Elizabeth of Sterling and Joseph Bigsbee, Mar.16,1784. In Sterling.


Elisabeth and Andrew Grimes of Lancaster, int.Sept.5,1775.

Abigail and Silas Rice of Hubbardston, int.Sept.11,1775.

Sarah and Timothy Fay Jr. of Northboro, int.May6,1777.

Abraham and Dolly Newton, int.May13,1781.

Mary and Moses Fay of Bennington, VT, int.Mar.17,1785.

Hannah and James Alexander, int.Aug.26,1786.

Abraham and Thankfull Newton, int.Nov.23,1786.


Mary, wid., of Weston and Elisha Newton, Sept.1,1767. In Weston.

Eunice and Zechariah Sautle of Northboro, int.Mar.12,1781.


Sarah, wid., of Bradford and Ross Wyman, int.Mar.30,1761.

HAISTINGS (Hastings)

Hannah and Solomon Newton, int.Mar.13,1762.

John and Betty How of Lancaster, int.Apr.15,1762.


Sarah of Arvourd and Nathan Taylor, Apr.10,1744.*

Lucy and John Keyes of Wilton, Sept.11,1777.

Oliver of Marlborough and Dorcas Bennett, Oct.1,1778. In Holden.

Warren B. and Alvina Stone of Sudbury, int.June7,1834.


Elijah of Grafton and Lucy Knowlton, Feb.14,1799.

James and Silence Parker, Oct.12,1811.

James M. and Sophia Rice of Northboro, int.Oct.2,1840.


James of Brookfield and Hannah Haven, Oct.27,1805.


William of Newton and Relief Baldwin, int.Oct.3,1778.


Sally [Hannas.int.], and Daniel Tucker Jr., Jan.30,1792. In Lancaster.


Thomas and Damaris Hutchins, Aug.12,1724. In Marlborough.*

Asa and Anna Boucker, Dec.6,1750.*

Damaris and Gideon How, Feb.12,1756.

Seth and Lydia Boucker, int.Jan.31,1757.

Joab and Abigail Stone, June20,1765.

Eunice and Ebenezer Hartshorn of Athol, Apr.20,1767.

Ephraim and Elisabeth Cuningham Allen, Feb.28,1796.

Elijah and Eunice Baker, Sept.26,1802.

Abigail and John Roper of Princeton, Dec.14,1824. At house of Elijah Hapgood.

Joab and Elizabeth Eager of Northborough, int.May16,1828.

Catharine [Charlotte. int.] and Horace Abbott of Westborough, Oct.4,1830.

Lucy and Washington Hill of Spencer, Jan.23,1834.

Lemuel B. and Amazonia Flagg of Holden, int.Apr.5,1835.

Lorenzo E. and Sarah S. Hodges of Williston, VT, int.Jan.27,1840.

George of Westboro' and Harriet A. Warren, Mar.26,1844.

Martha (d.Ephraim and Betsey, a.46) and Benjamin Flagg, Apr.13,1845.

Ephraim A. and Nancy Holmes, Nov.5,1845.


Abigail of Westborough and Daniel Adams, May21,1752. In Westborough.

Constantine of Westberough and Jemima Brigham, int.Jan.15,1763.

Hannah and Joseph Brigham 2d of Westboro, Feb.5,1807.

Simon and Betsey Smith of Lincoln, int.Jan.23,1808.


Eliza N. of North Brookfield and William Bartlett, int.Aug.18,1848.


Thomas and Thankfull Banister of Boylston, May16,1799. In Boylston.

Arunah and Sarah Banister of Boylston, June27,1799. In Boylston.

Abner and Sarah McFarland of Worcester, int.Feb.5,1819.

Sarah and Nathan Pratt Jr., Sept.9,1824.

Elizabeth [Eliza.int.] and Samuel A. Knox, May4,1826.

Gideon and Harriot Howe, Jan.1,1828.

Persis and Lucius S. Allen, Sept.9,1828.

Patience and John Barnes of Boylston, Mar.18,1834.

Abigail and Micah T. Reed of North Brookfield, Sept.16,1834.

