John, of Westminster, and Reuhama Commings, int.Jan.9,1792.

HADSKINS (Hodgkins, Hoskins)

Sally, of New Salem, and John Dudley Jr., int.Dec.22,1812.

HAGAR (Hager)

Aaron, and Rachel Stone, int.Mar.13,1780

Esther, Mrs., and Braddyll Smith, both of New Salem, Nov.29,1840, in New Salem.*

George, of New Salem, and Sarah R. Pike, Apr.7,1839.

John, of Shutesbury, and Bathsheba Rice, int.Jan.20,1776.

Moses, of Hubardston, and Lydia B. Brooks, Nov.30,1808.

Sally, of New Salem, and Thadeus Crowl, int.May11,1801.

Simeon, of New Marlborough, VT, and Mary Claflin, Jan.21,1788.


Timothy, and Elizabeth Byham, both of Narragansett, No. 6, int.May19,1760.


Margret, and Asa Vorce, both of Brookfield, Nov.19,1766*

HALE (Hail)

Alma, of New Salem, and Charles Pike, int.Oct.27,1827.

Amos S., of Barnet, VT, and Anna S. Goddard, Jan.29,1839.

Daniel, and Levina Whitaker, int.Mar.末,1780.

Dexter, of New Salem, s.Levi & Sarah, a.22, and Calista A. Linzie, Nov.25 [30 dup.], 1848.

Eunice, of Greenwich, and Thomas Worden, int.Dec.8,1781.

Israel, and Thankfull Pratt, of Bolton, int.Apr.20,1759.

Lucy, of Greenwich, and John Wardin Jr., int.Oct.29,1779.

Martha, Mrs., and Capt. Joseph Ward, int.Nov.19,1832.

Mary, and Ephrim Part, Dec.5,1754.

Miriam P., Mrs., of Jaffrey, NH, and William Clark, int.June26,1848.

Russell, and Hannah Harris, Jan.24,1822.

Ruth, of Brookfield, and Nathaniel Goddard, int.Apr.17,1809.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Green, of Granby, int.Dec.23,1773.

Stephen, of Royalston, and Mary G. Brooks, Apr.4,1838.

Sumner P., and Joana Luce, int.Sept.25,1847.


Francis, of Brookfield, and Lydia Lawton, of Warren, May19,1841.*


Benjamin F., of New Braintree, and Catherine Wilson, Mar.24,1836.

Benjamin F., and Hannah D. Gleason, of New Braintree, int.May11,1840.

Esther, and John S. Weeks, Apr.7,1836.

Harriet, and Samuel Holbrook, Apr.28,1826.

Louisa, and John H. Snow [of Athol. int.], Apr.7,1836.

Lucy A., and Elbridge G. Smith, of New Salem, Apr.9,1835.

Merritt, of Wendell, and Sophronia Curtis, Nov.2,1842.

Obediah, and Sally Haven, of New Salem, July15,1802.


Abigail, and Tilly Foster, int.Nov.27,1782.

Abigail, and Jabez E. Whipple, of Sutton, Feb.17,1809.

Anna, and Stephen Rice, Apr.6,1785.

Charles, and Sally Herrick, of Barre, Dec.31,1804.

Charles, and Elizabeth Clark, Mar.29,1821.

Charles, and Mary A. Stevens, Mar.30,1826.

Charlotte, and Peter Chamberlin, Nov.17,1791.

Deborah, and Oliver Woodward, of Wardsboro, VT, int.Feb.18,1803.

Ebenezer, and Wid.Isabel Whittemore, of Dana, int.June16,1814.

Eliza C., and Asa K. Bruce, of Hardwick, Apr.16,1839.

Betsey, and Samuel Ainsworth, Feb.20,1799.

Betsy, and Shadrach Hoar Jr., of New Salem, int.Jan.6,1802.

Betsey, and Alexander Mahan, of Greenbush, NY, Sept.5,1814.

Enoch [Jr. int.], and Lucy Bowker, July9,1792.

Fanny, and Israel Houghton 2d, June14,1814.

Hannah, and James Rice Jr., of Barre, June23,1805.

John, and Nancy Marsh, Nov.30,1814.

Joseph W., and Abby Paige, of Hardwick, int.Apr.27,1844.

