,1842.

Burrett A., [Burritt in int.], [s.Abraham E. and Maria, a.28], and Mary G. Colburn, May7,1849.

I. Sargent, and L. Lincoln Davis, int.Dec.23,1849.


Mary, and William May, Aug.13,1741.

Daniel, [Jr. in int.], and Sarah Cobbet, Apr.2,1747.

Rachel, and James Cappen, int.Dec.9,1750.

Nathan, and Elizabeth Blancher, int.June9,1751.

Rachel, and John Cumings, Dec.14,1752.

Thomas, and Thankfull Bellows, Oct.19,1756.

Daniel, and Lydia Witt, int.Nov.27,1757.

Jonathan, and Elaner Stoddard of Spencer, int.Mar.5,1758.

Daniel, and Dorcas Ginnings of Brookfield, int.Apr.23,1758.

Abigail, and Elisha Taylor of South Hadley, Jan.30,1759.

Warren, and Anne Harvey, in a gore land bet. Shrewsbury and Choxet, int.May27,1759.

Deborah, and Marton Warner, Aug.21,1759.

Mehitabel, and Eseck Earl of Rutland, int.Aug.13,1762.

James, and Lidea Moore, Jan.2,1783.

Sarah, and Amos Muzzy, June10,1784.

Abner, and Hannah Watson of Brookfield, int.Oct.11,1784.

Edmund, and Peggy Watson, Apr.9,1786.

Seth, and Asenath Bridges of Spencer, int.Sept.27,1786.

Polly, and William May of Spencer, June26,1788.

Betsey, and Daniel Sumner, Jan.28,1790.

Thomas, and Wid.Sarah Willson of Paxton, July4,1792.

Rebeccah, of Paxton, and Josiah Willington, Nov.3,1796.

Nathan, of Paxton, and Betsey Dyer, int.Aug.7,1802.

Sally, and Paul Livermore, Mar.16,1808.CR

Nathan, and Mary Burt of Greenwich, int.Aug.30,1808.

Thomas, and Nancy Prouty of Spencer, int.Dec.17,1812.

Roxa, and John Grout, Sept.9,1813.

Hariot, and Thomas Wayson of Spencer, Aug.16,1818.

Lyel, of Brookfield, and Sally Hovey, int.Nov.5,1818.*

Abner, Jr., and Lydia Bemis of Paxton, int.July24,1823.

Pliny, and Hannah W. Sadler of Spencer, int.June21,1828.

Martha, of Holden, and Henry Wheeler, int.Oct.末,1829.

Adeline, [A. in int.], and Albertt Lackey of Dover, Aug.23,1830.

Sophronia, of Paxton, and Zephaniah Bond, Oct.13,1830.*

Mary Ann, and John Sargent, Jan.27,1835. In Templeton.

Elceney M., of Spencer, and Ezra Bennett, Jr., int.Sept.22,1839.

Cynthia Jane, and Charles Sibley, Apr.5,1843.


Mary, and Daniel Livermore, int.Mar.5,1731-2.

Sarah, and John Stebings, July24,1732.

Dinah, and Tom Green, ["Dr. Green's negro man and Mr. Richard Southgate's negro woman"], int.Feb.26,1737-8.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Waitt, Dec.1,1737.

Richard, and Unice Brown, Jan.22,1740-1.

James, Jr., and Dorothy Lincoln, Sept.24,1741.

Richard, Jr., and Sarah Sprague, June2,1762.

Sarah, and Azariah Dickinson of Hadley, int.Dec.24,1763.

Isaac, and Rebecca Brown, July31,1769.

Isaac, and Eunice White of Charlton, int.May12,1771.

Elijah, and Patty Hastings of Shrewsbury, int.Nov.14,1773.

John, and Eleanor Sargeant, int.Aug.11,1776.

Jonas, and Mary Whitney of Grafton, int.June15,1782.

Betsey, and Nathaniel Beers, Mar.4,1790.

