Jeremiah and Mary Carty, int.July22,1846.

Johona and Dennis Kelly, int.Nov.28,1846. Irish.

Jeremiah and Catherine Kelley, int.Dec.19,1846. No Certificate issued.

Joannah and William Fehen, int.Dec.26,1846. Irish.No certificate issued.

Joannah and Edmond Hanrahan, int.Aug.6,1847.

Mary and William Hartley, int.Sept.18,1848.


George W., Rev., and Serena J. William, of Kennebuck, ME, int.Jan.16,1830.

Mary and James Dunn, int.Apr.11,1849. Irish.


Andrew G. and Hannah B. Smith, int.Apr.2,1845.


Charles and Parnel Bartlett, of Holden, int.Mar.21,1830.


Sally, of Sutton, and Artemas Furness, int.Aug.12,1814.

Salley, of Sutton, and Warren Snow, int.Oct.5,1828.

Silas G. and Hepzibah Lathrop, Apr.11,1833.

Mary R. and Buckley W. Snow, Dec.24,1833.

Margret S. [Carleton. int.] and Rufus Barton Jr., Dec.30,1843.

Emma E. (d.James and Sophia, a.24) and Fredrick A. Hall, both of Sutton, Aug.30,1846.*


Preston and Betsey Upham Learned, of Dudley, int.Sept.17,1831.

Joseph A., of Grafton, and Mary E. Hastings, int.Feb.27,1833.

Nancy, of Northbridge, and Ira Darling, int.Apr.30,1836.

Peter M. (s.Asa and Abigal, a.26) and Sarah S. McGlauflin, May8,1844.

Newell, of Sutton (s.John and Abigal, a.22) and Charlotte T. Arnold, Jan.15,1845.

William W. and Elizabeth Fuller, int.Feb.7,1846.


Lucius N. [W. int.], of Norwich, CT, and Charlotte L. Pope, May17,1843.


Rufus, Lt., and Hannah Hall, of Sutton, int.Oct.16,1819.

Sally and James Willard, of Worcester, June1,1820.

Hannah, Mrs., and Cyrus Faulkner, June3,1826.

Cyntha and Aaron Holman Jr., int.May15,1841.

Eleanor and Joseph H. Hayward, June2,1842.

Emily and Ephraim Goulding, June13,1842.

Mary and Daniel G. Prentice, of Grafton, Apr.16,1844.

Hannah (d.Rufus and Hannah, a.24) and Samuel A. Prescott, of Sutton, May26,1846.

Hannah (d.Salma and Polly, a.20) and William G. Grout, Dec.31,1846.


Mary and Jeremiah Callahan, int.July22,1846.


Martha E. (d.Leonard and Relief, a.24) and Jabez Ellice, May16,1844.


Philena and Amasa Merriam, Apr.7,1822.

Brooksey and Jonathan W. Sibley, of Eddington, ME, Nov.24,1826.

Mandy and Lewis Lansley, of East Brookfield, int.Oct.11,1840.

Lewis (a Frenchman) and Mary Zatell, int.Nov.10,1849.

CHACE (Chase)

Sarah P. and Charles Preston, of Killingly, CT, int.Apr.19,1821.

Palmer G. and Sally Burbank, Sept.9,1821.


Catherine, of Holden, and Luther Stockwell, int.Aug.25,1839.


Nahum W. and Lois Leland, May12,1814.

Sally and William Stowell, of Worcester, Apr.11,1816.

Jacob Jr. and Deborah Healey, of Dudley, int.Jan.15,1817.

Tyler and Martha W. Hull, Mar.10,1817.

Mina, of Southborough, and John Nichols, int.Apr.8,1820.

Jacob and Mrs.Esther Kingsbury, of Worcester, Feb.3,1824.

Nelson and Celina Nason, Feb.15,1825.

Laura A., of New Salem, and Daniel M. Scott, int.Oct.20,1827.

Mary (d.Nathaniel and Polly, a.27) and Ebenezer D. Rich, of Thompson, CT, Aug.13,1849.


Lucy Ann [Chamberlain. int.] and Joseph M. March, June29,1843.


