Elijah, of Natick, and Mary Rider, of Holliston, May14,1786.*

George W., of Cumberland, RI, s.George & Ruth, a.27y., and Louisa G. Hayward, d.James & Marinda, a.23y., Oct.9,1845.

James and Mary A. Rhodes, of Bellingham, int.Sept.24,1837.

BAILEY (Baily)

Abel, and Lydia Knowlton, of Hopkinton, int.Nov.11,1821.

Adelia M., d.Eliphalet & Miranda (Bowker), and Alpheus Bridges, s.Appleton & Almira (Holbrook), of Holliston, int.Nov.9,1849.

Amelia O., d.William & AnnTilton), a.16y., and Ebenezer Belknap, s.Joseph & Sabra, a.22y., Apr.5,1846.

Eliphalet and Marandia Bowker, d.Jonathan & Penelope (Dewing), Jan.30,1825.

Eliphalet and Mrs.Mary Gould, of Hopkinton, Mar.25,1838.

Eliphalet and Mrs.Zobedia Tombs, of Hopkinton, Apr.8,1841.

George T., s.William & Ann H.(Tilton), a.24y., and Fanny A. Woods, d.Nancy, a.17y., Nov.1,1849.

James D., s.Eliphalet & Miranda(Bowker), a.23y., and Abigail R. Tyler, d.Daniel & Thurza(Polly), a.19y., June6,1849.

Mariam N. and Enoch Walker, of Holliston, Apr.4,1826.

William H., s.William, dec., & Ann H.(Tilton), a.21y., and Alzina A. Ball, d.Henry & Betsey(Lincoln), a.17y., June1,1845.


Electa and George S. Ware, Jan.2,1823.

Preserved, of Wrentham, and Elisabeth Daniels, of Mendon, Jan.30,1772.*CR


Nancy, of Cumberland, RI, and Otis C. Lovett, int.Dec.11,1830.


Abner S. and Salley Loomis, of Hopkinton, int.Nov.27,1829.

Alzina A., d.Henry & Betsey(Lincoln), a.17y., and William H. Bailey, s.William, dec., & Ann H., a.21y., June1,1845.

Asenath and Daniel Carter, May23,1814.

Clarissa and Jabez Hill, of Northbridge, int.Apr.8,1799.

Elijah and Kezia Thayer, both of Mendon, Dec.4,1764.*CR

Elijah and Joanna French, Dec.19,1770.*CR

Betsey C. and William G. Holmes, of Hopkinton, int.Aug.23,1834.

Hannah and Isaac Homes, of Hopkinton, May1,1803.

Henry and Betsey Claflin, of Hopkinton, Apr.4,1811.

Henry and Betsey Lincoln, of Hopkinton, Sept.21,1826.

Homer T. and Maria L. Sherman, int.Oct.23,1840.

Josiah and wid.Sarah White, both of Mendon, Oct.23,1758.*CR

Josiah, Jr. and Sarah Palmer, both of Mendon, July5,1770.*CR

Josiah and Sarah Claflin, of Hopkinton, June16,1799.

Lorenza and Lucy Clark, of Cumberland, RI, int.Apr.18,1839.

Levina and Caleb Hunt, Dec.26,1786.

Mary and Jonathan Jones, both of Mendon, May7,1767.*CR

Mary B. and Martin Fletcher, Apr.12,1834.

Mary S. and Alvan Robbins, Mar.22,1835.

Rachel and John Disper, July5,1807.

Sarah P. and David Beal, June13,1838.

William E., s.Zenas & Betsey(Tilton), a.23y., and Caroline L. Loomis, of Hopkinton, d.Reubenand Sarah, of Hopkinton, & Sally, a.17y., Jan.27,1847.

Zenas and Mary Sumner, June12,1806.

Zenas and Betsey Tilton, of Hopkinton, int.Feb.27,1812.


Judith and Adam Hayward, Apr.18,1782.

