Jason of Packquage and Mary Beatton of Westborough, Sept.11,1749.*

BAILEY (Bally, Bayley)

John of Hollis and Mary Farr, int.Oct.2,1784.


Stephen [], of Bolton and Sally Crosby, Feb.8,1779.


Daniel Jr. of Worcester and Betty Mixer, Apr.14,1793.

Lucy and Joseph Neff, int.Aug.13,1835.

Martha and Augustus Adams of Concord, Dec.3,1835.

John of Shoreham, VT, and Mrs.P.S. Maynard, Oct.2,1839.

John W. and Marretta A. Fairbank of West Boylston, int.Oct.14,1848.


John Jr. and Persis Wheeler, June11,1754.

Hepsibath [] of Westborough and Jonathan Adams, May21,1755. In Westborough.

Catharine and Elisha Keyes, int.Mar.7,1757.

Mary and George Earl of Leicester, int.Apr.6,1757.

Joseph and Dinah Rice, Aug.18,1760.

Benjamin and Elisabeth Emes of Framingham, int.Oct.24,1767.

Thomas and Mary Newton, Feb.22,1768.*

Marcy, wid., and Ezra Pond of Hubbardston, int.June4,1774.

Daniel and Deborah Rand, int.June25,1774.

Benjamin and wid.Rebeckah Wesson "of Worcester Gore so called," int.Apr.18,1777.

Reuben and Miriam Smith, int.Sept.5,1778.

Ruben and Charlotte How, int.Dec.1,1780.

Reuben and Betty Maynard of Harvard, June16,1789. In Harvard.

Betty and Roswell Temple, Jan.30,1792.*

John and Lydia Goulding, Dec.12,1793.

Sally and Jedediah Tucker 3d, Feb.19,1797.

Anna and Benjamin Angier, Jan.27,1801.

Ashbel and Mary Willson, Apr.22,1802.

Eunice and Elijah Hapgood, Sept.26,1802.

Azubah and John Wesson of Grafton, Dec.16,1805.

Eliza [] and Lot Furbush of Westborough, Feb.5,1812.

Artemas Dodge and Prudence Howard of Worcester, int.Dec.19,1812.

Jasper R. and Betsy W. Howard of Worcester, int.Nov.11,1814.

Lucy and Seth Wyman, Nov.28,1816.

Betsy and Nahum Nurse, Jan.1,1818.

Nancy and Joseph T. Turner of Worcester, May21,1826.

Ann A. and William B. Newton, Apr.14,1835.

Jonas and Beulah Knowlton, Apr.15,1841.

Eunice F. and Jonathan Butterfield of Springfield, int.Nov.11,1842.


Mary and Elisha Ward, int.Apr.17,1762.

Zeruiah and Jonathan Heywood Jr. of Concord, Nov.7,1771.

Henry and wid.Martha Abbott, int.Aug.22,1778.

Relief and William Hammond of Newton, int.Oct.3,1778.

Thaddeus and Nabby Rice, int.Dec.10,1783.

Leucretia and Jonas Stone of Leicester, int.Mar.18,1784.

Abigail, Mrs., and Dr. Abraham Holland of Walpole, June2,1784.

Henry Jr. and Azzubah Keyes, int.Sept.16,1786.

Azubah [] and Ashbel Smith, Apr.23,1805.

Mary and Moses Gill of Roxbury, int.Sept.1,1810.

Henry and Mary Goddard, Oct.11,1812.

Nathan and Elisabeth D. Ward, May26,1817.

Rhoda of Marlborough, NH and Jonas Garfield, int.Mar.14,1833.

Purnell and Russell Garfield, Oct.3,1836.

Catherine M.W. and Thomas Lyon of Northboro', int.Apr.9,1838.

Angeline A. and Oliver B. Sawyer of Berlin, Apr.12,1842.

Henry W. and Louise B. Nourse of Westboro', int.May19,1849.

