Elisabeth, of Grafton, and Josiah Stiles, int.Mar.26,1815.

Susan, of Grafton, and Calvin Taft, int.Mar.8,1834.

Almira and Ammon Broadbent, Dec.28,1842.


Isaac and Sally Goodnough, Oct.1,1818.

Rufus [Wate. int.] and Rebecca White, of Grafton, Oct.11,1819.

Dency and Elijah Burnap, of Sutton, int.Apr.26,1834.


Edwin, of Leicester, and Elizabeth E. Holman, Apr.3,1838.


Horace H., of Sutton, (s.Samuel and A., a.23) and Esther Heald, Aug.8,1847.


Lorenzo and Jane D. Philleps, of Grafton, int.Sept.12,1835.

Amy F. and Saladen Heald, Dec.5,1843.


Elizabeth, of Northbridge, and Samuel Shaw, int.Dec.3,1843.


Veranus [Viranus.int.], of Worcester, and Ama Sheldon, July20,1823.

David and Bathsheba Chase, Feb.20,1827.

Susan C. and Calvin Haywood, of Worcester, Sept.21,1831.

Abigail H. and Horace P. Pope [or Piper], of Oxford, Oct.4,1832.

Adaline and Herald Whittemore, of Worcester, int.Apr.13,1833.

Amy [Mrs.Amey.int.] and Stephen Lesheur, of Upton, Oct.25,1837.

Amanda and Caleb Nichols, of Sturbridge, int.Sept.末,1838.

Levi F., of Upton, and Mary M. Reynolds, int.Sept.27,1840.

Hervey D. and Electa B. Bates, of Bellingham, int.Feb.25,1844.

Samantha (d.Veranus and Amy, a.19) and Timothy Fullam, June28,1846.

Sally R. and John G. Johnson, of Sutton, int.Sept.25,1847.


Tamar, of Charleton, and Calvin Heald, int.Dec.18,1824.

Matilda, of Framingham, and Jacob Shumway, int.Mar.27,1825.

Jonas and Mary H. Banister, of Boylston, int.Nov.16,1833.

William, of Worcester, and Climena Goddard, Apr.2,1834.

Emily, of Oxford, and Alden Snow, int.Apr.16,1834.

George H. or L., of Sutton, and Joanna A. Dudley, May18,1843.


William H. [of Oxford.int.] and Sarah A. Green, Feb.7,1845.


Reuel T. and Eliza Rider, int.Apr.12,1835.

Ambrose P. and Eliza Ann Warner, Dec.4,1838.

Luther A., of Phillipston, (s.Luther and Eliza, a.25) and Mary S. Warner, Apr.29,1844.


John and Adeline Dudley, int.July12,1828.

Eliza Ann [Elisa.int.] and Ambrose P. Warfield, Dec.4,1838.

Mary S. (d.Thomas and Sarah) and Luthre A. Warfield, of Phillipston, Apr.29,1844.

Susan F. (d.Thomas and Sarah, a.20) and Jarvis S. Mallieu, June10,1845.

Sarah L. (d.Thomas and Sarah, a.23) and David Marble, Nov.18,1846.


George, of Fairhaven, VT, and Sally Phelps, Jan.31,1814.

Charles J., Rev., of Attleborough, and Charlotte Wesson, May5,1828.

Mary A. and Samuel Clemmons, of Sutton, int.Aug.24,1833.

Silas, of Grafton, and Mary Cutler, Oct.10,1833.

Betsey (d.Samuel and Deborah, a.22) and William French, both of Oxford, Oct.29,1848.*


Stephen and Mary Harris, of Worcester, int.Sept.20,1845.


Henry and Sarah L. Green, of Warwick, RI, int.Apr.13,1841.


Nathaniel and Sally Hagar, int.Dec.19,1815.

John Jr. and Martha De Wolf, of Lyme, CT, May31,1818, in Lyme, CT.

John, of Sutton, and Hitte Kidder, Aug.10,1819.