Keziah and Levi Legg, Nov.19,1795.

Mary and Jonathan Hayward, Dec.21,1780.


Abigail H. and William Jenness Jr., int.Oct.24,1848.

Adin, Rev., and Lucy Hunt, Mar.3,1830.

Albert A., s.Willard & Sally(Clark), a.21y., and Livinia Despaw [of] d.Joseph & Livinia(Adams), a.17y., June14,1848.

Alvah F. and Delia A. Pierce, both of Upton, Aug.19,1849.*

Frances A., d.Alexander & Fanny, a.23y., and Samuel S. Scammell, of Bellingham, s.John C., of Bellingham, & Joanna(Stearns), b. in Bellingham, a.23y., Nov.20,1845.

Rufus, of Smithfield, RI, and Hannah Darling, of Uxbridge, Dec.22,1842.*

Semantha F. and Emery D. Bryant, int.May15,1844.


John, of Marblehead, s.Samuel, of Medway, & Mary, b. in Hopkinton, a.26y., and Harriet Bowker, of Hopkinton, d.Abiather, of Hopkinton, & Mary(Gould), b. in Hopkinton, a.20y., Nov.7,1844.*

Louiza A., of Medway, d.Samuel & Mary, a.28y., and Alfred L. Frink, s.Alfred B. & Mary(Page), a.25y., Oct.18,1848.


Calvin, Jr., of Bellingham, and Sylvia Kelley, Apr.19,1830.

Diana and Seth P. Carpenter, int.Aug.12,1831.

Gardner P., of Hartford, CT, s., of James & Nancy, a.25y., and Abby Holbrook, d.Joel & Roxana(Hawes), a.24y., Oct.24,1848.

Hamblet and Keziah Kibbee, int.Aug.4,1827.

James and Nancy Parks, Apr.11,1803.

James M. and Elizabeth S. Wiswall, Mar.17,1834.

John P. and Rhoda L. Hewitt, int.Aug.10,1841.

Maria and Seth P. Carpenter, Jan.25,1829.

Rhoda, of Holliston, and Amasa Fairbanks, Oct.11,1807.

Sally P. and Simpson Bixby,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Oct.13,1832].

Willard F. and Mary A. Kendall, Nov.1,1842.


Aaron, of Mill River [Mendon], and Elizabeth Streeter, June12,1755.*


James H., s.Benjamin & Abigail, a.29y., and Elizabeth A. Parkhurst, d.Otis & Sarah(Jones), a.22y., Apr.26,1848.

BARNS (Barnes)

Anna and Alexander Cheney, Jan.21,1829.

Charles, of Hingham, and Anna Whitney, Dec.16,1812.

Thankful and Joseph Passmore, both of Mendon, Nov.5,1772.*CR


Marcia T., of Grafton, d.Parley & Laura A., a.21y., and Wilson L. Rawson, of Northbridge, s.Caleb & Molly(Aldrich), a.24y., May12,1847.*


Sabin and Harriet Fuller, Jan.15,1832.


Job, of Holliston, and Silence Sumner, of Mendon, Dec.6,1772.*CR

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Abigail D. and Emory Walker, Dec.25,1828.

Harriet and Lowell Walker, of Natick, Apr.10,1833.

Jeremiah and Ranah Hogerney, Feb.24,1826.

Mary, of New Town, and James Sprague, of Mendon, Nov.18,1779.*CR

Phebe G. and John McWales, of Holliston, Oct.4,1821.

Rosina, of Northbridge, and Nathan Kinne, Nov.22,1823.

Sally and Jesse Daniels Jr., May11,1833.

William P., of Smithfield, RI, and Mary A. Howard, int.Sept.20,1834.


Elmira and William F. Clark, int.Jan.30,1839.

Elizabeth, of Franklin, d.Nathan R. & Eliza, a.16y., and Joel Fairbanks, of Franklin, s.Calvin & Sally, a.21y., July8,1847.*


Hannah, of Bellingham, and Samuel Penniman [Jr. int.], Apr.28,1796.