Louisa, Mrs., and Capt Israel Houghton, Dec.30,1827.

Lucy, and Simon Whitney, Mar.20,1783.

Lucy Ann, d.Charles & Mary A., a.20, and Merick Blanchard, of Boston, Feb.29,1848.

Luke, and Susan S. Rice, of Barre, int.Nov.29,1828.

Lydia, and Lemuel Hodges, Mar.29,1814.

Patience, and Ezra Prouty, of Dana, June14,1809.

Samuel, and Polly Wheeler, of Westmoreland, int.Sept.20,1794.

Samuel, and Eveline Winslow, of Barre, int.Sept.9,1826.

Timothy W., of Hardwick, and Mary A. Houghton, May14,1835.

Zilphia, d.Charles & Mary A., a.19, and Adin Tolman, Sept.30,1849.


Eunice A. [Almira.int.], of Dana, and Jonathan Sanderson 2d, May27,1829.

Thomas, and Sophia Holland, Nov.15,1785.


Damaris, and William Bigelow, of Guilford, Mar.15,1782.

Eber, and Dolly Grout, July13,1803.

Eliza, and Aaron Arms Esq., of Deerfield, June27,1826.

Betsey, Mrs., and William Gates Esq., of Lunenburg, VT, Jan.28,1829.

Eunice, and Guy Bridgeman, of Hinsdel, VT, Feb.17,1797.

Hutchins, and Betsy Grout, Oct.20,1789.

Lucinda, and John Fitch, of Guilford, June16,1791.

Lydia, and Jonas Bond, Feb.8,1789.

Maria, and Ephraim Hinds Esq., of Harvard, Apr.28,1823.

Mary F., and Elijah Kimball, of Grafton, Mar.31,1840.

Oliver, of New Ipswich, NH, and Lucy Smith, Nov.10,1799.

Seth, and Lydia Wilson, July24,1831.

Sophia, of Barre, and John Wilder Jr., int.Dec.5,1778.

Susan Elizabeth, and Joseph Warren Upton, May17,1842.

Thomas, and Betsey Hopkins, int.Jan.15,1818.


Leander, Dr., and Elizabeth Bigelow, Apr.23,1835.


John [Harrington. int.], of New Salem and Azubah Bryant, Apr.18,1803.


Ami, and Pamma Maclaling, int.May10,1788.

Catherine, and Joseph Curtis, Sept.15,1836.

David, and Catherine Mahan, int.Aug.6,1803.

Ebenezer, of Palintine, NY, and Lucy Smith, int.Oct.18,1796.

Harriet F., and Luke Blake, of Westborough, Jan.19,1820.

Joel, and Ruth Wheeler, of Shutsbury, int.Sept.14,1791.

Lydia L,. and Charles H. Braman, int.Oct.7,1837.

Mary Ann, and Avery Bacon, of Barre, Sept.20,1842.

Prudence, Mrs., of Westborough, and Capt. Clap Spooner, int.Mar.26,1819.

Tabitha, of Worcester, and Elisha Crosby, int.May末,1763.

William, and Mary A. Braman, of Barre, Oct.3,1843, in Barre.

HARRIS (Haris, Harrice)

Ebenezer King [Harris.int.], and Polly Munro, Sept.30,1787.

Hannah, and Russell Hale, Jan.24,1822.

Jane, and Sprague Smith, July4,1825.

Mary M., and Seneca F. Deane, Aug.18,1842.

Richard, of Athol, and Celia Sprague, Nov.16,1806.

Robert [Harris.int.], and Mahetable Rogers, May6,1761.

Samuel, and Sally Hemengway, May2,1814.

Silas, and Lydia Goodenough, int.Nov.12,1772.


Elizabeth, and Elisha Flagg, Feb.24,1791.

Polly, and Beriah Woodward, Aug.2,1792.


A. Sumner, of Hillboro, IL, and Helen E. Parkhurst, Apr.9,1844.

Abigail, of Hardwick, and William Haskell, int.Apr.28,1821.

Abraham, of Munson, and Mary Gallond, Dec.4,1808.

Charles A., of New Salem, and Prudence Stearns, Dec.2,1835.

Eliza W., and William Merry, July4,1844.

