Charles and Abigail Barton, June 24, 1835.


Barbary of Northbridge, and William Irons, int. Mar. 4, 1837.


Patrick of Smithfield, RI, and Eliza McCabe, int. Mar. 25, 1845.


Anne and David Jones of Holliston, int. Feb. 10, 1769.

MAN (Mann)

Bennedick and Choloe Slocom of Franklin, int. Feb. 16, 1784.

Eliger and [Mrs. Pedy. Bellingham VRs] Pede Sclocum of Bellingham, int. May 27, 1783.

Hannah and Timothy Bacon of Sutton, Sept. 4, 1760.

Patience of Smithfield, and Robert Aldrich, int. Aug. 23, 1746.

Phebe and Thomas Pain of Bellingham, int. Apr. 12, 1784.


Louisa and Jeremiah Woodmancy of Warren, RI, int. Mar. 22, 1841.

MANN (Man)

Abel of Smithfield, RI and Calista Kelly, Oct. 24, 1828.*

Asahel Jr. and Minerva Easty, Sept. 4, 1834.

Bezaliel and Mrs. Patience [(Abbit)] Pease, int. Oct. 19, 1818.

Billings of Bellingham, and Harriot L. [Harriet Lucas. CR1) Daniels, July 30, 1828.

Cynthia and Nathan Gilson [Jr. int.] of Cumberland, Mar. 3, 1806.

Daniel, Capt., of Smithfield, RI, and Phebe Harris, int. July 7, 1826.

Dorcas Tabatha and Amos Albee, Mar. 21, 1819.

Emaline of Milford, and David Wilson, int. Jan. 1, 1832. Colored people.

George and Hannah Hopkins, int. Sept. 20, 1829.

Hannah and Israel Phillips, int. July 11, 1795.

James of Wrentham, and Dotty Tyler of Uxbridge, Sept. 29, 1789.CR1*

Levi and Mehitable Aldiss, Mar. 31, 1790.

Lucy A. and Alfred T. Dunham, int. May 2, 1838.

Mary R. and Nelson Brown, int. Jan. 12, 1834.

Nancy L. and Nelson Young, Oct. 1, 1839.

Paris and Sophia Stone, Mar. 24, 1825.

Richard and Susannah Parkhurst of Franklin, int. June 3, 1811.

Richard E. and Sarah E. Cook, Oct. 1, 1840.

Susan and Judson Grant, int. Mar. 22, 1835.

Thomas of Rutland District, and Elisabeth Parminter of Oxford, Mar. 31, 1774.*

William of Smithfield, and Betsy Kimball, Jan. 6, 1814.


Henry S. Jr. of Smithfield, RI, and Emily Farnum, int. Aug. 20, 1844.


Thomas of Johnston, RI, and Mary Warner, int. Apr. 7, 1817.


Eliza and William Bacon, int. June 26, 1835.

Joseph of Dudley, and Beriah Thayer, May 27, 1778.

Maria and Guy B. Carlton, int. Aug. 14, 1835.

MARSH (Mash)

Adaline M. of Smithfield, RI, and Elisha Chase, int. Oct. 10, 1844.

Alice and Joseph Rist, both of Uxbridge, Apr. 21, 1791. CR1*

Chloe and Seth Darling, int. May 9, 1785.

Douglass and Rachel Mirriam, Mar. 12, 1772.

Douglass, s. James and Kezia of Bellingham, and Ruth Chase, d. Anthony and Katherine, 2: 6m: 1791. CR2*

Ebenezer and Mallissia Convers, Dec. 3, 1835.

Eliza Ann and Alonzo T. Fairbanks, Oct. 20, 1836.

Fanny and Alanson Pettis of Medway, Nov. 20, 1828.

Henrietta and Peter Darling of Cumberland, RI, int. Jan. 26, 1823.

Joseph of Douglas, and Deborah Staples, Apr. 26, 1759.

Mary and Ichabod Thayer [Jr. int.] Apr. 25, 1765.

Mary Bradford and William Southland Jr., Aug. 23, 1823.

Precilla and William Hayward, May 6, 1708.*

Royal and Rhoda Hilliard, Nov. 25, 1787.

Silas of Sturbridge, and Beulah Albee, Feb. 8, 1775.


Dinah and William Boyd of Grafton, Apr. 26, 1770.