Hitte and Edmund Cobb, of Norton, int.Aug.27,1805.


Jane M. and Abner M. Black, Aug.16,1838.

Mary Jane and John M. Gleason, int.Apr.7,1849.


Vesta, of Northbridge, and Zebadiah A. Adams, int.Sept.26,1846.


Abigail and Carlile W. Capron, both of Mendon, Feb.16,1831.*

Celicia, of Mendon, and James H. Penniman, int.Jan.1,1832.

Eli, of Mendon, s.Peter & Sybil(Hill), a.26y., and Louisia Hall, of Uxbridge, d.Andrewand Miranda (Hall), a.21y., Aug.16,1848.*

Ezekiel, of Bellingham, and Abigail Legg, of Mendon, alias Bellingham, Apr.9,1767.*CR

Joseph and Martha Chilson, resident, of Mendon, Apr.8,1779.*CR

Julius, s.Peter & Sybil(Hill), a.21y., and Sarah W. Holbrook, d.Luther & Mary A.D.(Flag), a.17y., May14,1848.

Laban and Olive Wheelock, both of Mendon, Dec.28,1768.*CR

Lucretia, of Mendon, and Elisha Burr, of Bellingham, Oct.10,1765.*CR

Martha, of Mendon, and David Chapin, Feb.12,1784.

Micah and Urania Thayer, both of Mendon, May22,1771.*CR

Olive and Abraham Jones Jr., both of Mendon, Oct.30,1765.*CR

Rebekah, of Mendon, and Simon P. Bicknell, int.Dec.1,1827.

Whitman and Lucy Ann Clark, of Bellingham, int.Nov.16,1827.

BATHRICK (Barthrick)

Naby, of Upton, and Lewis Hayward, Dec.27,1813.

Jonathan and Experience Hayward, int.Sept.15,1810.


James, of Holliston, andWid. Beaulah Stearns, of Mendon, May8,1766.*CR[Possibly Beulah Chadwick who m.Jonathan Stearns in Watertown in 1737.]

James and Mrs.Lucy Stow, of Grafton, int.Aug.29,1804.


Jemima and Jonathan Tompson Jr., both of Bellingham, Apr.10,1754.*CR


Issachar, of Hopkinton, and Metilda Crocker, June2,1798. Negroes.

BEAL (Beall, Beals)

Asa, of Upton, and Olive Cheeney, Sept.2,1790.

Bethiah and Moses Davis, Sept.2,1790.

Daniel and Sarah Cheney, Jan.26,1797.

David and Sarah P. Ball, June13,1838.

Betsy and Otis Taft, of Upton, June19,1811.

Enos and Releif Cheeney, June25,1784.

John and Silence Atwood, Oct.19,1780.

Levi and Anna Sanders, both of Mendon, July22,1766.*CR

Mary, of Mendon, and Maj. Daniel Haywood, of Worcester, July21,1763.*CR

Mehitabel, wid.and Robert Sanders, both of Mendon, Apr.24,1764.*CR

Mehetable, of Mendon, and Joseph Green, of Worthington,末蔓末,1777.*CR

Samuel, of the new plantation called Plantation No. 5 (Cummington), and Sarah Sanders, of Mendon, Mar.16,1775.*CR

Samuel and Hannah Brown, of Upton, int.June12,1813.

Sallee and Charles Cheeney, Nov.28,1797.


Maryann, d.Alexander & Eliza, a.19y., and James Crawford, s.James & Ann, a.24y., Apr.10,1849.


Ebenezer, s.Joseph & Sabra(Onthank), a.22y., and Amelia O. Bailey, d.William & Ann, a.16y., Apr.5,1846.

Eliza Ann, of Sturbridge, and Horace Freeman, int.Dec.15,1832.


Albert J., Dr. and Pamelia Fitch, of Worcester, int.Jan.15,1829.

