Charles and Asenath Goddard, int.Mar.30,1824.


Jean and John Shaw of Hassanamisco, June5,1735.*


Abigail, see Kemp.


Isaac and Betsey Parmenter of Holden, int.Aug.31,1835.

CAREY (Cary)

Joseph W. [] of Norwich, CT. (s.Joseph P.), and Sally Maria Bliss, June13,1843.


Barlow of Wardsborough, VT, and Susannah Wheelock, Feb.6,1803.

Betsy of Marlborough, VT, and Eddy Tucker, int.Nov.3,1813.

Harvey of Grafton and Mrs.Sally D. Newton, int.Apr.30,1846.

Jane and Jackson Harrington, Aug.30,1838.

CARRUTH (Corruth)

Lydia of Northborough and Abijah Garfield, int.Jan.8,1779.


Mary [Carrol. int.], and Daniel Hemingway Jr., Aug.1,1770.


John 2d of Leominster and Hannah Nurse, Apr.21 or 25,1824.

Sarah H. of Berlin and Samuel L. Howe, int.Mar.13,1846.

CARY (Carey)

Adam H. and Mehitable Smith, Apr.8,1841.

Harriet and Jason Blake Jr., Nov.12,1822.

Henry and Lucretia Harrington, int.Oct.19,1811.

John F. and Abigail T. Garfield of Worcester, int.May23,1840.

John F. (s.Joseph P. and Abigail, a.28, widr.) and Laura M. Nourse, May11,1845.*

Joseph P. and Abigail Sawyer, Mar.9,1817.

Joseph P. and Harriet Sawyer, Oct.4,1829.

Polly and William Garfield, Nov.30,1815.

Peter and Susanna Cutting, Feb.17,1814.

Relief and Joseph J. Peirks, June27,1813.

Thaddeus and Sally Smith, int.Sept.25,1808.

Theodore C. and Maria N. Freeman, Nov.12,1840.


William J. of Cumberland, RI, and Charlotte H. Freeman, Aug.18,1845.


Shapley, resident in Shrewsbury, and Mary J. Newton, Dec.2,1819.


Elizabeth and Jonathan Keney, both from Boston, int.Apr.27,1776.


Lucy, Mrs., [Chase int., see Chase], of Sutton and Dea.Benjamin Goddard, Feb.13,1799. In Sutton.


Catherine A. of West Boylston and Otis A. Temple, int.Oct.16,1846.


Charles L. (s.Eli and Mittee, a.24) and Eleanor M. Stowe, both of Grafton, May28,1846.*

Daniels S. and Harriet W. Maynard, Aug.31,1840.

Elizabeth, wid., of Holliston and Daniel Drury, int.May16,1776.

Joshua Jr. (s.Joshua and Sally, a.24) and Elizabeth J. Heywood, Feb.1,1849.

Martha of Westboro' and David Brigham, Oct.13,1768. In Westborough.

Mary of Worcester and Nathaniel Heywood, July1,1793

Nancy and Ethan Bullard of Westboro', Sept.1,1840.

Sarah and Calvin Pratt of Holden, Nov.28,1838.


Amos of Milford and Harriot Stowell, Mar.10,1807.

Edwin A. of Grafton (s.Jacob and Eliza, a.23) and Asenath T. Sargent, Oct.8,1848.*

Perry of Worcester and Mary Pease, Nov.1,1807.

CHASE (Chace)

Emily of Sutton and Nathan Garfield, int.Nov.22,1825.

Eunice and Daniel How of Hubbardston, int.Jan.3,1774.


Hannah of Ward and Dana Newton, int.Jan.15,1808.


Huldah and Ephraim Allen of Rutland, July12,1757.

William and Huldah Maynard, Nov.4,1754.


Betsy and Oliver White, both of Worcester, Sept.11,1827.*

Lucy M. and Stephen W. Jewell of Dudley, int.Mar.16,1840.

Obadiah and Mercy Phillips, Apr.4,1837.

Oliver and Sarah Tucker, Apr.28,1799.


Bulah [] and Samuel Lee of Rutland District, Feb.27,1766.

David and wid.Mehetable Richardson of Worcester, Nov.29,1759.

Zachariah [] and Lydia Bigelow of Worcester, Oct.7,1784. In Worcester.


Hannah K. of Worcester and Joseph Cummings, int.Nov.2,1844.

Joshua of Worcester and Mary Hinds, June2,1748. In Worcester.*


Stephen and Bathsheba Newton, Mar.27,1754.