Ira, Col., s.Elias & Mercy, a.46, widr., and Harriet Oldes, both of Greenwich, May12,1845.*

William, and Abigail Haskell of Hardwick, int.Apr.28,1821.

William N., of Hardwick, and Susan B. Johnson, Apr.27,1841.


Loring, of New Salem, and Mary Gale, int.July6,1843.

Lydia, and Daniel Hunt 2d, both of Prescott, Apr.15,1840, in Prescott.*

Sophia S., and William H. Tolman, of New Braintree, int.Feb.7,1842.


Ruth, and Martain Rice, int.Apr.3,1779.


Amherst, and Hariot Stearns, of Hardwick, int.Oct.18,1811.

Caroline S., d.Walter & Mary, a.25, and Emory Sibley, May29,1849.

Elizabeth, and Josiah Wheeler, int.Apr.19,1819.

Ellen C., d.Dan & Alice, and Harding C. Rogers, of Nashua, NH, Aug.2,1848.

Henrietta, and Joel Osgood, of Harvard, Mar.6,1804.

Henry, and Abigail Haws, of Barre, int.June1,1785.

Isaac, of Templeton, and Sarah Goddard, int.Oct.6,1774.

John Jr., of Heath, and Lucretia Ward, Jan.29,1823.

Louis [Louisa.int.], and Asaph Browning, of Hubbardston, Apr.9,1816.

Mary, Mrs., of Barre, and Timothy Whitney, int.Jan.5,1848.

Sarah, d.Dan & Alice, and Warren Fuller, of Worcester, Oct.10,1848.

Sukey, of Warwick, and Ebenezer Walker, int.Mar.31,1809.


Franklin, and Mary A. Davis, of West Boylston, int.July31,1848.

Joel, Lt., and Anna Babbet, Jan.27,1814.

Seth, and Azubah Meachum, May23,1819.

HATSTAT (Hatstatt)

Beulah, Mrs., (Stone), and Samuel Stone, Feb.23,1823.

Betsey, and James Stone, Nov.16,1817.

Mary, and Nathan Dudley, July4,1819.

Thomas, and Militiah Hixon, of Greenwich, int.Jan.23,1801.


Aaron, and Betsy Town, int.Apr.6,1801.

Elizabeth N., of Dedham, and Rev. Solomon Clark, int.Apr.17,1841.

Samuel S., of Athol, and Anna Stevens, int.Jan.20,1841.

Sally, of New Salem, and Obediah Hamilton, July15,1802.


Artemas, and Clara N. Kilner, of Barre, int.Dec.12,1846.

Bulah, of Barre, and Edward Brigham, int.Jan.8,1792.

Daniel, of Barre, and Maria Dennis, Jan.28,1842.

Nancy, Mrs.[Miss.int.], and Jeduthan Green, of Rutland, Feb.12,1832.

Susanna, of Newtown, and Amos Stone, int.Dec.7,1788.


Ann C., Mrs., and Elias Ayres, of Barre, Nov.22,1843.

Edwin, of Templeton, and Fanny Johnson, Apr.22,1840.


Abijah [Jr. int.], and Louis Frizel, Jan.5,1792.

James, and Olive Willias, of Hardwick, int.Jan.27,1776.

Nancy, and Sanford Babbit, June15,1789.


Abigail, of Barre, and Henry Hastings, int.June1,1785.

Eunice, of Barre, and John Devenport, int.Sept.2,1786.

Lois, of Barry, and Joshua Wilder, int.Sept.16,1781.


Elna, of Boston, and Eliza Paris, Nov.28,1814.


Huldah, and Charles J. Baker, of Gerry, Mar.16,1806.


Joseph, of Boston, and Lydia Chandler, int.Oct.11,1800.


Sally, and Samuel Harris, May2,1814.


Susanna, and Joseph Hinds, Sept.23,1819.


Lucretia, and Artemas Baker, Dec.13,1812.

Solomon, of Rutland District, and Rebeckah Willson, int.Apr.13,1776.


Joel, of Lancaster, NH, and Esther Houghton, int.Aug.3,1806.

Jonathan, of Rutland, and Martha Resine Wilder, int.Apr.9,1773.


David, of Rutland, and Jane Cook, June27,1831.

Horatio F., of Boston, and Mary Holland, Oct.17,1831.