Lovina, of Southborough, and Seth Cheney, int.Dec.27,1811.


Sylvia J. and John Hanley [a foreigner residing in], Oct.16,1834.


Nathaniel and Polly Simson, of Mendon, int.Jan.11,1806.

Nathaniel and Prudence White, Aug.6,1820.

Sylva, d.Nathaniel & Prudence(White), a.19y., and Nathan Johnson, s.Clark & Polly, a.29y., Nov.18,1846.

Willard and Sarah Allen, of Mendon, int.Jan.24,1848.


Joseph and Mary Taft, both of Mendon, June15,1758.*CR

Sylvanus H., of Blackstone, s.Jared & Sally(Taft), a.20y., and Laurett V. Howard, of Blackstone, d.Hiram & Sarah, a.18y., July9,1848.*


Hiram and Emeline Knowlton, of Holliston, int.Apr.23,1836.

Micah and Mrs.Betsey M. Whitney, Sept.9,1827.


Benjamin C., of Mendon, and Susan Parkman, int.Aug.1,1823.

Simon P. and Rebekah Bates, of Mendon, int.Dec.1,1827.


William L., of Blackstone, s.Samuel & Abigail(Adams), a.23y., and Eunice E. Kelley, of Blackstone, d.Moses & Waity(Hill), a.23y., May18,1847.*


Lucy R., of Worcester, and Charles Smith 2d, int.Aug.18,1827.


John, Jr., of Weston, and Elisabeth Ward, of Mendon, Dec.6,1753.*CR


Priscilla, and Thomas White Jr., both of Mendon, July27,1748.*CR


Louisa M., of Thompson, CT, and Wyman Nichols, int.Mar.3,1834.

Maria A., d.Oliver & Margaret, a.18y., and Hollis Streeter, s.Clark & Mary, a.23y., Sept.6,1847.

Simpson, and Sally P. Barber,末蔓末, 末末, [int.Oct.13,1832].


Abner M., and Jane M. Baston, Aug.16,1838.

Asa M., and Susan W. Staples, of Mendon, int.Mar.25,1839.


Sukey, of Franklin, and Thomas Green, int.Nov.19,1796.


William R., and Sophia Chase, in Holliston, Aug.20,1834.


Charles F., and Lydia M. Wales, Apr.17,1842.


George, and Sophia Clark, both of Medway, Jan.13,1847.*

BOSWORTH (Bozworth)

Alva S., of Ashford, CT, s.Leonard & Mary, a.32y., and Martha J. [Martha Jane. int.] Reed, d.Daniel & Augusta, a.30y., Nov.23,1848.

Julia A., and George W. Armington, of Pawtucket, RI, int.Mar.3,1842.

Ruth, of Bellingham, d.Rufus, of Bellingham, a.22y., and Charles A. Wales, of Franklin, s.Otis, of Franklin, & Jemima, a.31y., May26,1846.*

Sarah, and Chiron Corbett, of Franklin, Dec.17,1809.


Alpha, and Lowel Fales, of North Providence, Feb.9,1824.

Ann Marier, and Newell Phipps, Feb.14,1838.

Edmund, and Hannah Stearns, both of Mendon, Aug.27,1778.*CR

Elijah, of Hopkinton, and Patience Gage, int.Jan.8,1799.

Eliza, and Willard A. Parkhurst, of Hopkinton, int.Jan.22,1833.

Eliza M., of Hopkinton, and Warren Chapin, int.Oct.13,1849.

Eliza Jane, of Hubbardston, and Sewell Underwood, int.Oct.27,1849.

Elliot A., and Nancy Smith, of Dedham, int.Apr.24,1832.

Ethan, and Alpha Wheelock, Nov.8,1814.

Eathan L., of Andover, and Sarah S. Howard, May9,1842.

Ethan L., widr., s.Ethan & Alpha(Wheelock), a.27y., and Adeline M. Albee, d.Abel & Abigail(Partridge), a.23y., June16,1845.