Kate M. (d.Henry and Mary, a.24) and George C. Stone of Muscatine, IA, Sept.3,1849.


Jonathan of Westborough and Martha French, Apr.4,1739.*

Patience of Westborough and Joseph White of Lancaster, Nov.13,1745.*

Daniel and Lucy Newton, Oct.25,1749.*

Sarah of Grafton and David Nourse, Feb.21,1759. In Grafton.

Lucy of Grafton and Benjamin Nurse, Jan.21,1760. In Grafton.

Elizabeth, wid., of Northborough and Maj. Joseph Mixer, int.Aug.20,1777.

Daniel and Lydia Smith, Sept.18,1778.

Elijah of Lancaster and Olive Plimpton, Dec.1,1818.

Nahum and Clarinda Dudley, Jan.16,1822.

Elijah and Nancy Plimpton, Feb.12,1824.

Ezra of Boylston and Susan F. Cummings, Oct.16,1834.

Elijah and Betsey Plympton, Jan.17,1836.


Joseph of Andover and Molly Smith, Sept.10,1771.


Elizabeth [Baley int., see Bailey], and Josiah Whelor, Feb.28,1743-4.


Mehitable and Daniel Knight Jr. of Worcester, Dec.4,1766.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Maynard of Templeton, May15,1776. In Templeton.


Huldah of Marlborough and Elisha Mainard, July13,1727.*

Nathan of Brookfield and Sarah Whitney, Dec.17,1769.

Daniel of Gardner and Anna Drury, July22,1798.

Thankful of Boylston and Thomas Harlow, May16,1799. In Boylston.

Sarah of Boylston and Arunah Harlow, June27,1799. In Boylston.

Emery of Boylston and Lucy Drury, int.Apr.6,1821.

Angeline of Boylston and Aaron Newell, int.Nov.19,1831.

Emory of Boylston and Malinda Drury, int.Sept.22,1836.


Sarah of Marlborough and Jonas Holland, Nov.23,1733. In Marlborough.*


Matthew of Weston and Mary Blair, Jan.31,1726-7.

Nancy and Jacob Rice, June25,1805.


Jonathan of Sutton and Rachel Keyes, int.Apr.3,1756.

Polly and Ebenezer Butler of Lancaster, int.Dec.10,1784.


Rachel of Hingham and Bazaleel Bennet, Feb.24,1774. In Hingham.

Sibil and Asa Bennett, int.May28,1784.

John [], of Boylston and Patience Harlow, Mar.18,1834.

Lucy F. of Marlboro and Artemas Jones, int.Nov.9,1838.

Samuel W. and Laura Flint, Apr.2,1844.


Oliver of Northborough and Dinah Bennett, Dec.24,1770.

Richard Jr. and Anna Bathrick, both of Westboro, Jan.1,1772.*

Abigail and John Green, Apr.29,1798.

David and Submit T. Willard of West Boylston, int.Mar.3,1826.


John of New Braintree and Damaris Wheeler, Oct.25,1751.*


Dolly of Killingsly, CT, and Issachar Johnson, int.Mar.3,1777.

Cloe and Jacob Hemenway, int.Jan.1,1780.

John and Susan Ladds of Northborough, int.Mar.13,1842.


Betsey and Moody Wright, Mar.10,1817.


Hosea and Caroline A. Newton, July4,1836.


Hannah of Grafton and Oliver Rice, June30,1742. In Grafton.*

Molly of Northborough and James Longley, int.Dec.3,1783.

John, resident of Shrewsbury, and Sally Munroe, Apr.9,1828.

Lucy B. [R. int.] and Stephen H. Gleason of Worcester, Apr.26,1831.

Sophia of Northborough and Stephen W. Jeffrey, int.Mar.18,1832.

Elizabeth H. of Northborough and Caleb H. Warren, int.Aug.17,1832.

Abagail H. and Stilman Smith, Dec.15,1833.

William and Charlotte L. Harrington, May12,1836.