Susan H. and Samuel D. Torrey, of Boston, Jan.27,1824.

Lydia and Orra Goodell, int.May5,1824.

Sarah G., of Enfield, and Lyman Goodell, int.Mar.11,1826.

Horace and Ruth Hovey, of Sutton, int.Sept.1,1827.

Silence and Hervey Goodell, of Rutland, Dec.9,1828.

Eliza and Thomas J. Harrington, Oct.31,1830.

Fidelia and Jonas A. Hovey, Nov.17,1830.

Almira and Alphonso L. Whitman, of East Brewer, ME, Oct.13,1834.

Sophia and Alvin Leland, of Northbridge, Dec.30,1834.

Hannah [T. int.] and George Sabins, Nov.13,1835.

Dwight and Sarah Ann Dearborn, of Northampton, NH, int.Feb.20,1836.

Ann Jane and Anson G. Stiles, int.May21,1836.

David Jr. and Catharine Henry, int.June12,1836.

Mary E. and James Flagg, of Worcester, int.Aug.20,1836.

William and Caroline A. Lincoln, int.Mar.10,1837.

Harriet and S.W.S. Dutton, of New Haven, CT, Sept.12,1838.

Samuel A. and Sarah E. Reid, of No. Chelmsford, int.Nov.10,1838.

Jonathan T. and Betsey B. Munyan, int.Sept.28,1839.

Susan and Benjamin F. Copeland, of Brewer, ME, Oct.9,1839.

Martha and Sylvanus Holbrook, of Northbridge, Apr.15,1840.

Lucy and Orra Goodell, int.Apr.24,1842.

Tyler and Hannah Marble, of Sutton, int.May5,1844.

Mary Ann F. and Edwin H. Hutchinson, of Sutton, int.Nov.24,1844.

Adelia [Delia.int.] A. (d.Asa and Susan, a.25) and Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, of Framingham, June4,1845.

Vernon S. (s.Nathaniel and Sally, a.22) and Abby G. Lincoln, Feb.26,1847.

Julia Ann (d.Jonathan and Nancy, a.29) and Samuel A. Small, May31,1848.

Asa H., Col., and Mary Elizabeth Hovey, of Sutton, int.June9,1849.


Maria W., of Grafton, and Ansel E. Bradley, Jan.6,1840.

Martha A., Mrs., and Charles W. Clifford, Oct.13,1842.


Seth and Mary Ann Prouty, of Spencer, int.Apr.24,1828.


Harriet, of New Ipswich, NH, and Henry A. Aiken, int.Oct.20,1848.


Andrew, of Dudley, and Elizabeth Tourtellotte, of Thompson, CT, Dec.22,1814.

John L. and Mary A. Barnard, of Lowell, int.Sept.9,1836.


Charlotte and Rev. Charles J. Warren, of Attleborough, May5,1828.


Samuel W., of East Hampton, CT, and Margaretta L. Kelley, June8,1842.


Hannah, of Providence, and James H. Benchley, int.Jan.9,1819.


Thomas H. [Wetherby.int.] and Mary G. Forbes, May8,1839.


Gabriel F., of Grafton, and Nancy T. Burnap, Dec.27,1818.

Elisha and Mary Sophronia Thurlo, Sept.30,1824.

Charles, of Grafton, and Almira Hinds, May23,1833.

Miriam, of Northbridge, and Elias Hull, int.Apr.28,1839.

Lydia, of Leicester, and Joel W. Upham, int.Oct.18,1840.

Ann F. (d.Simon and Hannah, a.23) and Luther C. Torry, Apr.13,1846.

Moses W. (s.Simon and Hannah, a.22) and Eliza Blanchard, Dec.31,1846.


Elbridge and Dolley B. Atwood, of Grafton, int.Oct.18,1832.

WHELAN (Phelan)

Morice and Elizabeth Saunders, int.Mar.29,1844.


George W. [C. int.] and Julia Livermore, May14,1833.