Delia and Samuel D. Torrey, of Boston, Jan.21,1821.


Martha, of Grafton, and William Eastwood, int.Mar.14,1834.


Theophilas, of Worcester, and Betsey De Moore, int.Dec.26,1846. Canadian French.

CHASE (Chace)

Charles and Polly Putnam, of Sutton, int.Mar.26,1814.

Lebbeus, Col., of Cornish, NH, and Nizaulla March, Jan.8,1815.

Hannah P. and Noah Blood, of Pepperell, Dec.4,1816.

Paul C. and Sally Peirce, Dec.9,1819.

Sally and Dexter Clark, of Sutton, int.Nov.20,1820.

Daniel and Sabre Alger, Aug.8,1826.

Bathsheba and David Walker, Feb.20,1827.

Susan, Mrs., and Jeremiah Morse, of Charlton, Aug.13,1827.

Bathsheba, Mrs., and John Linch, Aug.28,1827.

Abner and Mary Ann Cutting, July7,1829.

Judith, Mrs., and Amasa Roberts, Esq., of Grafton, int.Aug.29,1829.

Ira and Lucy Jones, Oct.13,1830.

Leonard and Mary I. Dickey, of Amherst, NH, int.Mar.14,1834.

Jonathan and Diana Ambler, int.Apr.26,1834.

Silas and Beulah Roberts, June21,1838.

Hetty S., of Barnstable, and David M. Hemenway, int.June14,1846.


Levi and Mary Harte, int.Dec.11,1824.

Calvin J. and Harriet Adams, of Northbridge, int.Nov.5,1829.

Clark and Eunice Brown, int.Nov.7,1830.


Ardelia [Cheney] [B. int.] and John Taunt, May24,1832.


Caroline and Oliver Brato, Apr.20,1840.


Sarah I., of Framingham, and Sewall Stone, int.June18,1841.

Elisha N. and Elizabeth H. Martin, of Providence, RI, int.Oct.7,1848.


William [], of Sturbridge [Southbridge. int.] and Isabel Graham, Oct.21,1824.


Deborah and Ansel Barns, July24,1832.


Moses A. and Jane B. Davis, int.Sept.6,1846.


Sophronia and Erastuss Bates, int.Oct.12,1823.

Oliver [Olliver. int.] and Prudence Learned, Nov.19,1823.

Albert B. and Martha Allen, Nov.5,1840.


Dexter, of Sutton and Sally Chase, int.Nov.20,1820.

Mirando and Solomon Holman, int.Dec.22,1820.

Joseph and Submit Barker, of Woodstock, CT, int.Mar.1,1827.

Relief, of Oxford, and Elisha Muzzy, int.Mar.16,1828.

Phebe and Ansel Whitcomb, Mar.31,1829.

Franklin and Mary W. Bemis, June24,1832.

Sarah, of Oxford, and William R. Baker, int.Mar.5,1847.


Samuel, of Sutton, and Mary A. Warren, int.Aug.24,1833.


Charles W. and Mrs.Martha A. Watson, Oct.13,1842.


William and Relief Mansfield, of Dudley, int.Nov.23,1822.

William and Julia An Aalbee, of Dudley, int.Sept.14,1832.

James F. (s.James and Clarissa, a.24) and Sybel M. Longley, Sept.21,1847.


Betsey, of Douglass, MA, and Benjamin Ray, of Cumberland, RI, Jan.16,1840.*


Louisa and Sumner R. Bixby, int.Apr.30,1836.

COLBOURN (Coulburn)

Hannah R., of Lincoln, and Leonard Spaulding, int.May3,1845.


Mariah A. and Lucian W. Larned, Oct.5,1841.

Dorinda and John Vilman, int.Aug.11,1844.

Henry (s.Nathaniel and Hannah, a.23) and Harriet W. Garfield, Dec.29,1844.

Eliza M. and Obediah D. Mallery, of Northfield, int.Aug.31,1845.


Almira, of Northbridge, and Abraham Pierce, int.Jan.11,1823.