James, of Bridgewater, VT, and Polly Upham, int.Jan.15,1795.

Judah, and Susannah Taylor of Spencer, int.Mar.5,1798.

Eunice, and Sylvanus Earle, Nov.27,1800.

Susannah, and David Bond, Oct.4,1801.

Samuel, and Hannah Waite, Dec.31,1801.

Eliza, and Jacob Bigelow of Montreal, Oct.末,1820.

Louisa, and George Blood of Sterling, June30,1828.

Harriet N., and George Bowen, Oct.5,1828.

John P., and Sarah Swan, May21,1829.

Samuel, Jr., and Charlotte W. Fuller, Dec.28,1831.


Amasa, and Polly Richardson, May27,1810.

Eusebia, and Ezra Kent, int.Dec.14,1811.


Elizabeth, and Benjamin P. Childs, Jr., of Springfield, int.Jan.7,1827.


Lucinda, of Oxford, and James Baldwin, 2d, int.Apr.2,1806.


Mary, and John Cortis, Dec.12,1734.

Calvin, of Boston, and Sally Flint, Sept.16,1807.CR

Julia M., [d.Calvin and Julia, a.21], and Erich F.C. Plump of Jefferson City, MO, May28,1845.


Betsey, of Hartland, VT, and David Denny, int.Dec.25,1790.


Israel, and Phebe Hascy, Mar.25,1762.

Sarah, and Richard Southgate, Jr., June2,1762.

Anthony, of Spencer, and Sarah Harper, Sept.20,1764.

Sarah, and Daniel Upham, July29,1766.

Asa, and Martha Willson, Mar.11,1773.*

Timothy, and Mary Sargeant, June17,1774.

William, and Sarah Sargeant, Apr.24,1783.

Lucy, and Nehemiah Shaw, June8,1783.

Mary, and Peter Sylvester, Oct.12,1783.

Hosea, and Elizabeth Charles of Brimfield, int.June26,1784.

Polly, and Jonathan Knight, Jr., Mar.22,1798.

Knight, Jt., and Rebecca Barton, Apr.2,1801.

John, and Sally Hubbard, July12,1801.

Roxa, and Thomas Edmonds, Jr., of Charleston, MA, Oct.21,1805.

Laura, and Benjamin Edmands of Charlestown, Nov.21,1808.CR

Joshua, Ens., and Lucy Haynes, Apr.30,1809.CR

Deborah, and Thomas Sprague, Jr., May27,1810.CR*

Thomas, Jr., and Deborah Sprague, May27,1810.CR*

Charles, and Hannah Loring of Spencer, int.Apr.18,1813.

Roswell, and Mahitable Hobart, Aug.24,1813.

Thomas, and Betsey Morse, int.Feb.5,1814.

Betsy, and Stephen Trask, May19,1818.

Otis, and Catherine H. Denny, Jan.末,1821.

Eliza E., and Henry A. Denny, Apr.14,1825.

Alice, and Stephen Wily of Charlestown, Sept.4,1828.

Martha U., and Phineas Waite, Apr.28,1829.

Sarah, and Orion Green, Apr.28,1830.

Elizabeth, and Matthew C. Connel, May20,1834.

Harriet M., and Edwin D. Fowler of Uxbridge, May3,1836.*

Tirzah C., and William G. Chafee, May3,1836.

Clarissa, and Rufus Green, of Belchertown, July4,1839.

Cynthia, and Rufus Green, both of Springfield, Aug.11,1842.*

Asahel B., of Spencer, [s.James and 末末, a.35], and Martha B. Warren, Oct.10,1844.

Martha, [d.Austin and Laura, a.20], and Albert Watson, Nov.20,1846.

Harriet H., and Nathan B. Ellis of Worcester, int.Dec.11,1846.

Lucy A., [d.Austin and Laura, a.19], and Joseph W. Denny, Aug.31,1847.