Harriet and Noah K. Merriam of Grafton, Nov.11,1834.

Patience F. and Levi Houghton of Berlin, Oct.末,1835.

Arunah Jr. and Maria C. Adams, Nov.7,1839.

Clarissa (d.Arunah) and Christopher C. Doty of Worcester, Dec.11,1843.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Phebe of Grafton and Samuel Whitney Jr., int.Aug.14,1762.

Sibbillah of Grafton and Jonathan Newton, Sept.25,1765.

Zipporah of Grafton and Solomon Wheelor, Aug.26,1771.

George of Brookfield and wid.Sarah Whittemore, int.Mar.11,1774.

Mindwell of Worcester and John Ward, int.May26,1774.

Antepas of Grafton and Levinah Brigham, int.June24,1774.

Esther and Simeon Bruce, int.May23,1776.

Hannah and Daniel Maynard, int.July31,1776.

Jonathan and Katey Wyman, int.Feb.13,1779.

Grace and Moses Newton, int.Apr.15,1780.

Elijah and Mary Warren of Upton, int.Nov.18,1780.

Adam and Lucretia Biglow, int.May29,1781.

Jonathan Jr. and Sarah Pratt, int.May27,1783.

Lydia and Moses Livermore, both of Waltham, Sept.17,1783.*

Grace and Samuel Mahan of Northborough, int.Dec.20,1783.

Noah and Lois Kingsley, int.June25,1784.

Thomas Jr. and Hannah Knowlton Jr., int.Sept.9,1784.

Daniel and Relief Smith, Dec.22,1788.

Lucretia and Martin Newton, Feb.10,1794. In Grafton.

Hannah and Dr. Silas Wheelock, Dec.7,1800.

Hannah and Lewis Pratt, Feb.21,1802.

Josiah and Mary Jenison Parker, Jan.26,1803.

Grace and Asa Mixer Jr., Oct.21,1804.

Thomas Jr. and Relief Mixer, Mar.3,1805.

Mary [wid.int.] Jenison and Asahel Allen, Apr.9,1805.

Daniel and Zillah Harrington, int.Apr.22,1808.

Zillah and Daniel Harrington, int.Apr.22,1808.

Martin and Lucinda Temple, June19,1808.

Warren and Patty Smith, Oct.23,1808.

Isaac and Rhoda Smith, int.Dec.2,1809.

Elijah Jr. and Betsey Wheelock, Jan.17,1810.

Lucretia and Henry Cary, int.Oct.19,1811.

Emery and Fanny Townsend, int.Jan.23,1813.

Jonathan and wid.Susanna Penniman of Charlton, int.Sept.15,1814.

Luke and Sally Smith, May6,1815.

Abigail and Capt. Thomas Harrington Jr., Mar.16,1817.

Thomas Jr. and Abigail Harrington, Mar.16,1817.

Schuyler and Sophia Johnson, Nov.22,1818.

Anna and Gardner Wheelock of Worcester, Dec.31,1818.

Polly and Lewis Thayer of Northbridge, Apr.29,1823.

Daniel 2s and Mercy Smith, Apr.21,1825.

Emery and Lucy B. Munroe, Nov.24,1825.

Dexter and Relief Harrington, Oct.30,1827.

Relief and Dexter Harrington, Oct.30,1827.

Oliver and Eliza Wheelock, Apr.14,1828.

Sally and Darwin Knowlton, Apr.30,1828.

Adam, Capt., and Emily Lakin of Paxton, int.Dec.15,1828.

Eunice and Charles Pond of Grafton, int.June6,1829.

Charles and Selena Wesson, Aug.19,1829.

Emery and Elizabeth Robinson, both of Grafton, Apr.6,1830.*

Adam 2d and Nancy Wesson, May16,1830.

Calvin and Anna Munroe, Dec.9,1830.

Mary and Ethan Allen of Medway, May31,1831.

Hannah and William S. Knowlton, Feb.23,1832.

Henry H. and Cornelia B. Wesson of Worcester, int.Jan.8,1833.

Samuel 2d of Grafton and Elizabeth Legate, int.Oct.21,1834.