Esther and Jepthah Wedge, Nov. 17, 1757.*

Hartford and Lucy Leshuer, Dec. 24, 1806.

Hosea and Lucy Pickering, int. Jan. 12, 1815.

Ichabod and Lydia Stearns, Dec. 25, 1760.

Kezia and David Whitney, int. Feb. 2, 1765.

Mary and Barzillai Albee, Mar. 21, 1770.


Benjamin and Sarah Miller, Oct. 1, 1835.

David T. and Catherine S.N.P. Bullard, int. Apr. 27, 1833.

Eliza and James M. Staples, both of Bellingham, Mar. 10, 1833.*

Betsey M. of Smithfield, RI, and Edwin S. Coombs, int. Apr. 19, 1844.

George of Richmond, and Abigail Bacon of Uxbridge, Jan. 16, 1800.*

Mary and John Cook, int. May 3, 1827.

Rodney of Northbridge [Sutton. int.] and Mariah P. Southwick, May 10, 1838.

Welcome C. and Eliza Knapp, Mar. 14, 1839.

MASH (Marsh)

Benjamin of Sutton, and Sarrah Thompson, int. Apr. 15, 1747.

Chloe and Calven Barber of Bellingham, Nov. 30, 1800.

Daniel and Rhoda Taft, int. Mar. 28, 1785.

Jason [Marsh. CR1] of Uxbridge, and Joanna Clark, Mar. 12, 1795.

Sally and Rufus Smith, Apr. 11, 1799.


James B. of Milford, and Lorinda Cook of Bellingham, in Bellingham, Oct. 27, 1836.*

Otis of Cumberland, RI, and Nancy Verry, June 29, 1823.

Sarah W., d. Mellen of Woonsocket, RI, and Lettis, a. 27 y., and John I. Walker of Upton, s. Simeon of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth, a. 37 y., May 30, 1847.*


Harriet and Francis Chelo of Millbury, July 15, 1840.

MATHEWSON (Mathison, Matterson, Matthewson, Mattison)

Cordelia of Pomfret, CT, and Rev. Charles P. Grosvenor, int. June 8, 1835.

MATHISON (Mathewson, Matterson, Matthewson, Mattison)

George and Mary Wharton of Smithfield, RI, int. Jan. 27, 1844.

MATTERSON (Mathewson, Mathison, Matthewson, Mattison)

John B. and Lucy Canady of Cumberland, RI, int. Mar. 7, 1843.


Lucy and Francis Lovely of Worcester, int. July 14, 1841.

MATTHEWSON (Mathewson, Mathison, Matterson, Mattison)

Edwin of Woodstock, CT, and Sarah R. [Sarah Read. int.] Fletcher, Oct. 5, 1835.

MATTISON (Mathewson, Mathison, Matterson, Matthewson)

Sarah of Smithfield, and William Pickering, int. Mar. 17, 1783.


Ann D. of Cumberland, RI, and Eliphlet Bailey, int. Aug. 7, 1833.


Susan Parthenia (Susan Parthenia Mayhew West. int.] and Warren Keith, Jan. 1, 1818.


Abigail of Marlborough, and Capt. Nathan Tyler, Dec. 21, 1743.*

Katey and Benjamin Salisbury, May 23, 1790.

Lucy and Secretary Rawson, Oct. 16, 1794.

Windsor and Abigail Smith, Dec. 21, 1794.


Bethiah and Erasmus Dennis, Sept. 25, 1828.

Elisabeth and Leonard Mellen, Mar. 17, 1834.

John S. and Rheuama Young, int. Oct. 24, 1830.

Peter Jr. and Pamelia Twiss, Feb. 15, 1829.


Eliza and Patrick Magner of Smithfield, RI, int. Mar. 25, 1845.


Robert of Cumberland, RI, and Elizabeth W. Chesville, int. Aug. 7, 1832.


Charles and Priscilla Hemphill, int. July 14, 1824.

McCLELLAN (McLellen)

William and Eliza [Elizabeth. int.] Meadowcroft, Mar. 8, 1841.


David and Sally Newton of Shrewsbury, int. May 15, 1827.


Elizabeth Stevens and James Barry, int. Sept. 11, 1824.


Frelove of Gloucester, and Robert Trask, int. Jan. 16, 1766.


James and Bridget Readdy, int. Sept. 27, 1840.


Amasa and Lydia Pierce of Hopkinton, Apr. 8, 1838.*


William of Rutland, and Eunice Larthum, int. Mar. 7, 1760.