John W. and Dolly Dressor, of Charlton, int.Dec.12,1833.

Percival and Nancy Hicks, of Charlton, int.Mar.10,1838.


Susan, of Bolton, and Isaac Bond, int.Mar.9,1820.

Willard and Esther Davis, Sept.7,1826.

Ansel and Phebe Clark, Mar.31,1829.

Sally and Joseph Hunt, Aug.11,1831.


Eleanor and Capt. Spencer Lathrop, of Bridgewater, Sept.21,1817.

Rebecca [Rebekah.int.], of Grafton, and Rufus Wait, Oct.11,1819.

Mirandia and Calvin Park, Aug.24,1825.

Cyrus and Sophronia Bradley, of Stafford, CT, int.June15,1826.

Calista, of Northbridge, and James Dike, int.Apr.4,1829.

James H. and Elizabeth W. Parker, int.Apr.12,1834.

Mary R., of Ward, and Solomon Marble, int.Dec.17,1836.

Hannah R., of Aubern, and Ezekiel P. Marsh, int.Mar.17,1839.

Taft and Hannah Heard, Nov.26,1840.

Dolly and Moses Larned, both of Webster, Feb.11,1841.*

Darius, of Northbridge, (s.Joseph, a.24) and Prucilla Batcheller, Oct.10,1844.


Harriet, of Holiston, and Benjamin Flagg, int.Mar.27,1838.

George W. and Eliza Jane Burr, of Milton, int.Mar.27,1847.


Alphonso L. [Rev. int.], of East Brewer, ME, and Almira Waters, Oct.13,1834.


Lucy and Asa Barker, Mar.23,1815.

Nathaniel and Emily D. Gilbert, of Mansfield, int.Aug.11,1827.


Benjamin and Olive J. Bixby, Oct.6,1825.

Samuel A., of Winchendon, and Betsey Croxford, int.Jan.28,1832.

Martha G. and John A. McDougall, Oct.17,1832.

Lucinda G. and Zenus M. Larned, Dec.31,1834.

Nelson and Ruth Guild, int.Mar.12,1836.

George, of Natick, and Mrs.Azubah Hastings, Apr.13,1839.

Barach, of Worcester, and Lorinda Benson, int.Aug.16,1840.

Esther M. and Emerson Eddy, Oct.23,1844.

Clarissa (d.Ransford and Eunice, a.23) and Francis Sawyer, of Grafton, July26,1849.

Marya [Mary Anne. int.] (d.Benjamin and Olive, a.23) and Stillman Towne, of Dana or Enfield, Dec.4,1849.


Mary and Daniel Duggan, int.Dec.29,1838.


Amasa, of Leicester, and Senta Rice, May15,1817.

Herald, of Worcester, and Adaline Walker, int.Apr.13,1833.


George, of Providence, RI, (s.Sales and Julia Ann, a.22) and Mary Sibley, July27,1846.


Emily, of Keene, NH, and Rev. Osgood Herrick, int.Dec.12,1830.

Abel M., of Providence, RI, (s.Asaph and Mary, a.29) and Sarah A. Starr, of Worcester, Oct.18,1840.

Lucy I. (a.32) and Abel F. Stow, of Oxford, July21,1847.


James, of Worcester, and Sally Carter, June1,1820.

Mary, of Worcester, and Silas Earl, int.Aug.17,1823.

Whipple, of Andover, ME, and Roxana Livermore, Oct.6,1833.

Martha, of Grafton, and Samuel March, int.Apr.2,1840.

Lucy W., of Grafton, (d.Timothy and Lois Walker, a.50, wid.) and Amos Pierce, Sept.22,1847.


Serena J., of Kennebunk, ME, and Rev. George W. Campbell, int.Jan.16,1830.

Louisa A., of Uxbridge, and Charles Hayward, int.Jan.24,1846.


Lucretia P., of Oxford, and Sylvanus Larned, int.July19,1835.