John, of Heath, and Eliza Spooner, Nov.7,1827.

Samuel, of Rutland, and Polly Gates, Oct.22,1795.


Elizabeth R., and John A. Peckham, of Charlestown, Sept.8,1828.


Molly, and Job Larkcom, int.Aug.9,1760.


Sally, of Barre, and Charles Hammond, Dec.31,1804.


Azubah, of Keen, NH, and Nahum Clark, int.Nov.2,1811.

Clark, and Sally Amsden, of Dana, June30,1811.

Elijah, and Polly Stearns, June15,1795.

Elijah, and Melinda Williams, of Dana, int.Feb.20,1830.

Elizebath, and Jonas Davis, of Chesterfield, Nov.4,1762.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Simons, Dec.19,1802.

Elvira, and Alvah Piper, of Phillipston, Nov.5,1833.

Esther, [wid.int.], and James Wheeler, of Chesterfield, Dec.1,1768.

Isaac, of Cherfield, and Sarah Wheeler, int.Dec.11,1773.

John, and Elizabeth Far, of Chesterfield, NH, int.Feb.6,1768.

John Jr., and Eunice Clark, of Providence, RI, int.June5,1794.

Laton, of Chesterfield, and Lucy Pierce, Dec.6,1784.*

Luna, and Curtis Gleason, Dec.8,1813.

Polly, and Samuel B. Hubbard, of Littleton, NH, Feb.14,1813.

Oliver, and Rhoda Clark, Oct.11,1804.

Paul, and Fanny P. Tower, Nov.14,1824.

Paul, and Susan Clark, July7,1829.

Rachel, and Howlan Clark, of Providence, Dec.10,1797.

Samantha, and Daniel Wood, of Mendon, Dec.3,1836.

Samuel, of Chesterfield, NH, and Sally Bosworth, Jan.10,1788.

Sally, and John Hubbard, of Chesterfield, NH, Nov.28,1816.

Silas, and Lydia Clements, May4,1830.


Elias H., and Vercey Meacham, of Dana, Jan.4,1816.

Elias H., s.Leonard & Margaret, a.63, widr., and Charlotte Johnson, Apr.20,1848.

Levine, of Athol, and David Wheeler, Nov.11,1795.


Sabrina, Mrs., and Nathan Moulton, of Prescott, int.Oct.10,1835.


Eda, and Thomas J. Chamberlin, Jan.15,1826.

Charlotte, of Dana, and Lucius Johnson, int.May13,1820.

Cornelius, of Hubbardston, and Augusta Witt, Apr.17,1834.

Ephraim Esq., of Harvard, and Maria Hapgood, Apr.28,1823.

Joseph, and Susanna Hemenway, Sept.23,1819.

Samuel M., of Lancaster, and Sarah Cook, May14,1834.

Susannah, of Greenwich, and James Calhoon, int.June29,1787.


Fanny, of Barre, and Francis Baker, int.Oct.25,1820.

Sally, of Barre, and Aaron Rice 2d, int.Oct.27,1831.


Militiah, of Greenwich, and Thomas Hatstat, int.Jan.23,1801.


Betsey, Mrs., and Lyscom Brigham, of Shutesbury, int.Oct.13,1818.

Shadrach Jr., of New Salem, and Betsy Hammond, int.Jan.6,1802.


Abiel, and Thankfull Amsden, int.May29,1778.

Henry A., s.Jerry & Mary, a.28, and Martha A. Upton, Sept.13,1848.

Jarvis, of Norton, and Rhoda Fairbanks, May26,1828.

Lemuel, and Lydia Hammond, Mar.29,1814.

Lydia, and William Harrison Bancroft, Sept.15,1841.

Simeon W., of Norton, and Emeline Babbit, May27,1841.

HODGKINS (Hadskins, Hoskins)

John, of Charlestown, VT, [NH. int.], and Hannah Spooner, May6,1804.


Samuel, and Mrs.Catherine Howe, of New Salem, int.Apr.16,1836.


Betsey, [Hadskins.int.], and Eliphlet Totman, Feb.4,1812.

Samuel, of New Salem, and Mrs.Zerviah Dudley, int.May9,1829.

Samuel, and Mrs.Anna Robbins, of Orange, June26,1838.