Anson and Uranah Cook, July 24, 1836.

Urana, wid., d. Ariel and Crusa Cook, a. 46 y., and Gilbert Cook, s. Ariel and Joanna, a. 30 y., Jan. 3, 1848.


Diadama and Ephraim Collins of Smithfield, RI, int. Dec. 17, 1828.

Simeon and Mrs. Elizabeth Furnice, int. June 13, 1819.


Albert of Dunstable, NH, and Vienna Paine of Bellingham, in Bellingham, May 20, 1835.*


Joseph and Rebekah Lovett, int. Oct. 24, 1785.

McLELLEN (McClellan)

Betsey I. of Grafton, a. 19 y., and Jeremiah Gregory of Uxbridge, s. Daniel, a. 20 y., Sept. 7, 1845.*


Mary of Dedham, and Moses Legg, int. Jan. 10, 1778.


Martha of Uxbridge, and Benjamin Benson, Feb. 15, 1769.

Silence of Grafton, and Alden Thayer, int. Mar. 17, 1821.


Archibald and Hannah Cowin, Jan. ––, 1842. [int. Jan. 22, 1842.]


Benjamin of Smithfield, and Elisabeth Darling, Dec. 8, 1748.


Eli [Elizabeth. int.] and William McClellan, Mar. 8, 1841.

MEDCALF (Metcalf)

Abigail and Jonathan Cass, int. May 31, 1815.

Micall and Ledia White, Mar. 21, 1704-5.*

Olive and Capt. Elisha Gaskill, Mar. 22, 1818.


Lucy and Timothy Darling of Bellingham, int. Jan. 8, 1814.

MELLEN (Mellens, Mellin, Millin)

Betsey of Milford, and Rev. John Fisk of New Braintree, Apr. 19, 1797.*

Henry and Sally Bugbee, Feb. 27, 1800.

Henry Jr. and Charlotte H. Robbins [of Cincinnatus, NY. int.], June 5, 1836.

James Jr. and Submit Wheelock, Feb. 12, 1801.

John B. of Milford, and Angelina P. Daniels, Nov. 19, 1837.

John B., widr., b. Milford, s. Henry of Milford, a. 28 y., and Sally Spear, wid. of Nathan, a. 43 y., Oct. 26, 1844.

Leonard and Elisabeth Mayo, Mar. 17, 1834.

Polly and Samuel Warren Jr., both of Milford, Apr. 19, 1797.*

Sarah of Milford, and Almanza Tufts, int. Apr. 8, 1826.

MELLENS (Mellen, Mellin, Millin)

Nathaniel K. and Ruth C. Wales of Orange, int. Dec. 21, 1823.

MELLIN (Mellen, Mellens, Millin)

Abigail and Samuel Penniman Jr., of Milford, int. Feb. 11, 1804.


Rebeckah and John Dennis, Oct. 25, 1829.


Mary and Harvey Goodell of Smithfield, RI, int. Oct. 30, 1831.


John and Lucy Ann Howard of Smithfield, RI, May 26, 1842.

MERIFIELD (Merrifield)

Marcus of Upton, and Juda Highland, int. May 3, 1801.

MERRIAM (Mirriam)

Benjamin and Rachel Morse, June 22, 1741 [June 25, 1741. dup.]*

Cynthia and Samuel Willis, Dec. 3, 1817.

Ebenezer and Margaret Jeppardson, Apr. 22, 1771.

Edmond and Hannah Farrington of Tolland, int. Sept. 22, 1770.

Elisabeth and Elijah Lyon of Woodstock, Jan. 9, 1752.*

Hannah and Phinehas Lovett, Aug. 7, 1734.*

Jerusha and Jonathan Shepherd of New Marlborough, Jan. 21, 1768.*

Mary and George Aldrish, Aug. 7, 1735.*

Ruth and Ichabod Robinson, June 20, 1739.*

Ruth and Samuel Bliss, int. ––– 4, 1783 [prob. July or Aug.].*

MERRIFIELD (Merifield)

Aaron of Holliston, and Elisabeth Robinson, Apr. 17, 1766.


Caroline M. of Milford, and Henry F. Whipple, July 16, 1838.*

MESSENGER (Messinger)

Catherine B. of Holliston, and William H. Smith, int. Aug. 26, 1832.