Charlotte L. and William Bartlett, May12,1836.

Daniel and Nancy E. Harrington, Aug.5,1837.*

Nancy E. and Daniel Harrington, Aug.5,1837.*

Jackson and Jane Carpenter, Aug.30,1838.

Catharine S. and Joseph Rice, Apr.11,1839.

Isaac S. of Grafton and Maria R. Knowlton, Apr.24,1839.

Leonard and Eunice M. Gleason of Westboro, int.May1,1840.

Miriam and Rufus Wesson Jr. of Grafton, July23,1840.

Maria and Levi J. Hemenway, July30,1840.

Elbridge G. and Susan H. Harrington of Grafton, Apr.19,1841. In Grafton.

Susan H. of Grafton and Elbridge G. Harrington, Apr.19,1841. In Grafton.

Caroline and Dennis G. Temple, Dec.16,1841.

Eli and Eunice G. Stow of Grafton, int.Apr.16,1842.

Rozan H. and Luther H. Temple, Dec.15,1842.

Saray A. (d.Schuyler) and Elias Temple, Apr.3,1844.

Barnard M. and Harriet Newton, int.Oct.3,1845.

Charles A. and Elizabeth Ann Munroe, Feb.25,1846.

Holloway Jr. (s.Holloway and Charlotte, a.24) and Eliza E. Temple, Feb.10,1848.

Julia A. (d.Dexter and Relief, a.20) and Fayette Maynard, May25,1848.

Charlotte (d.Holloway and Charlotte, a.18) and John Stone Jr., Aug.10,1849.


Martha of Lankester and Johnathan Bennett, Apr.14,1736.*

Noah and Phebe Butler, Feb.22,1757.

Daniel of Wardsborough, VT, and Abigail Wheelock, Feb.24,1788.

Lemuel of Worcester and Molly Mixter, June9,1791. In Worcester.

Lydia and John Dandridge Bennet, both residents of Shrewsbury, int.Aug.15,1806.

Lydia and George Shearlock of Claramont, VT, Aug.14,1809.

HARTSHORN (Heartshorn)

Ebenezer of Athol and Eunice Hapgood, Apr.20,1767.


Abagal [Abigail. int.] of Lincoln and Jonas Jones, Sept.6,1763. In Lincoln.


Ebenezer of Littleton and Dorathy Hubbard, Nov.29,1737.*

Huldah [wid.Hulda.int.] of Windsor and Daniel Goddard, Nov.23,1796. In Windsor.

Fanny and Samuel Green, Sept.15,1803.


Caleb of Hampton Falls, NH, and Elisabeth Stone, Sept.26,1793.

Susan G. and William B. Ide of Windsor, VT, int.Mar.30,1820.

HASTINGS (Haistings)

Moses and Abigail Taylor, Apr.25,1739.*

Sarah and Samuel Holland, May9,1745.

Thankful of Waltham and Elnathan Allin, May31,1753. In Waltham.

Daniel Jr. and Prissilla Keyes, Aug.16,1753.

Stephen and Martha Walker, June16,1757.

Samuell and Anna Biglo, Oct.26,1757.

Eunice and Jonathan Goodenow, May6,1761.

Hannah and William Knoulton, int.Aug.24,1764.

David and Dinah Williams, May25,1765. In Lancaster.

Nathan and Lowis Rice of Worcester, Jan.8,1769. In Worcester.

Abigail [wid.int.] and Samuel Biglow, May7,1770.

Patty and Elijah Southgate of Leicester, Jan.19,1774.

Ezra and Rachel Garfield, int.Feb.1,1779.

Jonas and Lucy Johnson, int.Mar.17,1781.

Eliakim and Patience Mores, int.July4,1782.

Lydia and Elmore Cushing, int.Mar.5,1783.

Ruth and John Brocas, int.Feb.7,1784.

Rachel and Oliver Glazier, int.Mar.11,1785.

Katharine [wid.int.] and Joseph Whipple of Grafton, Oct.15,1797.

Rebecka of Warwick and Samuel Bates, int.Apr.30,1803.