William [Willson. int.] [2nd.int.], of Shoreham, VT, and Lucy Dwinnell, Sept.29,1829.

Lucy J. (d.Willard and Jane, a.16) and Alexander Jacobs, Nov.1,1846.


Abigail [of Nashua, NH,. int.] and George Tyler, Feb.7,1838.

Mary F., of Holden, and Ephraim Adams, int.Oct.25,1840.


Richard and Hannah Simpson, Feb.10,1828.


Richard (s.William and Jane, a.24) and Mary Roberts, Dec.20,1846.


Oliver and Lucy Holmes, of New Braintree, int.Feb.28,1818.


Samuel, Rev., of Longmeadow, and Harriot A. Pope, Nov.1,1843.


Lucy, of Boxford, and Benjamin Abbot, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Asa and Polly Stoddard, of Upton, int.Oct.2,1813.

Lucinda, of Grafton, and Joseph B. Duncan, int.Mar.22,1821.

Lucinda, of Uxbridge, and Comfort Rice, int.Jan.4,1824.

Abijah and Hannah Stone, of Grafton, int.Mar.20,1825.

Dexter, of Chelmford, and Lucy Kenney, int.Sept.4,1825.

Goodwin, of Princeton, and Sally Bascom, int.May16,1829.

Susan and Stephen Alger, Oct.14,1830.

Lucy, of Holden, and Josiah Woodward, int.Mar.6,1831.

Cornelius N. and Mary Livermore, int.June2,1837.

Angelina, of Worcester, and Isaac V. Harwood, Apr.27,1840.

Ezra Foristall and Mary Ide Bucklin, of Marlborough, int.Sept.27,1840.

Seth and Philena Smith, int.Nov.8,1840.

Joseph W. and Harriet N. Elder, Nov.10,1841.

George (s.Dexter and Lucy, a.20) and Adeline S. Pope, May15,1846.

Newell, [of Worcester. int.] (s.Seth and Nabby, a.23) and Sarah J. McCrackin, Apr.4,1847.

George A. and Amanda Prouty, of Northbridge, int.Aug.18,1848.

Henry L. [Woods.int.] and Margaret Robertson, Oct.5,1848.

Amasa W. (s.Seth and Nabby, a.21) and Mary A. Wood, May1,1849.

Mary A. (d.Dexter and Nancy, a.18) and Amasa W. Wood, May1,1849.

WOODARD (Woodward)

David and Martha Moore, of Worcester, int.Dec.1,1824.


John M., of West Brookfield, and Chloe M. Goodell, int.Oct.26,1844.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Amity [Amity W. Woodard.int.] and Lewis Lilley, Oct.28,1824.

Lucy W. and Calvin Barker, Nov.29,1825.

Solomon [of Winchendon. int.] and Lydia Learned, May2,1827.

Josiah and Lucy Wood, of Holden, int.Mar.6,1831.

Elmira [Almira.int.] and Marcus Bond, Nov.3,1834.

Frederick E. and Louisa Trask, Oct.2,1838.

Josiah L. and Mrs.Abby E. Mason, of Leicester, int.June2,1839.

Alden B. and Mary P. Lovell, May31,1842.

Elizabeth W. (d.Solomon and Lydia W., a.17) and Liberty B. Marble, Dec.24,1845.

Calvin, Dr., and Susannah Gould, of Barton, VT, int.Nov.8,1846.


Julia M. and Calvin Gould 2nd, Apr.3,1823.

Charity and Leonard Tifft, Jan.25,1825.

Joseph W. and Adeline Blachard, Nov.1,1826.

Sophia C. and Ebenezer G. Danforth, of Patterson, NJ, July28,1829.

Nelson (s.Nelson and Mary, a.24) and Lucy Phusia, Oct.26,1846.


Mary E., of Portsmoulh, NH, and Oren P. Brown, int.Nov.19,1849.


John and Mahalea E. Leland, of Grafton, int.Mar.28,1816.

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