Sally, and Stevens Spooner, of Springfield, NY, Feb.15,1789.

Sarah Ann, Mrs., and John Rathburn, Aug.18,1837.

William, and Mrs.Lucy Russell, May8,1836.


Almira, and Alva Wilber, of New Salem, Nov.30,1825.

Charlotte, and David Rogers, of Greenwich, int.Nov.13,1835.

Betsey, of Holden, and Theodore Winn, int.Dec.5,1811.

Horatio, and Lucinda Gibbs, of Greenwich, int.Jan.20,1838.

Martha, and Lt. John R. Whipple, of Orange, int.Feb.20,1825.

Matilda, of Greenwich, and Woodman Wheeler, Mar.25,1839.

Puah, and John Brooks, int.Apr.3,1819.

Samuel, and Harriet Hamilton, Apr.28,1826.

Sarah, Mrs., of Grafton, and Capt. Joel Brooks, int.Mar.9,1818.


Abigail, of Harvard, and David Allen, int.Oct.15,1757.

Audersa, of Orange, and Orator Meachum, Jan.27,1839. At South Orange.

Jonna, of Harvard, and Ephraim Robbins, int.Jan.19,1765.


Betsey, and Daniel Gale Jr., Nov.29,1809.

Emily, and Nahum Gale, Nov.22,1814.

Esther, and Abraham Robbinson, Nov.20,1781.

George, and Lovicy Gates, int.Aug.11,1821.

Hannah, and Jesse Gale, int.Nov.30,1805.

Ivory, and Martha Rogers,末蔓末,1762.

James, Capt., of Barre, and Elvira Brigham, Apr.16,1828.

Joab, and Abigail Rice, of Barre, int.Dec.30,1779.

John, and Hannah Cutting, int.July30,1771.

John, and Thankfull Wilder, int.Nov.26,1774.

Jonas, and Hannah Spooner, int.Feb.25,1787.

Jonas, and Susannah Willard, Feb.25,1790.

Lovicy, and Luther Adams Jr., of Barre, Oct.13,1830.

Lucy, and Charles Eager, Mar.1,1820.

Luther, and Elisabeth Spooner, Dec.10,1775.

Luther Jr., and Clarisa Ashley, of Sunderland, int.June10,1802.

Patty, and Samuel Daney, int.Oct.6,1781.

Mary, and Abel Loring, int.Apr.21,1821.

Polly, Mrs., and Ebenezer Cox, of Barnard, VT, Feb.19,1829.

Mary, and Horatio F. Henry, of Boston, Oct.17,1831.

Nancy, and Asa Baker, of Princeton, Mar.29,1830.

Park, and Lucy Spooner, int.Aug.3,1784.

Prescott, and Betsey Slye, of Dummerston, VT, int.Feb.11,1815.

Prescot, and Susan Laraby, int.Oct.20,1833.

Sarah S., and George W. Chamberlin, Oct.17,1831.

Sophia, and Thomas Hancock, Nov.15,1785.

Susan, Mrs., and Warren Newton, Feb.4,1840.

Thankful, and Joseph Adams, of Barre, May9,1815.

Vashti, and Benjamin How, int.Dec.21,1783.

Wilder, and Polly Stone, Mar.26,1797.


Sophia, of Barre, and Alexander Joslin, int.Feb.16,1792.


Cumfort, of Bolton, and Abraham Knolton, of Narragansett, No. 6, int.Nov.3,1758.

Francis, of Ward, and Sally Holman, int.Oct.27,1788.

John M., s.Oliver & Anna, a.33, and Eunice Sanderson, May31,1848.

Judith, and Moody Severy, of Sutton, Sept.21,1793.

Olive S., and Charles Rogers, Apr.19,1843.

Oliver, and Anna Morse, of Athol, int.Sept.22,1808.

Sally, and Francis Holman, of Ward, int.Oct.27,1788.

Sarah G., and Plummer Prouty, of Spencer, June30,1842.


Lucy, and Ephraim Willard, int.Jan.31,1801.

Polly, of Hardwick, and John Morse, of Dommerston, VT, Apr.22,1800.*

Sarah, of Worcester, and William Willard Jr., Feb.25,1790.


Polly, of New Salem, and Peter Chase, Mar.15,1798.