Patience of Boylston and Solomon Newton Jr., int.Nov.15,1804.

Tamar of Boylston and Luke Parker, int.July21,1811.

Helen Maria of Leicester and Nathan Robbins, resident in Shrewsbury, Dec.10,1829.

Charity, Mrs., and John Stone, int.Nov.27,1830.

Joseph S. and Joanna Newton of Westboro', June14,1833. At West Cambridge.

Joseph and Mary Wilder of Boylston, int.Nov.27,1835.

Loring and Mary A. Holden, Apr.19,1838.

Harriet M. and Leander Maynard, Oct.9,1838.

Seth W. and Maria N. Fessenden, Oct.17,1838.

Benjamin and Eliza M. Brigham of Worcester, Apr.15,1840.

Dolly J.A. and John Young, Apr.12,1842.

Lucy Ann (d.Jotham) and John Cummings, Apr.24,1844.

Joseph E. and Amelia B. Rugg of Leominster, int.Sept.13,1845.

Marshall H. (s.Joseph and Dolly, a.21) and Sarah S. Dalrymple, Aug.27,1848.

Martha A. of Southborough and Henry D. Green, int.Sept.9,1848.

John E. and Percis F. Eager, int.Sept.22,1849.


Elizabeth and Charles F. Parks, Nov.24,1834.

Dexter B. of Grafton and Nancy M. Fay, Sept.14,1836.


Micah [Herthan. int.], and Sarah Jones, Nov.26,1761.

Prudence M. of West Boylston and Otis Kittridge, int.Oct.1,1831.


Jedidah of Marlborough and Samuel Biglow, Nov.25,1729.*


Zedekiah of Whitestown, NY, and Elisabeth Angier, Jan.16,1797.

Moses and Dolly Rice, June14,1801.

Mary and Harvey Nolen of Boston, Feb.12,1804.

Hannah and James Hamilton of Brookfield, Oct.27,1805.

Nancy and Caleb Lealand of Brookfield, Nov.9,1805.

Samuel and Sarah Brigham, June9,1808.

Gilbert Wood and Laura Brigham, Apr.18,1813.

Thomas Bucklin and Clarisa Cloyes of Framingham, int.Oct.28,1815.

Montgomery, resident in Shrewsbury, and Sophia Parker of Hopkinton, Dec.4,1817.*

Clarrissa, Mrs., and Rufus Porter of Worcester, Feb.2,1825.

Dolly, wid., and Daniel Newton, Apr.17,1825.

George H. and Maria P. Johnson of Worcester, int.Mar.6,1838.


William of Northborough and Abigail Keyes, int.Oct.10,1766.

HAYWARD (Heywood)

Sarah H. of Worcester and Dennis Newton, int.Oct.12,1820.


Mary C. of Holden and Ward Sadler, int.Mar.25,1835.


Sally of Worcester and John Stow, Apr.2,1794.


Sarah of Lancaster and Vashni Hemenway, Feb.4,1792.

Susanna of Rutland and Nathan Wheelor, int.Apr.5,1805.


Lewis [Hartshorn. int.], and Eunice How, May27,1790.

HEBBARD (Hilbert)

Southwick [Hebberd.int.], of Dudley and Abigail Collar, Mar.21 [24 ?], 1757. In Oxford.


Elisha of Boston and Marth Johnson, Apr.30,1728.


Samuel and Martha Salmon of Boston, int.Nov.7,1779.

Jacob and Cloe Barrett, int.Jan.1,1780.

Jonas and Sarah Whitney, int.Feb.5,1780.

Daniel and Abigail Wheelock, Nov.4,1783. In Grafton.

Susanna and Joseph Stratton Temple, int.Sept.23,1786.

Ruth and Levi Jeneson, Mar.28,1789.

Vashni and Sarah Heard of Lancaster, Feb.4,1792.

Polly and Benjamin Miner Jr. of Bridport, VT, Feb.17,1793.

Virtue and Jonathan Witherby, Oct.30,1796.

Lucy and Asahel Allen, May8,1800.

Seth and Patty Pratt, May27,1800.

Philip and Eunice Stone, Jan.18,1802.