George S., and Chloe A. Saunders, int.Oct.26,1838.

Hannah, and William Cheeney, both of Mendon, Dec.6,1770.*CR

Harriet, of Hopkinton, d.Abiather, of Hopkinton, & Mary, b. Hopkinton, a.20y., and John Bancroft, of Marblehead, s.Samuel, of Medway, & Mary, b. Hopkinton, a.26y., Nov.7,1844.*

Ira, and Julia Everett, Nov.27,1817.

James, of Hopkinton, and Izanna Eames, Aug.16,1815.

John, of Hopkinton, and Esther Wedge, Mar.7,1782.

Jonathan, and Penelope Dewing, of Hopkinton, int.Apr.2,1803.

Louis, of Hopkinton, and Eli Wedge, int.Jan.1,1784.

Lovice, and Alexander Cheeney, Aug.2,1801.

Lydia, and David Stearns, of Chesterfield, NH, Jan.23,1811.

Polley, and Samuel McFarland, of Hopkinton, Apr.12,1812.

Marandia, d.Jonathan & Penelope (Dewing), and Eliphalet Bailey, Jan.30,1825.

Nahum, of Hopkinton, and Eliza Parkhurst, int.Apr.12,1849.

Ralph, of Mendon, and Mitta Hayward, Oct.4,1807.

Ralph W., and Mary B. Howard, Nov.26,1840.

Samuel, of Hopkinton, and Lydia Whitney, of Mendon, Dec.12,1754.*CR


Persis G., of Hopkinton, and John S. Forbes, Nov.30,1843.*


Catharine, of Mendon, and Stephen Kimpton, of Uxbridge, Apr.15,1762.*CR


William, of Grafton, and Dinah Marshall, of Mendon, Apr.26,1770.*CR


Bernard, and Abigail Whitney, Nov.22,1798.

Elisabeth, and Elias Whitney, both of Mendon, June26,1774.*CR

Hannah P., and Caleb S. Williams, both of Medway, Nov.27,1844.*


Thomas, and Sarah Lynch, int.Nov.5,1846.

BOYNTON (Boyonton)

Caleb, of Mendon, and Lydia Bullard, of Holliston, Mar.5,1761.*CR

Caleb, of Mendon, and wid.Abigail Richardson, of Medway, May24,1768.*CR

Caleb, and Elenah Parks, of Northbridge, int.Oct.16,1790.

Ebenezer, of Holden, and Polly Gage, int.Nov.12,1795.

Hannah, and William Young, of Hopkinton, int.Oct.9,1780.

Mary, and Moses Gage Jr., both of Mendon, Feb.17,1758.*CR

Mercy, and Thomas Chapin, both of Mendon, Aug.14,1747.*

Rachel, and John Bullard, Oct.13,1780.

Sally, of Pelham, and Moses Davis Jr., int.Nov.27,1818.


Almira, and George Jones, Jan.1,1824.

Arial, and Sibbel Norcross, of Holliston, Sept.1,1796.

Arial, Col. and Mrs.Nancy Cutler, Aug.25,1817.

Elizabeth C., d.Arial & Nancy(Mellen), a.27y., and Moses P. Williams [of Barre. int.], s.Bela & Mary, a.23y., Dec.9,1845.

Emily, and Lowell Hunt, July16,1826.

Maynard, and Seignora Adams, of Holliston, Apr.7,1818.

Mellen C., and Caroline R. Fisher, of Holliston, int.July22,1843.

Sally, and Isaac Kibbe, Mar.27,1808.


Bridget, and John Kelly, both of Hopkinton, July30,1848.*


Dick, of Bellingham, and Rose Lucy, May3,1785. Africans.

BRECK (Brick)

Lucinda, of Medway, and Eleazer Morse Jr., int.Mar.6,1844.

Mary [], of Sherborn, and Abijah Wedge, Nov.25,1790.


Alpheus, of Holliston, and Adelia M. Bailey, int.Nov.9,1848.