Betsey S. and Edward D. Dudley of Sutton, int.Mar.1,1839.

Roxana of Newton and Luke M. Wheelock, int.Mar.12,1840.

Solomon and Emeline Parker, int.Mar.12,1842.

Mary A. of Northborough and Charles D. Wyman, int.Sept.1,1843.

Uriah of Marlborough and Lucy H. Allen, int.Mar.8,1844.

Lucy M. and Silas Phillips, int.Mar.11,1848.

William and Eliz N. Hare of North Brookfield, int.Aug.18,1848.


Joseph of Rutland and Lydia Coolledge of Westborough, Feb.5,1745.*


John W. and Mary E. Allen, Jan.1,1835.


Elisabeth of Grafton and Thomas Knoulton, int.Feb.13,1771.

Lydia of Upton and Abraham Knoulton, int.Jan.29,1772.

Benjamin Jr. of Grafton and Patty Witherby, Feb.21,1793.*


Samuel and Rebecka Hastings of Warwick, int.Apr.30,1803.

Harris W. of Troy, NY and Mrs.Susan Goodell, June19,1826.

William of Millbury and Melinda Newton, int.Mar.5,1828.


Elizabeth and Nathan S. Wheelock of Grafton, int.June11,1836.


Anna and Richard Barns Jr. both of Westboro, Jan.1,1772.*

Solomon of Westboro' and Catherine H. Parks, int.Mar.8,1835.

BAYLE (Bailey, Bally)

Elisabeth of Marlboro and Daniel Willard, int.Oct.30,1764.

BEAMAN (Beman)

Ezra and Persis Keyes, June1,1758.

Jonathan and Sarah Seager of Worcester, Oct.3,1759. In Worcester.

Eliza of Lancaster and John Boynton, Jan.13,1763. In Lancaster.*

Ephraim and Tamar How of Lancaster, int.Apr.17,1764.

Lois and James Hendrick of Templeton, int.Oct.10,1766.

Sarah, wid., and Samuel Bixby of Lancaster, int.Oct.26,1773.

Levinah and Francis Biglow of Boston, Oct.29,1778.

Percis, Mrs., and Dr. Amariah Biglow, int.May18,1781.


Mary of Westborough and Jason Badcock of Packquage, Sept.11,1749.*


Elisabeth [] and Marshall S. Jones of Greenwich, Jan.4,1814.


Ebenezer of Holden and Silence Winch, Oct.27,1764. In Holden.


Charity of Westborough and Simon Gleason of Oxford, May22,1747.*

John [Jr. int.] of Southborough and Susanna Whitney, Oct.4,1768.

Joseph and Hannah Whitney, int.Jan.15,1785.

Patty and Nahum Newton, Nov.29,1792. In Grafton.

Anna [Anne. int.] and Dr. Jacob Kitteridge of Spencer, June12,1799.

Cloe and Pellatiah Allen of Holden, June11,1800.

Moses and Relief Newton, int.Apr.2,1804.

Lyscom and Lydia Gardner Abertson, int.June29,1805.

John Jr. and Eunice Willard of Worcester, int.July12,1806.

Lucy and Oliver Torry of Killingly, CT, Mar.15,1809.

Stephen and Abigail P. Muzzy, Jan.14,1817.

Betsy and Gerry Dudley, Nov.18,1827.

Lucretia and Ephraim Wesson, May2,1829.

Alexander W. and Elizabeth G. Pond of Franklin, int.Sept.9,1831.


Mary Thomson [Belcher. int.], and Penuel Merrifield of Holden, Mar.31,1793.


Aaron [Beaman. int.], of Fitchburg and Lucy Lyon, Sept.12,1836.


Luke of Watertown and Hannah Eddy, July9,1797.

Cyrus and Elizabeth Taggard of Boston, int.May13,1837.

John W. of Wayland and Mary K. Fessenden, Nov.19,1844.