Cephas [Clapp. int.], of Northampton and Sophia Mann, Nov.3,1816.


Simeon of Worthington and Julia Blake, Sept.18,1833.


Anthony and Jane Fairfield, July31,1759.

Melatiah [Clerk. int.], of Medfield and Jonathan Muzzy, Feb.14,1788. In Medfield.

Thomas of Worcester and Katheirne Ward, int.Mar.11,1774.

CLAYCE (Cloyes)

Esther and Daniel How, June17,1725.*


Francis and Elizabeth Mixer, Apr.13,1826.


Sarah and Henry Booth, late residents in Shrewsbury, int.July6,1799.

CLOYES (Clayce)

Nabby of Framingham and James Nichols, int.Oct.19,1811.

Clarisa of Framingham and Thomas Bucklin Haven, int.Oct.28,1815.

Experience of Framingham and John Parker, Feb.18,1730-1.*

Joseph [Cloyse. int.], and Eunice Howe, Sept.24,1797.

Kezia of Framingham and William Goddard, June26,1726-7. In Framingham.*

Maria [], of Westborough and Calvin Whiting, Sept.17,1820.


Aura G. of Worcester and Nancy M. Maynard, May23,1839.


Sarah of Warren, RI, and Biel Ldoyt, resident in Shrewsbury, int.Aug.18,1829.


Charles C. of Worcester and Susan M. Maynard, int.Aug.末,1846.


Abigail and Southwick Hebbard of Dudley, Mar.21 [24 ?], 1757. In Oxford.

Mary and Samuel Hibbert, Feb.6,1753.

COLLEDGE (Cooledge)

Rachel and Abel Houghton of Putney, NY, int.Aug.4,1780.


Olive, wid., of Sutton and Daniel Smith, int.July3,1822.


Asa C. and Sarah D. Young, both of Westborough, May9,1833.*


Lewis E. (s.Reuben and Roxana, a.25) and Marian P. Snow, Nov.11,1847.


Samuel C. of Millbury and Sophia Goddard, int.Oct.27,1832.


Harriet C. of Monson and Calvin Perry, int.Jan.13,1849.


Edward and Mary Dryden of Boston, int.Mar.12,1845.


Squire of Bridport, VT, and Anna Rand, Feb.20,1810.


Jonas of New-fain and Percis Newton, int.Dec.9,1774.

Silas of Norton and Elisabeth Nixon, int.Mar.12,1763.

COOLEDGE (Colledge)

Esther and Jacob Sawyer of Sterling, July4,1782. In Lancaster.

Moses of Berlin and Lucy Crosby, Apr.15,1795. In Berlin.


Elisabeth of Northborough and Jedediah Tucker Sr., int.Sept.30,1796.


Lydia of Westborough and Joseph Bartlit of Rutland, Feb.5,1745.*


Lydia [], and Asa Newton, Jan.12,1832.


Lucy of Princeton and Samuel Randall, resident in Shrewsbury, int.Nov.21,1814.


Solomon and Annis Houghton,末蔓末, 末末. [Int. Apr.26,1792.]


Harriot [C. int.] and Samuel A. Pratt, Aug.16,1815.

Maria and Jonathan Plimpton, Dec.27,1825.

CORRUTH (Carruth)

Lucy of Northborough and William Kellay, int.Sept.19,1772.

COTTING (Cutting)

Caroline of East Sudbury and George S. Parks, int.Feb.20,1830.

CRAFORD (Crawford)

John and Margeret Henderson of Lancaster, int.Mar.23,1743.


Nathan Jr. of Newton and Relief Witherby, Jan.15,1834.

CRAWFORD (Craford)

Eleoner and Joseph Pierce, int.Aug.30,1782.

Margaret and Jonathan Gale, Mar.10,1757.

William and Mary Dunsmore of Lancaster, Feb.26,1758.


Candace [Craton. int.], [] (a.42, wid.) and William Giles, Oct.23,1849.


Rebecca [] and Isaac Knights of Worcester, Jan.24,1776. In Worcester.


Bathsheba and Jonathan Fostor, Aug.11,1741.*


Frederick and Patty Maynard, int.Mar.11,1785.

Hannah [], and Asa Bouker, Oct.3,1752.

Isaiah and Elizabeth Sawyer of Bolton, int.Aug.16,1823.

Lucy and Moses Cooledge of Berlin, Apr.15,1795. In Berlin.