HOLTON (Houlton)

Arathusa W., of Winchester, NH, and John H. Gale, int.Dec.6,1846.

Lemuel, of Northfield, and Lydia Shattuck, int.May30,1776.


Mary, of Greenwich, and John Lawton, int.Oct.21,1783.


Betsey, and Thomas Hapgood, int.Jan.15,1818.

Lucy, and John A. Page, of Boston, Oct.27,1842.

Melinda, and Timothy Billings, of Hardwick, Nov.17,1805.

Moses, and Mary Mason, of Barre, int.Oct.29,1808.

Susan R., and John A. Paige, of Boston, Oct.1,1833.

Thirza, and James Paige, of Boston, July8,1810.


Experience, and Abraham Sawyer, both of Narragansett, No. 6, Apr.30,1761.*


Alkanah, and Lydia Morse, Apr.5,1791.

Sibel, [Hodskins.int.], and Calib Chamberlin, Nov.7,1794. [1793?]


Ira, and Lucy Devenport, both of Gill, Oct.15,1798.*


Elihu, and Polly Dean, Mar.20,1783.


Asa, of Putney, and Lydia Presen Houghton, Oct.23,1782.

Ebenezer, of Putney, and Hadasah Houghton, int.Sept.26,1776.

Eleanor, and Charles Braman, Mar.21,1813.

Eleanor F., and Bowman C. Gilbert, of Prescott, Mar.17,1841.

Esther, and Joel Hemmingway, of Lancaster, NH, int.Aug.3,1806.

Hadasah, and Ebenezer Houghton, of Putney, int.Sept.26,1776.

Israel, and Mary Ann Eliot, int.May28,1767.

Israel, and Lydia Shaw, Oct.21,1802.

Israel 2d, and Fanny Hammond, June14,1814.

Israel, Capt., and Mrs.Louisa Hammond, Dec.30,1827.

James, of Guilford, and Betsy Stowell, Jan.21,1790.

Jane, and Maj. George White, May8,1832.

Jemima, and Jeremiah Dean, July14,1802.

Jerusha, and Daniel Dean, Dec.22,1801.

Jonas, and Phebe Rixford, int.Sept.13,1785.

Jotham, and Easter Taylor, int.Nov.12,1759.

Jotham, and Eunice Wilder, Oct.6,1762.

Levi, of Guilford, VT, and Hannah Dimick, May10,1798.

Lucinda, and Oliver Nye, Nov.17,1791.

Lucy R., and Kies Upton, of New Salem, Apr.20,1843.

Lydia Presen, and Asa Houghton, of Putney, Oct.23,1782.

Mary, of Leominster, and David Willson, int.June5,1773.

Mary A., and Timothy W. Hammond, of Hardwick, May14,1835.

Miranda, and David C. Page, of Hardwick, Mar.30,1837.

Olive, and Enoch Cleveland, Sept.23,1784.

Olive A., and Homer H. Adams, of Hubbardston, Apr.20,1842.

Parley D., and Charlotte E. Dresser, of Worcester, int.Mar.7,1846.

Pharas, and Jemima Southward, int.Jan.2,1775.

Shevah, and Sarah Piper, int.Oct.25,1771.

Simeon, and Rachel Dean, Jan.28,1802.

Tamar, of Leominster, and Levi Woods, int.Dec.4,1762.

Thaddeus, and Prudence Wilder, May末,1765.

Thomas, and Lydia Dunn, Apr.5,1815.

Thomas D., s.Zarah & Elenor, a.58, widr., and Lydia Brown, of Phillipston, July17,1848.

Zarah, and Marcy Piper, June1,1769.

Zarah, and Elenar Darbee, int.Oct.9,1783.

HOULTON (Holton)

Henry, of Salem, and Hannah Winslow, int.Aug.21,1767.

HOW (Howe)

Abel, and Hannah Needham, int.Oct.8,1778.

Asa, and Esther Bowker, int.May8,1786.

Benjamin, and Vashti Holland, int.Dec.21,1783.

Betsy, and Jazaniah Knapp, int.Apr.7,1798.

Ephraim Jr., and Lydia Wilder, int.Oct.21,1809.

George, and Lephe Stratton, of Garry, int.May3,1795.

Joel, and Sally How, int.Jan.30,1801.