William of Narragansett No. 2 and Reziner Wilder, "Living Between Lancaster and Petersham in ye County of Worcester In no town," Sept.15,1755.*

BENNET (Bennett, Bennit)

Josiah and Abigail Graves of Sudbury, Aug.13,1751. In Sudbury.*

Mary of Lancaster and Samuel Rice, int.Feb.9,1754.

Luce and Charles Biglo, Dec.23,1760.*

David and Persis Cutting, Feb.14,1773.

Bazaleel and Rachel Barnes of Hingham, Feb.24,1774. In Hingham.

Elisabeth and Luther Rice of Lanchester, int.Oct.28,1780.

John Dandrige and Lydia Harris, both residents of Shrewsbury, int.Aug.15,1806.


Josiah and Hannah Ross of Lancaster, Nov.27,1728. In Lancaster.*

Jonathan and Martha Harris of Lankester, Apr.14,1736.*

Reliefe [Relief. int.] and Jacob Eills, Feb.10,1769.

Jonathan Jr. and Catherine Willis of Sudbury, int.Mar.5,1770.

Dinah and Oliver Barns of Northboro, Dec.24,1770.

Jonas and Mary Williams, Jan.10,1773.

John and Mrs.Lucretia Rice of Lancaster, May7,1778. In Holden.

Dorcas and Oliver Hale of Marlborough, Oct.1,1778. In Holden.

Persis, wid., and Phillip Bronsecon, Sept.末,1779. In Princeton.

Asa and Sibil Barnes, int.May28,1784.

Ephraim and Priscilla Wellington, int.Jan.12,1785.


Meriam and Ebenezer Cutler Jr. of Grafton, int.Oct.12,1764.


Abigail and Phinehas How, Mar.16,1731.*

Phinehas and Mary French, Jan.9,1740-1.*

BIGELO (Bigelo)

Sarah and Ephraim Smith of Grafton, June8,1767.

Mary [Biglo. int.], and Isaac Moore of Bolton, June2,1768.

Leucretia Jr. and Josiah Peirce, int.Jan.21,1780.


Amelia [], and George Wetherell of New Braintree, Sept.18,1783. In New Braintree.

Lydia of Worcester and Zachariah Child, Oct.7,1784. In Worcester.

Humphrey [], and Polly Underwood, Dec.20,1786.*CR

Sally and John Ward, both of Worcester,末蔓末, [1792 or 1793].*

Betsey and Denis Howe, Jan.7,1795.

Mary of Boylston and John Norcross, int.Aug.29,1818.

Solomon of Boylston and Rebecka Parker, Nov.24,1818.

John J. and Abby H. Eager, Apr.3,1839.

Solomon S. of Worcester (s.Solomon and Rebecca, a.24) and Julia Nelson, Sept.23,1846.

Levi S. (s.Levi and Mary, a.23) and Elizabeth A. Purinton, Apr.25,1849.*


Martha and Ezekiel Brigham of Marlborough, Dec.14,1749.*

Amariah and Sarah Eveleth of Stow, int.Oct.7,1752.

Samuell Jr. and Phebe Rand, July1,1755.

Anna and Samuel Hastings, Oct.26,1757.

Jedidah and John Whelor, Apr.30,1760.

Charles and Luce Bennet, Dec.23,1760.*

Jabez and Deborah Knowlton, Oct.5,1761.

Solomon and Sarah Newton, int.Feb.13,1762.

Joshua of Westminster and Marjory Knoulton, int.Feb.2,1764.

David of Worcester and Deborah Heywood, Mar.8,1764. In Worcester.

Miriam [] and Archelaus Anderson of Chesterfield, May30,1765.

Dorcas and Seth Swan of Paxton, Dec.1,1768.

Solomon [Jr. int.] and Mary Dammon, Apr.6,1769.

Samuel Jr. and Anna Winchester of Grafton, int.Nov.3,1770.

Relief and Thomas Richardson, ing. Dec.16,1774.