Benjamin, and Elisabeth C. Mellen, of Holliston, Oct.26,1825.

Ede, and Thaddeus Spring, of Hopkinton, Apr.30,1798.

Sarah, of Holliston, and Nathan Day, Feb.11,1790.


James, s.John & Judy, a.26y., and Abby Murray, d.John & Bridget, a.22y., Sept.14,1849.


Cummings, and Lydia D. Welch, May16,1839.


Elvira L., of Worcester, and John W. Forbes, int.July24,1847.

Isaac, Dr., of Grafton, and Elisabeth Frost, Apr.6,1786.

Isaac, and Wealthy Donovan, Oct.3,1830.

Maria E., of Marlborough, and Perry G. Wood, int.Feb.1,1842.


Eliza, and Ephraim Parkhurst, int.Dec.22,1822.

Sybil, and Henry Lilley, of Holliston, Apr.4,1827.


Susanna, of Upton, and Marvel Chapin, int.May6,1809.


Abel, of Holliston, and Polley Pond, int.Jan.31,1818.

Abigail, wid., and Daniel Chapin, both of Mendon, Mar.2,1758.*CR

Amos, of Holliston, s.Nicaor Pierce, a.25y., and Mary Ann Claughlin, d.Malachi, a.21y., May29,1844.*

Delphia M., and Samuel Templeton, Thursday, June27,1839.

Bette, and John Nelson, Nov.28,1782.

Betsy, and Jonathan Hall, a transient person, Apr.29,1795.

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer W. [Ebnezer Wight. int.] Wood, May28,1801.

Elisabeth, and Amasa Parkhurst, int.Sept.20,1839.

Ellen C., d.Samuel S. & Mary(Capron), a.20y., and Charles S. Patten, of Lancaster, s.John & Olive(Lassell), a.35y., Nov.12,1848.

Gilman W., and Elizabeth S. Whipple, of Dunbarton, NH, int.May31,1834.

Hannah, of Upton, and Samuel Beal, int.June12,1813.

Hannah P., and Amasa Parkhurst, Apr.6,1842.

Israel, and Ezperience Thayer, both of Mendon, Feb.15,1753.*CR

Jane, d.Stephen & Lucy, a.18y., and Simon Robinson, of Upton, s.Simon, of Upton, & Margaret, b. Upton, a.20y., Jan.26,1847.

Louisa M., d.Samuel S. & Mary(Capron), a.21y., and Horatio Edson, s.Nathaniel & Betsey, a.26y., Oct.22,1846.

Lucy, and Robert Middleton, of Medway, int.Oct.2,1836.

Oliver, of Hartford, and Abigail Sheffield, of Mendon, Oct.17,1750.*CR

Pemberton, Lieut., and Abba Eliza Murdock, both of Uxbridge, Apr.22,1827.*

Peter, and Rebekah Galloway, both of Mendon, Dec.4,1753.*CR

Rebecca A., and Wilson S. Gray, both of Upton, Nov.28,1849.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Parkhurst, both of Mendon, May29,1771.*CR

Sarah, and William Johnson, int.July27,1828. Negroes.

Silas, and Rubia Wiswall, May9,1790.

BRUCE (Bruice)

Abijah, and Rizpah Aldrich, of Mendon, Apr.28,1796.

Lois, and Dearing Jones, both of Mendon, Apr.11,1744.*CR

Submit, and Samuel Hancock, Feb.23,1806.


Mary G., and Freeman Fisher, of Dedham, Sept.21,1820.

Willis, and Sallee Godfree, Dec.20,1801.

BRYANT (Briant)

Emery D., and Semantha F. Ballou, int.May15,1844.

Jonathan, and Pearly French, int.Jan.17,1798.


George W., and Harriet M. Wales, both of Hopkinton, Oct.10,1843.*


Aaron, of Holliston, and Lovice Godfrey, Sept.21,1780.*

Ady L., of Holliston, d.Samuel & Ady(Hart), a.26y., and Appleton B. Jones, s.George & Almira(Bragg), a.24y., May10,1849.