John, and Mary Needham, of Templeton, int.July3,1775.

Mary, and Jacob Amsden, Sept.19,1751.

Micajah, and Sarah Emes, of Rutland, int.Oct.18,1756.

Patince, of Marlborough, and Edward Baker, int.Oct.2,1756.

Sally, and Joel How, int.Jan.30,1801.

Silvanus, and Mary Rice, of Rutland District [both of Petersham, int.], Dec.26,1763.

Silvanus [Jr. int.], of Templeton, and Miriam Bragg, Feb.25,1798.

Theodore, of Hanaca, and Lydia Johnson, int.Oct.3,1771.


John, of West Springfield, and Jerusha Rogers, Dec.19,1795.

Lydia A., of Winchester, NH, and Hudson H. Tolman, int.Mar.13,1844.

Tamzin, and Nathaniel Merrick, of Chesterfield, NH, int.May26,1800.

HOWE (How)

Abel, and Martha Williams, of Hubbardston, int.Apr.12,1841.

Artemas, of Barre, and Sophia M. Wetherell, Jan.1,1823.

Catherine, Mrs., of New Salem, and Samuel Hodskings, int.Apr.16,1836.

Dolly, and Edward Wilcox, May3,1835.

Betsey, and Elias Bullard, of Wendell, Dec.12,1827.

Emily W., of Keene, NH, and Henry Mason Jr., int.May10,1845.

Frederick, of Worcester, s.Asa & Relief, a.23, and Hannah C. McNear, Nov.26,1846.

Grace, Mrs., and Silas Sawyer, of Phillipston, int.Apr.19,1841.

Jedediah B., of Worcester, and Amanda Chamberlin, Mar.29,1829.

John, and Grace Moore, of Gerry, int.Feb.8,1810.

John R., s.Washington & Silence, a.26, and Lucy K. Wetherell, Jan.27,1848.

Jonas, and Arathusa Negus, Dec.1,1816.

Jonas H., and Margaret A. Swindell, of Boston, int.May8,1846.

Josiah D., and Hannah Rice, of Barre, int.May11,1832.

Lambert, and Sarah M. Newton, of Templeton, int.Oct.22,1831.

Lucy, and George Gates, int.Aug.29,1818.

Mary, and Oliver C. Gates, Nov.3,1805.

Rebecca M., d.Washington, a.35, and Antrim White, of Barre, Apr.2,1845.

Stephen, and Betsey T. White, June10,1840.

Thomas S., and Charlotte Bigelow, June9,1847.


John, and Harriet V. Fiske, Mar.4,1841.

Sarah, of Dana, and Ephraim Covell, int.June2,1821. 1


Catherine, and Ebenezer Claflin, of Boston, int.Jan.4,1815.


John, of Chesterfield, NH, and Sally Hildreth, Nov.28,1816.

Martha, of Worcester, and Thomas Rogers, July14,1742.

Zebina, of Sunderland, and Lydia Ann Whipple, Oct.4,1837.

Samuel B. [Billings.int.], of Littleton, NH, and Polly Hildreth, Feb.14,1813.

Stillman, of Holden, and Hannah M. Mosier, Oct.18,1832.

HUCHINSON (Hutchinson)

Bartholomew, and Lydia King, Feb.8,1793*


Naby, of New Braintree, and Stephen White, int.Jan.7,1792.

Ezar, and Releaf Autherton, of Templetown, int.June24,1764.

Sarah, and Joel Grout, Nov.3,1756.

Seth, and Abigail Sanderson, int.July12,1777.


Daniel 2d, and Lydia Haskins, both of Prescott, Apr.15,1840. In Prescott.*

Gustavus A.M., and Hannah C. Peabody, of Athol, June17,1843.

Henry Willard, and Sarah Woods, int.May24,1775.

Lydia, of Greenwich, and Joab Stowell, int.May29,1778.

Polly, of Shutesbury, and Martin L. Pratt, int.Apr.18,1818.


Betsy, and William Thomson, of Barre, June20,1802.

Joel, and Rhoda Parmenter, Feb.22 [May31 dup.], 1801.

HUTCHINSON (Huchinson)

Lydia, and Jonathan Mead, Feb.17,1800.


Sarah, of Greenwich, and Rufus Doane, int.Sept.24,1836.

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