Serena and Benjamin Jennings Jr. of Brookfield, int.July4,1786.


Samuel and Jedidah Hathorn of Marlborough, Nov.25,1729.*

Samuel and Abigail Hastings, May7,1770.

Abel and Martha Biglow, Oct.1,1778. In Holden.

Martha and Abel Biglow, Oct.1,1778. In Holden.

Francis of Boston and Levinah Beaman, Oct.29,1778.

Sophia and Joseph Morse, May4,1780.

Amariah, Dr., and Mrs.Percis Beaman, int.May18,1781.

Sarah, Mrs., and Rev. Eleazar Fairbanks, int.May18,1781.

Lucretia and Adam Harrington, int.May29,1781.

Dinah and Daniel Andrews, int.May30,1781.

Andrew and Sallee Fassett, int.Aug.12,1785.

Humphry and Hannah Whipple, Oct.26,1791. In Grafton.

Lydia and Noyes Tucker, May26,1805.


Joseph [], and Elizabeth Hadley of Sterling, Mar.16,1784. In Sterling.


Nathaniel and Jerusha Houghton of Lancaster, int.Sept.末,1742.


Eunice of Boylston and Barnabas Miller of Westborough, Jan.27,1796.*


Sarah and Adam Pond, both of Northborough, July20, [1788 or 1789].*

Caty of Northborough and Caleb Tucker, May29,1797. In Oxford.


Mary and Joseph French, Jan.2,1745-6.

BIXBY (Bigsbee)

Manasseth [] and Eliza Dunsmore of Lancaster, Nov.12,1765. In Lancaster.

Joseph and Lydia Walker, both resident in Shrewsbury, int.Sept.30,1767.

John and Mary Floyd of Princetown, int.Feb.3,1769.

Joseph and Miriam Briant of Lancaster, July13,1769.

Samuel of Lancaster and wid.Sarah Beaman, int.Oct.26,1773.


Amos R. of Worcester and Hester L. Brigham, Mar.30,1824.

Catharine of Holden and Asa H. Allen, int.Apr.11,1837.

BLAIR (Blare)

Mary and Matthew Barber of Weston, Jan.31,1726-7.


Timothy of Frnklin and Julia Dean, May4,1794.

Hannah and Hosea Stoddard of Watertown, Nov.22,1819.

Lydia of Watertown and Asa Packard, int.Mar.8,1821.

Jason Jr. and Harriet Cary, Nov.12,1822.

Julia and Simeon Clapp of Worthington, Sept.18,1833.

Delia E. and Samuel Dolliver of Grafton, int.[Aug.末,1834].

Abel Jr. of Keene, NH, and Hannah T. Munroe, June末,1835.


Joshua of Wilton, NH, and Elizabeth Keyes, Feb.6,1770.

John D. of Palmer and Dolly Phleps, Sept.4,1838.

BLARE (Blair)

Elisabeth of Worcester and Oliver Watson of Leicester, Jan.6,1742-3.*


John, resident of Shrewsbury, and Lydia Garfield, July18,1816.

Aurelia M. and Gideon B. Dewing of North Brookfield, June25,1839.

Sally Maria (d.John) and Joseph W. Carey of Norwich, CT, June13,1843.


Reuben Foster and Relief Whiting, Feb.24,1805.

Rufus H. of Hopkinton and Sarah E. Knowlton, int.Oct.29,1846.


Polly and Seth Parker, Jan.19,1817.


Hannah of Waltham and Daniel Warrin, Feb.1,1737-8. In Watertown.*

Jonathan Jr. and Lucy Andrews, int.Aug.21,1784.

Lucy of Boylston and George Slocomb Jr., int.Nov.9,1805.

Jeremiah and Lucy Snow of Paxton, int.Oct.1,1825.

Chauncey and Frances R. Bullard, Apr.5,1830.

Thomas of Boylston and Harriet Slocomb, Oct.16,1834.

Josiah and Dolly Jackson of Westboro, int.May2,1835.