Irena [Irene. int.] and Noah Allen, Jan.1,1804.

Mary of Grafton and Daniel Knowlton, int.Jan.8,1804.

Lucy A. and Stillman Smith, Apr.23,1826.

Sarah [Sally.int.] P. and Dr. William Workman, Sept.16,1828.

Martha A. and Silas Smith, Apr.2,1832.

Seth, Capt., and Sally Packard of Oakham, int.Aug.25,1834.

Adaline K. and Jonathan H. Nelson, int.Aug.6,1836.

Levi J. and Maria Harrington, July30,1840.

Eliza A. and Eudolphus T. Rand, Oct.26,1842.

Julia A. (d.Josiah and Nancy, a.27) and Levi M. Parker, Oct.24,1844.


Silas and Molly Smith, int.May10,1766.

Susannah and Daniel Rand Jr., int.Feb.14,1767.

Daniel and Mis.Elizabeth Johnson Jr., Dec.1,1768.

Daniel Jr. and Mary Carryl, Aug.1,1770.

Lydia [Hemenway, wid.int.], of Worcester and Solomon Newton, Dec.5,1782. In Worcester.

Jacob of Bridport, VT, and Sarah Sadler of Grafton, Jan.29,1789. At Grafton.*CR


Ann H. and John Fessenden of Rutland, May1,1831.


Margeret of Lancaster and John Craford, int.Mar.23,1743.

Elisabeth and Amsden Gale of Westborough, Mar.17,1772.

Bathsheba and Abner Goodenow, int.Dec.13,1783.


James of Templeton and Lois Beaman, int.Oct.10,1766.


Charles and Happy Thompson, Mar.3,1780. Negroes.


Sally and Andrew H. Ward, July2,1809.

Alvin and Cynthia W. Sawyer, June20,1838.

Joseph and Lydia Wood of Belchertown, int.Aug.14,1847.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Polly of Grafton and Martin Smith, June29,1794. In Grafton.


John, Capt., [Huston. int.], of Novascotia and Mrs.Sarah Eager, Apr.14,1761.


Mary and Eliphelet Cutting, int.Mar.1,1760.

HEYWOOD (Haywood)

Mary and Samuell Jenison, Apr.10,1755.

Seth and Martha Temple, int.July31,1762.

Deborah and David Biglo of Worcester, Mar.8,1764. In Worcester.

Jonathan Jr. of Concord and Zeruiah Baldwin, Nov.7,1771.

Phinehas Jr. and Kezia Snow of Westborough, Nov.19,1772.

Kezia and Bezaleel How of Martborough, int.Jan.1,1774.

Phinehas and Percis Eager of Northborough, int.Oct.26,1776.

Silas of Royalston and Hannah Goddard, int.July3,1779.

Nathaniel and Mary Chamberlain of Worcester, July1,1793.

Daniel and Maria Brooks of Princeton, int.Sept.20,1824.

Marietta and Elijah Stow of Grafton, Jan.1,1828.

Elizabeth J. (d.James and Ann, a.20) and Joshua Chamberlain Jr., Feb.1,1849.

HIBBERT (Hebbard)

Samuel and Mary Collar, Feb.6,1753.


Nathan and Mary Whipple of Westborough, int.July10,1772.

Otis and Eunice Moor of Bolton, int.Sept.4,1802.

David of Marlborough, VT, and Elisabeth Goddard, Oct.12,1809.

Washington of Spencer and Lucy Hapgood, Jan.23,1834.


Abigail, Mrs., and Josiah Broad of Holden, Dec.27,1743. In Holden.

Benjamin and Elisabeth Temple, Oct.18,1747.*

Mary and Joshua Childs of Worcester, June2,1748. In Worcester.*

Betty and Ephraim Temple, int.May9,1752.

Jacob and Triphena Keyes, Nov.24,1756.

Benjamin and Tabatha Holland, July1,1766.

Abigail and Peter Goodale, int.Sept.12,1774.

Patty and Oliver Sawyer, int.Feb.23,1785.

Pamelia B. of Millbury and Courtland Newton, int.Mar.24,1832.