Esther of Wrentham, Rev. Amariah Frost, in Wrentham, Apr. 27, 1747.

John Jr. and Sarah Darling, int. Oct. 20, 1815.

MESSINGER (Messenger)

Esther of Wrentham, and Amariah Frost Jr., int. Oct. 1, 1778.

METCALF (Medcalf)

Austin of Franklin, and Mary Ann Tourtellot, Oct. 11, 1837.

Charles and Eliza Cook of Franklin, Mar. 26, 1838.*

Cornelius and Lucinda Wilcox, Jan. 22, 1829.

Esther and Peter Gaskell, Oct. 11, 1812.

Harvey of Franklin, and Abigail Brown, Jan. 31, 1813.

Hepsibah of Wrentham, and Ichabod Ammidon, in Wrentham, Dec. 5, 1773.

Hiram of Franklin, and Amy Tourtellotte, int. Nov. 8, 1835.

Jabez of Bellingham,, and Elisabeth Tenney, Dec. 28, 1775.

Katherine of Bellingham, and Elijah Thayer, Aug. 20, 1793. CR1

Melatiah and Charles Staples, Nov. 29, 1816.*

William of Franklin, and Sally Gaskell, int. Dec. 3, 1816.

William T. and Sarah A. Payson, June 7, 1836.


Elizabeth and Abraham Wheeler of Worcester, in Worcester, July 13, 1756.*

Ephraim and Experiance White, Feb. 10, –––– [prob. 1701-2].*

Evelina and William [Willard Jr. int.] Wilcox of Uxbridge, Dec. 23, 1830. CR1

Joseph and Mary D. Barber of Bellingham, in Hopkinton, Nov. 27, 1834.

Lydia Ann and Jesse Darling, int. Oct. 19, 1840.

Polley and Benjamin Holbrook, int. Mar. 30, 1811.

Nancy and Irving James of Providence, RI, int. Apr. 21, 1833.

Nancy A. and Benjamin D. Peck, both of Smithfield, RI, Aug. 21, 1838.*

Nelson of Smithfield, RI, and Ludia Buxton, of Uxbridge, July 19, 1838.*

Sally and George Wood, int. Oct. 28, 1816.

Sarah and Benjamin Martin, Oct. 1, 1835.

Solomon and Elizebeth Stapls, July 22, 1701.*

MILLIN (Mellen, Mellens, Mellin)

Henry of Hopkinton, and Sarah Torrey, Jan. 20, 1757.*


Jemima and Prince Sly of Smithfield, int. Oct. 23, 1778. Negroes.

MIRRIAM (Merriam)

Rachel and Douglass Marsh, Mar. 12, 1772.


George W. and Sarah H. Perham, Oct. 28, 1834.

Riley of Milford, and Abigail Taft, int. July 14, 1844.

Sarah of Hopkinton, and Mancy Thornton, int. Nov. 13, 1825.


James G. and Emeline Salsbury, int. Mar. 24, 1845.


David Jr. and Mary Ann Taylor, int. Sept. 29, 1833.

MOOR (Moore)

Ann of Palmer, and Moses Tinne, in Palmer, Jan. 27, 1763.*

John of Sutton, and Isabel Spencer, Dec. 26, 1732.*

MOORE (Moor)

Joseph and Louisia Coffee, int. Oct. 22, 1848.

MORDOCK (Murdock)

–––hn of Newton, and Sarah Read, Apr. 12, 1727.*

MOREY (Mowrey, Mowry)

Emily and William C. Boyden, int. June 9, 1833.

Simeon of Charlton, and Rachel Taft, May 27, 1772.

Thomas of Smithfield, and Rhoda Aldrich of Uxbridge, Sept. 14, 1769.*

Uranah of Smithfield, and Edward Thomson, int. Dec. 17, 1774.


Henry and Sara C. Adams, both of Holliston, Apr. 7, 1841.*

Mary and Nichols Berry, both of Upton, Apr. 22, 1773.*

MORSE (Morss)

Aaron of Holliston, and Bridgett Corbett, Feb. 9, 1743-4.*

Amity and Jeptath Southland, Nov. 1, 1807.

Anna and Adt. John Tyler, Nov. 30, 1763.

Beulah and Phinehas Lovett, Dec. 22, 1742.*

Edmond and Rachel Sheffield, May 24, 1722.*

Evander of Woodstock, and Bette Lovett of Petersham, Oct. 26, 1780.*

Joanna and Peter Norcross, July 21, 1748.