Maranda R. of Northbridge and Edward Sawtell, int.Mar.19,1840.


Henry and Sarah Clews, late residents in Shrewsbury, int.July6,1799.

BOUCKER (Bowker)

Anna and Asa Hapgood, Dec.6,1750.*

Sibbilla and Ebenezer Bragg Jr., Oct.18,1751.*

Betty and Nathan Eager of Lancaster, int.Mar.9,1754.

Lydia and Seth Hapgood, int.Jan.31,1757.

Josiah Jr. of Westborough and Sarah Muzzy, May23,1765.


Martha and Robert Keyes, Dec.24,1740.*

Charles and Eunice Stone, May2,1748.*

Asa and Hannah Crosby, Oct.3,1752.

Tabitha of Westborough and Charles Newton, int.Oct.4,1765.

Prudence and Jonah How, July4,1771.

Elisabeth and William Dexter of Marlborough, int.May30,1775.


Eastman, resident in Shrewsbury, and Miriam Greenwood of Grafton, int.Aug.27,1805.


Ebenezer H. and Hannah Lyon, Sept.17,1822.

Ebenezer H. of Worcester and Amelia Richardson, Dec.15,1829.

Sarah Ann of Worcester and Jonathan R. Putnam, int.Aug.25,1834.

BOWKER (Boucker, Bouker)

Mary and Simon Parker, July14,1742.*

Thankfull and Solomon Goddard of Marlbough, int.July22,1758.


Mary and Benjamin Maynard Jr., Apr.4,1828.

Hannah and Capt Leander Fales, May19,1829.


Josiah and Lydia Whitney, both of Worcester, Apr.16,1766.*

Joseph of Ward and Molly Knowlton, int.Dec.16,1784.


Sarah and Henry Rice, int.Apr.26,1760.


John and Elizabeth Jewett of Lancaster, int.June8,1761.

John and Eliza Beaman of Lancaster, Jan.13,1763. In Lancaster.*

Ann D. of Westborough and John W. Johnson, int.May10,1844.


Jemima and Joseph Jeseph of Worcester, July10,1770.


Elisabeth E. of Westminster and Amos D. Nourse, int.Mar.18,1848.


Mary E. of Smithfield, RI, and Abraham Wheelock, int.Sept.7,1839.


Mary and Abiel Stone of Lancaster, Dec.25,1766.


Ebenezer and Sary Burnap of Hopkinton, Feb.2,1738. In Hopkinton.*


Ebenezer Jr. and Sibbilla Boucker, Oct.18,1751.*

Abiel and Abigail Wilson, Jan.29,1753.

Zeruiah and William Johnson of Southborough, Jan.1,1767.

Nathaniel and Sarah Wilson of Northborough, int.Nov.28,1770.

Martha and Daniel Johnson, int.Jan.10,1778.

John and Lydia Angier of Southborough, Sept.22,1782. In Southborough.

Timothy and Molly Taylor of Worcester, Jan.18,1792. In Worcester.

Anna and Joseph Maynard, Oct.28,1807.

Ebenezer and Martha Wilder of Lancaster, int.Oct.10,1810.


William Jr. and Mary Goodale Jr., Nov.22,1764.

Elisebath and Joseph Garfield of Warwick, int.May9,1778.

Thomas and Sally Plimpton, int.Nov.8,1812.

Deborah and Henry A. Green, Nov.5,1835.

Leonard of Boylston and Mary A. Wetherby, Dec.26,1837.

Thomas Jr. of Boylston (s.Thomas and Sally, a.32, widr.) and Clarissa Osgood, Dec.6,1846.

BRIANT (Bryard)

Elizabeth of Sudbury and Caleb Johnson, int.June26,1743.

Miriam [Bryant. int.], of Lancaster and Joseph Bixby, July13,1769.


Billings of Boston and Olive Rice, Oct.19,1818.