Alpheus, of Holliston, and Deborah Kilbon, d.Stephen & Hannah (Wight), Apr.14,1811.

Ann J., of Medway, and Samuel W. Hayward, int.Oct.30,1841.

Asa, of Holliston, and Hannah Cook, of Mendon, Nov.1,1764.*CR

Benjamin, of Holliston, and Eliza S. Putnam, Feb.17,1825.

Charlotte, of Holliston, and Lovet Albe, Dec.18,1822.

David, of Holliston, and Hopestill Taft, of Mendon, Nov.27,1766.*CR

Dinah, and David Stearns, both of Mendon, May31,1770.*CR

Eleazar, of Holliston, and Hannah Ransford, of Mendon, Apr.3,1759.*CR

Eli, and Elizabeth Ellis, of Holliston, int.Oct.9,1823.

Elijah, and Sophia Warfield, Nov.29,1841.

Irene, and Fortunatus Nichols, of Weston, Nov.8,1829.*CR

Jane G., and Samuel Rockwood, Nov.25,1841.

John, and Rachel Boyonton, Oct.13,1780.

John H., and Pamelia Thayer, int.Apr.2,1831.

Joshua, of Bellingham, and Bethiah Taft, Apr.18,1782.

Judith, of Holliston, and David Holbrook, of Sherborn, Sept.16,1779.*CR

Lydia, of Holliston, and Caleb Boynton, of Mendon, Mar.5,1761.*CR

Margarett, of Mendon, and Samuel Chamberlain, of Holliston, May23,1755.*CR

Nancy, of Medway, and Silas Parkhurst, int.May23,1845.

Otis, of Bellingham, and Polly Pierce, Apr.5,1821.

Phebe, of Holliston, and Josiah Kilburn, Nov.9,1797.

Tabitha, of Holliston, and Mordecai Day, of Mendon, May8,1766.*CR

Volentine R., and Achsah Perry, int.Dec.19,1835.

Walter, and Charlottee Harris, both of Holliston, Dec.24,1787.*

William S., of Hopkinton, s.Alpheus, a.24y., and Frances J. Patterson, of Hopkinton, d.Robert, a.23y., Oct.12,1849.*

Zadock, and Betsy Richardson, of Holliston, int.Dec.2,1811.


Jeduthan, and Beulah Stearns, of Hopkinton, int.Mar.5,1805.


Isaac, and Paulina Burr, of Bellingham, int.Sept.22,1833.


Caroline V., of Upton, and Nathaniel L. Taft, in Upton, Sept.10,1835.


Dorcas, and Ichabod Thayer Sr., Jan.16,1794.


Catharine, d.Andrew, a.22y., and Francis G. Cook, of Uxbridge, s.George, a.27y., Oct.30,1844.*


Catharine, and Michael Miller, int.Jan.24,1848.

James, s.John & Jane, a.23y., and Ann Quinn, d.Thomas & Margaret, a.20y., Sept.18,1849.

Maria, and Martin Huban, int.May24,1849.


Elisha, of Bellingham, and Lucretia Bates, of Mendon, Oct.10,1765.*CR

Lucretia, of Mendon, d.Ezekiel & Esther(Johnson), a.37y., and Rufus Cheney widr., s.Caleb & Sarah(Hunting), a.45y., May27,1846.

Paulina, of Bellingham, and Isaac Burdick, int.Sept.22,1833.


Caroline M., d.James & Prudence S., a.19y., and Eliphalet J. Adams, s.Eliphalet & Lendie, a.28y., May31,1849.


Aaron, of Boston, and Abigail Johnson, Sept.6,1826.

Aurilla, Mrs.and Thompson Johnson, int.Mar.5,1832.


Otis, of Bellingham, and Anne Cheeney, Mar.25,1798.

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