Betsy, Mrs., of West Boylston and Dana Newton, int.Nov.9,1833.


Mary, Mrs., of Brookfield and Dr. Benjamin L. Howe, int.Mar.23,1822.


John and Nancy Rich, int.Oct.24,1835.


William P. of Brimfield and Clarinda Slocomb, Jan.11,1821.


Harriet of West Randolph, VT, and Dr. Alonzo Smith, int.Apr.11,1836.


Samuel and Martha A. Whitney of Westborough, int.Feb.19,1835.


Sarah S. of Williston, VT, and Lorenzo E. Hapgood, int.Jan.27,1840.


Ephraim and Thankfull How of Worcester, Dec.11,1739.*


Jonathan and Polly Rawson of Oxford, int.Oct.13,1816.

George C. (a.21) and Sarah Pratt, June11,1848.


Daniel of Licester and Jemima Tucker, Aug.20,1766.

Daniel and Dorothy Johnson, Dec.25,1788.

Amasa and Abigail Pratt, July13,1797.

Sarah A. of Newfane, VT, and John Newton, int.Apr.20,1836.

Alfred of Grafton and Lucy Ann Newton, Apr.19,1838.

Mary A. and Loring Hastings, Apr.19,1838.

Josiah F. of Stow (widr.) and Mary H. Maynard, Jan.30,1844.*

Amanda and Nathaniel Green Jr., int.Jan.14,1847.


Jonas and Sarah Bannester of Marlborough, Nov.23,1733. In Marlborough.*

Sarah and Daniel Johnson, Mar.24,1735-6.*

Samuel and Sarah Hastings, May9,1745.

Sarah and Luke Knowlton, July29,1760.

Eunice and Abel Osgood of Rutland Destrict, Feb.13,1766.

Tabatha and Benjamin Hinds, July1,1766.

Elisabeth and Francis Temple, Dec.18,1766.

Abigail and Nathan Pike, May10,1769.

Joseph and Elizabeth Gleeson of Worcester, Dec.29,1772.

Levinah and Joshua Morse, Apr.29,1773.

Sarah, wid., and Samuel Richardson, Feb.6,1774.

Thankfull and Josiah Randal of Newfane, int.May28,1774.

Sarah and Hugh Mores of Lancaster, int.Feb.17,1775.

Ephraim Jr. and Eunice Newton, int.Aug.3,1782.

Reuben and Esther How, int.Mar.12,1784.

Abraham, Dr., of Walpole and Mrs.Abigail Baldwin, June2,1784.

Mara and John White, int.Apr.26,1785.

Patty and Benjamin Goddard Jr., Jan.6,1805.


Jemima of Westborough and John Taylor, int.May11,1758.


Mary, Mrs., of Grafton and Stephen Sterns, int.June5,1839.

Nancy and Ephraim A. Hapgood, Nov.5,1845.


Abel and Eunice Keyes, Oct.21,1765.

Berzillai and Lucy Williams, int.Nov.9,1770.

Lois [wid.int.] of Lancaster and Henry Rice, Nov.26,1778. In Princeton.


John Frink of Northborough and Abigail Rice, May6,1799.


Thankful, wid., of Southborough and John Drury, int.July4,1767.


David of Lancaster and Luseby Smith, int.Sept.13,1777.


Annis and Solomon Corliss,末蔓末, 末末. [Int. Apr.26,1792.]

Jerusha of Lancaster and Nathaniel Bigsbey, int.Sept.末,1742.

Joshua of Lancaster and Elisabeth Garfield, Nov.27,1746.*

Orph[a] of Lancaster and Jopah Cutting, Jan.2,1751. In Lancaster.*[Josiah, 1752. Lancaster Vital Records.]

Joel of Lancaster and Sarah Pearsons, Feb.25,1761. In Lancaster.

Molly of Lancaster and Nathaniel Whitney of New Marlborough, Jan.21,1771.*

Tamar of Lancaster and Jonas Whitney, Jan.11,1773.

Lois of Lancaster and Elphalet Whitney, int.July13,1776.