Polly and Moses Pollard of Berlin, July22,1793. In Berlin.

Philip and Esther Brown of Rehoboth, Oct.24,1793. In Rehoboth.

Philip and Grace Stone, Nov.27,1804.

Philip of Westminster and Alvira Stearns, int.June25,1825.

Samuel, Dr., and Azubah How of Westborough, int.Sept.8,1753.

S[amuel] Brown and F. Elvira Giles of Northborough, int.Feb.8,1846.

Sally and Stephen Baily of Bolton, Feb.8,1779.

Sarah of Brookfield and Parley Goddard, int.Aug.20,1815.

CROSMAN (Crossman)

James Jr., resident in Shrewsbury, and Susannah Farrah of Kingensly, int.Apr.19,1766.


Jane of Templeton and John Right, Apr.30,1765.

CROSSMAN (Crosman)

Abishai and Ruth Whelor, both of Boylston, Jan.28,1794.*

Mary of Dorchester and Aaron Garfield, Feb.5,1760. In Dorchester.*


Thomas and Sarah Grover, Mar.26,1734.*CR

William and Joanna Grover, July3,1729. In Woburn.*


Asa of Sutton and Damaris Temple, int.Nov.5,1784.

Caroline B. and Jacob W. Lamb of Holliston, Apr.16,1840.

John (s.John B. and Martha Knowlton) and Lucy Ann Hastings, Apr.24,1844.

Joseph and Hannah K. Childs of Worcester, int.Nov.2,1844.

Martha K. and Abraham Parmenter of Oxford, int.Mar.28,1846.

Rebecca B. and John York of Rockport, Mass., May4,1841.

Susan F. and Ezra Ball of Boylston, Oct.16,1834.

Susanna and Asa Wesson, Apr.12,1818.


John of Sutton and Zipporah Maynard, Feb.23,1807.


Samuel H. of Framingham and Ruth Aldrich, Dec.13,1836.


James of Worcester and Sarah Eager, May24,1770.

Joseph of Worcester and Eleoner Flint, Aug.1,1774.

Maria and Benjamin Maynard Jr., Nov.3,1808.

William [Dr. int.], of West Brookfield and Charlotte M. Pratt, Jan.1,1840.


Allis and Winsolow Brigham of Westborough, int.May9,1781.

Bridget and Josiah Stone, Nov.13,1791.

Elmore and Lydia Hastings, int.Mar.5,1783.

Job and Lucia Stone, Feb.20,1752. In Framingham.*

Job Jr. and Sally Rice, Sept.2,1790.

Job and wid.Sarah Goulding of Grafton, May17,1792.

Lucy and Jonas Stone of Charlton, July4,1781.CR

Lydia and Nathaniel Stearns of Paxton, int.Oct.9,1774.

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Nathan Stone of Yarmoth, Oct.17,1765.


Ebenezer and Abigail Felch of Reading, Apr.27,1726. In Reading.*

Ebenezer Jr. of Grafton and Meriam Bennit, int.Oct.12,1764.

Ebenezer and wid.Abigail Whitney, both of Grafton, Apr.19,1779.*

Isaac of Grafton and Ruth Knowlton, Apr.30,1823.

Joel and Mary Keith of Easton, int.Dec.5,1801.

Maria (d.Ebenezer, a.26) and James Williams, Mar.31,1847.

Sarah and Patrick Delaney, May14,1795.

CUTTING (Cotting)

Abigail and John Wellington, int.Dec.4,1781.

David and Mary Keyes, Nov.10,1767.

Dinah and Micah Pratt, May18,1752.*

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Dunton of Sturbridge, int.Nov.12,1784.

Eliphelet and Mary Heyden, int.Mar.1,1760.

Francis and Thankful Warren, May11,1750.*

Horatio A. of Attleborough and Mary Ann Lamb of Attleborough, but resident of Shrewsbury, Dec.29,1839.*

Jopah and Orph[a] Houghton of Lancaster, Jan.2,1751.[Josiah, 1752. Vital Records of Lancaster.] In Lancaster.*

Josiah and Percis Glazier, int.June末,1769.

Lucy and Silas Cutting, May20,1779. In Holden.

Lydia and Daniel Allin, Feb.4,1746-7.*

Persis and David Bennet, Feb.14,1773.

Prudence and Isaac Smith of Westmoreland, NH, Nov.20,1783. In Holden.

Silas and Lucy Cutting, May20,1779. In Holden.

Susanna and Peter Cary, Feb.17,1814.

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