Charles, [s.James and Chloe, a.63y., widr.], and Selina H. White, Feb.27,1848.

Erving, [s.Thomas and Betsy, a.27], and Ruth W. Bryant, Apr.4,1848.


Katey, and Ephraim Seager, Mar.10,1773.*


Ruth, [Standley in int.], [d.Wells and 末末望, and George C. Holden of Worcester, Dec.12,1843.


Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Hooper of Oakham, Oct.26,1823.


Sarah, of Killinslee, and Jesse Wooddart, int.Jan.26,1751-2.

STEAL (Steel)

Sally, and Caleb Hitchcock of Brookfield, int.Aug.21,1782.


Nathaniel, and Phebe Upham, May3,1772.

Sarah, Mrs., and Isaac Grout, Apr.27,1784.

Harvey, and Ann Jane Shields of Webster, int.Feb.8,1840.


Sarah, and Joseph Begelow of Framingham, Apr.30,1756.

Sarah, and Thomas Wheeler, Aug.29,1825.

STEBENS (Stibbins)

Elizabeth, of Spencer, and Daniel Newhall, Jr., Mar.17,1755.


John, and Sarah Southgate, July24,1732.


Lemuel, and Elvira Warner of Ware, int.Dec.13,1835.

Samuel M., [s.Lemuel and Hannah, a.25], and Mary C. Scott, Nov.27,1845.

STEEL (Steal)

Elizabeth, and John Honeywood, int.Apr.18,1761.

Samuel, and Anna Sargent, [widow], int.June30,1775.


James, [of Middletown in int.], and Margarit Loudin, Feb.13,1739-40.


Avelina, and Stephen Trask, Dec.21,1800.

Laban, and Abigail Greaton, Mar.4,1801.

Betsey, and Joel Marsh, Dec.25,1806.

Minerva, of Ashfield, and Eber Bond, int.Nov.21,1808.


Polly, and Willard Woodard, int.Aug.6,1814.

Lucetta, and Amos Whittemore, Apr.22,1832.


Daniel, and Lidya Cutten, int.Mar.13,1747-8.


John, and Mary Hinds of Brookfield, int.June2,1743.


Abigail, and John Lyon, Jr., Sept.16,1792.


Evelina, and Homer Cunningham, Apr.10,1838.

Thurlow, [s.Samuel, a.54, widr.], and Susan G. Newton, June8,1849.


Peter, of Worcester, and Mary E. Russel, int.Mar.17,1839.


Mary, of Sutten, and Capt. Nathaniel Green, int.Dec.14,1755.

William, Jr., of Northampton, and Clarissa Whittemore, May27,1826.


Rachel, and Newhall Earll, Feb.21,1759.


Jacob, and Hannah Minet, Nov.20,1744.

Jonathan, [Jacob in int.], of Spencer, and Mary May, Oct.25,1757.

Elaner, of Spencer, and Jonathan Snow, int.Mar.5,1758.

Jonathan, of Spencer, and Elizabeth Baldwin, int.Jan.13,1760.

Mary, and David May of Spencer, int.Feb.4,1764.


Rachel, and Marthaw Craford, int.Feb.24,1750.


Marcie, of Watertown, and David Goddard, int.Apr.25,1736.

Jonathan, [of Framingham in int.], and Elizabeth Lamb, Oct.25,1739.

Peirces, and Israel Ball of Spencer, int.Dec.16,1759.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Parsons of Palmer, Oct.26,1762.

Sarah, of Shrewsbury, and Ebenezer Kent, int.Sept.23,1772.

Esther, and Ebenezer Kent, Jr., Oct.29,1772.

Jonas, and Lucretia Baldwin of Shrewsbury, int.Mar.19,1784.

Samuel, of the County Gore, and Hannah Crage, int.Apr.21,1792.

Ruth, and Isaac Gage of Orford, NH, Jan.1,1815.