Mary and William Middledick, May19,1778. In Bolton.

Abel of Putney, NY, and Rachel Colledge, int.Aug.4,1780.

Deliverance and John Wright, Sept.26,1781.

Elizabeth of Lancaster and Isaac Temple, Aug.31,1785. In Lancaster.

Samuel and Caroline Sawyer, Sept.11,1832.

Arethusa K. of Sterling and John Davidson Jr., int.Jan.26,1833.

Levi of Berlin and Patience F. Harlow, Oct.末,1835.

Mary L. (d.Jesse K. and Sarah, a.23) and Hiram Mellen, Apr.15,1849.

Lucy and Alonzo Ferrin, int.Sept.22,1849.

HOW (Howe)

Daniel and Esther Clayce, June17,1725.*

Phinehas and Abigail Bennitt, Mar.16,1731.*

Thankfull of Worcester and Ephraim Holand, Dec.11,1739.*

Daniel and Eunice Taylor, June10,1748.*

Nathan and Hepzibah Taylor, Nov.10,1748.

Eunice, Mrs., and Marshall Newton, Aug.13,1751.*

Jotham and Priscilla Rice, Jan.3,1753

Azubah of Westborough and Dr. Samuel Crosbey, int.Sept.8,1753.

Gideon and Damaris Hapgood, Feb.12,1756.

Lucy and Daniel Smith, int.Dec.31,1757.

Mary, Mrs., and Dr. Edward Flynt, Jan.10,1758.CR

Hannah and Eli Keyes, int.Feb.12,1762.

Betty of Lancaster and John Haistings, int.Apr.15,1762.

Tamar of Lancaster and Ephraim Beaman, int.Apr.17,1764.

Lois and Rev. Edward Goddard of Swanzy, Nov.1,1769.

Margarett and Edward Goddard Jr., May23,1771.

Nathan and Zillah Taylor, int.June8,1771.

Jonah and Prudence Bouker, July4,1771.

Candace and Simeon Allen, July20,1772.

Bezaleel of Martborough and Kezia Heywood, int.Jan.1,1774.

Daniel of Hubbardston and Eunice Chase, int.Jan.3,1774.

Vashti and Jonathan Hubbard, int.Sept.22,1775.

Leucretia and Artemas Wheeler, int.Aug.2,1777.

Charlotte and Ruben Baker, int.Dec.1,1780.

Lucy and Lewis Smith, int.Nov.9,1782.

Nathan and Mary Parker, int.Nov.16,1782.

Kezia, wid., and Lt. Jonas Temple, int.Nov.18,1782.

Solomon and Rebecca Jennison, int.Jan.31,1784.

Priscilla and Joseph Knoulton Jr., int.Feb.13,1784.

Esther and Reuben Holland, int.Mar.12,1784.

King and Mittee Goodenow, int.Mar.29,1785.

Abraham and Anna Edmunds of Framingham, int.Aug.18,1785.

Amasa and Sally Pierce, int.Aug.5,1786.

John Hapgood and Sally Smith, Sept.23,1787.

Zillah and Jonas Temple of Boylston, Mar.10,1789.

Eunice [Unis Howe. int.] and Lewis Heartshorn, May27,1790.

Submit [Howe. int.], and Edward Kingsbury of Brookfield, Apr.14,1801.

Dolly and Leonard Wheeler of Bridport, VT, Jan.29,1821.


Timothy and Anne Mixer, int.Jan.6,1759.

Mary and Lewis Smith Jr., int.Sept.19,1783.

Timothy and Dorcas Green of Berlin, Dec.17,1795. In Berlin.

Timothy Jr. and Abigail Temple of Boylston, int.Mar.26,1800.

Prudence of Worcester and Artemas Dodge Baker, int.Dec.19,1812.

Betsy W. of Worcester and Jasper R. Baker, int.Nov.11,1814.

HOWE (How)

Hepziba of Sudbury and Cyprian Keyes, Dec.15,1729. At Sudbury.*

Alvin [How.int.], and Mary Willington of Worcester, Apr.21,1779. In Worcester.

