John B., Feb.23,1836, a.3.

Edward, s.Leander, June5,1837, a.2.

John Edward, s.Leander, Nov.12,1838, a.10m.

Hannah, w.Capt. Leander, Dec.28,1843, a.41y.5m.16d.


Patty, d.John and Hannah, May7,1767.

John, s.John and Hannah, Sept.16,1770, a.2y.4m.6d.

Lucy, d.John and Hannah, Apr.29,1771 [a.4m.16d.]

Lucy, d.John and Hannah, May1,1773 [a.3m.]

Polly, d.John and Hannah, June26,1774 [2m.23d.]

Relief, d.John and Hannah, Apr.4,1778 [a.5m.15d.]

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Sept.7,1778 [a.3y.13d.]

John, Maj., Jan.15,1793, in his 52nd year.GR


Deborah, w.Charles, Nov.21,1815, a.49.GR

Charels Henry, s.Charles and Relief, May13,1818, a.6.GR

Charles, Capt., Sept.7,1818, a 52.GR


Julia Ann, d.Seth W. and Mary Ann, Jan.11,1832, a.22d.

Elizabeth Dean, d.Seth W. and Mary Ann, Nov.11,1833.

Mary Ann, w.Seth W., Sept.2,1836, a.37.

John S., s.Wyman, Aug.30,1843, a.44y.9m.


Ebenezer, Jan.2,1831, a.50. "A citizen of Boston. "

Mary, July2,1841, a.59. Cancer.


George, Sept.29,1832, a.90. A Revolutionary pensioner.

Sarah, wid George, Sept.17,1840, a.94.GR


Charles H., Sept.29,1834, a.65.

Susan, wid Charles H., Dec.26,1849, a.79y.1m.21d.Decline. Born in Salem.


John, s.Stephen and Judith, Oct.12,1756.

Solomon, s.Stephen and Judith, Oct.24,1756.

Stephan Jr., s.Stephan and Judith, Jan.16,1758.

John, s.Stephen and Judith, Jan.30,1785, in his 25th year.

Mary L., d.Joseph and Mercy, Sept.30,1849, a.1m.1d.Cholera infantum.


Hannah, w.James S., Oct.20,1849, a.32y.8m.25d.Dropsy.


Josiah, s.Edward and Mary, Jan.1,1770, a.8y.19d.

Edward, s.Dr. Edward and Mary, June18,1788, a.22.GR

Mary Eloner, d.Josiah and Nancy, Sept.6,1803 [a.10m.21d.]

Lucy, twin d.Josiah and Nancy, Apr.21,1804, a.1d.GR

Sarah, twin d.Josiah and Nancy, Apr.21,1804, a.1d.GR

Charles, s.Josiah and Nancy, Sept.4,1809, a.3m.GR

Nancy, w.Josiah, Aug.16,1816, a.35.GR

Mary, w.Dr. Edward, Feb.11,1817, a.78y.9m.GR

Edward, Dr., Nov.13,1818, a.85y.7m.GR

Edward, s.Josiah and Nancy, Oct.13,1820, in his 5th year.GR

Mary, w.Josiah, Jan.13,1844, a.57y.10m.13d.

Henry, s.Henry H. and Sarah, Feb.22,1844, a.15d.

Herbert J., s.Franklin and Harriet, Oct.4,1848, a.2y.3m.Dysentery.


Mary A., Aug.17,1840, a.24.


Oliver K., Esq. Sept.,1847, a.51. At Charleston, SC.GR

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