Betsey, of Northbridge, and Austin F. Fuller, Apr.14,1825.

Mary and Charles Munroe, June26,1828. [Int. July27].

Mary Ann, of Grafton, and Lewis Barton, int.Jan.2,1830.

Philinda G. [?], of Grafton, and Samuel Marble Jr., of Sutton, Sept.7,1830.

Lora and Charles Tyler, int.Jan.25,1833.

Albert [Allbert. int.] and Sophia Barns, Mar.19,1835.

Leonard and Mary Harris, of Lunenburg, int.Aug.17,1836.

Nancy Town and Lucius Barns, of Hardwick, May22,1838.


Augusta and Harry W. Harris, Nov.27,1828.


Mary and Ebenezer D. Rich, of Thompson, CT, int.July21,1849.

COMBS (Coombs)

Samuel [Samuel C.] and Sophia Goddard, Nov.17,1832.

James Jr. and Lucinda Howard, Sept.9,1835.

Benjamin and Sarah Ramsdell, int.Apr.22,1837.


Levi and Martha D. Dunnell, int.Sept.10,1836.

Jonathan F. and Mary D. Hall, both of Mendon, Feb.13,1840.*


Abner G. and Celia Lincoln, int.Aug.30,1840.

Otis and Julia Ballou, of Royalston, int.May2,1846.


Betsey G., of Upton, and William W. Thompson, int.Apr.17,1841.


Luther G., of Antwerp, NY, and Lydia B. Sessions, Aug.9,1830.

Ziba H. and Abigail Bowen, int.June15,1833.

COOMBS (Combs)

Jane (d.James and Jane, a.32) and Samuel Lathrope, May27,1847.


Sophrony H., of Northbridge, and Sylvanus N. Day, int.Nov.8,1835.

Louisa, S., Mrs., of East Douglass, and Lucian W. Larned, int.Nov.3,1844.


Benjamin F., of Brewer, ME, and Susan Waters, Oct.9,1839.


Melita, of Thompson, CT, and Ephraim Kingsbury, int.May25,1833.


Dennis and Margaret Keney, int.Nov.28,1846. Canadian French.


Rebecca P., of Worcester, and Samuel Johnson, int.Mar.4,1843.


Isabelle [Isabella S. Colburn. int.] and Daniel Buck, of West Boylston, Sept.14,1843.

COWIN (Quinn)

John and Angeline Gravlin, int.Apr.28,1849.


Lousa Jane and Sheldon C. Moses, Dec.29,1842, in Worcester.


Lucinda [] and Lawson Trusdale, Aug.11,1836.


Calvin and Hannah Forbes, Jan.4,1827.


Elvira C., of Worcester, and John E. Harrington, int.Aug.11,1844.


John and Ann Paradice, of Lowell, int.May3,1845.


Joel and Hannah Folansbee, May26,1816.


Noah and Freedom Malcom, of Sutton, July16,1816.

Willard and Mary Richmond, of North Brookfield, int.Apr.4,1824.

Ezra J. and Cerena H. Newton, int.July8,1828.


Betsey and Samuel A. Whitney, of Winchendon, int.Jan.28,1832.


Rubin and Cloey Stockwell, of Oxford, int.Mar.30,1833.


Winthrope R. and Candice A. Smith, May11,1843.


Andrew and Almira Taylor, int.Dec.21,1828.

Catharine, of Webster, and Denny S. Putnam, Nov.24,1841.


Dana [] and Velinda Newton, June17,1824.

Mary and Silas Warren, of Grafton, Oct.10,1833.

Sarah [C. int.] (d.Dana and Vilind, a.19) and Carmel C. Perry, Oct.20,1846.


Mary Ann [Cuttin. int.] and Abner Chase, July7,1829.

Clark C. and Barbary Bartlett, Nov.17,1832.

Thaniel and Almira R. Hastings, of Boylston, int.Oct.10,1835.

Darius and Mary Ann Dudley, Jan.17,1838.

Caleb and Louis W. Dudley, of Grafton, int.,1843.

Charlotte and Elisha Smith, both of Oxford, Apr.1,1849.*

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