Levinah and Antepas Harrington of Grafton, int.June24,1744.

Asa and Mary Newton of Westborough, Jan.23,1745. In Westborough.

Ezekiel of Marlborough and Martha Biglo, Dec.14,1749.*

Timothy of Southboroug and Mrs.Sarah Smith, int.Mar.22,1759.

Jemima and Constatine Hardy of Westborough, int.Jan.15,1763.

John Jr. and Seriah Rice, Mar.12,1764. In Westborough.*

Alpheus and Lydia Green of Westborough, Feb.12,1765. In Westborough.

David and Mary Maynard, Mar.21,1765.

David and Martha Chamberlain of Westboro', Oct.13,1768. In Westborough.

Phebe and Peter Hubbard, both of Holden, Aug.12,1773.*

Leonard and Mary Witherby, Aug.22,1774.CR

Samuel and Rachel Underwood, Mar.1,1775.CR

Mary and Jonathan Prescot Jr. of Lancaster, int.Sept.19,1776.

Mindwell and Nathaniel Lamson of Westborough, int.Dec.3,1776.

Winslow of Westborough and Allis Cushing, int.May9,1781.

Susanna and David Nelson, int.Sept.23,1785.

Elijah of Westborough and Sarah Ward, Dec.16,1792.

Nathaniel and Sarah Mason, Nov.21,1799.

Lucy of Northborough and David Knowlton, int.Apr.19,1800.

Martha and Balch Dean, Nov.20,1800.

Mercy and John Rider, Apr.20,1806.

Joseph 2nd of Westboro and Hannah Hardy, Feb.5,1807.

Sarah and Samuel Haven, June9,1808.

John and Sally Fay, Aug.14,1808.

David and Hannah Marcy of Brooklyn, CT, int.Feb.8,1809.

Laura and Gilbert Wood Haven, Apr.18,1813.

Prescott and Hannah Rider, Apr.6,1814.

Hester L. and Amos R. Black of Worcester, Mar.30,1824.

Elijah A. and Elizabeth Witherby, May17,1825.

Susan L. and William H. Knowlton, Mar.31,1828.

Adolphus, Dr., and Eliza Ann Parker of Southborough, int.Oct.5,1828.

Mary P. and Henry B. Pratt, Apr.6,1830.

Adolphus, Dr., and Rebecca W. Knowlton of Boston, int.May26,1832.

Hannah M. of Westborough and Benjamin F. Green, int.June15,1833.

Abigail M. and James S. Green of Grafton, int.Sept.12,1837.

Ebenezer P. and Lucy Gibbs, May8,1838.

Arathusa A. and Jonathan L.A. Patch of Grafton, Oct.9,1838.

Eliza M. of Worcester and Benjamin Hastings, Apr.15,1840.

Loring and Mrs.Patty Newton, Feb.25,1841.

Dolly of Boylston and James F. Maynard, int.Sept.16,1842.

Orison W. and Laura A. White of Northbridge, int.Sept.17,1842.

Josiah A. of Westborough (s.Josiah and Azubah, a.25) and Jane A. Maynard, May19,1847.


Elizabeth of Ward and Elijah Rawson Jr., int.May28,1785.


John of Southborough and Esther Newton, int.Jan.16,1762.


Ruth and Aaron Wheeler, int.Oct.22,1784.


William [Brittain. int.], of Rutland and Lydia Whitney, Nov.3,1767.

Samuel [Jr. int.] of Rutland and Ruth Parker, Oct.4,1768.


Polly and Calvin Sawyer of Lancaster, Sept.19,1793.


Josiah [], of Holden and Mrs.Abigail Hinds, Dec.27,1743. In Holden.


John and Ruth Hastings, int.Feb.7,1784.

Martha and Isaiah Fairbanks, Nov.11,1802.


Phillip [], and wid.Persis Bennett, Sept.末,1779. In Princeton.


Joel and Sarah Drury, both of Grafton, Oct.26,1743.*

Maria of Princeton and Daniel Heywood, int.Sept.20,1824.