Hezekiah, and Charlotte Lamb, Aug.24,1815.

Candace, and Capt. Simeon Holman of Ward, int.Feb.18,1818.

Harriet, [Harriot Ann in int.], of Oxford Gore, and Liberty Lamb, Oct.29,1822.

Betsey, of Oxford, and Leonard Craig, int.Aug.3,1834.

James M., and Mary J. Davis, int.May3,1835.

Laura L., of Worcester, and Wright Bottomly, int.Nov.28,1846.

STORES (Stowers)

Mary, of Pomfrit, and Thomas Denny, Oct.21,1755. In Windham, CT.


Abigail, and Hezekiah Cutting, Mar.14,1744-5.

Samuel, and Widow Lydua Vinten, Jan.15,1745-6.

Mary, and Benjamin Willson, July7,1745.

Asa, of Maldon, and Elizabeth Upham, int.June9,1751.

Sarah, and Jacob Upham, int.Aug.4,1751.

Assa, and Rebeckah Lynd, int.Feb.1,1761.

STOWERS (Stores)

Abijah, and Tabitha Hascy, Jan.14,1762.

Mary, Jr., and Nathaniel Bigsbe of Sutton, int.Mar.27,1762.


Mary W., of Holden, and John P. Earle, int.Mar.27,1824.


Lucy, of Rutland, and William Henshaw, int.Jan.17,1822.

STROBRIDG (Trobridge)

Mahitible, of Framingham, and Oldham Gates, int.May5,1745.


Zenas, and Betsey Earle, int.July20,1799.

Joseph, and Sarah Watson, Nov.20,1806.

Betsey [], wid., and Loomis Bliss of Western, May12,1807.CR*

Sally, and Hosea Goldthwaite, Jan.1,1827.


Silvia, and Chester Boiden of Gilford, VT, int.May30,1817.


Richard, (s.Richard and Charlotte, a.27) and Mary Walden, Apr.2,1847.*


Timothy (foreigner) and Eleanor Rice, int.May19,1763.


Daniel [Jr. of Halifax. int.], and Betsey Snow, Jan.28,1790.

Bradford, and Amelia Bertody of Wrentham, int.June5,1813.

Cynthia and Matthew Maguire, int.Sept.13,1829.


Unice [Eunice. int.], and Benjamin Richardson of Worcester, July5,1758.

Reuben, and Rachel Putnam of Sutton, int.Nov.27,1767.

Phebe, and William Henshaw, Sept.12,1771.

Beulah, and Richard Gleason, Sept.23,1773.

Catharine [Katharine. int.], and Joseph Watson of Thompson, June2,1791.

Ruth, and William Denny of Spencer, int.Sept.26,1797.

Sally, and Thomas Denny, Nov.18,1798.*

Reuben Billings, and Sally Kent, May30,1799.CR

Reuben, and Mrs.Methia Smith of Rehoboth, int.Apr.9,1802.

Billings, and Harriet Ayres of North Brookfield, int.Nov.16,1828.

Sarah and John P. Southgate, May21,1829.

Sophronia, of Paxton, and Zephaniah Bond, Oct.13,1830.


Benjamin [Swetsor. int.], of Rutland, and Cybele Taylor, Nov.23,1763.


Andrew (a.21), and Mary Swift, July23,1845.

Mary [], (a.22) and Andrew Swift, July23,1845.


Elizabeth, of Rutland, and Solomon Parsons, int.Nov.7,1761.

SYLVESTER (Silvester)

Deborah, and Samuel Sargeant, Jan.13,1772.

Peter, and Mary Sprague, Oct.12,1783.

Alice, and John Borman of Winchendon, Mar.10,1825.

Louisa, and Jonas Heaps, Dec.22,1827.*

Olive, and John A. Frink, Oct.6,1836.

Madison, and Alice E. Frink, Apr.30,1838. [1837?]

Orrin, and Ann Robinson, int.Mar.8,1840.

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