John and Mary Green, Mar. 22, 1764.

Lewis of Paxton, and Eliza L. Parnell of Milford, Dec. 12, 1843.*

Lydia F. and Seth P. Young, both of Smithfield, RI, Nov. 28, 1839.*

Martha and Thomas Smith, Dec. 2, 1798.

Mary and Rev. Ebenezer Chaplin of Sutton, Jan. 5, 1767.

Nahum Jr. and Mary Power, int. June 4, 1826.

Nathaniel and wid. Sarah Hayward, Sept. 9, 1762.

Rachel and Benjamin Merriam, June 22, 1741. [June 25, 1741. dup.]*

Relief of Douglas, and Leonard W. Darling, int. May 15, 1812.

MORSS (Morse)

Mary and Edward Rawson, Apr. 7, 1748.

MORTON (Mourton)

Laura Ann of Charlton, and Rufus Pain, int. Oct. 26, 1834.

MOURTON (Morton)

Patience of Smithfield, and Daniel Remington, int. Nov. 28, 1807.

MOWREY (Morey, Mowry)

Abigail of Gloucester, and Samuel Darling, int. Nov. 20, 1800.

Amy C. of Burrillville, RI, amd Moses Damiels, int. May 7, 1834.

Arnold and Olive Brown, int. Nov. 14, 1802.

Caleb and Polley Hayward of Upton, int. Apr. 3, 1802.

Caleb Jr. and Virtue Vilus, Apr. 4, 1824.

Clinton and Issabella Hatch, int. Dec. 16, 1843.

Emma and Seth Partridge of Uxbridge, May 6, 1835.

Fanney and George Prentice, Aug. 25, 1816.

Gardner of Uxbridge, and Chloe Ann Taft, int. Oct. 17, 1835,

George and Mary A. Thornton, May 3, 1826.

Israel and Phily Wood of Upton, int. July 22, 1815.

Levi of Smithfield, RI, and Criah Warner, int. Nov. 9, 1823.

Nahum of Smithfield, RI, and Lydia Keith, int. May 16, 1824.

Wate and Jesse Wood [of Upton. int.], Mar. 20, 1809.

Willard A. and Mary Harris of Uxbridge, int. Mar. 7, 1843.

Winsor and Eliza Holmes, June 29, 1834.

MOWRY (Morey, Mowrey)

Alse and Obadiah Wood, Apr. 21, 1796.

Anna and Benjamin Thwing [Jr. int.] of Uxbridge, in Uxbridge, May 10, 1798.

Caleb and Clarinda Taft of Uxbridge, int. Sept. 8, 1813.

Israel and Patience Aldrich of Cumberland, int. Jan. 7, 1802.

Lewis A. and Joanna M. Taft, of Burrillville, RI, int. Nov. 3, 1842.

Lyman of Smithfield, RI, and Mary A. [Mary Ann. int.] Whiting, Nov. 28, 1839.

Mary and Grindal Rawson of Uxbridge, int. Dec. 26, 1800.

Sarah and Samuel Taft 2d of Uxbridge, int. July 20, 1803.

Sarah A. and James H. Williams, int. Jan. 11, 1845.


Harvey and Eliza Wait, July 3, 1838.

Lemuel and Fanny W. Pitts, May 10, 1830.

Rhoda Stockwell and Stillman Austin of Uxbridge, Nov. 26, 1828.


Michael and Betsey Sheffield of Hopkinton, int. Sept. 30, 1826.


Elisabeth, d. James and Paul Varney, s. Ebenezer of Dover, NH, 2: 7m:, called September, 1742. CR2*

James, s. James, and Anne Angell, d. James of Smithfield, 3: 12m:, called February, 1745. CR2*

Judith, d. Thomas dec., and Jonathan Southwick, s. Jonathan, 1: 11m:, called November, 1759. CR2*

Mary, d. Thomas dec., and Ebenezer Torrey, s. Samuel dec., 3: 1m:, called January, 1765. CR2*

Ruth, d. James, and Daniel Southwick, 3: 12m:, called February, 1742. CR2*

Thomas, s. James, and Huldah Gaskill, d. Samuel, 27: 5m:, called July, 1736. CR2*


Experience of Uxbridge, and Abner Benson, int. Feb. 9, 1771.

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