John and Eliza Ann Tucker, int.June25,1837.


Mary, see Bradstreat.


John and Mary Jones, both of Leicester, June30,1742.*

Hephzibah and Isaac Pratt, Sept.21,1749.*

Robert and Lydia Robertson, Nov.24,1768.

Peter and Olive Dunsmore, int.Sept.14,1781.

Mary and Seth Wyman, int.Aug.17,1782.

George Jr. and Lois Whitney of Grafton, Jan.10,1791. In Grafton.

Eunice of Roxbury, resident in Shrewsbury, and Daniel Gould of Boston, June3,1792.*

Esther of Rehoboth and Philip Crosby, Oct.24,1793. In Rehoboth.

Polly of Rehoboth and Ebenezer Dean, Oct.16,1796. In Rehoboth.*

Lois and John Maynard, Dec.7,1813.

Lewis of Worcester and Mary Eleanor Knowlton, Apr.29,1829.

Sally D. and Edward Newton, Sept.28,1830.

Mary M. of Worcester and Adam H. Newton, int.Jan.7,1845.

Mary A. and George H. Rugg of Grafton, int.May20,1848.


Unity of Dorchester, Canada, and Rebekah Arnold, int.June26,1759.


Elizabeth of Rutland and Jonah Smith, Oct.15,1771. In Rutland.


Martha and Daniel Rand, Nov.1,1760.*

Simeon and Esther Harrington, int.May23,1776.

Rebecka [] of Northborough and Lore Pease, Mar.18,1798.

Mansfield of Marlborough, VT, and Grace Goddard, Sept.24,1805.


Ann of Lancaster and William Winn, int.Nov.14,1771.


Amy and John Green Morse, int.June23,1813.

Dolly and Joseph Morse of West Boylston, May29,1822.

Jason and Sarah Stone, June8,1823.

Frances R. and Chauncey Bond, Apr.5,1830.

Ethan of Westboro' and Nancy Chamberlain, Sept.1,1840.

Louisa [] of Westborough and John D. Goddard, Nov.24,1842.


Silas [], of Goshen and Lucy Stone, Dec.21,1803.


Sary of Hopkinton and Ebenezer Brag, Feb.2,1738. In Hopkinton.*


Persis and Ebenezer Morse, Nov.27,1745 [1746 ?].

Jotham and Hephzibah Keyes, May25,1750.*

Martha and Cyprian Keyes Jr., May27,1756.

Hepsibeth and Joseph Moor Jr. of Lancaster, Oct.26,1769. In Lancaster.

Dick and Dinah Bush, int.Nov.28,1771. Negroes belonging to Jotham Bush.

Hephzibah, wid., and Edward Raymond, a transient person, int.Apr.8,1779.

Persis and Ebenezer Fitch of Ringe, NH, Aug.29,1780. In Lancaster.*

Lucy and Moses Fisk, int.Jan.31,1781.

Jotham and Mary Taylor of Northborough, June28,1781.


Stephen of Wilton, NH, and Phebe Keyes, int.June8,1771.


James and Nancy Newton, June24,1819.


John and Susanna Oak of Westborough, int.May19,1754.

Phebe and Noah Harris, Feb.22,1757.

Hannah and Moses Watkins of Winchester, NH, int.June22,1761.

Mary and Israel Stowel of Winchester, Aug.7,1764.CR

Dinah of Lancaster and Robert Hudson, June12,1780. In Lancaster.

Ebenezer of Lancaster and Polly Barnard, int.Dec.10,1784.


Jonathan of Springfield and Eunice F. Baker, int.Nov.11,1842.

Levi (s.Samuel and Polly, a.23) and Jane B. Gray of Hiram, ME, Dec.12,1848.


George, resident in Grafton, and Catharine Johnson, int.Apr.4,1816.


Phinehas of Templeton and Mary Miles, Oct.7,1765.

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