Abraham and Parney Sawyer of Lancaster, May13,1779. In Lancaster.*

Simeon [Simon How.int.] and Sarah Rice of Sterling, Sept.28,1784. In Sterling.

Abigail [How.int.], and Manassah Fairbank of Berlin, Nov.5,1785. In Berlin.

Gardner and Nabby Sherman, Oct.29,1789. In Grafton.

Damaris and Joseph Brooks Jenison, June24,1792.

Jenney [Jinny.int.] and Aaron Smith Jr., May22,1794.

Denis [Dennis.int.] and Betsey Bigelow, Jan.7,1795.

Elisabeth and Aaron Goddard of Reading, VT, Oct.28,1795.

Eunice and Joseph Cloyes, Sept.24,1797.

Lyman and Silvia Slocomb, Mar.25,1802.

Relief and Seth Knowlton, May30,1802.

Louisa and Benjamin Morse of Boylston, Mar.30,1807.

Asa B. and Charlotte Howe, Sept.28,1807.

Charlotte and Asa B. Howe, Sept.28,1807.

Patty and John Eager, Feb.28,1808.

Benjamin L. of Boylston and Miriam Howe, int.Apr.20,1810.

Miriam and Benjamin L. Howe of Boylston, int.Apr.20,1810.

Lucinda and Levi Newton, int.Aug.19,1810.

Levi and Lydia Goddard, Jan.4,1815.

Calvin and Mary Wyman, Nov.26,1815.

Aaron and Harriot Richardson, Nov.28,1816.

Amasa and Betsy Allen of Princeton, int.Dec.13,1817.

Jonah and Candace Allen, June4,1819.

Damaris and Asa Knowlton, Oct.4,1819.

Dolly and Leonard Wheeler, formerly of Shrewsbury, Jan.29,1821. Now of Bridport, VT.

Benjamin L., Dr., and Mrs.Mary Hitchock of Brookfield, int.Mar.23,1822.

Lewis of Marlborough and Ruth K. Sever, int.June3,1826.

Candace A., Mrs., and Ezra Newton of Princeton, Dec.20,1826.

Harriott [Harriett. int.] and Gideon Harlow, Jan.1,1828.

Jubal of Boston and Ann J. Sumner, Nov.17,1830.

Clarinda and Jonas H. Allen, Dec.9,1831.

Almira and Eliakim Morse of Medfield, Apr.10,1838.

Needham of Marlborough and Candace Newton, June10,1841.

Harriet E. (d.Amasa) and Seth W. Howe, Jan.18,1844.

Seth W. (s.Calvin) and Harriet E. Howe, Jan.18,1844.

Joel of Holden and Caroline A. Maynard, int.Mar.26,1844.

William H. (s.Calvin and Mary, a.28) and Eliza Shaw, July9,1844.

Levi and Mrs.Harriet Fales of Oakham, int.Jan.25,1845.

Samuel I. and Sarah H. Carter of Berlin, int.Mar.13,1846.

Frances Ann (d.Levi and Lydia, a.22) and William S. Walker of Oakham, Nov.5,1846.

Harriet M. and Henry H. Mason, int.Nov.28,1846.

Harriet M. and Osborn Stearns, int.Dec.4,1847.


Jemima and Samuel Sterns of Grafton, Aug.19,1752.


Dorathy and Ebenezer Harwood of Littleton, Nov.29,1737.*

Peter and Phebe Brigham, both of Holden, Aug.12,1773.*

Jonathan and Vashti How, int.Sept.22,1775.

Rebeckah C. of Hubbardston and Isaac Stone Jr., int.May23,1839.

Dolly M. and Nathan Stone, Apr.4,1843.


Robert and Dinah Butler of Lancaster, July12,1780. In Lancaster.


Martha and Thomas Whipple, both of Westborough, June17,1755.*


Joseph of Sudbury and Virtue Miles, Feb.25,1802.


Ashbel [Ashbil. int.] of St. Louis, MO. (s.Josiah and Prudence, a.33), and Sarah A. Sumner, Sept.6,1847.


Damaris and Thomas Hapgood, Aug.12,1724. In Marlborough.*

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